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    • Hope y'all have had a wonderful week so far
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  • YTP - Meet the Entire Team, but Something’s Not Right

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  • Rough Winds, one sad boi 

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  • A doodle from a while back of ruin

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  • Why do I get the feeling he’s being sneaky and up to no good? 

    Maybe he’s just deep in thought… yeah… that’s it…

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  • Every pegasus needs to have a cool flight trail, right?

    When I started working on this I had no idea how I would draw the electric sparks I wanted on the trail. So after trying a few times and not getting anything I liked, I tried playing with all the tools I have never used in Clip Studio. Guess what? I found one, and with a bit of modification, I got the look I wanted. Sometimes the simple solutions work the best.

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  • (Told from Shadowbolt’s POV)

    It was said that a pony got his or her cutie mark the very moment he or she discovered their true talent or destiny. That’s what my dad would often tell me when I approached him about it. However, for me, I just couldn’t wait! I so wanted my cutie mark! Being one of only two youngsters in my class to not have their marks was tough. I was often called a blank flank, a term that did not sit well with me.

    Not one bit! Not one bit at all!

    Nope, I hated being a blank flank. So to try and fix this I tried everything I could think of in order to get my cutie mark. This ranged from baking or even building houses. But nothing I tried seemed to summon that magical mark on my flanks. This would lead me to fall into a pit of despair. One that I would not be able to escape until one magical day.

    The day I finally got my marks!

    It was a typical day for me in my hometown of Cloudsdale, me heading home from school when a couple colts called out my name. Looking behind me I saw that it was Hurricane Gale and Crimson Streak. They were a couple of guys of whom did not call me a blank flank, a gesture I greatly appreciated.

             “Hey, you two. What’s going on?” I asked as the two galloped to catch up with me.

              “We were thinking about going to the track and start studying for our precision flight exam. You wanna join?” Crimson asked.

             “Jeez, wish I could but I promised my dad I would come home directly after school to assist him with packing.” I said as I rubbed a hoof behind my head in disappointment.

    It was then when the two remembered.

             “Oh yeah, I forgot! You’re moving in a few days to Las Pegasus right?” Hurricane asked as I nodded.

    Yes, it was true, I was moving with my father to Las Pegasus where he had just acquired an ownership of a vacation resort in the heart of the city. It had been the opportunity of a lifetime for my dad and I couldn’t be more proud of him for getting this chance. But of course I would miss my peers here in Cloudsdale but I knew it would be easy enough to come and visit frequently.                 “It’s not going to be the same without you.” Hurricane said as the male Pegasus’s wings drooped slightly. Seeing this I went up to him and hugged him before drawing Crimson in as well.

           “Don’t worry you two, Cloudsdale and Las Pegasus aren’t too far apart. I’ll come visit often, time willing. But, I will miss the two of you a lot. You guys are some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had.” I said as the two smiled. With that, we talked for a couple more minutes before I figured I needed to head off to get home. Saying goodbye I flew towards my house.

    Upon arrival to my home, I ventured inside, instantly having to hop over a moving box that was near the front door. Landing on the ground once more I saw my dad busy at work packing another box. Smiling I wandered over to him and started helping.

           “Hey kiddo how was school?” He asked as I shrugged.

            “It was fine dad. So, how many boxes do we have left?” I asked.

            “Not too many. Perhaps just two or three more. How about you go handle your room?” He asked as I nodded. Flying up the stairs I soon came to my room. Dumping off my bag near my bed I looked to my room. Most of my stuff had already been packed up. Just had a few things I needed for school and a few others things. Grabbing a box I tossed some things in it. But while I did so I began wondering about the future. Would I get my cutie mark at our new house? What would it be?

            Perhaps it’ll have something to do with the resort or one of its many venues. HEY, perhaps I could become like a stunt mare at the resort! YEAH, that would be awesome!  I mused as I began daydreaming. Visions of pulling off various stunts and acts swirled in my head and before long I was finished packing my room up for the big move.

             “HEY SHADOWBOLT!”

              “Yes, dad?”

              “We can resume the last bit of the packing later. Why don’t you go have some fun?”

              “Alright, sounds good. Cya later dad!”

    Opening my window I flew out of my room and soared towards the track. Hopefully, my friends, Hurricane and Crimson would still be there. Making it there I saw them busy at work training for the precision flight exam. Gazing about I began formulating what I would need to make a flashy entrance. Spotting a few dark clouds, ones that were no doubt brimming with voltage would be the perfect ingredient needed for my show. Flying over to the clouds I cleared my throat.

             “Fillies and gentle colts! May I ask you to direct your attentions to the center stage for a stunt like no other!” I shouted. This attracted the attention of Hurricane Gale and Crimson Streak.

             “What is she doing?” Crimson asked.

              “No idea but those clouds look like they are ready to let loose!” Hurricane said, gulping slightly.

    As I angled the three clouds to the right positions I hovered nearby the first one and with all my might I bucked the cloud straight at its neighbors. As they collided it created a gigantic boom as voltage emitted from all three of them in perfect unison. It was very much akin to fireworks. Crimson and Hurricane couldn’t help but gasp in awe at the spectacle. Seeing this I felt pride blossoming through my body. This had been just the reaction I had hoped for.                 
             I am going to become the best stunt mare and performer ever! I mused.As I continued to show off some tricks for the two colts all the sudden I felt something within me forming and soon I was bathed in a radiant beam of light. But n sooner did it begin did it end and merely hovered there in midair, confused as to what had just happened. It wasn’t until Crimson rapidly pointed to my flank did I realize what had just occurred. For on my flanks was none other than, my cutie mark. Two lightning bolts, that’s what I saw plastered on my flank.  One being dark gray and the other dark purple.  As my eyes widened in joy I spun in the air.              

               “YES!” I shouted in glee.                 

               “Congrats Shadow!” Hurricane said in a tone of equal excitement.                
               “Yah, you aren’t a blank flank anymore!” Crimson said as I grinned.

    This had just become one of the best days in my life.

    I had finally acquired my cutie mark.


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  • Lemon Zest: I thought we agreed to not speak of that ever again! I was dared by Sour Sweet that time okay?! We were playing truth or dare! I can’t back out on a dare…

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  • #MLP #My Little Pony #Guardians of Harmony #shadowbolt
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  • Finally the most wanted ponies from the NightMare Night collection were found at Tesco

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  • Frisco Texas DPAN Z Meet 2017

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  • The ever devious Trump Card (based on Hisoka from HunterxHunter) seeks to bring out Shadowbolt’s darker self Scarlet Nightmare. Firing a hex upon the pegasus it is taking all Shadowbolt’s willpower to not give into Trump Card’s influence.

    #Trump Card#Scarlet Nightmare#Shadowbolt #Unleash the demon #The Shadowy Nightmare
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  • One of my old entries to an Enterplay card contest. Didn’t win though so I’m sharing now O:

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  • The Wonderbolts didn’t take Changelings :T

    Idea and Character by @memy-modblog

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  • No one asked, but I need a distraction so whateves.

    Jaime Pacheco was born in the CAS to two Ork store owners. His parents ran a small convenience store in Austin, Texas. They weren’t rich by any means, but they were making it. They had even managed to put a couple of local Stuffer Shacks out of business. They also ran a secret Shadowrunner safe house, and helped shadowrunners meet potential team mates.

    Everything was going pretty good for Shadowbolt and his family, until he turned 14. That’s when he awakened. Before that he had a passion for computers and the matrix, and his parents encouraged it, but when he awakened they began to encourage magic as his full time interest. They got a couple of shadowrunner contacts they knew, one a Shaman, and the other a Mage, to come and see where his aptitudes lay. It was discovered that he was definitely a Mage. He began learning from various Mages as they came through the store and stayed in the safehouse.

    One day a new gang moved into the neighborhood, and decided that everyone owed them protection money. Some people decided to just pay them and get on with their lives, other’s decided to resist, and their homes were attacked. The Pachecos paid at first, but soon the gangers were demanding more and more money, until the Pachecos were no longer getting by. They appealed to the Shadowrunners who they knew, but they only runners they could find weren’t friends with them, and wanted more money than they could afford. So the Pachecos decided to lay down some traps and fight the gangers themselves.

    The next time the gangers came to collect, the pachecos were ready. There were only 5 gangers, and 3 of them were new to the gang. It was a blood bath, in the store owner’s favor. Jaime had hidden below the store in the safe house while the fight took place upstairs. After their victory they were flush with confidence. They reset their traps, and hid their son. This time the gangers came in force. The store and the Pachecos did not survive.

    They had planned for this eventuality, and had hidden money and supplies in the safe house. They instructed Jaime to run if their bio monitors flatlined, and he’d monitered them in AR. When they died Jaime grabbed the go bag and ran. He ended up in College Station, Texas where he found someone to continue his education in magic, it wasn’t all that hard, since T A&M&M was located there. He also began learning Decking, with the idea that if he was a wizard in meat space, he may as well be one in the matrix too. On his 18th birthday he got a data jack installed in his right temple, and even though he felt the loss of essence he decided that it was worth it. With that, Shadowbolt was born.

    He eventually saved up enough for a basic deck and started running the shadows. Everything was going alright for him again. He was making good money, and even though he and his team hadn’t become super close like the trids made it seem, he was having a good time. He absolutely hates gangers. All gangers. several times his team has had to go out of their way to avoid gangers, because Shadowbolt has almost no patience when it comes to drek like gangers, and while he usually won’t start something, if a ganger gets too mouthy, well, might just be a lightning bolt headed for his face. 

    When he was 26 a run he was on went horribly wrong. It should have been simple, a quick data steal from TAMMU’s servers, and a decent payday, but security had been notified, and Lone Star was out in force. The team had successfully gotten the data, and were sneaking out of the tunnels underneath TAMMU, and when they exited the tunnels, Lone Star opened fire. 3 of the team went down instantly, Shadowbolt tried to cast levitate on his remaining team mates, and himself, but only succeeded on his spell. before he had a chance to try again his team mates dove back into the tunnels. A clever Lone Star cop threw a grenade into the tunnel and two more life signs went dark on Shadowbolt’s AR feed. He cast invisibility on himself and flew away, but not before an awakened cop shot at him, and bricked his deck.

    Someone had recognized Shadowbolt, and used him to track the team. He was Born officially in the CAS and had an official SIN. He decided that his only option lay outside the CAS. So he made his way to Seattle. It took a year. 

    Now he’s 27, broke, hurting, and deckless in a city that is unfamiliar to him, with an accent that is quite thick. Things are low chummers. 

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  • @kamithepony and my newest OC, Obscurity :3

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  • Blueball blitz used to be a weather factory pony ((no not the dark fanfic one)) before she ended up getting in an acident with one of the weather production machines causing a little brain damage and knocking many of her screws lose this also lead to the staticly charged mane and tail ((though this has little explanation. Blueball was admitted to a psychiatric hospital to try to help her with her new condition. ((she escaped somehow but their hasent ever been anything 100% canon given to how how this happened being the fact yoorporik abandoned his shadowbolts unfinished. although there is one or two fan fics around)) what we do know from the main storyline is this was sometime after the return of nightmare moon and while on the run her fractured mind scared to return back to the hospital not to mentioned she had just rediscovered the pegusi birthright of flight which she clung to the sheer freedom of it during which time on the run she came across nightshade. Their are a few interpretations of what nightshade actually is the most popular 2 are that she was either a high ranking member of thr cult of nightmare moon or ((and this is the one you’ll find rped by me and starry-skies-rp)) she’s a formally deceased pre captain spitfire Wonderbolt who was reckless and cared for little for others and died trying to prove herself better than the Wonderbolt who had stripped her of her membership and born again through the powers of nightmare moon while infused with some of the night Queens essence ((think back to mlp episode 2)) ((this is also the nightshade found on the art blog sexy-spitfite)) no matter what the story used in all one thing about nightshade is always aparent she’s an expert at manipulations of ponies ((be it herself or via nmm essence)) it didn’t take much for her to convince the fractured mare blueball that she’d be happier, stronger and most importantly safer from the authorities If she joined with her and the new shadowbolts she was forming. This made blueball blitz the second pony recruited by her after stratus. Since joining the shadowbolts blueball no longer tries to repress her thoughts like she was taught back in the hospital and at this point lives for 2 reasons to enjoy herself and her freedom and to serve her “family” shes found in the shadowbolts. She’s fiercely loyal to the shadowbolts and would do anything nightshade asked of her. Blueball is a very unhinged pony and is likely to act on any whim of her own thoughts. She’s been known to kill before but only under orders. Despite her loyalty to nightshade and her family she is under the delusion that she is freinds with spitfire thus why she was never included in the raid on the Wonderbolt academy ((see sexy-spitfire)) blueball is also the fastest flier in the shadowbolts known to reach top speeds of mach 4 meaning she can break the sound barrier although at her top speed blueball has very little control for lack of trying making her a dangerous menace. And final she has a thing for chasing smaller flying animals and has been known to eat a live bird on occasions.

    This is going into blueball blitz without the effects of events that have shaped her on my blog

    This info was taken from many sources including some of my own interpretations of the Charecter.

    What you need to remember is that their is also a lot of offshoots from the original by yoorporicks original including a timeline where she becomes sombers queen))

    Hope this is the sort of info you wanted my freind it was a lot to type up and I’m sorry for textwalling everyone ((note I need to keep a copy of this))

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