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    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Home Comforts ~ Yoo Taeyang

    “You shouldn’t be alone right now,” Taeyang smiled, waving goodbye as the producer called him ready to carry on with the shoot.

    As the screen went black, you collapsed back on your bed with a sigh, running your hands stressfully through your hair. Across the corridor, you could hear your mum fumbling around in her bedroom, unable to find a way to get some rest.

    It had only been two weeks since your father was admitted to hospital, but at home it felt like a lifetime. You still had many unanswered questions, and a parent at home with you who could barely bring herself to do anything without fretting for her husband.

    They were problems that you’d ended up carrying the burden of, bottling it away from Taeyang for most of the time. However, when you denied his fourth proposal of a date night together, he gave you little choice but to tell him what was going on.

    That night he had barely slept, worrying about you and your family, calling you as soon as he got a break that morning from work. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for him to know that he needed to step up and be there for you and your family too.

    As with most other days, time had completely run away from you after your phone call with Taeyang. You’d tried to encourage your mum to eat, and after burning herself out from stressing, eventually she managed to fall asleep upstairs.

    At last, it gave you the time to sort the house out, tidying up the mess that was downstairs. As you did, a knock at the front door disturbed you, drawing you away from the living room and your job of tidying up the coffee table to see who it was.

    “I’m sorry I couldn’t get here sooner,” a familiar voice spoke, watching as your eyes looked up, and a smile appeared on your face.

    Straight away you stepped out of the door and into Taeyang’s open arms, settling yourself against his chest. His arms gripped you tightly, squeezing you as he heard you sniffle against the material of his shirt, finally feeling the weight that you carried shrink down.

    “How are you?” Taeyang asked, bringing his hand underneath your chin, drawing your eyes up to look at him. “And don’t pretend to be fine, because I can tell that you’re not, I wish you would have told me what was going on sooner than you did Y/N.”

    “I’m struggling,” you admitted, feeling the smile on your face drop, “nobody still knows for sure what is going on at the hospital, and I feel like I’m the only one at home doing anything right now, they’re all just relying on me.”

    Taeyang took a hold of your hand, walking into your home, kicking the door shut with his foot. He tried his hardest to stay quiet as he took a look around, although Taeyang expected things to be hard, he didn’t quite expect to be greeted by such a mess.

    “You sit down on the sofa,” he instructed, grabbing a blanket to drape over you as you settled, “I can tidy all of this up in no time at all, you guys shouldn’t be living like this right now. Where’s your mum too, does she need anything?”

    “She’s upstairs, she finally fell asleep, so I just left her,” you informed him, “she’s not slept for days Taeyang, and I don’t know what to do, nothing I’m doing is helping her.”

    “How can you ever expect to help her when you’re as stressed as you are Y/N?”

    “I can’t leave her when she’s not got dad,” you frowned, laying back against the sofa, “I’m the one who’s got to run the house, and yet I can barely keep myself together right now.”

    Taeyang dropped the handful of rubbish that he had in his hand into a bag before making his way over to the sofa too. His arms wrapped around your frame once again, pulling you tightly into his chest, coupled with several kisses to the top of your head.

    He couldn’t begin to imagine how hard things had been for you, you pushed as many people out as possible, trying to be strong enough to hold your family together without having to worry about all the other people in your life too, including Taeyang.

    “You don’t need to worry so much now,” Taeyang whispered into your ear, “I’m going to be here with all of you, with whatever you need. You can’t carry this weight all by yourself Y/N.”

    “I can’t let you do that when you’re so busy with work,” you fretted.

    “Let me worry about work, and let me worry about you, and everyone else in your family too. I can’t be happy knowing that you’re hurting,” he softly spoke.

    Your hands came up to wipe underneath your eyes, trying to stop your tears from falling down your cheeks. “I can’t remember the last time that I had a proper meal, or a full night of sleep, I try and distract myself, but I just keep thinking about everything again.”

    “In that case, tonight, I’m going to stay here, make sure that you and everyone else eat properly, and then we can spend the night together finding something to distract you, that will help you sleep too,” Taeyang promised, giving you an extra tight squeeze.

    “You don’t have to do this,” you argued, but his head shook back at you. “I can’t begin to tell you how much I need all of what you’ve just promised Taeyang, it slowly feels as if I’m beginning to fall apart, there’s still so much uncertainty.”

    “It can’t be easy at all,” he acknowledged, wiping under your eyes as more tears fell, “but worst of all I can’t believe you’ve carried on as if none of this has happened. You don’t have to be alone now though Y/N, I’m right here for you, for as long as you need.”

    “It’s not just me that needs someone right now,” you told him.

    His eyes glanced to the staircase, knowing that your mum was still resting, “they’re all important to me too, I’m here for you, and your family as well.”

    You smiled weakly across at Taeyang as he moved back to meet your eyes, offering you a reassuring smile. No matter how hard he would have to work to be there for your family, the group, and all of the other little things in his schedule too, the last thing Taeyang could ever bring himself to do was leave you to struggle.

    Your family had been nothing but good to him, treating him as one of their own, and now it was time for him to repay the favour to them. Whatever he could do, he would do, in order to make life a little easier for you at home at least.

    “Why don’t you lay down here, and I’ll finish tidying the room up. Once I’m done, we can think about ordering, and I’ll even treat you to some of your favourites,” Taeyang suggested.

    “You really don’t have to do that; I was going to do it before you arrived.”

    His hands gently pushed you back down as you tried to stand up, “I’ve got it under control now, it won’t take me more than a few minutes anyway. You’ve worked hard enough for the past couple of weeks, it’s time for you to rest.”

    You laid back out against the sofa, watching on as Taeyang began to tidy up the place. “My mum is going to be so excited to see you here by the way.”

    “I’ll greet her as soon as she wakes up,” Taeyang told you, “and I’ll make sure that she eats well too.”

    “Thank you, just for everything Taeyang.”



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    20.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    requests are open!

    to help me get back into writing, I will be opening up my requests! please feel free to send a request. i am willing to write anything but smut

    taking requests for:




    groups I write for:

    stray kids


    golden child







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    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    quick headcanons?? I’m babysitting and I’m bored plz send things and I’ll write them out c:

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    08.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    SF9 “Boyfriend Headcanons” Masterlist

    Youngbin // Inseong // Jaeyoon // Dawon // Zuho // Rowoon // Taeyang // Hwiyoung // Chani

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    08.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Chani “Boyfriend Headcanons”

    Youngbin // Inseong // Jaeyoon // Dawon // Zuho // Rowoon // Yoo Taeyang // Hwiyoung // Chani

    - The baby 

    - the baby who doesn’t act like a baby

    - well sometimes

    - anyways the last but certainly not least member

    - Let’s get into it yuh

    - so Chani’s type

    - I can see him liking someone a bit more traditional

    - with strong family values 

    - yet still has a mind of their own

    - maybe someone with an all around positive out look

    - Because he can be quite a realist

    - To him it would be nice to have that balance

    - maybe give him a more positive outlook

    - He just needs a like a very positive person in his life

    - and to have that in an s/o 

    - he would absolutely adore that

    - Not to mention he would want them to be kind as well

    - Someone with a kind heart

    - anyways

    - First dates with Chani

    - Like most of SF9 

    - he would want to do something simple

    - maybe a small cafe

    - to grab a cup of coffee and maybe a slice of cake

    - Will want to share cake with you

    - Chani would be quite quiet on the first date

    - Listening and taking everything about you in

    - he seems quite tsundere but I’ll elaborate on that later

    - he just really likes to listen to you from the getgo

    - isn’t all too fond of talking about himself

    - but he does it after a bit of prying

    - once he comes out of his shell

    - he’s a very comforting person 

    - even on the first date

    - like once he gets talking 

    - he radiates this warm and comforting energy

    -  Might get a few different pastries to try 

    - the dates ends up being a lot longer than you expect 

    - but once you start conversing properly it just flows so easily

    - Chani 

    - I don’t see him kissing on the first date

    - he’s a slow burner

    - he wants to take his time

    - so maybe on the second or third date

    - His kiss is quite 

    - I don’t wanna say rough 

    - but he grabs your face (with consent of course)

    - and kisses you kinda roughly

    - leaves you truly breathless

    - gets shy after though which is funny

    - seems like he a gets a rush of confidence that goes away right after

    - very cute and can’t stop smiling

    - Kisses with Chani are quite versatile

    - can go from leaving small pecks all over your face

    - to kissing you so intensley that it catches you off guard

    - though the last one normally happens when you’re in private

    - he thinks it’s fun to fluster you 

    - he kisses your cheeks and forehead because he knows you love it

    - It makes Chani absolutely melt whenever you get all smiley because he kissed your forehead or cheek, or your hands

    - He loves kisses like that because they’re solely for you 

    - to make you feel appreciated 

    - When you kiss him like that

    - he’ll act like he hates it while his whole face turns red

    - secretly really loves it and you know that

    - you can just tell, he doesn’t have to say it to you

    - In public 

    - he doesn’t like kissing 

    - not on the lips

    - he doesn’t mind kissing you on the cheek or you doing that to him 

    - but on the lips, that’s something private to him

    - if it happens it happens but he prefers not

    - Chani does a lot of things for you

    - but doesn’t make it known that he’s doing things for you

    - this where the tsundere thing comes into play

    - he does small things like moving the cups to a place where you can easily reach

    - making sure things in the house you like to use are always stocked up 

    - he tries to take away alot of worries for you without you knowing it

    - Chani just wants you comfortable

    - That’s why he does it

    - he doesn’t need the recognition for it

    - he just likes seeing you at ease

    - Now as far as arguments go

    - Chani can get irritated

    - and it shows on his face

    - rolling his eyes 

    - huffing 

    - he makes it known that he’s upset and that’s okay 

    - that’s a good thing

    - he doesn’t bottle that up

    - He doesn’t yell but his tone says enough

    - He can sometimes say things he doesn’t mean 

    - but the second he sees your face drop he’s in a total state of regret

    - he hates himself for it

    - thats when he sits down and makes you talk about it 

    - work it out rationally

    - When Chani apologises

    - he has a hard time getting the words out

    - but you can tell he means it

    - he pampers you after too

    - making you a warm drink

    - holding you closely and whispering small apologies

    - Similarly to Rowoon, Chani doesn’t really show when he’s upset

    - his actions show it though

    - slamming doors 

    - cabinets

    - being incredibly quiet

    - You can tell he’s out of it

    - loves it when you rub over his shoulders and hug from behind

    - softly asking what’s wrong

    - that’ll get him to spill the beans 

    - keep rubbing his shoulders and he’ll tell you all the secrets he’s ever had

    - However really loves when you can help him out with an issue 

    - he appreciates it so much 

    - he adores your help

    - Now when you’re upset 

    - Chani can’t stand it

    - It hurts him so bd and he feels like he doesn’t know what to do 

    - so he results to doing something simple

    - holding you close while you rant 

    - simply holding you while you cry 

    - breaks his heart

    - it really does

    - if you cry he might just cry depending on the severity 

    - secretly very emotional boy

    - Not as good at giving advice

    - but he tries and that’s what counts

    - some things you enjoy doing together 

    - He loves to watch movies with you 

    - calls it doing ‘research’ for some of his acting roles

    - is a big sucker for going to the movies with you 

    - always wants to sit in the back so he can giggle with you 

    - point out things on screen 

    - he just loves that

    - Also loves watching old movies 

    - loves the romantics in them

    - so any chance he gets to take you to one

    - he will 

    - it’s just the vibes of a movie theater and sitting there with you 

    - always takes a couple picture when you see a movie

    - in front of the poster 

    - those are his favorrite pictures and he keeps them as a memory

    - has some printed out in his room in a frame

    - Also that would totally be his wallpaper

    - movie theater dates are sacred to him 

    - doesn’t like it when others join in 

    - it’s for you two and you two alone

    - Now Chani as we know isn’t a fan of obvious couple items

    - if you remember when his mother bought matching shirts for them to wear while going out

    - he hated how obvious they were 

    - he would want something entirely subtle

    - like a small ring

    - or a phone case

    - maybe a watch 

    - nothing in your face but something to know that you belong to each other

    - he thinks that’s nice

    - and if it makes you happy 

    - he’ll gladly do it

    - Something Chani loves 

    - is when you visit him on set for something he’s filming

    - supporting him from the side lines and monitoring him 

    - maybe even giving him pointers

    - he just loves to see your face around 

    - show you off a little bit

    - Plus you find it interesting to see him act 

    - he can turn into a whole different person based on the role he’s playing

    - it’s just so interesting to see

    - Now Chani and jealousy

    - I can see him getting jealous

    - like quite so 

    - I think Chani is quite insecure and that can come out whenever his jealousy spikes

    - it’s something you two talk about quite a bit

    - he can’t help himself sometimes

    - he sees you talking to some guy that might be more handsome than he is 

    - It scares him 

    - he doesn’t want you to leave him

    - so this is something you talk about and work through 

    Now spicy time

    - Alrighty another SF9 member I have a hard time pinning this way 

    - He’s not into anything too intense 

    - switch dom lean 

    - Now Chani loves to watch you 

    - be it your on top of him riding him like there’s no tomorrow

    - or watching you touch yourself from across the room 

    - it’s his darn expressive eyes

    - he just loves watching you 

    - watching your body 

    - watching you curl up in pleasure 

    - likes dirty talk 

    - but keeps it low and soft in your ears

    - whispering how fucking good you look at feel 

    - egging you on to ride him faster

    - You on top of him 

    - that’s his favorite position

    - It just has so many options

    - from you controlling the pace 

    - or him 

    - loves fucking into you and catching you off guard 

    - holding you tight to his chest as he has his way with you

    - Chani loves your sounds 

    - He loves it so much 

    - from whimpers to moans 

    - he wants to hear them 

    - only covers your mouth or makes you be quiet if you’re at the dorm 

    - knows he’ll never hear the end of it if he doesn’t 

    - might even like filming you 

    - when your touching yourself

    - or when you have sex

    - he absolutely loves this 

    - to watch it back when he has to stay somewhere overnight

    - Now he never wants to do anything in public 

    - but the thought of being caught at home 

    - or somewhere in the dorm 

    - shower sex is something he enjoys 

    - pressing you against cold tile 

    - hearing your moans bounce off the walls of the bathroom 

    - with the thought that someone could walk in

    - excites him 

    - he likes the risk but if it would ever happen he’ll never do it again 

    - Now I think he would have a thing for blowjobs

    - like just a blowjob nothing else sometimes

    - whenever he’s stressed and you drop down between his knees

    - a great stress reliever

    - doesn’t pull your hair or anything

    - let’s you control the pace as long as you make him cum 

    - doesn’t like teasing really 

    - it’s not his thing

    - would rather just get right into it

    - loves performing oral on you 

    - to watch you with those eyes as he makes you feel good

    - it’s amazing to him

    - for the reactions alone

    - he loves it


    - Aftercare with Chani

    - is actually quite special 

    - you guys don’t talk romantically on a daily basis 

    - so during aftercare

    - Chani let’s down the part of himself that gets embarrassed to speak that way

    - tells you how much he loves you 

    - whispers sweet nothings into your ear

    - reminds you how beautiful you are to him

    - very immersed in the afterglow 

    - especially the way you glow

    - doesn’t want you getting dressed just yet

    - loves kissing over your bare skin 

    - you talk about your future 

    - you make him laugh 

    - loves it when you joke around after 

    - you fall asleep and he just watches you

    - draws shapes over your skin 

    - loves sleeping facing you and holding your hand

    - A relationship with Chani is very sweet

    - it’s filled with understanding 

    - filled with soft I love you’s and sweet touches

    - truly a sweet relationship made for a romance story 

    A/N: This was the last installment to the SF9 series!!! 

    I really hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope I did the boys justice ♥ let me know which group I should do next as well!

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    28.09.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Tall S/O: Zuho

    A/N: This gif is so cute (ignore Hwiyoung lmao). This one's written a little bit backwards from the other ones, but it made sense for this man right here. I've had the shittiest week but: Zuho!!! Enjoy y'all! - Rosen

    Warnings: Mentions of insecurity, Zuho being the fluffiest, swearing maybe??, the usual levels of absolute tooth-rot!

    Gender-neutral reader x Zuho

    To Zuho, height is... well, height is just height.

    He doesn't see it as anything other than a fact of life, a characteristic of people that simply IS.

    Juho is similar to Dawon in the sense that he doesn't really have a defined "type" in terms of a potential s/o's physical characteristics.

    It may sound like a bit of a grandiose statement, but I'm a pretty firm believer that Zuho is the member who is most attracted to intellect and personality over beauty or physical aesthetics.

    Plus, he's even stated himself that both of his parents are tall, which just adds to the idea that he doesn't see anything wrong with a relationship between tall individuals.

    Enter: you.

    Though height is a non-issue to Juho, he does use it to his advantage (almost without realizing) when you're his S/O.

    He loves loves loves when you hold him, and your extra height just means he potentially gets more physical contact and gets to be babied a bit more.

    He's also a man who loves seeing you love yourself.

    Zuho has heart-eyes for you all the time, but seeing you strut around, clearly feeling confident (whether it's in your outfit, your makeup, your skills, or overall personality) makes him practically melt.

    Which is also why...

    If he ever finds out you’re not feeling too great about your height…

    Mans literally goes: o.O

    Don't get me wrong, he's not stupid, and he understands insecurities on a conceptual level…

    But when they're applied to you???

    He just...doesn't??? Get it???

    He's the type of s/o that almost seems to worship the ground you walk on,,,,

    So to think that in your own eyes you believe you are anything less than perfect has him $ho0k.

    He probably fumbles for words at first.

    Because this is new terrain for him.

    It's not like he didn't know you were tall…

    (Because duh, he hugs you every chance he can get, and it's a little bit hard not to notice how well your arms wrap around him.)

    It's just that Baek Juho, for the life of him, never thought that being tall COULD be considered a bad thing.

    Sure, he's been around people who were shorter than him for probably his whole life, but like I said earlier, it just wasn't something that he took the time to think about.

    So when he notices you've started to shy away from things like taller shoes, bottoms that accentuate your legs, or even not-so-public PDA with him, it gets his gears turning. 

    He doesn't quite know how to broach the topic because he doesn't want to upset you, but when he asks you outright and you don't deny it, he just feels so… bad.

    After a bit of stunned silence on his part, he practically dissolves.

    Probably lots more physical affection (you might end up feeling smothered and have to tell him to back off).

    He's the type to hover a bit afterward- fluttering around you while you go about your day and looking worried until he gives in and straight-up asks you if there's anything he can do.

    When you tell him that no, it's more of an internal process that you'll have to work through...

    Zuho kind of wants to cry.

    He wants to fix it. He wants to make you see what he sees. But... he also knows that you're right.

    So, Mr. male-version-of-Venus finds other ways to "help out".

    He holds you tighter when you cuddle and murmurs some things about how well you fit together.

    Yes I am thinking about that live where he practically buried his face in Jaeyoon's stomach :')

    He hypes up your outfits more than usual (regardless of whether they accentuate your height or not).

    They aren't particularly profound compliments, but you can tell that he means them because of the way he goes wide-eyed and occasionally blushes.

    "Wow, so pretty!" or even a simple "Wow!" are phrases he throws out often.

    Juho also isn't opposed to writing you some corny little songs or poetic little love notes mentioning your height and how much he loves you.

    Zuho: "Tall, like a tree; you're so lovely..."

    "...You're a dork."

    Zuho: 😊💞🤗

    This one is an all-the-time occurrence, not just when you're feeling down lol

    Plain and simple: Juho doesn't care how tall you are, he is one sappy lovestruck boy.

    #zuho#juho#baek zuho#sf9#sf9 reactions#sf9 scenarios #sf9 x reader #sf9 headcanon #anyway i love him #i feel like this is shorter than the others but maybe not? #i might edit some parts but i wanted to get it out there since its been sitting in my drafts for months #love y'all! <3
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  • koalitypop
    19.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I am here

    pairing: sf9 rowoon (seokwoo) x reader

    genre: comfort angst

    word count: 0.3 words


    a/n: Hello there! Thank you so much for requesting! This one turned out a bit short, but I felt like adding something to it would simply ruin the drabble. I hope you like it! Thank you so much for your time! 

    “Please, no, please, don’t, don’t.”

    Seokwoo had been sleeping soundly for a few hours when he woke up feeling uneasy. He was rubbing his eyes when he heard a person crying, you crying. He straddled you quickly, holding you like a baby without being affected by your unconscious tries to fight whatever was scaring you in your sleep.  

    “Hey, I’m here, dear, it’s going to be fine,” he whispered, kissing your temple lightly, “I’m here, dear, calm down, everything is alright.”  

    He knew better than to wake you up from your nightmare, being well aware of the fact that if he did that, you won’t be able to fall asleep at all. His hands ran up and down your trembling figure in attempt to calm you down and make you feel secure in your sleeping state.

    “Nothing can hurt you, dear, you’re going to be all right.”

    Something in him shattered as he felt your lips quiver while you were calling for him, asking for help. Despite not being awake, you looked so unbelievably sad and terrified. Covered in tears and cold sweat, you were shaking like a leaf in the coldest November night. Seokwoo pulled you towards him even tighter, seeing how fragile you are in his arms, especially in this particular distress.  

    “I am here, dear, I am here, you are safe,” he sighed.

    Unconsciously you snuggled into his warm embrace, your face buried into Seokwoo’s neck, his scent lulling you back into comfort. Your anguished cries turned into murmurs of your boyfriend’s name as your breathing was slowly getting into a pattern.

    “You’re alright, dear, I am here,” Seokwoo kissed your shoulder, “I will keep you safe.”

    Your almost-relaxed body, drenched in sweat, was now laying on top of Seokwoo as he muttered sweet nothings in your ear, altought you could not hear him. Whatever you were dreaming of, it was now fading away, as you were safe in your lover’s arms.  

    “You are safe with me, dear,” Seokwoo whispered, “You will be always safe with me.”

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  • ithinkilikeit-reactions
    18.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hwiyoung “Boyfriend Headcanons”

    Youngbin // Inseong // Jaeyoon // Dawon // Zuho // Rowoon // Yoo Taeyang // Hwiyoung // Chani

    - Okay I can say already that I will get carried away while writing this

    - one because it’s Hwiyoung

    - two because I adore this man to bits and pieces 

    - so let’s get into it yuh

    - so Youngkyun’s type

    - Visually i think he would like someone who’s a bit 

    - girl/boy next door style

    - simple yet kind of an active style 

    - personality wise 

    - I think he would love someone who is really down to earth

    - a genuinely kind person 

    - but also someone who isn’t scared to stick up for themselves

    - someone who sticks up for what they think is right

    - headstrong and protective of their own

    - he’s also mentioned a whole bunch that he wants a family 

    - so he’d be into someone who wants that too

    - because it’s important to him 

    - for someone as young as he is, he is quite clear in what he wants

    - so he would like someone with a similar headspace

    - Now for first dates 

    - Youngkyun is a simple man 

    - thinks that going to the movies together would be really fun

    - he knows it’s not really the most ideal for conversation but 

    - he’s also kinda awkward sometimes so he figures

    - you got to the movies and then grab like a dessert or something after

    - and then you’ll have something to talk about

    - like the movie will help with some of the awkwardness

    - but all in all, once conversation starts to flow 

    - it flows very well

    - maybe splitting a dessert in a little cafe

    - he has the strangest ways of making you laugh

    - might spill because he feels a bit nervous 

    - but it’s really cute

    - Youngkyun can’t take his eyes off of you as you talk

    - then pulls that great smile of his 

    - if you weren’t into him already that smile truly is the selling point

    - he might be a little awkward but god he’s such a flirt

    - once he gets a bit more comfortable 

    - he’s complimenting you

    - he’s flirting with you

    - making you feel all giggly like a school girl 

    - he’s so casual about everything he does it’s just

    - he’s awkward but so smooth at the same time???

    - 10/10 will walk you home

    - will hold your hand if you’re comfortable

    - he’s a little protective so if it’s dark out it’s for protection

    - if it’s light outside, it’s because he can 

    - I think

    - Youngkyun will kiss you (with consent of course) on the first date

    - it’s a sweet quick kiss

    - nothing too intense, not for the first date

    - but long enough to make your heart flutter a little bit

    - and then that smile afterwards

    - will kiss your cheek after and then tell you goodnight or see you later

    - After the date with him though his heart will be pounding

    - will walk home if it’s not too far away 

    - so that he can process everything that happened

    - he’s borderline giddy afterwards

    - Anyways

    - Kisses with Youngkyun

    - His hands are always in the equation 

    - whether they’re holding your face

    - waist

    - ass... they tend to drift there every now and then 

    - but his lips are always gentle

    - likes slow kisses 

    - doesn’t like to be rushed 

    - Does this thing where before he kisses you he pushes his forehead against yours

    - talks to you lowly before kissing you 

    - pulling you close by the waist

    - Yeah he likes to take his time but 

    - he doesn’t always have the time

    - he adores kissing your cheek 

    - he thinks it’s romantic

    - a quick way of showing his love when he’s running out the door

    - in public he isn’t shy 

    - he’ll kiss you 

    - not a full makeout of course 

    - but a kiss on the lips isn’t too much for him 

    - or a kiss on the forehead

    - aside from that pda wise he isn’t too clingy

    - he’ll hold your hand a lot though 

    - also wants you walking closest to the wall with him on the outside

    - he’s a protector

    - this way nothing can happen 

    - now arguments with him 

    - I think Youngkyun isn’t past yelling... 

    - if he’s really frustrated he will raise his voice

    - especially if he just feels like he isn’t being listened to 

    - if he yells it isn’t quite directed at you 

    - but really more out of frustration

    - other times he’s just annoyed

    - rolling his eyes alot 

    - shrugging

    - it’s a little annoying but 

    - it is what it is

    - Youngkyun isn’t fond of gifts as apologies

    - he likes words 

    - so he always apologizes with words

    - tells you how much you mean to him

    - explaining the way he felt in the situation

    - I believe he is quite sensitive

    - if you cry, he will cry a little too

    - he isn’t scared of his emotions

    - he just really has a hard time seeing you cry 

    - especially if it’s because of him 

    - he would like you to apologize with words over gestures too

    - it just means more to him

    - like a lot

    - if he’s just upset

    - it’s not hard to tell 

    - he’s so quiet

    - he’s there but he’s not there

    - So reserved

    - very in his thoughts

    - which you can tell so 

    - loves with when you crawl into his lap

    - make him look at you and tell you whats wrong

    - just talking about it makes him feel better

    - having someone in his corner prepared to listen to him 

    - Talking is his love language

    - words are his love language

    - but he doesn’t mind you massaging his tense shoulders though

    - when he’s stressed it sits in his shoulders

    - so when you’re upset too

    - he wants you to talk about it

    - get it out 

    - you can yell 

    - hit something

    - he just doesn’t want it weighing on your mind too much 

    - if he can fix your problem

    - he might go and solve it for you if he can 

    - it’s that protectiveness in him 

    - Now hanging out with Youngkyun is a mirriage of things

    - you can be quite lazy 

    - potatoing around the house 

    - chilling in sweatpants 

    - watching movies and just hanging out 

    - loves just laying in bed with you too

    - watch shows on his phone and like not move

    - just holding you and laying in bed

    - this mostly happens on the days after continuous schedules 

    - where he’s just too tired to really function

    - or your dates consist of visiting him at the studio 

    - helping him with songs in any way you can 

    - or just keeping him company there

    - maybe making out a little here and there

    - you know for the inspiration

    - or just giving some feedback 

    - loves making little songs for you 

    - like songs of 1 minute

    - thinks it’s really fun and that you bring the best out in him that way 

    - and then on the complete other side of the house

    - he likes going out and doing fun things

    - arcades

    - trampoline parks (you know why i mentioned this)

    - yes Youngkyun is pretty grown for his age but 

    - sometimes he just wants to run around like a little kid

    - and you know what

    - that’s healthy and it’s so much fun

    - like seeing him run around and dragging you with him 

    - so much fun

    - He also likes taking you to the park 

    - play soccer or basketball 

    - he also just loves video games

    - so if you would play with him he would think it’s so much fun

    - even if you suck you know it’s the thought that counts

    - Now sleeping with Youngkyun 

    - it’s very warm 

    - I feel like his body temperature runs pretty hot

    - so that being said 

    - he isn’t toooo fond of cuddling when it comes to sleeping

    - it’s just too warm 

    - before bed though he wouldn’t mind holding you for a little bit

    - but whenever it comes to sleeping 

    - cuddling just aint it

    - But in the winter if you’re cold 

    - he totally loves it when you curl up to him because you’re cold

    - even though he’ll feign complaints 

    - he loves it when you tuck your cold feet under him

    - and burry your face into his chest because your chilly

    - Okay Youngkyun and jealousy

    - I mentioned his protectiveness before

    - but that also goes hand in hand with his jealousy a little bit

    - he has waves of isnecurity 

    - where he doesn’t quite trust other guys around you 

    - he doesn’t want you to get hurt but he also doesn’t want them taking his place

    - he’ll tell you if he feels upset or concerned

    - but in the moment if someone is getting too close

    - he’ll come up behind you

    - wrap his arms around your waist

    - kind of ask who this new person is

    - make it well known that you’re taken 

    - He gets really serious in that moment though

    - because there is a fear in the back of his mind that you will leave him 

    - it’s something you work through too

    - but it takes time

    Now, the Hwiyoung that haunts me 

    - alrighty this is going to haunt me for the next week

    - a dom for sure

    - he’s quite possessive

    - not in a concerning way 

    - but he loves marking you up 

    - all over

    - not just your neck 

    - but your whole body 

    - your thighs

    - your chest 

    - your stomach 

    - anywhere that’s visible 

    - anywhere that isn’t 

    - he loves seeing the marks that others don’t 

    - not even in a sexual way but 

    - when you’re just changing 

    - it makes him feel proud 

    - He loves it when you scratch his back and shoulders too 

    - makes him walk around like he’s accomplished something. 

    - especially if others notice it

    - As far as positions go 

    - he loves any position fom behind

    - it’s because he loves smacking your ass

    - not spanking necessarily or having you bent over his lap to get spanked

    - no spanking you during the act 

    - the surprised noise you make 

    - that gets him going like absolute crazy 

    - so positions like

    - doggy

    - spooning 

    - pressing your front  into the mattress entirely

    - either way he loves it because of the physical control he has over you

    - But spooning

    - that one’s his favorite

    - He can hold your thigh

    - your waist

    - your neck 

    - not to mention the easy access to your neck 

    - to kiss it, mark it

    - Youngkyun is a simple man 

    - seeing you in a shirt of his can be enough to get him going

    - god he’d love to fuck you in it

    - holding it at your waist 

    - but not taking it off of you 

    - studio sex is also not off the table

    - bending you over the desk

    - He’s not too kinky just has small things that turn him on

    - Youngkyun is a big sucker for seeing you on the ground between his thighs

    - fucking loves it when you suck him off

    - and is really into making you take more of him 

    - deepthroat him and he’s ready for marriage

    - Secretly really loves fucking your face

    - but he doesn’t do it often in the fear of hurting you

    - only when he’s really frustrated

    - returning the favor requires you sitting on his face

    - he loves it so much

    - especially holding you down so have nowhere to go 

    - not to mention the way he looks at you once you get off of his face again

    - almost like he’s fucked out 

    - Maybe even developes a slight impregnating kink 

    - but that’s from the moment he knows he’s spending the rest of his life with you

    - i’ll leave that thought there


    - He doesn’t get too rough with you 

    - so aftercare isn’t toooooo intensive

    - it’s quite lazy 

    - but really loving

    - the occassional shower together

    - which surprisingly doesn’t often lead to round 2 

    - he’s always gentle 

    - running a wash cloth over your body gently

    - kissing over your shoulders 

    - but other times 

    - you’re cooling down 

    - laying in bed with the sheets pooled at your waists

    - just facing eachother and talking 

    - his hands find yours to play with 

    - you fiddle with the ring he always wears

    - likes to talk about the future with you 

    - even if it’s vague 

    - even if it’s just events that would happen a week later

    - just likes to think that you two have a future together in general

    - he likes cuddling in these moments 

    - this is one of the few times he likes to cuddle in bed

    - he doesn’t care if it’s warm 

    - or sweaty 

    - it’s just thinks it’s necessary for an emotional connection

    - he’ll kiss you so often after sex

    - because he can 

    - and he feels like he’s floating

    - runs his hands through his hair alot 

    - which is truly a sight 

    - especially when he’s not wearing much just-

    - you kind of space out when looking at him 

    - he does the same thing 

    - looking at you and admiring your features 

    - thinking to himself that you’re his person

    - his forever

    - dating Youngkyun is 

    - dating for the long run 

    - he’s young but knows what he wants 

    - he mates for life

    - dating him is security 

    A/N; I got entirely too carried away with this but holy shit I just love Hwiyoung so much okay. There’s a reason his tag on my blog is ‘a man carved from the gods’ 

    Anyways feedback is encouraged, tell me if this sucked, tell me if you like it. I would really appreciate it!

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  • blu-joons
    17.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Rainy Days ~ Kim Youngbin

    “I don’t think we’ll be going out very far tonight,” you sighed as you walked up the stairs, finding Youngbin laid out on the bed having dressed himself ready for your evening together.

    “How come?” He questioned, sitting himself up properly on the bed.

    “Take a look outside,” you glumly replied, walking across to the window and pulling the curtains apart, allowing Youngbin to take in the downpour.

    Raindrops bounced off of the pathways, landing harshly against the panel of the window, yet the sounds were enough to bring a smile to your face as you admired the force of which the rain fell from the comfort of your own home.

    “I’m quite glad to be honest,” Youngbin chuckled as he stood up by your side, “I quite fancied just staying in and doing nothing with you.”

    “Really? Because after the day I’ve had at work, that’s all I wanted to do too,” you laughed, “I just thought we’d go to the restaurant because you wanted to.”

    Youngbin’s head shook as his arm moved around your frame, pulling you tightly into his chest. He was dressed for nothing, which was exactly how he wanted to be, nowhere to go, but everywhere to be with you in his arms.

    “What do you say to an evening just laid in bed, we can leave the curtain open and watch the rain if you fancy?” He suggested, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, “you get comfortable, and I’ll go and see what I can find in those cupboards downstairs.”

    Your head nodded as Youngbin untangled himself from around you, closing the bedroom door behind himself as he made his way downstairs. Once you were sure he’d gone, you passed your wardrobe by, darting straight for his.

    It didn’t take long before you found your favourite shirt of his, the one that you always wore whenever he went away on tour, changing out of your work clothes in favour of it. You then opened the door, before making your way over to the bed, throwing yourself down in the middle of it.

    After a few minutes, Youngbin made his way back up the stairs with plenty of snacks in hands, dropping them to the foot of the bed once he could reach. His eyes weren’t watching however, instead they were focused on you.

    “I don’t remember giving you permission to wear my shirt,” he teased as he joined you on the bed.

    “Really, I could’ve sworn that was what you said,” you joked, curling back into his side, “I guess I must have just mistaken something you said for permission to wear your shirt.”

    His eyes rolled as his arm moved back around your frame, “now wouldn’t that be all too coincidental, not much sounds like permission to wear my shirt to me.”

    “I guess my hearing must just be particularly bad then,” you smiled in reply, shifting your body so that you had the perfect look out of the window too.

    Youngbin’s head shook as he watched over you carefully to make sure that you were comfortable before allowing himself to settle. Once you began to lay still, he shifted his body so that it was facing you, giving him the perfect view of the rain too, filling his heart with warmth as he enjoyed the comfort of his own home instead.

    For all the places that the two of you could be outside, there was nowhere greater for either of you than being tucked up in your own bed. The only sounds you could hear were each other, and the fall of droplets lingering outside to complete your moment.

    “I like this,” you whispered as your hand moved up to rest against Youngbin’s arm, “it’s been a while since we’ve both just got to enjoy the peace and quiet of the world.”

    Youngbin’s head nodded in agreement as your movement gave him the chance to stretch his arm out, deciding to place it to the top of your head. It didn’t take long before his fingers began to part through the strands of your hair, drawing you in closer to him.

    “Maybe we should do this more often,” he then proposed, “rather than playing fancy meals out and active date nights so often, maybe we should plan evenings at home, where we can enjoy nothing else but the chance to be with each other.”

    “That’s a good idea,” you hummed softly, “I don’t think I’ve enjoyed myself as much in a long time as I am doing right now.”

    Youngbin smiled down at you as you curled further into his chest, “why don’t we just stay here for the rest of the night? We’ve got snacks, a thick duvet, each other, and the beautiful sound of rain to help us fall asleep when we want to.”

    Instantly, your head nodded, there was nothing that sounded greater to you. The two of you had arguably been wrapped in doing so much for so long, both of you had forgotten the simplicity in doing absolutely nothing too.

    Neither of you were willing to let the rain dampen your spirits, instead, it gave you both the opportunity to rediscover a part of your relationship that had gone away. Once again, you could rely on each other, rather than something else to entertain you both.

    The beat of Youngbin’s heart was your only focus as his hands brushed carefully through your hair, absentminded in every little thing that he was doing, but equally enjoying it as much.

    “I could stay here forever,” you whispered softly as you found yourself caught up in a daydream, “there’s a strange magical quality I find rain has that just feels so calming and relaxing.”

    As your head looked up, Youngbin’s looked down, allowing your eyes to meet. “I agree,” he mused in response to you, “from the warmth of indoors, it’s got a gentle effect, it’s easing to listen to like a safety blanket, that’s what our home is really.”

    “It’s our safe space, where we can shut off from the rest of the world.”

    “Exactly,” Youngbin agreed, “this is where the two of us can be, with no one to interrupt us, nothing to disturb us, just you and I. We can lay here, talk, or in silence and just continue to build upon the already wonderful connection that we have with one another.”

    The way Youngbin spoke captured your heart as a quiet hum came from you. “I never imagined myself feeling so comfortable in one space but being here with you right now has made me feel like I could take on the world.”

    Hs hands continued to dance through the strands of your hair as Youngbin made sure that you were as comfortable as possible tucked into his side. It had been some time since the two of you had laid so close, and he was determined to make the most of it.

    The sound of the rain was the perfect crescendo the two of you needed to what had somehow turned out to be the evening. The rain hadn’t forfeited your date at all, instead it had made it better than either of you could have ever imagined.

    “Do you want something to eat?” Youngbin whispered to your ear as he noticed your eyes beginning to flutter.

    “I just want to stay here right now,” you replied in a hushed tone.

    “Let’s stay here, and make sure you get some rest.”



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  • lazyfoxwrites
    15.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Someone posted “When you feel autumn kissing the summer away” and I can’t get autumn with Inseong out of my head so...

    Inseong knows that you hate to say goodbye to summer. You were never good with handling the days getting shorter and dimmer, the sun shining less frequently. It seems that just as nature is losing its strength, preparing for a long sleep through the winter, you’re also becoming weaker. It breaks his heart, but he refuses to be discouraged.

    It’s the little things that make you fall in love with him a bit more during autumn. Like how your closet slowly changes - you have no idea when he manages to do it, but there are suddenly some of his lighter coats perfect for the ever changing weather hanging among your jackets. When you confront him, he just smiles and cutely says that you look better in them than he does. Your walks in the cold wind and under the grey, cloudy skies are much more comfortable and pleasant with his scent lingering on the clothes enveloping you.

    He really does try hard to make the transition as easy for you as possible. He takes you on walks in the park or the forest to appreciate the changing color of leaves, and to laugh and play childishly when the wind blows them all around. He holds your hand and drags you with him as he tries to catch some of the leaves carried by the wind in his other hand. He fails most of the time and ends up pouting. But it’s alright, because you know he does it to make you laugh. His lips are so inviting and warm even in the cold weather, so you kiss him to cheer him up until you’re both breathless. You mutter a soft praise, and some reassurance with another delicate kiss to his cold cheek.

    You often joke, more to make him jealous and clingy than actually meaning it, that he doesn’t have to put so much effort to light scented candles all around your home to get you more light and remind you of the scent of summer breeze - you tell him that he can just invite Taeyang over so provide you with sunshine. It works like a charm, mostly because he knows your true intentions, and he always ends up snuggling to you needily, both of you wrapped in a warm blanket. It’s nice, cozy, with two mugs of hot beverages on the coffee table in front of you. He holds you tighter, spooning you from behind so that he can tease you, nibble on your neck and kiss your shoulder, but also because he feels like he’s protecting you. It allows him to smell your hair too, and he swears you must be a fairy or some other magic being, because your hair smells so different during autumn and winter and it never ceases to fascinate him.

    You really don’t like the second half of the year. It’s cold, unpredictable, everything seems to be dying. The world gets darker. It’s depressing and sometimes it gets you so low you feel like crying. But sometimes it’s not all that bad. Sometimes Inseong’s hair matches the color of the last reddist leaves hanging onto the tree branches, other times his smile and hugs are as warm as the cocoa he makes for you. You don’t think you’ll ever like autumn, but Inseong makes it magical, makes it feel like every passing day is another comforting kiss in the harsh weather.

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  • fairyseuls
    13.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hello and Welcome !!

    requests are open !! please request anything and everything your hearts desire but please read my little introduction that includes my rules and triggers, thank you !



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  • lazyfoxwrites
    12.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    fireflies, fluff + sf9 rowoon

    “Love? It’s getting quite cold,” you spoke up as you walked along a country road, your connected hands swinging happily between your bodies. The summer was only beginning, the nights not yet warm enough. He didn’t seem to notice the dropping temperature until you mentioned it.

    “Ah, sorry,” he panicked and quickly pulled his hand away from yours to take off the sweater he wore over his shirt, “Here.” He handed you his sweater, still warm and smelling of him. You chuckled but shook your head.

    “No, you’ll be cold and I don’t want you to get sick. Shouldn’t we just head home?” you suggested and immediately regretted it. His face fell before he quickly tried to hide it with an unconvincing smile.

    “S-Sure, I guess...” he said but the joy from his voice was gone and it made you confused and heartbroken that you were the reason for it without even knowing what happened.

    “Hey,” you grabbed his hand again to stop him from turning around to head back, “What’s going on?” He hesitated but eventually took both of your hands into his, giving you a soft smile.

    “I really want to show you something. It’s not that important but I’d love to share it with you and I don’t know when we’re going to have another opportunity like this,” his eyes were looking into yours, his face extremely mellow and his hands warm. You knew, in that moment, if he asked you to walk with him to the end of the Earth, you’d gladly hold his hand the whole way.

    “Then let’s do it,” you jumped a little to peck his cheek, making him giggle, “But if you catch a cold, good luck explaining it to your manager.” You put on his sweater, happily inhaling his soothing scent and let him lead you.

    He took you further down the road and then took a turn to walk a narrow dirt path. He laughed when you asked if he’s going to murder you here in the middle of fields and meadows. “Be patient,” he scolded lightly.

    You were becoming a little anxious as the sun hid below the horizon and the sky turned a deep dark color. Seokwoo just chuckled happily, pulling you into his side to protect you, even if there was no danger here. Suddenly he stopped and moved to stand behind you, his hands wrapped around your waist. He leaned down to rest his chin on the top of your head.

    “We’re here,” he whispered and kissed your hair. You leaned back into him with a soft hum.

    “And what is it you wanted to show me here?” you asked, since all you saw was a grass field. But then, in the very next second, you understood.

    It was just a few at first, then it became tens and maybe hundreds with each passing minute, tiny lights taking off the leaves of grass and flying above the ground.

    “Oh,” you breathed out in awe, turning back to look at your boyfriend. He gave you a loving smile, stepping from behind you to offer you his arm. You gladly took it and followed him through the path illuminated by the small glowing bugs. It felt like walking through the night skies, stars dancing around you. He was watching you intently, mesmerized. The tiny lights were mirrored in your eyes and you looked like you just stepped out of a fairytale.

    “Shall we dance?” he asked, turning around to face you. How could you say no? And so you danced through the sea of fireflies, happy and in love.

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  • ithinkilikeit-reactions
    12.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Taeyang “Boyfriend Headcanons”

    Youngbin // Inseong // Jaeyoon // Dawon // Zuho // Rowoon // Yoo Taeyang // Hwiyoung // Chani

    - So Taeyang went from being a member i didn’t pay that much attention too

    - to someone that I can’t stop watching

    - and someone i really admire 

    - so this might get sappy

    - he’s just the ultimate bf okay??

    - he’s said he would like someone with a bright smile

    - which I can understand 

    - so I think Taeyang would like someone who has a positive outlook

    - not excessively of course

    - but someone who’s first impression is quite bright

    - he’d like someone who isn’t scared to take on a challenge

    - they don’t need to necessarily need to share the same interests

    - but be open to learning his interests

    - because he’d be interested in learning yours

    - so with that being said 

    - your first date would be something a little different

    - i had this thought and you’re allowed to disagree

    - but imagine

    - making floral arrangements for eachother

    - going to a flower shop together 

    - talking and getting to know eachother while you pick out flowers 

    - and then sitting down in a nice quiet place, maybe with a coffee

    - and putting together little flower arrangements for eachother

    - It would be great to see Taeyang in that setting

    - really makes butterflies flutter in your stomach

    - as you guys talk 

    - you make your little arrangments for eachother as you get to know eachother

    - he most definitely puts his all into them 

    - Taeyang is an incredibly passionate guy 

    - so he’ll put his all into that arrangement

    - this being said

    - definitely wants to kiss on the first date

    - with consent of course

    - and that kiss 

    - yeah even if you would never speak to him again after that

    - you would remember that kiss

    - absolutely takes your breath away

    - will take your flower arrangement home with him and just look at it with a smile any time he passes it uwu

    - anyways

    - Like I said before that first kiss with Taeyang would be so memorable

    - but kisses with him would always take your breath away

    - makes sure of that

    - none of his kisses are quick 

    - he makes sure to take a moment before he has to go somewhere

    - to give a proper kiss

    - holds your face 

    - allows his thumbs to stroke your cheeks as he kisses you 

    - always smiles at you softly afterwards

    - this is in moments when he’skind of in a rush

    - when he can really take his time 

    - he wants at least 3 minutes with you 

    - stroking your hair

    - kissing you deeply

    - pressing his body to yours 

    - kissing you is truly his favorite pass time

    - In public he doesn’t do this though

    - he is one of the touchier members though

    - his hands are always on you

    - whether they’re holding your hand, waist, hips

    - the type to slip his hand into your back pocket for sure

    - he’ll go as far as kissing your cheek or forehead but nothing much else 

    - unless he’s trying to prove a point to someone

    - but i’ll elaborate when we talk about jealousy 

    - Always whispering how good you look

    - it’s very obvious that you two are a couple when you’re out and about 

    - Arguments with Taeyang...

    - he gets just irritated

    - quite passive 

    - especially if he’s just really annoyed

    - he gets quite sarcastic which is hurtfull in it’s own way 

    - but he never even raises his voice

    - just sits their and acts like he doesn’t really care

    - he does care, just doesn’t like showing it

    - once you both calm down

    - he feels bad

    - like really bad

    - he doesn’t like acting the way he does when you fight

    - but it just kinda happens

    - it takes you both a second to apologize

    - you both want to say the right thing to work things out

    - arguments end with a sweet conversation

    - and a lot of kisses

    - it’s his love language okay

    - especially if he made you cry during the argument

    - he gets so mad at himself 

    - he just wants to kiss you all over and apologize

    - now if he’s upset 

    - he kinda distances himself from everything

    - goes to work more

    - needs some more alone time

    - he doesn’t necessarily want to burden you with something that’s bothering him 

    - but you want to know

    - you want to help him 

    - so when you ask he kind of breaks down

    - no tears or anything but a weight falls from his shoulders

    - just wants you running your fingers through his hair

    - hold him to your chest

    - Taeyang feels so much better after getting it off his chest

    - Becomes a bit clingy to you after he airs out his issues

    - whenever you’re upset 

    - Taeyang can tell immediately

    - so he tries to take your mind off of it

    - he waits until you’re ready to talk about it

    - but until that time 

    - he takes you out

    - he takes you to the park 

    - you guys will play around

    - he’ll take you to get some coffee

    - to your favorite spots in town 

    - just to get you to crack a smile 

    - then brings up that he noticed somethings wrong

    - wants you to vent about it

    - he listens so well

    - holds your hands as you talk 

    - makes you a warm drink

    - anything to make you comfortable

    - he’s just so comforting

    - now moving on to happier and brighter things

    - Taeyang is an amazing dancer

    - we all know this 

    - I think he would love if you would dance

    - you don’t have to be good

    - you don’t have to be good at all

    - he just wants to have fun with you

    - teach you dances 

    - it gives him an excuse to spend more time with you

    - He also just thinks it would be fun if you could do little tiktok dances together too

    - He’s also like totally fine with you just watching him dance

    - give him feedback

    - and if you tell him he looks good you bet his cockiness level will shoot through the roof

    - and you know what well deserved

    - Like I said before he likes trying new things 

    - so he would love to go on dates like rock climbing

    - making pottery

    - the carpet tufting 

    - anything from super active dates 

    - to creative dates

    -  to lazy dates at home too

    - he’s so open to anything 

    - You do the most new and amazing things while dating Taeyang

    - like vacations too

    - would love to like rent a house or apartment by a beach for a week

    - go surfing together

    - just laying on the beach

    - finding any excuse to put sunscreen on you lmao

    - sleeping with Taeyang is just nice

    - holds you but not too tightly

    - enough for you to move around

    - hands always find their way to your waist though

    - holding you gently

    - if you’re wearing pjs his hands always manage to find their way under them

    - he just likes touching your skin

    - it’s comforting 

    - reminds him that you’re there when you’re asleep

    - Okay Taeyang and jealousy 

    - I mentioned it a little when it came to pda

    - but Taeyang is for sure the type to come up and kiss you intensely

    - if he sees someone flirting with you 

    - not to remind you of anything

    - but to show that person that you’re taking 

    - that’s about the extent of his jealousy

    - he doesn’t like it when people flirt with you 

    - but he knows you won’t act on it

    - every now and then would get a little insecure

    - just asks you like “you won’t leave me right?” 

    - it’s a very rare thing though

    -everyone faces insecurities and has their good days and bad

    - they don’t happen often for him but they do happen

    - TEardrop Taeyang incoming kids look away 

    - A dom with some switch tendencies 

    - this man is just absolutely in love with your body 

    - it doesn’t matter what shape you are

    - what you have what you don’t have 

    - your body is his favorite because it’s yours

    - and he won’t stop praising you until you know it

    - very into giving praise 

    - kisses absolutely every inch of your body 

    - marks every spot that he really loves 

    - has a thing for fucking in front of a mirror

    - like would love to sneak you into the practice room 

    - and press you into the mirrors

    - loves watching them fog up 

    - doggy? Yeah that’s his favorite position

    - loves holding onto your hips 

    - watching your expression in the mirror

    - might like tying you up all pretty

    - loves the way you look at his mercy 

    - Taeyang also loves pretty lingerie

    - you in a bright red lacy set

    - yeah that’s it for him 

    - he wants pictures to commemorate

    - I don’t want to say Taeyang is rough 

    - but he’s very passionate

    - which you can feel for sure

    - king of dirty talk too 

    - will say the filthiest things to you 

    - but will never degrade you 

    - that’s a line for him 

    - He has a thing for watching you give him a handjob

    - loves watching your fingers wrap around his cock 

    - he goes nuts for it

    - he’s a tease for sure 

    - will take his time to watch you squirm 

    - so definitely repay the favor those few times your in control

    - He likes the hot, heavy, sweaty and intense 

    - the leg shaking 

    - sheets sticking to your body in the middle of the night type of sex

    - sex with Taeyang is pretty serious 

    - but there are those rare sweet moments where he cracks and just smiles at you 

    - that mainly happens in the morning

    - especially morning afters some intense stuff

    - sweet morning sex is just gentle 

    - caring 

    - lazy 

    - very slow 

    - can last hours


    - aftercare with Taeyang is 

    - well just very taking care of eachother 

    - showering together

    - which 9/10 leads to round 2

    - but washing his hair

    - him washing yours 

    - gently massaging your body with with body was 

    - will give you a shirt of his to sleep in after 

    - loves the way you look in your underwear

    - with his shirt on 

    - and damp hair 

    - he loves holding you on top of him 

    - as you guys settle down for bed 

    - you guys talk quite a bit

    - but all the words come out in whispers

    - like someone else could be listening to your private conversation

    - all until you both asleep 

    - But the conversation can have a little dip before that

    - where he’s just like admiring your face 

    - your body 

    - how beautiful you are

    - and you do it to him to 

    - cause face it he’s absolutely stunning 

    - aftercare with him is just a team effort

    - taking care of eachother 

    - as it should be 

    - this goes for your whole relationship

    - you take care of eachother 

    - push eachother to do new things

    - it’s passionate and explorative

    - teaching eachother new things

    - It’s always new and exciting

    A/N: This was so fun, I love Taeyang so much I think I might almost double bias is SF9 now. Taeyang has really been effecting me lmao

    ANyways feedback is always welcome!

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  • lazyfoxwrites
    11.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    being scared together, fluff + sf9 zuho

    It was a joke you often made whenever either of you had to go to the other’s place, that you should just find a place big enough for both of you and move in together. It would be practical - no more bickering about where you’re going to hang out, no more complaining that his cats missed you, and of course, much more time spent together.

    You’d never guess that today would be the day you’ll be considering the possibility seriously. There’s no way around it, however, not as you both cower in the corner of the room, starring across the bedroom on the gigantic spider on the opposite wall.

    “How many rooms do we need?” Juho whispers, as if the noise could somehow attract the creature to you and provoke it into attack.

    “Forget rooms, but do we both need our own walk-in closet?” you whisper back because you’re just as paranoid as he is.

    “Of course we do, y/n!” he whines a little louder, quickly covering his mouth with his hand. You slightly nudge him with your elbow. “Sorry.”

    “Well, looking for an apartment like that will be fun,” you murmur, huddling closer to him as you see the spider’s leg twitch. 

    “Who says we’re looking for an apartment? Let’s get a house so we’re ready when we have a family,” he suggests with a shy smile, not really meeting your eyes as he keeps watching the creature. 

    “What do you mean when we have a family? I think our two sons would appreciate the extra space too,” you joke, sliding your hand into his, “But it sounds nice. Let’s do it if we don’t get this thing out.”

    “I think it’s a lost case,” he sighs, squeezing your hand.

    “Oh is it? Baek Juho, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you just want me to move in with you,” you tease him, but your voice is perhaps just a tad too soft for the remark to sound as playful as you hoped it would. Whether it’s because of the storm of emotions in your chest or the fear, he presses his body more against you, leaning his head against your own.

    “You know I do,” he whines into your ear, this time careful to control his volume, “Maybe this is a sign to just do it.”

    You consider his words carefully. It’s not like you haven’t talked about it before or like you weren’t actually agonizing over it on your own too. You must admit it’d be nice, all you could wish for, actually.

    You turn your head to the side and kiss his cheek. “Alright, if you get rid of that thing, let’s find a place for us,” you agree and by the shocked expression on his face, he hasn’t expected you to actually say that. Then the whole sentence registers and his face falls. 

    “y/n! That’s impossible!” he complains, nuzzling his face into your neck, “Why do I have to do that?” You chuckle in response, but the laugh turns into a shriek when the spider takes whole two steps up the wall. He’s the one laughing now.

    “Let’s just call one of the guys. They’ll take it out and we can look for some place in the meantime? If you really meant it,” his voice is soft and his thumb is drawing reassuring circles on the back of your hand.

    “I did, but I also meant the other part. I don’t think either of us will survive watching that nightmare crawling here until the guys manage to come.” As if on cue, the spider took another step, making both of you jump. It’s gonna be a long day, but perhaps at the end of it, you’ll be one step closer to living together.

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  • fantasywritings
    09.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    A Shoulder To Cry On- Dawon

    reader x lee sanghyuk

    genre: angst

    request: from angst prompt list . “You can’t tell that I am in love with you because you were too busy loving someone else to notice me.” +” Can I convince you to stay?”

    Your heart skipped a beat as a thunder echoed through the walls, causing the windows to shake.

    “It’s pouring outside” Sanghyuk said and offered you a throw blanket to keep yourself warm.

    As you wrapped the blanket around your shivering body, you can’t help but wonder how the hell you agreed to this 'meeting'.

    A few moments earlier, you almost drifted off to sleep, that until Sanghyuk decided to call you, saying it was an emergency and that he will pick you up in 5 minutes.

    And now, you couldn’t believe you gave up your sleep just to hear him ranting about his now “ex” girlfriend.

    Stealing the blanket from you, he flopped on the sofa and covered the both of you, snuggling into your shoulder as he let out over dramatic whines.

    “It’s just annoying, you give someone your everything and they dump you just like that” he whined again, making you wish you could smack him right here and there.

    “Are you just going to look at me without saying a word? Is that how it is?” He complained once again, causing you to sigh in annoyance.

    Sanghyuk has been completely oblivious about your feelings towards him.

    At this point, you were certain that for him you were just a shoulder to cry on, nothing more than that. It was frustrating, having someone be so oblivious to all of your romantic gestures and hints towards him, yet at the same time him coming back every single time to tell you about another heart break.

    “I have nothing to say” you tried to swallow your anger and move on.

    “There is always a better option out there, always a better, nicer choice, someone who would treat you better, but you choose to constantly make yourself miserable. I can’t help you every time” you admitted, shifting in your seat and creating a distance between you two, so that he was not leaning on you anymore.

    “Why are you so convinced that there’s a better option? Why are you so sure?” He talked back in annoyance

    “A shoulder to cry on, a comfort friend, that’s what you consider me as, right?” You responded to his curiosity right away

    “What does it have to do with my question, y/n” he asked in confusion, shifting in his seat so he’s in eye level with you.

    “I am the better option, I like you, can’t you tell?” You asked in annoyance, aggressiveness in your tone

    “If so, why didn’t you say anything? Am I supposed to guess?” He stared at you, not sure how to handle your sudden confession as he tries to defend himself, not sure from what.

    “Right.. you can’t tell that I am in love with you because you were too busy loving someone else to notice me.” You chuckled to yourself, feeling pathetic at your sudden irrational confession as you jumped out from your seat.

    “Let me think about this, you can’t just leave” he said and got up after you, following your steps

    “My words won’t change the way you see me, it’s pointless Sanghyuk” you shook your head and made your way to the door.

    Not sure what to say, he just looked at you, he felt sorry for not considering you as an option, he felt bad for not noticing your attempts.

    “Y/N It’s pouring outside, just stay for a bit and let me think about what you just said” he looked at you with sparkly eyes.

    But you just stood there, trying to collect your pride and walk out the door.

    “Can I convince you to stay?” He asked, concern in his voice.

    “No Sanghyuk, it’s pointless, I’m just a shoulder to cry on” you said as you left his apartment, shutting the door behind you as another thunder shook the walls.

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  • blu-joons
    09.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The Boys Meet Your Newborn For The First Time ~ Kim Youngkyun

    All eyes were on your daughter as Youngkyun moved around you in order to tidy up the last little bits of your apartment before welcoming the boys. You’d waited for the perfect moment, settled, and content before inviting them round to meet your new addition.

    “Seokwoo says that they’re in the car on the way here now,” Youngkyun informed you as he checked his phone, taking a seat on the end of the sofa beside the two of you carefully.

    His eyes instantly fell on your daughter too as she stared up at the ceiling. The both of you couldn’t help but chuckle at how clueless she was to the mayhem that was about to come her way in the form of eight excited boys who had been desperate for the chance to meet her.

    They had all been incredible throughout your pregnancy, helping the two of you whenever you needed it. So, when you told them that you wanted a bit of space when your daughter arrived, they were gutted not to be right by your side.

    As your daughter’s eyes flickered across to Youngkyun, he leant forwards and began to tickle over the top of her chest. “It won’t be this quiet soon,” he whispered down to her, “it’ll be carnage.”

    “I don’t think even she could prepare for how much attention she’s about to get.”

    “She’ll love it, having all eyes on her is perfect for her.”

    The two of you continued to entertain your daughter until a knock at the door dragged Youngkyun away. You hadn’t even heard the handle go down before the volume went up with the mutterings of the boys.

    Your eyes looked up to greet them, widening when you saw how many bags and gifts that they all held onto. “The boys have bought one or two presents for Y/D/N,” Youngkyun joked as he followed behind them all back into the living room.

    Straight away, you lifted your daughter up into your arms, with eight pairs of eyes following every little thing that she did as she shuffled in your hold.

    “You guys, she’s beautiful.”

    “Damn, she’s got some good genes.”

    You smiled down at her as she looked around, giggling gently at the funny faces that all eight of them pulled across at her. “Take a seat guys” you instructed as you moved off of the sofa and onto the floor, “we’ve got a lot to catch up on.”

    As soon as you sat down, Taeyang was straight by your side with a keen smile on his face. His hands slowly edged out, silently letting you know what he wanted, waiting until your smile grew before stretching them out for you to place your daughter into.

    “Be careful,” Youngkyun nervously called out as soon as he saw what was going on, “the last thing we need is any accidents today.”

    “It’s only holding a baby,” Taeyang assured him, “you can trust even us idiots to do that without any harm.”

    Your head nodded as Youngkyun looked to you for reassurance, making sure that you kept a close eye on Taeyang, just to be on the safe side as they all got used to your new arrival being around.

    “Have you guys thought about what you’re going to do for godparents?” Inseong suddenly asked as the room fell silent. “Are you guys even on planning on having godparents, it’s not as much of a tradition anymore, is it?”

    “Why? Are you putting yourself forwards for the role?” Chanhee challenged, seeing right through Inseong and what his intentions were.

    Your eyes rolled, knowing that a question such as Inseong’s was only a matter of time with how competitive the boys were. “We’ve not given it much thought,” you replied, keeping the atmosphere calm, “we’ve got more important things to think about right now.”

    The two of you had predicted as soon as your daughter was born that there would end up being some sort of competition between the boys as they all fought for the role of the best uncle. They always loved to be above each other, despite the two of you warning them several times that your daughter would be brought up not having favourites.

    With a tray of drinks, Youngkyun soon arrived to join you on the floor, handing glasses out to everyone. “I’m impressed by how quiet you’re all being.”

    “We’re not monsters,” Jaeyoon quickly interjected, “what did you expect to happen? We’d all come in shouting our heads off and overwhelm Y/D/N?” He then asked, shaking his head when Youngkyun nodded back at him.

    Your hand nudged against his arm as he moved it around your shoulders to pull you closely into your side. “You know them too,” Youngkyun reminded you, “when have you ever known there to be a time when all of these guys have been quiet?”

    “There’s a first time for everything,” Sanghyuk then interrupted too, “plus, you know that all of these guys are being quiet to impress you and try and get picked for the role of godfather, it’s written across all of their faces.”

    All eyes stared across at Sanghyuk as they spoke, with defences and protests being put in from them all. Both you and Youngkyun had picked up on how attentive they were behaving too, knowing exactly what the reasoning was for it as well as Sanghyuk did.

    As the group soon became obsessed with your daughter, it gave you and Youngkyun the chance to talk alone, sliding away from them slightly. “This doesn’t surprise me at all from them.”

    “They’re excited, that’s all it is.”

    Youngkyun’s head nodded in agreement with you, “I knew that they were all keen to be the top uncle, but godfather just feels like it’s a bit too much. I want them to be equals, I could never pick just one of them to put into the role of godfather too.”

    You knew exactly how Youngkyun was feeling, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it either. All of them had looked after you and supported you at one time or another, not one of them hadn’t been there for you both whenever you needed them to be.

    “I think it’s best if we don’t have godparents,” Youngkyun then whispered, “our little girl is lucky enough to eight uncles who will protect her, I don’t think a godparent is what she needs, she’s already spoilt beyond belief.”

    “I think that’s a really good idea.”

    “As do we,” a voice suddenly spoke up from the group. You both looked to Juho as he cleared his throat. “You guys are right, all eight of us will do our best to take care of Y/D/N, not one of us more than anyone else, and that’s all that she needs.”

    The rest of the group all nodded in agreement with what Juho had to say, assuring the two of you that they were all more than happy just being able to call themselves uncles.

    “She’s very lucky,” Youngkyun reiterated once again as he glanced across at your daughter’s soft smile, “trust me, after being with you guys for so long, I know deep down eight uncles is all that she’s going to need.”

    “She’ll have you all wrapped around her little finger in no time,” you added, “you’ll be glad to just be uncles one day when she starts growing up.”

    Their heads all shook back at her, “even when we’re all old and grey, and she’s the one looking after us, we’ll do her best to protect her.”

    “We know you guys will, that’s why you’re the best uncles ever.”



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