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    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content, brief mentions of a cigarette

    Word count: 2.3k words

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive content

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you've been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency like everyone else did?

    A/N: Guess who's back 👀🤭😳 Hope you enjoy it!! ❤❤

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @grungiejaems @io-is-lame @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie @mayfifolle @slut-for-fandoms (ask me to be added!)

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    “You’re actually pretty good.” Hwiyoung said with a huge and proud smile across his face. You have been going to the shooting range to improve the shooting skills you apparently had for 2 weeks now. You felt really hesitant in the very beginning to be honest but as days went by and as Hwiyoung showed you that you wouldn’t use the weapon unless you were in danger, you started to get more and more used to it and even enjoyed spending time with Hwiyoung in the shooting range. You couldn’t tell if it was the proud feeling you felt every time he praised you for shooting right in the center of the bull’s-eye or if it was the dangerous closeness between your body and Hwioyung’s but now, after 2 weeks, you were willing to wake up and come to the daily practice you two had. “Will you let me go out alone today as a prize for being good then?” You said, removing the huge headphones from your ears and mirroring his wide smile as you turned to face him. “We’ll see.” He said, a small laugh escaping his lips. “Oh come on, I haven’t gone out alone since last week!” You said, low-key sounding like a teenager asking her parents for permission to go out until late night for the first time.

    Yes, you never knew you would grow so close to the boy that saved you almost a month ago from your worst nightmare but after spending so much time together, it was unavoidable to not get close to him. Now, he would even let you go out on your own from time to time so you could just enjoy a normal life, one of those you longed for so much ever since you were a teenager. “Where will you go though? It’s sunday.” Hwiyoung said, handing you the helmet before starting the engine of his motorcycle. “I’ve heard they opened a new cafe near my house, I want to go check it.” You said with dreamy eyes. It’s been more than a month since the last time you walked around the neighborhood where you grew up and, to be honest, you missed strolling around the same streets you have always walked on. “Buy me lunch then.” Hwiyoung suddenly said. Even though you couldn’t see his face because of the helmet and he was looking forward into the road, you could hear his devilish smile. “What?? No way!” You complained, slightly slapping his shoulder before wrapping your arms back around his torso so you wouldn’t fall from the vehicle. “Then you won’t be able to go out alone this week.” He said, the same devilish smile from before echoing through his helmet. “Fine. What do you want?” You asked, rolling your eyes and knowing the only way he would let you alone today would be accepting his deal. “Ramen.” He said with a wide smile. “Want me to add some seafood or vegetables, sir?” You said with a curious tone even though you already knew the answer, enjoying teasing him more and more as days went by. “Do it and I won’t let you go out alone ever again.” He said once you arrived in front of his apartment. “You’re starting to sound like Rowoon.” You said rolling your eyes as you removed the helmet from your head and tidied your hair a bit before waving him a goodbye to go to the said cafe.

    The day was absolutely perfect for walking around the neighborhood. Not too hot nor too cold, just the perfect temperature to walk with just a soft jacket and a small scarf to cover your throat just in case it got a bit cooler when the night fell. It really felt refreshing, like when you get out of a warm shower after a hard day at work or after working out so hard at the gym. You couldn’t understand how such small things could make someone as happy and as peaceful as you were feeling right there and right then. It even made you feel like you were living in a lie. Like you were going to turn around the corner and your parents would be waiting there for you like they used to do when you were in school. Like nothing of the things you have gone through in the last month ever happened. Like you had a complete normal life like any other girl of your age had. But all of that was just part of your perfect imagination.

    Just like you’ve heard, the new cafe was placed right on the corner of the street where your house was. It looked so chic and aesthetic from the outside but once you entered, it felt like it was out of one of those k-dramas you loved watching when you were a teen. It was a cozy cafe with beautiful brown tones decorating the walls and a few plants decorating the shelves, windows and walls. “Would you like to order something ma’am?” A young boy asked you with a huge smile on his face. You were so busy admiring the beautiful place that you completely forgot where you were and that you were supposed to order something. “Oh yeah, I would like an Iced Americano.” You shyly said, getting your wallet from your bag. ‘Where did I put the money Hwiyoung gave me?’ You wondered as you opened the wallet and noticed it was empty.


    “It’s my money! Why are you refusing to give it back?” Hwiyoung complained after asking you to give him his money back for the nth time. “You gave it to me!! It’s not yours anymore!” You complained as well, taking your wallet away from his hands. “Oh come on! I promise I will give it back before you need it.” He said with puppy eyes, knowing you wouldn’t be able to resist them. He was right.


    “Ah… that idiot really let me go out without money…” You quietly cursed him, face palming yourself when you remembered the conversation you had yesterday while eating lunch. “Here’s your coffee ma’am.” The young boy said, handing you a huge cup of coffee. “Oh I’m sorry but I just noticed I don’t have any money.” You said with sad eyes, feeling really bad for making the young boy prepare your coffee and not being able to drink it. “I’ll pay for it, don’t worry.” A familiar male voice said behind you.

    “Chani?” You said as you met his gaze when you turned around. “Hey, good to see you again.” He said with a wide smile, paying for your coffee and his and taking both cups to sit on one of the tables. “Yeah… I never thought I would see you somewhere like here.” You said, slightly bowing at him for paying for your coffee and inviting you to sit with him. “Well, you know, I also enjoy having a normal life from time to time.” He said laughing, taking a small sip from his coffee. You never took a seat to think about it but you guessed he was kind of right. For some people, mafia life is not always the best thing in the world. “Does Youngbin let you come here on your own?” You asked, sipping your coffee as well, not really knowing if asking him about his mafia life was actually a good idea. “He doesn’t really like it but it is the least he can do for me after all I do for him. He’s not that bad after all.” Chani said, defending his older friend. You just nodded, taking another sip. “How about you?” He suddenly ask. Definitely, his question caught you completely off guard. Hwiyoung has told you plenty of times that you couldn’t let others know who he was and what you were doing now. “I’ve heard you’re not with Rowoon anymore.” Chani added, looking at you with curious eyes. “Yeah… I’m now with another person.” You said, trying your best to not give him much information about your new life with Hwiyoung. “Youngkyun, right? I’ve heard he’s not a bad guy.” Chani said, finishing his first coffee. You were surprised that Chani actually knew everything about what you have been doing and about Rowoon’s deal with Hwiyoung. “How do you know?” You dared to ask, your hands already sweating and knees shaking in nervousness. “Rumors run fast in our world, you know. But don’t worry, I’m happy you could quit that terrible life you had with Rowoon.” Chani said, a small smile appearing on his face, giving you that peaceful vibe he gave you the day you both met at that party. “I wish I could do the same…” He suddenly said, making you look at him with curious eyes as well. “I entered Youngbin’s group to save my little brother so yeah, I know how you’ve been feeling until now.” He confessed. Suddenly, he looked even more friendly now that you knew the story behind his entrance in the mafia. “I shouldn’t have said that… Promise you’ll keep the secret?” He said, pulling out his pinky finger with a small smile on his lips. You couldn’t help intertwining your pinky with his to seal the deal. Somehow, after knowing he was in the mafia to save his little brother, you felt more connected to him because, after all, none of you wanted to have this life. In other words, both of you have been forced to suffer because of others’ actions.

    Both of you spent a few more hours sharing some coffee and stories about your lives, finding out you are not so different from each other. “And then I-.” He was telling you how he entered Youngbin’s group with more details when your phone started to ring, cutting him off. “Oh sorry, it’s Youngkyun I have to answer.” You said, excusing yourself and taking Hwiyoung’s call. “Where the hell are you? It’s getting late.” Hwiyoung said with a mad tone. “Calm down, I’m almost there.” You said, rolling your eyes. “You better be here in 10 minutes.” Hwiyoung said before hanging up. “He might not be a bad guy but he definitely is the toxic psycho boyfriend everyone thinks he is.” Chani said, letting out a small laugh. “Toxic psycho boyfriend?” You asked confused, not really knowing what he meant. “Yeah, everyone pictured him like that after the deal he made with Rowoon.” Chani said, leaning back on his chair. Right… The deal...


    “She’s just hateful but I gotta do whatever it takes to get that little ring of hers.” Rowoon said, sipping on his cup. “What if I pay you a good amount of money? You let her come with me and I get the ring. It’s a good deal isn’t it?” Hwiyoung said, sipping on his cup as well. His hands were sweating and his heart race was in 1000 but he knew he had to behave if he wanted his mission to be a success. Now, after years of asking his dad to let him be part of the undercover crew, he could mess things up on his first mission. “It sounds tempting… But tell me, why do you want her so bad? She’s just an exchange currency with a good butt.” Rowoon said laughing, looking at Hwiyoung with curious eyes. “I’ve liked her for quite long now. Just want to have her as the girlfriend she will never accept to be.” Hwiyoung lied, giving the tall boy the most devilish smile he could make. Right now, all he could do was pray for that asshole to believe his words and let him take you with him as soon as possible so he could finally become part of the undercover crew. “I gotta admit you have good taste in girls.” Rowoon said, finishing his cup. “Let me think about it.” He added, making Hwiyoung breath normally finally.


    “I should get going before he gets mad… Do you come to this cafe often?” You asked, shrugging off the fact of Chani calling Hwiyoung your toxic boyfriend. “I will from now on if you do.” He said, leaning on the table to get closer to you. “If that idiot is also a nightmare to you, let me know. Youngbin will accept you without hesitating and we won’t treat you like a piece of meat.” Chani said on his last attempt of convincing you to go with him. But once again you refused it. After all, you knew things about Hwiyoung that nobody else knew. But still, you agreed to meet with Chani more often in that cafe.

    “I’ve tried but she seems to be really happy with that Youngkyun.” Chani said to Youngbin through the phone once you left the cafe. “Next time try it harder. We have to convince her if we want to get the ring.” Youngbin said, slightly annoyed. “Just trust me, I’ll get the ring. But remember our deal, I give you the ring and you let her live in peace. She has nothing to do with this.” Chani said, trying his best to protect you. “Tsk, are you falling in love or something?” Youngbin mocked the younger boy through the phone. “I’m not… I just don’t want her to go through what I had. She doesn’t have to pay for the other’s life decisions like I did.” Chani admitted as he left the cafe as well. “You’re still on time to give us your brother’s address.” Youngbin said, a devilish and silent smile creeping on his lips. “Not even in dreams.” Chani answered before hanging up the phone and lighting a cigarette for the car ride.

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    D: !1!! 🦷 。* kim youngkyun 〜 low quality icons

    ??# like or reblog if you use . . thanks! ‹3

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    This Was Meant to Be ~ *Kang Yeosang ft. Kim Youngkyen*

    Collage by me

    Summary: You’re finally getting married to the love of your life: Yeosang. Your brother is more than happy for you. However, he may or may not have planned a surprise or two for the wedding…

    Pairing: Kang Yeosang X Reader

    Genre: Fluffy Oneshot

    Word Count: 1226

    Warning: Mentions a sword fight and one person pretends to be hurt

    Taglist: @esmeraysoath​ @soulangel​ @weuschoiceheart​ @starlit-serenade​ @rai-scutum​

    A/N: Idk what I did but I had fun with it, so I hope you all like it!

    You hoped it wasn’t too much. I mean you’ve been planning this day ever since you were a little girl. You wanted it to be perfect, but you also didn’t want to go overboard. At least your fiance and brother helped keep you reeled in. Plus, they made sure you didn’t become a raging bridezilla. If anything, it only proved that he was the one for you.

    Staring at yourself in the mirror, you could only feel butterflies of excitement swarming in your stomach. You thought you’d be nervous, but after you had a peek at the venue and reception hall, you knew everything was going to be perfect. You were ready to marry Yeosang, your best friend and love of your life.

    “Well, well, well. Aren’t you a vision of beauty?” A teasing voice called out.

    You couldn’t help but laugh before turning around to face your brother. “It’s not too much, right?”

    Youngkyen shook his head. “Not at all. It’s very you.”

    “I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not.” You laughed again. “How’s Yeosang?”

    “Excited.” Youngkyen assured you. “Although I’m not going to lie and say he didn’t tell me to come over for recon.”

    “Oh?” One of your eyebrows perked up. “What would he need reconnaissance for? Is he afraid I’m going to be a runaway bride?”

    Your brother blanched. “I hope you’re not. Do you have any idea how much money we put into this wedding? Mom will cry and dad will have an aneurysm.”

    “I’m not going to run away.” You assured him. “If anything, I’m so excited to finally marry Yeosang! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life!”

    He smiled before placing a comforting hand on your arm. “Good, I’m glad to hear that. But the real reason he wanted me to come over was to make sure you were okay. He’s as excited as you are and he wants to make sure everything is perfect for you.”

    You nodded vigorously. “Seriously, Youngkyen, today is like a dream come true! I can’t wait to finally make it a reality!”

    With a soft chuckle, he pressed a gentle kiss to your cheek. “I’ll be sure to tell him. I’ll see you at the altar in five minutes.”

    “See you in five minutes.” You nodded.

    As your brother left, your parents entered the room. Your mother started to tear up and you gave them both hugs. They asked if you were ready for this day and you told them how excited you were. Your father assured you that Yeosang was quite the catch and your mother asked for grandkids. You simply laughed at their antics, the butterflies only growing in anticipation.

    When it was time to go, you linked arms with your father and your mother slipped into the audience to watch. You caught a quick glance at Yeosang at the altar. You couldn’t keep the bright smile from spreading across your face. Youngkyen winked at you before going down the aisle with your maid of honor.

    “You ready?” Your father whispered.

    Nodding, you took a deep breath and said, “Let’s do this.”

    The march started and you found yourself walking down the aisle to Yeosang. His eyes were bright with tears and an ever brighter smile was plastered on his face. You could feel tears well in your eyes as well but you willed them away. You were not going to spoil this beautiful moment with tears.

    Arriving at the altar, your father kissed your cheek before allowing you to join hands with Yeosang. Smiling at him, you whispered, “I can’t believe this is really happening!”

    “It’s real, my love, and I’m just as excited as you are.” He murmured back before the justice of the peace could get started.

    You were lost in your own cloud of love and admiration until the officiant asked, “If anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

    “Yeah I have something to say.” Your brother called out.

    Dread clutched at your heart with an icy grip as you turned to look at him, fear clear in your eyes. “Youngkyen, don’t-”

    “No, I have to ask. Yeosang, what are your intentions with my sister?” He asked, almost challenging. “Do you plan on making her happy for the rest of her life or are you just using her?”

    Yeosang met his fiery temper with cool indifference. “I plan on doing whatever it takes to make her life as perfect as today is supposed to be. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re getting married.”

    “HA!” Youngkyen laughed. “I don’t believe you. I challenge you to a duel for the protection of my baby sister!”

    There were so many things you wanted to say about what was going on. Like how Youngkyen was being crazy and how you were only a year younger than him and that Yeosang was right about the two of you getting married. However Yeosang revealed a sword in a hidden scabbard and directed it at your brother. Your jaw dropped as one of your cousins handed Youngkyen a sword of his own. Before you knew it, the two of them were fighting over you in the middle of your wedding! The only thing that seemed to stick in the whirlwind of your mind was they were afraid you might go bridezilla when they are fighting like children.

    Eventually your senses came to you and you called out. “Enough! Guys, seriously! Stop fighting!”

    However, Yeosang tapped your brother on the shoulder and he pretended to go down like he was mortally wounded. “I’ve been defeated. Yeosang, you truly are the man for my sister. Now, let us proceed with the wedding.”

    And just like that, he took his place as best man and Yeosang took hold of your hands again. It was as if none of that ever happened. The justice of the peace was speaking and no one was questioning what just happened. So you decided to pause the wedding to ask.

    “What was that?” You demanded from your fiance. “What was with all the swords and the fighting and everything that happened two minutes ago?”

    He gave a sheepish laugh before beginning, “It was your brother’s idea. He wanted to make this a wedding you’d never forget. So we practiced fencing before the wedding and had the whole thing choreographed before today. I wanted to tell you but Youngkyen said he wanted it to be a surprise. Please don’t be mad at us.”

    “I’m not mad.” You assured him with a sigh. “Just very confused and bewildered.”

    “Do you still want to get married?” He asked quietly.

    You looked at him like he was crazy. “Of course I still want to get married! What kind of question is that? Sir, please proceed with the wedding!”

    And the wedding went on without a hitch. You cried at Yeosang’s vows and he cried at yours. The kiss was tantalizingly sweet with a secret promise of more to come. Your mother was sobbing by the time the ceremony was over and your father looked so proud. All and all, it was a perfect day, sword fights and all.

    However, Youngkyen did try to convince the two of you to smash cake in each other’s faces (which neither of you did).

    #kdiarynet#Ateez#Ateez Fanfiction#Ateez Oneshot#SF9#SF9 Fanfiction#SF9 Oneshot#KPop#KPop Fanfiction#KPop Oneshot#Kang Yeosang #Kang Yeosang X Reader #Kang Yeosang Fanfiction #Kang Yeosang Oneshot #Kang Yeosang Fluff #Yeosang #Yeosang X Reader #Kim Youngkyen#Hwiyoung #Kim Youngkyen Fanfiction #Kim Youngkyen Oneshot #Kim Youngkyen Fluff #Brother#Brother Series#Oneshot#Fluff
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    MY TOP 20 SF9 SONGS:

    1. Like The Hands Held Tight

    2. O Sole Mio

    3. Summer Breeze

    4. RPM

    5. Now Or Never

    6. Dreamer

    7. OK Sign

    8. Mamma Mia!

    9. Good Guy

    10. K.O

    11. Roar

    12. Watch Out

    13. Shadow

    14. Let's Hang Out

    15. Enough

    16. Life Is So Beautiful

    17. Echo

    18. Liar

    19. Fall In Love

    20. Believer

    Honourable Mentions:

    The Beat Goes On / Shut Up n' Lemme Go / Midnight Road / Unlimited / Never Say Goodbye / Tear Drop / Go Back In Time / Shh / Fanfare / Fire

    Let me know what your favourite SF9 songs are and what you think of this list 😁

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              𖥻39 ᴘsᴅ — ɴɪɴᴇ sᴛᴀʀs ༊*·˚


    𑁍 ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ᴍᴇ

    𑁍 ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴏʀ ʀᴇʙʟᴏɢ ᴛʜɪs ᴘᴏsᴛ

    𑁍 sᴇɴᴅ ɪɴ ᴀsᴋ ᴏʀ ᴄʜᴀᴛ ﹐ ··ɴɪɴᴇ sᴛᴀʀs ᴘsᴅ ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ﹐ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs··

    𑁍 ᴛᴀɢ ᴍᴇ ɪɴ ᴜʀ ᴘᴏsᴛ ᴀɴᴅ ɪ ᴡɪʟʟ sᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ ᴜ ‹3

        🕰 ᴅᴏɴ·ᴛ ʀᴇᴘᴏsᴛ ᴏʀ ʀᴇᴘᴀss ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪɴᴋ 🍫

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    Hwiyoung - Materlist

    — Boyfriend Material


    — Simple

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    Wishing Dawon & Hwiyoung a quick and easy recovery❤️❤️❤️

    #hopefully they don’t experience any troubling or painful symptoms #and that they get better soon #as well as the staff member who was sick #❤️❤️❤️#SF9#dawon#SF9 dawon#hwiyoung#SF9 hwiyoung#lee sanghyuk#kim youngkyun#kpop
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    SF9's Hwiyoung & Dawon test positive for COVID-19

    On October 14, FNC Entertainment released an update on the SF9 members who recently underwent COVID-19 testing, after coming in close contact with a staff member who tested positive this week. 

    The agency revealed,

    "Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.
    SF9 members Dawon and Hwiyoung, who came in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual, have received positive test results for COVID-19, after being administered the PCR test yesterday.
    The other SF9 members, including Chani, all underwent preemptive PCR testing and have received negative results.
    Currently, Dawon and Hwiyoung are under quarantine and taking all necessary measures as directed by the Central Disease Control Headquarters.
    The remaining SF9 members are now waiting for the Headquarters to identify whether or not they will be labeled as having had primary contact with COVID-19 positive individuals; if the members are required to quarantine, we plan to follow all guidelines accordingly, providing the members ample time to rest.
    We promise to put the health and safety of our artists at the forefront of our priorities, and follow all directions provided by the Central Disease Control Headquarters thoroughly. We apologize for causing concerns to fans, and we will do our best so that our artists can recover as soon as possible."

    Meanwhile, FNC Entertainment also stated on this day that all four members of N.Flying, who also came into close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual this week, have tested negative.

    Credit: Allkpop 

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    [12102021] FANCAFE💌

    Hwiyoung 🔝

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    While I'm at it

    Fantasy pls!!! Find me I'm really going through it with sf9 since kingdom, and I need to scream my heart is full of love

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    yoo taeyang x kim youngkyung x fem!reader

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual activities, threesome(s), curse words, double pen

    kinktober day 10 prompt: double penetration

    “Shit,” Youngkyun hisses when he feels your walls trying to keep him inside you for as long as you could. “Love, we barely started and you’re already so greedy.”

    Youngkyun’s coarse laugh fills the air between your moans. Your hands rest on his chest, head thrown to the side when the second pair of hands snake around your waist. You feel his lips on your exposed skin, small bites marking your neck.

    “You always have so much fun without me,” Taeyang clicks his tongue.

    A smile breaks on your lips, feelings his fingers roam your body. He and Youngkyun met in the middle, Taeyang’s palms resting on top of the younger’s as he guides your moves on his best friend’s cock.

    You turn your head matching his dark gaze, almost hurrying him to join, mark you as his, just like Youngkyun was doing.

    “Are you sure you can handle both of us at the same time, baby?”

    You hum in response, lowering yourself against Youngkyun’s body. He embraces you gently, swallowing your moans when Taeyang enters you from behind; inch by inch, both of your lovers filling you up, making you get as high as the sky with each thrust.

    You hiss when one particular thrust hits harsher than the others, Taeyang’s arm creeping around your neck gently as he pulled you against his chest.

    “Look at our pretty girl,” he sings, kissing your jaw.

    Youngkyun’s hips buck up to meet yours, the pleasure making you dizzy. He grabs your waist, keeping you in place, cock still buried deep inside you moving in the same steady rhythm as Taeyang.

    “Is it too much already, baby?” Youngkyun asks when your eyes meet and he notices your teary eyes, “doesn’t it feel good? You’re the one who wanted both of us fucking you at the same time. “

    One of his hands reaches to massage your boobs, twisting the nipples between two digits. Taeyang’s palm caresses your tear-stained cheek, swollen lips capturing yours in another kiss. It was messy and sloppy, with your teeth clashing and you sucking on his bottom lip.

    Youngkyun sits up, turning your face towards him. He kisses your lips, fingers intertwining while Taeyang’s palm covered yours from behind.

    “We’ll take good care of you, baby. Don’t we always?”

    #sf9 smut #sf9 x reader #hwiyoung smut #yoo taeyang smut #sf9 kinktober
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    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content

    Word count: 2550 words

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive content

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you've been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency like everyone else did?

    A/N: Just one word: OOPS 🤭😳 Hope you enjoy it!! ❤❤

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    “You woke up.” Hwiyoung says, getting his leather jacket from the kitchen chair to wear before leaving the house once again. It has been a few weeks since he offered you that gun. And it has been a few weeks since you moved in with him. Both of you treated each other like roommates, even sharing some stories or jokes when you met each other through the small hall that led to the bedroom. But you still had no idea what his real identity was. “Where are you going?” You quietly said as you took your usual seat on the kitchen counter, ready to have breakfast. “Work.” He said with his usual serious tone. It was the first time in your life it was so hard for you to read someone’s personality and, to be honest, it frustrated you so much. “When are you going to tell me who you are? I’m starting to think I shouldn’t trust you that much.” You said, mirroring his serious tone as you played with the little spoon you used a few seconds ago to mix your coffee with the milk. “That’s none of your business for now.” He said, turning around to face you. His expression was blank, too afraid of making any gesture that could give you any hint of his real job. Could he even call it a job? After all, he was just helping out his dad at the commissariat. More of a job it was like a hobby. But still, he couldn’t risk your and his life by letting you know who he was, at least not until you accepted his gun. “Okay, next question. When will you let me get out of here?” You asked, gluing your gaze to the coffee in front of you. “Is this going to be your morning routine from now on?” He said, a small and playful giggle escaping his lips. “What do you mean?” You said, lifting your gaze from the coffee to meet his. “You’ve been asking me those questions for a week now every single day.” He said, getting closer to the counter and leaning in, his face inches from yours. “I’ll let you go out when you can defend yourself alone.” He whispered, acting like he was telling you his biggest secret. You just let out a small ‘tsk’ and looked away, leaning back on the chair. Maybe it was that you were getting shy because of his comment or because of how close he was but you tried your best to look away and maintain your face away from his. “Lock the door after I leave, I’ll be back before dinner.” He said with a smirk as he backed off and turned around to leave the house. “Why are you like this?” You said, stopping him from leaving once again. “Out there, there are too many people that want you dead. If you don’t protect yourself, I will.” He said, not even turning around to face you. You didn’t need to see his face though, his voice was filled up with determination. ‘What’s wrong with this kid?’ You thought to yourself as you rolled your eyes when he closed the front door after leaving.

    You finished your coffee while watching some random reality show that was being aired on the TV when you decided it was a good moment to take a shower and distract yourself a little, otherwise it would be another endless day. The shower felt so refreshing, like an energy boost. What a pity you had to waste all that energy indoors.

    You walked into the small bedroom you have been sharing with Hwiyoung for the last week, drying your hair as you hummed to a random song. It has been quite a long time since you took a shower and started to hum random melodies while you dried your hair. It has been a long time since you felt safe in a place. But soon, the peace faded away when those words clouded your mind once again when Hwiyoung's photos came into your sight. “Who are you Kim Hwiyoung?” You said, narrowing your eyes as you admire the same photos you have been seeing in the last week, trying your best to find a new detail that gave you a new hint. “Kim Minkyung…” You finally read the name of the man wearing a police uniform in his graduation photo. Unfortunately the doorbell knocked you out of your thoughts. ‘I’ll be back and find out who you are, Kim Hwiyoung.’ You thought to yourself as you walked towards the door. ‘Should I open? Hwiyoung has never said anything about what I should do if someone rings the doorbell.’ You suddenly thought, stopping your small steps halfway. ‘But what if it is something important?’ You added, debating if you should open or not. ‘Nah, if it was something important Hwiyoung would have let me know what to do.’ You concluded, nodding your head. ‘But I’m an adult who can do whatever I want no, am I not?’ You asked yourself, making you feel confused about your decision once again. “Hey! Youngkyun-ah I know you’re home, it’s too early for you to go to the office!” A male voice said on the other side of the door, making you feel curious about who he was and what he meant by ‘office’. ‘Taking a look through the peephole is nothing bad, right?’ You said to yourself as you slowly walked towards the door, trying not to make noise. As soon as your eye got close to the peephole, you met with a young boy wearing a police uniform waiting for someone to open the door. You let out a loud gasp and immediately covered your mouth in surprise. Was Hwiyoung part of the police crew? For real? ‘Nah, he’s just a friend of his, Hwiyoung is not a policeman.’ You said, trying to convince yourself of that statement you just created. “Are you going to open or do I have to get in by myself?? Come on, your dad will get mad at us if we’re not in the office on time!” The male voice said, ringing the doorbell a few more times. “We have your favorite cases today! Come on!!” He added, ringing a few more times.

    “Who are you?” You said, opening the door wide. “I should be the one asking that miss.” The boy said, getting his hands on his pockets and scanning your figure from head to toes. “Hwiyoung isn't at home.” You said, scanning the boy from head to toes as well. Were you getting in trouble for talking with him without Hwiyoung’s permission? Probably yes, but that’s one of the consequences of leaving you alone with no information. “Who are you?” The boy asked once again, narrowing his eyes in an attempt to recognize you as part of Hwiyoung’s friends group but it was impossible. “I asked first.” You quickly said with a defensive tone. “Fine, you’re right. I’m Jungsu, Hwiyoung’s best friend. Your turn.” He said, crossing his arms on his chest. “I’m… Yoonah… Yeah, that’s my name.” You said, trying your best to sound confident on your false name but completely failing it. How convenient he was slightly dumb and believed all your words. “Are you his girlfriend?” Jungsu asked out of the blue. “What????? No!!! Of course not!” You said, getting slightly shy. It was hard not believing you were his girlfriend. You opened the front door of his house in the early morning and you were wearing his t-shirt. Who on earth would not believe you two were something more than friends. “I’m just a friend.” You said, looking away shyly. “Weird, he never mentioned a Yoonah before.” Jungsu said, scratching his head, trying to remember if that fake name ever came out of Hwiyoung’s lips. “Anyways, I should get going. Tell him I came when he comes back.” Jungsu said before leaving.

    The day went by like any other, the only difference was that now there was a new unanswered question in your little investigation. Though every single hint pointed out that he was part of the police force, your brain couldn’t actually process the information. Why would he want to hide that he was a police officer? It wasn’t that bad, was it?

    “I’m home!” You heard his voice as he appeared in the frame. You jumped on the couch, not expecting him to come back home that early. “Did I startle you?” He said, a soft giggle escaping his lips as he removed his leather jacket and left it on the same kitchen chair it was earlier in the morning. “I didn’t expect you to come this early.” You said, throwing yourself back into the couch. You didn’t know if it was a good idea asking him about that Jungsu, about Kim Minkyung or why Jungsu at first called him Youngkyun just like Rowoon did when they met or if it was better to just let it go but as seconds went by and he told you about his day without giving you many details, your curiosity grew more and more to the point that you weren’t able to contain yourself anymore. “You know there’s this saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’?” You suddenly said, leaning on the back of the couch, facing him as he prepared a coffee. “All of a sudden?” He said laughing, not really seeing it coming. “It’s not all of a sudden! I have a reason…” You said, not really knowing how to say it without sounding too direct. “Well, what is it then?” He said, taking the cup of coffee and walking towards the couch. “Let’s say I’m the cat and I have some questions that are killing me.” You started, looking at him with scared eyes, trying your best to read his blank expression. “Today someone came… And I opened the door because he was being so annoying and I thought it could be something important…” You said, completely avoiding his gaze. “You did what??” He said, choking on his coffee. “That’s not the best part. When I opened the door, a boy wearing a police uniform was standing there asking for you to go to the office with your dad…” You continued. He was laying back on the couch, covering his eyes in disbelief. “And also… I saw a picture in the bedroom and a man was wearing a police uniform as well… His name was Kim Minkyung.” You continued, becoming more and more small as you kept talking, seeing how his ears turned into a reddish tone, probably out of anger. “What else do you know? Did that bastard say something else??” Hwiyoung said, turning to face you. You decided to skip the Youngkyun question and you just gestured a small no with your head, too scared of his reaction. “Don’t ever open the door if I’m not here.” He said, piercing your soul with your eyes. “Not until you accept this gun.” He said, placing the gun on the tea table once again. “Please.” He quietly added. “I’ll accept it if you tell me what the hell is going on and who the hell are you.” You said, piercing him with your eyes as well. It was a fair deal after all, he gave you what you wanted and you would give him what he wanted, everyone happy. “Fine, let’s go.” He said, leaving the cup of coffee on the tea table and getting up. “Where are we going?” You said surprised. “I’ll teach you how to use it and you’ll know who I am.” He said, offering you his hand to help you get up. And you, for the first time in so much time, gladly accept it.

    “What is this?” You were mesmerized as you entered a room with a huge glass. “Shooting range.” He said, his characteristic serious tone appearing once again as he took a bulletproof vest and helped you wear it. “I’ll explain to you who I am once we’re done.” He said, adjusting the vest. “I won’t do anything until you tell me who you are.” You said, stopping him from doing anything else. A tired sigh left his lips as he tried to shrug it off once again, just like he has been doing ever since you met him but once he noticed he was trapped on a dead end with you, all he could do was blurt out his real identity. “My dad is Kim Minkyung… He is the chief inspector. I’m actually nobody but I’m trying my best to be part of the undercover unity. Saving you is my way of proving I’m capable enough of being there. Now, wear this if you don’t want your ears to start bleeding.” He finally said, grabbing a pair of huge headphones and placing them on your ears, making sure you were safe enough.

    You were speechless. Now, finally, all the puzzle pieces started to fit each other and finally you felt safe in his arms with a coherent reason and not because he looked friendly. Now you finally had a good reason to feel safe and now you knew that as long as you were with him you would always be safe.

    Just like he said, he started to teach you how to use that weapon you always refused to use. The same weapon that killed your dad a few months ago and the same weapon that killed your mom ages ago. You were finally learning how to use it to defend yourself from those who tried to do the same with you. Plenty of times you’ve thought of meeting your mom and dad on the other side. Plenty of times you have promised you would never grab one of those in your hands. But now, thanks to Hwiyoung, you want to live, you want to grab one of those in your hands to defend yourself and live not only for you but for your mom and dad as well. Now a new promise has been made between you and them. Living a happy life until death god wants to take you away.

    “Wait, if you hold it like that you’ll hurt yourself.” Hwiyoung’s soft voice knocked you out of your thoughts. “Let me help you.” He said, getting closer to your static figure. His strong arms, for the first time, were wrapped around your body, placing it in the correct position so you couldn’t hurt yourself. For the first time in forever you felt safe in someone’s arms. “Stay like this… Point and… Shoot!” He said, never letting go of your hands, his strong arms still holding your body tightly. Suddenly, your heart rate went higher, your cheeks started to burn and you could see his ears getting red when you turned your face to lock your eyes with his. Suddenly, everything went completely quiet and peaceful. Just you two looking into each other's eyes, dangerously close to each other. “Let’s not fall in love.” He suddenly said, breaking the atmosphere. “W-what?” You struggled to say, words getting trapped in your throat. “Don’t fall in love with me. That can never turn out right.” He said, releasing his embrace around you and removing the headphones and bulletproof vest before leaving you alone, confused and with a hundred new questions clouding your mind.

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    12:51 pm ~ *Kim Youngkyen*

    Summary: You decided to bring lunch to your boyfriend and the rest of SF9. Little did you know, he had something up his sleeve…

    Pairing: Kim Youngkyen X Reader

    Genre: Fluffy Drabble

    Word Count: 453

    Warning: Cringey but in a cute way

    A/N: @esmeraysoath​​ @soulangel​ @rai-scutum​ @weuschoiceheart​

    It all started when you brought lunch for the boys.

    The others knew that you and Hwiyoung had been dating for a while but they didn’t realize how serious the two of you were. Which was understandable because you both have never told the boys that the two of you were childhood friends. You two didn’t feel it necessary to bring up the past. All they needed to know was that the two of you have been dating for close to three years and that you were more than happy to bring food for them whenever they wanted it.

    After handing out their lunches, you sat back and ate your own, scrolling through your phone mindlessly. The others were talking amongst each other and laughing at inside jokes you didn’t care enough to learn. All in all, it was moments like this that you felt the most comfortable and the most at home.

    However, your sense of inner peace dissipated when Hwiyoung lowered your phone. You gave him a confused look as he bit his lip sheepishly, looking at you from behind his bangs. You were about to ask what was going on when he started to speak.

    “Y/n, you and I have known each other for a long time and we’ve been dating for a while now.” He started. “And when I’m with you, I feel like the brightest, handsomest, best man on Earth. Not only that, but I know that I love you more than anything else in this world and the next. So I just wanted to ask you…”

    He trailed off, leaving the members to start fidgeting and freaking out quietly. You tried to hide a chuckle at their antics and Hwiyoung’s sincerity. What on Earth was he planning?

    “Will you marry me?”

    Hwiyoung held up an onion ring with a cheesy smile plastered on his face.

    Everyone in that room lost it. You were pretty sure people in Australia could hear all of you screaming and laughing and carrying on. Rowoon and Jaeyoon was rolling on the floor and Taeyang was shaking Chani’s shoulders as Inseong was running around the studio like a chicken without its head. Dawon was jumping up and down with Youngbin and Zuho, “crying” like there was no tomorrow. Even Hwiyoung had to wipe a stray tear or two as he laughed hysterically. All you could do was clutch your sides as it began to hurt from laughing so hard for so long.

    When you finally managed to catch your breath, you nodded and accepted the onion ring. “Sure, Wondae. I’ll accept your snacks from now on.”

    Taeyang then piped up, raising his drink. “To the happy couple! Cheers to the fried and groom!”

    And everyone busted out laughing all over again. Yes, this was home. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

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