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    #sush's 500 followers event #inseongsfoxybae#inseong#kim inseong#inseong fluff#sf9 #dad! sf9 #dad! inseong #my blue blue
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  • blu-joons
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Rainy Days ~ Kim Youngbin

    “I don’t think we’ll be going out very far tonight,” you sighed as you walked up the stairs, finding Youngbin laid out on the bed having dressed himself ready for your evening together.

    “How come?” He questioned, sitting himself up properly on the bed.

    “Take a look outside,” you glumly replied, walking across to the window and pulling the curtains apart, allowing Youngbin to take in the downpour.

    Raindrops bounced off of the pathways, landing harshly against the panel of the window, yet the sounds were enough to bring a smile to your face as you admired the force of which the rain fell from the comfort of your own home.

    “I’m quite glad to be honest,” Youngbin chuckled as he stood up by your side, “I quite fancied just staying in and doing nothing with you.”

    “Really? Because after the day I’ve had at work, that’s all I wanted to do too,” you laughed, “I just thought we’d go to the restaurant because you wanted to.”

    Youngbin’s head shook as his arm moved around your frame, pulling you tightly into his chest. He was dressed for nothing, which was exactly how he wanted to be, nowhere to go, but everywhere to be with you in his arms.

    “What do you say to an evening just laid in bed, we can leave the curtain open and watch the rain if you fancy?” He suggested, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, “you get comfortable, and I’ll go and see what I can find in those cupboards downstairs.”

    Your head nodded as Youngbin untangled himself from around you, closing the bedroom door behind himself as he made his way downstairs. Once you were sure he’d gone, you passed your wardrobe by, darting straight for his.

    It didn’t take long before you found your favourite shirt of his, the one that you always wore whenever he went away on tour, changing out of your work clothes in favour of it. You then opened the door, before making your way over to the bed, throwing yourself down in the middle of it.

    After a few minutes, Youngbin made his way back up the stairs with plenty of snacks in hands, dropping them to the foot of the bed once he could reach. His eyes weren’t watching however, instead they were focused on you.

    “I don’t remember giving you permission to wear my shirt,” he teased as he joined you on the bed.

    “Really, I could’ve sworn that was what you said,” you joked, curling back into his side, “I guess I must have just mistaken something you said for permission to wear your shirt.”

    His eyes rolled as his arm moved back around your frame, “now wouldn’t that be all too coincidental, not much sounds like permission to wear my shirt to me.”

    “I guess my hearing must just be particularly bad then,” you smiled in reply, shifting your body so that you had the perfect look out of the window too.

    Youngbin’s head shook as he watched over you carefully to make sure that you were comfortable before allowing himself to settle. Once you began to lay still, he shifted his body so that it was facing you, giving him the perfect view of the rain too, filling his heart with warmth as he enjoyed the comfort of his own home instead.

    For all the places that the two of you could be outside, there was nowhere greater for either of you than being tucked up in your own bed. The only sounds you could hear were each other, and the fall of droplets lingering outside to complete your moment.

    “I like this,” you whispered as your hand moved up to rest against Youngbin’s arm, “it’s been a while since we’ve both just got to enjoy the peace and quiet of the world.”

    Youngbin’s head nodded in agreement as your movement gave him the chance to stretch his arm out, deciding to place it to the top of your head. It didn’t take long before his fingers began to part through the strands of your hair, drawing you in closer to him.

    “Maybe we should do this more often,” he then proposed, “rather than playing fancy meals out and active date nights so often, maybe we should plan evenings at home, where we can enjoy nothing else but the chance to be with each other.”

    “That’s a good idea,” you hummed softly, “I don’t think I’ve enjoyed myself as much in a long time as I am doing right now.”

    Youngbin smiled down at you as you curled further into his chest, “why don’t we just stay here for the rest of the night? We’ve got snacks, a thick duvet, each other, and the beautiful sound of rain to help us fall asleep when we want to.”

    Instantly, your head nodded, there was nothing that sounded greater to you. The two of you had arguably been wrapped in doing so much for so long, both of you had forgotten the simplicity in doing absolutely nothing too.

    Neither of you were willing to let the rain dampen your spirits, instead, it gave you both the opportunity to rediscover a part of your relationship that had gone away. Once again, you could rely on each other, rather than something else to entertain you both.

    The beat of Youngbin’s heart was your only focus as his hands brushed carefully through your hair, absentminded in every little thing that he was doing, but equally enjoying it as much.

    “I could stay here forever,” you whispered softly as you found yourself caught up in a daydream, “there’s a strange magical quality I find rain has that just feels so calming and relaxing.”

    As your head looked up, Youngbin’s looked down, allowing your eyes to meet. “I agree,” he mused in response to you, “from the warmth of indoors, it’s got a gentle effect, it’s easing to listen to like a safety blanket, that’s what our home is really.”

    “It’s our safe space, where we can shut off from the rest of the world.”

    “Exactly,” Youngbin agreed, “this is where the two of us can be, with no one to interrupt us, nothing to disturb us, just you and I. We can lay here, talk, or in silence and just continue to build upon the already wonderful connection that we have with one another.”

    The way Youngbin spoke captured your heart as a quiet hum came from you. “I never imagined myself feeling so comfortable in one space but being here with you right now has made me feel like I could take on the world.”

    Hs hands continued to dance through the strands of your hair as Youngbin made sure that you were as comfortable as possible tucked into his side. It had been some time since the two of you had laid so close, and he was determined to make the most of it.

    The sound of the rain was the perfect crescendo the two of you needed to what had somehow turned out to be the evening. The rain hadn’t forfeited your date at all, instead it had made it better than either of you could have ever imagined.

    “Do you want something to eat?” Youngbin whispered to your ear as he noticed your eyes beginning to flutter.

    “I just want to stay here right now,” you replied in a hushed tone.

    “Let’s stay here, and make sure you get some rest.”



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  • lazyfoxwrites
    15.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Someone posted “When you feel autumn kissing the summer away” and I can’t get autumn with Inseong out of my head so...

    Inseong knows that you hate to say goodbye to summer. You were never good with handling the days getting shorter and dimmer, the sun shining less frequently. It seems that just as nature is losing its strength, preparing for a long sleep through the winter, you’re also becoming weaker. It breaks his heart, but he refuses to be discouraged.

    It’s the little things that make you fall in love with him a bit more during autumn. Like how your closet slowly changes - you have no idea when he manages to do it, but there are suddenly some of his lighter coats perfect for the ever changing weather hanging among your jackets. When you confront him, he just smiles and cutely says that you look better in them than he does. Your walks in the cold wind and under the grey, cloudy skies are much more comfortable and pleasant with his scent lingering on the clothes enveloping you.

    He really does try hard to make the transition as easy for you as possible. He takes you on walks in the park or the forest to appreciate the changing color of leaves, and to laugh and play childishly when the wind blows them all around. He holds your hand and drags you with him as he tries to catch some of the leaves carried by the wind in his other hand. He fails most of the time and ends up pouting. But it’s alright, because you know he does it to make you laugh. His lips are so inviting and warm even in the cold weather, so you kiss him to cheer him up until you’re both breathless. You mutter a soft praise, and some reassurance with another delicate kiss to his cold cheek.

    You often joke, more to make him jealous and clingy than actually meaning it, that he doesn’t have to put so much effort to light scented candles all around your home to get you more light and remind you of the scent of summer breeze - you tell him that he can just invite Taeyang over so provide you with sunshine. It works like a charm, mostly because he knows your true intentions, and he always ends up snuggling to you needily, both of you wrapped in a warm blanket. It’s nice, cozy, with two mugs of hot beverages on the coffee table in front of you. He holds you tighter, spooning you from behind so that he can tease you, nibble on your neck and kiss your shoulder, but also because he feels like he’s protecting you. It allows him to smell your hair too, and he swears you must be a fairy or some other magic being, because your hair smells so different during autumn and winter and it never ceases to fascinate him.

    You really don’t like the second half of the year. It’s cold, unpredictable, everything seems to be dying. The world gets darker. It’s depressing and sometimes it gets you so low you feel like crying. But sometimes it’s not all that bad. Sometimes Inseong’s hair matches the color of the last reddist leaves hanging onto the tree branches, other times his smile and hugs are as warm as the cocoa he makes for you. You don’t think you’ll ever like autumn, but Inseong makes it magical, makes it feel like every passing day is another comforting kiss in the harsh weather.

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  • divinefireangel
    15.09.2021 - 3 days ago
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    13.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    500 Followers Event!

    First of all, I want to thank each and everyone of you for appreciating my work and actually following me 🥺🥺

    And finally, I am doing an event for this number! Requests for my 500 followers event will be open till the end of this month aka 30th September! You can send in maximum of 3 "Alphabet" prompts in one request and a maximum of 3 requests each. :)

    Send in Fluff/Smut/Dad/Dark + (Alphabet) + Member/Character/Actor in my ask box!

    The prompts are under the cut!!! 😙


    A - Admiration (What does he absolutely adore about you?)

    B - Butter (How smoothly did he flirt his way into your heart)

    C - Cuddles (How does he like to cuddle)

    D - Dream (What is one dream of his he wants to fulfill with you)

    E - Emotions (How does he express his emotions around you)

    F - Family (At what point in the relationship does he introduce you to his family)

    G - Gifts (What is the gift he loved most from you)

    H - Home (What about him, makes you feel like home)

    I - Ink (Would he get a tattoo with you? If yes then what?)

    J - Joy (What about you always makes him smile)

    K - Kisses (How does he like to kiss you)

    L - Love Language (What's his favourite way of showcasing his love for you)

    M - Moment (At which moment did he realize you were the one)

    N - Night (His favourite late night activity when neither of you can sleep)

    O - Oven (What will he cook for you)

    P - Pet Names (What's an endearing term he calls you)

    Q - Quirk (A quirk of his you just cannot resist)

    R - Reassurance (How does he make you forget about your insecurities)

    S - Song (What song reminds him of his love for you)

    T - Time (How does he spend time with you)

    U - Upset (What is he like when you're upset)

    V - Voice (How often does he compliment you)

    W - Wish (What's one wish he will wish for in a field of dandelions)

    X - X-ray (How well can he read you)

    Y - Yes (How does he propose)

    Z - Zen (How does he calm you)


    A - Aftercare (His go to method of aftercare)

    B - Back (Does he prefer your back be marked with lovebites or his with scratches)

    C - Cum (Where does he prefer to cum)

    D - Darkest desire (Something he is shy to tell you but wants to try)

    E - Evil (How sadistic can he get in the moment)

    F - Favourite position (What's his go to position to make you lose your mind)

    G - Grind (Will he cum in his pants by just humping you?)

    H - Heaven or Hell (random sexcanon)

    I - Ignite (How he turns you on)

    J - Jack off (Does he jerk off to your images in his mind while you're dating)

    K - Kink (One kink he has for sure)

    L - Location (Favourite place to do the deed)

    M - Motivation (How does he get turned on? Is it easy to turn him on?)

    N - Neck (Does he have a sensitive neck or does he want an S/O who does?)

    O - On or Off (Aka is he more Dom or Sub)

    P - Porn (How likely is he to watch porn to learn from it)

    Q - Quickie (Will he be interested in small rounds at different times or just one long lasting one)

    R - Risk (How far is he willing to experiment in the bedroom)

    S - Speed (how fast or slow is he on average)

    T - Tongue (Does he prefer giving or receiving oral sex)

    U - Underwear (Is he into lingerie?)

    V - Voice (How loud is he as a dom/sub)

    W - Weird (A questionable kink or sexual wish of his)

    X - X-ray (How often will he take pictures of you in erotic ways)

    Y - Yearning (Does he have a high or low sex drive)

    Z - Zzzzz (How fast will he fall asleep after)


    *Mention if you want it during the pregnancy, after birth or when your baby is a toddler, except for the obvious ones*

    A - Affection (What does he absolutely adore about your baby)

    B - Bump (How does he react when your bump starts to show)

    C - Cries (How easily does he calm your baby)

    D - Duty (How active will he be in his child's life)

    E - Excitement (How excited will he be after birth)

    F - Fluffy (How easily does he resist his child's puppy eyes)

    G - Gifts (How much does he spoil your child, much to your dismay)

    H - Height (How does he react when he realizes that your child is growing up)

    I - "I love you"

    J - Jealousy (Does he get jealous when your baby chooses you)

    K - Kicks (His reaction to your baby kicking in your belly)

    L - Lullaby (Does he write one or sing one he was sung)

    M - Moon (What does he do when your child can't sleep)

    N - Nursery (Did he find it difficult to build the nursery)

    O - Oreo (A food item which he and his kid love)

    P - Pet name (What does he call his little one, which is unique)

    Q - Quiz (Does he get annoyed at your child's pestering question about random things)

    R - Rose (How will he react when his kid makes something for him)

    S - Sweet (A random tooth rotting fluff headcanon about him & your child)

    T - Trip (How does he console your child when they fall down/get hurt)

    U - Universe (What secret not so secret way does he thank the universe for you both)

    V - Vroom Vroom (How often does he take your kid on Dad-Child trips without you)

    W - Walk (How does he react when your child walks into his arms suddenly)

    X - XOXO (How easily does he show affection to your kid)

    Y - Yippee (How does he celebrate your child's birthday)

    Z - Zzzzz (How does he put your kid to sleep)


    Warnings:Death, killing, hurting someone, noncon/dubcon, forced relationship? Yandere behavior. This section is applicable only for SF9 and Seo Moon-Jo (Strangers from hell).

    A - Adventure (What are some things he likes to do with his darling everyday)

    B - Blood & Bone (Would he hurt his darling on purpose if they didn't listen to him?)

    C - Crybaby (What will he do when his darling keeps refusing his love)

    D - Darkness (What's one thing he wishes his darling never finds out about him)

    E - Empty (What will he do when he has nothing left, aka his darling leaves him)

    F - Forced Orgasm (How does he react when his darling refuses sex)

    G - Grave (How many people will he kill for his darling)

    H - Home (Where does he keep his darling)

    I - Insanity (What make him this way or was he born like this)

    J - Jealousy (How easily does he get jealous when his darling doesn't pay him full attention)

    K - Knockdown (How does he treat the people in his darling's life)

    L - Love or Lust (What is the first thing he is generally attracted to)

    M - Moonlight (What is his innermost self like)

    N - Nurture (How does he care for his darling)

    O - Ownership (How does he show his ownership of you)

    P - Pain (How can his darling severely hurt him)

    Q - Queen (How well will he treat his darling after they accept him)

    R - Ring (How soon does he propose to his darling)

    S - Suspicion (How untrusting of his darling is he?)

    T - Teddy bear (How affectionate is he with his darling)

    U - Utopia (How much effort does he put in to make his darling happy)

    V - Violence (How does he vent out his anger when his darling does something they shouldn't have)

    W - Whisper (Does he prefer his darling to be soft or loud)

    X - Xylophone (What is something that reminds him of his darling)

    Y - Youth (What was his life like before he met his darling)

    Z - Zeal (For how long does he genuinely try to make his darling like him before forcing them to)

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  • lazyfoxwrites
    12.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    fireflies, fluff + sf9 rowoon

    “Love? It’s getting quite cold,” you spoke up as you walked along a country road, your connected hands swinging happily between your bodies. The summer was only beginning, the nights not yet warm enough. He didn’t seem to notice the dropping temperature until you mentioned it.

    “Ah, sorry,” he panicked and quickly pulled his hand away from yours to take off the sweater he wore over his shirt, “Here.” He handed you his sweater, still warm and smelling of him. You chuckled but shook your head.

    “No, you’ll be cold and I don’t want you to get sick. Shouldn’t we just head home?” you suggested and immediately regretted it. His face fell before he quickly tried to hide it with an unconvincing smile.

    “S-Sure, I guess...” he said but the joy from his voice was gone and it made you confused and heartbroken that you were the reason for it without even knowing what happened.

    “Hey,” you grabbed his hand again to stop him from turning around to head back, “What’s going on?” He hesitated but eventually took both of your hands into his, giving you a soft smile.

    “I really want to show you something. It’s not that important but I’d love to share it with you and I don’t know when we’re going to have another opportunity like this,” his eyes were looking into yours, his face extremely mellow and his hands warm. You knew, in that moment, if he asked you to walk with him to the end of the Earth, you’d gladly hold his hand the whole way.

    “Then let’s do it,” you jumped a little to peck his cheek, making him giggle, “But if you catch a cold, good luck explaining it to your manager.” You put on his sweater, happily inhaling his soothing scent and let him lead you.

    He took you further down the road and then took a turn to walk a narrow dirt path. He laughed when you asked if he’s going to murder you here in the middle of fields and meadows. “Be patient,” he scolded lightly.

    You were becoming a little anxious as the sun hid below the horizon and the sky turned a deep dark color. Seokwoo just chuckled happily, pulling you into his side to protect you, even if there was no danger here. Suddenly he stopped and moved to stand behind you, his hands wrapped around your waist. He leaned down to rest his chin on the top of your head.

    “We’re here,” he whispered and kissed your hair. You leaned back into him with a soft hum.

    “And what is it you wanted to show me here?” you asked, since all you saw was a grass field. But then, in the very next second, you understood.

    It was just a few at first, then it became tens and maybe hundreds with each passing minute, tiny lights taking off the leaves of grass and flying above the ground.

    “Oh,” you breathed out in awe, turning back to look at your boyfriend. He gave you a loving smile, stepping from behind you to offer you his arm. You gladly took it and followed him through the path illuminated by the small glowing bugs. It felt like walking through the night skies, stars dancing around you. He was watching you intently, mesmerized. The tiny lights were mirrored in your eyes and you looked like you just stepped out of a fairytale.

    “Shall we dance?” he asked, turning around to face you. How could you say no? And so you danced through the sea of fireflies, happy and in love.

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  • forevermyloveno5
    11.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    Jaeyoon being so enthusiastic about assembling furniture and encouraging Hwiyoung, who also enjoyed it, now imagine them building the baby crib for their kid(s) all by themselves, working on it little by little every day and maybe draw something on it I'm...

    #I'll stop now I promise 😭🤧 #sf9 scenarios#sf9 headcanons#sf9 fluff
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  • forevermyloveno5
    11.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    Because I'm in a very very soft mood 🌸

    ♡We all know how good Inseong is with words. I imagine him buying a special diary, where he writes letters, random thoughts, his feelings, worries, writers about your pregnancy, etc. Those letters he would read to his still now unborn child in the future and later on, when they are more grown up and maybe a bit wiser, Inseong would give this diary to them as a gift. I've always wondered what it would be to be given such a special gift by your parent. Reading their mind, their soul, be in their shoes for a while, getting to know them better, you know? Knowing their experience, reading their advice, feeling how much loved you already were as a small bean in the womb. How valuable all this is. Things like that :).

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  • lazyfoxwrites
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    being scared together, fluff + sf9 zuho

    It was a joke you often made whenever either of you had to go to the other’s place, that you should just find a place big enough for both of you and move in together. It would be practical - no more bickering about where you’re going to hang out, no more complaining that his cats missed you, and of course, much more time spent together.

    You’d never guess that today would be the day you’ll be considering the possibility seriously. There’s no way around it, however, not as you both cower in the corner of the room, starring across the bedroom on the gigantic spider on the opposite wall.

    “How many rooms do we need?” Juho whispers, as if the noise could somehow attract the creature to you and provoke it into attack.

    “Forget rooms, but do we both need our own walk-in closet?” you whisper back because you’re just as paranoid as he is.

    “Of course we do, y/n!” he whines a little louder, quickly covering his mouth with his hand. You slightly nudge him with your elbow. “Sorry.”

    “Well, looking for an apartment like that will be fun,” you murmur, huddling closer to him as you see the spider’s leg twitch. 

    “Who says we’re looking for an apartment? Let’s get a house so we’re ready when we have a family,” he suggests with a shy smile, not really meeting your eyes as he keeps watching the creature. 

    “What do you mean when we have a family? I think our two sons would appreciate the extra space too,” you joke, sliding your hand into his, “But it sounds nice. Let’s do it if we don’t get this thing out.”

    “I think it’s a lost case,” he sighs, squeezing your hand.

    “Oh is it? Baek Juho, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you just want me to move in with you,” you tease him, but your voice is perhaps just a tad too soft for the remark to sound as playful as you hoped it would. Whether it’s because of the storm of emotions in your chest or the fear, he presses his body more against you, leaning his head against your own.

    “You know I do,” he whines into your ear, this time careful to control his volume, “Maybe this is a sign to just do it.”

    You consider his words carefully. It’s not like you haven’t talked about it before or like you weren’t actually agonizing over it on your own too. You must admit it’d be nice, all you could wish for, actually.

    You turn your head to the side and kiss his cheek. “Alright, if you get rid of that thing, let’s find a place for us,” you agree and by the shocked expression on his face, he hasn’t expected you to actually say that. Then the whole sentence registers and his face falls. 

    “y/n! That’s impossible!” he complains, nuzzling his face into your neck, “Why do I have to do that?” You chuckle in response, but the laugh turns into a shriek when the spider takes whole two steps up the wall. He’s the one laughing now.

    “Let’s just call one of the guys. They’ll take it out and we can look for some place in the meantime? If you really meant it,” his voice is soft and his thumb is drawing reassuring circles on the back of your hand.

    “I did, but I also meant the other part. I don’t think either of us will survive watching that nightmare crawling here until the guys manage to come.” As if on cue, the spider took another step, making both of you jump. It’s gonna be a long day, but perhaps at the end of it, you’ll be one step closer to living together.

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  • key201303
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Word count: 1370 words

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content, mentions of blood, mentions of alcohol, brief mentions of getting drunk, brief mentions of a panic attack (nothing too graphic)

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive content

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you've been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency like everyone else did?

    A/N: We finally know who that mysterious boy from last chapter is 🤩 please dont hate me I hope you guys enjoy this chapter as much as the others ❤❤

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @grungiejaems @io-is-lame @ailoveyuta (ask me to be added!)

    Unable to tag -> @i-sa-bella @user127dream

    Previous chapter - - - Masterlist - - - Next chapter

    “Hey, are you okay?” A male voice you couldn’t recognize knocked you out of your own anxious bubble. It was a sweet yet deep voice you tried to recognize but failed. The boy knocked on the luxurious door a few more times before you were done calming down and opened the door to finally reveal his identity. As soon as you open the door, you recognize the male as one of the boys in Youngbin’s group. You believed Youngbin told you his name but you couldn’t really remember it. You had to admit right now it was really hard for you to remember anything, being absorbed by the overwhelming feeling that took over your chest a few seconds ago. “Hello?” He said, waving his hand before your face, waiting for you to give him a coherent answer. “Sorry… Yes… I’m okay… I’m always okay, don’t worry.” You said, moving your gaze away from his figure and losing it on the crowd in the distance. “Are you sure? You look pretty freaked out, plus you ran away like if you saw a ghost.” He said, letting out a small chuckle. Those words confirmed your suspicions of him being part of Youngbin’s group. “Here, drink some water.” He said with a soft and friendly smile as he handed you a bottle of water. “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to kill you or anything. The bottle is new, I haven’t put anything in there.” He added, making you chuckle a little bit. “Thank you.” You quietly said, taking the bottle from his hands.

    You took a few seconds to scan his elegant figure while you drank some of the water. He was wearing an elegant dark blue suit that definitely highlighted all his features. His brunet hair really looked good on him, highlighting the beautiful gleam on his eyes. He somehow smelled so good, like a floral essence you couldn’t recognize at all but that made you feel intoxicated by how well it smelled. A million dollar watch was lazily hanging on his wrist, and an expensive ring was decorating his ring finger. His perfect smile, unlike Rowoon’s smile, for some reason made you feel kind of peaceful, something you haven’t felt in ages. You swore you weren’t falling in love with that boy but if you were in any other situation, you knew all the feelings he was making you feel all of a sudden, would probably be the beginning of what would be your crush of the next few years. Maybe it was that you actually felt attracted to him, you were no one to deny his breathtaking looks after all, or maybe it was just the fact that he has been the first person to give you a sincere smile and worry about you in the past few years unlike everyone else that surrounded you.

    “I’ve noticed you don’t really enjoy being around Rowoon.” He said, knocking you out of your thoughts. “Oh, really? Is it that obvious?” You said with a sarcastic and sassy voice tone that made him laugh. “You’re quite funny, I understand now why everyone in here wants to be around you.” The boy said. You couldn’t tell if he was trying to flirt with you or compliment you but you felt way much better hearing those words than hearing Rowoon calling you ‘his girl’. “I’m not funny, I just say what I think.” You answered, taking another sip from the bottle of water the boy handed you a few minutes ago. “That’s something hard to do with someone like Rowoon around. You’re definitely a brave girl.” He said, sipping on a cup of wine he just took from a waitress that passed by offering some drinks and admiring your courage. “You can’t imagine how annoying it is to coexist with that asshole.” You said, rolling your eyes just at the thought of him. “Think in a positive way, at least you’re alive. It could have been worse.” He said, a sad yet nostalgic gleam appearing in his eyes, making you curious about the things he had to go through in life to think like that. “I’d rather be dead before having to live like this.” You said, taking the cup of wine from his hands and taking a sip, making him chuckle a little at your sudden actions. “Don’t say that, living is always better than being dead. Life can change a lot when you really want to live, it doesn't matter in which situation you find yourself in.” He said, taking his cup back and giving you another of his soft smiles. You had no idea when this night and this conversation became such a deep and philosophical thing but you had to admit you really enjoyed it. “You should get back to your boy. He might get mad if you spend more time with other people.” He said, making special emphasis on the words ‘your boy’, making your blood boil through your veins. “Don’t ever call him like that again. At least not in front of me.” You said with the cold voice tone that characterized you. “I’m just kidding, do whatever you want. I think he hasn’t even noticed we’re talking.” The boy said, pointing at the tall boy talking with a long haired boy you didn’t know. “Leave it like that then. I feel better being here and talking with you rather than being with that idiot and his untouchable ego.” You said, rolling your eyes and returning your gaze to the boy standing next to you.

    The night kept going by and, surprisingly, instead of spending the night grabbing Rowoon or Jaeyoon’s arm and meeting random people you cared nothing about, you spent a funny night having random conversations with that boy and the rest of his friends. You could finally understand why Rowoon hated that group of boys so much, being completely unable to bear with people that damaged his perfect ego. The four boys enjoyed messing around with others way too much for Rowoon’s taste and that was exactly why he never wanted to be around them, creating a stupid rivalry between both gangs.

    “Time to go home.” Rowoon said, interrupting you from whatever you were telling the other boys. “What if I don’t want to?” You retorted, slightly drunk at this point of the night, becoming slightly braver towards the tall boy. “Don’t make me take you out of here in a bad way. You’ve messed around enough for today.” Rowoon said, grabbing your arm and dragging you out of the place, clearly annoyed and angry about your behavior. “Wait.” You stopped him, getting rid of his grip and running back to where the other boys were, who were carefully watching the situation and smirking about Rowoon not being able to control the situation just like he always loved. “What was your name again? Let’s meet again some day.” You said, tumbling a little bit as you got closer to the boy. “Chani. My name is Chani.” He said with that soft smile once again. And with you finally knowing the full identity of the boy that saved you from a panic attack a few hours ago, Rowoon grabbed your arm once again and dragged you out of the building, driving you back home.

    “You’ve done a good job.” Youngbin said, sipping his cup of wine, eyeing Chani through the glass material. “I feel bad, she’s not a bad girl.” Chani said, slightly regretting all the things he has done tonight just to please Youngbin and get you closer to the group so they had better access to the ring and everything it carries. “Come on, since when are you a sentimental kid?” Dawon said, giving him a pat on the shoulder and laughing at the sad boy figure. “You don’t have to worry about her. I’m not going to treat her badly. Actually, I’m going to treat her really well.” Youngbin said with a smirk appearing on his lips. ‘That’s exactly what I’m afraid of… You treating her well…’ Chani thought to himself, taking the last sip of his cup before going out to get some fresh air and order his thoughts about everything that happened.

    #kdiarynet#kpop#kpop imagine#kpop smut#kpop fluff #kpop mafia au #sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 imagine#sf9 smut#sf9 fluff #sf9 mafia au #sf9 hwiyoung #sf9 hwiyoung x reader #sf9 hwiyoung imagine #sf9 hwiyoung fluff #sf9 hwiyoung smut #hwiyoung #hwiyoung x reader #hwiyoung smut#hwiyoung fluff#kim youngkyun #kim youngkyun x reader #kim youngkyun fluff #kim youngkyun smut #kim hwiyoung#sf9 youngkyun #sf9 youngkyun x reader #sf9 youngkyun smut #sf9 youngkyun fluff
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  • forevermyloveno5
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    just a dream

    ♡pairing: Yoo Taeyang x reader

    ♡genre: angst, fluff

    ♡a/n: excuse any mistakes 💜

    His lustrous tantalizing eyes are locked on you, your fingers lightly caress every inch of his face, like a map, as if you are trying to memorize your way back home.

    Taeyang takes your small delicate hands into his large ones, taking his time to lovingly kiss every finger, every knuckle, every curve and scar on them, making sure his soft plush lips didn't miss any part of your skin.

    He presses your body up against his, yearning to feel you closer, as if that's even possible. Your fingers start running up and down his spine as he gently kisses you forehead, then your eyelids and nose until his lips connect with yours, finally having reached their final destination. It was a fervent yet delicate kiss, your tongues danced together in unison, hearts were beating in sync. His kisses are sweeter than chocolate, they feel like home, he feels like home, somehow you naturally gravitate towards each other and you don't know if this scares or amuses you.

    Taeyang pulls away first from the kiss and looks into your eyes with a soft beaming smile on his face. ,,The sun itself", you think for a second and can't help but return the smile. You stay like this for a while, your souls communicating without words.

    "I want us to stay like this forever.", you whisper and you can feel the rain coming into your eyes.

    "I know, love, I know. You just need to be patient for a little bit. Then we'll be together and this time we won't have to say goodbye to each other", Taeyang says compassionately and he changes your positions, so that he can embrace you in his arms. You nuzzle into his neck, taking in the smell of his perfume. One of his hands is drawing soothing circles on your back, the other is caressing your hair. You both know he has to go soon and he hates himself everytime he has to leave you all alone but he can't do anything.



    "Can you sing to me? Please?"

    "Of course, my love", Taeyang says and kisses your forehead first before his mellow voice put a spell on you.

    You close your eyes, trying to remember this moment, trying to memorize every part of his being before Morpheus lures you into his kingdom and darkness engulfs you again. After all, none of this was real. It was just a dream. He was just a dream.

    "Did he appear

    because I fell asleep

    thinking of him?

    If only I’d known I was dreaming,

    I’d never have wakened."

    -from "The Ink Dark Moon: Love Poems" by Ono no Komachi and Izumi Shikibu, Women of the Ancient Court of Japan

    #sf9 scenarios#sf9 scenario#sf9 imagines#sf9 imagine#sf9 fluff#sf9 angst #sf9 x reader #yoo taeyang scenarios #yoo taeyang scenario #yoo taeyang imagines #yoo taeyang imagine
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  • divinefireangel
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • divinefireangel
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    I'mma do smol HCs today!

    In case anyone is interested 💀💀

    Flufflirty Friday open! 😙

    Come talk to me? 🥺👉🏽👈🏽💕


    #sf9#sf9 headcanons#sf9 fluff#sf9 smut #flufflirty friday talks
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  • key201303
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Falling into Autumn Masterlist

    Key words:

    🌸 -> Fluff 🎃 -> Halloween themed 🔥 -> Suggestive 🤧 -> angstish

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @ailoveyuta (Let me know if you want to be added to the taglist!)

    Cider -> Lee Jangjun (GNCD) - "I'm not drunk." 🌸

    Hayride -> Kim Seokwoo (Dawon) (SF9) - "Farm Love." 🌸🎃

    Flannel Shirt -> Choi Sungyoon (Y) (GNCD) - "The ugly shirt." 🤧🌸

    Fall Flavors (hot sweet potato) -> Hwang Intak (P1H) - "Let me treat you." 🌸

    Free Space -> Kim Youngkyun (Hwiyoung) (SF9) - "The perfect pumpkin." 🌸🎃

    Fairy -> Eric Sohn (TBZ) - "A fairytale love." 🌸🔥

    Crisp Morning Air -> Kang Chanhee (Chani) (SF9) - "Good morning, love." 🌸🔥

    Blankets -> Son Youngtaek (Tag) (GNCD) - "The biggest blanket fort." 🌸

    Sweater -> Kim Jibeom (GNCD) - "You look cute." 🌸

    #golden child #golden child x reader #jangjun #jangjun x reader #sungyoon #sungyoon x reader #youngtaek #youngtaek x reader #youngtaek fluff#jibeom #jibeom x reader #jibeom fluff#sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 fluff#sf9 smut#sf9 hwiyoung #sf9 hwiyoung x reader #sf9 chani #sf9 chani x reader #sf9 dawon #sf9 dawon x reader #p1harmony #p1harmony x reader #p1harmony intak #p1harmony intak x reader #tbz #tbz x reader #tbz eric #tbz eric x reader
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  • lost-inthedream
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    @wxstethenxght made it pop into my mind:

    Juho occasionally calling you to say his kittens miss you so you should spend the whole weekend at his place

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  • babysubinnie
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    one step forward, two steps back. // yoo taeyang

    👼 pairing:: yoo taeyang x reader 👼 genre:: emotional 👼 summary:: after all these years of loving yoo taeyang, it always ended the same. you would walk away from him, and he would watch you walk away. you would think it would be different this time, but little did you know, history repeats.

    a/n: i just started uni so i’m gonna be very behind i’m sorry :// ——————————————————————————

    “my only regret was not chasing after you when you turned around and left.” when i looked up at taeyang, i stopped breathing. after three months, he came back and now he’s standing at my goddamn doorstep with tears coming down his face. 

    that, of course, was five months ago. i hated taeyang for not coming back after that talk. i told him that i was not going to come back to him. it didn’t hit me five months later when i was sitting on my bed missing everything about him. i couldn’t even tell him that i loved him because i was terrified of what would have happened if i did. 

    and now here i am. standing in front of his doorstep about to say the exact same line. was i going to hate myself for doing this? abso-fucking-lutely. 

    “hi! who are you?” the door swung open and it was not yoo taeyang. she was wearing a nice dress, high heels and a full face of makeup. she was twirling her hair in her finger while smiling 

    “hey babe who is it?” then i heard his voice. i looked down immediately at my feet and my whole body just stopped working. he put his arm around her waist before looking up and making eye contact with me. he took his arm off from around her waist. the way he looked at me when we first made eye contact, made my heart skip. 

    “hi. it’s nice to see you.” he said in the most dry, unenthusiastic way. i scoffed before closing my eyes to take a deep breath in because right now, at this point, i wanted to run. of course i regretted it. the girl standing next to taeyang turned around rolling her eyes and walked away. he looked up at my eyes before walking through the door closing it behind him.

    “what are you doing here?” he was looking down when he walked through the door. i bit my lip taking a deep breath because i know that i was fucked. i didn’t want to tell him that he’s the love of my life when he’s dating another girl. that doesn’t help me at all. 

    “i’m uh, i uh wanted to visit you because i had something to tell you but you’re busy so i’m going to head out.” i turned around before my wrist was pulled back around after my foot touched the last step. i looked at our hands and then looked up at him. 

    “don’t leave.” from looking at our hands, i looked up at him taking a deep breath because i couldn’t believe what was happening. this man was standing in front of me begging me with his eyes not to go. i didn’t want to, but right now, that might be my only choice. our story always ended the same, never once even tried to change it. but this time it had to be different. i wasn’t going to let it happen again, but my legs had other plans.

    “i let you walk away from me last time. i’m not letting you walk away again. i’m sorry for not chasing after you. i’m so fucking sorry y/n.” when i heard what he said, my stomach did a flip while i looked up at him. i was so in love him but all i could do was look at him. 

    “well you have a girlfriend now. i’m just a part of your past and that’s what i’m going to stay so i’ll see you later.” i pulled my arm out of his wrist and tried to walk away but before i could, his arms went around my waist and his breath was fanning my neck. as i looked down the street trying to avoid turning around to look at him, tears filled my eyes as quickly as this happened.


    “don’t. i’m so done.” i turned around and walked off, as far away from taeyang as possible leaving him in front of his house. i turned to look back at him and he was still looking at me. his eyes never left me once, but he didn’t move an inch.

    every single time, our story ends the same. i walk away, and he never follows. after all this time, nothing is going to change. end of story.

    but this time, i was right. it was different. he ran after me pulling me into his arms putting both hands on my cheeks. we stood there staring at each other like nothing else in the entire world was here except for the two us.

    “y/n, it’s always been you. four years ago and now, it’s you. always will be.” he looked down at my lips then up to my eyes. he pressed his lips onto mine before i pushed him off to look at him. 

    “taeyang... i don’t know if this is a good idea. our story never ends differently. it always has the same goddamn ending. i walk away and you don’t follow me. it never changes. we’re never going to have a happy ending tae.” i shook my head looking up at him only to see that he was looking at me just the same. i knew that regardless of me telling him this, in the end, i will always walk away. 

    “i love you. i love you so damn much, but if you love me as much as i love you, you will drop this and this time, it’s going to be you walking away.” 

    it was going to hurt, but this was the only way i could stop the heartbreak.

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  • blu-joons
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Boys Meet Your Newborn For The First Time ~ Kim Youngkyun

    All eyes were on your daughter as Youngkyun moved around you in order to tidy up the last little bits of your apartment before welcoming the boys. You’d waited for the perfect moment, settled, and content before inviting them round to meet your new addition.

    “Seokwoo says that they’re in the car on the way here now,” Youngkyun informed you as he checked his phone, taking a seat on the end of the sofa beside the two of you carefully.

    His eyes instantly fell on your daughter too as she stared up at the ceiling. The both of you couldn’t help but chuckle at how clueless she was to the mayhem that was about to come her way in the form of eight excited boys who had been desperate for the chance to meet her.

    They had all been incredible throughout your pregnancy, helping the two of you whenever you needed it. So, when you told them that you wanted a bit of space when your daughter arrived, they were gutted not to be right by your side.

    As your daughter’s eyes flickered across to Youngkyun, he leant forwards and began to tickle over the top of her chest. “It won’t be this quiet soon,” he whispered down to her, “it’ll be carnage.”

    “I don’t think even she could prepare for how much attention she’s about to get.”

    “She’ll love it, having all eyes on her is perfect for her.”

    The two of you continued to entertain your daughter until a knock at the door dragged Youngkyun away. You hadn’t even heard the handle go down before the volume went up with the mutterings of the boys.

    Your eyes looked up to greet them, widening when you saw how many bags and gifts that they all held onto. “The boys have bought one or two presents for Y/D/N,” Youngkyun joked as he followed behind them all back into the living room.

    Straight away, you lifted your daughter up into your arms, with eight pairs of eyes following every little thing that she did as she shuffled in your hold.

    “You guys, she’s beautiful.”

    “Damn, she’s got some good genes.”

    You smiled down at her as she looked around, giggling gently at the funny faces that all eight of them pulled across at her. “Take a seat guys” you instructed as you moved off of the sofa and onto the floor, “we’ve got a lot to catch up on.”

    As soon as you sat down, Taeyang was straight by your side with a keen smile on his face. His hands slowly edged out, silently letting you know what he wanted, waiting until your smile grew before stretching them out for you to place your daughter into.

    “Be careful,” Youngkyun nervously called out as soon as he saw what was going on, “the last thing we need is any accidents today.”

    “It’s only holding a baby,” Taeyang assured him, “you can trust even us idiots to do that without any harm.”

    Your head nodded as Youngkyun looked to you for reassurance, making sure that you kept a close eye on Taeyang, just to be on the safe side as they all got used to your new arrival being around.

    “Have you guys thought about what you’re going to do for godparents?” Inseong suddenly asked as the room fell silent. “Are you guys even on planning on having godparents, it’s not as much of a tradition anymore, is it?”

    “Why? Are you putting yourself forwards for the role?” Chanhee challenged, seeing right through Inseong and what his intentions were.

    Your eyes rolled, knowing that a question such as Inseong’s was only a matter of time with how competitive the boys were. “We’ve not given it much thought,” you replied, keeping the atmosphere calm, “we’ve got more important things to think about right now.”

    The two of you had predicted as soon as your daughter was born that there would end up being some sort of competition between the boys as they all fought for the role of the best uncle. They always loved to be above each other, despite the two of you warning them several times that your daughter would be brought up not having favourites.

    With a tray of drinks, Youngkyun soon arrived to join you on the floor, handing glasses out to everyone. “I’m impressed by how quiet you’re all being.”

    “We’re not monsters,” Jaeyoon quickly interjected, “what did you expect to happen? We’d all come in shouting our heads off and overwhelm Y/D/N?” He then asked, shaking his head when Youngkyun nodded back at him.

    Your hand nudged against his arm as he moved it around your shoulders to pull you closely into your side. “You know them too,” Youngkyun reminded you, “when have you ever known there to be a time when all of these guys have been quiet?”

    “There’s a first time for everything,” Sanghyuk then interrupted too, “plus, you know that all of these guys are being quiet to impress you and try and get picked for the role of godfather, it’s written across all of their faces.”

    All eyes stared across at Sanghyuk as they spoke, with defences and protests being put in from them all. Both you and Youngkyun had picked up on how attentive they were behaving too, knowing exactly what the reasoning was for it as well as Sanghyuk did.

    As the group soon became obsessed with your daughter, it gave you and Youngkyun the chance to talk alone, sliding away from them slightly. “This doesn’t surprise me at all from them.”

    “They’re excited, that’s all it is.”

    Youngkyun’s head nodded in agreement with you, “I knew that they were all keen to be the top uncle, but godfather just feels like it’s a bit too much. I want them to be equals, I could never pick just one of them to put into the role of godfather too.”

    You knew exactly how Youngkyun was feeling, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it either. All of them had looked after you and supported you at one time or another, not one of them hadn’t been there for you both whenever you needed them to be.

    “I think it’s best if we don’t have godparents,” Youngkyun then whispered, “our little girl is lucky enough to eight uncles who will protect her, I don’t think a godparent is what she needs, she’s already spoilt beyond belief.”

    “I think that’s a really good idea.”

    “As do we,” a voice suddenly spoke up from the group. You both looked to Juho as he cleared his throat. “You guys are right, all eight of us will do our best to take care of Y/D/N, not one of us more than anyone else, and that’s all that she needs.”

    The rest of the group all nodded in agreement with what Juho had to say, assuring the two of you that they were all more than happy just being able to call themselves uncles.

    “She’s very lucky,” Youngkyun reiterated once again as he glanced across at your daughter’s soft smile, “trust me, after being with you guys for so long, I know deep down eight uncles is all that she’s going to need.”

    “She’ll have you all wrapped around her little finger in no time,” you added, “you’ll be glad to just be uncles one day when she starts growing up.”

    Their heads all shook back at her, “even when we’re all old and grey, and she’s the one looking after us, we’ll do her best to protect her.”

    “We know you guys will, that’s why you’re the best uncles ever.”



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