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    17.05.2021 - 11 minutes ago


    He was #1 for Biggest Gayboy

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    17.05.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    #nat.txt #not sfw text #jjk posting#Anonymous
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  • babieateez
    17.05.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    after literal months of trying to write this, here it is!! i completely trashed it after a few attempts and rewrote it in the span of two hours after probably too much coffee but i hope everyone enjoys it nonetheless !!

    you didn’t know jung wooyoung very well but you also felt like things were better off that way since he was the type of guy to hang out with the wrong crowd

    y’know, the ones who probably smoke cigarettes on campus and cut classes to get drunk at whatever party was happening on campus that day

    you could be almost positive that jung wooyoung would rather stick his hand in hot oil than be acquainted with you, since pretty much every time you accidentally made eye contact with him in your shared class, he looked just about like he was ready to commit murder

    the first time it happened, you hadn’t even realized you were looking at him, not until you felt someone’s red hot stare on your face

    and the second, third and fourth time have also all been less than purposeful, getting called by the professor to hand back certain papers, dropping your pencil too close to him, quickly glancing around the room to see if anyone had caught you tripping over your own shoelaces and seeing the cold eyes of wooyoung staring back at you, every single time has been returned with a sneer crossing his face and a dangerous look in his eyes

    it’s not like you wanted to be looking at him, you had much better things to be doing, like your classwork or writing in your notebook, but it’s like you were fated to annoy wooyoung

    it was like a curse, you couldn’t escape that guy, especially not when your professor told the class about how the project that he was originally planning to be done alone was to now be completed in partners (randomly assigned!!)

    lord knows you had just the worst luck, so of course you got paired up with jung fucking wooyoung of course you had!

    you’re sure that as soon as he heard your name in conjunction with his, he was ready to drop the class entirely but you were more than willing to do all the work by yourself if it meant not having to deal with him

    you told him as much as soon as class was over which obviously didn’t go over so well seeing as wooyoung just narrowed his eyes at you and told you that he didn’t trust you to not fuck things up, adding that he was going to be in the library later in the day to get started

    you almost snapped back at him that you were surprised that he even knew where the library was, but you held your tongue out of fear for your own safety and well-being

    so later that day, you walked yourself to the library despite every bone in your body protesting spending extra time with the man who all but hated you

    you refused to let him do the work alone because you weren’t overly confident in his mental facilities and dedication to getting at least passing grades

    and after about five minutes of walking through the library, you spotted wooyoung sitting at a table with a book pulled out, along with a snack which you were pretty sure were prohibited in this area

    but as long as it didn’t get you in trouble, you didn’t want to waste your time arguing with him over the rules

    as he looked up from the snack he was examining for whatever reason, he spotted you, a sour look crossing his face as he leaned back in his chair

    as you approached and pulled out a chair on the opposite side of the table, he made some remark about how he didn’t actually expect you to show and that he’s disappointed that he has to spend extra time with you

    to which you can’t help but retort by saying you figured he might need help actually figuring out how to read the books on the subject but you leave it at that, opting to ignore whatever comes out of his loud mouth next in favor of pulling out your laptop to actually start working on the project

    the table becoming silent other than the sounds of munching whenever wooyoung took a bite of his snack and after a few hours of research and tense comparing of ideas, you call it a day and head home to ponder how you and wooyoung didn’t tear each other apart from limb to limb

    these quiet library sessions filled with very little talking and a lot of awkwardness in the air continue for a few weeks, each time you meet up getting less scary and annoying, and in turn becoming more relaxed and productive

    the insults haven’t stopped being slung from either side, but now it’s less of actual hatred and closer to frenemy-esque banter which surprises you almost as much as when you forgot to eat lunch before going to the library

    your stomach letting out a loud grumble in front of your project partner, and him glaring at you with an accusatory look, only to reach into his bag and grab out one of the snacks he always seems to be carrying around

    you weren’t sure how to respond to this so you spluttered out a “no thank you, why do you think i want your shit anyway” only for wooyoung to shove it onto your side of the table anyway

    telling you that it was probably stale from sitting at the bottom of his bag for weeks anyway but when you open it and take a bite of one of the crackers, it’s not even close to stale, it’s not even crushed up like most old snacks would be

    this unexpected act of kindness (could it even be classified as that when wooyoung was probably just annoyed by your stomach making noise???) shut you up for the rest of the day, and even some of the next time you saw him

    until you realized it would be the last day you’d have to work with him for the project, seeing as it was due the next day in class and leaving the table that day felt almost bittersweet

    you didn’t know what to do with yourself now that you had so much wooyoung-free time, but it was nice knowing that you didn’t have to worry about annoying him any more

    that is, until you show up to the library the next week, near the same time you and wooyoung usually met up to work, since you weren’t sure what else to do during that time, only to find wooyoung sitting at the same table you usually worked together at

    you were shocked of course, but he looked even more shocked when he saw you approaching, asking you what you were doing here, if you knew that the project was over or if your tiny brain couldn’t remember that, the same banter you’d usually encounter while working

    you let him know that you just didn’t know what else to do with the free time, now that you don’t have any big projects to work on so you figured you’d just chill here anyway

    and nothing much really happens, it’s a mix between you feeling awkward and trying to act natural until you realize that you have to leave

    when you meet up with your friends after for a little de-stressing hangout, they ask you if you’re still going on those dates with wooyoung and you can’t help but laugh- you???? attracted to jung wooyoung???????? the man who has only felt contempt towards you????????????? as if.

    yet, despite it being a passing comment meaning no harm, you can’t help but ponder over it for far longer than someone who actually isn’t in some way attracted to wooyoung should

    it practically takes over your life, thinking and overthinking every word you’ve said to him and every interaction you’ve shared with him, you could’ve sworn at the time that you hated him but maybe the flutter you got in your stomach before meeting him every week wasn’t so much out of fear as it was attraction

    you stay in your dorm the next week in favor of going to the library, fearing that you’d become physically ill if you had to see wooyoung and confront your feelings and biases towards him, not even slightly suspecting that he’d find you in class the next day and ask if you were okay, since you weren’t at the library yesterday

    offering you once more a snack from his bag which you accept weakly with a weak snide comment about not wanting his pity, him responding with a small smile that he was actually plotting to give you food poisoning but you could tell that he cared at least a little bit, a fact which got your heart racing and you brain trying to deny totally

    the next week, you actually do show up to the library, not wanting to seem weak for skipping the unofficial hangout with wooyoung, only for you to lose yourself in the book you were reading

    not realizing it had gotten dark until you looked out the window nearby, wanting to bang your head against the table since it’s never safe to walk alone in the dark, until wooyoung sees your plight and offers to walk you home

    you feel like you’re about to combust but you shake your head quickly, saying you can call a friend to come pick you up, but wooyoung doesn’t seem to be listening to your protests, telling you that you’re too stubborn and to just let him walk yo back to the dorm

    it would probably be less out of the way for him than your friend anyway

    which is how you find yourself standing beside him, walking to your dorm in the dark

    when you get to your door, you see the gears turning in his brain and can’t resist one final jab for the day, remarking that you’re surprised it’s not actually hollow in his noggin

    and since jung wooyoung never fails to surprise you, he forgoes a response to instead start leaning toward you with a small smirk on his face

    the heat in your face feels like it’s on turboblast, your heart is going three hundred miles per hour and you can’t think of anything logical to do other than to run inside your dorm, quickly shout out a thank you, and all but slam your door in his face

    your roommate asks why you look so panicked and you respond with “i think my mortal enemy slash crush just tried to kiss me”

    you have more than a few crises about it that night, even dreaming about the events of the day, only to show up to class the next day, seeing wooyoung look less energized than usual

    this time you’re the one to approach him, asking if he’s okay and him sort of scoffing and asking why you would care anyway (at this point you know he’s hurt but you were nervous that the guy you thought you hated but ended up being attracted to was trying to kiss you okay you’re valid)

    so you steel your nerves, check that the professor hasn’t walked into class yet, and quickly grab wooyoung by the front of his shirt and give him the quickest kiss you think may be humanly possible before rushing to your seat and burying your head in the textbook, leaving wooyoung standing there in shock as the professor waltzes in

    if you think you can escape the clutches of wooyoung after class, you’re sorely mistaken, as soon as the professor dismisses you, he’s shooting out of his seat and grabbing your hand, basically dragging you into a quieter part of the building before asking if you meant it, you shooting him a silent, bashful nod, and him pulling you in for a much longer kiss than you gave him before

    it’s like breathing after a lifetime of not knowing what oxygen was, but you pull back to ask him why he hated you and the words get caught in his throat

    it’s like he’s choking on his pride when he tells you that the first time he saw you he was so enraptured by you, but how he also couldn’t help but be bitter that you’d never see him like that since you were so out of his league (in his mind- he was the “bad boy” after all)

    he knew what sorts of rumors circulated about him around campus, skipping class to smoke and party, getting into fights

    but the reality was just that he worked at a shop to be able to pay his tuition and sometimes the hours were in the middle of when he had to be in class or whatever

    he even always let the professors know and they were always okay with it as long as his grades didn’t suffer

    you were sitting there listening to him say all this with his arms still around you like :0

    because wow you’d never guess it

    but because you can’t help yourself, you remark that he was so much more sexy when you thought he was a real bad boy, to which he shuts you up by kissing you once more, a common theme you discover in the coming weeks of courtship

    your meetings at the library migrating to small cafes and cute diners and movies at his apartment, all feelings of tension and hatred and remorse becoming almost a joke with you two, hardly being able to believe there was a time in which you weren’t so enamored with each other

    the both of you hardly being able to go a single weekend without staying the night with each other, waking up in a pile of blankets and pillows and tangled in the warm embrace of the other, making breakfast (or brunch, since it’s sometimes hard to get out of bed) with each other

    wooyoung often opting to hold you from behind rather than actually helping though you can’t exactly say you mind too much as long as he’s quietly making corny jokes in your ear or kissing you on the head

    the best times, you think are the times where he, in his typical wooyoung fashion, surprises you by taking you out on dates

    sometimes they’re fancy restaurants where you feel much too young and broke to be, playing footsies under the table and giggling at each other

    other times he just takes you to the middle of a field of flowers where he unveils a picnic basket and cute quilted blanket (which he reveals to you that he made himself) and the two of you lay outside for hours, sometimes running around and playing goofy games, sometimes laying in each others’ embrace and basking in the silence that you now feel so comfortable in

    sometimes he just pulls you into bed for a midday nap, sleeping next to each other like it’s where you were made to be

    as if some higher being had made it so that the place you melded to was wooyoung’s side

    as if he was the only place you were ever going to be complete, and you figured that’s how it was since wooyoung was your home, he was everything you ever needed and he was the only thing that made you feel such otherworldly love

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    17.05.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    for rikalilahn

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    17.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #sfw#dc comics#batman #the batman 2021 #the batman 2022 #edward nygma#the riddler
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    17.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago
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    17.05.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    💗June Little Aesthetic💗

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    17.05.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    #this made me laugh ngl but don't send me stuff like this #as funny (and flattering i guess?????) as it is it does make me a bit uncomfortable so #im curious tho what exactly prompted you to send me this #can p0rnbots send messages now?????????? #tp#n/sfw
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  • antzplayhouse
    17.05.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    today puppy will not be talking to his girlfriend or best friend. i feel very lonely and i thinks it's time for me to put myself first again. U ´꓃ ` U i gonna be okay though! i always take cares of myself. puppy is independent, he doesn't need anyone and never has! although sometimes wish i had a caregiver, i know how to be brave.

    #sfw agre #sfw little community #sfw little blog #sfw little one #sfw little stuff #sfw little post #sfw interaction only #sfw puppy regression #sfw petre #sfw pet space #puppy regression#pup regression#agere little#little space #sfw little boy #sfw kiddo#sfw kidre#puppy space#kid regressor#kid regression
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    17.05.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Literally all I want rn is for someone to pet me and call me a good kitty

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  • cutesycadaver
    17.05.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    This is important:

    I may post/reblog about agere because cute stuff and acting younger makes me feel safe. That being said, I do not fetishize it, I am a minor. Please be nice :)

    #sfw little stuff #sfw agere#Sanrio
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    17.05.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    oh my god gay kin yarn porn real

    #not sfw #THE GIFT OF PROPHECY.
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    17.05.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    I dids it’s!

    -smol sunflower 🌻

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  • hawey-fae
    17.05.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Found these at my friends back yard :) super cool! Fungus with snails! We put a lil house there for them and the fairies (๑>◡<๑)

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  • henryccdl
    17.05.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Today is international day against homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, etc. Here is the chungles kitty being proud of himself 💚🏳️‍🌈

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    17.05.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    thinking about them (carrillo’s tits)

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  • cats-arts
    17.05.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    snek sleeping in a drawer :3

    #its Han again!! #i'd like to transform into a snake too #or anything cute #Han#furry#sfw furry#fursona
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    17.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    so um...obviously i missed a few weeks 😰

    i’m back now!!

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    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i saw a giant basket of big plushies at the store yesterday i want one so bad :(((((

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