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    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Your Children Almost Walk In On You Both ~ Lee Jaeyoon

    Your smile widened as Jaeyoon closed the door behind him, taking one final peer across the landing as he did so to make sure that your son was occupied. Once his mind was made up, he moved quickly across to the bed, laying himself down beside you.

    “We’re alone,” Jaeyoon murmured, placing his hand against your stomach as you placed your phone down on the table beside you, “this is rare.”

    “That smile on your face means only one thing,” you chuckled in reply.

    Jaeyoon’s head nodded back at you, biting down slightly on his bottom lip. “It’s been a long time since we got some proper time together, it would be rude not to take up the chance?”

    “You know what she’s like, she doesn’t like being alone for long,” you tried to remind him, but Jaeyoon wasn’t listening as he moved his arm around your waist, pulling you in.

    A soft kiss was pressed to your cheek as soon as you were close enough to him, “we can’t keep thinking like that Y/N, it’s about time we had a moment to ourselves.”

    “You think that just a moment is all it will take?” You asked as Jaeyoon continued to move his hand around so that he could push himself up and hover over you.

    Confidently, he nodded once again in response to you, “trust me, I will be able to rock your world in no time at all, I’ve not lost it, even though I might be a dad now.”

    “You’re not just a dad, you’re a fit dad,” you whispered as Jaeyoon hovered closer towards your lips, brushing against them gently, “do you know how many of the mums I’ve caught staring at you at the school gates?”

    A light blush appeared on Jaeyoon’s face, he knew that he got attention, but the jealousy in your voice made him even more impressed that people were watching him.

    “Why don’t you let me remind you that you’re the only person that I want,” he suggested, continuing to push you, “remind you of how much of a beautiful mum you are?”

    “You don’t need to sleep with me to remind me of that,” you whispered.

    Jaeyoon’s head shook, refusing to let you let the moment pass, “I’m sure we’ve got twenty minutes, minimum, it’s about time that we spent some time just the two of us.”

    Your lips pursed together, knowing that Jaeyoon had a point. Your silence was all that he needed though to begin to kiss against your cheek, bringing one hand to your shirt.

    “Trust me, you’ll be in the clouds in no time,” Jaeyoon promised.

    His hand quickly pushed the material of your shirt up, breaking your kiss to move your shirt above your head. Jaeyoon quickly stripped himself of his shirt too, losing himself in no time at all, so much that Jaeyoon was oblivious to the sound of your bedroom door opening a few moments later, leaving you both startled.

    “Why’s the door shut?” A quiet voice questioned, watching as Jaeyoon hurried to reach down and pull the duvet up and over the two of you.

    Your hands pushed Jaeyoon off as you tried to cover your top half, feeling your cheeks darken, pushing as far into your pillow as you could to hide them.

    “I thought you were busy playing,” Jaeyoon grinned, sitting up in the bed.

    Your daughter moved across the room, creeping towards Jaeyoon and resting her hands against his legs, noticing his wide smile.

    “Can you come and play with me? Both of you?”

    “You want both of us?” Jaeyoon questioned, looking back to you, only to see you staring away from him.

    His heart sunk as he noticed the expression of frustration that you wore, knowing that he should have listened to you, without pushing and embarrassing you.

    Rather than say anything to you, Jaeyoon hurried your daughter back to her room, encouraging her to set things up for the two of you. It was enough to get her to go, leaving the two of you alone as you continued to ignore Jaeyoon.

    He bent down as his eyes moved away, picking up both of your shirts, placing his on and yours just beside your shoulder on the bed, with a weak smile on his face.

    “Is this funny to you?” You scolded, shaking your head as you looked to see what he was doing, “one day you’ll listen to me Jaeyoon.”

    “I’m sorry, I just thought that it would be nice for us to spend some time together.”

    After checking to make sure that your daughter had gone, you sat yourself up and placed your own shirt back on too. Jaeyoon nervously watched as you did so, unsure as to whether to step in and help you or just give you some space.

    “We still need to talk about what’s happened,” he softly spoke.

    “What’s there to talk about? We’re just mum and dad, that’s the bottom line.”

    A sigh came from Jaeyoon as your daughter called out for him, with everything set up, she was unaware of the moment that she had just finished.

    “We can’t let ourselves just be that,” Jaeyoon tried his best to remind you, “I’ll entertain her, you just come through whenever you’re ready.”

    You could only manage a nod of your head in reply to Jaeyoon, with too many thoughts clouding your judgement, trying to figure out what you wanted.

    After taking a moment to compose yourself, you stood up from the bed, making your way across to the mirror to sort your appearance out. Once your hair was fixed, and shirt in position as it was before Jaeyoon moved it, you exited the room.

    The shouts of your daughter greeted you as you moved across to her bedroom, unable to hide the smile on your face. Jaeyoon was all over her, tickling her gently, stopping however when he saw you coming in.

    He patted the space beside him as you entered, encouraging your daughter to head down to the kitchen to get herself a biscuit. You smiled softly at her as she passed you by, calling out for her to get one for the two of you too.

    As you sat, Jaeyoon reached across, relaxing his hand against the top of your thigh, trying hie best to bridge the gap between you both.

    “We can’t get five minutes to ourselves anymore Jaeyoon, I’m exhausted now.”

    He nodded as you spoke, understanding exactly how you felt. “We can’t just be parents Y/N, the two of us are married, we’re supposed to enjoy our time alone too.”

    “But we don’t have any time, when we’re not with Y/D/N, we’re sleeping,” you frowned.

    The two of you knew that you had lost yourselves, the connection was still there, but most of your relationship seemed just platonic these days. You didn’t have the time to love each other, appreciate each other, or love yourselves too.

    “We’ve got to manage our time better,” Jaeyoon suggested, “Y/D/N is going to start getting more independent soon, it would be good for us to do more. We don’t even have to have sex, just watching a movie, anything really.”

    “I know,” you agreed, “we’ve got to try and do something without Y/D/N, we’re parents, but we’re married too, I’m sorry if I’ve made you think otherwise at all.”

    “You haven’t, I know why you were careful earlier, and what happened proved that we can’t just do what we want whenever we want now that we’re parents.”

    You moved your hand across to rest over Jaeyoon’s, “maybe we could start by doing something tonight, get Y/D/N into bed nice and early?”

    “I like the sound of that, I’ll organise something for us, I might even go all out and order something for dinner too.”

    “I’d like that too, a lot.”



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    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    When You Feel Insecure About Your Stretch Marks ~ SF9 Reaction


    At the sight of your body turning as Inseong walked into the room, he knew that something was wrong. As you remained silent, he knew he had to explore for himself, peering around to see exactly what you were hiding.

    “Why are you shielding your stretch marks from me?” Inseong asked outrightly, confused as to why you had decided to turn so shy around him.

    Your shoulders shrugged as Inseong pulled you towards him, “they’ve always just been something that I’ve not felt confident about to be honest.”

    Inseong pressed a kiss gently against your waist, “I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to hide any part of yourself around me. There’s nothing that you should ever feel insecure about, I adore you as you are.”

    “I’ve never known not to feel insecure.”

    Inseong smiled back across at you, “then why don’t you let me show you that there’s a way not to feel insecure about them.”

    “Do you really think that you’ll be able too?”

    “I won’t stop until I can show you that there’s no reason to feel insecure, the person that you are right now is perfect.”

    “You’re far too kind to me sometimes.”


    His head shook as you explained to him why you had hidden your stretch marks, unable to believe your reasoning. Youngbin never wanted you to feel insecure around him, especially over something so small too.

    “Can I tell you why I don’t think you should hide them now that you’ve finished?” Youngbin asked as soon as you fell silent before him.

    Your head nodded back at him, “I can’t promise that I’ll listen, the more that I can hide these stretch marks away from the world, the better.”

    Youngbin spun you around so that your marks were on show in front of him. “I want you to be confident around me and proud of who you are, especially your body, you should never feel bad about this Y/N.”

    “I just don’t think it’s nice for you to look at.”

    Youngbin shot a glare across at you, “isn’t that for me to decide Y/N? Because I don’t see any different, stretch marks or not.”

    “I just presumed that you’d find it strange.”

    “I promise you that I don’t. Stretch marks are natural, and they’re a part of you, I’d never make you feel bad for that.”

    “I really do appreciate that Youngbin.”


    You wanted to pull away as Jaeyoon’s hand trailed along your stretch marks, but his grip was strong and determined to keep you in place so that Jaeyoon could prove to you that your marks were nothing to worry about.

    “I love these about you,” Jaeyoon whispered across to you, “they’re a part of who you are, they tell a bit of a story about you as well.”

    Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion as Jaeyoon spoke, “how could you ever say that you love something like stretch marks, are you crazy?”

    His head shook back at you with a chuckle, “these stretch marks are just a part of who you are, and that’s exactly why I love them about you, every little thing that makes up you is perfect in my eyes Y/N.”

    “You’re just saying that to be kind to me Jaeyoon.”

    His head continued to shake, “I’m being serious, there is not a single thing that I would change about you right now.”

    “Do you mean that? Because I would be able to.”

    “That’s because we always beat ourselves up, and it’s up to others to show that there’s no need to do such a thing.”

    “I can always rely on you to pick me up.”


    A tight hold on your hand immediately reassured you as you showed Sanghyuk your stretch marks after he had caught a glimpse. For so long he had wondered why you had hidden away, and now his question was answered.

    “I hate that you’ve felt bad about this for so long,” he whispered across to you, “you never needed to feel shy about this in front of me.”

    Your head nodded as you listened closely to what Sanghyuk had to say. “I’ve always berated myself for it, I didn’t want someone else to do the same.”

    Sanghyuk let go of a sigh as your eyes fell away to look down to the ground, “I would have never made you feel bad about who you are, your stretch marks are a part of you, they share something about you.”

    “Not necessarily something that I want to share.”

    A soft smile was sent across to you by Sanghyuk, “it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a part of life, everyone gets them somewhere.”

    “Have you ever had stretch marks, honestly?”

    “Of course, my body has grown over time too, you’re human, and those marks just prove that you are too.”

    “You’re right, it’s just being human.


    Your body jumped as you felt a hand wrap around your wrist, pulling you back so that you were stood in front of Juho. You followed his gaze, noticing that his eyes had landed on your waist, right where your marks were.

    “You’ve always hidden those from me,” he whispered, glancing across to meet your eyes, “you made it seem so much worse than what it is.”

    Your eyes widened as you glanced down at your stretch marks, “they are huge Juho, you don’t need to say that just to try and make me feel better.”

    His head shook as he pulled you even closer towards him, “I would never just say something like that to make you feel better, I really do mean it. Your stretch marks are no big deal, especially now that I’ve seen them too.”

    “I always worried that maybe you would think less.”

    Juho offered you a smile as he snaked his arm around your waist, “there is no way I’d ever make you feel bad about who you are.”

    “I wish that I could change them about me though.”

    “You can’t think like that, this is just who you are, all of the parts of you that have come together make you perfect.”

    “Now you’re just being too kind.”


    He looked blankly across at you as you scurried to hide your stretch marks, failing to see why you were so nervous to show Seokwoo such a side of you. He wasn’t bothered at all, not that you should have expected anything less.

    “Am I supposed to say something?” He chuckled as he met your eyes, “were you expecting me to be mad about this or something?”

    Your shoulders shrugged in reply, “it’s something that’s always played on my mind, and it felt like the right time to show you something that troubles me.”

    Seokwoo took a couple of steps forwards before taking a hold of your hand, “you don’t need to be troubled by those, it’s nothing, and certainly doesn’t change anything in my mind, its such a small part of you as well.”

    “Do they really not faze you about me in the slightest?”

    Seokwoo nodded back at you, “I would never let something so small change my opinion of you, that would be ridiculous.”

    “I wasn’t expecting you to be as kind as you are.”

    “There’s no way that I could ever make you feel bad about who you are, especially when it’s something you can’t change either.”

    “Thank you, I really needed to hear that.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    You immediately spun to your left as Taeyang walked into the room so that your stretch marks were well hidden. You thought that you had done well, but the fast jump had captured Taeyang’s attention as he looked to you.

    “What are you up to?” He questioned, immediately sensing that there was something going on with how anxious you looked across at him.

    You shook your head as he took a couple of steps closer towards you, “I’m not doing anything, I was just trying to decide which shirt I should wear for dinner.”

    Taeyang continued to approach you, holding onto your hand and spinning you around, catching your stretch marks out of the corner of his eye. “You’ve always been a terrible liar Y/N, I know exactly what was wrong.”

    “I’d just rather that you didn’t see them at all.”

    Taeyang shrugged as he stared down at them, “why would you ever feel the need to hide these from me, it’s no big deal, it’s just human.”

    “I don’t like how they look, especially on me.”

    “If it makes you feel any better, I still think that you look great, your stretch marks are a part of you, they make you, you.”

    “I guess you have got a point there.”


    Your eyes widened as you realised exactly where Youngkyun’s hand was trailing, and as your body tensed up, he knew straight away too that he had managed to find a part of your body that you weren’t feeling good about.

    “Don’t shy away,” he whispered as you caved into yourself, “stretch marks are nothing for you to feel ashamed about, you know that right?”

    Your head shook as Youngkyun moved his hand away, “I’ve never liked mine, they’re so obvious, it’s the first thing that anyone sees when they see me.”

    He offered you a weak smile as he rolled across to lay beside you. “They were far from the first thing that I realised about you, because you are so much more than just a few stretch marks against your waist Y/N.”

    “They’re the worst thing about me though.”

    He reached across and took a hold of your hand, “so, why don’t I tell you about all the good things about you instead to focus on?”

    “Are there any things that you can find about me?”

    “I don’t think we even have enough time for me to tell you the endless number of things that I just adore about you.”

    “Let’s narrow it down to just one.”


    You watched on in complete silence as Chanhee lifted your shirt back up to reveal your stretch marks, keeping your shirt in place as he lifted his own up too so that you could see the few marks that he had around his waist.

    “We all have them,” he tried to encourage with a soft smile on his face, “even I do, I just keep mine well hidden so that no one else can see them.”

    You took a step closer so that you could look at the stretch marks that Chanhee had too, “how do you have them? You work out so hard, that doesn’t make sense.”

    His head nodded in reply to you, “that’s exactly the point that I’m trying to make, no one should be embarrassed about having stretch marks, even the people that you don’t expect to have them probably do somewhere.”

    “I had no idea that you would have them too.”

    He slowly lowered the material of your shirt back down, “they can just be another thing that the two of us have in common.”

    “Do yours never play on your mind though?”

    “I’ve learnt to love them I suppose, they’re a part of me that I can’t send away, so I’ve just got used to it by now.”

    “Maybe I should do the same.”



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    23.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    SF9 Christmas with their own family

    requested by @inseongsfoxybae

    Characters: Husband! sf9 + female reader (though other than the word mother there is nothing that restricts the gender of the reader) + their children💟

    c/n = your child's name

    Author's note: Merry early Christmas you all. I wanted to post it before December 24th so it can warm you already.

    There is no reference to weather because, you know, different people celebrate Christmas all around the world.

    Even though the imagines are short, I wrote them with love.

    There is pure fluffy right under the cut


    He starts with his favorite Christmas activities pretty early. Both because he is eager to enjoy such a season with his family as well as because he wants you all to relish it to the fullest together.

    Once you and he have some time you go shopping without thinking twice. You do not have a very tight list of items to take home for the decoration. Anyways Binnie has already mentioned Christmas-themed clothes to dress your little sunshine with as you count the days to go until Christmas. You two make sure to show your kid the advent calendar every morning, they are still learning the numbers. "Look, we're almost there!"


    You know he is in his Christmas mood when he wakes you up with songs of the season. That together with his bright smile surely means he is possessed by the Christmas spirit.

    Your child is still a baby but Seongie can imagine them getting older and looking at the pages of a beautiful family album. Of course, you find an average-sized present under the Christmas tree, wrapped with candy-colored paper and having your child's name written on it. A brand new, special album to fulfill with the current and the numerous Christmas photos you all will celebrate together.


    Jae gets all about decoration. Your child's eyes glittering to capture everything is his favorite part. Your husband wants Christmas signs everywhere inside and out of your house. You catch him asking for your baby's opinions so many times. It is really enjoyable to you because sometimes Jaeyoon does change his mind thanks to the way that little being looks at him. "I got it, C/N. I'm gonna place it here instead."

    Once you all are done, you sit to admire your nice job and rest. Your child does not take long to drift off on his lap and you jest "look, they're more exhausted than us!" Jaeyoon strokes their round cheek and voices softly "of course they are"


    As soon as your child can understand stories and gets fascinated by Santa and Christmas myths, Dawon sits with them to write a proper letter (in his own words). "Don't you think we should say we're sending warm hugs? It's really cold there on the north pole".

    Of course, your child is as energetic as your husband, thus your little one makes mistakes numerous times throughout December, such as breaking glasses or kicking a ball at your neighbor's flowers. So they get truly worried that they will be on the list of naughty children. You and Dawon always make sure to reassure them nevertheless "Honey, I know you've got a precious heart"


    Ju has just slipped a Santa hat your on your child head, now both you and your husband admire as that smiley little being caresses the white fur around it. You are not only looking actually, your cellphone is in hand to record the happy scene unrolling in front of you.

    Your baby cannot walk yet so it was easy to settle them on the couch next to a bunch of Christmas items. You are done filming so Juho gets on his knees to take perfect pictures. Your little girl/boy loses interest in the red hat and directs it to something else, which is the plushie wearing a Santa set that Juho's parents have sent. "Your grandparents will love these pictures!"


    Your husband gets back home and you can see he is in a rush when he quickly lays a peck on your lips. "Hold on Seokwoo. what's happening?" He then holds back and looks into your eyes with kindness. "I'm sorry. I just passed by the park downtown and they already decorated it for Christmas. C/N will love to see it". You immediately forgive him but not without joking. "I see. But what about me?"

    In no time you all are inside the car on your way to the park and your child keeps asking his dad to say how big the Christmas tree is. "Don't you wanna see with your own eyes, bunny??"

    Yoo Taeyang:

    The majority of cookies you prepared together in the morning are shaped like pines and snowflakes. However, your husband made a few hearts while you and your kid worked together. "Why hearts?" your child asks without a clue. "Because I love you and mommy, boo"

    When it is time to eat your sweet masterpieces, you all sit together and your little one has fun feeding mommy and daddy. A lovely Christmas animation is playing on TV but sometimes you do not pay much attention because your kid has something important to say. They are precious!!


    Youngkyun loves to lie down and cuddle with you and your sunshine child to watch Christmas movies or read stories. The fact that Children believe in magic without any doubt gets him smiling like an idiot. You all have a hard time putting your child to sleep on Christmas Eve "I wanna see Santa's reindeers"

    "What about Santa himself?" your husband chuckles rubbing their belly covered by a blanket. After a while, you and Hwiyoung are staring at your asleep child with fond eyes, too amazed to get up and bring the present to under the tree.


    Waking up on Christmas day gets the love of your life in a lazy yet cheerful mood. Your baby was complaining in their own language inside their crib and Chani rescued them so you can be all together in bed. You smile at the sight of the two most precious people in your life wearing matching Christmas pajamas. Then you remember you are wearing one too.

    "I thought they were hungry but I guess they just missed us" Chani deduces almost whispering. His voice is still failing to say anything. He carefully lies the baby between both of you and watches them snuggle onto you.


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  • fantasywritings
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    Anyone up for some MTL requests?❤️😵

    Sf9 only!!

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    sf9's memory as a series of reaction videos

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    17.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    SF9 reaction to their special other going full dom all of a sudden


    Warnings: specific warnings will be added before the scenarios.

    Pairing: sf9 x gn reader - is openly or implicitly charactered as a switch in all the following scenarios

    This is NSFW so read under the cut


    warning: manhandling

    Our leader does not mind being dominated in bed but you and him usually set a deal beforehand. You tend to naturally decide it while you are still making out. Sometimes he is in the mood to be in charge, other times it is your turn. It is clear by the way you touch/grab each other or whisper something to rile up one another "Will you obey me tonight?"

    Tonight, without any warning you pull him onto the couch before placing yourself on top of him. He wants to ask you what the hell is happening but you are already forcing your lips against his and it is so exciting to him that he does not protest, the kiss goes as dirty as you want it to be. His body gives in and you can even shift the man to the position you prefer, his amazed expression is a pleasure alone.


    warning: public teasing

    This one likes to surprise and be surprised here and there. But, in fact, there are not too many attitudes he does not expect from you. No panties on when you two are celebrating the anniversary of your relationship? that was not in his plans but he kinda wanted something like this to happen sooner or later.

    On the other hand, he won't expect it to go crazier than this. "You aren't allowed to touch me until we get back home" you voice with a cocky smile and it almost set him into flames. No touch under the table, nor in the car. You slowly drive him nuts during your dinner but he loves it, his member gets hard and leaks inside his pants. He acts slightly brat but just enough to have you giving him a killing look.


    warning: handcuffs

    Okay, Jae is really versatile. He wants to enjoy sex to the fullest and changing the functions you perform with each session sounds perfect to him. You often call him when you know he is on his way home to egg him up and inform the mood for the night. He does the same as well, asking you to be ready when he feels like going hard on you.

    But this time, you fooled him. You are waiting for him with handcuffs in hand and the baddest bitch expression. "Is it for me?" he asks, mouth hanging open. You answer nonchalantly while pulling his hands to restrain "Don't ask me stupid questions." he automatically gets at your mercy, bitting his lip and anticipating more.


    There is no way you are in a relationship with Sanghyuk and you have never dominated him. At some point he asks you to do so, only to get on the hell of your nerves because he is a devilish brat. In any case, every time you are his dom it lacks a surprise factor and he is quite at ease with whatever happens.

    Until you finally decide you have to be more assertive with him. You grab his face by the jawline and narrow your eyes to make him behave. "Do you think I'm kidding, Sanghyuk?" His expression goes from confident guy to a lost puppy and you almost chuckle at that. He apologizes for not listening to you. His lips catching your attention as he does so.


    I am going to be honest. when it comes to dom/sub dynamics, He is the one who calls the shots. In other situations, when you all are tired yet horny, you tend to focus on the pleasure for both of you, you feel yourselves without any power being claimed.

    you have this day when his battery is really low and you do not match him. Juho is just so sure you all will just lie down and coordinate lazy strokes with thrusts. On his mind, only leisure blowjobs and a slow penetration show up. Little he knows you have other plans for him. You straddle his hips all of a sudden and lock both his wrists onto the mattress with your hands. Your weight works to hold his middle. "Are you kidding me, babe?" he asks. You smile at his muddled expression and shake your head with a pinch of sarcasm. You are thinking of overstimulation too, right?


    Your sexual routine with Seokwoo is basically you spoiling one another. Perfect, huh? He is so talented at turning you on whenever he is in a mood as well as he won't say no to your charms. When he is feeling more powerful and demanding, he likes to hold the nape of your neck as you sit on his cock, but nothing too harsh. He definitely is not used to wild stuff.

    You know he will be shocked when you'll tear his shirt open. You want to see him stutter at your action. One or two buttons fly away at your sudden tug, he looks to the direction they land then stares back at you. "Holy Shit! I'm- What was it?" At first, he is unable to enjoy the wet path of sucks you leave down his chest but then he closes his eyes and waits to see where it is going to end.

    Yoo Taeyang:

    I cannot say Taeyang is not used to be the submissive one in your intercourses, friend. But you are overall a sweet dom to him, praising and stroking his chest in between a few commands. Both of you use to finish long sessions with satisfied smiles and love confessions.

    But still and all, tonight after he looked so gorgeous and provocative on a broadcast you could not contain the wild spirit inside you (omg). You pressed him against a wall as soon as he got back home "You better take me with these clothes" you affirm with both hands sprawled on his covered chest. You know how much he struggles to keep clothes on when he is aroused. It surely will be torture but he is willing to follow any of your instructions because you are such a queen.


    warning: choking, mention of degradation

    Another big switch. Youngkyun is cool with it, he cannot ask for a better partner so he is often moaning how much he loves you no matter which function he is playing. If you were a good girl/boy and moaned loud for him, he will say the words. On the other hand, if you bossed him around (while he acted brat), he will equally kiss you and love you with cheesy confessions afterward.

    anyways, your bossy attitude may level up and you grab him by the throat. Quickly you witness a wave of panic cross his eyes. "Y/N" he calls with effort, not sure about what to say. The perplexity does not let him fight you though. It is the right time to say he was a bad boy way too many times. He is likely to buck his hips towards you in the process, too aroused to control his own body.


    warning: slapping

    Okay, sex with Chani can go to wild proportions because he is quite curious. Boy likes to watch porn and some of his ideas come from it. You all use to vary concerning positions and places but you are pretty chill about dominance. It does take a place in your sex life but he is a soft dom and so are you.

    There is this night when you are bouncing on top of him and he is enjoying it so much that he let simply props his head against the headboard and lets you be completely in control. His groans sound heavenly by the way. You don't know why but you want him to look into your eyes so badly that you slap his cheek. His face becomes even redder but his eyes glimmer to you. "Fuck, do it again"

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    14.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Lazy Sunday Morning- Kim Youngkyun (Hwiyoung) scenario

    genre: fluff

    pairing: Hwiyoung x reader

    Warning: contains nudity (no mentions of anything sexual tho)

    Summary: nothing better than a shower with your loved one, first thing in the morning

    The sun broke through the window, causing you to wake up. But something was out of the ordinary, you woke up to an empty bed, trying to figure out where your other half was.

    You immediately worried since you didn’t hear him coming home last night, but before anything, you went to your bathroom to freshen up, and only then start looking for him.

    As you made your way to the bathroom the sound of the water hitting the ground caught your attention.

    “Kyun?” You called out, hearing a sweet “I’m here” from his side, that made you sigh in relief and proceed with your morning ritual.

    After you brushed your teeth, you let your clothes fall to the ground, quietly making your way to the shower, slowly moving the curtains.

    “morning” you greeted him with a smile

    “hey baby” he said with a smile

    you have reached a level in the relationship where there is no shame or embarrassment. At first, Youngkyun used to be shy and flustered, but after a while of being together the shyness finally faded away and was replaced by comfort.

    “Have you slept well?” He asked, you nodded and hummed a “yes” as you stepped inside the shower, putting back the curtain and standing under the shower head, letting the water fall on your body.

    “I didn’t want to wake you up, I got home late last night from practice and just fell asleep right away” Youngkyun wasn’t usually the type to shower first thing in the morning, therefore he explained his reasoning.

    “You got into bed without showering?” You looked at him, pretending to be disgusted; earning a laugh from him. You both know that at this point of the relationship there isn’t much that can actually make you feel disgusted.

    “You still love me” he protested

    “I love my dirty boyfriend very much, yes” you smiled, earning another laugh from him, which made your heart flutter. You brushed the hair from his face, gently, shooting a warm smile.

    “You look beautiful” he smiled and caressed your face softly.

    “You too. How was practice?” You asked, squeezing shampoo to your hand.

    “It was good, tiring, we covered new parts of the choreo” he explained and you nodded while washing your hair.

    “It’s going pretty well, I worked hard for it so it wasn’t easy, but I think I got it” he said while washing off the shower gel from his body.

    “I’m proud of you” you said, making his cheeks redden a bit, cupping his cheeks in your hand and pecking his lips innocently, earning a sincere smile from him.

    “Alright, should we get the day started? A cup of coffee for my man?” You said, Youngkyun chuckled and nodded. Following his response, you closed the water stream and pushed the curtains away, starting your day together.

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  • fantasywritings
    14.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    First Snow - Kim Seokwoo (Rowoon) scenario

    genre: fluff

    pairing: kim seokwoo x gn!reader

    summary: reader experiences their first snow!

    The night sky was covered in beautiful star like snow. The freezing air did not affect you, and there you stood, breathing in the cold air and admiring the beautiful view.

    “Aren’t you cold?” Asking with a loving smile, your partner Seokwoo was shivering a bit.

    “Let’s go somewhere warmer” he suggests as he wraps a hand around your waist.

    “No, not yet please” you looked at him with puppy eyes, hoping this would be enough in order to convince him to endure the freezing cold.

    “It’s just snow, Y/N” he patted your head and chuckled. You shyly buried yourself in his chest, knowing Seokwoo, his love language was definitely skinship.

    “Why? Do you want to play in the snow?” He asked, laughing a bit, you could feel his chest vibrating due to his laughter.

    As much as you wanted to stay in Seokwoo’s warm embrace, the snow was calling you. Ans so you pulled away from his embrace and nodded.

    “This is the first time I witness snow” you said, smile forming in the corners of your mouth.

    “First???” He asked in disbelief, his eyes watching you in shock.

    “Yes, where I come from there’s no snow, it barley even gets cold. This is so cool” you explained, causing Seokwoo to nod and smile, watching you while your eyes capture the snow falling.

    Suddenly Seokwoo left your eyesight, making you turn around in confusion. But as soon as you turned around, you were hit by a snow ball, catching you off guard and causing Seokwoo to lose balance due to laughter.

    Soon, this turned into a snow fight, filled with giggles, that made you forget about the freezing cold weather.

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  • fantasywritings
    14.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Requests open


    Most of my requests were from my followers writing event , which was four months ago, I managed to write about 4 fics from there but I would like something more fresh

    So as I go through the requests please send some more recent ones, whatever you like and I will go through them depending on my inspiration


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  • jacobbaeluvr
    13.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    no, let's just stay (f)

    genre: fluff

    pairing: (sf9) yoo taeyang x gn!reader

    summary: you have to go to work but taeyang refuses to let you go

    warnings: nothing, just taeyang calling your workplace so he can cuddle you

    note: writing is not my thing ngl

    syaf was listening to: the real by ateez


    “morning baby”

    you kissed his nose while trying to get away from his embrace. well you tried but taeyang didn't let you go.

    “mhm five more minutes”

    he spooned you with your back on his chest and pulled you even closer, his leg on top of yours so you wouldn't escape again. you sighed.

    “tae, i have to go to work. i'm gonna be late”

    now fully awake he click on his tongue and went on top of you, his hands on the side of your head so he wouldn't crush you. he was an inch away from your face and you could feel his hot breath on your lips. taking one of his hand while the other hold his weight, he squish your cheeks repeatedly. you know he can see your flustered red face.

    “no, let's just stay. you're so cute, do you know that?”

    covering your face with your hands, you smiled.

    “stop it tae”

    now letting his knees to keep his balance, he take both of your hands in his, pecking you on the lips.

    “what, it's true baby”

    he smiled because he knew he made you shy, his eyes never leaving your face as he admire how cute you look. pushing his shoulders so you could stand up, he pulled you back on the bed again. whining, you pout thinking he will finally let you go. you thought wrong as he pepper kisses all over your face.

    “you're *kiss* so *kiss* cute *kiss*”

    the final kiss was on your lips, hands finding purchase to his hair because you know he likes it when you tug his hair. him pulling away first, he rest his forehead on top of yours.

    “where's your phone?”

    you showed him, it was at the bedside table. grabbing your phone, he plop back beside now showing what he was looking for. why is he going to contacts? stopping at your boss's contact number, he click on the call button and placing it beside his ear while looking at you.

    “hello?...sorry i'm y/n's boyfriend...i'm calling because she's not feeling well...yeah okay...no problem...no need to worry, i'll take care of her...okay thank you, bye”

    ending the call, he put your phone beside him.

    “problem solved now we can cuddle”

    you gasp when he place his nearest hand under your neck, pulling you with his other hand so your face is at his chest. hugging him back, you place your leg on top of his as you felt him kissing your head.

    he hummed a melody to make you sleep and you did. he was smiling like an idiot and kissing your head one more time before closing his eyes, still humming a melody.

    “sleep well baby”

    note: this is really shit omg i'm so sorry, also if you want you can feedback (NOT FORCING THOUGH!!!)

    masterlist <3

    #sf9 fluff#sf9 imagines#sf9 reactions#yoo taeyang #yoo taeyang fluff #yoo taeyang imagines #sf9 scenarios#sf9 taeyang #sf9 yoo taeyang #sf9
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  • trying-to-survive-with-kpop
    13.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    SF9 reaction: their s/o is curvy and isn´t confident because of her body

    Youngbin: He would feel like it would kind of be his fault that you felt insecure about your body. Youngbin would question if he ever did something wrong even if you would have told him that it isn´t his fault, but just how you felt. He would try his best to make you feel more confident about your body, but he knew that it would take some time before you would get to that point.

    Inseong: He would know that it would take a lot of time for you to feel different about yourself. Nonetheless, he would try to tell you more often just how much he loves you and all of the reasons why he thinks you should be confident.

    Jaeyoon: He honestly would be confused when he found out that you felt insecure about your body. Jaeyoon always saw you as this beautiful person that he loved with all his heart and the fact that you didn´t feel the same about yourself hurt him alot. He would try to figure what could make you feel more confident in yourself and would try his very best to help you feel better about yourself.

    Dawon: Dawon would try to talk to you about it and try to tell you how sees you. He would feel sad that you felt this way about yourself. Dawon would  give you daily reminders of how beautiful you are to him and all of the reasons why he loved you so much. He would hope that you would start seeing yourself the same way he sees you after awhile.

    Zuho: He would be confused of why you couldn´t see how beautiful you are. Every time you would see him after he found out about you being self conscious, he would compliment you (he would have done that already, but now he would give you even more compliments than usual).

    Rowoon: He would feel like he didn´t do a good enough job as your boyfriend. Rowoon always told you how nice you looked especially when you were going out. He actually wanted to cry when he found out that you were self conscious about your body. Rowoon would sit down and searching the internet for ways to make you feel more comfortable about your body.

    Taeyang: He would probably be a bit sad that you would feel like that about yourself. Taeyang would ask you why you felt that way, so that he could help you with the things that make you feel less confident. He would honestly be really sweet and try his best to get you to feel more confident even if that would take time.

    Hwiyoung: He would be a bit like Jaeyoon in the way that he wouldn't quite understand why you didn't feel confident about your body. Nonetheless, he would try his best to help you in any way he can. Hwiyoung would ask you how he could help you or if you even wanted his help to feel more confident.

    Chani: I feel like Chani would be a bit overwhelmed when he figured it out. In that moment he would try to just understand why you felt like that, but wouldn't quite know what to do with that information. Chani would probably go to one of the older members to ask what he should do to help you.

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  • ithinkilikeit-reactions
    12.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Requests open for A-Z nsfw alphabet!

    So I haven’t been that active lately and it’s truly because I have been busy and have a lack of inspo. I need something new, something to get my creative juices flowing so to speak. 

    So I thought I would bring back NSFW alphabets! Here is the link to the template


    Open for: 




    - The Boyz

    - BTOB

    - CIX

    - Cravity (legal members only!!!!) 

    - DKB (Legal members only!!!) 

    - EXO

    - Kingdom

    - Mirae (Legal members only) 

    - Monsta X 

    - NCT (all units)


    - Nu’est

    - Oneus

    - Onewe

    - ONF

    - Pentagon

    - Seventeen 

    - SF9

    - TXT (legal members only!!!) 

    - Verivery (Legal members only!!)

    - Victon 

    Feel free to request for any of them, even ones I’ve already done in the past. My writing style has changed and so have my opinions lmao. 

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