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  • space-geek-art
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    How much do you guys wanna bet that the Ephemeral episode is gonna be another Oblivio or Cat Blanc and at the end nothing will have a consequence on the story?

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  • sketchy-panda
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    MeowMeowMoth will forever be his name i cant stop laughing

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  • bugaboo-and-kittynoir
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i wanna amend something i mentioned in my previous post and go back to what my initial thought was when i saw this image. thank u Lav @sugarcube-stinkysock (follow her or i’ll block you)


    i know y’all see those lapel wings.

    in my previous post i talked about “what if that’s evil adrien” but WHAT IF PLAGG AND NOOROO UNIFY INTO A DESTRUCTION POWER WIELDING AKUMA CREATING VILLAIN MASTERPIECE


    where is duusu

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  • suzuxnoir
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Ephemeral Akumatization

    Shadowmoth: hey, uh, so you're kinda depressed and all, wanna do some evil stuff or sum

    Adrien: f this good doing i have a shitty life, why not

    Shadowmoth: ...

    Shadowmoth: ok um lets go

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  • nonorelabrindille
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Shadow moth peacefully eating his galette was the funiest thing 

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  • billiejean485
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Plagg's reaction tho when he finds out Nooroo and Duusu were in the same house as him for about a year.... 😩

    #miraculous ladybug#Plagg#kwamis#kwami#nooroo#duusu#cat noir#chat noir #miraculous ladybug season 4 #miraculous ladybug spoilers #spoilers#Hawkmoth#shadow moth#peacock miraculous #black cat miraculous #butterfly miraculous #... There is no friggin' way all of this won't be turned back in time
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  • kaalki-cinnamon
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    This f*uckin meme.....

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  • melloian
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #miraculous hawkmoth#shadow moth#miraculous ladybug #miraculous season 4 #miraculous spoilers #miraculous ladybug reboot asks
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  • anika-thestollsister
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ⚠️ Ephemeral Trailer Spoilers ⚠️

    There is just too much to comprehend from the Ephemeral trailer:

    Adrien finds his father’s lair? And sees Emilie?

    Chat Noir and Ladybug umbrella scene??! Omfg. Also there was that cool lightning effect that happened to him in this scene so either something actually happens or it’s a creator’s reference to the umbrella scene that took place in Origins Part Two.

    This is perhaps the most interesting thing that happens in the trailer. Marinette is detransformed IN FRONT OF Gabriel. Gabriel appears to be using the cat miraculous, and Adrien is probably the one next to him in the peacock miraculous that Mayura usually has. This tells us two things: 1) Gabriel has Adrien’s miraculous and now only needs Ladybug’s. And 2) ADRIEN HAS SIDED WITH HIS FATHER! He is clearly there in the peacock miraculous and has given his father the cat miraculous. Of course this could all have been done unwillingly, but it’s a high possibility it’s not because of the hurt and betrayal he feels from Ladybug already.

    The creators weren’t kidding when they said the next few episodes would destroy us mentally. They were indeed compensating for something with the last couple of episodes we’ve gotten.

    The description and hype live up to the standards of the trailer so now we just need to wait for the actual episode. Which I believe airs November 4th, but somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

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  • car-toons
    26.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Ephemeral Trailer Reaction

    - Looks like Adrien is at an interview. This to me seems like this is happening towards the beginning of the episode.

    -I am glad to Su Han is returning! It seems like we forgot about him since Furious Fu, and the fact that he has a major role in a episode this important is fantastic. I love his character. Sure, he knows a ton of lore and information about he miraculous, but he is very controlling, which makes his character deep.



    -Ladynoir Umbrella Scene! HELLO!?

    -Okay okay, when the screen flashes from Chat to Adrien and back to Chat again, does this mean that Ladybug now sees Chat as a new crush OR does she find out his identity and is keeping it a secret from him. Does she know or not! I NEED ANSWERS!

    -Hello there miraculous hero's, good to see you all again!


    -My question is WHO IS EPHEMERAL? Of course, we now know it is probably not Adrien or Chat, but it could be someone else who plays an important role. BUT WHO?

    -Gamer??? Why is he suddenly back?

    -Gorizilla too? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

    -Astrocat and Cosmobug... ASTROCAT AND COSMOBUG BABY!

    -IS THAT EPHEMERAL IN THE BACK WHEN MARINETTE DETRANSFORMS? Now that I look more closely, I think its Gabriel with the Butterfly and Cat Miraculous! Does Gabriel win in this episode and gain both miraculous? What does this mean? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS AND I AM SO EXCITED FOR MORE ANSWERS!

    -Oh and finally, what happened to Adrien during this part where Marinette detransforms and his own FATHER HAS HIS MIRACULOUS? WHERE IS MY PRECIOUS BLOND BOY.?


    What did you guys think of the Ephemeral trailer? I am really exicted to see your thoughts on this one. And do not worry, I will find time to review Glaciator for sure and maybe Dearest Family. With all the work I have had, it has been hard to catch up, so I am just making reviews/theory posts when I can, especially if it fascinates me. Thank you for your patience and I will get around to it when I can.

    #miraculous#miraculous ladybug#mlb #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #miraculous season 4 #miraculous spoilers#mlspoiler#mlb spoilers #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#ladybug#chat noir#gabriel agreste#shadow moth#emilie agreste#ephemeral#ml ephemeral#su han #I have not been this shocked for an episode trailer #Since Chat Blanc! #I have no words to describe the amount of shock I am in #this is so insane #*breathes in*#*screeching noises*#djfkld;jakdj;lhgkl;adgk;;fad
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  • billiejean485
    26.10.2021 - 7 hours ago


    Oh no. Oh nonononono.

    So the 'older Chat Noir' design is actually... Gabriel Agreste with the Black Cat Miraculous?!? D:

    Don't tell me he's Kuro Neko too!!

    #I'm losing it #please don't say it's so #BUNNIIIIIIIIIIIIXXXX!!!!!!! #gabriel agreste#miraculous ladybug#cat noir#chat noir #miraculous ladybug season 4 #miraculous ladybug spoilers #spoilers#kuro neko #black cat miraculous #hawkmoth#shadow moth
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  • billiejean485
    26.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #I'm so sorry #but I had to #ephemeral#ml spoilers#miraculous ladybug #miraculous ladybug season 4 #miraculous ladybug spoilers #spoilers#gabriel agreste#cat noir#chat noir#Hawkmoth#shadow moth#butterfly miraculous #black cat miraculous #t'challa#black panther
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  • miraculousladyblogsthings
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago


    The gift (kwagatama) looks like this

    It literally reminds me of the light swirl (yang) from yin and Yang. And since cat noir and ladybug are yin and Yang respectively, considering the following facts

    Merging their miraculous grants a very special power

    They are complimentary forces

    Every Kwami gifts this to their owner on their birthday once- I.e., Plagg might have or will give one to Adrien

    I can conclude that merging these Kwagatama of the ladybug and cat noir also does something special. As told by tikki in Befana it is indeed very special as it contains hair of current, and the previous holders of the miraculous, I am very sure that it has got to be something big. I don’t think the miraculous team introduced this for nothing. I really hope we get to see it more and what exactly it is.

    Or maybe when Marinette sees Adrien with one of those it could be the reveal or vice versa!!

    Bt it definitely has magical powers XD

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  • billiejean485
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Okay, so it took over 24h for it to reach my brain, but it finally landed home.


    A short essay by yours truly

    ... So,

    I wondered all this time why the hell Gabe never picked up on his son's negative emotions via Hawkmoth's powers. That part remains a secret (like, does he not pick up anything in his nearest vicinity or something?) - but what I believe I have finally figured out is why he is so damn controlling over Adrien.

    The sad truth - although not the worst one it could have been: he is overprotective over the only offspring he has with the woman he obviously cherished over everything else.

    I shall elaborate, so hold your horses.

    We've seen throughout the show that Gabriel does put Adrien's well-being (although mostly physical) in secondary plan after restoring Emily's, and that he even almost gave up on his plans for the primary objective because of the danger of losing his son.

    So why does he keep him cooped up most of the times? Simple: he doesn't want him out of his sight or anywhere near the danger that his Akumas would bring. If he knows at all times where Adrien is, he can be sure of his safety, so that's why he is so damn controlling.

    And not only that, but he is afraid that Adrien may become a victim of his own Akumas (remember the line: "That's enough emotions for you for for today"?). If the boy is running wild out there, he won't know in what kind of emotional state he is (like we just saw in Glaciator 2) and if Adrien might turn into a bigger magnet for an Akuma than the victim Hawkmoth picked out (and we've seen the butterflies change target on more than one occasion).

    ... So... that's pretty much that. Unfortunately, like we all know, the head of the Agreste family fails miserably in noticing in what kind of emotional and psychological state he has put his offspring in because of all of this - and everything taken into consideration, it shouldn't be much surprising.

    He has only one goal in his sight, and he has turned all focus to it. He excluded himself from the outside world and doesn't have anyone to influence his one-tracked mindset in order to start realizing that what he's doing is hurting his son (although he's probably aware of it to some extent). Natalie had some influence, but she is also too emotionally closed off to be able to see the whole picture - plus her love for Gabriel is completely clouding her vision. The bodyguard has no say in the matter either.

    This is honestly nothing rare in parenting. Strict parents often do stuff like this believing firmly that it's the best that they're doing for their children - even without having a very risky plan to bring their s/o back to life.

    Now why has this been the case even before Emilie fell onto a coma or whatever happened to her?

    Emilie was supposedly the one who introduced the Miraculous to Gabriel, so they both knew about their powers before they probably even had a son. There was something dangerous going on, and they probably wanted to protect him from it - at least I'm putting my bets on that theory.

    Was it a good idea to have a child in such circumstances? Absolutely not. But then again - we all know parents don't exactly have children prior to planning - sometimes it happens outside of that, be it a 'mistake' or plain bad judgment. Whatever the case, Adrien was born and the two of them decided to give him the best life they could, while keeping him safe from whatever they saw as a threat.

    ... This would actually explain why Adrien's father has become distant to him ever since his wife died, as well as confirm that statement.

    He's desperately trying to bring her back - undo whatever mistakes separated them, and get a 'happily ever after' he had before or whished for.

    Now, if the two Agrestes had Miraculouses before anything happened, we can make a conclusion that they were actively using them and fighting something. But that's for another theory - and other fans to wreck their brains with, because this by itself was enough for me.

    ... So sad and such a sweet irony it is that his son became one of his two biggest Nemesis.

    Also my apologies for writing mistakes ('cause my head is all foggy at the moment - no idea why) and for having to be the Miss Obvious.

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  • advluv4life
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Shadow Moth is working hard this season 🏃🤣

    #never seen him run #really putting in effort these days #i'm losing it 🤣🤣 #miraculous ladybug#miraculous#shadow moth#hawkmoth
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  • causalityparadoxes
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Gabriel was really like: I am going to try to emotionally connect with my son, but I'll be damned if I don't stand 10 feet away and assert dominance by standing on my little raised platform while doing it

    #like sir please can you be a little bit less of an asshole #its nice?? that he apparently wouldnt akumatise his son without knowing he was chat noir??? and that he sorta tried to reach out?? #but also that bar is so fucking low wow #miraculous ladybug#ml#s4#season 4#spoilers#glaciator 2 #glaciator 2.0 #adrien agreste#adrian agreste#gabriel agreste#shadow moth
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  • blueberryscent
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I was shocked when I saw that Gabriel really tried to be a good father in this moment. I don't know what exactly he said here, but I think he let Adrien know that if something happened, he is there, he can tell him anything.

    but Adrien refused to talk. and not only because he can't tell him the reason for his sadness, but because he won't listen to him anyway. because he knows what he will tell him.

    actually, at one point I really thought that Gabriel will find out about Adrien's love for Ladybug and use it for his own purposes. thank goodness it didn’t happen.

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  • yooka-kazooie
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Gabriel Agreste: transforms instantly between Shadow Moth and off

    so is that what that looks like on the outside of the transformation sequences

    Gabriel Agreste: has an akuma evilize himself, then shrugs it off easily

    I'm... confused about how the butterfly miraculous works.

    also if it's a moth or butterfly?

    are the white butterflies in Hawkmoth's observatory magic or are they actual insects? before Hawk/Shadow evilizes them? (butterflies don't live for long? and only in certain seasons?)

    I guess Gabriel is always feeling strong negative emotions, plus he's accepting the akuma, but it was still weird to see him just evilize himself and then immediately shake it. Maybe wearing the moth/butterfly miraculous gives him that power? or he's just so familiar with the whole thing?


    also I've been wondering if Kwamis need food regularly to survive, like mortal beings? or just when a wearer uses their powers? (and obviously they can eat whenever they want for taste)


    wait has Marinette been Ladybug less than a year???

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  • simply-miraculous
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I’m here to complain about Gabriel’s A+ parenting again— I know, shocker. He almost akumitized Adrien while he was, in his eyes, the most vulnerable he has seen his son (at least in a while or that he’s willing to acknowledge). Oh, but no, no, no. It’s just fine that he tried to manipulate his son for his own advantage because he had a change of heart.


    ^That’s me. That’s the face I’m making rn.

    Look, it’s okay to make mistakes, but you shouldn’t willingly make mistakes at the expense of others. And you have absolutely no room to make those kinds of mistakes with your children 😤

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  • monochromatic-ahhhh
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    you know, given glaciator 2 and chat blanc as input:

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