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  • Not gonna lie but Macbeth was kind of a simp for his wife

    #I’m re-reading Macbeth and this is the only thing I can think about I’m sorry #shakespeare#macbeth#lady macbeth#william shakespeare#classical literature#literature #dark academia memes
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  • unrelated to the show, but i watched Macbeth again today so here’s a sketch-in-progress of my favourite bloodstained queen 

    (text: ‘tis the eye of childhood that fears a painted devil)

    #lady macbeth#macbeth #im a shakespeare nerd yes even if ive only read like 5 plays #art#my art #not peaky blinders #shakespeare#digital art#sketch #writing all those letters has killed me and its only 12 pm #also fuck fabric and its many folds i hate it #artists on tumblr
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  • I fell into a spiral of TSP shitposting

    #the scottish play #shakespeare #i am lowkey obsessed #theatre
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  • I enjoyed playing Malcolm in The Scottish Play, because I got to confess to someone I’m a virgin without people laughing at me, as everyone was too agitated about a child-murdering tyrant

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  • We are walking a long time, when a storm breaks out. We run to shelter under the halls left empty by the booksellers.

    – This light is so beautiful. Do you hear that chaotic crash coming from the sky? This terrible crash that repeats itself? I always had the impression that it could make time fly apart, I say.

    – Yes tonight everything could end, end…

    – Or start again! I said in a flash of enthusiasm.

    He starts laughing. His laughter is disturbing and mundane.

    – I knew you would say that, you are an undeniable optimist!

    – Yes, but the sun is shining, do you know it, do you really know it?

    – Yes, I know it, but I do not want to see it, it is exactly like the sea; it disturbs me, to look at me straight in the eyes. Joy disturbs me.

    – But look! These two people would never have spoken to each other, and they share an umbrella! If the walls between men fall one day, it will be by weather’s strength! I could never share that with my father…

    – He only saw the memory of bombings?

    – Yes. He saw the end of the world. Chaos at the door. He felt ashes and not rain. He heard crashes. For him they meant collapsed world, dead by tens of thousands, blood, tears and cries.

    – And if we go to dinner, I know a place nearby where we can shelter more comfortably.

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  • I’m in class right now. 

    I have online classes and my teacher is talking about Hamlet. It’s not that I do not like English literature, I really do, but at this point I am so done with school that I do not think I have the strength to listen. Besides, Hamlet is not even that good. 

    Shakespearian plays have to be seen, I think. Last summer I had to read a tonne of them, and they were good but, not good enough. When I went to London, I watched the “as you like it”, and it was magical. During the school year I had to watch a couple of movie adaptations, but they were outdated, and plays translate poorly onto the screen. I could not appreciate the writing, nor the acting since film acting is quite different from what they do at the globe.

    Yesterday, or tonight, I was thinking about how I do not have a good relationship with my parents. They have never made me feel like I could tell them anything, they never made me feel comfortable with them. I don’t blame them, though. It’s not like they treat me that bad, and when I was a child they used to read parenting books, which means they at least tried. 

    I was never a bad child, although I know that one of these days I’m going to snap and go on a crime spree or something. I just was an introvert. Maybe that is why I do not have much in common with the people who generated me.

    With my mother, there’s some really niche topics we can talk about - greek and latin classics, translations, the school system - but with my father it’s always like talking to a wall. He does not listen. Perhaps it’s his memory, but I find it angering how his memory never remembers when it’s something that has to do with me. To him, I know I can talk about things without any real meaning. Or about important things masked with a veil of frivolousness - music, mostly, or a book I’m reading. 

    I really do not know why. Maybe I do. Maybe it’s because he has deluded himself to think I’m straight, which might be my fault since I refuse to come out to anyone. It’s unfair that lgbt+ people have to confess what our sexuality is, as if it’s that big of a deal. The problem is, it is that big of deal. It should not be. 

    There’s no reason for him to think I only like girls. I have always been a little feminine, and if I had more freedom of expression I would probably be even more feminine. Whatever. It’s just kind of annoying that he always has to assume that I’m in love with all the girls I know. 

    Funnily enough, I do not think I’m in love with anyone. Maybe I’ve never been in love.



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  • birbirimizin başka yüzleriyiz

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  • #macbeth#shakespeare #Found this in my screenshots and the moral is I am very funny
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    • Mercutio: *was stabbed, bleeding, is literally dying*
    • Mercutio: *does double peace sign* I’m straight up not having a good time right now.
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  • image

    Follow up for yesterday’s fic

    Hi guys, we are back! Thank you for being so so patient with us!

    ~mod h

    #sorry for the hiatus life got rly crazy #we’ll be taking a break from all the angst soon #hamlet#ophelia#mod h#shakespeare
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  • k-s

    Quando ho gli occhi chiusi essi vedon meglio,

    di giorno infatti scorrono su cose senza merito;

    ma quando dormo, in sogno essi ti guardano

    e nel buio lucenti, son fari nel buio protesi.

    E tu, la cui ombra rende brillanti l’ombre,

    qual divina forma assumerebbe la tua ombra

    al chiaro giorno con la tua luce ancor più chiara,

    se a occhi chiusi la tua immagine è così lucente!

    Come gli occhi miei, ripeto, si sentirebbero felici

    ammirando te nello splendor del giorno

    se nella morta notte la tua bella incerta ombra

    nel sonno profondo è vita in occhi senza vista!

    Finché non ti vedo ogni giorno è notte per vederti

    e ogni notte giorno luminoso se mi appari in sogno.


    25-05-2020 | 04:20

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  • One of my favourite tropes in fiction is when the ardent defender of an idea/empire/country is shown the ugly face of the very thing they dedicated their life to so they turn against it but still with some degree of nostalgia towards it. Like when Coriolanus is hounded out of Rome after being hailed as a hero.

    #shakespeare#coriolanus#literature#tropes #is there a name for this trope? #also a real life example; Medicis and Florence
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  • Shakespeare people what play should I read/listen to next because I think I’ve spent enough time in a cycle of me losing my mind about Richard II and then losing my mind about Hamlet dkxncbdjx

    (For reference I’ll tag all the plays ik)

    #ranting and raving #shakespeare #romeo and juliet #macbeth #both history tetralogies so y'know all the richards and henrys #hamlet#anddddd #much ado about nothing
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  • This is a series where we take the first and last words of a play, combine them, and then phrase it as one idea. For example, if the first word is “Mister” and the last word is “Ford”, the full idea would be “Mister Ford”. Some are more interesting than others, and some make no sense. Enjoy!

    Today’s entry is The Winter’s Tale:

    “If away.”

    #bardtrivia#shakespeare#shakespeare trivia #the winter's tale #winter's tale #first word last word: the winter's tale
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  • Romeo & Juliet

    Info & Cast:

    Hello everyone!

    I’ve had this idea for a while while now.

    Romeo & Juliet but it’s set in the 1920’s and the plot is crime based .

    I will make some changes to fit the time period and some changes will be done to to the characters. But I will stick to the source material for the most part.

    I will be uploading chapter 1 soon 💜😛







    Benvolio “Ben”




    Carlo Montague








    Massimo Capulet


    Marina Capulet

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  • modern day romeo snd juliet is changing their contact name in ur phone so ur parents don’t know ur talking to them again ✨

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