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    guillermo just turned, biting the fuck out of nandor first thing first

    #wwdits #what we do in the shadows #guillermo de la cruz #nandor the relentless #nandermo #thank u bev for opening my eyes #im never gonna finish all these wips so ig tomorrow ill post the 'guillermo washes nandors hair' one <3 #blood tw
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    Alex & Fanny || via neighmusic on instagram

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    27.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    fuck a personality test whats your favorite lyric from To The Edge in ffxiv

    #mine is ‘come shadow come follow me’ #chatots
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    27.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Definitely Soft

    main masterlist

    REQUESTED: "HI LOVE if requests are open, could I get a kaz and reader where he's a softy for her and jesper and nina is constantly teasing him about it but he can't do anything bcs it's true and once maybe he's yelling at the rest bcs a heist went wrong or sumn but the moment she enters the room he shuts up and everyones all smirky???? its totally fine if you don't wna write it but thanks darling!!!💞"
    SUMMARY: kaz is the only one that can't see how the reader can change him.
    WARNINGS: alcohol mentions
    WORD COUNT: 1297
    A/N: the moment i read this request that scene of modern family came to my mind, so i HAD to use it in here. the lines from the iconic scene, even if slightly changed, are like this. thanks again for the request because it was lovely <3
    also, i've been on a kind of writer's block recently so if this sucks, i'm very sorry but i'm trying of coming out of it :')

    "Tonight, you all proved to me what i had know for a long time," boomed Kaz's somber tone all over the four walls of the Slat.

    The heist had gone wrong. Unusual. Kaz's plans never completely failed: he was always at least 2 steps ahead. But that night, they had failed.

    Luckily, no one had gotten hurt, but Kaz didn't care much for who got hurt during their heists; or at least he hid it well. He was never the sentimental type, and yet every time you stumbled in the room, every time he caught your eyes, every time he heard your voice, he would completely change.

    He wasn't Dirtyhands anymore, no; he was Kaz Rietveld. A young and foolish boy that never went through what Kaz Brekker went through, a boy that could still hope in a better future and in the goodness of people.

    Kaz Brekker wasn't like that anymore, but you had a way of making him hope. You made his eyes soften, just the slightest. They weren't cold and analytical whenever they set on you. The corners of his lips curled just the tiniest bit, the hint of a smile that he would only show you in private, not in front of his entire crew. He still had a reputation, after all.

    "You proved to me that you work poorly if you do not follow my orders. I hope this will serve as a reminder that there's a reason why we follow a plan." he finished.

    Everyone's eyes were on him, everyone's but yours. You were sat on the stairs of the Slat, hidden from view, eavesdropping on his every word.

    You hadn't been part of that night's job, so it was only fair you weren't present, but curiosity had had the best on you.

    You loved Kaz in his entirety: you loved the Kaz you only could see, the one that seemed to actually have a heart, and you loved the Kaz that effortlessly led the dregs, the one with the sharpest mind you had ever encountered.

    You had to admit that he could get a little too much sometimes: you had been sat on those steps for half an hour already, hearing him "encourage" his men to do better. You decided to stop their calvary and join the group.

    "We lost a great opportunity tonight but-" he went silent and as he did so, everyone turned their faces to look where he was looking; you.

    "Don't you think they've had enough for tonight, Kaz?"

    His eyes immediately softened just by hearing your voice and it looked as if he had suddenly forgotten about all the kruge they had lost that night.

    "Probably." he uttered. You saw Jesper smirking from the corners of your eyes, sat on a bar stool, mindlessly playing with the pearly handles of his revolvers. "Everyone get back to work."

    You lightly shook your head as you made your way to the bar, finding yourself a seat next to Jesper and Nina. Kaz joined you.

    "Maybe we should have brought her with us on the job, huh?" began Jesper, ordering a drink with a gesture to the barman.

    "Then we wouldn't have heard a lecture but a love letter and i'm not sure i can bear Brekker talking about love a minute longer!" sighed Nina, flicking her hands in the air, motioning for the barman to bring her the usual.

    "I never talk about love." stated almost defensively Kaz from behind them. "The lovestruck ones are you and your fjerdan if i'm not mistaken."

    "He rarely is." you whispered to Nina with a smile, she just rolled her eyes.

    "Exactly because i'm in love, Brekker, i recognize it when i see it." she raised her eyebrows in challenge but Kaz didn't look impressed.

    He took a seat next to you and you smiled up at him. He visibly melted under your gaze and Jesper snorted lightly.

    "Anything funny, Jesper?"

    "Nothing, boss. It's just-"


    He gestured with his hands in the air, narrowing his eyes as if trying to find the right words.

    "Maybe tonight didn't go as well because you didn't plan it as good."

    Kaz's cold eyes came back and burned holes into Jesper's eyes.

    "And what exactly do you mean by that?" his tone was hard and demanding; nothing like Jesper's.

    "There is a time for planning heists and there is a time for hopelessly thinking about Y/n. Even you can't do both at once!"

    You lightly shoved Jesper with your shoulder, but he just shrugged his shoulders.

    Kaz was about to retort when the orders arrived: a drink for Jesper, a plate full of pastries for Nina. You deemed it best to have alcohol in your system - and Kaz's - so you stopped the bartender to ask two more drinks.

    "Would you like to plan the next heist?" asked Kaz, mindlessly fidgeting with the handle of his cane. "I'd love to see in which gambler's cove you take us, but i'd like to remind you that our goal is to make money, not lose it."

    If Jesper had been hurt by Kaz's words, he did not show it. You glared at the raven-haired boy, which suddenly did not look so proud of his comeback as he looked away from you.

    "All it took was a look from her and he regretted that immediately. If that's not love, it's magic." chirped Nina from her own stool.

    Kaz went back to glaring, now to both Nina and Jesper.

    "Maybe she's a grisha, a new order, we should get her to Ravka!"

    They kept on talking as if you and Kaz weren't seated right next to them. You found it quite funny but you knew Kaz wasn't. You only hoped Jesper and Nina would have stopped soon or you would have had to drag Kaz away.

    Ever since you and Kaz had gotten closer, teasing him had become their favorite pastime. Sometimes he joined in, playing it off as a joke, but sometimes he simply walked away, a scowl painted on his beautiful sharp features.

    As the two crows kept on talking, Inej came up from behind them, unseen as always.

    She took a place next to Kaz and began, "A job. West stave. We could probably go tonight if we're quick enough."

    Kaz's eyes lit up at the prospect of a new heist, he was probably very glad the night wouldn't have been completely wasted.

    Kaz got up from the chair and walked to the middle of the club again, the sound of his cane hitting the floor reverberating through the whole place.

    You got up to go after him, Jesper and Nina hot on your tail: apparently they weren't finished with their teasing. You sighed but you didn't want to argue with them now.

    He got to the center, surrounded by you and the other crows. He hit his cane on the floor, catching the attention of the other dregs.

    "Listen up, you idiots!" he crowed, his voice making everyone's eyes turn towards him.

    You looked up at him, one eyebrow raised at the word 'idiots'.

    He seemed to realize and immediately changed his tone. "Not you Y/n, you're an angel and we're thrilled you're here."

    Jesper couldn't hold back his laughter this time and said under his breath, "Soft."

    "I'm not soft." retorted back Kaz, glaring at him like only Kaz Brekker could do.

    "Sure, boss. Not at all."

    Kaz went back to explaining the new plan for the night, giving orders about what needed to be done during his absence.

    Jesper turned around to face you. "Definitely soft."

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    #i wanted to use the word 'simp' so bad so imagine that i put simp instead of soft okay?? #kaz brekker x reader #kaz brekker x y/n #kaz brekker x you #kaz x y/n #kaz x you #kaz x reader #kaz brekker#grishaverse#fanfiction#fanfic#imagine#kaz's imagine #shadow and bone #six of crows
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    27.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Redraw of this from last year!! The week is ours fellow aces 💜

    (Left is a white bg and the right is transparent!! Feel free to colour and use whatever flag you may wish, just give credit if you upload anywhere ajshs)

    #drag's art#sonic #sonic the hedgehog #shadow the hedgehog #bean the chao #sonadow#colouring pages#asexual#ace week #I think I've improved artwise but my headcanons stay the same 💖 ajdjd #also the colouring page is counting as the milestone drawing!! feels fitting ajsjd #so yee go batshit if you wish
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    27.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's episode.

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    27.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Talion: oh yeah one time my son broke into our storage and smoked a weeks worth of pipeweed


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  • thebadgerclan
    27.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Djel’s Will

    Pairing: Matthias Helvar x reader

    Summary: It is Djel’s will...

    Based on my Morning Thoughts post this morning....

    Six months.  You and Matthias had been trying to have a baby for six months, and you were still childless.  Every month that you woke to blood on your sheets was another month of heartbreak.  Matthias did his best to comfort you and reassure you that you would keep trying, but it was clear that he was hurting too.  You knew that there were a multitude of factors that could influence whether a woman could conceive, but you were agonizing over whether it was your fault.

    Then, whispers reached your ear.  Of a Grisha Healer working in secret out of the local apothecary.  Rumors had it that if you spoke a secret code to her, she would reveal herself and offer her assistance.  It was hearsay, but you couldn’t help but want to see her, to discover the root of the problem you were having.  So you breached the subject to your husband, and to your surprise, he was rather receptive.

    “There is a Healer, and I want to see her.”  “Whatever for, my love?” Matthias asked, taking your hand.  “I want to know why we cannot have a child, and she can tell us.”  He was silent for a moment, considering.  “If that is what you wish.”  “Really?  I thought that you would be against it.  A Grisha laying a hand on your wife.”  “I admit, I am not fond of the idea.  But I have learned that the Grisha are not what I once thought them.  A woman I knew in Ketterdam showed me that.  I will accompany you, my love.  I wish to know as well.”

    The next morning, you and Matthias went to the apothecary.  A woman was behind the counter, packaging vials of what appeared to be morphine.  “Good morning!” she greeted happily.  “What can I do for you today?”  You breathed deeply, steeling yourself for the words you were about to speak.  “I hear foxes go to ground in the winter.”  The woman furrowed her brow, looking you and Matthias up and down, but seeing the sincerity in your eyes.  

    “But they don’t fear the cold,” she completed the phrase.  “This way.”  She lifted the partition on the counter, beckoning you and your husband in.  She led you into a back room, gesturing for you to sit on the small sofa.  “You could be hanged for this,” she said as she lit a lantern.  “A drüskelle meeting with a Grisha.  Your wife would be disgraced.”  “We have no intention of telling anyone of this,” Matthias said.  “For your safety and ours.”  “Very well.  So, what can I do for you?”

    You took Matthias’ hand.  “We are trying for a child, but nothing has resulted.”  “I see,” the woman said.  “Have you been trying regularly?”  Matthias blustered at the implication, but you nodded.  “We have.  I’ve tracked my fertile days, and nothing.”  The Healer nodded.  “I can perform an exam on you, but I will need a sample of your husband’s seed as well.”  “I beg your pardon?” Matthias said, unaccustomed to such a topic being discussed so openly.

    “You are not a stupid man, Mr. Helvar, surely you know that the man can play a role in a woman’s ability to come with child.”  “Of course I do, but-”  “Bring me a sample tomorrow.  If I’m not out front, ask for Maria.  I’ll conduct the exam then.”  “Thank you,” You said, clasping Maria’s hand.  “Of course,” she replied, opening the door and holding it for you and Matthias.  Your husband kept your arm in his as you walked home.  “It’ll be alright,” you comforted, and Matthias squeezed your hand.  “Djel willing,” he replied.

    The following day, Matthias walked arm in arm with you, a jar tucked into your skirt pocket.  You’d collected the sample for Maria this morning, which had been more than a little awkward.  “I adore your hand on me, my love,” Matthias had said.  “But this feels wrong.”  You felt the same; it felt clinical rather than intimate, but if you wanted to know why you were seemingly unable to have a child, then it had to be done.

    A young man was at the counter, and he smiled when you entered. “Hello, how can I help you?”  “Yes, may we see Maria?” Matthias asked, and the man nodded.  “One moment.”  He disappeared into the back, emerging a moment later with the Healer in tow.  “Come,” Maria said, and you followed her into the same room as yesterday.  “Do you have the sample?” she asked, and you nodded, handing her the jar, which was wrapped in a linen napkin.  “Very good.”

    Maria set the jar down, making her way over to you.  “Lie down,” she instructed.  “I will perform the exam.  Just be still.”  You nodded, keeping your hand in Matthias’ as you laid back.  Maria raised her hands, making complex motions in the air.  You felt nothing, but you knew whatever she was doing made sense to her.  When she lowered her hands, she nodded, her face blank.  You sat up, and Maria unwrapped and opened the jar, making the same hand motions over it.

    She closed and rewrapped the jar, folding her hands in her lap.  “Well?” you asked, and Maria’s face fell.  “I am so sorry,” she said, and your entire body went cold.  “But Matthias’ seed is not viable.  He is unable to father children.”  Matthias let out a sob, and you turned into his chest.  “Is there anything we can do?” he asked, words shaking with unshed tears.  “There isn’t,” Maria answered.  “I’m so sorry.”


    The afternoon and evening was spent in your husband’s arms, both of you crying and doing your best to comfort each other.  Matthias was suffocating in the guilt he felt.  “I have failed you,” he said, voice cracking, tears sliding down his cheeks.  “My Y/N, I am so sorry I have failed you.”  “What are you talking about?” you asked, your own voice rough.  You kept your head on his chest, his arms around you, keeping you in his arms.  

    “I cannot give you children, Y/N, I have failed you.”  “No, Matthias,” you said, now lifting your head so you could look at your husband.  “You have not failed me.  Yes, I want children, but I can be happy with you.  It will take time, but I will be happy.  I am happy with you, Matthias, I love you.  I do not blame you for this, my love.  It is Djel’s will.”  Matthias nodded, sniffling.  “It is Djel’s will,” he agreed, kissing your forehead and rubbing your back.  “I love you too, my Y/N.”  It hurt, pain like you’d never thought possible, but it was Djel’s will.

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    27.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Does anyone know when what we do in the shadows season 3 comes to Disney plus? Specifically for Sweden?

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    27.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    #::In the Shadows:: - Anonymous #alastors-radioshow #Goodness! #::On Air:: - Ask #Alastor Answers
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    eats too much too fast cause i get grossed out if there’s food in my mouth for too long and then i get too full and nauseous and cause i don’t know when i’m full and maybe i have a problem lol

    #me at myself: hey baby you have an ED please get help #like it’s so hard for me to eat anything other than specific proscessed foods #i LIKE taste and being full but i wish i didn’t have to chew it or think about it #like okay bread? great. but like unless it’s a brand new bag i just opened im wary cause what if it got even a little moldy? 🤢 #don’t think about it just scarf it down #and then like ANY dairy product !!!!!!!! god knows #don’t even get me started on eating leftovers #i can’t even eat my own leftovers let alone SOMEONE ELSES LEFTOVERS AT THEIR HOUSE :((((( #and i hate food prepared by anyone but myself like you just don’t know #did they wash their hands? are the ingredients clean #why am i like this #shadow#delete later#talk#food mention
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    #::In the Shadows:: - Anonymous #alastors-radioshow #One has to know the topic to have an opinion yes? #::On Air:: - Ask #Alastor Answers
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    Going to the store for some creepy paper.

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    I am getting caught up with What We Do In The Shadows and I’m going fucking feral over Nadermo

    I have no really words over how I am absolutely invested over this ship

    #shut up cillie no one cares #cillie’s babble #what we do in the shadows #wwdits#nandermo #nandor x guillermo #nandor the relentless #guillermo de la cruz
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