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    04.08.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    #pulvis et umbra sumus / we are but dust and shadow
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    04.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

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    #ben barnes #shadow and bone #the punisher#general kirigan#billy russo#netflix #ben barnes icons #shadow and bone icons #the punisher icons #general kirigan icons #billy russo icons #netflix icons#icons
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    04.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #i forgot about suki again help #shadow of the fox #mura suki#quote
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  • saintlycravings
    04.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #pulvis et umbra sumus / we are but dust and shadow
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  • saintlycravings
    04.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #pulvis et umbra sumus / we are but dust and shadow
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  • sassyduckqueen
    04.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    So I want to say my piece regarding Crocduel...

    I actually consider Marinette’s actions in this episode OOC because of what she said and what she did. For the record, I’m not saying Marinette isn’t selfish because she can be. She really can but the reason why i consider her actions OOC for her is because of the fact she asked Juleka to not have Luka there. Marinette is many things but she isn’t dumb. She knows Luka is Juleka’s twins and she knows he lives there, meaning it is impossible for him not to be there at all, especially as it’s their birthday. A true Marinette reaction would be to not go to the party herself and come up with a terrible excuse as to why she couldn’t go then realize that she’s hurt more people by doing that instead of pulling that crap. Still a dick move but actually in character. Or at least to me it is.

    Also I don’t buy that crap about her not wanting to hurt him because she’s in love with Adrien! As per usual, this whole situation is a direct result of the writers and their weird obsession with the horror that is the love square or as I like to call it the Love Scare!

    Also Lukanette should be endgame and the only good part of that episode was that Shadow Moth was basically getting cockblocked in it! Seriously! It took him so long to akumatize anyone!

    #Love Scare #not love square #protect the blueberries #luka deserves better #Marinette deservers better writers #seriously #they can not write #Season four is a train wreck #Shadow moth gets cockblocked #He fails as a villain #ML salt#Crocduel Salt
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  • subrosasteath
    04.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    ashdkajjsdk a.jd askjdskashdaslksjdaslldkjla

    Just picked up WoF (wings of shadow) from the library, been reading it and joting down notes for things I want to talk about once Ollie and Ravi have read it but OMG the majority of it so far has been so good

    #tbh I have a hard time focusing on Elliot as a character cause I just don't find him that interesting #but the rest has been good! #wings of shadow #crown of feathers
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  • thisdonnie
    04.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Light is information. It’s not good or evil. It’s information. Darkness is lack of light. Not good or evil. Just lack of information. Shadow work is bringing information to those dark spaces inside of us to better innerstand them and allow ourselves to move away from running.

    Our lives from dark spaces don’t know as much as the spaces that hold light and information. After all, the work from that dark spaces is to protect or secrete/keep secret which is just a disempowered state. You’re literally leaking energy out of you working from that state.

    So let’s get really clear about this...we are a piezoelectric being. Our body is crystalline. And we are trying to remember beyond the veil and activate our entire 🧬 to reach our full potential. The goal is to become a light being.

    Light is information-consciousness. The universe is made of light.

    Therefore understanding physics, magnetism and electricity are paramount when it comes to shadow work.

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  • stephanythedramaqueen
    04.08.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Unpopular opinion: I know the Russians will hate me for this (I’m sorry) and you have all right to demand your culture to be respected, but for all the choices that Leigh Bardugo made that I lament, choosing to keep the names not based on gender is actually one of her better decisions.

    Besides the fact that I find gendered names archaic, ✨Aleksander Morozova ✨just sounds highclass and bougie as fuck 😘💦🖤 Aleksandr Morozov not so much 😩🔫🔪

    #aleksander morozova sounds like a billionaire who’d buy me a Patel watch bc he can #while aleksandr Morozov sounds like someone I should avoid trying to shank me in prison #besides the fact that this is a highfantasy books set in fantasy genre #character names and certain words don’t HAVE to be exact as where its originated from. it’s called F A N T A S Y for a reason #y’all ain’t reading Tolkien’s Elvish or heck even Witcher’s Aed Seidhe just to clutch your pearls for this #aleksander morozova#the darkling #shadow and bone #ben barnes
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  • adarkershadeofroyal
    04.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    the crows are so much funnier than the fandom give them credit for

    here are just SOME of the funniest moments throughout the books

    “….you can find your way to Ravka or Matthias’ grandmother’s house for all i care” “leave my grandmother out of this”

    obviously the ghost scene

    pay someone to pay someone to pay someone to

    “you speak Fjerdan about as well as i speak moose” “moose is probably your native tongue”

    ‘Had they blown up the lab? Kaz had definitely NOT told them to blow up the lab’

    The deadpan ‘He had not been shot’

    Kaz trying to justify his decision if bringing Wylan along to the rest of the crows: “ i told you, ✨hidden depths✨” “see Jesper, ✨marketable skillz✨”

    ‘“You all look so young, where are your parents?” Wylan and Jesper burst out laughing’

    “This many people having fun in one place might have shocked the Fjerdan right out of you”


    Nina trying to bring Kaz back: “The Ice Court, remember? 3 million kruge?” Kaz’s eyes cleared. “4 million”

    “You couldn’t look guiltier if you were performing the role of Thief #3 in a penny play on East Stave”

    “Who wants to buy i coat in the dead on night?” “Tourists”

    “Tiny and Ferocious, just like you”

    “Unless you have a unicorn for him to ride away on, there is no scenario that guarantees Kuwei’s safety”

    ‘They could fake a pregnancy. They couldn’t fake an actual birth. Or maybe they could, he wouldn’t put anything past Kaz at this point”

    “He has a very soothing baritone”

    ‘“I’d prefer a pair of sable-lined swimming trunks, but we can’t always get what we want” A furrow appeared between Kuwei’s brows. His understanding of Kerch had apparently been reached and surpassed’

    The Wyvil

    Matthias thinking they should just let Nina and Jesper flirt the entirety of Ketterdam into submission

    That MASTERPIECE of a scene where Jesper and Kaz have a random petty fistfight, and all the other crows literally move out of the way, and then when Wylan tries to get someone to stop them they just shrug and go ‘I mean they aren’t using their weapons let them fight it out’ and THEN Colm coming him and scolding them and both of them IMMEDIATELY stopping

    “Whatever you say, Llewelyn”

    Nina’s singing

    Wylan and Kaz falling through the ceiling onto Van Eck’s dinner party will ALWAYS be iconic

    Kaz’s chapters in general are absolutely HILARIOUS, but my personal favorite is when he’s depending on Matthias Not Betraying them, and he thinks something like this:

    ‘Either he was right and Matthias’ feeling for Nina would prove enough, or Kaz was about to pay for all those talking tree jokes’

    The talking tree jokes in question

    The initiation ceremony where the tree teaches you the secret handshake

    ‘His first thought was that this boy had the most beautiful lips he’d ever seen, and his second was that he was probably about to die’ Wylan honey we’ve got to talk about your priorities

    “Is it that bad?” “No, you just have really ugly feet”

    That scene at the start of Six of Crows where Van Eck has Kaz tied to a chair and is explaining what he needs, and then is explaining why he needs Kaz specifically, talking about how his De Kappel painting was stolen which is a really impressive feat, while Kaz is vehemently denying that he had anything to do with it although it was obviously him

    Wylan being passive aggressive while Jesper is trailing after him trying to apologize for the Kuwei thing

    “Can’t we just enter as performers? I hear Wylan really kills it on the flute”

    Inej getting Nina’s cookie jar after she gets back and Jesper being offended that he didn’t get to take some

    Nina making fun of Kaz’s haircut

    “Is my tie straight?”

    That’s all I can think of for now, i’m sure there’s more so if you think of something feel free to add on

    #I realize there’s barely any Inej on this list but i can’t think of many funny lines she says #but BOY does she deliver in the raw power quotes category #shadow and bone #soc duology #six of crows #crooked kingdom#inej ghafa#kaz brekker#nina zenik#matthias helvar#jesper fahey#wylan hendriks #wylan van eck #wesper#kanej#helnik#colm fahey#grishaverse#leigh bardugo#amita suman#freddy carter #freddy’s horse show #kit young#danielle galligan#calahan skogman
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    04.08.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #what we do in the shadows #tv
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    04.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    World premiere tonight. August 4, 1971

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  • many-bonds-many-faces
    04.08.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    “....Man. That Reverb guy is a fucking asshole.” He’s by the entrance, pocketing his phone, ready to go grab a drink.

    #'Hope' from sheer Dumb Luck {Herodachi IC} #v; shadows of the final day
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  • lady-lye
    04.08.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    emma carstairs! this took soo long but i’m really happy with the result. before you get on my case about her lack of marks… don’t. she’s left handed.

    she’s a knight in a faerie story here, come to save her prince :) anyone else getting super excited for secrets of blackthorn hall? ✨

    character belongs to @cassandraclare !!!

    find this piece also on IG @/ ladylyeart, i’m terrible at tumblr.

    #emma carstairs#tsc #the shadowhunter chronicles #shadowhunters #the dark artifices #lady midnight #lord of shadows #queen of air and darkness #julian blackthorn#blackstairs#jemma#jemma blackstairs#cassandra clare#cassie clare#tda #secrets of blackthorn hall
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  • lostysworld
    04.08.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Worth it – Kaz Brekker x reader

    Pairing: Kaz Brekker x reader

    Warnings: OOC Kaz?, mentions of wounds, mentions of touch avertion

    Summary: Getting caught in Pekka's office, Kaz meets his savior, who isn't going to let him be so easily.

    A/N: I just need some fluff for my aching soul

    Kaz is standing on his knees, not for the first time in his life, but the last one was a long time ago to remember. Nausea and panic are slowly crawling up to his throat as two arms are keeping him in place, pressing down to hard wooden floor.

    His fortune betrays him this time and, as much as Brekker doesn't want to be here, these walls are closing around his neck with every passing second, getting the air out his lungs.

    The atmosphere doesn't differ from his Crow Club, smoked air and scent of alcohol everywhere around. And danger. This tickling feeling of danger arounder around

    Kaz tries to shake off the hands of Pekka's men on either side of his tense figure, but seeing Rollins coming in the room makes him freeze on the spot.

    The young man doesn't know what it is. If it's a wave of cold rage towards the person in front of him or a kind of fear, that he will hardly admit to himself.

    Pekka's voice is flowing like posion down his veins and when Kaz raises his eyes on him, he doesn't see anything, it's like a veil suddenly appeares before his eyesight. It only seems to him, that he notices a shadow behind Rollins' back, but turns out it is only a mirage.

    Kaz's eyes are open widely, while Pekka thinks of his next actions to punish the boy, who sneaks inside of his office. It's the first time, when Brekker got caught. If it was the second one, he would be dead.

    The sudden strange spark lights up in his eyes.

    – Tell me, - Rollins arches his brow on this bold tone of the younger man. – Have we ever made a deal before?

    – You and me? Nah.

    Kaz's body tenses and Pekka's guard keeps him in place harder. The man comes closer to his prisoner.

    – Otherwise you'd know better or you'd be dead.

    He cocks his head ready to say something, when Kaz sees a shadow in the corner splits off from a wall, and the next second he hears a low voice.

    A low woman's voice.

    – What if you let him go?

    Pekka switches his glance across his shoulder looking in that direction with a strange mix of confusion and anger.

    – Why would I?

    His pitch doesn't hold anything good to one, who dares to say these words questioning his right to make decisions, but when a woman comes out of the shadow revealing herself, Kaz flips out at once.

    She is young, way too young for a place like this. She is probably around his own age. Besides, he's never seen a woman in Pekka's group before.

    The girl shrugs her shoulders carelessly.

    – He is obviously young and naive, - her attentive gaze slips to Brekker. – Little birdy gets lost...

    – Boss-

    The man behind Kaz moves a bit to voice his protests, but is cut off by Rollins, who waves him off. The old man turns his cold gaze on Brekker one more time.

    – I'll let that one go, but from now on...you being warned, boy.

    Pekka turns away casting one last glance on a woman next to him and walks away. As soon as he is out, she comes closer to Kaz, but still on a safe distance.

    – Let him go, Martin.

    Her tone is firm and leaves no room for objections. Nevertheless, one of the men hesitates.

    – Pekka-

    – Do you want to discuss Pekka's decisions with me? I said let him go.

    Her face twitches in annoyance and starting anger, so the man only nods and frees Kaz from his grip.

    When they are finally alone in the room, Kaz stands up, and the girl nods him to the exit.

    – Follow me.

    – I can get out by myself.

    – If you could, you wouldn't get caught, Brekker.

    Kaz stops and the girl does the same, turning around to him.

    – You know who I am, - somehow it sounds like a question and a statement at the same time.

    – The most of people in Ketterdam do. Unlike Pekka, but it's for your own good.

    She continues her way to the back door without looking back this time, and soon they are on a cold dirty street with a strong wind gust crawling under Brekker's vest. His own coat is irretrievably lost somewhere inside this den for now.

    The sharp gaze of the woman in front of him makes him wince, but he only watches her leaning on the doorway, looking absentmindedly through him.

    Brekker wants to leave this place as soon as possible, but at the last minute turns around, facing his savior again.

    – Why have you done this? - y/h/c girl only leans her head to the side.

    – Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them.

    Kaz allows himself a half-smirk.

    – You are not a lady, - she gives up a light knowing laughter. – I haven't seen you in Pekka's before.

    – And you won't see, if show up again here. Savvy?

    – Pretty well.

    – Nice.

    She looks back, making sure nobody is looking, and waves Brekker to leave.

    – I may save your neck once, but I can't promise you the same once more. So go now.

    She turns across her shoulder, hearing muffled steps somewhere in the distance, and when turns back again she doesn't see the man.

    There is only the coldness and darkness of the street instead of his slim tall figure. She wants to stay here for a while, in calm and peace of cold stone, but after a distant sound of thunder she makes her way back inside the club.

    Once she will find a way towards her breath of fresh air, not the smell of spilled yesterday's beer in Pekka Rollins' bar.

    The Crow Club is always the most crowded spot around, even louder than Pekka's place. The girl steps inside trying not to wince from loud voices here and there.

    She holds a package wrapped in brown paper, that her arms carefully press to her figure. Ignoring shouting behind her back she turns her steps towards the dark corner of the hall.

    It is almost the middle of the night and the half of the town is here. Also she needs to see only one man and, as she hopes, she will meet him soon enough.

    But Kaz Brekker makes her wait about half an hour, and the young woman now seems to be completely deaf. But the noise becomes quieter when a slim figure shows up on the other side of the club. The girl smirks.

    – You make the lady wait for too long, - he cocks his head and this movement reminds her a crow.

    – What are you doing here? Did Pekka kick you out?

    – I'm free to go whenever I want, - the man casts a suspicious glance towards the roll in your arms.

    – No one, who is working with Pekka, is free to go.

    – I can surprise you, Mister Brekker.

    He can't indicate the color of her eyes in the light of the place, and even watching more careful doesn't help him.

    – What were you waiting for?

    – You.

    She raises her chin up to look the boy right in the eyes. She is a bit shorter than him, and sitting on the chair makes her search for eye contact.

    – I brought your coat, - she hands him his things. – There was a hole from a bullet, but I think you know it.

    Brekker winces as if feels a wound on his forearm from the last heist.

    – Was?

    – Sewed it.

    Kaz's eyes are glowing. The woman's responses are fast and clear, she must be easy to work with, easy to take and give commands. Pekka Rollins is way much luckier to have her in his team.

    He takes the package not rushing to unpack it, not taking his eyes off the girl in front of him. Her face is blank, but he can see it from her eyes, that she laughs at him.

    – What? - her lips twitch in brief grin.

    – One of your people came for you the minute I I stepped here. Yet you went downstairs after thirty minutes more, - she leans on the wall behind her. – Why? I swear you were dying of curiosity.

    – I was taught not to rush. Never.

    The woman's glance slips from his face to his arms in a black shirt and a vest of the same color. Bags under his eyes are more visible than the last time she saw Kaz. Then his hands.

    His fingers are wrapped in black leather gloves and it somehow sends shiver down her spine. Normal people don't wear gloves indoors.

    The wrinkle between her brows deepens and the girl raises her eyes to meet Brekker's confused one.

    – Don't push this any more, Kaz. Don't play with Pekka.

    She stands up rapidly and heads to the back door, not letting Kaz ask anything. When her back is the only thing he can see, the man throws his coat on the same chair, and follows her.

    – You don't understand-, - why he's talking about this with a girl whose name he doesn't even know. Kaz Brekker is not a man, who discusses his decisions with anyone.

    – But I do understand, that he will kill you the next time he sees you.

    They are both outside now and cool wind ruffles the woman's hair, throwing loose strands to her face.

    – Why do you care about things, that are not your business? You have your own place there.

    – I don't work for Rollins, Kaz, - he flinches from the addressing, but it doesn't sound bad actually. – He doesn't own me. And I am here tonight not because I ran away, but because I wanted to warn you.

    – My question is still the same.

    He is peering at her, not letting her change the subject. For quite a time in his life Kaz doesn't feel alright standing with unknown person on the street in the middle of the night. Never before this day.

    – I don't know, - she throws her arms to the sides. – I'm just doing what I think is right.

    She exhales heavily, and the man holds himself back not to do the same. Now he can say, that this woman is more than he thought from the very beginning.

    – It's late, I need to go, - he flinches from her quiet voice, that brings him back down to earth. – Goodnight, Mister Rietveld.

    She turns with her back to him, when Kaz grabs her shoulder to turn around and presses hard to the nearest wall.

    – My name is Kaz Brekker, - just in one second anger covers him completely. There's not a drop of previous thoughts in his head now. – So I would ask you.

    – I prefer real names, Mister Brekker.

    Her voice is full of poison, but it is not lethal for him. It sounds more like a mockery, but it only drives his mad more.

    –Then it's not fair, because I don't know yours.

    His grip doesn't become looser, if not otherwise, but it doesn't scare the girl off.

    – Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.

    – Haven't heard of it.

    – And will not, if you press any harder, - his elbow is on her neck, pinching her head to the wall. The vision becomes hazy, once she feels lack of air.

    Kaz takes a step back almost inadvertently. The girl's voice makes him move.

    – Is that your gratitude for your saving?

    – I don't need saving.

    – Oh, next time when Pekka is about to have your head, I will remind you about it, Brekker.

    – You know my name? How?

    The young man is starring at you intensely and only now the girl can see his true nature. Yes, he may be a leader of the Dregs, but now she sees a lost boy searching for answers. A sympathetic smirk flashes through her features

    – I have been living in Ketterdam enough to know its inhabitants, Kaz. And I remember you from a very young age.

    – It's impossible. So many years passed, I should have noticed you, - she shrugs her shoulder and presses lips together.

    – Well, seems I have better sneaking skills...

    His emotions are hard to interpret, but the expression is grim and foul like he is told something disappointing.

    – Smile, Brekker, - one of the corners of her lips goes up, a calm reassuring expression is on her face. Kaz allows himself to relax. – And don't think, that you've got rid of me.

    With that she pushes herself off the wall, brushing his shoulder with her, feeling his hot skin through the shirt fabric.

    – What are you going to do? - the man tenses as the girl starts walking away.

    She turns around on his words, putting hands in her pockets and shrugging shoulders in a careless gesture. She reminds him of a street kid on a second, and he holds back a grin.

    – Don't know. Freaking you out?

    Kaz chuckles shaking his head.

    – You seemed a serious person to me, back in Pekka's office, Y/N.

    – Well, - Brekker blinks a couple of times, she's just flinched from the way he pronounces her name, or he's mistaken? – I can freak you out very seriously, Kaz Brekker.

    The young woman winks at him, turning away, leaving the leader of the Crows standing in the upcoming deep night.

    Ketterdam streets have never been so crowded like tonight, and Kaz can easily get lost amongst the variety of merchants, street kids and hookers. Not being noticed in this hour with goals like his would be pretty useful.

    And just when he turns around the corner, someone blatantly bumps into him, almost knocking the man down. Someone shorter and nosier than him. But here he would argue. Brekker doesn't even heard this person coming closer.

    The same girl he saw at Pekka's appears in front of him in a dark pathway, that leads the Bastard of the Barrel to his final destination point.

    – Don't go there.

    The man winces and goes around her. But the young woman doesn't intend to let him go. Like a puppy she follows him further to the outskirts of the city.

    – Stay out of my way, Y/N.

    – Your way is going to lead you straight to your death, Brekker.

    He turns around, arching a brow on her words. He has a meeting with a merchant, who owns him some money. Usually, Kaz doesn't meet outside of the Crow Club and his office, but now something pulls him away from his place.

    The girl holds her ground, following the man step by step.

    – Why should I believe you? - his voice is firm, and it makes her roll her eyes.

    – If I were you, I would try to avoid death...Normal people do that, you know?

    Kaz can't hold back a grin and turns to another narrow street, that is lit up only with two lanterns.

    The young woman behind him stops.

    – Kaz...

    He turns around, breathing out soundly. In three wide steps he shortens the distance between them and leans a bit, so their faces are on one level.

    – What about you letting me do my own business? - Y/N rises chin up in offended gesture. Brekker is talking with her like with a child.

    – This is the Dime Lions' territory. One step and you'll be dead, Kaz.

    – Pekka may be smart, but his men are as stupid as an owl. So they will notice me only when I'm done.

    That girl's expression of helpless annoyance and quiet pleading leads Kaz to a dead end and confuses him completely.

    – Don't go, Brekker.

    It slowly starts freaking him out indeed. Why can't he make his deal without anyone caught up with him.

    He loses his temper walking away, leaving the girl standing alone in the middle of the deserted street.The stray thought, that this place can be dangerous for her too, flashes through his mind. But Kaz only waves it off, turning his steps to the meeting point.

    – Kaz, Kaz! Don't close your eyes.

    Brekker tries to move his arms and his hand touches something wet and warm. One side of his shirt is soaked in his own blood.

    Y/N voice rings in his head like a million of silver bells and it makes him wince both in pain and out of anger.

    Can a man die in peace, or this stubborn woman will find him in Hell itself?

    – Here, give me the cloth.

    While Inej is stitching Kaz's knife wounds, the girl touches his burning forehead with a wet cold cloth to easy fever.

    He gives up muffled groans from time to time, but is still unconscious. She throws a quick glance at Inej and Jesper who she met only several hours ago.

    When Brekker moans again, she can't hold herself and puts her hand on his bare shoulder. Thoughts about latest minutes on that street are running across her mind.

    – Hey, Brekker, - Y/N slaps his cheeks carefully to bring back from unconsciousness. – Come on! I'm not done abusing you.

    She scans his body noticing a knife wound, and moreover, two of them and pretty deep ones.

    – Damn!

    As luck would have it, there is no one at the street at the moment, when they are most needed. The girl takes her jacket off, pressing the wounds and looking around.

    She can't leave Kaz here to die alone, while she is searching for help. But honestly she has no other option.

    Turning her glance at Kaz, she winces as also sees bloody bruises blooming all over his face.

    Not holding back she touches the side of his face, trying not to hurt the boy more, than Pekka's men did.

    – What have they done to you? - the thumb brushes small circles on Kaz's face, gently caressing purple spot. – What all your stubbornness have?

    After some hard time of stitching Inej and Jesper leave her, the last one friendly squeezes her shoulder. The next night and early morning hours the girl spends watching Kaz and his never ending fever.

    Inej is on standby for the whole next day, when Y/N needs to return home. She brings back some new medicine, but Brekker's state is not even better after it. He is not stable at all.

    Her back aches from long sitting on this chair and when it becomes darker, and the long awaited sleep strikes her down, the girl takes her place on the floor, at the bed, laying her head next to Kaz's thigh.

    Brekker wakes up from dull burning pain in his abdomen and slight pressure to his upper leg. He can barely rise his head, all his limbs ache like if he's already died several times.

    But when he looks down at his legs, he firstly notices his ungloved hands, and only then Y/H/C head literally leaning on his hip.

    Y/N is in a deep sleep and as much as he doesn't want to disturb her, he wants to move a bit so much time of laying still.

    Trying to shift one of his legs, unoccupied one, the man can't not give up a groan, as his every movement reflects with sharp pain in his middle.

    This is exactly the sound that wakes the girl up. Blinking blindly she finally opens her eyes noticing conscious Kaz in dim light of lit up candles.

    – Kaz! - she jumps off the floor sitting on the edge of his bed, but the boy almost flinches away from her. – Hey, it's okay. It's me, Brekker.

    He squeezes his eyes shut from the wave of headache going along with throbbing pain from wounds. Y/N extends her arm towards him trying to help him sit and fix pillows, but then she remembers about his gloves.

    He doesn't touch things directly with his skin when wears them. The girl raises her glance at Kaz where she reads the pure mix of emotions from pain to fear and panic. Brekker keeps swallowing like he suddenly feels nauseous.

    – It's okay, Kaz, - she leans a bit closer, and the man follows her gestures with his glance. – I'm just fixing the pillow, alright?

    He nods reluctantly, but doesn't move away again.

    He is just waiting when his panic passes, and Y/N takes another place, but then he feels a warm hand on his shoulder. He opens his eyes and sees the young woman looking at him patiently.

    She doesn't take the hand away untill his breathing becomes even and he gets used to her touch.

    – I will help you to sit, Kaz-

    – I am not disabled, - he cuts her off with usual sharp tone, but she doesn't even pay attention.

    – You were stabbed with a knife...twice. And your face is covered with heavy bruises. I'm just helping, Brekker.

    – I didn't ask-

    She covers his palm with her, and it all is so unexpectedly, that Kaz doesn't have a chance to get frightened. He just opens his mouth in awe, but doesn't say a word.

    – If you say this again, Kaz, I'll be doing the same until you fall unconscious, savvy?

    Her face is lit up with a broad smirk, and Brekker unwillingly mirrors it.

    – Pretty clear, ma'am.

    But when she stands up to call someone to change his bandage, Y/N feels his fingers wrap around her upper arm, the spot where it is covered with her sleeve, and pulls back on the bed.

    – Kaz, you need to-

    – Thank you, - her eyes go wider, but she leans in the gesture. She can lie to him or someone else, but for these short days the girl got attached to him. The Bastard of the Barrel. – You saved my life, Y/N...twice.

    Slowly his hand slips down to her bare skin, and the boy freezes, not taking his eyes off her own, as if being afraid to look down at their connected hands.

    Y/N though lowers her gaze, switching it back to Kaz. She would never believed it, if didn't see with her own eyes.

    Then Kaz pulls her down again.

    – The bandages are still alright..., - Brekker swallows and falls silent, and it makes Y/N come up with something.

    – Are you asking me to stay, Kaz?

    – You don't have to-

    The pause lasts longer, than needed, and she smiles and nods.

    – I am staying till the morning, okay? If you are feeling well.

    Brekker nods and that familiar barely noticeable smirk appears on his lips again. The girl helps him lay down again, and Kaz doesn't even flinch from her touch, but freezes up on a couple of minutes.

    And when Y/N stands up back to her chair, the man stops her again.

    – Can I ask you?

    – About what? - he halts as if searching for right words. – I won't bite you, Kaz.

    Her gentle smile breaks the tension around two of them and Brekker breathes out.

    – Could you...

    The boy touches her wrist again, pulling her arm to his side, and when she realizes that he wants her to touch his face, her breathing stuck in her throat.

    – Kaz, I don't think, it's a good idea, - with his visible problems with touching, she would not risk his mental health now.

    – Was it, when I was laying on concrete bleeding to death?

    There is no reprimand in his tone, and the girl relaxes.

    – I didn't know you were awake. I actually thought about carrying you to the Slat on my own.

    Y/N reaches his cheek, making Kaz exhale nervously, but he doesn't lean back. Slowly she starts brushing tiny circles across his injured skin, trying not to disturb some stitches.

    – How did you get me here? - Kaz still doesn't open his eyes, either trying to control his fears or enjoying the moment.

    – I have some people of Pekka, who are still loyal to me. Anyway I risked a lot.

    – For a man who you don't know at all.

    The young woman shrugs her shoulders and grins.

    – Well, it was worth it, - she takes a silent minute enjoying the view in front of her. Brekker relaxes as much as he can, and now leans his head on a headboard. Her hand is still on the side of his face.

    Her arm goes up, and fingers get caught in the man's dark tangled hair, slightly massaging his head. No reaction.

    – You should have a rest, Brekker, - the woman takes the hand off.

    – You too.

    – I'll take the chair then.

    She intends to stand up, when her wrist is captured again. Is it a tradition settling right now?

    – My bed is wide enough for two of us, Y/N, - she only shakes her head in refusing.

    – I may accidentally hurt you while sleeping. It won't work-

    – Is it too early to ask you to trust me?

    The girl stops her glance on Kaz and chuckles slightly. Then she nods to him, sitting further on the bed, noticing the same grin on his face, but a tired one.

    – Then move over, Brekker. It's gonna be a long night.

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    Kaz, on the phone: smash his kneecaps and he’ll talk okay?? I’m at a parent-teacher conference

    Kaz: anyways you were saying Wylan is enjoying finger painting, that’s great!!

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    "Everyone is afraid of something. We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don't wish you didn't fear anything. All that would mean is that you didn't feel anything."

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