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    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Home Comforts ~ Yoo Taeyang

    “You shouldn’t be alone right now,” Taeyang smiled, waving goodbye as the producer called him ready to carry on with the shoot.

    As the screen went black, you collapsed back on your bed with a sigh, running your hands stressfully through your hair. Across the corridor, you could hear your mum fumbling around in her bedroom, unable to find a way to get some rest.

    It had only been two weeks since your father was admitted to hospital, but at home it felt like a lifetime. You still had many unanswered questions, and a parent at home with you who could barely bring herself to do anything without fretting for her husband.

    They were problems that you’d ended up carrying the burden of, bottling it away from Taeyang for most of the time. However, when you denied his fourth proposal of a date night together, he gave you little choice but to tell him what was going on.

    That night he had barely slept, worrying about you and your family, calling you as soon as he got a break that morning from work. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for him to know that he needed to step up and be there for you and your family too.

    As with most other days, time had completely run away from you after your phone call with Taeyang. You’d tried to encourage your mum to eat, and after burning herself out from stressing, eventually she managed to fall asleep upstairs.

    At last, it gave you the time to sort the house out, tidying up the mess that was downstairs. As you did, a knock at the front door disturbed you, drawing you away from the living room and your job of tidying up the coffee table to see who it was.

    “I’m sorry I couldn’t get here sooner,” a familiar voice spoke, watching as your eyes looked up, and a smile appeared on your face.

    Straight away you stepped out of the door and into Taeyang’s open arms, settling yourself against his chest. His arms gripped you tightly, squeezing you as he heard you sniffle against the material of his shirt, finally feeling the weight that you carried shrink down.

    “How are you?” Taeyang asked, bringing his hand underneath your chin, drawing your eyes up to look at him. “And don’t pretend to be fine, because I can tell that you’re not, I wish you would have told me what was going on sooner than you did Y/N.”

    “I’m struggling,” you admitted, feeling the smile on your face drop, “nobody still knows for sure what is going on at the hospital, and I feel like I’m the only one at home doing anything right now, they’re all just relying on me.”

    Taeyang took a hold of your hand, walking into your home, kicking the door shut with his foot. He tried his hardest to stay quiet as he took a look around, although Taeyang expected things to be hard, he didn’t quite expect to be greeted by such a mess.

    “You sit down on the sofa,” he instructed, grabbing a blanket to drape over you as you settled, “I can tidy all of this up in no time at all, you guys shouldn’t be living like this right now. Where’s your mum too, does she need anything?”

    “She’s upstairs, she finally fell asleep, so I just left her,” you informed him, “she’s not slept for days Taeyang, and I don’t know what to do, nothing I’m doing is helping her.”

    “How can you ever expect to help her when you’re as stressed as you are Y/N?”

    “I can’t leave her when she’s not got dad,” you frowned, laying back against the sofa, “I’m the one who’s got to run the house, and yet I can barely keep myself together right now.”

    Taeyang dropped the handful of rubbish that he had in his hand into a bag before making his way over to the sofa too. His arms wrapped around your frame once again, pulling you tightly into his chest, coupled with several kisses to the top of your head.

    He couldn’t begin to imagine how hard things had been for you, you pushed as many people out as possible, trying to be strong enough to hold your family together without having to worry about all the other people in your life too, including Taeyang.

    “You don’t need to worry so much now,” Taeyang whispered into your ear, “I’m going to be here with all of you, with whatever you need. You can’t carry this weight all by yourself Y/N.”

    “I can’t let you do that when you’re so busy with work,” you fretted.

    “Let me worry about work, and let me worry about you, and everyone else in your family too. I can’t be happy knowing that you’re hurting,” he softly spoke.

    Your hands came up to wipe underneath your eyes, trying to stop your tears from falling down your cheeks. “I can’t remember the last time that I had a proper meal, or a full night of sleep, I try and distract myself, but I just keep thinking about everything again.”

    “In that case, tonight, I’m going to stay here, make sure that you and everyone else eat properly, and then we can spend the night together finding something to distract you, that will help you sleep too,” Taeyang promised, giving you an extra tight squeeze.

    “You don’t have to do this,” you argued, but his head shook back at you. “I can’t begin to tell you how much I need all of what you’ve just promised Taeyang, it slowly feels as if I’m beginning to fall apart, there’s still so much uncertainty.”

    “It can’t be easy at all,” he acknowledged, wiping under your eyes as more tears fell, “but worst of all I can’t believe you’ve carried on as if none of this has happened. You don’t have to be alone now though Y/N, I’m right here for you, for as long as you need.”

    “It’s not just me that needs someone right now,” you told him.

    His eyes glanced to the staircase, knowing that your mum was still resting, “they’re all important to me too, I’m here for you, and your family as well.”

    You smiled weakly across at Taeyang as he moved back to meet your eyes, offering you a reassuring smile. No matter how hard he would have to work to be there for your family, the group, and all of the other little things in his schedule too, the last thing Taeyang could ever bring himself to do was leave you to struggle.

    Your family had been nothing but good to him, treating him as one of their own, and now it was time for him to repay the favour to them. Whatever he could do, he would do, in order to make life a little easier for you at home at least.

    “Why don’t you lay down here, and I’ll finish tidying the room up. Once I’m done, we can think about ordering, and I’ll even treat you to some of your favourites,” Taeyang suggested.

    “You really don’t have to do that; I was going to do it before you arrived.”

    His hands gently pushed you back down as you tried to stand up, “I’ve got it under control now, it won’t take me more than a few minutes anyway. You’ve worked hard enough for the past couple of weeks, it’s time for you to rest.”

    You laid back out against the sofa, watching on as Taeyang began to tidy up the place. “My mum is going to be so excited to see you here by the way.”

    “I’ll greet her as soon as she wakes up,” Taeyang told you, “and I’ll make sure that she eats well too.”

    “Thank you, just for everything Taeyang.”



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  • athenathesharkwrites
    25.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Movies And Cuddles - Jaeyoon

    A/N: Okay, so I think this is the first time I’ve tried to write a strength kink, and I think the scene was rough enough, although I could be wrong, but I have it in the warnings, just incase it was the right amount of roughness, I also feel like I kind of dragged this one out for a long time, duding by the word count.

    A63— “I don’t care about the romantic stuff, let’s just watch movies and cuddle.”

    Warnings: Explicit language, fluff, smut, slight strength kink, choking, breast play, biting, pussy slapping, fingering, mention of fisting, clit stimulation, hair gripping, face fucking, unprotected sex(reader is on the pill), bruising, rough sex, creampie, multiple orgasms, slight aftercare.

    W/C: 4.5K

    Age Warning: No one will listen to this, but it’s here, I will not take responsibility because you wanted to read any of my fics that contain NSFW/SMUT content, but if you’re under the age of 18+, DO NOT INTERACT OR READ. Even though you will ignore this warning and still read it, but do not take it as educational, it is fiction!

    You bite your lip nervously while looking at your closet, you weren’t sure what to wear for your date with Jaeyoon, and you were starting to become nervous, you step away from your closet and move towards your bed, picking up your phone to check the time.

    “Fuck!” You curse. “Fuck, what am I going to do?” You drop your phone back on the bed, only to hear it ding, letting you know you had a message, you quickly flit it around and saw Jaeyoon’s name flash up on your screen along with his message letting you know he was outside. “Fun, fuck, oh, fuck.” You could feel your heartbeat drumming in your chest, you exit your bedroom and make your way to the front door, you pull it open and give him a nervous smile, he gives you his wide smile, his dimples on full display before it dropped when he noticed your nervous behaviour.

    “Hey, what’s wrong.” He asks, you step back, letting him into your home, you closed your door and lower your gaze to the ground as you turn towards him, his hand moves to your chin, and lifts your head with his fingers. “What’s wrong, honey?” You let out a sigh, your lower lip slightly popping out.

    “I don’t think we can go out tonight.” You say, you could see his brows furrowing at your words. “I can’t find anything that will fit for wherever you’re taking me.” His lips form into an ‘O’ and he nods his head.

    “Honey, I was just going to take you on a drive to watch the moonlight and talk to you.” He says, but if you were nervous about what to wear then he would much rather stay in. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t care about the romantic stuff, let’s just watch a movie and cuddle instead, that actually sounds much more romantic to me.” you move your face out of his grasp, his hand drops to his side.

    “No, let’s go watch the moonlight, let me just go change into something else.” You say, you move to go past him, only for him to capture you in his arms, stopping you from moving any further into your home.

    “No, no, no, you know a movie and a cuddle sounds much better than a drive right now.” He says. “And what you’re wearing now.” His eyes lower down, looking at the loose shorts and loose fitted tee you had on. “It’s perfect for a movie and cuddle night.” You look up at him.

    “Are you sure?” You softly ask, your lower lip still popped out, your eyes forming into puppy shape as you looked at him, his hands move to your elbows, holding onto you as he lowers his head, he leans his forehead against yours and looks into your eyes.

    “Of course.” He softly says. “Now come on, let’s go and prepare your bed for our movie and cuddle session.” Your pout quickly disappears and was replaced with a smile. “There’s that smile I love to see.” He moves his head a little, and presses his lips against yours, kissing you softly, his hands release your elbows before he breaks the kiss. “Let’s go.” He takes your hand into his, interlocking your fingers, and pulls you to the bedroom. “The blankets and pillows are still in the same place, right?”

    “Yes, I haven’t decided to move them anywhere else.” You say, you enter the bedroom, and he releases your hand, going straight towards the closest where you kept your blankets and pillows, you move to the bed and begin moving the pillows around, setting them up against the headboard, Jaeyoon drops a bunch of pillows and blankets next to the bed on the floor, thankfully you had cleaned it just that morning otherwise you would have had him running around to clean it up. “Is there any specific movie you want to watch?” You pick up one of the blankets and unfold it, he takes one side of it and spread it over the bed.

    “I don’t have anything in mind, we can watch a drama if we can’t find a movie to our liking.” He says, you nod your head and move to pick up another blanket, only for him to take your hand and pull you closer to him, you quickly place your other hand against his chest, feeling his peck underneath your hand, you stare up at him as you were held against his body, his other arm wrap around you, pulling your middle against him. “But suddenly I’m not much in the mood to watch a movie nor a drama.” You could hear your heartbeat drumming in your ears, your eyes move over his plush lips and to his brown eyes that seemed darker than when you had greeted him at the door, you swallow, excitement growing in the pit of your tummy, you didn’t need to be told much more to know what he was in the mood for, you could see it in his eyes and feel it in his grip as his strong arms held you tight against him, the way he used his strength with you only made you grow wet each time he did. “Can we skip the movie and leave the cuddling for later?”

    “Yes.” You practically squeal out, feeling his peck move underneath your palm, you could see amusement in his eyes, he was well aware of how much you loved when he used his muscles, he had picked up on it when he had invited you to the gym with hi one time, and he had caught you biting your lip and staring at him through his entire gym session, he had asked you about it afterwards, and you played it off, but he quickly picked up on how you would bite your lip or stare at him when he was busy with something, especially when that something required him to use his strength, but he’s never tried to test out his theory, and seeing you preparing the bed with him, he couldn’t help but think back to all those times, and decided it could be the perfect time to test it, he releases your hand and moves his hand to your waist before picking you up. “Jae!” It sounded more like a moan than anything else, practically confirming to him what he knew already.

    “Do you like when I’m picking you up like this, baby?” He asks, turning before tossing you onto the bed, your eyes widen as you look up at him, you swallow as you squeeze your legs together, feeling wetness pooling between your folds, he quickly climbs onto the bed, climbing on top of you, he takes both your hands and pins them to the bed. “Do you want to share something with me, baby?” He had positioned himself perfectly between your legs, making it impossible for you to squeeze them shut without giving yourself away.

    “I… Jae…” You begin to stutter, you were already breathing hard, and he hadn’t even touched you yet. “I… your…” He dips his head and brushes his lips over the lobe of your ear.

    “Is it my muscles?” He asks, his tone low and husky as he spoke, he felt your legs press against him as you tried to squeeze them shut for friction. “Do you want me to use my strength on you?”

    “Jae…” You whimper, squeezing your eyes shut.

    “Whimpering already, and I haven’t even touched you.” He says, he releases one of your hands and brings his hand to your face, tracing your cheek with the back of his finger, he moves his head away from your ear. “You know I don’t want to hurt you.” You nod your head, you knew, which was why you never told him or brought it up, you didn’t want to make him feel pressured to do any of the things you hoped and fantasised he would do to you. “But if you want it, then we can test it out, see how it goes, but If hurt you…” You slowly open your eyes and look up at him. “Do you want it?”

    “Yes, please…” You softly say. “Only if you feel comfortable doing it, otherwise…” He looks into your eyes, seeing the need in them.

    “I’m not going to go all out, I don’t want to injure you.” He says, you nod your head, his hand moves away from your cheek and pins your wrist into the bed, lowering his head, his lips touch yours with a bruising kiss, making you taste how hungry he is, making you realise just how rough he could be, it felt completely different from the usual soft sensual kisses he gave in moments like these, he takes your bottom lip between his teeth and nibbles on it before releasing it and breaking away from the kiss, hips lips move over your jaw, you turn your head, giving him access to your neck, you feel his teeth move over your neck, making you shiver.

    “Jae…” You whisper, his hands release yours as he moves to sit upright on his knees, he looks down at you, you turn your head to look at him, watching as he purposely flexed his muscles, you press your legs against him, fleeing your wetness increasing. “Jae!” You could see him smiling at your reaction, your jaw slacks as you feel his hand suddenly wrap around your neck, you knew he wasn’t going to press down against your skin, but feeling his hand around your throat was enough to make you clench your walls.

    “You really like that, don’t you, baby?” He asks, you try to nod your head. “Use your words.” His tone was authoritative.

    “Yes!” You say, you lift your hands and wrap them around his wrist. “I love it!” To him, the sight looked different from it usually did, and he had no idea that he would actually like seeing his hand around your neck, you slide your hands up his arms, stopping when you reach his biceps, you feel his fingers twitch against your skin, you meet his eyes and saw the wheels practically turning in his head as he held a debate with himself. “I trust you.” He gently squeezes down on your neck after hearing your words, your insides churn at the feeling.

    “So pretty with my hand around your neck.” He says. “Like it was meant to be there.” He releases your neck, pulling his hand away, you release his biceps before feeling his hands move to the tee you had on, his eyes move over it. “This is old, isn’t it?” You nod your head, you’ve had it for years, and only wore it when you wanted to be comfortable, your eyes widen as you hear the fabric being torn apart by his hands, you should be mad, you should be raging, but instead your hips bucked, and your back bent away from the bed. “No bra?” He pushes the fabric away from your tummy, revealing your bare chest to him. “It’s like you hoped this would happen.” He places his hand against your tummy, covering your belly button as he does. “You in a torn-up shirt, why does this look so hot?” His hand slides up your tummy before moving towards one of your tits, he cups it and begins pressing his fingers into the fleshy skin.

    “Jae… Jae…” You moan, his eyes move away from your chest and stop on your face, you were breathing hard from just his touch, from what he was doing to you, all just because he was being a little rougher than usual, which made him wonder what would happen if he were to get just the slightest bit rougher than he already was, he takes your nipple between his fingers and twists it before pulling it. “JAE!” He releases your nipple and moves his hand to your other tit, gripping it with a rough grip.

    “Fuck, look at you, reacting like this.” He says. “Sit upright, let me remove this torn shirt.” His hand disappears from your tit, you sit upright, he roughly grips the fabric and pushes it down your shoulders, quickly discarding it, he tosses it over his shoulder. “Lay down, hands above your head.” You lay back and move your hands above your head your fingers touch the headboard and pillows, he grips your wrists with one hand as he leans down, his lips move over the curve of your breasts, stopping to bite into the skin, your back arches into him at the sensation, he pulls away to look at the mark, making sure it wasn’t too harsh, when he was happy that it wasn’t, he lowered his head, and kissed your hardened nipple.

    “Jae, please…” You whine.

    “Please, what?” He says. “Use your words, princess.” You look down at him, eyes filled with lust.

    “Suck my nipple.” You say, his mouth wraps around the bud, and he tugs at it. “JAE!” You could feel his teeth moving over the bud as he pulled at it, you press your head into the mattress, closing your eyes. “Fuck, that feels so good!” Your words seem to encourage him as he pulled a little harsher on your nipple before releasing the bud with a loud pop, your skin flares up and the room felt like it had been set alight as the temperature rose, he releases your wrists as he moves himself lower, moments later you feel his hand pressing down against your thigh.

    “How wet are you?” He asks. “How wet did everything get you?” You open your eyes and lift your head to look at him. “Answer me, how wet do you think you’ve become?”

    “Dripping wet…” You whisper, his hand moves between your legs and move your shorts aside, he lowers his gaze, a smirk begins growing on his lips.

    “Fucking soaked.” He states, he moves his finger over your panties, collecting your arousal that had formed on the fabric. “You’ve ruined your panties, baby girl.” You swallow as you watch him lift his hand, you could see his finger glistening with your arousal, you knew you were wet, but you hadn’t realized that you had already soaked your panties. “Bend your legs, let me remove this and have a better look.” You do as he says, and bend your legs, pressing your knees into the bed to lift your hips for him, his fingers curl around the elastic of your shorts and panties, pulling them down, you lower your hips and lift your feet, his eyes catch sight of your open folds as he removes your shorts and panties completely. “Fuck, did everything I do make you this wet?” He tosses the clothes aside, you lower your feet back down to the bed, he suddenly pushes one of your legs down against the bed, pushing it upwards to spread you more open for him while his other hand moves closer to your pussy, his middle finger traces over your folds, seeing it glisten in the light. “I can’t believe how dripping wet you are, baby.” His finger moves past your folds, feeling the warmth from your folds against his finger, his finger disappears for a second before you heard the squelching sound of your wetness echoing around the room.

    “JAE, FUCK!” You moan, you had felt your wetness cover your inner thighs when his hand collided with your pussy, his finger slips to your entrance, and he easily slips the digit inside you, the stretch felt light yet delicious, he curls and uncurls his finger inside you, causing a tightening feeling to build inside you.

    “Hmm, you feel so good, I could just fuck you right now without needing to warm you up.” He says, his finger disappears from your entrance before you felt his hand collide with your pussy again.

    “SHIT!” You scream, the feeling absolutely blissful. “Jae…” You whimper as you felt two digits entering you this time, the stretch more delicious, the sound of your wetness squelching filled the room as he pumps his fingers in and out of you.

    “Fuck, I bet I could fit my entire fist into you.” He says, you lower your head and close your eyes, squeezing around his fingers. “Oh, you would like that, wouldn’t you.” He curls his fingers inside you, touching that sweet spot inside you, warmth travels up from your legs and up to the pit of your tummy, his fingers disappears from your entrance again.

    “FUCK, JAEYOON!” You scream, it was like he had found his new favourite thing to do, and that was slapping your pussy and fingering you, your clit was throbbing, wanting to feel another spa against it, three fingers easily enter you.

    “Before you get too excited about getting fisted, we’ll leave that for another time.” He says, he curls his fingers inside you, touching your sweet spot once again. “I don’t want to wait too long to feel your walls clench around my cock instead.” Your walls reacted on instinct at his words and clench around his fingers. “Yeah, just like that.” He turns and twists his fingers inside you, making sure to rub almost every part of your walls.

    “Hmm, Jae… fuck, it feels good.” You breathe out, his fingers disappear once again, you prepare for another slap against your pussy. “FUCK!” Instead of slipped his fingers back inside you, he started circling your clit with them, giving the throbbing nub attention also, he takes the nub between his fingers and pinch it, you could feel a rush of pleasure coursing through your veins. “JAE, OH, FUCK!” Your head thrashes around against the mattress, he releases your clit and moves his fingers back to your entrance, the sound of your wetness moving filled the room once again, you could hear him pumping his fingers in and out of you with a quick pace, curling them inside you every now and then, rubbing against that sweet spot inside you, you could feel sweat forming on your skin as you neared your high, the tension suddenly snaps inside you. “JAEYOON, FUCK, OH MY…” Your hips buck into his hand as you release around his fingers, fireworks explode behind your eyelids as your mind was thrown into the clouds, your fingers grab the pillows above you, tugging at them, your jaw slacks as pleasure consumes your entire being.

    Jaeyoon watched your body shake with pleasure, hearing and seeing your wetness increasing around his fingers, he could feel his cock pressing against his jeans, he was rock hard from seeing you react the way you did, if he had known you had a strength kink earlier, he would have used it to his advantage much earlier, he presses his thumb against your clit, rubbing the nub as his fingers slowly pump in and out of you, easing you through your high, your body relaxes from the high and your eyes open halfway, you stare up at the ceiling as you feel his fingers disappear from inside you, his thumb, however, stayed on your clit.

    “Can you suck me off, baby?” He asks. “I think you need to suck me off before I fuck you.” He could see your pussy muscles twitch at his words, you lift your head to look at him.

    “Fuck… yes, please.” You moan out, he climbs off the bed, making you feel almost cold without him there between your legs, you watch as he discards of his shirt before moving his hands to his jeans, you sit upright and moves onto your knees and hands, crawling to the edge of the bed.

    “Fuck, you’re so good for me, baby girl.” He says, he undoes his jeans and pushes them down, careful not to hurt his erect cock, he quickly removes his jeans before moving his hands to his underwear, you lick your lips seeing a wet patch just starting to form on the grey fabric, he pushes his underwear down and uses his foot to kick it aside, he steps closer to the bed, you look up at him, one of his hands wrap around his cock while his other hand reaches for your hair, grabbing a fist full of it. “Make me feel good, baby.” He presses the head of his cock against your lips, coating them with the pre-cum leaking from his slit, your jaw drops, and he inserts himself in your mouth, your lips close around his girth, he slowly pushes more of him into your mouth, stopping once he felt you had taken enough of him in your mouth, he slips out of your mouth halfway before pushing back in, filling your mouth, causing drool to form at the corners of your mouth. “Oh, fuck, your mouth… fuck, it feels so good.” The feeling of your warm wet mouth around his cock was driving him crazy.

    “But we both know it’s nothing compared to what your pussy feels like.” He says, his pace quickens and his grip in your hair tightens, your eyes never left his face, you watch as his jaw clenched and as pleasure formed on his facial features. “Fuck… baby.” You could see him swallow, w watching his Adam’s apple bopping up and down as he does, his hips roll into your mouth and his breath becomes deeper and deeper with each thrust, drool rolls down your chin and hits the mattress below you.

    “Hmm-mmh.” You moan around his cock, the vibrations from your moan travels through his cock.

    “Ohh, fuck, baby…” He moans. “I need to be inside you, fuck, I need to be inside you.” His cock hits the back of your throat before he completely removes himself from your mouth, strings of saliva breaking off, he looks down at the sight. “Fuck…” His eyes roll to the back of his head at the sight, he releases your hair, you quickly sit back on the bed before moving onto your back, without a word, he climbs onto the bed and moves between your legs, before gripping the back of your knee, he lifts one of your legs and places it against his shoulder, his other hand wraps around his cock, and he drags his length through your folds, costing himself with your arousal before moving the head of his cock to your entrance. “You know what to say, right, baby?”

    “Yes.” You say, knowing he meant the safe word, he pushes the head of his cock inside you before unwrapping his hand from around himself and moves it to your hip, his hand grips your hip as he slowly pushes himself in, inch by inch, your jaw slacks and your eyes shut at the sensation of his cock filling and stretching you. “Fuck… Jaeyoon… Jae…” You feel his grip tightening before your hips were lifted from the mattress, your eyes shot open as you watch the scene unfold, his hand on your leg slides down to your hip, both his hands were now gripping your hips, creating bruises to decorate your skin with, he looks down at you once he was fully inside you, watching for any sign that he should stop or be gentler, once he was sure you was still comfortable he slides his cock out halfway before snapping his hips into yours. “FUCK!” Your hands grip the fleece blanket, pulling at it, the sound of your wetness quickly filled the room as he rolled his hips into yours, finding a decent pace quick enough, your walls clench around him as his girth brush along your walls, giving you nothing but pleasure. “Jae… oh my fucking… there, oh like that.” You could feel his fingers digging into your skin, and you just hoped he wouldn’t take it as a sign to not do this again in the future, the feeling of your warm walls clenching around him caused his mind to spin, the sensation felt too good to explain.

    “Fuck, you feel so good.” He groans. “Fitting around me perfectly.” Your eyes fall shut.

    “Jae…” You whimper.

    “Like you were made to be fucked by me.” He says. “Fuck, milking my cock so good.” The sound of your breathy moans bounced off the walls along with his filthy words and his groans and grunts, his hand releases your hip and his arm wraps around your thigh as he moves his hand to your pussy.

    “Jae… fuck.” You moan, his hips snap harshly into yours, hitting you deeply, making stars appear behind your eyelids. “FUCK, OH, JAEYOON!” He knew he had hit the right spot as he felt your walls practically clamp down around him.

    “Fuck, so there it is.” He grunts, his hand reaches your pussy, and he slides a finger towards your throbbing clit.

    “JAE!” You moan, you feel his finger rub the sensitive nub, you could feel a tightening feeling building inside you, you squeeze your eyes tighter, stares quickly forming behind them, his finger disappears. “JAE!” His fingers slap against your clit, throwing your mind into the clouds, you press your head into the mattress as you release around his cock, your toes curl in pleasure and your muscles twitch.

    “Fuck, baby.” He grunts, you pull at the fleece blanket as you go through your high, he was chasing his own high as he felt it approach, just feeling you release around him made his head spin, he rubs your clit, easing you through your high and causing another one to build up as that one was settling, the tension felt like it never left your body, sweat coated your skin, and you felt your hair sticking to the back of your neck and shoulders, the room felt like it was a sauna with how hot it had become.

    “FUCK!” You scream, your walls rapidly clench around him as another orgasm hits you, the sound of your wetness sounded so sinful as it filled the room, his hand moves away from your clit and goes to your neck, his fingers lightly grip your neck, you feel your wetness stick to your skin, you couldn’t help but moan his name. “JAEYOON!” Feeling his hand wrap around your throat was adding to the euphoric feeling you were already experiencing, he lowers his gaze to where he was connected to you, watching his cock disappear and reappear, coated with your wetness, it caused something to build inside him, he slowly moves his gaze higher until he reached his hand that was wrapped around your neck, the sight sends him over the edge and the throbbing feeling in his cock snaps, spurts of cum coat your walls as he releases deep inside you, his grip on your hip tighten as his thrusts become uneven, his eyes roll to the back of his head before they shut.

    “FUCK!” He moans, his jaw slacks as a low grunt leaves his lips, you could feel him filling you with his load and felt it leaking from your entrance, making a mess on the blanket, you slowly descend from your high, breathing hard, you felt his hips rocking into yours as he eases himself through his high, you open your eyes and move your gaze to him, you blink a few times, adjusting your eyes after having them squeezed shut so tightly, you could see his black hair sticking to his forehead, damp from the sweat, your eyes move lower and saw sweat droplets on his torso, rolling down his honey-toned skin, his hips meet yours one final time before stopping, his cock still inside you, you watch as he breathes in deeply, trying to get his breathing under control, he opens his eyes and look down at you, his grip on your hips disappear and his hand around your neck vanishes, his eyes move over your form, searching for any sign of bruises he may have left, only fining the marks he had just created with his grip.

    “Don’t you dare think you’ve hurt me.” You quickly say, wanting to put a stop to any of the thoughts he may have started getting. “Fuck, I loved it.” He removes your leg from his shoulder, gently laying it down on the bed. “Jae… this, this… I wanted this, you didn’t hurt me.”

    “Are you sure?” He asks. “Because looking at these, they’re going to bruise.” He could feel your walls clench around his cock that was starting to grow limp inside you.

    “Fuck, I hope so.” You say, his brows furrow as he looks at you, his head tilting to the side, confusion filling his once lust-filled eyes. “That would be so hot, to look in the mirror and know how good my boyfriend made me feel.” He pulls out from you and moves to sit on the edge of the bed, you could feel the mixture of your releases spilling from you, you move to sit, feeling the wetness coat your thighs, you move closer to him and place your hands on his shoulders, and kiss his shoulder blades. “If I didn’t feel good, I would have let you know, please don’t feel bad.” Your lips move over the back of his neck before you placed your chin on his shoulder, next to your hand. “We don’t have to do it again if you don’t want to, but I absolutely loved it.” He turns his head, looking more at ease than he did when he was on top of you.

    “Maybe… Maybe we should try it a few more times.” He says. “Just to be sure that it’s not something I like.” He stands from the bed, you release his shoulders and watch him as he turns around to look at you. “Come on, let me go clean you, and tend to your every need.”

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  • forevermyloveno5
    25.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    100 Followers Event 🌹

    hello💜; first of all, thank you for all your support. I haven't expected so much, when I decided to create that blog. I might sound like a broken record but this means more than you know.

    I don't really have any ideas about prompts, so I just decided to open my requests until the end of this week (or the other). You can send your request with a member of your choice + genre, a song or whatever you want.

    Have a nice and productive week, everyone, stay healthy and safe 💜

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  • 100zuho
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    strangers to lovers!chani thoughts, based on a conversation we had with @forevermyloveno5 ❣️go give her a follow if you haven’t already

    chani tells hwiyoung once more (for the hundredth time, probably) that he will be responsible for you at the party because he invited you

    "ok chill don't worry they are fun!" hwiyoung says once more (for the hundredth time, probably) as they pull up in front of your place

    chani exhales as he stops the car and hwiyoung rolls down the window to wave you over

    you hurry to your friend, a grin stretching across your face

    "hii, thanks for picking me up" you clamber into the backseat and lean forward to introduce yourself to chani

    he looks at your outstretched hand for a split second then shakes it, looking into your eyes, suddenly hyperaware of how close you are and how good you smell

    he is starstruck but replies with his name and turns back to the wheel

    you don't see in the dark but hwiyoung flashes the younger man a teasing shit-eating grin, which chani pretends not to notice

    arriving at the house party, he subtely keeps close to you, hands in the pockets of his jeans

    you talk with some friends, have some drinks, and eat snacks

    you keep stealing glances at chani, who is usually standing quite close to you

    and once as you look at him, you catch him looking right at you

    you smile at him without thinking and he bites the inside of his cheek so hard he almost draws blood

    he quickly looks into his cup, suddenly sooo interested in the colorless liquid, and takes some sips from it

    you do the same, turning your attention back to the conversation

    after some time people disperse, going for a smoke, playing board games and such

    so you somehow end up on the couch with chani, chatting and laughing as you share stories and all

    "and he comes back in the morning, barefoot, lost MY shoes that i let him borrow" chani explains, half complaining and half laughing

    you absolutely adore his voice, especially like this

    "telling us that he couldn't remember how he left us" he finishes the peculiar story about hwiyoung that you haven't heard before

    you can't help your light-headed giggles that keep spilling out of you for a few seconds after

    and he laughs along with you, his cheeks dusted rosy pink because he's a bit tipsy

    as your chuckles die down, you look each other in the eyes

    you hate it — his eyes are so mesmerizing and you know what's about to happen

    you scoff and look away suddenly, making him confused

    "what is it?" he asks, leaning forward slightly

    you throw your head back shyly, getting insecure about the thought of it

    "i don't know, i just assumed you were going to kiss me" you admit, now looking down at your lap

    "i was, actually" he lets out a laugh

    seeing the genuinity on his face, you mimic his expression

    "oh, okay" you mumble, waiting for him to make a move

    and so he does — he scoots closer to you on the couch, placing a hand on your knee and presses his soft lips against yours

    it's so faint, so chaste but you feel something bubble in your chest

    you smile at each other when he pulls away and you lean in to kiss him again

    and again and again

    you stay up until the morning, making out slowly and talking in-between

    everyone else fast asleep

    he drops you off at your place and asks you to exchange numbers

    you kiss his cheek and thank him for the ride and he thinks he's falling for you fnfhfhfjfck

    after a while of being together, you move to your shared place

    you unpack everything and enjoy your first day in your 'finished' apartment

    as he holds you against his chest in the living room, he thinks about your first kiss on that couch at that party

    and how insane it is that now you have your own couch to be all lovey dovey on:)))

    he presses his nose against yours, a silent plea for a kiss

    you oblige, of course, smiling against his lips

    he peppers pecks on your face, from your chin to your jawline and your neck

    you relish in the feeling of being taken care of — you're lazy and sleepy and you can't think straight. but maybe you don't even want to

    you wake up to chani nuzzling the skin between your shoulder blades

    holding you tightly against him

    he's warm and you turn around to cuddle up to him, trying to escape the morning cold as there is no comforter draped over you

    "babe" he grumbles, "goodmorning"

    he is slurring his words like he usually does when he's half asleep

    "good morning" you reply, shivering as his palms run across your cold back soothingly

    he kisses the top of your head, then rests his chin against it

    a silly grin overtaking his face as he realizes where you two finally are

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  • forevermyloveno5
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    pairing: reader x optional bias

    genre: fluff, a little angst

    a/n: I wrote this in a hurry with Yoo Tae in mind but decided to leave it with an optional bias instead; excuse any mistakes and sorry for the repetitive usage of some words <3


    Warm rays of sunlight playfully dance on your skin, making you look even more ethereal to him in this moment. His fingers gently caress the contours of your face, silently admiring every part of it. He leans closer and places sweet, tender kisses, starting from your forehead, to your nose, your chin, your cheeks to your lips, his final destination.

    "Good morning, princess.", he says with his deep morning voice.

    You open your eyes, sleep was still lingering on them, and look at him with a pouty expression on your face. "How do even you know I'm awake?", they non-verbally ask him. His starry eyes are lovingly staring at yours. He can read you like a book and yet you somehow always manage to surprise him with how adorable and naïve you are sometimes. You awoke something wild in him, a strong instinct he find it difficult to control at times.

    He can't help but giggle at your cuteness and attacks you with more kisses. Your laughter echoes through the bedroom, causing the sun to shine even brighter in the early hours of the day.

    "What's gotten into you this morning?", you ask and he suddenly stops his actions.

    "I've missed you.", he says and burries his face in the crook of your neck.

    "Why? I've been here with you all the time.", you ask your lover, your fingers are gently running through his soft hair.

    "I know. But you weren't there, in my dreams. I was scared that you left.", he exhales deeply and silence settles between you.

    "I'll never leave you, my love. I would be the biggest loser if I do that. I'll always be there for you, even if you can't see me. I want you to remember this, okay?", you say after a minute with a firm voice as you make him look at you, so that he can see how sincere you are.

    "I adore you, Y/N.", he whispers and his hand snakes around your waist, pulling you into him, while his lips find their way back to yours. His kiss is deep, emotional, a little rough, yet gentle. You caress his neck and pull him closer to you, wanting to feel him in every possible way. If that was even possible. Your souls already belonged to one another, long before your hearts and bodies did, long before you caught a glimpse of each other in this lifetime.

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  • forevermyloveno5
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    You and Youngbin are having a wedding photoshoot and you include Jamong in it because this sweet puppy baby is an important part of your family that accepted you even before you two started dating and imagine the amount of love, snuggles and puppy kisses and Jamong bringing your wedding rings and barks happily once this very important mission is successfully completed I'm... 🥺

    #sorry but after seeing Youngbin with this angel that was the first thing that came to my mind #and dogs protecting new borns 🥺🥺🥺🥺 #sf9 scenarios#sf9 headcanons#youngbin scenarios#youngbin imagines
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  • athenathesharkwrites
    21.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Squirtle Plush - Rowoon

    A/N: This is for @taichoushadow​ , you had a tough day today, and I know you said you’re just dipping your toe into the water to see, but look at him with the squirtles, yes, I am using him and your favourite pokemon to make this, hope it brings some comfort, I also didn’t know how to end it... so...

    Warnings: Fluffffff.

    W/C: 597.

    The scent of nature fills your lungs, the soft breeze blew against your warm skin making you open your eyes, the dandelion field you were sitting in looked so peaceful, so calm as the wind gently blew, your eyes move lower, seeing the blanket beneath you and then your legs and then the legs of the person that was with you, your eyes move high until you found your hands owed together, the warmth coming from his hand as you held his, fingers interlaced, this peaceful moment with someone you loved, someone you knew loved you, your eyes slowly move up along his arm, his skin tone looking so beautiful, it almost seemed like it was glowing, your eyes finally settle on his face.

    A soft smile on his lips, his eyes closed, head slightly tilted upwards, he was taking in the fresh air from nature also, enjoying this moment with you, he had invited you out when he had learned you needed a day of peace, a moment to escape, and he was going to make sure you have an entire week of it with him, but he would tell you that later, for now, he wanted you to relax and unwind from everything.

    “I can feel your eyes on me,” Seokwoo says, you look down and smile, you hear his clothes moving as he looks in your direction. “Don’t look away now, look back at me.” You lick your lips and lift your head. “There’s that beautiful face.”

    “Seokwoo…” You mutter, he smiles and lifts your hand, bringing it to his lips to kiss the back of your hand.

    “Oh, I have something to give you.” He says, turning away from you for a moment, you hear something moving as he struggles to unzip the bag he had brought with him, you tilt your head as you see him struggle. “Uhm, I almost have it.” You giggle and release his hand.

    “Use both, don’t frustrate yourself.” You say, he looks at you and gives you a grateful smile before looking back at the bag he was trying to open, he finally pulls it open and takes something out.

    “You mentioned you like these, and I saw it in a store, which made me think of you.” He says, he turns back to you, cutely looking at you, you were just starting to get lost in his eyes when he moved his hands back into sight, something blue catching your eye, you look down and saw a faint Squirtle plush in his hands.

    “Seokwoo… Oh.” You say, he lifts it up to his face, your smile only grows as you see him turning it sideways.

    “I hope you like me,” Seokwoo says, changing his voice slightly, you reach out and take the plush from him, putting it on your lap.

    “I like you both.” You say, you look at Seokwoo. “Especially you, since you remembered what I said.” He smiles and leans closed, pecking your cheek.

    “I’m glad you do, and I also have another surprise for you.” He says, you nod your head, waiting for him to continue. “I’m taking you to a cabin for a week, I’m not taking no for an answer, I want to spend some quality time with you.” Your jaw drops at his words, an entire week? “You need the week also, to recharge and refresh from everything.” You lean towards him, one hand holding the plush and one arm wrapping around his shoulder.

    “Seokwoo…” You whisper, close to tears, they were forming in your eyes. “Oh, you’re amazing… gosh.”

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  • forevermyloveno5
    21.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    genre: smut

    warnings: hints of anxious reader

    bias: optional

    a/n: this is soo badly written, I might delete it later; based on sth like a dream?; excuse any mistakes

    His tongue is dancing on your clit, his fingers are buried deep inside you, touching every right place that makes you feel like you were on another planet. Your hands tightly grip the not-so-white sheets, thanks to the mess you made earlier, as if you were holding on for dear life, completely lost in a delightful pleasure. When you got home earlier tonight, overwhelmed by your own thoughts and emotions, you hadn’t expected him to take such care of you (and make you forget about the mess in your mind). Not that you minded it, though.

    “Baby.“, you cry out and arch your back when he hit the right spot over and over again, making your high approach for the second time in the span of just a few minutes, setting a new record.

    He removes his fingers and licks them clean, enjoying the masterpiece in front of him. If only you could see how beautiful you were at that moment. If only you could see yourself from his point of view: you didn’t know how good you were, you didn’t know what a beautiful person you were. He wish you knew how much you were worth it, how much you deserved to be happy, to realize your own self-worth and value.

    He leans down and gently kisses you forehead, letting his soft lips linger there for a little more. “Are you feeling better?”, he gently asks, while one of his hands is caressing your disheveled hair. “Yeah”, you whisper, still trying to catch your breath. “Good. Because we’re still not finished, baby girl.”, he declares before his lips engulf yours in a hungry, feverish kiss, letting you taste yourself, and he makes sure to help you erase all your worries throughout the whole night.

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  • lost-inthedream
    21.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Threesome with Youngbin and Chani

    Fast scenario - supposed to be headcanons ooops

    request: Imagine how good it will be to be taken care of in bed by them 1 soft dom, 1 hard dorm 🤭😳. Not sure if you are still open for headcanon but I really needed something spicy with these two like them f**king me tgt telling me how good I am calling me baby girl or princess you know this like that

    Under the cut because NSFW

    Can we go with hard dom Youngbin and soft dom Chani for today?Yes, let's go with this.

    You all start with steamy kisses because they love your lips and they wanna make them swollen and redder.

    They try to be fair while sharing you so they take turns. One of them gets busy with your mouth while the other kisses your neck, shoulders and down your back. Both guys seem to have fun with the straps of your bra.

    Chani finally unclasps your garment while his mouth noisily sucks on your shoulder blade. youngbin's eyes and yours are closed because you are sharing a filthy kiss, one of his hands holding on your jaw, the other cupping your breast. He feels it when Chani is releasing your chest from the bra, then the older disconnects your lips. "Isn't it too early? I thought we would make her beg to have his tits sucked"

    Chani chuckles behind you, his breath blowing now on your shoulder. "She can beg later"

    Youngbin gets rid of your panties as Chani takes his turn to lock lips with you. The kiss is sloppy and your bare chests are touching. You gasp into Chani's mouth when youngbin accesses your inner thigh, smoothly caressing it close to your heated core. You know what he is intent on. He is taunting you so you will whine and ask him to touch you properly.

    Which he is going to answer with a no.

    You feel as Youngbin adds one more trick. His lips start hovering on the round surface of your butt and it makes you pull away from Chani so you can speak. "I need more"

    "What do you need, baby girl?" he asks, his heart melting.

    "What are you whining at Chani?" The other man asks from the bottom, kneeling on the rug.

    "Nothing" you give up half crying.

    For your surprise, Youngbin guides you to the bed. "That's okay. We're gonna fuck you already because you're our good girl."

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  • restlessmaknae
    20.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    masterlist ✦ sf9

    angst [🌪]  fluff [☀]  action [♦]  comforting [♥]


    ✒ dancing through years and mistakes ☀


    ✒ the devil within 🌪


    ✒ Of cat cafés & cute baristas ☀ ♥

    ✒ against time 🌪 ♥


    ✒ hugs before thugs ☀


    ✒ flowers like you 🌪


    ✒ heart of a stone ♦ 🌪

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  • taichoushadow
    20.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Found ~ Yoo Taeyang

    A/N: This is written for @wxstethenxght ​💖 after a long day. I hope this little drabble manages to cheer you up just a little. I got inspired by the song; Clinton Kane - I guess I am in love. All the credits go to that song.

    Enjoy ~

    Fluff, fluff and more fluff 

    Looking at the man above you, taking in all that he is you realize you've become what you always day dreamed about now that you're laying there with your head on his chest. The way he traces the lines on your skin, the way he even traces your innerself unknowingly while he reads his book that you remember he absolutely loves the things you always try to hide from not only others but for yourself too yet he manages to grasp those features, those traits and show them love.

    No one knows, not even the comforting man right there with you, but with him, the hope you put away is within your reach again. Eventhough you're a mess sometimes, overthinking little things, Taeyang pulls you close with one arm resting on your lower back to press your cheeks against his clothed chest to let you breathe in his familiar scent that always helps to catch your breath and drives away the thoughts that always seemed to linger around and nag.

    Cupping his cheek, you look into his eyes and where he normally helps you to catch your breath, this is where often lose it when you feel the intense love burning behind his dark orbs when they lock with yours.

    You would think your heartbeat would pick up it's pace however it always seems to fall back to a comfortable one as if she knows she is home, that she is safe. It's more than anything you felt before. It's also the sudden thought and feeling that this right here, right now with him is everything you ever wanted but never thought you would be able to find it, to experience it. All these years of heartbreak.. Someone who was worth the wait.

    "Taeyang?" a sound that slips from tongue and creates a name that has become home. And he answers with a hum while he traces your lips with the tip of his fingers.

    "Thank you." you whisper, eyes pricking with tears as your heart feels full, full of love, full of realization and once again filled with hope.

    And Taeyang? Taeyang just smiles at you with this gentle look and holds you close, placing a kiss on top of your head and lifts up his book again as starts to read to you.

    #yoo taeyang #yoo taeyang imagines #sf9#sf9 imagines #yoo taeyang imagine #yoo taeyang drabbles #yoo taeyang drabble #yoo taeyang scenarios #yoo taeyang scenario #yoo taeyang fluff #sf9 drabbles#sf9 scenarios#sf9 fluff#taeyang fluff#taeyang imagines#taeyang scenarios #all the fluff #SF9#Taeyang#taeyang
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  • athenathesharkwrites
    20.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    You Are... - Yoo Taeyang

    A/N: I loved my morning, I hated my afternoon… so here it is, another emotional roller coaster of me just wanting to fucking escape and have someone comfort me and remind me I’m enough...

    Warnings: Angst, hurt/comfort, talk about appearance, fluff?.

    W/C: 1.6K

    You pick up your pale pink coloured boots, anger coursing through your veins, you exit your bedroom, grabbing a hair tie along with your phone and quickly move down the hallway to the front door, you couldn’t believe what you had just heard, you open the front door and close it, sitting down on the step to pull on your shoes, you take the elastic you had managed to grab before exiting your room and tie your hair, you needed to get away for a minute or an hour, you stand and move forward, quickly leaving the property, you move down the street with a quick pace, your mind racing, replaying the words over and over in your head, you felt so angry, you couldn’t explain what you felt in that moment.

    You just wanted to get away from your house right now, you needed time to yourself to think and cool down, you weren’t sure how long you had walked, how far you had gone, but you found yourself in a park, the anger gone and now replaced with sadness, you knew you shouldn’t let those words get to you, you know you should brush it off, but it was just... impossible, your insecurities were used against you just as you were building up your confidence, and now you were a mess once again, wondering if it was even worth trying to build confidence or just leave it.

    You sit down on a park bench, tears forming in your eyes, you take in a deep breath, your nose becoming runny as you try to keep yourself from crying, you didn’t want to cry, but it was happening without you being able to do anything about it, you were so overwhelmed with emotion, tears quickly stained your cheeks, you bring your hands up to your face, covering your eyes as you sobbed in silence, everyone passing by ignored you, thankfully, you didn’t want to deal with anything or anyone right now, you just wanted to be left alone by anyone passing by.

    You sob and sniff, you were slowly becoming a mess, fuck, you wished you just had someone to hold you, to tell you that you’re perfect the way you looked, to fucking hug you instead of breaking down your confidence, you just needed that someone right now, and it seemed like the world decided to take pity on you for a moment, your phone vibrates in your hand, you sniff and turn it to face you, seeing who was calling you, you could feel your heart racing, more tears coming from your eyes.

    You didn't want him to see you like this, a mess, but fuck, his voice always brought you comfort, his smile always made you smile, your thumb shakily hovers above the answer button, you knew if you didn’t answer he would text you, and then you would never reply to him, you press the answer button and shakily bring the phone to your ear, trying to keep your sobs and sniffs under control, but it slipped before you could even say ‘hello’.

    “What’s wrong?” You could hear the worry laced in his tone, which made you sob harder, fuck, was he the only one that would give you the care and love you needed? “Why are you crying?” You heard movement on the other side. “Where are you?” You hear a door open and loud footsteps as he practically ran down the hallway. “Send me the pin to your location, please, I don’t want you to be alone right now.”

    “Okay…” You shakily say, more tears spilling over your cheeks.

    “Stay right there, I’ll be there as soon as I can be, wherever you may be.” He says, you nod your head, knowing he won’t see you, the line goes dead, and you lower the phone away from your ear, you sob as you unlock your phone and go to his contact, and tap on ‘share location’ before hitting send, you lock your phone and put it face down on your knee as you lean forward, your hands covering your face once again as you tried to keep your sobs and sniffs down.

    You weren’t even sure how much time passed since you left the house, you weren’t even sure how much time passed since you sent the text message to him, maybe only a few minutes passed, maybe hours passed, you didn’t know at that point.

    You look up as you hear someone crouch down in front of you, a comforting hand comes to your back and gently holds you, his heart broke at the sight he found you in, tear-stained cheeks, red eyes, lips swollen.

    “I found you.” Taeyang softly says. “Come on, let me take you back to the dorms.” He softly says, you lean forward, laying your head against his shoulder, bursting into tears, his arms immediately, as if it was an instinct, wrap around you and pull you even closer to him, you slid off the bench and onto your knees, crying louder into his shoulder, his hand comfortingly slides up and down your back, trying his best to comfort you, but without him knowing what caused this, he wouldn’t be able to help you, the sounds broke his heart, and he just hoped his Hyung would understand why he was taking so long to bring you to the car. “Come on, sweetheart.” He carefully helps you to your feet, your head staying against his shoulder as he begins guiding you to where Jaeyoon was waiting for him and you.

    You tried to keep your sobs down as Jaeyoon drove you back to the dorms, you completely missed the concerned looks from him as he looked in the rearview mirror, Taeyang only returned the concerned looks as he had no idea what had happened either, when you arrived at the building, Taeyang’s arm stayed around you as he guided you to the elevators and then unlocked the door to their dorm, Jaeyoon following behind, wanting to be sure you were all right, Taeyang barely looked at his group members as he leads you to the bedroom he shared with Hwiyoung.

    “What happened?” You heard one of them ask, Jaeyoon shrugs as he drops his keys into the bowl by the door, shutting and locking the door also, you enter the bedroom, and he moves you to his bed, sitting you down on, he quickly sits down next to you, pulling you closer against him.

    “Do you want to tell me what happened?” He softly asks, and then you break down completely, telling him the entire story, sobbing through it, he just held you, letting you cry into his shirt, he could always change it later, comforting you was more important right now, when you finished, you were a shaking mess and crying harder, everyone still in the dorm heard you crying louder as you told him the story, his heart broke even more as he listened to the story, to what had happened at home, and fuck, he was angry about it, his hand's cup your cheeks, lifting your head to look at him. “Listen to me, listen carefully to me, you are beautiful, you are perfect, you don’t need to look a certain way to be beautiful, it’s what’s inside that’s beautiful and what really matters.” You slowly nod your head, your cheeks being squished by his big hands. “I can’t believe they said that, you are so beautiful, I am so in love with you, and I want to protect you from them so much, protect you from their lies and bullshit.” It felt like you were starting to cry more.

    But not because of hurt, but because someone cared, someone loved you and was showing it to you, in his presence you felt so much love and care, you almost forget about all the shit when you were with him, he made you feel so special, you just wanted to be loved and cared for, you just needed that someone to show you how much they love and care you, which made you cry even harder.

    “Please, don’t cry over them.” He softly says. “They don’t know what they’re talking about.” His hands slide down and wrap around your body, pulling you close against him before laying down on his bed, pulling you closer to him, his hands held you close to him, letting you cry, he wished he could take away the hurt, to make everything better, but he knew the only way to do that was to get you out of your household, and that would be a task on its own.

    Hours passed, and you had fallen asleep with your head buried against his chest, his hand comfortingly stroking your hair, he had removed the hair tie and tossed it onto the floor, his head laid on the pillow as he tried to think of solutions, for the time being, his head snaps up as he heard someone at the door, Youngbin stood there, looking at him with concern, they hadn’t heard any sound coming from the room for hours, and he had volunteered to go see what was happening.

    “You can tell us tomorrow.” Youngbin whispers, grabbing a blanket that was hanging over the door, he moves towards the bed. “It sounded bad.”

    “It is.” Taeyang softly says, Youngbin covers you and Taeyang with the blanket. “I hope it’s not too much if she stays for the night.”

    “She needs you, none of us mind,” Youngbin says, Taeyang nods his head and watch Youngbin retreat out of the room, he lays his head down on the pillow, closing his eyes as he listens to your breathing.

    #yoo taeyang imagine #yoo taeyang imagines #yoo taeyang drabbles #yoo taeyang drabble #yoo taeyang scenarios #yoo taeyang scenario #yoo taeyang one shot #yoo taeyang oneshot #yoo taeyang oneshots #yoo taeyang one shots #sf9 imagines#sf9 imagine#sf9 drabble#sf9 drabbles#sf9 scenario#sf9 scenarios #sf9 one shot #sf9 oneshot#sf9 oneshots #sf9 one shots
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  • fairy-seong
    19.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    kim youngkyun x fem!reader

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual depictions, oral sex (female receiving), overstimulation

    kinktober day 19 prompt: overstimulation

    “Come on, baby, I know you can take it,” Youngkyun smiles at you, breath fawning over your heated core. “Doesn’t this feel good?”

    His tongue licked a straight line to your clit, lips sucking gently on the used bud. You whimper when his fingers enter you again. Youngkyun’s eyes search for yours as he kissed your abused pussy.

    “Doesn’t it feel good, baby?” he asks one more time, forehead resting against your mound while he licked off your juices.

    Your fingers tangle in his hair, words unable to form from all the pleasure. Youngkyun promised you he will make today a night to remember, but you never expected him to make you cum so many times in a row.

    He barely let you touch him before he pushed you on the bed, heated kisses ravaging your entire body.

    “Babe,” you can barely stutter before Youngkyun’s mouth stole another moan.

    Louder than you intended to, probably loud enough for his members to hear you from the living room, but fuck. How could you hold back when your boyfriend was eating you out so divinely?

    “Do you want me to stop?”

    Your eyes narrow at his question. Your body felt like breaking apart with each second; limbs turning numb and your mind hazy, but you still craved more.

    “Baby, use your words. Tell me what you want,” your boyfriend teased, teeth gently grazing your sensitive clit.

    You almost jolt at the sensation, fingers tugging at his wavy strands a little harder.

    “You wanted to cum so bad earlier,” he hums, pressing his lips to your folds again, “you were so needy and cute. How could I stop after just one orgasm?”

    You almost groan, thighs closing around his head as you push his face even closer to your body. Youngkyun giggles, kissing your inner thigh sweetly.

    “Don’t worry, baby. I will give you what you want.”

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  • forevermyloveno5
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    beautiful liar: mini series

    Chapter 2

    Pairing: Rowoon x fem!reader x Yoo Taeyang

    Genre: spy au, fluff, angst, smut/suggestive content

    Warnings: mentions of death; heavy make out session, swearing (one word)

    A/n: I'm finally back with the second chapter after centuries. Hope you’ll enjoy it and excuse any mistakes <3


    "Gosh, I'm so tired. I was made for a bohemian life, not this. Why can't I just read and do whatever I want all day? Why should I work? And why is work so hard? Ooof, Y/N..", Inseong whined like a child, throwing himself onto the old comfy couch.

    You giggled at the succession of rhetorical questions and antics of your best friend, as you put the now clean book on the bookshelf. You slump down in the couch as well and put your head on Inseong's shoulder. He put his head on top of yours, in return, and you both stayed silent for a moment. Your eyes thoroughly scanned the room and you couldn't help but smile  satisfactorily at seeing the outcome of your hard work and arm pain. 

    "You did a great job today, dummy. You should be proud of yourself.", you said playfully and Inseong immediately lifted his head and moved away from you (and you almost fell on him because of his sudden movement), and looked at you with a very serious expression written on his face.

    "Listen, young lady. First of all, I'm called Brainseong for a reason,", he said scornfully, waving his index finger left and right in front of your face and you could barely hold your laughter. - ,, And second, you also did a great job today. Thank you for accepting to help me put the antique bookstore in order. I don't know what I would do without you. God knows how long it would take me to do everything myself.", his voice was now gentle and his soft, warm eyes were looking at yours. 

    When he called you this morning, on the verge of an existential crisis, you immediately took your phone and bag, leaving your warm breakfast and coffee, and a big pile of dirty dishes in the sink, and ran to him so fast that even some athletes would be envy if they could see you. You wrote a quick message to Rowoon to let him know that you won't be able to meet him for lunch before you entered the antique bookstore, where you found a very stressed Inseong looking at the endless dusty bookshelves and countless boxes of books, that were waiting to be brought back to life. It was the same place from your memories, where you and Inseong used to hide from the outer world and people, surrounded securely by your best friends and best weapons in the whole world- books. You would spend all day there, reading and studying, sharing secrets no one could hear, and sometimes helping Inseong’s grandparents, who you loved as they were your own family and from whom Inseong inherited the love for knowledge and how important it is to be good and compassionate person in this hard life. They often reminded their grandson how proud they were of the person he was becoming and how much they would love him, no matter what would happen. They too made him promise that when they are physically gone, he would take good care of their small special antique bookstore but that he would also continue teaching at the university, for which he worked and studied hard. And now, almost a year after they both left this world, Inseong decided that it was high time that he kept the promise he had once made to his beloved grandparents. He knew the wound of their passing was still fresh and that it left a hole in his soul that was never going to be filled, but at the same time he knew that they would be alive, as long as they lived in his heart; as long as they were remembered, be it even by him; as long as this antique bookshop was alive.

    You didn’t even hesitate to leave everything behind and help him even in your day off. It meant a lot to Inseong and although he was usually a chatterbox, there were times when he couldn’t properly express his thoughts and feelings. You didn’t need them, though. You just took off your coat, rolled up the sleeves of your hoodie and set to work. You both worked non-stop, cleaning the bookshelves and the books themselves and arranging them. You vacuumed the carpets, mopped the wooden floor, removed all the cobwebs. In the end everything shone as if it was brand new and yet one could still feel that magical and mystical atmosphere such places usually held.

    “Mmm, you’re right. You would be lost without me.“, you agreed but your joke was met with Inseong (attacking) tickling you. Your screams and his laughter filled the spacious room, making you recall forgotten memories from a time when life was not so difficult.

    “Okay, okay. You got your revenge.“, you said and wiped the tears off your eyes with one hand, while the other was on your aching from so much laughter tummy. Your eyes shifted to look at the clock on the wall. It was 8p.m, which meant that you had been cleaning for 12 hours straight. It was late and yet you couldn’t feel how fast time flied today.

    “It’s late. You’d better go home now and have some well-deserved rest.”, Inseong said, as he followed your gaze.

    “Mhm.”, you murmured and stood from the couch to gather all your things and be ready to leave. “Won’t you go home now as well?“, you asked your best friend when you saw him still sitting on his spot. 

    “I will stay for a bit longer. I have some another task left to do.“

    “Ohh! Do this another task has to do anything with that girl you met at that café?“, you asked with a devilish smile on your face. Inseong scoffed.

    “You ask too many questions.”

    “Okay, Mr. Brainseong. Keep your secrets. But know that the blush on your cheeks exposes you.“, you said, pointing at his crimson red cheeks before you turned you back to him and head to the door.

    “Y/N, wait. I have to give you something.“, Inseong said and went to a small room hidden behind one of the shelves. He came back a minute later with a small package and a beautiful bouquet of snapdragons in hands. You were speechless.

    “I found this book a few months ago with a letter in it. It is for you, from my grandma. And this bouquet of flowers is from me. I wanted to thank you for everything. By the way, snapdragons mean grace and virtue but also protection from evil.“, Inseong said, handing you the things he had prepared for you.

    “I... you didn’t have to, Inseong. Thank you.“, you said, still perplexed by the surprise. Inseong hugged you and sweetly kissed the top of your head, making you even more surprised.

    “I should thank you, Y/N. Thank you for coming today and for being my friend. For everything. You are a good friend but most importantly, you’re a good person.“, your best friend said, looking into your eyes. There was something in them, something in Inseong’s behavior that you couldn’t decipher and that make you worry.

    “Stop looking at me like that. Go home to your prince charming, he must be waiting for you.“, he teased.

    “Good night, Inseong.“, you whispered and kissed his cheek.

    “Good night, Y/N. Text me when you get home. Send greetings to your prince from me.“

    “I will.“,- you said and smiled at each other before you opened the door and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

    Inseong’s smile quickly faded away once you were out of his sight. He took his phone out of the pockets of his jeans and send a quick message: “Ready.” 

    “Well done. I will be waiting for you at our place. Kisses, xxx“, he read the message and sighed deeply once he locked the doors of the antique bookstore and looked at the dark, starless sky. “Grandma, grandpa, please, forgive me.“, he whispered and made his way to the place for his meeting.

    The smell of your favorite pasta mixed with your lover's perfume and hearing him singing engulfs your senses as soon as you step into the apartment. You smile. It smells like home. You tiptoe to the kitchen and carefully put the bouquet on the dining room. Rowoon still didn’t have a clue that you were there and you used this special moment to go behind him and wrap your arms around his long frame.

    “Welcome home, love.”, your boyfriend cheerfully said, turning off the stove to face your shocking expressions.

    “No way. I was so careful. I wanted to surprise you.“, you pout and he can’t help but laugh at your cuteness and pinch your rosy cheeks. You’re too adorable. 

    “I can even recognize your shadow from kilometers.“- Rowoon proudly declares and you roll your eyes. Sometimes you feel like he’s a Superman or something.

    “Oh, really?“, you ask, cocking your eyebrow. Your boyfriend lifts you up and places you on the kitchen counter, pulling you closer to sweetly kiss your lips.

    “I’m glad you’re finally at home, Y/N.“, he says, linking his forehead with yours, while his large hands are gently holding yours. 

    “I’m glad I’m here with you too.“, you say and smile against each other’s lips.

    “How is Inseong? Is this beautiful bouquet on the dining table from him?“

    “Yeah, he just wanted to thank me for his help. And I don’t know, Rowoon. He seems fine but there is something unusual in his behavior. I don’t know if this is because of that girl the mentioned a few times or because of something else.”

    “A girl?“, Rowoon asks, now he cocking his eyebrow.

    “Mmm, a girl. He even said that he was going to leave later because he had a task. When I mentioned that girl, he blushed like a high school girl in love.“, you said and Rowoon laughed at the image of your best friend fallen in love with someone. It was something nice for him to hear, though, but he wondered which was that person who got the hermit Kim Inseong leave his fortress. It was even difficult for someone like Rowoon to read him.

    “I’ve missed you so much.“, you say, snapping Rowoon out of his thoughts.

    “I’ve missed you too. Even more than you can imagine.“, he says. You grab the back of his neck, his hands wrap around you instinctively, lips hungrily devouring each other, tongues dancing in unison. Soft moans fill the room, you two become needier with every passing second and every exchanged kiss. A low, deep groan leaves Rowoon’s mouth when you put your hand on his already hard member.

    “Baby girl. What about the delicious dinner I cooked for you?“, your boyfriend asks, as you hurriedly remove his T-shirt, revealing his toned body.

    “Fuck dinner, love. I want you. Here and now.”, you say and moan when you feel your boyfriend’s lips leaving a beautiful mark on your neck. The first one for this long, long, night. 

    “Putting a microphone in a bouquet of flowers. I should say, this is a very clever idea.“, Hwiyoung, the youngest in the team and the IT specialist said, while preparing coffee to help him wake up for his night shift.

    “He’s called Brainseong for a reason.”, Dawon declared, munching the heavenly delicious chicken he finally managed to eat after finishing his workout.

    “Hey, sunshine, she’s already at home.“, Dawon shouted and a tall boy entered the room after a minute. 

    Yoo Taeyang took the headphones his friend handed him and took a deep breath. For some reason he was feeling tense and nervous and he didn’t know why. 

    “Hyung, are you okay?“, Hwiyoung asked a bit concerned.

    “Yeah, don’t worry. It was a busy day at the flower shop.“, Taeyang said and reassuringly tapped his shoulder.

    “No way. I was so careful. I wanted to surprise you.“

    “I can even recognize your shadow from kilometers.“

    “Wow, that dude must have amazing eyesight.“, Dawon said, making Taeyang chuckle and Hwiyoung rolling his eyes. Not even two minutes later, Dawon and Hwiyoung’s eyes widened at the sound of what it seemed a very intense make out session.

    “Woah, that becomes steamy.“, Dawon said after hearing your first moan, that made Hwiyoung almost spill his coffee on the keyboard.

    Taeyang’s breath was becoming heavier and heavier. He clenched his fists and felt nauseous. Anger rushed through his veins and he felt like was suffocating. He abruptly removed the headphones he was wearing and exited the room that felt too small now, slamming the door behind him, leaving Dawon and Hwiyoung puzzled and looking questionably at each other. This definitely wasn’t going to end well.

    #sf9 scenarios#sf9 scenario#sf9 imagines#sf9 imagine #sf9 x reader #rowoon scenarios#rowoon scenario#rowoon imagines#rowoon imagine #yoo taeyang scenarios #yoo taeyang scenario #yoo taeyang imagines #yoo taeyang imagine
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  • lost-inthedream
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    In the rhythm of love

    @forevermyloveno5 Honey, you gave me the green light so here I go. I'm not sure if we painted the same flat in our minds. Anyways, writing this based on your scenario was so fun!

    Pairing: husband! Yoo Taeyang x gn reader

    Non-idol au

    Genre: Fluff

    Word count: 0,9k

    Summary: One extraordinary day of your married life

    That Wednesday morning followed the same rhythm of a Weekend. You were able to slowly sip from your coffee while the sounds of Taeyang came from the bathroom. It started with the heavy drops of water while he sings, that song he had been choreographing. He showed you some steps and you anticipated the result as much as him. After his shower, you heard the hairdryer and you're not sure why but that made you feel grateful for every little detail of your life. You sighed without noticing.

    Your breakfast was taking so long, you looked more like a child toying with your food while the thoughts came and left your mind. You also graced the lilies next to you with your childish touch. That was your right because it was your own day off.

    In the kitchen, you dangled your legs sitting on the cornet bar tool with your back to the living room. The counter where you ate was tall and marked the limits between the two ambiances contained in the same broad room of your attic flat.

    The hairdryer sounds silenced. Now all you got was your chewing sounds. After a minute or two, you heard steps approaching, so you turned to contemplate your husband's face.

    "Still eating?" Taeyang looked at you confused. His gaze slid to every detail of your figure. The mug you held with both your hands close to your chest, your feet now resting on the support of the tool. You looked absolutely peaceful, way too peaceful to a metropolitan morning. You should be rushing to the bathroom because it was your turn to do something to fix your morning disheveled self. Why weren't you doing anything? "Are you feeling well?"

    You chuckled tilting your head and showing a smile that weighed less than a feather. "Do I look unwell?"

    Taeyang ignored the string of hush pulling him and scanned your face instead. You actually radiated soft vibes and it quickly drew a silly smile from him. "You're staying home on a weekday and haven't let me know beforehand" he deduced.

    You hopped out of the tool, bare feet on the wooden floor, and hugged him by surprise. "I've been so exhausted that I dozed off before telling you about anything."

    You felt him pressing a kiss on top of your head. " You were really tired yesterday. I wish I could cancel my classes and stay with you" he confessed low".

    You pulled your face back from his chest to look at his eyes. "You'll be teaching children in the studio today, right? what if I pass by to say hello later?"


    The studio where Taeyang taught and created choreographies was located downtown. You headed there after doing everything you needed at a slow pace in your shared flat. Why wasn't this the normal pace? you thought.

    You went upstairs in the building and spied on your husband while he showed some steps to a little girl. He looked even taller among the small group of pretty children. The girl did as he instructed and the teacher smiled brightly. You could read his lips saying "great job".

    You got excited from the distance. Your head only peeked from the curve in the corridor. They could be seen inside the studio through the quite large glass door. You let them all dance to a song. Then finally revealed yourself when the class was about to end.

    One of the little boys that gathered around Taeyang spotted you arriving. You put your index finger close to your mouth - shhh - making the little one cover his mouth to stop himself from alarming the others.

    Taeyang was standing with his back facing the door as you waited outside, he seemed to be explaining something which the children paid full attention. Your body bounced without you meaning it. Your husband wrapped up the class high-fiving each one of his learners. When he turned to the exit, his eyes found yours and he got surprised. He looked incredibly pure as he invited you to enter with a hand movement right away.

    "Who are they?" you heard a sweet girl whisper to a mate.

    "Y'all, this is my wife/husband, their name is Y/N." Your sunshine was softly blushing.

    The melody of all of those little cuties greeting you in unison made your heart skip a beat. You even brought one hand to your chest.

    "It's a pity that you haven't arrived earlier" one of them lamented.

    "Oh, I would be embarrassed if they saw me dancing!" exclaimed the girl who you observed Taeyang attentively explaining steps.

    "No need to be embarrassed, Mia. You dance really well" The teacher touched her on the shoulder for reassurance and she nodded in response. You secretly wished her to be more confident in herself, however, Taeyang was good at helping.

    You quickly told everyone how happy you were to know them so they could run out of the studio for their freedom. Children were always in a rush for no reason.

    "Wow! They are fast." You exclaimed in admiration. They were all going flooding the hall in a second.

    "Be careful in the stairs!" Taeyang shouted peeking his face in the corridor but they probably did not hear. "they are full of energy" he sighed wiping up some sweat from his forehead.

    "I like them though!" you spoke your impressions without thinking. You especially liked to see the love of your life going along with his younger learners.

    He pulled you close and showered your face with random pecks.

    #sf9 fluff#sf9 scenarios#sf9 imagines #yoo taeyang fluff #yoo taeyang scenario #my work
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    I had a couple new followers come in since I logged out of this acc.

    Guys, I'm on a hiatus and I'm not sure if I'll ever write any y/n fiction again. There's nothing to follow me for 🙃

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  • forevermyloveno5
    12.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #sf9 scenarios#sf9 imagines#sf9 fluff#sf9 headcanons #yoo taeyang scenarios #yoo taeyang imagines
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