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    "You should let your mommy sleep now, my princess", your husband Rowoon whispers to your little kickboxer, his hand soothingly caressing your growing belly, as his mellow voice is lulling you to dreamland.

    #a few minutes ago I saw a clip of rw and I'm in my very soft mood 😂 #sf9 scenarios#sf9 scenario#rowoon scenarios#sf9 timestamps#sf9 imagines#sf9 imagine#sf9 fluff #i love timestamps xdd
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    Off My Mind (mini series)

    Pairing: bad boy!Youngbin x fem!reader

    Warnings: mentions of alcohol, smoking, swearing, suggestive content (there will be warnings for every chapter)

    Genre: college au, strangers to lovers, fluff, angst

    Plot: Your ordinary life consists of work and study until you catch the attention of Kim Youngbin- the notorious bad boy, everyone fears and talk about. Strange for him, however, you know nothing about his persona. There is something very intriguing about you but will he be able to decipher your heart and soul? Will you be able to break the walls he has built around himself for so long? 

    A/N: I've had this idea for months (wanted to write for another group) but I finally decided to do it :D. It’s nothing new and wow for this genre but hope the story will turn out well and that you’ll like it! Let me know if I have to add more warnings, etc. My inbox is always open <3. The first chapter will be posted soon.

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    mornings | kim hwiyoung

    Genre : fluffy fluff, slight crack

    Word Count : 710

    A/N : i guess the guys teasing may be considered a bit suggestive? nothing nsfw though i promise, this is one of my favorite requests ever <3

    Request : could you please do sf9 shirtless!hwiyoung please? the members teasing you in the morning after (seeing you wearing his oversized sweater). when hwiyoung came out of the room, he back hugging you and peppering you kisses and the members rolled their eyes. maybe something like that idk. thank you before, love all of your works💙

    Birds singing, the wind gently brushing against your skin, the sun happily shining through the big windows, Hwiyoung's soft snoring. 

    It was morning, your eyes squinting as you gazed out the window. You didn't want to get out at all, you just wanted to stay in bed and sleep all day.

    You rubbed your eyes lazily and sat up, looking over at Hwiyoung's sleeping form. His arm was wrapped around you in a caring manner, making you smile. You decided not to wake him up, quietly wiggling out of his grasp and getting out of bed to not disturb his rest. He looked way too handsome and peaceful to be woken up.

    Hwiyoung's sweater was way too big for you, covering your knees. You wished that the others won't be up yet, or the teasing would never stop.

    You took your phone and quickly replied to a few texts before putting on your flip-flops and stretching a few times. It was a pretty warm and nice spring morning, you always loved the calm and peace when you woke up.

    You quietly left the room, going to the bathroom first to wash up then to the living room. Oh, how unlucky you were. The eight guys were sitting on the sofas, chatting loudly. You slowly backed off, praying for them not to notice you. "Oh, morning, Y/N!" Inseong smiled, waving to you. Oh god.

    "..Morning" You replied, laying against the wall and yawning as you adjusted the sweater. You heard teasing whistles, sighing mentally. "Well, well, Y/N-" Jaeyoon wiggled his eyebrows. 

    "..No." You groaned, but it was already too late, all eyes fixed on you and the guys quietly giggling.

    You knew this was not going to be good. "Just so you know, we don't want to be grandparents yet" Dawon chuckled, making your cheeks turn red. "We didn-"

    "Good morning." Hwiyoung entered the living room, completely shirtless. Oh, just great. The whistles got louder as Hwiyoung glared daggers at them, ruffling his hair which at the moment looked like it could be an excellent bird nest. 

    "Kids grow up so fast" Youngbin sighed dramatically, wiping a nonexistent tear from the corner of his eye. Hwiyoung scoffed and hugged you from the back, peppering you in soft kisses. The members rolled their eyes and turned away, scrunching their faces in slight disgust.

    "Ew. Don't look, Chanhee" Rowoon covered Chani's eyes, making the youngest groan out. "Mind you, there are kids here, Hwi" He reminded teasingly, cocking a brow at the two of you.

    Hwiyoung ignored the male and continued to kiss you all over, stopping at your nose. He fixed your hair, lovingly caressing your cheek. You wondered everyday what you did in your past life to deserve him. "Pancakes?" He asked, sweetly booping your nose and smiling. You nod, Hwiyoung about to enter the kitchen but Taeyang quickly stops him. 

    "You will not be causing a fire in my kitchen for the fourth time, Mr.Kim" Hwiyoung scoffed, sitting on the sofa and making a place for you on his lap. Taeyang went to make pancakes for you and Hwiyoung as you cuddled with him, throwing a fuzzy blanket over both of you to cover his chest. 

    Soon Taeyang returned with the pancakes, giving you and Hwiyoung a plate with the delicious breakfast. "Thank you, Tae" You hummed, Taeyang nodding and slumping on the sofa beside Zuho. 

    "You look comfy, but, uh.." Dawon scratched the back of his head, not sure if he should be telling you about it or not. You turned your head to him, frowning. "You're running a little bit very late to work" You gasped and shot up, running to change. You completely forgot about work, the morning was just too perfect. 

     "Can't you skip work?" Hwiyoung whined lazily, back-hugging you. "I wish" You stood on your tippy toes to peck his lips, putting on your shoes. "We'll cuddle when I get home" He nodded, kissing you and helping you get ready. 

    "Promise?" You could swear that Hwiyoung was a teddy bear locked in a grown man's body. "Promise, you can prepare movies and snacks" You hugged him and said your goodbyes to the rest of the guys.

    Mornings with Hwiyoung are always perfect.

    a/n : thank you for requesting! hope you liked it <333

    Taglist :

    @atiny-chocolate-chip @lmaoskz

    #putting requests in scenarios now because it looks neater! hope it's fine #y'all are really so spoiled omg 3 works in a day #at least in my time zone #I LOVE HWIYOUNG SM #hwiyoung#sf9#sf9 hwiyoung#sf9 scenarios#sf9 imagines#sf9 fluff#sf9 youngkyun#kim youngkyun#kpop#kpop fluff#kpop scenarios#kpop imagines#sf9 crack#sf9 ff#kim hwiyoung#hwiyoung scenarios#hwiyoung imagines#hwiyoung ff#kpop ff#sf9 kpop#sf9 oneshot #not really proof read sorry
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    #300 followers special event #anon request#sf9 scenarios#sf9 imagines#sf9 smut #sf9 yoo taeyang
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    #300 followers special event #emokpopstan#sf9 imagines#sf9 scenarios #sf9 yoo taeyang #sf9 fluff
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    co-worker Hwioyoung x fem!reader

    a/n: this was quickly written and inspired by Hwiyoung’s latest vlive :D; might rewrite it later; any feedback (and discussion) is appreciated <3; and excuse any mistakes
    warnings: implied smut

    it's not that you don't like your co-worker Youngkyun; on the contrary- he is charming, funny, very attractive but he’s too flirty for your like and annoys the hell out of you

    he constantly makes silly jokes, throws out compliments like confetti, the first one to help when a problem arise

    and he has that annoying habit of licking his lips while making eye contact and wearing tight clothes to show his toned god-like body

    all women are whipped for him 

    but he especially likes to tease you

    and he likes to throw glances at you even stare lmao

    the thing is you don’t succumb to his charms and  games

    and for Youngkyun you are a closed book which he would really like to read

    you are  introverted, usually calm and you try to keep your composure when you are around him

    which is not easy; and for your logical mind it is absurd to confess that you might have a little crush on him

    not to mention the fact that you get a little jealous at times because of the eyes full of lust and desire looking at him

    but one day, suddenly, he stop teasing you so much

    which means you can finally take a breath but 

    your heart breaks when you see the reason of his changed behavior

    it was on a Saturday morning, your day off, when you decide to grab a book and visit your favorite café and you see him with a girl there

    who is very pretty you can’t deny it

    Youngkyun spots you and waves at you showing his eye smile which you adore, you wave back at him too, a fake smile creeping on your face

    you try to give your attention fully on your book but you can’t help to glance at their table not-so-secretly, as you thought, from time to time

    not long after that there is the annual gala dinner your and other companies organize

    where anyone can go with their partner (needless to say you go alone :) ); and you try not to think about seeing Kyun with his girlfriend

    that night you wear a simple yet beautiful red dress that compliment your figure

    you are patiently waiting for the elevator when you feel someone’s presence beside you; you turn and see him looking at you; what shocks you more is that he is alone

    “I thought you’ll come with your girlfriend tonight“, you say to him, trying to sound unfazed, your eyes in front of you; the tension between you visibly grows

    “We broke up“, he answers; you quickly look at him but before you can say anything, the elevator comes; and the gentleman Kyun is, he lets you enter first.

    there’s an awkward silence between the two of you, both lost in your thoughts; a part of you wants to ask him why did they break up but you quickly brush off these thoughts

    “She is not you.“, you hear him whisper in your ear, your breath hitching; “I saw how you looked at us at the café. Don’t you know it’s not polite to stare at people?“, he asks, placing a soft kiss of your neck as his hands travel around your exposed thighs, making their way closer and closer to your most intimate parts; how did you not notice him coming so closer to you?

    “I wasn’t staring“, you finally manage to mumble, surprised at how your body reacted to his touch, to everything he does to you

    “If you say so“, Youngkyun says, laughing at your words and turns you to face him. Your eyes are closed, he can tell that his actions caught you off guard. When you finally open them you see him grinning like a Cheshire cat. 

    “You look gorgeous tonight, love.“, he says, as he kisses both your hands, not breaking for a second the eye contact. You try to process how so many things happened for a few seconds (and not minutes, as you thought).

    the elevator door opens, as you and Kyun finally reach your destination.

    You glance at the hustle and bustle in front of you. Do you really want to be here? 

    “Is something wrong, Y/N?“, he says, seeing you frozen in your place.

    “Would you like to come home? For a drink“, you ask him, only thinking about how you want to finish the things your co-worker started in the elevator. He licks his lips, his eyes full of lust...and love?; he think his heart might bursts out of his chest. 

    “I would love to have a drink with you“, he says, as he takes your hand in his.

    needless to say you both made love to each other that night, finally confessing your feelings, talking about everything and anything

    and waking up in each other’s’ arms-the best way to start your day

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    When you break up: SF9

    Genre- Angst

    Warning- None!(I'm so proud of myself that I didn't curse once!)

    Disclaimer- This is all fiction in no way, shape or form am I trying to say I know these idols personally.

    Inseong: He'll never be the same, when he was with you he was such a major sunshine and smiles. When you broke up that changed, he never smiled as much his face held no sunshine or light.


    °~Listen to these while reading, you can pick which one you want to listen to~°

    Youngbin: He never expected it to ever happen. He though you two were happy and in love but when you said you wanted to break up, his heart shattered.

    Jaeyoon: He is normal about it, he understands your decision but there are some points in his day when he starts thinking of you and starts getting upset.

    Sanghyuk/Dawon: He'd be broken about it. It would taken him awhile to repair his heart, he'd try everything to get over you but you were the love of his life and now you are gone.

    Juho/Zuho: When you said you wanted to break up and when you left him, he would feel so many emotions at once. Anger, Sadness and Insecurity, he thought about what he has done wrong. After you, he couldn't find anyone else all he wanted was you and only you.

    Rowoon: He'd handle it maturely but still be broken inside. He seems to not take it as big of a deal since everyone goes through break ups but he really misses you and wants you back.

    Taeyang: He is hurt but he doesn't show it. When someone mentions your name he excuses himself and he breaks down. You are always on his mind even though you have broken up.

    Youngkyun/Hwiyoung: He tries to move on. After you both broke up, he tried to find someone else. While dating them he didn't feel the same connection as he felt between you and him. No matter how much he dates people he can't think about anyone else but you.

    Chanhee/Chani: He is cold and quiet when you break up. He only talks when someone is talking to him. All he thinks about is those 3 words you said to him(A/N which is Let's break up). He wanted to spend his whole life with you but it was cut short.


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    300 followers special event!

    Hey, my beloved foxies! First of all, I want to say thank you for all the love and support you’ve given to me since I started this blog. Your feedbacks and interactions really mean a lot for me and I’m super grateful for everyone I met here ❤

    Now, let’s go to our special event! It’s simple: you can choose a number/sentence + a member + the genre (fluff, smut/suggestive or angst) and I'll write a short fic (drabbles/blurbs). Please, choose only one number/sentence and one member per request and you can request as many times as you want. Ex: 1 + Inseong + Fluff

    I’ll be closing the event tomorrow at 9 p.m (any time zone). C’mon, foxies, I’m waiting a lot of requests 😁

    I can’t stop kissing you

    Never let me go

    I need you

    Let me take care of you tonight

    Please, stay

    Hold my hand

    I missed you

    Wanna shower with me?

    Are you wearing my shirt?

    It feels so good

    Touch here

    Say it again

    Now I got you exactly where I planned

    Do you wanna come with me?

    Let’s go slow

    I heard you talking in your sleep

    You’re driving me crazy

    I can’t wait anymore

    I think I won’t be able to hold myself

    Can I come over?

    I’m happy that you are here

    I can’t keep my hands to myself

    Are you listening?

    I still remember the first time we… + choose a scenario

    Look how cute he/she is

    Do you need some help?

    Can you hug me?

    You don’t need to say it twice

    Sit/Lay next to me

    Are you in mood to play?

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    Excitement Leads to Anxiety

    Long-term-boyfriend!sub!Hwiyoung x (Gender-Ambiguous) Dom!Reader

    Summary: After touring overseas, your boyfriend finally returns to your arms. Things quickly get hot and heavy, but they stop almost as quickly as they start, making your boyfriend anxious. 

    This is part of a collaboration called The Intimacy Project, which deals with the fact that the imperfections of intimacy makes it much more, well, intimate. I highly encourage checking out the Directory for the project to find other amazing works that deal with topics involving the imperfect side of intimacy!

    Word Count: 2.1k

    Contains: sub!idol aspects, smut (strip tease, blowjob, etc), anxieties/insecurities, a little bit of crack, mostly fluff tho

    A/N: woah, a new post??? WILD. Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I will slowly but surely be finishing up the four stories I’ve promised you all. This is the first of my two pieces for the Intimacy Project! Hope you enjoy!

    Your boyfriend texted you the moment the plane landed. The message was quickly followed by Zuho messaging you a picture of your boyfriend smiling like crazy at his phone. You giggled at his adorable excitement before saving the secret picture and messaging your boyfriend that he'd be showered with kisses the moment he steps in the door.

    [Bebi♡]: Please do!! I miss you so much.

    After that message, he must be busy gathering his luggage and making his way to your place because you only hear from him again when you hear someone successfully enter the code to enter your apartment.

    You jump up from your position on the couch to satisfy your promise. As he sets his suitcase by the entrance and turns to close the door behind him, you hug him tightly from behind, leaving soft kisses on his nape. As he turns around in your arms, trying to face you, you keep placing kisses on any revealed skin you see. Upon seeing his smiling face, you kiss both cheeks before locking your lips with his. His arms find their way around your waist while yours stay wrapped tightly around his as if worried he will be pulled away from you once again.

    As the simple welcome-home kisses turn into a full make-out session, you lead your boyfriend to the nearby couch. You sit down first, momentarily breaking the kiss, but he quickly straddles your lap, draping his arms over your shoulders and continuing the kiss. You smirk into the kiss, finally recognizing his desperation when he begins grinding against your thigh.

    You lightly pull on his hair to reveal his now-pouting face, teasing, "Babe, you seem really needy. Should I help you?"

    "Please. I missed your touch so much." He begs, trying to nod despite your steady grip on his hair.

    As you let go, you tell him to strip for you. He quickly stands up, pulling his t-shirt over his head without hesitation. You can't help but laugh as you tell him to slow down so you can savor the sight since you haven't seen it in months. A blush covers his face, but he listens well, unbuttoning his jeans and slowly sliding them down his legs. You jokingly tell him to spin around, but, with the anticipation building inside him, the comment clearly doesn't register as a joke to him, as he embarrassingly turns in place, his hands covering his face the whole time.

    "You're adorable." You coo, reaching out to remove his hands from his face, "Now, sweetheart, will you finish stripping, or are you too embarrassed? Do I need to do it?"

    He shakes his head as his hands fly to the waistband of his underwear. His movements stop momentarily as he remembers that he shouldn't rush. After taking a breath to stabilize himself, he slowly pulls down the band, his half-hardened member bouncing out once the material is removed. As the final article of clothing drops to his feet, you move forward and reach around him to squeeze his butt and use it to pull him closer to you. He steps forward, and you catch him off-guard as you take his penis into your mouth without warning. The high-pitched noise he makes as a result echoes in the otherwise silent room.

    Following his desperation, you start sucking hard, moving your head fast without warming him up. After a minute or so, his legs begin to shake, and his moans turn into curses. Before he can even warn you, his cum coats your throat, making you choke a bit before regaining composure and swallowing the liquid. He quickly takes a step back, stumbling over his words as he apologizes for cumming so early and without any warning. You stand up and quickly pull him into your arms as you see his eyes begin to water.

    You coax him to sit back down, and he instantly hides his face in your shoulder, his repeated apologies now muffled. You pet his back, insisting that it's okay. You feel his tears through the thin fabric, which leaves a dull pain in your chest to witness, and you know he needs to calm down from the initial shock before you can convince him that you don't mind the situation. You hold him close and continue rubbing his back and petting his hair until he lifts his head.

    "I'm so sorry. This isn't how I wanted to spend the first day back. I'll make it up to you." He declares in between sniffles.

    You place your hand under his chin and kiss his forehead before insisting, "Babe, it's okay. I really don't mind at all. You got excited, that's all. It's normal."


    "No, Youngkyun. But nothing. We have as much time as we want to screw around whenever we're together." You use your thumb to wipe away the remaining tears on his cheeks as you continue, "This way, we can enjoy other things together today. We can cuddle, watch something, play some games, blast music so we can dance like weirdos - literally anything. No matter what, I'm going to enjoy it because it means I'm spending time with you."

    He shines a small smile through puffy eyes before asking if he can get some water. You tell him to think of what he wants to do while you get some for him. You wiggle your way off the couch and head to the kitchen, getting water for you both. As you return to the living room, you find your boyfriend sitting on the floor, in front of the cabinet, looking at your small collection of physical copies of games, movies, and albums. You set the glasses on the coffee table before asking if he's chosen something to do.

    "Kind of. I'm just narrowing things down at this point. Gimme a number, one through ten."

    "Uh... six?"

    "Cool." He pulls out an album and inserts the CD into the player, "Guess we'll listen to some k-pop this time."

    You stifle a laugh as you realize which activity he chose from the list of examples you gave him. As he hits play and holds out his hand, you can't help your laughter when you hear his own group play from the speakers. "I see I was given the illusion of choice."

    "No, even numbers got you this while odd numbers would've given you one of your non-k-pop albums. You just chose the proper option."

    You roll your eyes as you take his hand and pull him in close. He stumbles over his feet, not expecting you to flip the script by bringing him towards you. The tall boy basically falls into you, his face hitting your chest. He looks up at you, clearly embarrassed, so you wink up at him to throw him even more off-guard. You see the blush cover his face and ears before he tries to cover his embarrassment by standing up straight again and beginning to dance to the song. Since his reaction was so cute, you decide to let it go without comment and join in, dancing poorly on purpose to make him laugh.

    The action succeeds, and you both purposely dance poorly while laughing at one another until you exhaust your energy and throw yourself onto the couch. He straddles your lap, nuzzling his nose into your neck as you both catch your breath. The music fades into the background as you focus on the sweet boy cuddling into you, concentrating on hearing his heartbeat and breathing.

    You soon realize that Hwiyoung is falling asleep on you. You tap his back and gently tell him that the two of you should head to bed rather than risk falling asleep in an uncomfortable position on the couch. Slowly, he gets up and helps you up as well. Holding his hand, you lead him to the bedroom, letting him get underneath the blankets first. He holds his arms open wide, whining about not cuddling you soon enough and hoping you'll fill the empty spot in his grasp.

    You undress before joining, but when you do join him, he instantly wraps his arms around you, pulling you tightly into his chest. The room is mostly silent for a while, so you begin dozing off. However, you hear him softly call your name, checking whether you're still awake. You mumble a response to let him know you aren't yet asleep, willing to listen to whatever he has to say, especially since he usually falls asleep before you.

    As he squeezes you tightly, trying to hide the anxiety in his voice, he quietly asks, "Is it really okay that I came so quick earlier?"

    "Did you have fun dancing with me after?"


    "Then yes, it's totally okay. As long as the time we spend together is enjoyable for both of us, I don't care what we do. Sex isn't that important to me, babe.

    Your happiness and my own happiness both come first."

    "I'm just... I just feel really bad about it. It was so quick and you didn't get to enjoy anything. I didn't even help you at all."

    "I will continue to reassure you that it was completely okay for however long you need me to. It really is okay. We still had a great time today. Plus, who said I didn't enjoy it? Teasing you like earlier is extremely fun for me." You wiggle an arm out from between the two of you to wrap it around him and hug him close.

    After a short sound of embarrassment, he mumbles, "I'll still make up for it." The drowsiness in his voice fades out his words as he drifts out of consciousness.

    You smile at the thought of him being comforted enough to fall asleep mid-conversation before allowing your body to relax and fall asleep as well.

    When you wake up in the morning, your partner isn't there with you. You look around, wondering if you simply dreamed of him coming home yesterday until you recognize the faint sound of the water flowing in the shower. You close your eyes and stay in bed until Hwiyoung returns. Hearing him scoff to himself about you still being asleep, you respond without moving, and you hear him jump at the sound of your voice.

    "Who said I was asleep, meanie?"

    "God, Y/N! Don't scare me like that!"

    You break out into a loud laugh, one that only grows when he tells you that it wasn't funny. Soon enough, the contagious laugh reaches him. You both laugh until you're out of breath, him ending up on the floor.

    As you sit up and look over the edge of the bed to see the panting boy looking up at you from his position, you smile, "You're so cute."

    "Says the cute one." He spits back without hesitation - as per usual - and sits up, patting your head as it hangs over the edge, "Should I make some breakfast for us?"

    "Are you going to burn down my kitchen by trying? Just stay with me a bit more, please." You hold your arms open wide, gesturing him to come to lay in bed with you again.

    As he gets off the ground and finds his way into a comfortable position in your arms, he speaks under his breath, "God, I love you."

    "I love you, too, baby."

    "Thank you for accepting me no matter what. Even after what happened yesterday. I'm going to pamper you all day today because of that. Whatever you want, I'll do it."

    You giggle, knowing he's being way too serious, so you decide to play with him a bit, "So, if I asked you to put on a dress and let me do your makeup, you would?"

    "Ye- Wait... Babe, please don't make me do that."

    "I won't. It's just funny since you don't have to make it up to me at all. But if this will help you feel better, I'm not going to stop you. I just want you to understand that finishing early is normal. The reverse is true as well. I might end up without the energy to keep going some nights, or I might get too excited and finish quickly, too. It's all normal."

    "Okay, babe, but I'm still gonna be under your control today. Anything you want, I'll do it."

    "Under my control?" Your lips curl up into a smirk as your brain begins to imagine all the things you could have your boyfriend do if he would obey your every word, but you decide you'd rather just enjoy your time with him, "So we can cuddle all day, right?"

    "That's it? That's all you want?"

    "Youngkyun, I didn't have you with me for months. It'll happen again the next time you guys go on tour. I just want to enjoy the time I have with you. So just relax with me for a bit, okay?"

    He nods as you both snuggle into each other, basking in the presence of one another.

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    Welcome To The Neighborhood//Lee Sanghyuk

    Pairing: Dawon X Reader

    Themes: Fluff, non-idol!au

    Summary: To fall in love with your neighbor. Okay now what

    A/N: Happy Birthday to Dawon! There will be a part 2 to this. I’m just too exhausted to write a lot today. 

    You lived in a fairly small neighborhood. The houses were all close together, and the people were just as close. Everyone knew each other. And everyone knew about the new family moving in. 

    Everyone was intrigued by the new family. It wasn’t every day someone new moved in. But you were more intrigued by the son of the family. From what you’ve heard, there was a boy around your age moving in to your neighborhood. Not just anywhere in the neighborhood, but right next door. 

    The little old lady that had lived next door to you for your whole life moved out. After years of living on her own, she was no longer able to sustain herself. She had moved out of the neighborhood and into a nursing home. But her move allowed for this family to move in. And just like that everything changed. 

    The whole neighborhood gathered around to greet the new neighbor and to help them move in. You had made your way to the son, wanting to greet him immediately. “Hello, I’m Y/N”. You stuck your hand out to greet him. He blushed but still took your hand. 

    “I’m Sanghyuk, but my friends call me Dawon. Is it always like this here? Everyone is really friendly.” He looked at you nervously. 

    “Don’t worry, they’re just curious about the new family. They’ll forget about you soon enough. It’s just not everyday we get a new family here.” You laughed as he nodded in understanding. 

    “Oh okay. Well um, I really should get these boxes inside. It was nice to meet you.” Before you could respond he made his way inside, away from the crowd. 

    You too made your way inside, heading back up to your own bedroom. From your bedroom you could see the front yard from one window, and the bedroom of your neighbor from the other. You were watching out the front window, but something caught your attention out the other window. The bedroom next door lit up and you turned to see who’s room it was. Dawon walked into the room and looked around. You don’t know why but this made you blush. Maybe because that room had been empty for so long. Or maybe because it was now occupied by a cute guy. But whatever it was, you weren’t here for it. So you shut your curtains, not wanting to look at him. 

    After the first day you didn’t think much about keeping your curtains closed. You were always in and out that it didn’t make much of a distance. But you did find yourself sneaking glances out the window, trying to see him. 

    That first day in the new house Dawon noticed right away the proximity of his window to the neighbors. Just as he looked through the window was when you had closed the curtain. ‘So his bedroom window looked right through your bedroom window. Just his luck that the pretty neighbor and him shared a window,’ he thought to himself. 

    Over the next few days, Dawon found himself sneaking glances through the window. Trying to just catch a glimpse of you. And every now and then he would. You would run into your room, grab something, and run out. He doesn’t know why, but he loved these moments. These little moments, these small glimpses, they were everything. He didn’t know it then, but he was falling in love with you. The neighbor he had barely spoken to. The neighbor whose window he could look right into. The neighbor that made his heart race.

    You didn’t stay in your room much. The more you stayed in your room, the more inclined you were to look out your window. To just catch a glimpse of Dawon. You don’t know why, but he had made your heart race. This neighbor that had just moved in. This neighbor whose room you had looked into for years. This neighbor who you may have just fallen in love with. 

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  • key201303
    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Pairing: Dawon x genderneutral!reader

    Word count: 1.2k words

    Warnings: None!!

    Genre: pure fluff, birthday drabble

    Plot: 7am, a birthday boy and a birthday mission you had to complete. But what if the birthday boy is peacefully sleeping on your arm?

    A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS AMAZING HUMAN BEING😭❤️ I love him so damn much and he has literally helped me a lot to get through tough times just by being the chaotic kid he is🤧❤️ keep smiling bright and keep being who you are because you are amazing ❤️❤️ Hope you guys enjoy this little drabble ❤️ Happy Dawonie Day!! ❤️

    P. S: Not me spending a whole 5 minutes trying to find out in which side of his chest he has the tattoo because I'm so fucking dumb💀

    The soft vibration of your phone with the alarm finally going off announced the beginning of a new and special day. Your eyes felt heavy, wanting to remain close for a little longer but you knew you had to get out of bed if you wanted to be ready for when the amazing human being laying next to you, sleeping like a baby, woke up.

    You took a few seconds to admire his sleeping figure. You couldn't help smiling at yourself while looking at him, it was inevitable. You were still trying to find out how he could look so peaceful and relaxed while sleeping, completely escaping the reality of the bright personality your boyfriend always had. You couldn't understand how he could go from a loud and chaotic hot mess to a lovely and peaceful angel as soon as his head rested on a pillow. 

    You tried to get out of bed to start the perfect plan you have prepared for his birthday but it was then when you noticed a huge obstacle on your way. Dawon was peacefully sleeping on your arm. What were you supposed to do now? Waking him up? Well that was a big no no for you. You couldn't do that to the most precious person in the world, especially when it was his birthday. It was way too early to wake him up. 

    Instead, you decided the cake you were supposed to prepare as breakfast could wait a little bit and you could spend some more time in bed with him, even if it was just you staring into his sleeping figure and running your fingers through his hair while he softly snored. You started to draw random patrons around his face, remarking on his beautiful features and leaving some light pecks on random nooks of his face and neck. Then, your fingers moved to his bare chest, drawing with your index finger the silhouette of the beautiful tattoo placed on the right side of his chest. You still remembered like it was yesterday how hard you tried to convince him to get it. He even asked you to help him choose everything related to it and even took you with him the day he got it. You couldn't help smiling at the memory of how exaggerated he acted just to make you laugh because you looked so worried about seeing him in pain. 

    "I will always wonder what made me so lucky to deserve someone like you." You whispered with a thread of voice as you kept drawing the letters of the tattoo on his chest. "I should be the one saying that." He suddenly said, still with his eyes closed but with a huge smile plastered on his face. "Shut up and go back to sleep. Let me live this moment." You said, placing your index finger on his lips and making him laugh. "You can do this whenever you want, you don't need to wait until I fall asleep to do it." He said, moving from your arm and embracing you into his. "I missed you. You didn't come to visit me in Dreamland." He added, cutely pouting, waiting for you to kiss his lips and remove his pout the same way you always did. "I was busy with my own dream preparing someone's birthday." You said giggling, pressing your nose to his in an eskimo kiss to land a cute peck on his pouty lips right after. "Isn't it too early for that?" He said against your lips, moving his gaze for a second to check the time on the small clock hanging on the wall of your shared bedroom. "It's never early." You answered, parting away from him. It felt too great to be true but as soon as you tried to leave Dawon all alone so you could prepare the surprise birthday cake, he grabbed your hand tightly, pulling you back into bed, specifically back into his arms. "It’s just 7am, are you sure we cannot stay in bed for a little longer?" He said with the same pout from before on his lips. You couldn't let him win and even though it was so hard for you to reject his tempting offer of staying in bed with him for a little longer, you promised you would be back in no time. 

    "Don't you forget something?" He said, grabbing the hem of your shorts and pulling you back before you could get out of your bedroom. "You're so childish." You said laughing and getting closer to his body to leave a soft kiss on his lips, just like he asked. "Happy birthday idiot." You said against his lips before giving him a last kiss and escaping his embrace to lock yourself into the kitchen for the next hour. 

    Once you were finally done with your boyfriend's birthday cake, it was finally the moment of bringing it to bed and giving him his well deserved gift. You walked in with a huge smile plastered on your face and holding a tray with the cake and a few candles you bought a few days ago in a convenience store. And as soon as you walked in, your lips couldn't help curling into a bigger smile when you met with the same image as when you woke up. Dawon, once again, was peacefully sleeping on his side of the bed, his full body out of the bed sheets due to how hot the summer weather was even though the air conditioning had been on throughout the entire night. The same soft snores from a few hours ago were coming out of his parted lips once again making your heart melt like an ice-cream. "Good morning again birthday boy." You softly said, placing the tray on the bedside table and leaning down to press a soft peck on his cheek. "You made me breakfast in bed? What did you do this time?" He asked, barely opening his eyes. "Can't I bake a birthday cake for my boyfriend and give it to him in bed?" You asked, lifting an eyebrow as you followed his motions that demanded you to sit on his lap. "Of course you can." He said laughing, looking at you with so much admiration. "I love you." He said, his hands resting on the hem of your shorts, lips waiting to be kissed. "I love you too." You said, hands around his neck, pulling him closer to connect your lips in a desired kiss. 

    "Get ready and get out of bed, I'm hungry." You said, leaving him alone once again. And just like you ordered, he finally got out of bed and walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast with you. "I can’t get over how a few years ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater. Life really is a surprise box." Dawon said, devouring your figure with a soft gaze as he sipped his delicious coffee. You couldn't do anything more than agreeing with his words. It was really surprising how two souls could be connected the way yours and his were and things like the relationship you two had happened. It felt like a fairytale, like a dream, but fortunately for you, it was real life. And you couldn’t feel more grateful for that.

    #kpop#kpop fluff#kpop imagine#kpop drabbles#kpop scenario#sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 fluff#sf9 imagine#sf9 drabbles#sf9 scenarios#sf9 dawon #sf9 dawon x reader #sf9 dawon fluff #sf9 dawon imagine #sf9 dawon drabble #sf9 dawon scenario #happy dawon day #dawon #dawon x reader #dawon fluff#lee sanghyuk #lee sanghyuk x reader #lee sanghyuk fluff #sf9 sanghyuk #sf9 sanghyuk x reader #sf9 sanghyuk fluff
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  • blu-joons
    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    When He Holds His Child For The First Time ~ SF9 Reaction


    Your hand pointed to Inseong as soon as the midwife turned around with your daughter, ready with the important question. “Who’s going to go first?”

    Inseong’s mouth opened to speak, but the midwife was already following the direction of your pointed finger. “No, Y/N, it’s only right that you go first.”

    “No, it’s not, I want you to be the first one Inseong.”

    Shaky arms stretched out as the midwife began to hang your daughter over. “Am I doing it right?” He instantly asked, terrified of messing something up or causing harm.

    “Relax,” you giggled, “you’re doing a good job.”

    “But she’s so small,” Inseong whispered, trying to keep calm as the midwife moved her arms away. “I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to this feeling, being a father already feels so cool.”

    “You’re doing great,” you encouraged as Inseong walked across to you, “that little girl has no idea how lucky she is to have you in her life.”

    “She’s very lucky,” Inseong agreed, “but not because she has me, but because she has you, an incredible mother.”

    “An incredible mother because I’ve got an incredible partner too.”


    Your smile grew as Youngbin’s eyes looked to you, barely able to believe the little one in front of him. “It certainly looks as if she’s taken a shine to you.”

    His head nodded, unable to quite believe what was happening. “I don’t think I want time to end for a long time, can we stay here, right now, forever?”

    “The first hold is always going to be the best hold.”

    Youngbin nodded once again, smiling down at her barely open eyes. “If I hold onto her forever then it’s always going to be my first hold of her, and always special too.”

    “What about me?” You joked, “I want a hold too.”

    “You’ve carried her for nine months, it’s my turn now,” he teased, holding her a little bit tighter, “I’ve laid by her side for months, desperate to be able to have a moment like this with her.”

    “At least whilst you hold her, she can’t kick you like she did me in here,” you pointed out to him, tapping against your tummy softly.

    “You can hold her soon,” Youngbin assured you, “I just don’t think I’m ready to let her go just yet, not for a while.”

    “It’s alright, I’m in no rush, take your time with her properly.”


    It all felt surreal as your son was placed against Jaeyoon’s chest, curling up straight away against his skin. “See, you look like a complete natural straightaway.”

    Jaeyoon wasn’t quite sure what to do as he looked across at you, “I feel like I’m in a bit of a dream right now having our son here after so long of waiting.”

    “We’ve definitely waited a while for this moment to arrive.”

    His head nodded in agreement, staring back down at your son. “I can’t believe how innocent he is; he has no idea of the amount of love so many already have for him.”

    “Are you getting emotional?” You teased, “is the joker crying?”

    “Perhaps,” he chuckled back at you, trying to keep himself together. “I wish I had something funny to say right now, but my heart is too full to even try and ruin this moment that we’re in.”

    “You’re doing a good job,” you smiled across at him, “make sure that he enjoys the quiet now before he has to live with all of your stupid dad jokes.”

    “They’re not stupid,” Jaeyoon tried to argue, “he’s going to have a great sense of humour just like his daddy does.”

    “It already sounds like I’m in trouble with you two.”


    Helpless eyes looked across at you as soon as you suggested to Sanghyuk holding your daughter. “There’s no need to look so afraid, it’s easy.”

    Sangyuk continued to stare back at you, with a soft shake of his head. “She looks comfortable with you right now, let’s give it a little bit more time first.”

    “You can’t put off holding your daughter forever you know.”

    He sighed softly, looking down at the sleeping baby that you held. “I’m just scared of doing something wrong, what if I drop her or something like that?”

    “That won’t happen,” you smiled, “just don’t stress.”

    “Easy for you to say,” he responded, already finding himself moving forwards, as did you too. “How am I even supposed to hold my hands, where do you support a baby when holding them?”

    “Calm down,” you assured him, resting your daughter into his extended arms, “just keep her nice and secure and you’ll be absolutely fine with her.”

    “Secure,” he repeated, moving her tightly into his chest, “am I doing it right? Do I look the same as when you hold her?”

    “You’re doing fine, and she’s still asleep, so it’s perfect.”


    Your eyes instantly looked to Juho as you heard him whisper your name. “What is it?” You questioned, naturally feeling yourself panic.

    His mouth was wide open, eyes staring down at awe. “He just looked at me and smiled, I’m sure that was a smile, do you think he knows who I am?”

    “He’s listened to your voice for nine months; I expect he can.”

    “Really?” Juho quizzed, not expecting that to be your response. “But I thought that was just an old fable about babies hearing voices in the bump.”

    “It’s true,” you laughed, “but you never believed me.”

    “I’m beginning to believe it now with these beautiful eyes staring back up at me,” he admitted, unable to look in your direction. “I just want to stay in this moment with him forever.”

    “We’ve got years ahead of us for many moments like this,” you assured him, “with you as his dad, he’s always going to stare at you in awe.”

    “I never imagined that anyone could steal my heart as quickly as this, he’s just too cute,” Juho then whispered.

    “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you as soft as this either.”


    You couldn’t help but chuckle at the difference between Seokwoo and your daughter as he held her into your chest. “You make her look so small.”

    His eyes looked down at the sleeping bundle that he held in his arms. “I’m too scared to move in case I do anything, she’s so fragile and small Y/N.”

    “You won’t hurt her, you’ve just got to be careful, that’s all.”

    “I feel like I’m too tall to hold a baby,” he softly laughed, careful not to disturb her sleep. “I don’t want to be the reason that she wakes up too.”

    “It’ll be alright,” you assured him, “if she wakes, she wakes.”

    “You make it all sound so easy,” he sighed, looking back across the room to you, “I feel like I’ve just been thrown in at the deep end, suddenly I have so much responsibility for this little one.”

    “And I know that you’ll do a great job too,” you encouraged, offering Seokwoo a smile. “It’s natural to feel worried at the very start, I am too.”

    “Why?” He questioned, “you seem to have everything so under control, and I’m just one big mess right about now.”

    “I’m hiding it well, that’s the difference between us.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    As soon as the door had closed, your eyes looked to Taeyang as finally the three of you were left alone. “Do you want to hold him for a bit?”

    His eyes widened, looking between you and your son. “But the midwife told you to have him for a while, skin to skin contact is good for you both.”

    “He should have contact with you too, not just me Tae.”

    You were stubborn, which he knew, not even attempting to argue with you. “If she tells us off for this, then I’m definitely putting all the blame on you.”

    “That’s fine,” you smiled, “I take full responsibility.”

    “Alright,” Taeyang whispered, taking his shirt off, pulling his chair closer towards you. As you leant forwards and placed your son into his arms, a loud gasp came from Taeyang at his first touch.

    “Support his bum,” you instructed, reaching across to help Taeyang place his arms in the right place, “he’s so tiny, especially in your strong arms.”

    “I can’t believe he’s so small,” Taeyang whispered, staring down at him, “how do we manage to do this?”

    “We’re just such a good team, that’s exactly how.”


    As you began to stir from your sleep, your heart couldn’t help but sink as you saw Youngkyun in front of you. “They let you hold her?”

    His head nodded with a soft smile, “you looked too peaceful asleep to wake up, do you want to hold her for a bit? I’ve had her in my arms for a little while.”

    “I wanted to be able to see you hold her for the first time.”

    He was helpless as he stared back at you. “I couldn’t say no to the midwife when she handed her over, it all happened a bit too quickly. I’m sorry.”

    “No, it’s fine,” you sighed, “it’s not that big of a deal.”

    “It’s more important that you hold her anyway,” he spoke up as he began to approach you, “the midwife did say that it wouldn’t be too long before we could try feeding for the first time.”

    “That’s so scary,” you sighed, pushing yourself upright so that Youngkyun could place her against your chest. “What am I supposed to do?”

    “Do whatever feels right,” he encouraged, “you’ve always had maternal instincts, so this will be easy for you Y/N.”

    “I just don’t want to be the one to mess things up.”


    Your eyes instantly looked to Chanhee as the midwife turned around with your son in her arms. “Who’s going to be the first one to step up?”

    Chanhee’s eyes flickered down to you, surprised to see you already staring across at him. “It should be you, you’re the one that just gave birth to him Y/N.”

    “No, you hold him first, I know how excited you are.”

    His head reluctantly nodded, taking a step towards the midwife, “what am I even supposed to do?” He questioned, beginning to feel himself getting quite frantic.

    “Take a breath,” you called out to him, “it’s fine.”

    “Deep breath,” he spoke to himself, extending his arms out as your son was placed into them, letting go of a sharp intake of breath. “Gosh, he’s beautiful, Y/N we really do make good babies together.”

    “Let me see,” you whispered across to him, shuffling along the bed to make room for them both. “He looks so tiny, and you look so big.”

    “He’s so delicate,” Chanhee whispered, “I can’t believe we get to be the ones to see such a tiny little human grow.”

    “He’s going to grow up being one very spoilt kid.”



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  • key201303
    21.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Pairing: badboy!Chani x fem!reader ft. Jaeyoon as your ex-boyfriend

    Word count: 3660 words

    Warnings: smut, swearing, dirty talk, use of the petname ‘baby’, unprotected sex, semi-public make out, slightly chocking, mentions of smoking and cigarettes, slight drunk sex, slight pleading kink, a bit of teasing

    Genre: smut, friends to lovers AU

    Plot: You have been locked in your apartment for days, binging all kinds of movies and a bucket of ice-cream your best friend got you after the terrible breakup you had to go through in the past few days after finding out your boyfriend was cheating on you with his best friend. But a message from Chani will be the saviour to your sanity, or maybe it would make you lose it. But, will you be loved too fast or does he really has feelings for you?

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @offmymindmp3 (let me know if you want me to add you!)

    Special thanks -> @offmymindmp3 for revealing the amazing information of Chani having a motorcycle license and giving me the idea of writing this 😈🙏🏻❤

    "(Y/N) it has already been a day and the only thing you've done is eat ice cream. You should go out and get some fresh air." You heard your friend's voice through your phone speaker. You knew she was probably right, but the last thing you wanted was to go outside and find face to face with the reason for your never ending nightmare. "I'm okay here, don't worry." You said with a cold tone, trying to hide the tears that were forming in the corner of your eyes once again. All you wanted to do was cuddle into a blanket and a random plushie you could find in your small apartment and eat ice cream until your stomach exploded due to the amount of snacks you ate. You could tell this was the worst feeling you will ever suffer and, now, you could finally understand what people meant by having a broken heart. 

    "I gotta go, I'll take a shower and watch some Netflix." You tiredly announced to your friend who was quietly waiting for you to tell her that you would do something else to keep your mind away from the asshole that cheated on you with his best friend. "Okay… if you need anything you already know where to find me." She said, still worried about you. And with a soft 'hm' letting her know you would contact her in case you felt worse, you hung up the phone and threw it into the soft covers of your bed, throwing yourself into them as well right after. 

    What have I done to deserve this? You asked yourself, lifting your head to face a photo that hung on the wall next to your bed. It was a photo you took on your best friend's birthday. You remembered that day really fondly, wishing you could repeat those moments but now without the boy that took your heart and destroyed it. But suddenly, your eyes moved to another photo that hung next to the other. It was a pic of you and Chani the day you both graduated in high school. Nobody has ever understood your friendship, especially because of Chani's personality. He was that kind of boy that would give a bad boy vibe wherever he went. A vibe that never fitted yours, that was why nobody could understand your close relationship. What people didn't know was that you have been friends since forever, always been there for each other no matter what. 

    Soon, a nostalgic feeling hit your heart like a rock. Ever since you started dating your ex, he banned you from going out with Chani because he said he was a 'bad influence'. You actually missed going out with him, you missed his motorcycle rides at midnight. For God's sake, you even missed the cigarettes you shared back in those days when you both used to mess around. After all, you weren't that different from each other. You were just using a perfect mask while being Jaeyoon's girlfriend. 

    After shedding some more tears, you decided it was time for you to lay on your bed with your computer and start watching that movie Chani once recommended to you in one of the multiple midnight talks you secretly had through chat. You settled down a bowl of popcorn, some random snacks that have been living rent free in your pantry for the last month and a bucket of your favorite ice-cream to drown your sorrows. 

    As soon as the movie started, you could tell it was totally Chani's style. Action mixed with some good drama typical of the usual gossip from a small town. You have always mocked him a lot because of how much he enjoyed good gossip. You couldn't help smiling at the thought of him suddenly. Maybe it was the sadness you felt after breaking up with Jaeyoon or maybe it was the crush you always had in Chani that was flowering again like a rose during spring, but your heart beated in a different way now that you kept repeating his name like a mantra in your head. And just like if you have been trying to invoke him, the screen of your phone lit up with a notification from his chat room. 

    Idiot ☠️🚬: "What are you doing?" 

    You: "Watching the movie you recommended." 

    Idiot ☠️🚬: "I thought you said you would never again watch a movie I recommended 🙄." 

    You: "What do you want, Chani?" 

    Idiot ☠️🚬: "I have an empty space on my motorcycle and a free cigarette, wanna join? 😈" 

    You: "You know I quitted that world a long time ago." 

    Idiot ☠️🚬: "I know what happened with Jaeyoon, you don't have to keep lying." 

    Idiot ☠️🚬: "C'mon, do it for the old times 😈🔥." 

    You: "Fine." 

    Idiot ☠️🚬: "That's my girl 😘❣️." 

    You decided to not answer that last message. What were you supposed to answer to the boy that once was your crush when he calls you his girl? There's no answer you could think that could be good enough. But soon, another message appears in the chatroom. 

    Idiot ☠️🚬: "Are you coming or do I have to sneak into your house and get you out of bed?" 

    Reading that message and knowing Chani was not the type of person who enjoys the wait, you grab a sweater and got out of your apartment. And as soon as you finished going down the long stairs and crossed the door that separated your building from the cold street, you saw him, wearing his usual leather jacket and ready to start your sudden journey. "Finally, I thought I would have to go up and take you out by myself. Not like I would complain though." He said with a teasing voice and a cocky smile. You always got really frustrated when he flirted with you like that because you never knew if he was being serious or if he was messing around. You always believed the second option but deeply inside your heart, you wished it was the first option, noticing how your crush on him has never disappeared. Not even when you were dating Jaeyoon. 

    "Hug me tight baby, now you don't have that annoying boyfriend that forbids you to be with me." He said winking at you while giving you the helmet you used to wear before dating Jaeyoon. You answered a quiet 'thank you' while taking the helmet from his hands and trying so hard to hide your burning cheeks at his words. Just like he said, as soon as you got on his motorcycle, your arms immediately wrapped around his torso, perfectly feeling his toned body. You could tell that he has been working out lately. "Ready?" He said, turning his face a little to see your expression. You just nodded and avoided his gaze, still feeling shy for the closeness of your body with his. 

    The ride was relieving, like an energy boost. The streets were beautifully decorated with the street lights mixed with the lights from the shops and buildings, the cold air dancing with your soft hair making a mess on it and a beautiful ocean of stars blinking in the dark vault above your heads. "Is there any place you wanna go?" Chani said, knocking you out of your thoughts as he reduced the speed due to a red traffic light. "Anywhere where I can forget about everything." You answered, sighing, finally becoming the (Y/N) Chani knew. "You sounded so emo." He said laughing, making you laugh as well. But just like you wished, he took you to a place you remembered fondly and that has been ages since the last time you could go there. 

    The beautiful park where you both shared your first cigarette has remained exactly the same as it was back then. It felt like years didn’t pass through it. Even the beautiful garden where you both once danced under the rain while being drunk remained intact. Even the arbor where you accidentally shared a beautiful kiss remained intact. You wished your feelings remained as intact as the place but for some reason, you were convinced that Chani would never have such feelings for someone like you. At least not after seeing the person you became while dating Jaeyoon. 

    “If you don’t want to smoke it's fine, but I’m going to light a cigarette for me.” Chani said, removing his helmet and already taking out the pack of cigarettes from his jacket pocket. “Why wouldn’t I want to?” You said, taking his cigarettes between your fingers and placing it in your mouth, waiting for him to light it for you. His eyes widened at your sudden move, making his heart flutter like it used to do back in those days when you shared a cigarette. “Wow, I see you’re wilding baby. I missed this (Y/N).” Chani said, taking out the lighter you gifted him when you both graduated and getting closer to you to light the cigarette. “I see you still use the same lighter.” You said, looking into his eyes as he lit the cigarette, piercing his soul with your fierce eyes, trying to ignore the fact that he called you baby. “How could I drop the lighter my favorite girl gifted me.” He said, taking the cigarette from your lips and taking a deep breath, inhaling the delicious smoke. “What happened with that asshole?” Chani asked, blowing the smoke out softly. You missed inhaling the scent of the cigarettes mixed with the amazing perfume Chani always used. It was a perfect mix that somehow took you home. A scent that filled your body and woke up all your senses, sending a cold chill down your spine and making your skin bristle. “He cheated on me with his best friend.” You quietly said. It was the first time you actually said it out loud. You were too scared of saying it because the moment those words escaped your lips, it meant that all of that was real. You heard Chani letting go a sarcastic laugh while taking another cigarette puff. “How ironic. He fucks his best friend but you couldn’t hang out with yours. What an asshole.” Chani said, looking into the horizon, admiring the reflection of the full moon on the small lake in the garden.  You decided to mirror his actions and look forward. You actually had nothing to say, you perfectly knew he was right and you had no words to defend Jaeyoon. Not like you would have tried though. “At least now I can hang out with you.” You finally said, taking the cigarette from his lips and placing it in yours, taking a deep breath into it. Suddenly, after taking the deep breath, you started to cough hard, making Chani laugh and take his cigarette back. “You keep being the loser you’ve always been when it comes to smoke.” Chani said laughing at you and turning around so he could face you. “Really funny.” You said, with a hand placed on your chest trying to catch up your breath and with the other hand slightly slapping Chani’s chest playfully. 

    Hours went by and by the moment you had already finished the small pack of cigarettes he had together and had drunk a total of 5 bottles of soju together. Now, all the tears you have been shedding for the past few days because of that idiot, were replaced by laughs and hiccups you and Chani shared like you used to do before dating Jaeyoon. Now, his eyes gleamed with a more beautiful light, a light you haven’t seen in a long time and that you missed so much. You couldn’t tell if it was because of the alcohol or if it was because of the amount of smoke you had in your lungs but suddenly Chani looked so sexy with his red cheeks due to alcohol and taking deep breaths from the cigarettes. Suddenly, his lips looked so inviting to yours to kiss them. And little by little, without even noticing, your bodies started to get closer and closer. 

    “You know? I have never noticed how beautiful your eyes were.” Chani suddenly said, looking at your eyes like his life depended on it, admiring them like if he just saw a piece of art in a museum. “And I never knew yours could hold so many stars in them.” You quietly said, admiring his eyes as well in between some more hiccups that made Chani giggle. “I love you (Y/N).” He confessed, placing his right hand on your cheek and before you could say anything, his lips were devouring yours. You tried to break the kiss but it was impossible, his grip was too strong for you to escape. You actually didn’t even know why you wanted to break the kiss but for a slight second everything felt so wrong. “Why don't you want this?” He said, breaking the kiss but still caressing your cheek. “It’s not like I don’t want this, it’s just Jaeyoon-.” You tried to explain. The thought of Jaeyoon cheating on you with his best friend hit you like a rock when you were kissing who used to be your best friend. “Don’t mention that asshole, you’re with me now. If you want this, then just let yourself in.” Chani said, right after placing another desperate kiss on your soft lips. But this time, you totally gave in to the kiss, melting into his lips. 

    “Chani… Why don’t we go home and continue this there?” You said with a thread of voice, trying to catch up your breath and pressing your legs together to get the slight amount of friction you needed. But Chani was not giving you all you wanted that easily. If he was famous for something, it was for teasing every single girl he took to his apartment and you, the girl he has loved for so many years, were not an exception. “Why are you in such a hurry baby? I thought you wanted to be somewhere where you could forget about everything.” Chani said, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses on your neck with a huge smirk on his face knowing he was getting exactly what he wanted from you. Thankfully, it was late enough for the park to be almost empty and you could play around for a little more before begging him to take you in his motorcycle and drive you home. 

    Soon, he found the sweet spot on your neck he has been wishing to find ever since he met you and a wider smirk appeared on his lips. “Is my baby getting horny just by a few pecks? I’m sure that asshole could never find your sweet spot on your beautiful neck as fast as I did.” He said, placing numerous pecks on the same spot, making you shiver. A soft moan leaving your lips accidentally finally showed how aroused you were by just the touch of his lips on your skin. “Do you want me that bad?” He said giggling, teasing you a bit more. You just nodded with your eyes shut, denying to look at him and completely losing the small amount of sanity that remained in your body. “I like hearing your voice baby.” He said, almost begging to listen to your voice telling him what you wanted to do as soon as you arrived at your apartment. “I do want you that bad Chani.” You said with a thread of voice, holding the moans that were threatening to escape your lips if he kept kissing your neck the way he has done the last few times.

    Fortunately, the ride was short and you didn’t have to wait for much longer to have Chani laying on top of you and pressing his already hard bulge to your core, giving you the friction you have been asking for the last few minutes. “Keep it quiet if you don’t want your neighbors to complain tomorrow baby.” He said, trailing wet kisses down your stomach and grabbing your hand so you couldn’t touch him. You had to admit it was so damn hard to keep it quiet when he was treating you so damn well. “Tell me, do you want my dick in you?” He whispered into your ear, making you blush. “Oh don’t tell me that idiot treated you like a piece of glass? Because I’m not going to do that.” He said with a huge smirk on his lips and with dark eyes. You have never been able to see this side of Chani but you had to admit you loved it. “I like talkative girls and you know that baby. So if you want me to do something, you’ll have to say it.” He said, placing a wet kiss on the same sweet spot on your neck from before, this time leaving a red mark that you’ll have to cover with makeup in the next few days. Jaeyoon always treated you so gently and softly that you never knew how much you would enjoy it when someone actually teased you the way Chani was.

    After a few minutes of begging Chani to remove your panties and actually touch you, he finally gave in, touching just the right spots you needed. “For God’s sake Chani!” You said, his name falling from your lips like a mantra, the pleasure he was giving you by just touching you clouding your mind and making you feel dizzy already. “If you don’t keep it quiet, I won’t be that good baby.” He said, increasing the speed of his long fingers. You really tried to hold on your loud moans, you really did, but it was impossible. You couldn’t understand how someone could make you feel so good and undone at the same time by just touching you and you were more than grateful for the amazing world that you have just discovered with him. “Fuck, my name sounds so damn beautiful falling from your lips like that baby.” He groaned, trying his best to hold back his desire of removing his boxers and entering you already. “Fuck me already and you’ll hear even more beautiful sounds.” You begged, moving your hips against his hand, trying to get more friction. Those words were the only thing he needed to get his fingers out of your dripping core and replace them with his hard member that was already aching inside his boxers.

    “Are you sure about this?” He asked, a soft gleam appearing on his eyes for a slight second. “You think I would have moaned your name like I have if I wasn’t sure?” You answered slightly laughing and pulling him down by his neck to connect your lips to reassure him. He really tried to find a sign in your eyes that told him to stop but the only thing he could find was lust and desire for him. And that was the only sign he needed to find to slide his member inside of you, taking you to a new paradise. 

    He slowly entered you after teasing your entrance for a while, a trail of swearings leaving his lips as he entered you. “You feel so fucking good.” He said before pressing his lips back into yours, trying to soothe both of your moans and his groans. Both of you were breathing heavily, chests collapsing into each other as he thrusted into you slowly but deeply, making you feel every single inch of his length. “You like it like this, huh?” He said, with a huge smirk on his face, noticing how you tightened your walls around him every time he thrusted into you. 

    He maintained the speed for a while but soon, when you were both reaching your limits, his thrusts started to become faster and deeper, reaching places Jaeyoon could have never reached and making you feel like nobody else could ever make you feel. “That’s it baby, call my name. Let that fucking idiot know how good I can make you feel.” Chani said, getting a boost of ego by your loud moans. He didn’t know where to place his hands but he knew for sure one of them had to land around your throat, pressing a little bit and making you feel an undescriptible feeling. His name fell from your lips once again, but this time you cried it out in a loud moan, letting him know you were so close to your high. “Cum for me baby.” He said into your ear, still with his hand wrapped around your neck, leaving soft kisses around your face to land a last kiss on your lips.

    After some more thrusts, he finally reached his high and pulled out of you, releasing his loads on your stomach and laying down next to you, trying his best to catch his breath. “That was amazing.” You quietly said, once you were able to recover your breath. “I’m glad you liked it. That Jaeyoon has no idea what he has lost.” Chani said, wrapping his arms around you. You felt so happy suddenly, like if you were floating on a cloud. And you were even more happy to know Chani has been having this kind of feeling for you through all these years. You just hoped you wouldn’t be loved too fast. “We haven’t finished yet, though.” Chani said, knocking you out of your thoughts. You looked at him with a confused and tired gaze, not really knowing what he meant with those words. “Don’t look at me like that, I’m going to fuck you until you forget that asshole’s name.” He said laughing and making you laugh as well. You wouldn’t have minded as long as it was him the one doing that though. After all, he really was a ‘bad influence’ but well, you didn’t really care about being bad influenced. 

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