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    "I forgot how freedom feels like."

    name ― Aretha Anthia Morian

    species ― Olympian Goddess

    titles(s) ― Protector of Fantasia Forest

    personality ― Charismatic, Kind, Virtuous


    "Someone has to lead my other brothers since our parents have turned into stones."

    name ― Kim Youngbin

    species ― Magician / Sorcerer

    titles(s) ― Prince Youngbin

    personality ― Straightforward, Supportive, Wise


    "Be right back, gonna read some books to tease my other brothers!"

    name ― Kim Inseong

    species ― Magician / Sorcerer

    titles(s) ― Prince Inseong

    personality ― Awkward, Funny, Shy


    "Hwiyoung just paralyzed the princess and I don't even know what to say or do or even help him..."

    name ― Lee Jaeyoon

    species ― Magician / Sorcerer

    titles(s) ― Prince Jaeyoon

    personality ― Caring, Compassionate, Sassy


    ".....Wow.. Princess Aera is really pretty... Just like Princess Anthia.."

    name ― Lee Sanghyuk, Dawon

    species ― Magician / Sorcerer

    titles(s) ― Prince Dawon

    personality ― Cheerful, Humourous, Loud


    "I may look like I am unbothered but most of all the time, I have a lot in my mind."

    name ― Baek Juho, Zuho

    species ― Magician / Sorcerer

    titles(s) ― Prince Zuho

    personality ― Caring, Lovable, Tsundere


    "I'm lucky I have my other brothers with me."

    name ― Kim Seokwoo, Rowoon

    species ― Magician / Sorcerer

    titles(s) ― Crowned Prince Rowoon

    personality ― Cheerful, Kind, Talkative


    "Princess Aera looks like Princess Aurelia.. Well that's a given since they are siblings."

    name ― Yoo Taeyang

    species ― Magician / Sorcerer

    titles(s) ― Prince Taeyang

    personality ― Calm, Flirty, Quiet


    "God I feel so bad...but again I was doing it in defense!"

    name ― Kim Youngkyun, Hwiyoung

    species ― Magician / Sorcerer

    titles(s) ― Prince Hwiyoung

    personality ― Emotional, Sensitive, Shy


    "I didn't want to be obvious but, I think I fell for Princess Aera."

    name ― Kang Chanhee, Chani

    species ― Magician / Sorcerer

    titles(s) ― Prince Chani

    personality ― Calm, Mature, Slow


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    19.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Fantasia, The Enchanted Island

    Princess Aretha Anthia

    The 9 Magician's Palace

    The 9 Magicians

    In which the Golden Age has ended,

    And a new age has born,

    The Red Queen’s hunt,

    A sequel to the Dark Age.

    Kingdom of Aerina (mood board)

    Kingdom of Morian (mood board)

    Kingdom of Neo (mood board)

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    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Word count: 1630 words

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content, mentions of blood, mentions of violence, mentions of fight, brief mentions of death threat

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive content

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you've been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency like everyone else did?

    A/N: You guys have been waiting for this 👀 Hope you enjoy it!! ❤❤

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @grungiejaems @io-is-lame @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie @mayfifolle (ask me to be added!)

    Unable to tag -> @i-sa-bella @user127dream

    Previous chapter - - - Masterist - - - Next chapter

    The soft sunlight was finally peeking through the expensive curtains of the little room you have been sharing with Rowoon ever since you arrived. You have been awake for quite long now, but your eyelids felt way too heavy to open and your body felt too numb to get out of the bed and start another day in hell. But unfortunately, you knew you had to get out of bed at some point of the day, not wanting Rowoon to come into the room and wake you up by himself. You had enough last night to deal with him once again as soon as you opened your eyes.

    After a few more minutes of debating with yourself the pros and cons about getting out of bed and out of the room, you slowly opened your eyes, and once they were adjusted to the dim light that was coming into the room through the huge window, you sat up still processing all the information of the morning spurs. You could hear a few birds chirping on the back yard of the house, a few soft cracking sounds coming from the trees because of the soft summer breeze softly moving the leaves and branches, Rowoon and Jaeyoon’s voice rumbled all over the house but you were too tired to actually pay attention to what they were saying. Little by little, your eyes started to land on the small mirror placed next to the bed, the same mirror you used last night to get ready for that party and the same mirror you used to remove the tears that streamed down your cheeks last night as well. You were scared of seeing your reflection in it, not wanting to see your red and puffy eyes and the red mark Rowoon had probably left on your left cheek.


    “You haven’t shut your mouth the entire night with those men and now you don’t speak to me?” Rowoon said, a slight tint of anger reflected on his voice. You knew you had gotten on his nerves with your actions tonight. You knew he hated so damn much that you spent the entire time with Youngbin and his boys. But, who was he to get mad at you for that? He was acting like one of those jealous boyfriends that have seen their girlfriend chatting with other boys. The only difference was that he was absolutely no one for you. “Quit it. I just chatted with them because you were busy talking with others.” You dared to answer. Little by little, the bratty side you knew he hated so much started to come out as he started to nag about the whole situation. You have tolerated enough until now but you were not going to deal with him treating you like you were his little toy and only his when he was nothing but the one responsible for your father’s death. “You’re nothing to me! Why are you acting like this?” You shouted. Those words were the only thing he needed to explode into anger. “Keep your manners sweetheart. I’m a lot for you. Do I have to remind t¡you that thanks to me your little heart is still pumping blood? Be careful with what you say.” Rowoon said, grabbing your hair to pull you close to him and to make you look at him right into his eyes, trying to make you feel intimidated. “I’d rather be dead than here with you for the rest of my life.” You said, spitting on his expensive suit right after. If he hasn’t had enough with your bratty comments to burst into rage, your little action of spitting on his perfect clothes was the last thing he needed. Suddenly you felt his hand slapping your left cheek. You didn’t see it coming, everything happened so fast that you were left there speechless, with nothing else to say and holding back the tears full of frustration. “Say it again and I won’t hesitate to tell Jaeyoon to shoot your head the same way he did with your daddy.” Rowoon said before walking away, leaving you alone in the room.


    You could feel a few tears dropping into your hands at the thought of what happened yesterday. ‘What am I supposed to do now?’ You quietly asked, hoping your mom or dad had the perfect answer to solve all your problems but obviously you couldn’t get any divine answer. Your hand moved to softly caress your left cheek that still felt numb because of the slap you received last night. ‘I swear I’ll kill that asshole as soon as I find a way out of this place.’ You promised, full of determination before going out of the room.

    You slowly walk into the living room where Rowoon was. You heard Jaeyoon going out of the house a few minutes ago, making you tremble a little bit at the thought of what Rowoon was capable of doing today after what happened last night. But to your surprise, he didn’t speak to you, he didn’t even look at you. Not like you were going to complain though. You walked into the kitchen, acting like you were about to eat breakfast even though you had lost all your appetite. But the noise of the doorbell made you stop your motions, asking yourself who would come to visit Rowoon today. You expected him to not open the door like he always did when he wasn’t waiting for visits but to your surprise, he opened the door to reveal a boy you couldn't recognize.

    He was a bit shorter than Rowoon, his curly and long hair was lazily falling right above his dark eyes giving him an interesting look. His leather black jacket reminded you of those American movies of bad boys which made you think he was part of Rowoon’s crew. “Come in, make yourself at home.” Rowoon said with a smile plastered on his face. You thought the boy was part of his crew but the smile he gave to the boy was the same false smile he gave to Youngbin and his friends last night. Then, if the boy wasn’t part of Rowoon’s crew and he wasn’t part of Youngbin’s group either because you didn’t know him, who was he? “She’s in the kitchen, I’m really happy you offered to take her with you and that we could come to a coherent deal.” Rowoon said as they both walked towards the couch. What the hell was he talking about? Did he really sell you like a toy?

    “Oh, (Y/N), you’re finally here. Come over here, I want to introduce you to someone.” Rowoon said when you finally walked into the living room. “This is Youngkyun, he’ll take care of you from now on.” Rowoon added, finally revealing the identity of the boy. You looked at the boy with the word 'confusion' written all over your face. Rowoon slapped you last night for chatting with others and now he’s selling you? Did any of this situation make sense to anybody? You couldn’t understand anything and, at first, you really thought he was playing a prank on you or something like that but the moment he told you to pack up your things and go with the boy named Youngkyun you knew he wasn’t kidding at all.

    You did as he demanded and went to the room to pack all the stuff you could get before you went to that house. You were happy but scared at the same time. Happy for finally leaving that hell but scared of that boy being worse than Rowoon. You couldn’t tell if you were actually leaving hell or moving the location of your doom but, what could you do about it? Right now, the only thing you could do was believing that boy was actually someone good and that you were actually escaping hell. Maybe it was the desperation of running away or the sincere smile the boy had when he entered the house but you started to think that boy was the answer your mom or dad sent to save you.

    “Keep me informed and remember, the ring is the priority. Once you give me the ring, I’ll pay you what we agreed.” You heard Rowoon saying to the boy right before you entered the living room with your bag, ready to leave the house. “You have what you wanted sweetheart, I’m not that bad after all.” Rowoon said when his eyes landed on you, a proud smile spreading on his lips. You just nodded and walked out of the house. After hearing those words he was telling Youngkyun, you couldn’t believe him at all.

    You got in the car after placing your bag on the trunk while Youngkyun walked towards the car to start the journey of your new life with him. “Here, you’ll need this from now on.” Youngkyun said, handing you a new phone. You were a bit hesitant about taking it, not understanding a single thing he was doing or saying. “Look, I know what you’ve gone through. I just want to help you.” He said, sincere gleaming in his dark eyes. You slowly took the phone from his hand, unable to remove your eyes from his. “Who are you?” You quietly said, like if someone was hearing you. “I see Rowoon was right when he said you can read people pretty well.” He said, letting out a soft giggle. “I’m Hwiyoung, that’s all I can say for now. But I promise I won’t hurt you, I just want to help you out.” He added, giving you a soft smile and starting the engine of the car to drive off to your new life.

    #kdiarynet#kpop#kpop smut#kpop fluff#kpop imagine #kpop mafia au #sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 imagine#sf9 smut#sf9 fluff #sf9 mafia au #sf9 hwiyoung #sf9 hwiyoung x reader #sf9 hwiyoung smut #sf9 hwiyoung fluff #sf9 hwiyoung imagine #hwiyoung #hwiyoung x reader #hwiyoung fluff#hwiyoung smut#kim hwiyoung#kim youngkyun #kim youngkyun x reader #kim youngkyun fluff #kim youngkyun smut #sf9 youngkyun
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    Crop Top - Kim Youngbin

    A/N: Youngbin decided to ruin my lazy day, I’m here to ruin everyone else’s day further, I only added the blowjob, I have other plans for the other one, so please… indulge, enjoy, have fun.

    Warnings: Youngbin in a crop top(Yes, this needs a warning), nudeness, handjob, hair pulling, sir kink, blowjob, praising, hint of rough Youngbin, cum swallowing, swearing, detailed scenes.

    W/C: 1.6K (2 words away form 1.7)

    Age Warning: I will not take   responsibility because you wanted to read this, but if you’re under the  age of 18+, DO NOT INTERACT OR READ. Do not take this as educational, this is   fiction!

    Tags: @lost-inthedream​ @ailoveyuta​ @atinyfantasytothemoon​ @ricciaryoyo​

    Sitting on the bed with your phone in hand, the television in the bedroom was on for background noise as you waited for your boyfriend to return from a shooting he had left for early that morning, he hadn’t said what it was or what it was for, but you were excited to see the end result for whatever it may be, you were even more excited when he had messaged you earlier that he would be returning home in one of the outfits because something had happened to the clothes he had left in that morning, now you were curious about what he would be arriving in.

    You hear the front door open and close, making your excitement grow, you lock your phone and look towards the bedroom door as you waited for him to make his appearance, you heard his footsteps approaching the bedroom, you drop your phone onto the mattress as he appears in the doorway, your jaw drops as you take in the black crop top and matching black sweatpants, with his ‘shine forever’ tattoo peaking out along with the supreme boxers peeking out from the waistband.

    “I’m home.” He says, you climb off the bed, almost falling over as you do. “Oh, hey, hey, be careful.” It was like he had no clue what kind of effect he had on you, he moves to remove the crop top.

    “Stop.” You almost order him, he freezes and looks at you, his black hair moving over his eyes as he does, you swallow and let your eyes slowly move over him. “Don’t take it off.” He tilts his head to the side as he looks at you with confusion.

    “Why not?” He asks, you lift your gaze away from the supreme boxers, your eyes meet his brown eyes, you could see the knots in them.

    “Because I want to do something first.” You say, you could feel your skin growing hot just seeing him in that fit. “Do you need to return this?”

    “No, they said I could keep it.” He says. “Why?” You place your hands on his shoulders before pushing him backwards and against the wall, your lips brush against his, kissing him with so much need and hunger, his hands release the crop and move to your waist, his fingers press into your waist as he felt how needy the kiss was, your hands move down from his shoulders, over the crop top, your fingertips brush over his exposed skin before moving one of your hands to his crotch, you cup him through the sweatpants causing him to gasp, you break away from the kiss and move your lips along his jaw and down his neck. “Baby… baby, what’s got you in this mood?” He could feel his cock twitching in the boxers as your hand rubbed over it.

    “This… what you’re wearing.” You say right in his ear, you palm him through the sweatpants, feeling him growing hard underneath your touch. “Why didn’t you say you would be returning home in this?” You move away from him and look into his eyes that were blown wide-open and were starting to grow darker as lust clouded them. “I could have prepared myself a lot better.” You move down onto your knees in front of him, his eyes follow your movements, your hand leaves his cock and move to the waistband of the sweatpants, your fingers curl around it and pull it down, it pools around his ankles, you lean closer to him and press your lips against his abdomen before moving your lips to his hip. “I could have prepared myself to see this… peaking out.” Your lips brush over his tattoo, you look up at him, the sight blowing you away, the way he looked down at you and the way the crop top fitted him perfectly. “Fuck!” Your hands move to the elastic of the boxers and tug them down, letting them pool around his ankles also, you kiss his tattoo one final time before kissing down his thigh.

    “Fuck… I didn’t know this would turn you on.” He says, one of your hands gripped his thigh as you left kisses behind on his skin, the sight of you on your knees in front of him and your hand gripping his thigh was turning him on, and he could feel and see his cock growing harder by the second, you pull away from his thigh.

    “Do you have any idea how good you look in this?” You ask, you didn’t dare look up at him, knowing you would just end up cursing at the sight again, his hand moves to your hair, his fingers gently comb through your locks before he gripped a fistful of it and tilted your head back, making you look up at him.

    “Then show me how much it turns you on.” He says, his tone low and dangerous, you swallow as you stared up at him, you could feel your heart rate picking up as the mood shifted, he releases your hair, and you lower your gaze, moving it back to his cock, you move your hand to his cock and wrap your fingers around it, slowly moving your hand along his girth, feeling him growing underneath your touch made your arousal grow between your legs, you bring your other hand to your mouth and lick your palm before wrapping it around him also, spreading your saliva over his length. “Fuck…” You glance up at him and see his bottom lips between his teeth.

    “Fuck, Binnie.” You breathe out, you feel his hand move to the back of your head. “Sir!” You quickly correct yourself. “Fuck, sir.” He moves his hand away from your hair, you look back at his cock, seeing pre-cum starting to leak from the slit, you lean closer and place your lips against the base of his cock, leaving a soft kiss behind on his skin, you move your lips over his length with a feathery touch.

    “Shit… Y/n.” He breathes out, your hands move to the base of his cock as you move your lips to the head, your lips touch the slit, tasting the saltiness leaking from him, you move one of your hands to his balls and gently press your fingers into them as you knead it, you move your eyes upwards as you lick the head. “Shit…” You could hear him starting to breathe in deeper, your hand slides along his length, feeling the vein underneath your touch.

    “Sir…” You couldn’t help but moan out, you wrap your lips around the head of his cock and slowly slid him deeper into your mouth, your tongue presses against the underside of his cock as you do.

    “Fuck, your mouth is like heaven.” He groans out, he leans his back against the wall, feeling absolute pleasure coursing through him, you begin slipping him in and out of your mouth with a slow pace, while your hand kneaded his balls and your other hand twisted and turned around the parts you couldn’t fit into your mouth. “You’re going so good… fuck, your mouth feels so good.” You look up at him with big, innocent eyes. “Fuck!” He tilts his head back against the wall, closing his eyes as he does, you pick up your pace and hallow your cheeks, the sinful sound of you sucking him filled the room along with his breathy grunts and groans that bounced off the wall, you could feel drool slipping down your chin. “Fuck, feels so good.” You pull away from his cock and begin leaving kisses along his length, you move your hand to the head of his cock and twist and turn it around it, pressing your thumb against the slit. “Shit… shit, fuck.” You lean back and bite your bottom lip as you watch him, you turn your hand and begin rubbing the underside of his cock, making sure your fingers were leaving a feathery touch behind while your palm did all the work, he bucks his hips.

    “Y/n… fuck…” He breathes out, you couldn’t believe how needy you had him, how you had him almost begging you to finish him off, you lean closer and press your tongue against the slit on the head of his cock, dipping the tip of your tongue in and out of it, you could see his muscles jerking at the action, he presses his hands flat against the wall, he could feel how close he was getting. “Fuck… Are you going to have me beg you?” It didn’t sound like such a bad idea, but you wanted him to cum, you wanted him to reach his high, you wrap your mouth around the head of his cock, and twist your hand around the base of his cock. “Shit… So good, you’re so fucking good.” Your fingers knead into his sensitive balls, while your tongue moved over the slit of his cock with your mouth still wrapped mourned him, you could feel one of his hands move to the back of your head before feeling him grab a fistful of your hair. “FUCK!” You feel his cock twitch inside your mouth before feeling his cum coat your mouth, you almost retail at the feeling, you move your head back and forth, easing him through his high as you try and swallow everything, but you could feel it spilling from the corners of your mouth. “Shit, Y/n…” You lift your gaze to look at him, you could see droplets of sweat on his abdomen.

    “Hmm hmm.” The sight makes you moan, which caused him to buck his hips into your mouth, you quickly pull away and use your hand to ease him through his high, strings of saliva and his release breaks off onto your chin, he lifts his head away from the wall, ready to apologise, only for his words to get caught up in his throat when he saw his release dripping from your chin.

    “Fuck…” He groans out. “Who knew a crop top could cause the?” You slide your tongue over your lips, collecting anything you haven’t swallowed. “Let me thank you now.”

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    A little bit of lighting in the second cover would have been nice because I'm blind as fuck, but ANYWAY

    #sf9#sf9 youngbin #sf9killingme nothingnew justtheirdailyroutine #kpop#boy group#sf9 imagines#sf9 moodboard#Youtube
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    Live Forever - Hwiyoung [PREVIEW]

    ‘Live Forever’ Preview In collaboration with @forevermyloveno5​

    Moodboard made by @forevermyloveno5​ , and it’s damn beautiful, I’m still in awe at it.

    Warnings: Fluff, smut, Possessive!Hwiyoung, Jealous!Hwiyoung, rough sex, marking, breast play, nudity, clit stimulation, fingering, biting, overstimulation, finger sucking, cum tasting, brief handjob, one slap on the butt, female receiving oral, hair tugging, unprotected sex(reader’s on the pill), bruises, scratching, multiple orgasms, creampie, aftercare.

    Note: This is only a preview, not the entire fic, but please look forward to it when it drops during October for Kinktober.

    You've never met so many people at once but surprisingly enough, you have such a great time that you forget to look at the clock. Hwiyoung's heart melts at seeing you so smiley and relaxed, despite you being out of your comfort zone. He converses with the other guests as well but never forgets to keep an eye on you. For a brief moment he turns to see where you are, the scene at the other side of the room making his blood boil, adrenaline rushing through his veins. His eyes burns into you as he is watching the same backup dancer who smiled at you earlier, being way too close and touchy with you for Hwiyoung's like.

    Not wanting to see more, your boyfriend strides towards you and your "friend". Without a word,  he grabs your hand and pulls you in for a heated kiss, making sure the person who you were talking to gets the message and leaves. Hwiyoung breaks away from the kiss, his eyes darker than usual. “We’re leaving.” He’s not asking, he’s demanding that you do. He puts his hand at the small of your back, guiding you all the way to the house to your car, ignoring Inseong's curios look. He slams your door and quickly made his way to the passenger's seat.

    Hwiyoung knows it's not your fault that others were trying to flirt with you. He trusts you and you trust him but he can help feel jealous. He knows it's not easier for you with him being famous but you somehow always managed to keep that feeling under control or talk with him about it. He's never been touchy in public and his act at the party caught you off guard. With the way he was behaving, you knew something really must have bothered him. You've never seen him like that. Was he jealous? Well, him getting jealous because of you... you haven't expected this, that was something new for you and to be honest, maybe you liked it a little.

    The entire ride back home was quiet, but the tension was growing- you could feel it, nothing was needed to be said. You could see it on his face, you could smell it in the air. His free hand was moving up your thigh, moving to the inside, planning on what he’s gonna do to you, wondering how many marks he’s gonna leave, dying to hear you screaming his name. “The world should know you’re mine and mine only.”, he said without words and you knew what he meant, your whole body could already feel it.

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  • sexy-vampire-mojo
    17.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    안녕하세요! To anyone and everyone who ever finds this blog,

    the stories I publish here are my very first attempt at writing fanfic. English is also my second language, and despite me being quite fluent, it is also my first attempt to write in this language, which might be challenging at times. For any mistakes or lack of better words, I apologise. I'm still learning.

    SF9 is my very first kpop band to discover and it was love from the first listen. I can proudly say I am a Fantasy and I cherish the boys for the work they do, and they will always have a special place in my heart.

    With that being said, I would like anyone who reads my stories to never expect me to write any kind of smut and other heavy NSFW works. There will be mentioning of different things, but I will never put them in words and leave them for the readers own imagination. Here I am talking very specifically about smut, unconsented assumptions and scenarios about our idols, and very personal and intimate aspects of their lives. I'm not okay with this.

    Writing such content about fictional characters is fine, it doesn't hurt anyone, and we all have wild imagination sometimes. But what we must not forget when writing about band members or any public figures in general, is that we are writing about real people with real feelings, and I don't even want to attempt to imagine what they would feel knowing there are literal porn scripts and what not with their names in them online. Let your imagination run free and fantasise all you like, as long as you keep these thoughts to yourself.

    Everyone is responsible for their own choices, you do you boo, but in my opinion publishing NSFW stories of all kind is highly disrespectful, and I will not contribute to that.

    As a nonbinary myself, I will also do my best to keep my stories gender neutral, so anyone can enjoy them.

    Apart from #Twenty Seconds of Courage, I am working on another *cough*vampire*cough* AU story with adorable Kim Youngkyun, but as it is work in progress and a bit of a bigger project, it will take some time for me to write and publish.

    I'm also a STAY, so it is very possible I will write about the boys at some point, as I already have a little AU idea in my head.

    Extra points for you if you know where my blog name comes from.

    Now, I said what I said. Sue me. ✌🏻🤙🏻

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  • blu-joons
    17.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Rainy Days ~ Kim Youngbin

    “I don’t think we’ll be going out very far tonight,” you sighed as you walked up the stairs, finding Youngbin laid out on the bed having dressed himself ready for your evening together.

    “How come?” He questioned, sitting himself up properly on the bed.

    “Take a look outside,” you glumly replied, walking across to the window and pulling the curtains apart, allowing Youngbin to take in the downpour.

    Raindrops bounced off of the pathways, landing harshly against the panel of the window, yet the sounds were enough to bring a smile to your face as you admired the force of which the rain fell from the comfort of your own home.

    “I’m quite glad to be honest,” Youngbin chuckled as he stood up by your side, “I quite fancied just staying in and doing nothing with you.”

    “Really? Because after the day I’ve had at work, that’s all I wanted to do too,” you laughed, “I just thought we’d go to the restaurant because you wanted to.”

    Youngbin’s head shook as his arm moved around your frame, pulling you tightly into his chest. He was dressed for nothing, which was exactly how he wanted to be, nowhere to go, but everywhere to be with you in his arms.

    “What do you say to an evening just laid in bed, we can leave the curtain open and watch the rain if you fancy?” He suggested, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, “you get comfortable, and I’ll go and see what I can find in those cupboards downstairs.”

    Your head nodded as Youngbin untangled himself from around you, closing the bedroom door behind himself as he made his way downstairs. Once you were sure he’d gone, you passed your wardrobe by, darting straight for his.

    It didn’t take long before you found your favourite shirt of his, the one that you always wore whenever he went away on tour, changing out of your work clothes in favour of it. You then opened the door, before making your way over to the bed, throwing yourself down in the middle of it.

    After a few minutes, Youngbin made his way back up the stairs with plenty of snacks in hands, dropping them to the foot of the bed once he could reach. His eyes weren’t watching however, instead they were focused on you.

    “I don’t remember giving you permission to wear my shirt,” he teased as he joined you on the bed.

    “Really, I could’ve sworn that was what you said,” you joked, curling back into his side, “I guess I must have just mistaken something you said for permission to wear your shirt.”

    His eyes rolled as his arm moved back around your frame, “now wouldn’t that be all too coincidental, not much sounds like permission to wear my shirt to me.”

    “I guess my hearing must just be particularly bad then,” you smiled in reply, shifting your body so that you had the perfect look out of the window too.

    Youngbin’s head shook as he watched over you carefully to make sure that you were comfortable before allowing himself to settle. Once you began to lay still, he shifted his body so that it was facing you, giving him the perfect view of the rain too, filling his heart with warmth as he enjoyed the comfort of his own home instead.

    For all the places that the two of you could be outside, there was nowhere greater for either of you than being tucked up in your own bed. The only sounds you could hear were each other, and the fall of droplets lingering outside to complete your moment.

    “I like this,” you whispered as your hand moved up to rest against Youngbin’s arm, “it’s been a while since we’ve both just got to enjoy the peace and quiet of the world.”

    Youngbin’s head nodded in agreement as your movement gave him the chance to stretch his arm out, deciding to place it to the top of your head. It didn’t take long before his fingers began to part through the strands of your hair, drawing you in closer to him.

    “Maybe we should do this more often,” he then proposed, “rather than playing fancy meals out and active date nights so often, maybe we should plan evenings at home, where we can enjoy nothing else but the chance to be with each other.”

    “That’s a good idea,” you hummed softly, “I don’t think I’ve enjoyed myself as much in a long time as I am doing right now.”

    Youngbin smiled down at you as you curled further into his chest, “why don’t we just stay here for the rest of the night? We’ve got snacks, a thick duvet, each other, and the beautiful sound of rain to help us fall asleep when we want to.”

    Instantly, your head nodded, there was nothing that sounded greater to you. The two of you had arguably been wrapped in doing so much for so long, both of you had forgotten the simplicity in doing absolutely nothing too.

    Neither of you were willing to let the rain dampen your spirits, instead, it gave you both the opportunity to rediscover a part of your relationship that had gone away. Once again, you could rely on each other, rather than something else to entertain you both.

    The beat of Youngbin’s heart was your only focus as his hands brushed carefully through your hair, absentminded in every little thing that he was doing, but equally enjoying it as much.

    “I could stay here forever,” you whispered softly as you found yourself caught up in a daydream, “there’s a strange magical quality I find rain has that just feels so calming and relaxing.”

    As your head looked up, Youngbin’s looked down, allowing your eyes to meet. “I agree,” he mused in response to you, “from the warmth of indoors, it’s got a gentle effect, it’s easing to listen to like a safety blanket, that’s what our home is really.”

    “It’s our safe space, where we can shut off from the rest of the world.”

    “Exactly,” Youngbin agreed, “this is where the two of us can be, with no one to interrupt us, nothing to disturb us, just you and I. We can lay here, talk, or in silence and just continue to build upon the already wonderful connection that we have with one another.”

    The way Youngbin spoke captured your heart as a quiet hum came from you. “I never imagined myself feeling so comfortable in one space but being here with you right now has made me feel like I could take on the world.”

    Hs hands continued to dance through the strands of your hair as Youngbin made sure that you were as comfortable as possible tucked into his side. It had been some time since the two of you had laid so close, and he was determined to make the most of it.

    The sound of the rain was the perfect crescendo the two of you needed to what had somehow turned out to be the evening. The rain hadn’t forfeited your date at all, instead it had made it better than either of you could have ever imagined.

    “Do you want something to eat?” Youngbin whispered to your ear as he noticed your eyes beginning to flutter.

    “I just want to stay here right now,” you replied in a hushed tone.

    “Let’s stay here, and make sure you get some rest.”



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  • forevermyloveno5
    16.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Autumn in the City (mini series)

    ⇨Autumn: the season of warm sweaters, fluffy scarves, fuzzy socks, warm drinks, rainy days, crisp air, flushed cheeks, a little melancholy, long-forgotten dreams and feelings, freshly baked bread, etc., etc. It's also that time of the year when nature blooms for the last time, before it dies in order to be reborn again. Autumn teaches us how beautiful it is to let things go, embrace change and find enjoyment in the little things in life.

    ⇨The mini series will be consisted of 9 stories, that will be released every week in October (maybe in November as well) ☺️:

    🍁Autumn Morning: Kim Inseong

    🍁Time & Fallen Leaves: Kim Youngbin

    🍁In the Rain: Lee Jaeyoon

    🍁It's Cold: Lee Sanghyuk

    🍁Missing You: Baek Juho

    🍁Me After You: Kim Seokwoo

    🍁A Thought on an Autumn Night: Yoo Taeyang

    🍁You, Clouds, Rain: Kim Youngkyun

    🍁October Weather: Kang Chanhee

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  • athenathesharkwrites
    13.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    Changed - Hwiyoung

    A25— “You’ve changed.”

    Warnings: Fluff.

    W/C: 878

    The sun was low in the sky and the wind was softly blowing against you, moving around you and Youngkyun as you walked through a field of flowers watching the sunset, your fingers interlocked as you walked side by side enjoying the view and the fresh air of nature, these days were rare, and you welcomed them with open arms every time, you hoped that Youngkyun felt the same, you lift your head to take a better look at him, his long hair fitted him perfectly, he looked like he was ripped from a magazine, the way the sun was shining it’s last golden rays on him, lit up his already honey-toned skin.

    “What are you looking at?” He asks as a smile begins forming on his lips, he turns his head to look at you. “Is there something on me?”

    “Besides your pretty fluffy hair, I can’t see anything else.” You say, he begins chuckling, dipping his head forward, causing his hair to fall into his face. “See, pure fluff.” You reach up with your other hand and run your fingers through his soft black hair, pushing them back, only for them to fall back in front of his eyes.

    “This is a new method of flirting from you.” He says, as he tilts his head back, he uses his other hand to push his hair back.

    “You know, you’ve changed a lot since I first met you.” You say, he raises an eyebrow and tilts his head to the side.

    “In what way do you mean?” He asks, you softly smile. “A bad way, or a good way?” Your eyes slowly move over his facial features, taking everything in before looking back into his dark brown eyes.

    “In a good way.” You say. “In a handsome way also.” His jaw slacks as he realizes what you mean, his lips slowly form an ‘O’ shape.

    “Ooh…” He softly says, you tug at his hand, pulling him forward, towards the spot you wanted to sit and watch the sunset. “I thought you were about to make this a really deep walk.” You look back at him as he easily stayed with you.

    “And why would I do that?” You ask. “This is our peaceful moment, our rare peaceful moment.” You carefully step over some rocks, he takes one big step forward and wraps his arms around you from behind, he picks you up, causing you to begin giggling. “Youngkyun!” You laugh out as he spins around, your hair flying with the wind, your hands gripped onto his as he spun you both around.

    “Don’t scare me like that if you want to flirt with me.” He says as he comes to a stop, he puts you back down, facing the sun as it was slowly moving behind a mountain. “Just kiss me instead of saying something like that in such a serious tone.” His front pressed against your back, his arms move up higher and wrap around your shoulders, his chin rest on the top of your head.

    “I thought my expression gave it away.” You softly say, your hands still holding onto his hands as he moved them slightly higher. “Wasn’t I smiling when I said it?”

    “You didn’t have any kind of expression on your face.” He says, you move your hands slightly to interlock your fingers with his.

    “Hmm… I thought I was smiling when I said it.” You say. “Then I should apologize for worrying you.” You feel his head shift before hearing him leave a kiss at the top of your head.

    “Don’t apologize.” He softly says, his chin moving to rest on your head once again, the wind felt cold against your warm skin, if he weren’t pressed against you, you would have shivered from the cold. “Aside from worrying me for a few seconds, this is nice.” Your smile widens. “I enjoy these times with you.”

    “I’m glad to hear that.” You say. “I was worried that you didn’t.” He spins you around to face him, his hands moving down to your waist. “I just thought you would prefer to stay closer to the city, or inside the apartment.” He leans closer and lays his forehead against yours.

    “I don’t mind where we go, but this one is one of my favourites.” He softly says, his scent fills your lungs. “Do you know why?”

    “No… why is this one you’re favourite?” You softly ask, staring into his warm brown eyes.

    “Because when we call for a taxi to take us back home, we spend just a little extra time together, cuddling in the backseat, kissing in the backseat.” He explains. “And that’s my favourite, I’ve seen it in movies, and now I get to live it out in real life with you.”

    “Is it your movie moment?” You ask as your eyes crinkle, your smile widening.

    “Yes.” He says, he leans closer, tilting his head before brushing his lips against yours, tasting the slushy bubblegum slushy you had, you could taste the saltiness from the bag of chips he ate just before you had left for this adventure, the sunlight vanishes from the view and the night sky quickly took over, stars decorating the black sky along with the crescent moon.

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  • fairyseuls
    13.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    Hello and Welcome !!

    requests are open !! please request anything and everything your hearts desire but please read my little introduction that includes my rules and triggers, thank you !



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  • sepgudeobi
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hello there!

    Requests are open! Send in anything that your hearts desire— but there are a few things I won’t write so let me mention them here!

    TW: dark topics

    1. Cheating

    2. Sexual assault, harassment anything non consensual

    3. Incest

    4. Smut with any minor idols (Intak, Soul, Jongseob)

    And that’s all! I can’t wait to get to writing! 🥺💖

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  • divinefireangel
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Look At Me.

    Rowoon x F! Reader smut drabble.

    Disclaimer: This is just a work of fiction. If this piece of fan fiction is offensive to any celebrity, fandom or culture please let me know so I can take it down. Also note that this is my version of a character or celeb, which will vary from person to person.
    Author's Note: Sorry to that anon who suggested optional bias 🥺 but after Maria (aka @forevermyloveno5) Seokwoo my mind kinda short circuited 💀 Sorry if it's bad lmao 💀💀💀 It's been a while. Also I am still not taking requests for scenarios, so pls don't send in any cause I hate to turn them away 🥺
    Copyright: Please note that this is my work and if you want to publish this on any other platform, take my permission before doing so. Taking an author's work and posting it somewhere else without any intimation is just disrespectful. I readily welcome suggestions and criticisms. That being said, Happy reading! 🤍
    Warnings: 18+ ages and female anatomy (nothing specified with respect to appearance, etc of reader). Fingering (f receiving). Neck biting. Intense 👀. One spank. Daddy kink 👀. Seokwoo calls reader baby/babygirl/good girl. Lemme know if I need to add more!
    1.1k Words

    "You taste so sweet" Seokwoo said into your mouth, before continuing to kiss your lips.

    Placing teasing touches on your thighs, his fingertips ran along the hem of your shorts, tracing it's circumference, making your breath falter on his face and eyes close everytime he got closer and closer to your core.

    Moaning into the kiss, your palms pull at his shirt, fisting the material around his shoulders, creating creases on the fabric. Sliding your body close enough to flush against his, you whine for more. More of his touches to drive you insane and to make you cum. Oh god how much you missed him and sex with him.

    Being the busy man he is, he barely got time to take care of his needs, let alone yours. But the gentle giant is also a giver so he did try to make you cum with his words and naked selfies. Although his attempt only made you go more sex crazy, you understood his position. So the moment you both were free and together, you ended up in this position.

    Straddling his long thick thighs, chests flushed so close he can definitely feel your nipples getting erect with each sound slipping from your mouths that are engulfing the other, as though you need to kiss to breathe. Hands desperately trying to feel his skin, hunching up his shirt repeatedly; toes curling with each roll of your clothed hips on his, your legs trying to close when there's the slightest pressure on your clit from his fingertips but being help apart by his palms.

    Throwing your head back after almost exhausting the air in your lungs, your eyes flutter close when his lips find your throat. Gasping you whine Seokwoo's name hornily when his teeth start to graze along the length of your neck, digging right next to your sweet spot.

    Combing your fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck, your hold his head in place, grounding your centers together, desperately trying to get some friction and pressure on your clit or folds.

    Chuckling at your cute attempt, Seokwoo stops decorating your neck for a moment and removes his head from your neck. Gulping he looks at you, your bottom lip caught in between your teeth, laboured breaths entering and exiting from your nose, high pitched unsatisfied noises from your throat.... fuck. You looked so fucked out. So pretty for him. If he didn't feel like laughing at your desperation, he would have definitely cum in his trousers.

    Cupping your cheek he pulls your lips into his again for a hot kiss. "Oh my god... " you moan out loud when you feel his fingers enter your shorts to rub your folds slowly through your most definitely soaking panties. Sly fucker. When did he even unbutton your shorts?

    "So wet for me. I love it. " he says, making all your attention divert back to him. And his kiss. And his sinful fingers and fingertips, playing with the wet spot on your underwear, gently prodding into your entrance and spreading your leaked juices along your folds.

    "Please..... " you beg looking down in between your bodies. His big hand disappeared in to your shorts. Your hips grinding shamelessly against his hand.

    "Please what babygirl. Hmm? You want me fuck your tight hole? Make you cum? How many times do you want to cum baby? Do you deserve to cum after sending me those lovely pics of yours while I was away working? You've been a bad girl. Bad girls don't deserve to cum."

    Throwing your head back at his dirty words in his deep bedroom voice, you start to grind yourself faster on his fingers, only to be slowed down by his other hand. "Please Daddy" you beg, earning a harsh spank on your semi covered ass.

    "I'll be a good girl. Please make me cum daddy. For you." begging you look into Seokwoo's eyes, his dark pupils complementing his smirk.

    "A good girl huh? Cum on my fingers first. Depending on how fast you cum, I'll fuck you just as fast." Nodding your head vigorously, your brace your palm on his shoulders for balance, both of you knowing damn well that to make you cum hard, all he needs to do is enter your hole with his fingers.

    Slithering his long fingers through the elastic of your panties, he starts to rub your arousal around your folds, starting from your entrance, taking your juices up to your clit where he purposely doesn't apply any pressure. Squealing his name mixed with swears, you grab his wrist in one hand and move your hips again. This time to cum as soon as you possibly can.

    Resting your head in the crook of his neck, your thighs begin to shake from being in that position for too long and from the shocks that are travelling throughout your body from feeling his fingertips almost exactly where you need him. "Seokwoo.... Daddy please" you cry in frustration.

    "Look at me." Lifting your head from his neck, you gasp silently looking into his mostly pitch black orbs. "Keep looking at me baby"

    Curling your toes and kicking your leg, your mouth forms into an oh, because his skillful appendages slid into your entrance with ease. Your arousal starts to drip down from your hole and pool into his palm, your walls squeezing his digits in a pulsing manner when his thumb grazes your clit and sits there, applying the right pressure on it to make you cry out moans.

    Circling your clit, Seokwoo starts to thrust his digits out an in and out and in and out of your wet pussy, savouring the squelching sounds being produced from the action. Moving your hips at the same pace, you don't break eye contact with him.

    Biting your lip you start to whine again, getting closer to the edge as your walls begin to constrict the movement of his fingers. "I'm gonna cum. FUCK" you cry one final time, knowing you cannot hold in any longer.

    "Cum baby. Cum for me. Make a mess of my fingers. Yes" he praises you. Breathing heavily you scream his name as you finally come down from your high, body shuddering from your very much awaited and deserved orgasm in some time.

    Pressing your clit, Seokwoo helps you ride out your high. Falling slump on his chest, you attempt to catch your breath.

    Carefully removing his cum coated fingers from your aching heat, Seokwoo beckons you to lift your head from his neck once again. "Look at me again baby"

    Staring at his shiny face with hazy eyes, you lose your breath once again when he puts his fingers in his mouth, licking your cum off clean while staring into your eyes, both of you knowing damn well, that this is just the beginning of a very long adventurous night.

    #it's been so fucking long #sf9#rowoon#sf9 smut #sf9 x reader #sf9 x reader smut #rowoon x reader #sf9 rowoon#rowoon imagine#kim rowoon#kim seokwoo#rowoon smut#rowoon scenario#sf9 scenarios
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  • fantasia-monogram
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Guys. It's happening. The Inseong spanking fic.

    Can you guess where this is going?

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  • key201303
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Word count: 1370 words

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content, mentions of blood, mentions of alcohol, brief mentions of getting drunk, brief mentions of a panic attack (nothing too graphic)

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive content

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you've been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency like everyone else did?

    A/N: We finally know who that mysterious boy from last chapter is 🤩 please dont hate me I hope you guys enjoy this chapter as much as the others ❤❤

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @grungiejaems @io-is-lame @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie (ask me to be added!)

    Unable to tag -> @i-sa-bella @user127dream

    Previous chapter - - - Masterlist - - - Next chapter

    “Hey, are you okay?” A male voice you couldn’t recognize knocked you out of your own anxious bubble. It was a sweet yet deep voice you tried to recognize but failed. The boy knocked on the luxurious door a few more times before you were done calming down and opened the door to finally reveal his identity. As soon as you open the door, you recognize the male as one of the boys in Youngbin’s group. You believed Youngbin told you his name but you couldn’t really remember it. You had to admit right now it was really hard for you to remember anything, being absorbed by the overwhelming feeling that took over your chest a few seconds ago. “Hello?” He said, waving his hand before your face, waiting for you to give him a coherent answer. “Sorry… Yes… I’m okay… I’m always okay, don’t worry.” You said, moving your gaze away from his figure and losing it on the crowd in the distance. “Are you sure? You look pretty freaked out, plus you ran away like if you saw a ghost.” He said, letting out a small chuckle. Those words confirmed your suspicions of him being part of Youngbin’s group. “Here, drink some water.” He said with a soft and friendly smile as he handed you a bottle of water. “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to kill you or anything. The bottle is new, I haven’t put anything in there.” He added, making you chuckle a little bit. “Thank you.” You quietly said, taking the bottle from his hands.

    You took a few seconds to scan his elegant figure while you drank some of the water. He was wearing an elegant dark blue suit that definitely highlighted all his features. His brunet hair really looked good on him, highlighting the beautiful gleam on his eyes. He somehow smelled so good, like a floral essence you couldn’t recognize at all but that made you feel intoxicated by how well it smelled. A million dollar watch was lazily hanging on his wrist, and an expensive ring was decorating his ring finger. His perfect smile, unlike Rowoon’s smile, for some reason made you feel kind of peaceful, something you haven’t felt in ages. You swore you weren’t falling in love with that boy but if you were in any other situation, you knew all the feelings he was making you feel all of a sudden, would probably be the beginning of what would be your crush of the next few years. Maybe it was that you actually felt attracted to him, you were no one to deny his breathtaking looks after all, or maybe it was just the fact that he has been the first person to give you a sincere smile and worry about you in the past few years unlike everyone else that surrounded you.

    “I’ve noticed you don’t really enjoy being around Rowoon.” He said, knocking you out of your thoughts. “Oh, really? Is it that obvious?” You said with a sarcastic and sassy voice tone that made him laugh. “You’re quite funny, I understand now why everyone in here wants to be around you.” The boy said. You couldn’t tell if he was trying to flirt with you or compliment you but you felt way much better hearing those words than hearing Rowoon calling you ‘his girl’. “I’m not funny, I just say what I think.” You answered, taking another sip from the bottle of water the boy handed you a few minutes ago. “That’s something hard to do with someone like Rowoon around. You’re definitely a brave girl.” He said, sipping on a cup of wine he just took from a waitress that passed by offering some drinks and admiring your courage. “You can’t imagine how annoying it is to coexist with that asshole.” You said, rolling your eyes just at the thought of him. “Think in a positive way, at least you’re alive. It could have been worse.” He said, a sad yet nostalgic gleam appearing in his eyes, making you curious about the things he had to go through in life to think like that. “I’d rather be dead before having to live like this.” You said, taking the cup of wine from his hands and taking a sip, making him chuckle a little at your sudden actions. “Don’t say that, living is always better than being dead. Life can change a lot when you really want to live, it doesn't matter in which situation you find yourself in.” He said, taking his cup back and giving you another of his soft smiles. You had no idea when this night and this conversation became such a deep and philosophical thing but you had to admit you really enjoyed it. “You should get back to your boy. He might get mad if you spend more time with other people.” He said, making special emphasis on the words ‘your boy’, making your blood boil through your veins. “Don’t ever call him like that again. At least not in front of me.” You said with the cold voice tone that characterized you. “I’m just kidding, do whatever you want. I think he hasn’t even noticed we’re talking.” The boy said, pointing at the tall boy talking with a long haired boy you didn’t know. “Leave it like that then. I feel better being here and talking with you rather than being with that idiot and his untouchable ego.” You said, rolling your eyes and returning your gaze to the boy standing next to you.

    The night kept going by and, surprisingly, instead of spending the night grabbing Rowoon or Jaeyoon’s arm and meeting random people you cared nothing about, you spent a funny night having random conversations with that boy and the rest of his friends. You could finally understand why Rowoon hated that group of boys so much, being completely unable to bear with people that damaged his perfect ego. The four boys enjoyed messing around with others way too much for Rowoon’s taste and that was exactly why he never wanted to be around them, creating a stupid rivalry between both gangs.

    “Time to go home.” Rowoon said, interrupting you from whatever you were telling the other boys. “What if I don’t want to?” You retorted, slightly drunk at this point of the night, becoming slightly braver towards the tall boy. “Don’t make me take you out of here in a bad way. You’ve messed around enough for today.” Rowoon said, grabbing your arm and dragging you out of the place, clearly annoyed and angry about your behavior. “Wait.” You stopped him, getting rid of his grip and running back to where the other boys were, who were carefully watching the situation and smirking about Rowoon not being able to control the situation just like he always loved. “What was your name again? Let’s meet again some day.” You said, tumbling a little bit as you got closer to the boy. “Chani. My name is Chani.” He said with that soft smile once again. And with you finally knowing the full identity of the boy that saved you from a panic attack a few hours ago, Rowoon grabbed your arm once again and dragged you out of the building, driving you back home.

    “You’ve done a good job.” Youngbin said, sipping his cup of wine, eyeing Chani through the glass material. “I feel bad, she’s not a bad girl.” Chani said, slightly regretting all the things he has done tonight just to please Youngbin and get you closer to the group so they had better access to the ring and everything it carries. “Come on, since when are you a sentimental kid?” Dawon said, giving him a pat on the shoulder and laughing at the sad boy figure. “You don’t have to worry about her. I’m not going to treat her badly. Actually, I’m going to treat her really well.” Youngbin said with a smirk appearing on his lips. ‘That’s exactly what I’m afraid of… You treating her well…’ Chani thought to himself, taking the last sip of his cup before going out to get some fresh air and order his thoughts about everything that happened.

    #kdiarynet#kpop#kpop imagine#kpop smut#kpop fluff #kpop mafia au #sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 imagine#sf9 smut#sf9 fluff #sf9 mafia au #sf9 hwiyoung #sf9 hwiyoung x reader #sf9 hwiyoung imagine #sf9 hwiyoung fluff #sf9 hwiyoung smut #hwiyoung #hwiyoung x reader #hwiyoung smut#hwiyoung fluff#kim youngkyun #kim youngkyun x reader #kim youngkyun fluff #kim youngkyun smut #kim hwiyoung#sf9 youngkyun #sf9 youngkyun x reader #sf9 youngkyun smut #sf9 youngkyun fluff
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  • fantasia-monogram
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    I'm super close to 100 followers!

    I wanna do some kind of event but it's hard for me to come up with something considering my writing preferences are... particular to say the least :(

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  • athenathesharkwrites
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Loving Home - Hwiyoung

    A/N: I think I accidentally wrote the softest handjob and blowjob scene and the softest and chilled shower scene, @forevermyloveno5​ said/wrote “music coming from the record player, while you and Hwiyoung are cleaning the flat, jamming to the songs, dancing, jumping and giggling like crazy 😔 then after you finish you shower together and do things” and I said, Hwiyoung shower date it is on Saturday, and boy did I need to write this to get rid of my sleepiness and grumpiness from Wednesday.

    Warnings: Fluff, nudeness, wet Hwiyoung (Cause this needs a warning), explicit language, detailed scenes, smut, shower sex, slight side boob playing, handjob, blowjob, light breast play, fingering, female receiving oral, light hair tugging, unprotected sex(reader’s on the pill), dirty talking, aftercare.

    W/C: 4.3K (Not proof read)

    Age Warning: I will not take responsibility because you wanted to read this, but if you’re under the age of 18+, DO NOT INTERACT OR READ. Do not take this as educational, this is fiction!

    The soft music playing from the record player was being drowned out by your and Hwiyoung’s laughter, it was cleaning day, but it had slowly turned into a jamming session with the both of you in a fit of giggles, the time was no issue, neither of you bothered to look at it and just went about the day, cleaning, jamming, and laughing, when you would pass each other, you’d pause to take hold of each other’s hands, and he would twirl you underneath his arm before planting a kiss on your cheeks, nose, or lips before letting you get back to whatever task you had at hand.

    As you finish fluffing the pillows on the couch, he walks up behind you and wraps his arms around you from behind, pushing his chest against your back, his chin rests on your shoulder, and he gently begins swaying you from side to side, your smile only widening.

    “I think we’re almost finished.” He says, you look around the room, noticing how clean it was, it surely didn’t look like that when you had started, your eyes catching sight of the clock hanging on the wall.

    “Oh.” You say. “It’s getting late.” He glances at the clock, seeing the time. “We’ve been cleaning for the entire day now.”

    “I think we deserve a nice, warm shower after cleaning the entire day.” He says, you move your hands on top of his, leaning your head back against his shoulder.

    “Hmm, I think so also.” You say. “Why don’t you go ahead and I’ll just put these away.” He turns his head and presses his lips into the side of your neck, a giggle leaves your lips and you slightly squirm in his arms from how ticklish it felt, you could hear him chuckling into your skin before he lifted his head away from your neck.

    “Don’t take too long.” He says. “I’ll get the temperature ready for us.” His arms unwrap from around you, leaving you feeling a little cold from where his warm body was once pressed up against you.

    “I’ll be as quick as I can be.” You say, he nods his head and moves down the hallway towards your shared bedroom, you pick up the rags and cleaning products and move them to the storage closet, you look around the apartment, making sure you had put everything back in its place, you begin making your way to the bedroom, only for Hwiyoung to appear in the doorway with a soft smile on his lips, his shirt already discarded.

    “I was just about to come and drag you to the bathroom.” He says.

    “No need, no need, I’m on my way.” You giggle out, he reaches for your hand, and gently grasps it before pulling you into the bedroom and towards the bathroom where you heard the water running, once you were inside, his hands reached for the hem of your t-shirt— which was his— and begins pulling it upwards, his knuckles brush against your skin as he does, you lift your arms letting him remove it, he tosses it towards the laundry basket, almost missing it by a few millimetres, his hands quickly move to the clasp of your bra and undoes it, you lick your lips as you feel his fingers gently brush over your skin as he pulls the straps down your arms.

    “Laundry basket?” He asks.

    “Hmm, it’s time to wash that one also.” You say, he tosses it towards the laundry basket, his hands touch your side and slowly slides them over your skin before reaching the band of your pants, his fingers hook the elastic of your pants and panties before pushing them down, letting it pool around your feet, you step out from the fabric and bend down to pick them up, he pushes his shorts and underwear down, letting it pool around his feet, he picks them up and tosses them into the direction of the laundry basket, he takes yours from you and does the same.

    “In you go, we don’t want to waste too much water.” He says, and guides you into the slightly larger than average shower, he closes the glass door behind him once you were both inside, the warmth from the water hits your skin, your muscles instantaneously relaxing, you close your eyes as you let out a content sigh, a soft content smile forms on Hwiyoung’s lips as he watches you, luckily the shower head was big and you both could fit underneath it, he steps closer to you and places his hand on your waist before turning you around to face him, both his hands move to your waist, pulling your naked body closer against him, your eyes remained closed as you felt his forehead touches yours. “Feeling tired?” His voice was just above a whisper.

    “No.” You softly say, his lips brush against yours, his eyes falling closed from tasting your sweet delicious lips, he slowly moves the both of you out from underneath the shower head, your back touches the cool glass causing you to gasp into the kiss, he takes the opportunity to slip his tongue between your lips, exploring your mouth, things between you were quickly escalating from an innocent kiss to a much more intimate one, your hands move to his shoulders and grasps onto them, his hands slide up your sides, stopping once they reached the side of your breasts, his thumbs press into the side of your boobs, the feeling of his hands so close to touching your chest caused your insides to flip, his lips break away from yours, strings of saliva breaking off as he does, you tilt your head to the side, letting this lips move down your neck, they linger for a moment longer on your skin as you felt him sucking a mark into the side of your neck, your chest rose up and down as you breathed in deeply, you slowly open your eyes and move your gaze lower, only seeing the top of his wet black hair, your eyes move to the fogged up glass, your skin felt hot as you felt his hands on the side of your chest, his thumbs kneading into the side of your breasts.

    “You’d look so pretty, marked up by me.” He says, his lips almost touching the lobe of your ear.

    “Oh.” You gasp, he pulls you away from the glass and moves you towards the tiled bench in the shower.

    “Sit, we don’t want any accidents to happen.” He says, you sit down.

    “Shit!” You hiss from the cold surface touching your warm skin. “It’s cold!” He softly chuckles, you were at eye level with his cock that was just starting to harden, you reach out to touch it, his chuckle quickly getting stuck in his throat as your hand wrapped around his limp cock, you lift your gaze to look up at him, water droplets rolled down his chest, his face almost hard as he felt your hand slowly slide along his cock, wet strings of his black hair fell in his face as he stared down at you, his dark brown eyes seemed darker with the lust clouding them, carefully you moved your hand up and down his cock, slowly feeling it growing hard in your hand, your eyes never leaving his as you palm him, his chest moved slowly as his breathing became deeper and deeper. “Feels good?” His lips part at your question.

    “Yes, fuck… it does.” He groans out, you lower your gaze to look at his cock, and saw it almost standing hard and tall in your hand, you twist your hand around it, pulling a gasp from his lips, you move your hand to the underside of his cock, cupping him and sliding your hand along his length before moving it back to the base of it, moving your fingers over his balls. “So damn good, baby.” You lick your bottom lip as you focus on causing him pleasure, you lean closer as you see pre-cum starting to leak from the slit, his hands instantly moves to the back of your head, his fingers move through your hair. “You don’t have to.” You lift your gaze to look at him before your lips touch the head of his cock, his eyes roll to the back of his head at the feeling, his grip slightly tightens in your hair before it loosens, his fingers begin combing through your wet hair, carefully untangling some knots as you left kisses along his shaft and your hand worked on the underside of his cock. “Baby…” You could feel yourself growing wet at his moans, your fingers wrap around the base of his cock and before he could process what was happening, his eyes fell shut as your lips wrap around the head of his cock, your tongue press against the underside of his cock as you slowly slide more of his length into your mouth, stopping before he could hit the back of your throat, you rub your tongue against his length.

    “Fuck…” He sounded almost out of breath as he moaned, even though he wanted to grip your hair and fuck your mouth, he kept control of himself and slid his hand over your wet hair, almost encouraging you to keep sucking him, you begin to bob your head while your hand twists and turns around the base of his cock, he opens his eyes, looking down at you, he felt his cock twitch at the sight, your eyes looked ups t him so innocently while his cock was halfway in your mouth, you hallow your cheeks as you move his length in and out of your mouth. “Fuck, fuck, I’m… fuck.” You knew he wasn’t going to last long, you could feel his cock twitch inside your mouth, you lower your gaze and caught sight of his thigh muscles twitching. “I’m gonna…” You unwrap your mouth from around him and slide your hand along his length, spreading your saliva over his cock, twisting your hand around the head of his cock as you pressed your thumb against the slit, his eyes shut and he tilted his head back, his hands move to the shower wall behind you, his Adam’s apple bobs up and down as he lets out a content sigh along with a string of moans.

    “Fuck… Y/n, baby.” Hot spurts of cum shoot out from his cock, covering your chest and hand with his cum, his hips back as he begins to roll his hips into your hand, easing him through his high, the sound of his breathy moans and the water hitting the tiles filled the bathroom, once you were sure he had come down from his high, you stood from the tiled bench and move underneath the shower, he leans himself against the wall as he watches you wash away all the evidence of his orgasm, your hands slide over your chest, touching your breasts as you wash away his release, it didn’t even dawn on you that you were just turning him on even more by touching your chest, kneading your fingers into your breasts to clean everything. “Fuck… why are you such a tease?” You were suddenly pulled out from underneath the hot water of the shower. “Sit, I wasn’t done.”

    “But, Kyun…” You say.

    “No but’s.” He says. “Unless I’m touching your butt and telling you how gorgeous it is.” He lowers down to his knees in front of you and places his hands against the tiled bench, he leans forwards, his lips touch yours, giving you a heated hungry kiss before breaking away, his lips touch your chest and kiss down your sternum, one hand leaves the tiled bench and move to your chest.

    “Kyun!” You gasp out, feeling his cold hand touch your warm skin, your nipple hardened at the feeling of his cold palm rubbing against it, his mouth moves to your other boob, his tongue circles your nipple before his mouth wrap around the hardening bud, you tilt your head back, laying it against the wet tiled wall, your eyes shutting as bliss begins bubbling up inside you, his palm rubs over your nipple as his fingers knead into your breast. “Kyun…” His fingers move to your nipple and begin rubbing the bud with his index finger, your skin heats up, your muscles twitching each time his finger moved over the bud and his tongue flicked over your nipple, his mouth unwraps from the bud, his eyes move up to look at you, seeing your head tilted back, his tongue begins gliding over the bud. “Shit… shit, it feels so good!” His hand disappears from your breast, his lips begin leaving a trail towards your other breast, his tongue flattens against your skin and slides it over the curve of your boob before stopping at your nipple and swirling his tongue around the bud.

    “Oh, my go— shit!” You gasp out, his hand that was pressed into the tiled bench touch your other nipple, the cold feeling sending a jolt of pleasure through you causing you to become wetter, you lift your head and look down at him, meeting his brown eyes that were looking up at you. “Kyun…” He moves away from your nipple and his lips touch your tummy, leaving kisses over it as he moves lower and lower, his hand falls away from your breast and moves both his hands to your knees, he pulls them apart and moves himself between them, wanting to keep them separate as he kissed his way down, he pulls away and moves his gaze between your legs, and saw your glistening arousal.

    “Shit… you’re so wet.” He says, his hand slides up your leg, moving to your inner thigh before moving closer to your pussy, his fingers brush over your folds, tracing the outline of them, you suck in a deep breath and place your hands against the tiled bench, gripping the edge of it, his fingers slip past your folds becoming covered with your wetness. “Hmm.” He rubs along your folds, avoiding your clit as he does, he moves his head closer, turning it to the side and kisses the inside of your thigh.

    “Youngkyun… fuck.” You breathe out, he looks up at you.

    “We worked so hard today.” He says. “And you already made me relax so much, it’s my turn to make you relax.” His fingers spread your folds and seconds later his lips were against your clit, your body shakes at the sudden contact of his lips against your clit, you waited for him to take your clit into his mouth, you move your hands to his shoulders as you felt his tongue move over the nub.

    “Shit, shit, Kyun!” You moan out, you curl your toes at the feeling, your fingers press into his skin, his fingers rub along your folds, adding to the pleasurable feeling going through you, his tongue moves lower and lower before reaching your slit, his broad shoulders making sure to keep your legs spread wide for him, even when you try to squeeze them shut. “Kyun!” You feel his tongue dipping into your entrance, he could feel you growing wetter each time his tongue dipped into you, he moves his thumb to your clit and begins rubbing figure eights on the sensitive nub, you move one of your hands to the back of his head, sliding your fingers through his wet hair, your muscles twitch from the stimulation you were receiving.

    “So delicious.” He says, the vibrations from his voice reaches deep inside you, making you squeeze your eyes shut and lean your head back against the tiled wall, pushing your chest out as you do, his thumb disappears from your clit only for his tongue to slide over it, and a digit to slip inside you, making you slightly tug at his hair, his tongue wasn’t slowing down as he licked at your clit, you could feel a tightening feeling building inside you, your skin felt on fire with the pleasure coursing through your veins, you felt his finger pumping in and out of you, you tried to focus on both his mouth and fingers, but somewhere your mind completely left you and ascended into the clouds, leaving you to only think about the pleasure you were experiencing, another finger enters you, and you could barely hear the sinful sound of your wetness squelching around along with the water hitting the tiled floor, your hand falls away from his shoulder and you grip onto the edge of the tiled bench, his mouth suddenly closes around your clit.

    “KYUN!” You scream, a jolt of pleasure rushes up your spine, you turn your head from side to side against the tiled wall, the stars appearing behind your eyelids warned you that you were close to reaching your high, you breathed in deep and quick through your mouth, you barely felt another finger entering you, you were becoming more soaked making it easy for him to slip his fingers in and out of you, you felt him pause his movements before your entire body started to shake, you release his hair and move that hand to the tiled bench, gripping onto it. “OOHH!” His fingers curled against your sweet spot, the tightening feeling inside you suddenly snapping and pleasure washes over you, he curls and uncurls his fingers inside you, making sure he kept rubbing that sweet spot, he could feel your squirm while he fingered you and sucked your clit.

    “Hmm.” He hums against the sensitive nub.

    “FUCK, KYUN!” You scream, you couldn’t even describe the feeling you were experiencing, just hearing you moan and scream his name made him became aware of how painfully hard his cock hard become again. “Kyun… Kyun… fuck.” His fingers slow down as he senses you coming down from your high, he releases your clit and looks up at you, you looked so ethereal to him, your chest riding up and down rapidly as you’re coming down from your high, he places his hands on your knees before leaning up, you lift your head and look at him. “Gosh, Kyun…” It felt like your body hasn’t stopped shaking yet, but you knew it had, your mind was in complete bliss from the high, you still felt sensitive from the orgasm, but fuck, did you want to feel him inside you now. “I need you inside me, now.” You felt his hands squeeze your knees.

    “What my baby wants, my baby gets.” He says, carefully standing from the ground. “I want you against the wall.” You felt your walls clench at his command, and stood from the tiled bench, his hands move to your hips and he carefully guides you towards the tiled wall next to the glass.

    “Shit.” You hiss, even though you had just been sitting on the cold tiles, the cold still shocked you, his lips attach to yours, one of his hands slide down your hips to your thigh before moving to the back of it, his hand grips onto it and he lifts your leg, wrapping it around his waist, he breaks away from the kiss.

    “Keep it here.” He orders, his hand disappears from your thigh, you dig your heel into his lower back. “Perfect, baby.” His hand wraps around his cock and slides his hand along his length, pumping himself a few times before sliding himself between your soaked folds, coating himself with your wetness, he circles the head of his cock around your clit.

    “Kyun…” You whine, squirming.

    “You sound so cute when whining my name.” He says, he guides himself to your entrance and pushes the head inside you before unwrapping his hand from around himself, his hand quickly moves to your leg that was around him, gripping the back of your thigh as he slides into you, you lean your head against the tiled wall, your jaw slacking at the delicious stretch you were feeling, and at the feeling of being filled by him.

    “Kyun… baby…” You moan.

    “Shit…” He mutters, your walls clench around him as he slowly fills you, and it felt absolutely mind-blowing to him, he pauses once he was inside you, waiting for you to adjust to him, you lift your head and lay your forehead against his, staring into his brown eyes. “Why do you keep clenching?”

    “Because it feels so damn good.” You say. “And I’ve lost control of it.” A smile begins to grow on his lips. “You’re so good, you made me lose control over my own body.”

    “Are you being cheesy?” He asks. “While I’m deep inside you?”

    “What if I am?” You ask.

    “Gosh, I love you so much.” He says, his lips brush against yours, kissing you, his lips slowly begin moving, his cock slipping out halfway before slowly being pushed back into you, you moan into his mouth and break the kiss, gasping for air as you do, his pace slowly picks up and the sinful sound of skin slapping against skin fills the shower.

    “Kyun.” You moan.

    “Y/n…” He moans, the sound of your sweet moans mixed fills the bathroom, echoing around the small space, he presses himself closer to you, wanting to feel you fully against him and wanting to reach deeper. “Fuck…” His deep voice caused you to clench around him, and hard. “Baby!”

    “Gosh, it’s not my fault your voice sounds— fuck— so damn good when you’re moaning.” You say in between moans, his hand on your hips tightens, you move your hands to his biceps, gripping onto them.

    “When I’m grunting while feeling your delicious pussy clench around me?” He asks. “Fuck…” He watches your reaction and saw your eyes roll to the back of your head. “Like that, baby?”

    “Youngkyun…” You warn, he feels your walls clamp down around him, milking his cock for an orgasm.

    “Shit.” He grunts, with how he had pulled you closer to him, his pubic bone was rubbing against your clit giving extra stimulation, which caused your high to quickly build up, something he quickly picked up on. “Make a mess around my cock, baby.”

    “Kyun…” You moan, his speed seems to pick up and you grew closer and closer to your high.

    “Fuck…” He groans, hearing those words fall from his lips sent you tumbling over the edge and crash into waves of pleasure, your body shakes as your eyes fall shut, fireworks go off behind your eyelids, he could hear the sound of your wetness increasing around his cock, he grips you tighter as he feels his high approaching, keeping you upright as he rolled his hips into you, while you were experiencing your high. “Feels so good when you make a mess around my cock.” His cock twitches inside you, his thrusts become uneven as he chases his high before the tension forming in the head of his cock snapped, and his cum coated your walls. “Y/n… fuck…” He tilts his head back, his eyes shutting with pleasure, his thrusts slow down until his hips were just rocking into yours, easing himself through his high, you open your eyes, seeing strings of his hair in his face, sticking to his cheeks and forehead, you lift one of your hands and move it to his hair, pushing some strands out of his face, his hips stop and he slowly lifts his head, slowly opening his eyes to look at you, he could feel the mixes of your juices sliding down his cock. “How glad I am that we’re already in the shower now.” You couldn’t help but laugh, he slips himself out from you, causing the mixture of your releases to slide down your thighs, he carefully guides you underneath the water. “Oh… Oh, shit, we should hurry up.” The water was slowly turning cold.

    “We should, otherwise this is going to be a cold shower.” You say, he reaches for the soap and your wash clothe, you quickly reach for his and wets it.

    “Are you okay?” He asks, wetting your washcloth. “Was it okay?” You nod your head as you hold out the washcloth for him to put some soap on, once both cloths had soap on them, he puts the bottle away.

    “It was more than okay.” You say. “And you, are you okay?”

    “Always, I always am.” He says, you begin washing each other, washing away the evidence of what had just happened, even though your legs felt shaky, you managed to stay upright throughout the shower, he closes the water and places his hands on your hips as he guides you out of it, he grabs your towel and wraps it around you, you reach for his towel only for him to reach past you and grab it, he wraps it around his lower half before helping you dry off. “Anything sore?”

    “Nothing is sore.”  You say. “I’m thirsty, and a little hungry.” He nods his head.

    “Food and drinks it is, but first, let me dry you off and then myself.” He says, you nod your head, letting him do all the work.

    “Can’t I dry you off?” You ask.

    “No.” He says. “Because I want to tend to all your needs, you can do it next time.” A pout forms on your lips.

    “You say that all the time.” You say, he smiles and hangs your towel.

    “Okay… Okay, you can dry me off.” He says, you smile and pull the towel away from his waist and begin to dry him off, soon you were both fried and dressed and sitting in the kitchen, waiting for your food to heat up while having a warm drink.

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