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  • sugarybunnie
    29.11.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Just a quick question: can age dreamers use the age regression flag?? I just want to know because we're under the umbrella but idk if it would be ok or not

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  • babiepupcloudie
    29.11.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    What makes me smol🍼

    🐝Cute clothes!:onesies,overalls,big sweaters.

    💜petnames!:Baby,princess,pup,cub,angel,fawn,puppy,tiny baby,ect

    🐸my stuffies!

    ⭐ cute clothes!:onesies,big sweaters,overalls,ect

    🌸being babied (ex:"aww look at my cute baby")

    💫 Naps!

    📺Kid cartoons/movies! (Paw patrol,blue's clues, ect)

    🌻going to parks!

    🌊 bubble baths with lots of toys!

    🍼:My little gear!:paci's,bottles,teethers,sippy cups,ect


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  • little-doll-of-glass
    29.11.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    I finished making a memory board! Now all I gots to do is put on da pictures!!!


    If anyone wants to know how to make one, let me know and I'll make a tutorial! (⌒▽⌒)♡

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  • littleoneaesjorna
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Here's the most accurate Picrew of myself (big me).

    I'm also so tired and stressed. I have 2 finals next week, on the same day and 3 assignments due this and next week and I am barely hanging in there. I just want to let go of all my big thoughts and responsibilities and be a little noodle with Mr. Bear and cartoons. But nooooooooo I got university and responsibilities. 0/10. Would not recommend. I'm going to cry :( I can't even go near my teddy out of fear that I might regress involuntary due to being severely overwhelmed. I cannot!!! :( :'( *screams*

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  • ssoftbabiee
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    wan lil/cg friends


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  • friends-andus
    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Would take this anywhere

    #sfw little community #sfw littlespace
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  • lavenderberrycookie
    29.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    CG! Hitoshi Shinsou Headcanons!

    disclaimer: i’ve never seen bmha before these headcanons are based off what i’ve seen on social media

    an extremely gentle caregiver

    he would be scared to mess up his caregiver role though because it gives him purpose

    you guys always have a massive pillow fort in your living room

    the meals he makes for you are always in cute shapes

    he would make the most wonderful tea and snacks for your tea parties

    he would carry you on his shoulders around the park listening to you naming what clouds you see

    he would make sure on your walks you get to pet every puppy you see

    “that was a very cute puppy pumpkin, they really liked you. i know, i know you want to pet the puppy more but what about ice cream?”

    nap dates are frequent with him you get all the pillows and blankets you could ever ask for along with all the stuffies

    he would put lavender scented items around the room to calm you down before bed

    even though he insomnia himself he would always make sure you go to bed on time and get well deserved rest

    on nights when you can’t fall asleep he would read to you, hum, or hold you close to his chest so you can listen to his heart

    he would be very spontaneous with you and allow you both to make cupcakes at 4 am

    both you are attached at the hip, he can’t get enough you, you can’t get enough of him

    “sweetheart papa is done with work what you say papa spoils you with a trip to the mall”

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  • we-be-beans
    29.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Can we talk about little space for a moment?

    Not ddlg k!nk shit. Just people who go into little space because it is so so misunderstood. It’s not about wanting to have s3x with child or an adult “pretending” to be a kid.

    Some people were robbed of their childhood. Some people suffered traumatic events in their childhood, maybe even infancy. They never knew life or even childhood without trauma. In teenage years or adulthood it can be therapeutic to enjoy the things most kids do. They didn’t get to back then, so who are you to tell them now that they can’t? Everyone deserves the sweet feeling of innocence and joy.

    (Maybe tw) For example, my first traumatic experience was at 2 years old. A dog attack that made me terrified of going outside. I didn’t get to play on playgrounds or sidewalk chalk like others did. I was inside too scared to go out and have fun. I experienced s3xual abuse from 3-6 years old. I never knew a life without trauma. I never knew childhood without trauma. Now I’m 20 and I honestly find so much enjoyment in toys, stuffies, playgrounds, crayons, etc. I’m always so embarrassed to admit it, I’m afraid to look immature or stupid or like I’m just k!nky. It’s not s3xual at all for me. It’s coping. It’s an escape from my normal self (who is anxious, depressed, paranoid). Instead I get to be playful, innocent, and imaginative.

    That was my writing, these pictures are not mine but go along with the post:

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  • linkthebabyhero
    29.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Bingo! Is your turns!

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  • linkthebabyhero
    28.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    It’s cold this evening so I’m staying warm under blankies.

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  • made-by-jade-222
    28.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Smol Bakugou: The Learning Curve

    Disclaimer: This fic has SFW age regression in it. It is not a kink. It is a coping mechanism. If agere/age regression bothers you/is not your cup of tea, please keep scrolling! Thank you!

    TW/CW: Slight angst, a very vague mention of KiriBaku spice (as in I hint to the fact that they did something, but I never specify what they did) aaaand slight angst.

    Caregiver: Mirio

    Little: Bakugou

    Length: 🍨

    Mirio takes Bakugou out for an afternoon downtown, to talk, but also have a little fun. Bakugou spends time with Kirishima to make up for unintentionally neglecting him, and Mirio forgets to shut the door.

    Read first part here!


    After the...incident, Bakugou avoided Mirio like the plague. He needed some time to process everything that had happened, and he had to figure out what this meant for their relationship. Were they friends now? Was Mirio his caregiver now?

    He’d thought of Mirio as a friend by default, as in, he was someone who he saw regularly and trained with sometimes, but they’d never yet had a moment (other than an intense battle) where they had bonded over something personal, on Bakugou’s part. Mirio had shared a few things, but all his attempts to pry into the younger boy’s guarded heart had never succeeded. Until now.

    And all of it had happened by chance.

    At first, Mirio was worried when he didn’t hear anything from Bakugou for a few days, other than a text he received the next morning. Thanks, was all it said. But after thinking about it, he realized his friend probably needed some space to process things. Because everything that had happened would have been a lot for anyone.

    So in the meantime, between work and school, Mirio did some more research on age regression. He started taking notes and hiding them well, marking down the stereotypical behaviors of 3-5 year olds, as well as wracking his brain for any evidence of what Bakugou’s past trauma was based on what he’d observed from the teen’s behavior and what he’d heard through the grapevine from Izuku and the Bakusquad though passing comments, warnings, and worries.

    He wanted to learn all that he could and be prepared. He wanted to avoid triggering him, and he knew he couldn’t outright ask Bakugou how to do that, because that would be too much all at once. ‘If I’m going to be his caregiver, I have to be careful. The poor guy’s been through a lot and doesn’t really have anyone to be there for him. At least, not on this level,’ he mused as he wrote things down. He didn’t see anyone else in Bakugou’s life who could be there for him, and clearly with how he’d reacted no one else knew about it. So Mirio decided that he would be his caregiver, if Bakugou would let him. Not only because he cared about his friend very much and wanted to help him, but also because he knew that Bakugou really needed someone to be there for him. And pigs would fly before Bakugou would ask for help.

    After the initial shock, fear, and anxiety of processing it all, after all that, came hope. Bakugou felt himself be flooded with an aching hope at finally being able to confide in someone about this. The relief was a soothing balm to his mind, and his heart swelled with affection for Mirio. He truly was a good friend. A very compassionate and kind person.

    But with that hope, came more fear.

    ‘How am I supposed to get him to be my caregiver? Was that just a one time thing? Is he going to think I’m weird and needy? No...he wouldn’t. I...I just don’t know. He said he wouldn’t tell anyone. But, damn. I’m so fucking scared that he’ll be secretly looking down on me the entire time, seeing me as nothing more than a pathetic, weak, sick freak. Stop it, anxiety! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!’

    Bakugou lay on his bed and pulled a pillow over his head, covering his ears and screwing his eyes shut, counting in his head over and over again until he couldn’t hear his anxious thoughts anymore. He pulled the pillow off and put it under his head, then lay there, taking a few breaths.

    “I guess it’s time to face the music,” he mumbled. “Otherwise, I’ll drive myself crazy.”

    Mirio was mindlessly chewing his pencil as he studied one Friday afternoon, when he suddenly got a text from Bakugou.

    Bakugou: Wanna hang out?

    Mirio’s eyes sparkled, his grin a mile wide as he texted back a reply.

    “Man, I love fall,” Mirio said with a contented sigh as they walked together downtown, bundled up in their coats and scarves. “So, what do you wanna do?”

    “Do?” Bakugou asked, visibly confused. “I thought we were just gonna talk.”

    “And we are!” Mirio said. “But later!”

    Bakugou frowned.

    Mirio took him to a cute little coffee shop and bought him some hot apple cider and a doughnut, getting some cider for himself as well. Bakugou was mildly surprised, but he wasn’t one to turn down free food.

    “So, besides cooking, what else are you into?” Mirio asked, his friendly smile making Bakugou feel a bit shy. Someone who he looked up to was suddenly paying a lot of attention to him, outside of their obligations of schoolwork and training.

    “Music,” Bakugou said. “Mom put me in all sorts of things like piano lessons, violin, and drums. I picked things up pretty quickly. I liked it, but it wasn’t my most favorite thing in the world. I picked up guitar and the electric guitar pretty quickly too.”

    “Wow!” Mirio said, sounding generally impressed. “Sounds like you can pick things up pretty quick.”

    “Yeah,” Bakugou said with a small smirk, but then it faded. “The drums and electric guitar I liked, and regular guitar is okay too I guess, but I was always forced to do shit I didn’t wanna do so my Mom could parade me around in front of her friends and stroke her ego. You heard of a trophy wife? Heh. I was a trophy child.”

    “What about your Dad?” Mirio asked, hoping and praying to whatever god had smiled upon him and made Bakugou be comfortable to start talking about his family, that he wouldn’t say anything to offend him and make him clam up again. He was also grateful that they were in the midst of a semi-busy square, walking past shops, so they were in public, yes, but they had some privacy at least.

    “He was the cool one,” Bakugou said with a small smile, caught up in reminiscing, going on autopilot as the two sat down on a nearby bench to take a break from walking. “I got my quirk from both of them, but he’s the one who helped me train and learn how to control my explosions, since I got that from his quirk.”

    Bakugou wasn’t sure why he was spilling all of this. He hadn’t even asked Mirio about being his caregiver yet, they hadn’t even talked about what had happened. And yet here he was, assuming. And despite the fact that he knew how dangerous this was, he really hoped Mirio would just accept it and things wouldn’t blow up in his face, no pun intended. “Now it’s your turn,” he said quickly, scowling and blushing slightly.

    Mirio grinned. “Okay, well, I love sports. Volleyball is definitely one of my favorites. But I also love extreme stuff like jet skiing, hangliding, mountain climbing, you name it! My Pops and I did all sorts of stuff together. We got along great for the most part! Though we did tend to butt heads a few times,” he said, wincing a little.

    “What about your Mom?” Bakugou asked, forgetting to scowl. Concern flickered in his eyes when he saw Mirio’s smile fade.

    “Well, she was known for having really good health. That was her quirk, just having a really good immune system. In fact, she was almost too healthy. And at times, it became a handicap for her. Because her body would reject processed foods a lot of the time so she could only have it in certain amounts, usually pretty small.”

    “Wait, but I’ve seen you eat cake.”

    Mirio’s smile returned, but it was nothing compared to his usual one. “Yeah,” he said. “Thankfully, I only got half of her quirk. I just have a really good immune system and while I can generally eat whatever I want, I still have to be careful not to overdo it,” he explained. “After Mom had me, well, she grew pretty weak. The doctors didn’t know what happened. While she didn’t lose her quirk, she lost a lot of stamina. So, I spent a lot of afternoons painting with her and doing puzzles, and sometimes going on walks in the park with her, or to a museum or something. She could still do things, but not as much as she used to.”

    “You paint?” Bakugou asked, wanting to change the subject and avoid opening an old wound.

    “Yep! I mainly do watercolor, because it’s the easiest to clean up,” Mirio said. “Wanna see some pictures?”


    Mirio showed him some beautiful watercolor paintings of birds, then one of his friends Tamaki and Nejire. They talked for a little bit about his paintings, then Mirio said,

    “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to keep going. You?”

    Bakugou shrugged and followed.

    They stopped at a pet store, and Miro’s heart melted when he saw Bakugou absolutely fall in love with a playful, yet calm, husky puppy.

    Bakugou couldn’t help smiling when he saw Mirio laugh as a golden colored labrador puppy licked his neck and face and nibbled at his shirt playfully, yipping when Mirio stopped him. Then he kissed the puppy’s head, which made its tail wag rapidly. Then it started licking him again.

    The two were talking about childhood pets as they petted the sleeping cats, when a cockatoo in the next cage spotted them and cocked it’s head.

    “What’s your name?” it asked.

    Bakugou frowned, but Mirio grinned brightly.

    “Hi,” he said, pausing to read the bird’s name on the cage. “Bingo! Hi Bingo! I’m Mirio!”

    It squawked. “Hello!”

    Bakugou huffed and rolled his eyes.

    “Grumpy,” said the bird.

    “Yeah,” Mirio agreed, unable to stifle a laugh when Bakugou’s scowl darkened.

    The bird began to laugh along with Mirio, even going so far as to raise one foot in the air and toss it’s head back. This of course made Mirio laugh fully, and Bakugou scowl even more, which set them off all over again. Thankfully, there were only a handful of other people in the store, most of whom smiled, or giggled along with Mirio and the bird.

    Mirio tried to calm down, still giggling a little bit as he turned to Bakugou. He poked his grumpy friend in the stomach as the bird laughed hysterically.

    Bakugou was trying so hard to keep the scowl on his face. And Mirio’s laughter, along with that stupid bird, and the poke in the stomach was almost too much.

    The bird suddenly chirped, hopped over to Bakugou, looked straight at him and said, “Grumpy!” Then it burst out laughing again, throwing it’s little clawed foot in the hair and tossing its head back.

    That did it.

    Bakugou laughed.

    “Pffft! Ahahahahahahahaha!”

    Mirio beamed.

    Bakugou blushed a bright pink as he gave into the childish urge to laugh with the silly bird.


    Mirio chuckled and put a hand on Bakugou’s shoulder, steadying him. Thankfully the bird seemed to be content now that it had made “grumpy” laugh, and hopped over to the other side of the cage and started eating and drinking water.

    Bakugou made his way out of the store with Mirio, a pink blush still dusting his face and a smile on his lips. “Ohohoho gosh,” he mumbled, facepalming. “Thahahahat was so ehehehehembarassing!”

    “Embarrassing? Nah!” Mirio nudged him playfully. “I thought it was cute.”

    Bakugou’s blush went from pink to red, and he was very grateful that Mirio changed the subject.

    “How about we head to the park and chat for a bit, then hit the general store and head home?”

    “Sounds good.”

    Once they were seated on a bench, a good distance away from people, Mirio said,

    “So, you’ve had time to think about this. What are your thoughts?”

    Bakugou let out a long breath. “Well, I mean...you said you were willing to help,” he said. “But what does that mean exactly?”

    Mirio hummed thoughtfully. “Hmm, you know, you’re right. I never really clarified that. Well, I’m willing to help in whatever way you’re most comfortable with.”

    “So if I ask you to help in small ways like...I don’t know, I venmo you some cash and you pick me up some juice if you happen to be going out to the store that day, you’d do that?”


    “What about bigger things? Like what you did a few days ago.”

    “I don’t mind that at all! I’d be happy to do that again for you. I thought being your babysitter was fun!”

    Bakugou sighed. “Well, what if...what if I didn’t want a...a babysitter?” he asked quietly. “What if I wanted something more long-term?” he asked, his voice practically a whisper.

    “You mean like a caregiver?” Mirio asked.

    Bakugou blushed slightly and nodded.

    “Bud, are you asking me to be your caregiver?”

    Keeping his eyes on the ground, Bakugou nodded again, ever so slightly.

    Mirio grinned. “I’d love to.”

    The younger boy looked up at him, eyes wide. “Really?”


    Bakugou smiled.

    They did stop at the general store on the way home, and left with candy bags in hand, a few story books, a little stuffed pig, and a new pocket knife for each of them, all courtesy of Mirio. Bakugou put up a fuss at first, but it was clear Mirio wasn’t going to take no for an answer, and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t want those things. Especially the little piggy, which he thought was very cute.

    After that, they went back to the dorms and headed to Bakugou’s room to plan out more of the details.

    He’d contact Mirio if and when he involuntarily regressed and was in the middle of something like training or class, and Mirio would come by and try to help him age up enough to get through the rest of the day until he’d have time to fully regress.

    He’d facetime Mirio if he happened to regress but the older was studying and doing homework. And on weekends, at least twice, for however long, Mirio would come over, or Bakugou would go to him and they would have an LS night, also known as a little space night.

    Granted, things were subject to change, but they had to have some kind of plan in place.

    It was definitely a learning curve for both of them.

    One time, after a particularly rough day, Mirio yelled at Bakugou when he was small.

    “I’VE ASKED YOU FIVE TIMES TO QUIET DOWN AND-” The anger drained from his body when he saw Bakugou’s pale, scared face and silent tears streaming down his face.

    It took a good thirty minutes for Mirio to convince Bakugou to come out from under the bed, then held him and apologized for scaring him, eventually earning his forgiveness with some serious cuddling. He made a mental note never to yell at Bakugou when he was in little space, unless he was putting himself in danger.

    Bakugou learned that Mirio wasn’t one to give up easily. At first, he was an absolute angel around Mirio when he regressed.

    But after the first few times of them having little space time together, Bakugou’s mischievous streak kicked in. And in typical toddler fashion he wanted to test Mirio and see just how far he would go to help him. He wanted to see just how much the older boy cared for him.

    ‘Thank God for sound machines and soundproof walls,’ Mirio thought as he watched Bakugou lay on the bed, kicking and screaming, throwing another tantrum. Figuring they’d need it at some point, Bakugou had dug out the sound machines Jirou had given him when he was having trouble sleeping because it was so quiet at night. They’d also found some foam padding in the recycling bins and put that on the walls in their rooms and covered it with canvassed paintings so it was still soundproofing the room and covered from all sides so no one would notice.

    “Bakugou, stop this nonsense right now!” he scolded, walking over to the screaming toddler, who’s tantrum was starting to taper off since he was getting exhausted from physically exerting himself. “I told you to stop throwing your blocks at me, but you didn’t, so I took them away and told you to play with something else. I was gonna give them back to you later if you behaved yourself, but definitely not after this,” he said.

    Bakugou sat up and folded his arms, then stuck his tongue out at him and pouted. “Meanie!” he frowned when he saw Mirio move and pull something from the closet. A wooden stool.

    “Noooooooo!” Bakugou whined, immediately understanding what was about to happen. Mirio put the stool in the corner.

    “Yes. You’re getting a time out. Come on.”

    Bakugou raised an eyebrow, challenging him. And in response, Mirio walked over, gently took his arm and led him to the stool and made him sit down. Bakugou just got up again. But every time he did, Mirio would put him right back on the chair, not saying anything, no matter how much he screamed, or kicked, or pleaded, or said he was sorry.

    Finally, Bakugou gave up and sat on the stool, burying his head in the corner as he cried quietly.

    “Five minutes,” Mirio said, his voice sounding sad.

    This only made Bakugou cry harder.

    At the end of the five minutes, the timer went off and Miro knelt next to Bakugou, who was curled up on the stool and refusing to look at him.

    “Bakugou, buddy,” Mirio said gently. “Can you look at me and talk to me please? Or do you need another few minutes to calm down?”

    Though his pride was wounded, he didn’t want to be exiled to the corner anymore. It was lonely over here, and he had nothing to keep him occupied, so he had no choice but to think about what he’d done. And if he was being honest, he was feeling guilty for misbehaving.

    “Thank you,” Mirio said, once he turned around to face him. “I put you in time out because I asked you to stop throwing your blocks at me, and you didn’t listen. And then when I took them away, you started calling me names and throwing a fit. Do you understand why I put you in the corner?”

    Bakugou nodded, shame faced.

    “Do you have anything to say?”

    It took him a moment, but Bakugou made eye contact and mumbled, “M’sorry Mirio...m’sorry for bein’ mean and frowing blocks at you an’ screaming an’ saying mean things...m’sorry for misbehaving…” he sniffled. “F’give me?”

    Before Mirio could open his mouth to respond, his heart broke at the little, watery request that came out of the three year old’s mouth.


    “I forgive you,” Mirio said, nodding once and opening his arms.

    Bakugou dove into them, knocking Mirio on the floor, but he didn’t mind. He sat up and hugged the boy tightly as he sniffled and cried lightly.

    “Don’ leave meeee, pleheeease!” Bakugou begged, sobbing into his shoulder.

    “I’m not gonna leave you buddy,” Mirio assured him, sniffling as tears came to his eyes.

    “Don’ hate me! P’ease don’ hate me!”

    “I don’t hate you buddy,” Mirio said, pressing a kiss to his temple. “You apologized, I forgave you, and that’s all there is to it. It’s okay. It’s alright. It’s alright now, I promise.”




    “Here, how about we settle on my bed and cuddle while we watch paw patrol? Does that sound good?”


    “Okay, come on buddy. Let’s go.”

    And after that, it was a learning curve for both Mirio and Bakugou in the sense that they couldn’t always have time together when they planned it. Sometimes one or both of them would be too exhausted from the day’s events to hang out that evening. Other times, when Mirio said no (to one of his voluntary regression sessions) to either spend time with his other friends or because he had to study or just needed time to himself, Bakugou had to work on not taking that personally.

    And vice versa, so did Mirio when Bakugou said no because either A) he didn’t need to and people were getting suspicious, B) he wanted to hang out with the Bakusquad, or C) he wanted to go on a date with Kirishima.

    But despite those bumps in the road, they made it work, and soon they got into a pretty good groove.

    And Bakugou was noticeably happier. Granted, he was still his angry, screamy self, but he had simmered down to where he’d just roll his eyes or make some snappy comment when something small annoyed him instead of lashing out. And they also noticed the expression on his face when they happened to catch him alone. He looked calm, relaxed even.

    Everyone was confused, but they didn’t dare say anything about it because they didn’t want to upset him or jinx whatever good thing had happened to him to make him calmer. Whatever was going on, they hoped it would continue.

    In fact, the only person who wasn’t happy about it, was Kirishima.



    “Why have you been so happy lately?”

    “Tch. Happy? What, do I look like I’m skipping down the yellow brick road or something?”

    “No,” Kirishima said, leaning against the door as Bakugou worked at his desk. “But something’s going on. You’re different.”

    “And? Are you complaining?” Bakugou asked, turning to him and eyeing him suspiciously.

    “W-well, no. Not really,” Kirishima said, rubbing the back of his neck.

    “Then what’s your problem?”

    “Are you cheating on me?”


    Kirishima raised his hands in surrender. “I’m sorry!” he said.

    Bakugou stood up and folded his arms. “What makes you say that? You’re my first boyfriend, you idiot. You really think I’d cheat on you?” he asked, his eyes sparking with anger.

    Kirishima got defensive, pacing around the room. “Well I don’t know! You’re my first boyfriend too, Kats!” he said.

    “Then what’s the problem?”

    “You’ve been making excuses not to hang out with me or the gang, you’ve been sneaking around, you put up your do not disturb sign a lot, and...and...you’ve been hanging out a lot with Mirio lately! I know you guys train sometimes and he helps you study, he helps me and the others study sometimes too but...this is more than that.”

    Bakugou frowned, seeing that his boyfriend had a point. They’d tried to keep it on the downlow, and so far no one else had asked any questions. And if they had any, they just minded their own business. But to someone’s significant other, he could definitely see how their behavior would look suspicious. “I’m not cheating on you with Mirio,” Bakugou said, taking a seat on his bed.

    “Really?” Kirishima asked. “Are you sure?”

    “I’m sure,” he said. “I promise. Cross my heart.”

    The redhead sighed and took a seat next to him. “Okay,” he said. “Then what have you two been doing in here all the time?”

    Bakugou blushed slightly. “I...I can’t tell you…” he said.

    Kirishima gave him a look. “And I’m supposed to believe you’re not cheating on me when you react like that?”

    “It’s nothing sexual!” Bakugou groaned. “Look...it’s just...it’s personal. Okay? He’s helping me with something personal.”

    Kirishima blinked a few times. “Like...a counseling thing?” he guessed, trying to figure out how Mirio could do that. He knew his boyfriend really looked up to the guy.

    “I mean, kind of?” Bakugou tried. “It’s therapy related.”

    “Oh. Well, then I’m happy for you,” the redhead said, smiling a little. “I’m glad you’re getting help with stuff. Whatever you two are talking about, it’s definitely made a difference.”


    “But...I’m a little hurt you didn’t come to me about this.”

    “It was purely coincidental,” Bakugou said. “He found out by chance. No one was ever supposed to know. Maybe you in the future, but still. Had it been you that day, I would have told you.”

    “Okay,” Kirishima said, looking away sadly. “I’m sorry for accusing you of cheating on me.”

    “Forgiven,” Bakugou said quietly, putting an arm around his shoulder and pulling him close. He kissed his hair. “I would have done the same thing if I was in your shoes.”

    “I...I still feel bad that you can’t confide in me,” Kirishima admitted quietly. “But I understand, and I’ll respect your privacy.”

    “Thank you. And...I’m sorry for ignoring you lately. I didn’t mean to. Forgive me?”


    Bakugou smiled a little and leaned in, giving him a little kiss. “Good,” he said. “Now, let me make it up to you.”

    When Kirishima left his room the next morning, he was dazed and very happy. He clung to Bakugou’s side for the whole day, happy to seemingly have his boyfriend back.

    Bakugou thought it was cute how cuddly and affectionate he’d get afterwards, but his clinginess was a little concerning.

    ‘I guess I really have been neglecting him lately, damn.’

    That day, he made sure they spent every possible second together. They passed notes in class, they sat together at lunch, they paired up together in training, and walked home to the dorms holding hands. Then they studied together and ate a snack, Bakugou’s famous nacho dip and their favorite soda. Kirishima was in absolute heaven, and hoped the day would never end. But unfortunately, things couldn’t last forever. But by the time Bakugou said he had to go, Kirishima was more than happy to let him.

    Bakugou shut the door behind him after putting up the do not disturb sign, which everyone had. He leaned against it and sighed in relief. He was happy to have Kirishima off his back for the moment, though he did love him very much. He just couldn’t bear the thought of him finding out. With Mirio it was different, because he was older, more knowledgeable about the subject, and they were friends. But he and Kirishima were dating, and he knew that there was a good chance Kirishima could react badly if he didn’t know much, if anything, about it.

    He took a deep breath and checked his phone, smiling when he saw a text from Mirio saying he was on his way. Tonight, tonight, he’d let himself relax and have fun, forgetting the stress of Kirishima finding out.

    “Are you done practicing your shapes?” Mirio asked. “Can I see?”

    Bakugou, dressed in a blue All Might sleep shirt and black pajama shorts, held up his paper proudly, smiling around his white pacifier. (They’d gotten him some adult sized ones after discussing that and other potential little gear, since he already had a sippy cup and bottle) He’d drawn several circles and squares.

    Mirio took the paper from him and gasped. “You?” he asked. “You did this?”

    Bakugou nodded, giggling happily at Mirio’s over the top reactions.

    “Wooooow! You did so well!” he praised, making the little one wiggle happily and blush.

    “You wanna play cars?” Bakugou asked, a bit muffled by his paci, then he spit it out and it dropped onto his shirt, staying in place hanging on his paci clip.

    Mirio sat next to him, accepting the red car he was given. “What sound does a car make?” he asked as they lined up their cars at the “starting line” which was really just a pencil.

    “Vroom vroom!” Bakugou said.

    “That’s right! Vroom vroom! Okay, ready? Set…”

    “Go!” the little one said loudly, racing his car across the floor.

    “Hey, no fair!” Mirio said with a small laugh, moving his car after him. “You were supposed to wait till go!”

    Bakugou moved his car around the small track and back to the starting line. He grinned cheekily at Mirio, who was still making his way back to the starting line. “I win! I win!” he crowed proudly, holding his car in the air.

    “Oh no you don’t!” Mirio said, suddenly standing and scooping him up, making him shriek with delight. He sat on the bed. “You little cheater!” he said, holding him in his lap and tickling his tummy.

    “Gehehehehehehehehe!” Bakugou squirmed and pushed at his hand. “Nohohoho cheheheater!”

    Mirio gasped. “A cheater and a liar?” he asked. “Oh, you’re in for it now, Baku!” he said, grinning playfully as he pushed up his shirt.

    “Bubba! Bubba nooooo!” Bakugou shrieked, giggling all the while.

    “Bubba, yes!” Mirio echoed, then lifted him up and gave him a huge raspberry, making him cackle and howl with laughter.


    Everyone was gathered downstairs for movie night, and Kirishima realized that he was late. He’d missed the first one because he’d been studying, and usually they’d watch two or three movies since it was Friday night. They were watching some classics tonight, so everyone had gone downstairs. Except Bakugou, who he’d assumed was tired. It had been a long, but very fun day. And even if he wasn’t physically tired, he knew Bakugou would need some “me-time”.

    He walked down the hall, his phone in hand. He stopped abruptly, hearing a familiar voice in a very unfamiliar way. He followed it, nearing Bakugou’s room. Was someone tickling Bakugou? It was a fairly common thing in their dorm, as most of them happened to be physically affectionate. Bakugou did get tickled every once in a while, usually by a member of the Bakusquad, if not himself.

    He noticed the do not disturb sign on his door as he walked up, curious. Whoever was in there had forgotten to close the door all the way at some point. Mirio, when he’d gone downstairs to get water. He thought he’d shut it all the way when he came back. But evidently, he didn’t.

    Curious to see what they were doing to make him laugh so hard, Kirishima snuck over and peeked through the opening in the door. It was open enough that if someone saw him, they’d know it was him. But his curiosity overpowered his caution. His eye widened at what he saw. There were toys strewn across the floor. Toy cars, blocks, a teddy bear, and a few small figurines next to some loose papers with crayon shapes drawn on them, the box of crayons lay open nearby. But more strange than all of that was the two people on the bed.

    Bakugou giggled hysterically as Mirio held him in his lap like a baby, hiding his face behind his hands, his pacifier dangling from his clip. When he peeked out from behind his hands, Mirio made a silly face.



    “You’re so silly! My silly little ticklish buddy!”

    “Nooooo! I’m not ehehehehehe! Ticklish!”

    “Oh really? Then I guess you won’t mind if I do THIS! PFFFFFTTTTHHHBBBB!”




    Mirio let up, laughing with him.

    “No more tihihihihihickles,” Bakugou begged, leaning against him, panting, a huge tickle-induced smile on his face.

    “Okay little guy,” Mirio said with a chuckle. “No more tickles.”

    “Ehehehehe...hehehe…” Bakugou giggled and tried to catch his breath, letting out a long sigh when he’d gotten enough oxygen. He lay his head back against the crook of his arm and smiled up at Mirio contentedly.

    He saw something in his peripheral vision and turned his head.

    He locked eyes with Kirishima.

    Kirishima froze.

    Bakugou’s eyes filled with tears.

    Meanwhile, Mirio’s mind was going at a million miles per hour, preparing for a negative reaction, readying a defense for the inevitable argument.

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    🦖littles who regress to ages 9+ are valid🦖

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    🐾littles who don't baby talk are valid🐾

    🐞littles who smoke are valid🐞

    🌜all littles are valid🌛

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