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    28.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    thinking about maia helping bat and about raphael helping simon and how they obviously feel responsible for new downworlders and in a way indebted to give back the help they've gotten from magnus and luke. creating taki's so the downworlders have a place to go to, becoming pack/clan leaders, all the responsibility and love they obviously have for their fellow downworlders just makes my heart warm and i love to imagine everything they could accomplish together, both on a big scale - like creating places where downworlders can hang out and feel comfortable - and on a small scale - like helping individuals who need a place to stay and adjusting into downworlder life

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  • mr-nauseam
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Headcanons ❤ (Family)- ACD Holmes & Watson

    A great anon has asked me for several headcanons but I am very TALKFUL, GOD SOMEONE TEACH ME TO SUMMARIZE! but since I have not been able to find the way… here we gox2 1. Holmes Mmmm, I know that there are many theories and conjectures, I have not thought much about Holmes's antecedent, especially what should have been the first nucleus of him? -parents- but hey I think I'm going a bit with what Jeremy mentioned? About distant parents, eh, in a fic that I read many years ago I think they talked about a mother with possible unattended postpartum depression, and I think it could fit on that side, now, about the father, I think it would be someone very from that time, I vaguely remember a great post about the possible economic position of Holmes and assuming that he really was someone with money and a certain reputation, I think it would not be so strange to say that he was a rich guy who believes that he can do whatever he wants and considers that if a woman is worried or feel bad it is only hysteria?

    but hey they are vague ideas, now I don't think there are other brothers beyond Mycroft and I think their relationship is very easy to see, they get along, not especially close but more because of a thing of personalities and customs than because they do not love each other, actually they love each other a lot! Above all, it is seen that in really urgent things in which they need the help of the other, neither has problems in going for it (the cases in which Mycroft asked for Sherlock's support and SH asked him for help to solve some cases & when he faked his death Mycroft was the only one who knew he was alive). Mycroft is somewhat protective but again I think it's more because of things that his brother gets into dangerous things! because I feel that he trusts in his autonomy and intelligence!

    Now to the other relatives, I do like them a lot even if they have never appeared! Cousin Vernet who is a doctor and agreed to buy Holmes's boyfriend's office just so they could live together again, he seems like a great boy! is he a french may not seem strange to him the homosexual relationships. He and the grandmother may be the only ones in the family who may have heard Holmes coming out of the closet (I think Mycroft deduced it, it does not count as such), In my head he is a kind and funny guy, who may be determined to annoy his cousin for eternity for the favor he did him and I totally join that idea of ​​the fandom of the great French grandmother who tells Watson embarrassing stories about little Holmes and maybe she's an artist.

    2. Watson

    I have not thought much about his father, ironic but at the same time I think I have thought about it. For me, the fact that Watson relied so much on his brother was precisely because of an absent father, perhaps not intentionally but because of other problems, I think the mother of both Watson brothers died when they were little, they lived together and have distant memories about the loving person that she went but then you have a widowed guy who doesn't know what to do with his children and how to take care of them, maybe he has focused on his work or on wanting to compensate for the lack of his mother by giving them things but bein neglecting about care them in the rest, Ultimately this doesn't last long because I think he dies young.

    And for me this is where he appears, Henry ?, Harry ?, Higgins ?, Hemish? Hello its me ?, I have no idea what his name is but who if I have reflected a few times was his brother, I do not know if it will be because he is really the only real clue we have about Watson's antecedent, he could have a bright future, but I waste it all, he was an alcoholic and what was that that pushed him there? I think there is a certain very strong emotion in Watson about wanting to be useful and it may be because he was not useful for his brother, let me explain, they never establish a age difference -we didn't even give us the name- but regardless of this, I think he, for the people he had lost, for believing that it is the right thing to do, because it is what one wants with his younger siblings, maybe he has tried make great efforts at first to meet unrealistic goals about himself, about his parents' legacy and about getting his little brother to study medicine -which as far as I know, regardless of the time, is a fucking expensive and difficult career- and that break him very easy, because nothing resulted in a beginning and well what happened happened and then he ended up in a vicious circle and Watson can't help him. I also feel that there must be a little more than love, which produced the association between Holmes's addictions and Watson's brother addictions, so he could be someone eccentric or someone with artistic aspirations or something like that.

    Anyway, more or less we have these loose and vague ideas.

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  • eonghwa
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago


    into the #seonghwa-verse  ː  intro + masterlist

    (might be updated from time to time) 

    cw: nsfw themes ahead.


    lives in a new apt and has no roommates yet

    kinda fear the moment he will bc of that bunch of his friends

    always smiley

    nerdy boy

    loves nature

    his apt is near the ocean and he knows a really really nice and secluded place*

    he often takes you out for a walk on the beach

    enjoys especially early morning walks

    when the sun is rising and no one else is there, just the two of you

    a real sweetheart

    he’s caring and sweet

    he’s inception’s bsf, inception relies on him a lot and consider him as trusty older brother

    also fireworks’ close friend

    the latter sometimes might or might not go to dreamers to vent about wonderland making a fuss (but fireworks LOVES wonderland nonetheless, okay thank you)

    but back to inception, he often invites him over (more like inception showing up when he needs a break from the house’s madness)

    and makes him watch DIGIMON™ “yo man, just in time for the new ep!”

    looks at you with his dreamy and gentle eyes

    and, frankly speaking, you just melt

    is very keen on art, esp street art

    and sometimes paints murals

    also his voice is very sweet and musical

    and rapper sometimes asks him to either sing or rap in his songs

    kinks / in bed

    the true switch

    loves a good fuck

    both when he’s on the receiving end or on the giving end

    either way he’s very happy

    and by the end of it you both would be spent

    he LIVES for that blissful aftermath when he feels all spent but content

    angelic face with a dirty mind kind of vibe

    corruption kink as him being the one corrupted

    ^hands down his biggest kink

    loves neck kisses, esp giving

    loves the feeling of leaving wet, open-mouthed kisses down your neck

    neck kisses are the only thing he will do anywhere anytime with no dirty intent

    just a cute act for the sake of it

    leaving bite marks and any other kind of marks is optional

    saved for the bedroom

    often wears a tie because he wants you to pull it

    and/or use it somehow

    *now, talking about that secluded beach area

    he takes you there and *things* happen

    but doesn’t like the feeling of the sand that much

    so you just go in the water and keep doing your *thing*

    p e g g i n g

    sex (and not just sex) with him is fulfilling in every way because he’s that type of person that always makes you feel happy

    ː check out the other sh personas profiles ː

    taglist ❑ gen: @atozfic / @nari-nim / @daddy-seonghwa / @iusrene / @leaderienugie / @hwalysm sh-verse: @uzumakioden / @sunsethw4 (if you’re not interested in the taglist anymore please let me know)

    #honestly i might just cry now because i could finally post something new 😭😭 courtesy of my /not so lovely/ brain #did i make this one too about wonderland OFC I DID!!!! #seonghwa headcanons#ateez headcanons#seonghwa smut#ateez smut#ateez au #eonghwa.writings #psh.writings #sh.verse #sh.verse.profile #dreamers!sh
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  • mr-nauseam
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • mr-nauseam
    25.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    All my Au of SH not only came from how much I like Without a clue it comes too of the fact that we all know that if the sassy bitch of Watson decided to give all the attention and observation he devotes to Holmes to something else.

    He would be unstoppable.

    #acd canon#acd watson#dr watson #john h watson #john watson#really #he knows how to read every little Holmes gesture #Watsom can close his eyes and tell you how Holmes looked 3 days ago #What clothes did he wear and if sauce got on him by accident #Damn he could almost know how many hairs Holmes has #Holmes knows that Watson has it #Only that he cares very little about looking at others #headcanons#sherlock holmes#SH-IKA#acd headcanons#funny#meme
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  • forthehpfanboys
    23.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Ok, so I'm struggling with my stories right now, in case anyone couldn't tell. So to get my out of my writers block, does anyone wanna send like.. Some headcanons to talk about? It can be smutty or not or anything (just please remember my ru les aaaa)

    #hp x male reader #x male reader #holy sh i t #hp imagine#male reader #Harry potter fanfiction #hp drabble#Headcanon#hp headcanon
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  • the-local-saimota-fool
    23.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Honestly Shuichi's Danganronpa S swimsuit sprite just fuels my sh and trans hc for him like. bro why you wearin a coat? why do you need to cover your arms huh?

    #trans shuichi saihara #shuichi saihara#ndrv3 shuichi#drv3 shuichi#danganronpa shuichi#danganronpa headcanons#danganronpa #danganronpa s ultimate summer camp #danganronpa decadence #new danganronpa v3 killing harmony #danganronpa v3 #ndrv3 killing harmony #drv3 killing harmony #🌻.headcanons #🌻.txt #self harm mention #sh mention
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  • mr-nauseam
    20.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Watson as a rootless

    Yes, well, I have the habit of making playlists about the characters that I love and the ships that I like a lot, so of course when I got addicted to ACD Holmes & Watson, they were not the exception, although of course, I hardly talk about it because most of my songs are like very contrasting with the victorian world, since I have songs like electro pop or shit like that hahahaha

    But the lyrics to this song and the connection I see with Watson I think deserves to be mentioned, I warn that I will talk about several of my hc, knowing that let's start:

    Marina and the diamonds- Rootless & Watson in A Study In Scarlet-Early time of the association with Holmes.

    Clarification: Lyrics. Fragments of the novel.

    ... The title already suggests a lot about what we will talk about:



    1. (of a plant) not having roots.

    2. having no settled home or social or family ties.

    And as far as I remember John H. Watson is not a plant, being rootless is a more than adequate adjective to describe the situation of the character at the beginning of the first book, in fact it is one of the first things the character tells us:

    I had neither kith nor kin in England, and was therefore as free as air — or as free as an income of eleven shillings and sixpence a day will allow a man to be.

    Meanwhile the song in its first verse tells us this fragment that reflects his emotions very well:

    I'm a Cloud drifting by

    Dripping Tears from the Sky

    I'm a Snail without a Shell

    A Leper with a golden Bell

    I've got nowhere to go

    Let us remember why Watson knows Holmes, because he needs a place to live, he is adrift, he arrived devastated from a war where he returned being someone very young with chronic pain, something to which it is difficult to adapt due to the changes and the impact that this causes in his life. He is alone and no have family -in this book we still did not know about his brother who in fact will return to that topic later-, he lives in a hotel, which is like the most impersonal place to live. There are other interesting lines such as "A leper with a golden bell", remember at that time lepers were isolated in an extreme way, which tells us about a immense sense of isolation and Watson either for external reasons - his friends died in the war, his other friends forgetting him, his friends rejecting him - or his own reasons -isolating himself for not feeling the same as he was, for being so weak, etc- was very lonely:

    During the first week or so we had no callers, and I had begun to think that my companion was as friendless a man as I was myself. ...

    ...and I had no friends who would call upon me and break the monotony of my daily existence.

    In general his life was quite dull and miserable:

    The campaign brought honors and promotion to many, but for me it had nothing but misfortune and disaster


    Before pronouncing judgment, however, be it remembered, how objectless was my life, and how little there was to engage my attention. My health forbade me from venturing out unless the weather was exceptionally genial, and I had no friends who would call upon me and break the monotony of my daily existence.

    When he meets Holmes, I think a silent call to Watson is answered and this line of the song is expressed very well:

    For a Root, for a Leaf, for a Branch, for a Tree

    For Something, Somebody, that reminded them of Me

    He wanted someone to notice him and that person would be Holmes but achieving that intimacy that they will have later is a difficult road, I always insist on noticing Watson's shyness at the beginning, because of course, although he can be a good conversationalist and someone nice as evidenced by his first coexistence with Holmes ... actually Watson is very suspicious of his privacy and this a trait that prevails in him for a long time.

    The fact that it took him so long to ask Holmes about his job was, in my opinion, a way of avoiding two things: 1. Forming a bond of friendship. 2. Answer a question that he avoided asking himself.

    Asking him his trade leads to Holmes doing the same, while Watson would only say "What do you do?" Holmes could ask him "And what will you do? Go back to being a doctor? Will you return to the army? Will you do something with your life?" -not because Holmes was actually going to say something like that but it was undeniable that if you ask someone for something,even it such a simple answer, that person has the right to ask you for something in return and that was terrifying for Watson-. Because he had no answer and because he was afraid to approach Holmes, despite the fact that he was so fascinated and interested in Holmes.

    Even his initial disbelief although it is more than understandable, I think his annoyance with the article and his attempts to test Holmes' abilities - something that he will continue to do over the years - is because someone with Holmes' abilities was practically his worst nightmare. Because with a glance he could know everything about him, discover all his secrets, in fact if both can maintain such a long friendship for many years it is because neither pressures for the other to reveal something private or personal, the fact that they mutually respect this reserve leads them to triumph in their relationship until we got to The Sign of the Four.

    I firmly believe that Watson has loved Holmes from the minute their paths crossed but he never opened up to him and the revelation of the clock made him run away because his fears were fulfilled, in general I feel that before the hiatus , for Watson there were many protests to have such intimacy with Holmes, since he was a man & the homophobia of the time, bad self-perception, and perhaps a terror for giving himself so much to someone else that without that person he ends up adrift again - as in fact it will happen when SH "dies" - and this feeling probably increased dramatically when he learned of Holmes's addiction:

    Lower Case Society

    Tight to no Community

    A Kingdom without a King

    With no Sense of Belonging

    Now as I said before this is more or less done with my headcanons and I have this strange theory that The Sign of the Four is simply the story of the future engagement between Mary & Watson -an undeniable fact to happen-, for me them had known each other a long time before, for other reasons, they liked each other and while she had greater ease in getting Watson to communicate with her, in many ways, she also represented a person with whom he felt comfortable, someone she loved and who in turn could not know everything about him with a glance, someone who although she had known him for some time, was far from knowing or being able to guess everything that SH had already done and therefore he would not cling to her so much, in addition to the most important detail Mary was not slowly murdering herself.

    -Although Mary actually noticed a lot of things because she is observant and cunning but at the end of the day she doesn't spend her time reading Watson's thoughts like Holmes can-. So I place the clock scene as an event prior to what was said in the book and here comes Watson's brother, with this fragment of the song:

    Running with my Roots pulled up

    Caught me cold so they could cut

    What there was left of love

    I'm rootless, I'm rootless

    Watson's family situation is a great mystery, but it is clear from his very often abrupt and disgruntled reaction at the time against Holmes' cocaine use, that his brother was someone very important to him and whose death affected him more than he let the rest of the world see. Impotence is an emotion that may haunt Watson long before he decided to be a doctor or to enter the army - trades where impotence is very present - and the escape mechanism may also, because I think that's what happened with his brother, seeing him slowly consume himself without being able to help him, made Watson decide that he would not stay to see that great disaster, it was when he finally become a rootless, because he pulled out his roots as the song says:

    Running with my roots pulled up

    So they could cut me free of Love

    "Cut me free of love", is an interesting phrase that says a lot about Watson, love was what made him suffer so much the decline of his brother and it was love for Holmes that made him suffer again when Watson saw him fall into the same self-destructive tendencies that the other person he loved the most suffered, this intolerable vision & the abrupt reliving of the memory and conflict of his brother - a matter that Watson had not been able to reconcile internally - made him flee, nip it in the bud any possible ties. And it was towards Mary because deep down as he did when he met Holmes, deep down he continues to dream that one day he will not have to cut off the love he feels for someone, that he could stop running to protect himself and her:

    I have never looked upon a face which gave a clearer promise of a refined and sensitive nature.

    "Clearer promise". Promise. Mary promised so much, she was a dear friend, a woman who enchanted and fascinated him, with whom little by little he fell in love, who gave him the support - without knowing it - that he needed to cut the roots with Holmes, who was, in turn, to return to somehow uproot the memory that haunted him from the brother he did not save, -in addition to Mary's past I think there was a very great feeling of identification in not having anyone and having to stand up for yourself-:

    Tracking my Roots through the snow

    No Home Sweet and no Sweet Home

    I've got nowhere to go

    I'm rootless, I'm rootless

    So The Sign of the Four, it was a great farewell from the beginning, it was in turn a way in which he asked Holmes for help to heal the pain of the person he had chosen to take care of his heart, with the hope that she wouldn't break it again like Sherlock did.

    #acd canon#acd holmes#acd watson#acd fandom #acd mary morstan #acd mary watson #dr watson#sherlock holmes #a study in scarlet #john h watson #john watson#watson family #the sign of four #headcanon #holmes x watson #shwatsonlock#johnlock#addiction#issues#SH-IKA #marina and the diamonds #rootless #friends to lovers
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  • bow-wow-wark-wark
    19.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Oh yeah? Ramuda doesnt have adhd? pfft bet

    Enough jest aside, I was really inspired by this one post that talked about sasara being autistic and samatoki having adhd, so I decided to make my own but with ramuda!!!! I personally headcanon the entire hypmic cast except for like 2 charas as neurodivergent but this seems easier to do, might make another one tho. Sorry if these seem just like statements but it just seems so obvious to me idk how to explain

    Anyways so I personally think that he has adhd and bpd

    The pictures that I showed above are clear signs that he has adhd. I'd also like to add the fact that he's usually seen eating, also also the thing he does in the manga where every time he moves or stands up theres like a boing sound effect thing next to him bc I personally think he says it himself (verbal stimming)

    Ok let's point out some stuff: 1st he definitely has the hyperactive kind or if that's just an act the mixed one.

    2nd the fact he tends to be very touchy with people.

    3rd the fact that he gets bored easily and is always craving more exciting stimulation.

    4. He gets distracted easily.

    5. He avoids things he doesnt like a lot, like talking about or to jakurai, eating food he doesn't like, etc.

    6. The fact that he doesn't seem to stick to common social norms, and like etiquette and stuff. (All the times jakurai points it out on tdd or when he doesn't close the door when he's measuring that girl on the drama cd) with this as well the fact that he tends to be seen as insensitive sometimes.

    Ok next bpd signs: tw // self harm



    1st unstable sense of self, ramuda doesn't seem to have the best image of himself most of the time, specifically bc of him being a clone and all that, I would say this plays into him having impulsive and self damaging behavior. If you think about it he does a lot of reckless stuff (also bc of his craving for stimulation) like in the anime where he decides he is going to mind hack jakurai basically on a whim. This whole thing also has another aspect: self harm. Diana pointed out how ramuda is never seen wearing more revealing clothes, I think it would be interesting if its bc he has self harmed before, this could even be to feel "more human" apart from the self punishing behavior.

    2nd feelings of emptiness (which also plays into the messy self image as pointed on the picture below) this plays into people feeling as if they are nothing or nobody which he probably feels since he has all the other ramuda clones, so he might feel as if there's no difference and like he doesn't matter

    3rd extreme mood changing, this is not as seen as much I guess since he's usually all happy go lucky, but we can point out the scene where he yells at jakurai in the tdd manga, the scene where he tells gentaro to stay out of his business, most of the after scenes when he speaks to ichijuku, etc. Also since its common for people with bpd to engage in punishing behavior after lashing out, this:

    This keeps going, but you could say this also goes hand in hand with anger management issues and the fact that he tries to suppress that anger in this scene; suppressing emotions is also a thing with bpd.

    4th unstable relationships: for the longest of time ramuda had very messy relationships; his relationship with the chohuku girls, his relationship with jakurai (which could have gone with idolizing it for a little bit to criticizing it when they broke up, which is fairly common) and with the tdd. Also how he has a hard time accepting fling posse's friendship bc he has a hard time connecting with others and has had unsuccessful relationships before.

    This relates to fear of abandonment, 1st this pic, 2nd when the tdd talks about fighting chohuku he seems unsure, probably bc this means they would have to disband when they find out he's a clone. Also with the fling posse thing, can't get abandoned if you dont even let people in to begin with, am I right?

    Last feeling paranoid when stressed, most people tend to become suspicious of others actions and behaviors. The instance I'm pointing out would be in the manga after he doesnt mind hack jakurai, immediately after this ramuda believes that ichijuku is going to kill him so he says his good byes to fling posse and all that, nonetheless she says she wasnt going to do that, which plays into the feeling paranoid. Also when he yells at jakurai once again, he's expecting him to get angry, which is why he quickly tries to act as if nothing happened but jakurai doesnt.

    Ok I think that's it, if you have something else to add, feel free too, I can also (try to) elaborate if something isnt that clear. This comes from someone with both adhd and bpd but if I got something wrong, feel free to tell me. Anyways stay tuned for if i do another one

    #hypmic#hypmic headcanons#hypnosis mic#hypmic ramuda#amemura ramuda#ramuda amemura#adhd headcanon#bpd headcanon#ramble post #also to the person i mentioned #hope it doesnt make you uncomfy i can sensor your name if you want #this is something ive wanted to do for a very long while lmao #brrrr this post is so long #call it a mega ramble post if you will #tw self harm #self harm tw #me while writing the sh bit: omg thats so sad i wish it wanst true 😢 #dude it isnt is just a headcanon?!?!?!? #felt very real tho.....
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  • hostilidadesveladas
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago


         *  kaila’s been singing since she can remember, mostly since the age of 5.        *  she paints -- a lot. but not for work. it’s a hobby she’s catered to since the age of 11 when her father left.  not just when she’s stressed, but the apartment walls are covered in makeshift art, drawings, random bits and pieces of things she’s tried out and not just in frames, but the literal walls themselves she’s used as a canvas.       *  she’s an a + f*cking photographer, and that she does for commission.       *  she loves to bake & cook, keeping the culture of her heritage alive. her kitchen is always clean but also vibrant in flavorful aroma, mostly cinnamon.       *  she can play more than one instrument, but she’s most well versed on guitar, but can pluck a tune or two out merely by ear on the keyboard.        *  she may not be the ‘mom’ friend but she is the fiercest, most loyal friend you will ever meet. 
    #* i think about random sh*t a lot..... #✵ raise your arms and hold balconies of grace. ╱ 07. kaila. #✵ it’s the hunting heart trying to survive. ╱ 07. headcanon.
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  • mr-nauseam
    15.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I don't know if they count as headcanons, I'm digressing and today I'm communicative so have:

    1. Mary and Holmes share a trait that it will develop based on different situations they experienced (but similar to some extent) since they are both empathetic, gentle, polite and nice people with others. That if they wanted to, they could be loved by many, they could have several friends and many "close" people but both shy away from it, isolate themselves, because they know that deep down they only have themselves, they do not allow themselves to have significant intimacy with others because they know the risks, they know that people can die, can disappear (Mary's father), can walk away (Victor) and leave them alone, so they live like this for a long time until they meet Watson.

    2. I think Watson was a disaster when he was young and would not be very nice at all, he had to learn in the hard way and he began to be the person we met during the army. Part of the fact that he was so shy at the beginning was because he had no idea how to deal with many situations, having recognized all his flaws and weaknesses because it was hard to admit these things to himself but he was not going to go back, luckily his partner Roommate was a consulting private detective capable of bare his soul with a couple of looks and keep quiet and give him the opportunity to let his actions in the present speak for him.

    #acd fandom#acd canon#acd holmes#acd watson #acd mary morstan #acd mary watson #headcanon#dr watson#sherlock holmes #john h watson #john watson#mary watson #holmes x watson #watson x watson #sherlock and john #john and mary #SH-IKA
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  • narcissa-my-love
    14.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #polly shelby #polly gray x reader #peaky blinder imagine #polly gray#polly gay #polly gray please marry me #polly gray headcanons #tw: sh #tw: sh mention
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  • jammesbarnnes
    13.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Peaky Blinders Headcanon: When Ada gets her period, she gets a lot of aches and pains, but especially cramps in her butt. She's in so much pain sometimes she can't even sit down or get comfortable, no matter how much she tries. Sleeping is impossible. It's not something that's really talked about the same way acne, uterine cramps, or uncontrollable emotions are. For a long time she thought there was something wrong with her, developing a greater sense of shame with something already so stigmatized, so she rarely brought it up. It wasn't until her aunt questioned her discomfort did she learn it's a completely normal part of it. Her brothers used to make jokes about it, but Polly put a stop to that quickly. It was for their own safety.

    #that sh hurts my butt and my feelings #anyone else? #headcanon#ada shelby #ada shelby headcanon #peaky blinders #peaky blinders headcanon #tw period#tw menstruation
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    11.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago


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    #aquarius sun #uefa euro 2020 #final space gary #final space avocato #tw sh#sh tw#hxh headcanons#roy orbison#judipoker#nagano travel
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  • i-tried-haunting-ranpo
    09.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #tw sh mention #sh tw#comfort#hurt/ comfort#bsd#bsd atsushi#bsd drabble#atsushi nakajima #atsushi x reader #bungo stray dogs #bungou sd #bungo stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs #bsd headcanons
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  • transjesterlavorre
    08.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    betrothal question mark? hcs for the mighty nein

    fjorester: jester keeps the ring of fire resistance on her and eventually they casually just talk about marriage and jester goes "i'd like that" and says she'd like the ring of fire resistance and makes a copy of it for fjord

    beauyasha: beau freaks out about zuala and how things are done in xhorhas so she asks essek and caleb and she gets yasha a leather bracelet with a celestial inscription saying "angel", yasha gets beau a silver band with "i see you" on the inside

    shadowgast: they're IDIOTS and say "for tax benefits" caleb pierces his ears and they have matching sun and moon earrings

    bonus! platonic betrothal theyre not romantic dont #be weird

    wildbrothers: if you've seen it you know it those pendants that say "this be your lucky star" with a diamond in a star thingie but 1) in green 2) not a diamond, a crystal from the grove 3) a drawing of the wildmother's symbol on the back

    veth and caleb: caleb feels bare without his anti scry necklace so veth gets him a locket with a tiny painting of the mighty nein in it and a paper that says "we'll always love you cay"

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  • hoziersgf
    08.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    definitive mako mermaids canon ship ranking speedrun:

    1. zac and evie

    2. sirena and david

    3. cam and carly

    4. rita and harry (even though we never got to meet him their story is so taylorswiftsadbeautifultragic.mp4) (rip in peace)

    5. ondina and eric, mimmi and dude whose name i don't remember, and literally all of the other canon ships are tied for last because the rest are either bland, or forgettable, or both

    do mimmi and ondina count as a canon ship. or weilan and ondina like there's enough subtext to support both no further questions your honour

    #this literally took me two seconds so let me know if i forgot anyone because i probably did #honestly all the subtext-y canon ships like nixie and cam. and weilan and that blonde guy are tied for last with the rest #i think we should have had either a flashback episode of rita where she tells the girls about harry and their life together. or some sort o #mermaid magic makes it so she's able to like go back in time to her old life and has to figure out how to get back to the present. or if sh #even wants to. because we deserved to know more about him than 'we were going to get married but he died' #that said i do enjoy how rita's whole thing is her affinity for the land and its people and her love of teaching even if she had to #sacrifice so much to leave the pod. so a harry-centric episode might have detracted from that. but idk it seems like such a huge thing to #omit? if anyone had any rita x harry fic or headcanons send em my way #mako mermaids#queue #.txt
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  • mr-nauseam
    08.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Au that is basically "Without a clue" and at the same time not.

    Let me explain:

    Holmes after his participation in "Gloria Scott case", has decided not to follow the advice of Trevor's father because this case fractured his relationship with Victor Trevor and he believes that he will not be able to handle the feeling of not having been able to help someone like he would have wanted because he analyzed it seriously and he knew that he would have many failures before more successes. So he continues with his life, a little adrift until after a 1 year sabbatical in Paris with a lot of bohemian artists he decides to become a professional actor because it is the only thing where he has felt the intrigue, the adrenaline of facing the mystery of the human nature that are not crimes.

    Meanwhile Watson, who returns from the war destroyed, goes to meet his brother in the country because he cannot stay in London any longer, his brother welcomes him with open arms although their relationship is tense they coexist peacefully in their childhood home the point is that his brother dies.

    Everyone in town easily accepts that his death was due to his alcoholism and only laments for the loss of a young man who could have a better future but wasted it on vices. However, either because of the pain or the denial, Watson refuses to believe it, especially because at least in the months that he lived with his brother, he noticed how Henry W. struggled to stay sober and told him on one occasion that he had been achieving it for almost 1 so that this fact did not he fits in with the scenario that "undoubtedly his drinking is the cause of such an event" and he decides to try to investigate the matter himself...

    Be that as it may, the idea is that time passes and Holmes is a recognized actor somewhat dandy who loves to act but undoubtedly feels a void in this profession and does not really know why. Even he is very observant and learns little things about his theater mates that no one else could guess and he has a good reputation.

    Meanwhile Watson is now a police surgeon who has more or less developed a deduction system very similar to that used by Holmes, although undoubtedly very Watsonian, giving more importance to things like psychology or the autopsy procedure. And maybe working with the police mostly. Lestrade is an inspector that our John did not get along with at all, but he was the first to listen and pay attention to the extensive but entertaining forensic reports that Watson gave him. When more than 4 of these reports are decisive in solving the cases, the inspector takes some consideration and may ask him for advice sometimes discreetly and elusively, without even trusting.

    In short, a tragedy occurs in the theater and a gruesome crime shakes everyone involved. The police put Lestrade & Gregson in charge as the case managers. Holmes, who is among the list of suspects and has a great ability to know everything about everyone, notices some anomalies between his companions and could have the key to solving the matter, however, no one considers his testimony important except for Dr. Watson.

    Will we know what happened to the death of Watson's brother?

    Will the actor Sherlock Holmes and the police surgeon solve the murder?

    Lestrade will stop being a hard head and listen to them?

    Will someone throw a coconut at Gregson?

    I have no idea but if anyone has ideas they are welcome

    #acd canon#acd holmes#acd watson#acd#acd fandom#dr watson #john h watson #john watson#sherlock holmes #sherlock and john #johnlock #holmes x watson #headcanon#alternate universe #I'll probably erase it in the morning #Please forget that you read this #granada holmes#granada watson#SH-IKA
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