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  • 100zuho
    24.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    strangers to lovers!chani thoughts, based on a conversation we had with @forevermyloveno5 ❣️go give her a follow if you haven’t already

    chani tells hwiyoung once more (for the hundredth time, probably) that he will be responsible for you at the party because he invited you

    "ok chill don't worry they are fun!" hwiyoung says once more (for the hundredth time, probably) as they pull up in front of your place

    chani exhales as he stops the car and hwiyoung rolls down the window to wave you over

    you hurry to your friend, a grin stretching across your face

    "hii, thanks for picking me up" you clamber into the backseat and lean forward to introduce yourself to chani

    he looks at your outstretched hand for a split second then shakes it, looking into your eyes, suddenly hyperaware of how close you are and how good you smell

    he is starstruck but replies with his name and turns back to the wheel

    you don't see in the dark but hwiyoung flashes the younger man a teasing shit-eating grin, which chani pretends not to notice

    arriving at the house party, he subtely keeps close to you, hands in the pockets of his jeans

    you talk with some friends, have some drinks, and eat snacks

    you keep stealing glances at chani, who is usually standing quite close to you

    and once as you look at him, you catch him looking right at you

    you smile at him without thinking and he bites the inside of his cheek so hard he almost draws blood

    he quickly looks into his cup, suddenly sooo interested in the colorless liquid, and takes some sips from it

    you do the same, turning your attention back to the conversation

    after some time people disperse, going for a smoke, playing board games and such

    so you somehow end up on the couch with chani, chatting and laughing as you share stories and all

    "and he comes back in the morning, barefoot, lost MY shoes that i let him borrow" chani explains, half complaining and half laughing

    you absolutely adore his voice, especially like this

    "telling us that he couldn't remember how he left us" he finishes the peculiar story about hwiyoung that you haven't heard before

    you can't help your light-headed giggles that keep spilling out of you for a few seconds after

    and he laughs along with you, his cheeks dusted rosy pink because he's a bit tipsy

    as your chuckles die down, you look each other in the eyes

    you hate it — his eyes are so mesmerizing and you know what's about to happen

    you scoff and look away suddenly, making him confused

    "what is it?" he asks, leaning forward slightly

    you throw your head back shyly, getting insecure about the thought of it

    "i don't know, i just assumed you were going to kiss me" you admit, now looking down at your lap

    "i was, actually" he lets out a laugh

    seeing the genuinity on his face, you mimic his expression

    "oh, okay" you mumble, waiting for him to make a move

    and so he does — he scoots closer to you on the couch, placing a hand on your knee and presses his soft lips against yours

    it's so faint, so chaste but you feel something bubble in your chest

    you smile at each other when he pulls away and you lean in to kiss him again

    and again and again

    you stay up until the morning, making out slowly and talking in-between

    everyone else fast asleep

    he drops you off at your place and asks you to exchange numbers

    you kiss his cheek and thank him for the ride and he thinks he's falling for you fnfhfhfjfck

    after a while of being together, you move to your shared place

    you unpack everything and enjoy your first day in your 'finished' apartment

    as he holds you against his chest in the living room, he thinks about your first kiss on that couch at that party

    and how insane it is that now you have your own couch to be all lovey dovey on:)))

    he presses his nose against yours, a silent plea for a kiss

    you oblige, of course, smiling against his lips

    he peppers pecks on your face, from your chin to your jawline and your neck

    you relish in the feeling of being taken care of — you're lazy and sleepy and you can't think straight. but maybe you don't even want to

    you wake up to chani nuzzling the skin between your shoulder blades

    holding you tightly against him

    he's warm and you turn around to cuddle up to him, trying to escape the morning cold as there is no comforter draped over you

    "babe" he grumbles, "goodmorning"

    he is slurring his words like he usually does when he's half asleep

    "good morning" you reply, shivering as his palms run across your cold back soothingly

    he kisses the top of your head, then rests his chin against it

    a silly grin overtaking his face as he realizes where you two finally are

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  • forevermyloveno5
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    You and Youngbin are having a wedding photoshoot and you include Jamong in it because this sweet puppy baby is an important part of your family that accepted you even before you two started dating and imagine the amount of love, snuggles and puppy kisses and Jamong bringing your wedding rings and barks happily once this very important mission is successfully completed I'm... 🥺

    #sorry but after seeing Youngbin with this angel that was the first thing that came to my mind #and dogs protecting new borns 🥺🥺🥺🥺 #sf9 scenarios#sf9 headcanons#youngbin scenarios#youngbin imagines
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  • fairy-seong
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    yoo taeyang x kim youngkyun x gn!reader

    genre: smut, suggestive, fluff if you squint

    trigger warning(s): suggestive descriptions, mentions of polyamory, depictions may not be entirely accurate

    kinktober day 20 prompt: polyamory

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they are both shy to make the first move even though everyone knows they like you. You had to drag them out one night and confess you like both of them and want to date them.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where you adore them, even more, when they get affectionate with each other. Calling them by their favorite cute nicknames in the bed makes them blush all the time.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they would do anything you asked to; especially in bed. They love hearing you moan their names more than anything. They love it when you are loud, and they know you love it more when they are loud.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they both let you take charge in the bedroom. They’re your obedient pretty boys who love kissing your body and have you on top of them.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where the younger is the most eager to please the both of you while Taeyang is the one who will teasingly strip dance for you and Youngkyun. His eyes send naughty winks in the mirror, watching you and Youngkyun getting more turned with each second that passes.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they love being sneaky around the members and teasing you with their fingers on your thighs underneath the dinner table or kiss your neck and grip your ass in the kitchen while the others are next door.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they always take you out on dates and insist on taking a photo of your smile each time because you are the most beautiful when you smile.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they insist on helping you with the most mundane tasks no matter how boring because they feel they must protect their baby.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where every movie night date ends with the three of you falling asleep on the couch while cuddling; limbs tangled together and fingers intertwined while the bowl of popcorn gets dropped on the floor.

    Polyamory with Yoo Taeyang and Youngkyun where they drive you insane in the most childish way sometimes and you feel you want to kill them, but in the end, you always laugh and kiss their lips because you love them to bits.

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  • milknchannie
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    requests are open!

    to help me get back into writing, I will be opening up my requests! please feel free to send a request. i am willing to write anything but smut

    taking requests for:




    groups I write for:

    stray kids


    golden child







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  • lost-inthedream
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago
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  • divinefireangel
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago
    #peach bb 🥺 #peachuupuffs #sush's 500 followers event #sf9#youngbin#yandere youngbin#yandere sf9#youngbin headcanon #yandere youngbin headcanon #tw: yandere
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  • divinefireangel
    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #sush's 500 followers event #sf9#yoo taeyang#chani#sf9 fluff#sf9 smut#sf9 chani #sf9 chani smut #sf9 yoo taeyang #kang chani#kang chanhee#chani smut #yoo taeyang fluff #yoo taeyang smut #yoo taeyang headcanon #chani headcanon
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  • divinefireangel
    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #sush's 500 followers event #sf9#yoo taeyang#sf9 fluff#sf9 headcanons #sf9 yoo taeyang #yoo taeyang fluff #yoo taeyang headcanon #sf9 taeyang #sf9 taeyang fluff
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  • fantasia-monogram
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I had a couple new followers come in since I logged out of this acc.

    Guys, I'm on a hiatus and I'm not sure if I'll ever write any y/n fiction again. There's nothing to follow me for 🙃

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  • forevermyloveno5
    12.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #sf9 scenarios#sf9 imagines#sf9 fluff#sf9 headcanons #yoo taeyang scenarios #yoo taeyang imagines
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  • divinefireangel
    11.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #sf9#yoo taeyang #sush's 500 followers event #sf9 yoo taeyang #yoo taeyang fluff #sf9 taeyang fluff #sf9 taeyang#sf9 fluff #yoo taeyang headcanon
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  • divinefireangel
    11.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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