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  • ianarts2020
    19.01.2022 - 1 hour ago


    I'm sorry can we PLEASE talk about that part in the outsiders book (I think chapter three or four) where pony boy is remembering how he got fucking WRECKED by his brothers?? Like he literally described it in such detail it made me flare up in class. MY FRUCKING TEACHER READ IT OUT LOUD LIKE SIRRRR I DIED- this was a year ago but I want to read it again because it was so damn good I definately recommend it. LIKE PLEWSE I NEED FICSSSSSS THIS SWEET BOY NEEDS LOVE!!!

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  • cutesmokes
    19.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Imagine a ler flustering their lee by teasing them with the anticipation of the "wiggle fingers" but the lee gets so flustered they just grab the ler and hug them close. [Un]fortunately for the lee, that just made it easier for their ler to tease and wreck them~ lol

    [I justhad this cute thing in my head and it wouldn'tgo away. MaybeI'll put it in a fic or something lol]

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  • marvel-m-lee
    19.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
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  • neppy-33
    19.01.2022 - 4 hours ago


    1 ; on a scale of 1-10, how ticklish are they ?

    Probably a 9!!!

    2 ; where is their most ticklish spot(s) ?

    Techs most sensitive spots are his tummy and thighs!

    3 ; which spots are they not ticklish ?

    Not super ticklish on his armpits? Only a little bit’

    4 ; what is their laugh like ?

    Very giggly! Also a bit whiny? Not super loud though!

    5 ; do they enjoy tickling ? if yes, is it a fun platonic/familial thing, or kinky thing to them, or can it be both depending on the circumstance ?

    Yeah they do! And It’s both! Usually it’s just a fun innocent bonding activity. But when with a S/O and in the right mood it kinda gets him going

    6 ; are they more often a lee or ler, generally ?

    Definitely a Lee, will only tickle people to get them back

    7 ; who is someone in their life that they tickle often ?

    Definitely an S/O and their siblings!

    8 ; who is someone in their life that they get tickled by often ?

    All of his siblings and his S/O lol

    9 ; does the word “tickle” or any variation of embarrass them ?

    Not really!! It’s only embarrassing when he knows your teasing him

    10 ; are they embarrassed about their ticklishness, and do they try to deny/hide it ?

    Not really? Actually very open about it until you start tickling him

    11 ; would gentle tickling or rough tickling affect them more ?

    Gentle tickles! Feels more maddening and itchy to them

    12 Is there a specific spot they enjoy being tickled, either exclusively or more than other

    Really likes neck and tummy tickles :3

    13 ; is there a spot that they can’t stand to be tickled, either because it’s just too sensitive, or it’s uncomfortable/painful/etc ? what is it ?

    Cant rlly stand having his toes tickled, too sensitive he will shriek and be in tears in seconds

    14 ; would they ever purposefully bug a friend/partner/sibling into tickling them, and if so, how would they go about it ?

    Only if it’s his partner and he’s looking for Attention :3 , would probably just lay across their lap or straight up ask

    15 ; does teasing affect them ?


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  • sarcasticgiggles
    18.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Your F/O was being a teasy little shit all day, bullying and taunting you relentlessly until you grew tired of their attitude.

    “That’s it,” you say with a growl, shoving them on the bed and straddling their waist.“You wanted my attention? Now you have it.”

    “N-No, wait! Y/N!” they protest, already knowing what was coming, but it was in vain when all ten of your fingers descended on their stomach.

    A loud squeal pierced your ears, followed by melodious laughter bouncing off the walls, growing higher in pitch as you mercilessly skid your fingers everywhere on your F/O’s sensitive body. Their limbs flailing trying to escape your attack.


    “Sorry doesn’t cut it!” you exclaim, hiking their shirt up and blowing small raspberries into their skin.

    “EHEHEHE!!” they shriek, pushing on your head the best they could.

    Sadly for them, you didn’t budge. You blew even more raspberries, making them screech with hysteria. You weren’t going to stop anytime soon.

    They should’ve known better than to mess with you~

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  • pinkysfeet
    18.01.2022 - 14 hours ago
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  • marvel-m-lee
    18.01.2022 - 14 hours ago



    So hc that Bruno would pretend to be the tk monster with the kids- like mirabel, Camilo and Luisa bc she was like 9. Anyway, he was still all embarrassed and stuff but the kids loved it and he loved their little smiles and it's a bonding thing for him. (Also he felt embarrassed bc he thought everyone would make fun of him for being childish bc everyone was afraid of him :,()

    Anyway, so imagine if in one of these tk hunts games Camilo's giggling being chased and like turns a corner and Bruno is just THERE and scoops him up as he squeals and screams. Okay but ALSO man's also loved rats back then

    (He had frames of rats on his walls before he left and took them with him it's so cute okay)

    And the rats would be helping him or just sitting on his shoulder and Camilo would be happily squealing in his hold.

    NOW THE LYRICS. I still like the hc Camilo fainted in the kitchen but this also works pfft-

    Seven foot frame- jumping out and Camilo's five

    Rats along his back- rats... along..m you get it-

    When he calls your name it all fades to black- Calling after Camilo in the chase and teasing the boy then Camilo just remembering squealing and laughing with his eyes closed

    Yeah he sees your dreams- Camilee- camilee... as a kid also you don't really care? You just enjoy so i also hc all he adults knew he liked it back then lol

    Feasts on your screams- camilo squealing in his grip and Bruno pretending to nom on the tiny child and teasing him-



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  • k-is-twordish-2
    18.01.2022 - 14 hours ago


    apparently i’ve just unlocked the ability to straight up ask for tickles now?

    i have no idea WHERE this has come from

    but today i literally said the words “please can i have tickles?”


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  • marvel-m-lee
    18.01.2022 - 15 hours ago
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  • marvel-m-lee
    18.01.2022 - 15 hours ago
    #holding back giggles #tickle community#sfw tickles#tickle fic#tickles#encanto#encanto tickles#luisa madrigal #lee!luisa #she is a lee??! #ler luisa is cute but lee luisa? #lee!Luisa> #asks #asking for asks #encanto headcannons#encanto headcanons
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  • tick-fic-nick
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Ok ive caught up with campaign 3 (ep 10) and I need to put out some content so here we go.


    Obviously spoilers for campaign 3

    Fern: she definitely has some major ler vibes. Teasy. Has and will let mister wreck people. Very nonchalant and will continue her conversation while wrecking someone. She's not too terribly ticklish herself and if the question arrives she just says "oh, me? Not really, but your welcome to try." She might give a fake laugh and go "I'm sorry, I'm really trying here." She will go after Orym, Dorian, Ashton, and Imogen.

    Orym: he's doesn't really get too involved in that kinda things and can definitely get away if a tickle fight breaks out, you have to really catch him off guard to break him. His laugh is panicky at first, then you get a stream of light bubbly giggles. If provoked enough, might give a quick squeeze to someone's side just so they let go. Normal lers are Fern, Ashton, and sometimes Imogen.

    Dorian: such a sweet lee. Very flustered and gets very embarrassed. He will cover his face because of his blush. 'No's and 'please's and 'wait's will coat his laughter, though he will never try and get away. His laughter is always higher pitched but if he's extra embarrassed, it becomes sqeaky. I'm not sure he has a ler bone in his body, unless it's to provoke someone. Normal ler are Fern, Ashton, F.C.G., Imogen, and Laudna.

    Ashton: tough guy Lee but a Nasty ler. Is the type to say "what I'm not ticklish!" And Will wrestle your hands away. If he's annoyed enough he go "that's it" and wrestle the person down and ruthlessly tickle them. When he's tickled tho he curses like a sailor. Typically lers are Laudna, Fern, (and sometimes F.C.G.) his Lee's are Dorian, Imogen, Oryn,

    F.C.G. : not ticklish, and didn't really know what tickling even was until the group. Definitely will say "well ya know what they say... laughter is the best medicine" not a great ler. Though if he is helping someone wreck someone else he will end it off with "smiley day". He in his free time trying to make a tickle attachment . He will go up and ask anyone if he can tickle them.

    Imogen: very ticklish, but she's a very teasy ler. Gets into people's tickled thoughts. Will say "stop? Oh I know you don't really mean that." She kinda likes being tickled because her brain turns into jelly and it's peaceful. But she won't really admit that. When she's the one tickling, watch out. Super playful and loving ler. Her Lee's are Dorian, Ashton and sometimes laudna. Her lers are Ashton, fern, laudna,

    Laudna: not that ticklish (being dead and all) but does feel lighter touches. She's a ruthless ler, and will call her victims her little puppets. Her longer fingernails are perfect for scribbling ribs and stomach. I feels she's a big fan of doing tickly hugs, or just spidering. Her Lee's are Imogen, Dorian, Ashton, and Orym.

    (Bertrand: was the kind to prod ribs for emphasis, but not really ticklish himself.)

    (Chetney: he's not a big fan of anyone getting into his space, so if anyone touches him he'll just shout "haven't you ever heard of personal space! Jeez, kids these days!")

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  • bottledholywater
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    T-Chart for two of my nameless oc’s, I’ve only drawn them for my nsfw twitter and DV but I want to start making some wholesome art w them so I can post them here.

    I have two more characters who are a lot more ticklish and bigger lee’s but I didn’t draw them cuz idk if anybody cares. Lemme know you y’all wanna see em.

    Also it looks like the lefts bellybutton is a “don’t touch” spot, its not, the line is just black cuz its a multiply layer.

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  • marvel-m-lee
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    People please send me ebcanto headcanons so i don't feel so alone or like a burden 💀😂💕

    #encanto tickles#bruno#eeee#tickle community#sfw tickles #ENCANTO IS ADORABLE #im obsessed leave me alone #plz send asks
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  • switchyfics
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Ticklish ribs are top tier.

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  • naegiristan
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Nightmare | Genshin Impact

    summary ;; arabella has a nightmare, so paimon has an idea to cheer her up.

    characters ;; lumine, paimon, arabella

    notes ;; this took me like a month to write smh my head but yeah

    “what’s wrong, bella?” paimon asked, worried, as her best friend arabella sniffled.

    “i-it was a nightmare.” paimon frowned, not liking it when her best friend was down.

    "don't worry, arabella, paimon will cheer you up!" as paimon spoke, her little fingers because playfully poking, and stroking arabella’s tummy.

    “a-ah! nohohoho paimon!” arabella quietly giggled, paimon knew that tickling made arabella laugh a bit louder, but on this occasion, arabella was scared to wake lumine up.

    "awww! c'mon bella. it's ok! you don't to hide how much you like thiis~!" paimon cooed, as she teasingly, and very dreadfully kept circling and grazing her navel. "pahahaihihimohohon! stahahahap! you'll wahahake heheher uhuhup!"

    "shhh..bella! your the one who's gonna wake lumine up if you keep giggling~!" arabella giggled as she pleaded for paimon to stop. "eehehehehe! paimon dohohohon't you dahahaharehehe!"

    "don't do what? don't do this?" paimon then wiggled her index finger inside arabella's navel, making the smaller one squeal loud enough to wake lumine up.

    "naahahaha! pahahaihihimon! nohohot thehehere!"

    "mmm...what's going on?" lumine groaned as she woke up, half-asleep, watching the scene.

    "luhuhuhumine! stahahahap heheher! eehehehehe!" arabella pleaded for lumine to help her, as she tried to suck in her tummy.

    "no! help paimon! she's the one who woke you up! plus, paimon told her to be quiet." paimon defended herself.

    "buhuhuhut you stahahaharted ihihihit. meheheheahahanie- aahahahahaha! luhuhuhumine!"

    lumine, grinning playfully, started gently clawing at the smaller girl's underarms, careful enough to not hurt her. "hmm. I would help you, but seeing as you woke me up, I should give you something to laugh about, ella bella~!"

    "noohohohohohohohoho! luhuhuhumine pleheheheahahahase! I'm sahahahaohohohorry! nohohoho mohohohore!"

    arabella knew that lumine and venti only call her ella bella when they tease her. although, venti has never tickled her before, he knows she likes it.

    "are you reeeaaaally sorry~? if not, I could always do this~! pbffft!" lumine immmediately blew a very small, but deadly and dangerously tickly raspberry against arabella's neck. she hadn't played around with her like this in awhile so she cherished both this moment, and what was about to come next.

    "eeeeahh! nahahat thahahat! luhuhuhuhumihihinehe! stahahahap! I cahahan't! yohohohou wihihin! yohohohou bohohohoth wihihihin! juhuhuhust stahahahap!

    arabella let out a very cute snort following the shriek she let out from a very tickly vibration.

    lumine let off, and so did paimon. lumine hugged her, and asked arabella a simple question. "now, why was paimon tickling you in the first place?"

    "because I had a nightmare, so paimon made me feel a whole lot better!"

    "yeah! paimon thinks bella is happy now!" paimon smiled, booping arabella's nose.

    "I see. you can always wake me up to talk to me about a nightmare though. I wouldn't mind." lumine smiled.

    "ok. I promise- eehehehe! luhuhuhumine!" arabella giggled as lumine playfully scribbled against her sides.

    "and that's for not waking me up to tell me!"

    this was definitely going to be a long night.

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  • leelo-and-switch
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I love that my friends are so affectionate. I saw my friends yesterday and one of them loves messing with me and teasing me. Safe to say I got lots of tickles 🤗🥰

    #if anyone wants to hear about it #let me know #leelo rambles#tickle story#lee#ler#sfw tickles
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