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  • iholmes
    11.04.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    bitches like "uh twitter is so weird" and i'm like bro you've been tried to use tumblr? it's literally the most confused social media

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  • artsyanarchist
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    some rlly quick n small sketches of szabó p. szilveszters tybalt bc I recently watched the hungarian version of the romeo n juliet musical and absolutely lost my mIND, it was so incredibly good

    #romeo and juliet #romeo et juliette #roméo et juliette #shakespeare#fanart#musical #romeo es julia #tybalt#tybalt capulet #szabo p. szilveszter #szabó p. szilveszter #capulet#artist #romeo und Julia #Im on a MASSIVE tybalt simp train rn someone help pls
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  • aliveinthewoods
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    and tonight, 

    I will scrape these knees,

    these palms, these cheeks,

    on the visible dark walls . 

    Give away my body

    to what I’ve built. 

    Perhaps the cold marble stone

    will crack these bones, 

    but I will kiss my bruises,

    tuck my thrashed body into bed,

    and kiss the moon goodnight.


    #napowrimo 2021 #writers on tumblr #poets on tumblr #dark academia#shakespeare
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  • randomreaderjk
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Is this true love?

    i am hopelessly irretrievably in love with me. I am not afraid to say it out loud. I love the way I walk, I love how every time I wake up I draw up a plan of what to do in the day. I love how I can compartmentalise things so I’m an efficient worker. I love how ambitious and outspoken I am. I love my face, I love the scar I have. I love the small pimple I have on the left side of my face right next to my nose. I love the colour of my eyes. I love my lips, I love every single thing. All that I don’t love, I’m working on making better. No one can change that.

    #poets on tumblr #prose#rick riordan #sarah j. maas #shakespeare#spilled poetry #writers on tumblr #aesthetic#quoteoftheday#break
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  • randomreaderjk
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago


    I know you’re not particularly missing my calls or texts. But you’re missing out.

    You were a coward. You left when I needed you. Fortunately, your absence made it harder to be normal.

    Being unique made me strong, confident and happy.

    I don’t chase your validation. I do not crave your presence.

    I’m not gonna cut you out cause I’m still a good person. I’m still going to be there for you. Always. I don’t believe anyone deserves to be treated the way you treated me.

    Not even you.

    #poets on tumblr #prose#rick riordan #sarah j. maas #shakespeare#spilled poetry #writers on tumblr #aesthetic#quoteoftheday#break
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  • kateskaleidoscope
    11.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Oh, he is GOOD! Pretty sure you've never heard THIS version of the Three Little Pigs!

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  • bayern-moni
    11.04.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #fgo#shakespeare #saber lancelot interlude #lancelot
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  • bayern-moni
    11.04.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #fgo#shakespeare#lancelot #saber lancelot interlude
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  • sicilian-story
    11.04.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #king richard iii #al pacino#the godfather#theatre#shakespeare#stage#actor #look at that costume #he looks like a Sun God #i love him #i would worship that king every day of my life
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  • propertiesofjoy
    11.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    intro to romeo and juliet (john e. hankins)

    #romeo and juliet #john e. hankins #this is the 1988 pelican edition btw! #j#words#shakespeare
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  • hellodeansbisexuality
    11.04.2021 - 10 hours ago

    really friendship is sending each other memes of Shakespeare and other medieval things at 2 am because you cant sleep and they became the funniest thing in the world at the moment.

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  • edge-poetry
    11.04.2021 - 10 hours ago

    it’s so easy to cheat assignments without repercussions. like bro, just skim that article and read that video description, and there’s your summary. no downsides, the teacher will never know.

    ...until the quizzes. then they know.

    #academia#academic#aesthetic#da #dark acadamia aesthetic #dark academia#reading#shakespeare#writing #dead poets society #light acadamia aesthetic #light academia#poem#poetry#poet
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  • thequeenofwriting
    11.04.2021 - 10 hours ago

    The Game of Chaos

    Type: Short Story 

    Theme: Action/Superheroes and Villains 

    Warnings: Violence 

    Description: Scarlet Hewitt did not plan to be a villain, or have her own powers. It all started with a game of Go Fish that went to hell. causing Scarlet to descend into madness. Here is her story, the story of how she became "The Queen of Darkness" and how she encountered a heroine that she did not expect.

    I am Scarlet Hewitt, The Queen of Darkness. I was not always the way I am today, but something changed within me. I snapped one day. I went past the point of no return. It was the final threshold into villainy; I could not be saved. 

    It all started the day before spring break of my senior year. All was perfect. My friends and I, along with my drama teacher were sitting in a circle with playing cards. “Do you have any fours?” I asked.

    “Go fish!” my best friend, Adele exclaimed excitedly. She had just a few cards left, the silent killer. I drew from the deck. She was next to ask for cards. She stared me dead in the eyes. “Do you have any fours?” Damn it! She took my three cards! I had lost my fours! I gave her what I had, fire burning in my eyes. I hated losing games, but I tried not to show it. It made my blood boil. 

    Adele continued taking everyone’s chance to win the game, her wit and cleverness in her eyes. She smiled behind her cards, her dark eyes twinkling. “Do you have any tens?” she asked the teacher with a sly grin.

    “Yes, I do,” Mrs. Beaumont said, handing her the last two cards. Adele had won the game! 

    “I won!” she cheered happily. “Good game, guys!” 

    “Congrats, Adele!”

    “Good game to you!”

    “We should play again sometime!” 

    My eyebrows twitched; my eyes smoldered. My anger was rising to the surface, threatening to boil over. “Good game, Adele,” I hissed. 

    “Thanks, Scarlet,” she responded as I stood up, my hands gripping the edge of the table. I felt heat pulsing in my veins. My face flushed. The smell of smoke filled my nostrils. 

    “You know I hate losing games,” I snapped. “I hate it! I never win!” I threw the table up without much effort, which was strange due to being quite weak. Flames burst from my hands, setting the wood on fire. The flames licked the oak with red and orange, my favorite colors. 

    Screams rang out, my friends scattering. “Scarlet! You set the table on fire!” Adele screamed.

    “Fire burst from your hands!” Samantha shrieked. 

    “Scarlet, you’re insane!” Libby yelped. Despite my anger, I suddenly felt joy and power. I leered at my former friends, an idea concocting in my now corrupted mind. I thought about Carrie, the character in the novel by Stephen King of the same name. She set her school on fire with her newfound powers to get revenge for what her peers had done to hurt her. I would do just the same. 

    “How about our spring break starts out with a bang,” I chuckled. I conjured a ball of fire from my palms, feeling completely in control. “Our break will never end,” I laughed, my voice psychotic. “Some of you may die, but don’t we all? We all die in the end. Our lives are centered around death. Why not extinguish our fire that keeps up alive?” I flicked my wrist and set the floor on fire, laughing like a maniac. 

    I stood firm, engulfed in reds and oranges, like a warrior in battle. My eyes were wild, my heart was thumping in my chest, and my smile was insane. Everyone backed away from me, fear prevailing. “Scarlet, spare us!” Adele sobbed. “I just won a game! It’s nothing much! What happened to talking about musicals?!” 

    “There’s something rotten in our school, Adele. You’re the tragic heroine who dies! Like Juliet and Ophelia! Shakespeare and your precious musicals cannot save you now!” I cackled, throwing fire at my ex best friend. She dodged out of the way and bolted for the door. 

    “Come on!” she shrieked at her friends, pulling Mrs. Beaumont with her. The fire alarm went off, its sound piercing everyone’s ears. I heard the panicked voices of other students and teachers, their footsteps hurrying to get out of the building. My theatre class had escaped, but their were many more students and teachers to murder. The fire spread throughout the halls, the lockers glowing from the heat. 

    With my mind, I locked all of the doors, trapping my teachers and peers. I condemned them to a fiery death. “You can’t escape!” I shouted into the fiery abyss. “You’ll all die!!” So much smoke filled the halls, making the air thick. Screams of agony rang out, music to my ears. People were burning. Glass broke as people escaped through windows. I knew that some of them would live, but some would die. That is what mattered. 

    Sirens wailed from afar, the sound of fire trucks. It was my time to run, to leave this hell behind. I bolted to the front doors, unlocked them with my mind, and ran into the afternoon. The fire blazed behind me, the smoke darkening the sky. This was the first step into transitioning into “The Queen of Darkness.” 

    “How was your day, sweetie?” my mom asked me after I drove home from school. “Are you excited for spring break?” I smirked. 

    “Yes Mom, I am very excited.” My mom kissed my forehead and embraced me in a hug. “Just don’t watch the news tonight.” 

    “Why not?” my mom questioned me. 

    “Because,” I laughed. 

    “I was thinking we could go grab some Chipotle for dinner tonight!” my dad chimed in. “It’s your senior spring break after all!” 

    “Oh, that sounds great!” I exclaimed. “I’ll get a burrito bowl!” 

    “We’ll go in a few hours!” my dad said, smiling lovingly at me. “First, I’m going to watch my fill of nightly news.” 

    “I advise you not to,” I said cryptically. I wanted my parents to know what I’ve done, to see their shock. So, I made them want to watch the news more. After they saw the crimes I had committed, I would kill them as well. My dad fumbled with the remote and turned on the TV. The fire had made the news. 

    “Breaking news! Ramona Hills High School has burned to the ground!  Ninety people are pronounced dead, many are missing! A few have survived. Here we have Adele Pierce, age eighteen, one of the survivors of the Ramona Hills Massacre. Tell us, Adele, who caused this?” the news anchor said. 

    “My ex best friend, Scarlet Hewitt. She decided to murder us after losing a game of Go Fish. She set the place on fire and threatened to kill me!” She was getting hysterical now. I smiled at her panic and misery. “She told me that I would die a tragic death like Ophelia and Juliet from two of my favorite Shakespeare plays! She killed many people! I was only able to save my theatre class!” My parents gasped.

    “Scarlet?! You murdered these people?!” my mom screamed. 

    “Yes!” I shrieked with laughter. “And you’re next! Screw our dinner date tonight! You have a date with death!” I grabbed the butchers knife from the kitchen and drove it into my mother’s chest. A sea of blood cascaded from her pale flesh, warm to the touch. She screamed and writhed in agony, in complete anguish. My father attempted to restrain me, but I yanked the knife out of my mom’s bosom and sliced his throat. He crumpled to the floor, blood pouring. He choked and sobbed, tears rolling down his cheeks. The blood gurgled in his throat as he tried to speak. He couldn’t. He was dying rapidly. So was my mother. 

    “Scarlet…” she cried weakly. “How could you?” 

    “I enjoy the bloodlust. Goodbye, Mom. I don’t love you.” My mom died right afterwards, her eyes lifeless and clouded. My dad was already dead. My work here was done. I darted up to my room and packed my favorite belongings. I had to leave town. I was a wanted woman now. I grabbed some food and stole my family’s fund. I tore open the door and went to my car. With a flick of my wrist, my old house was aflame. I sped away. 

    Chipotle was bustling with people, each one talking frantically about what I had caused. I kept myself unnoticed, a spark of adrenaline pulsing deep in my heart. I wanted to kill every single person in this restaurant, but not until I got my food. 

    “How may I help you?” the server asked me, his kind eyes looking at me. 

    “I would like a bowl,” I said. His gloved hand reached for a bowl. 

    “Is this for here or to go?” he asked with a smile.  

    “To go please.” 

    “Did you hear about the fire?” I nodded. 

    “I would like beef, black beans, corn, salsa, guac, onions, and chips on the side please,” I said casually. “I heard about it. It’s awful am I right.” 

    “Yeah, I feel awful for those attending there. They died…” He spooned each ingredient into the bowl. “I despise Scarlet Hewitt. She murdered everyone!”

    “I know,” I said, surpassing a laugh. This man, just out of high school, was my next kill. I wanted to see him suffer. 

    “What’s your name?” he asked me. “Mine is John.”

    “Hello, John,” I hissed, my act over. “I am Scarlet Hewitt, prepare to die.” John gasped, his blue eyes wide. 

    “Scarlet?” I smirked and took my food without paying. 

    “Prepare to lose your lives!” I shouted vilely, using my newfound powers to burn the restaurant down. Everyone screamed and fled towards the exit. The doors locked. With my mind, I levitated a knife from the kitchen and thrust it into John’s stomach. “DIE!” I bellowed. “YOU FOOLS!” John howled in pain, crying out. I only smiled. “You all deserve it.” I turned dramatically towards the doors and they opened only for a moment, letting me exit the flaming building. Another place burned. More deaths I had caused. I was on a roll! 

    The news would be filled with death and my name. The world was going to know my name. I would be infamous, notorious, wicked. I wanted people to fear me and flee when they saw my face. I drove away from the crime scene and out of town. I was to start a new life as the villain I strived to be. 

    I dyed my hair black as the night. I wore the darkest shades of makeup, black eyeshadow and blood red lipstick. I dressed myself in an elegant dress fit for a queen, a dark purple, like a stormy sky. I placed a bloodstained crown upon my tresses, claiming my spot as the ruler of chaos and destruction. I was the Queen of Darkness. 

    Years had passed. I had achieved a luxurious mansion, a fearful nation, and power. I caused chaos wherever I went, killing people as I pleased. The world trembled in my wrath. They screamed when they heard the name Scarlet Hewitt. They ran when I advanced upon them. They died if they were too slow to escape. It was exhilarating! 

    On the day of my next kill, I was in for quite the surprise. I had gotten word of a new heroine, The Bard of Justice and Passion. She fought crime by day, by night she performed onstage in musicals and Shakespearean plays. She almost reminded me of my old friend Adele. Almost. 

    I dressed in my finest attire, and set off to kill more innocent citizens. I hummed a little song to myself, giddy with excitement. Screams rang out on the street I was standing upon. “Your queen has arrived, fools! Bow before me!” I taunted. “Bow or I kill you!” I jeered at the poor, unfortunate people, knowing that I would most likely slaughter them all. 

    “Not so fast!” a musical voice spat. “You won’t get past me, The Bard of Justice and Passion! You will surrender!” 

    “No I won’t!” I growled up at the flying beauty above me. She was dressed in a pink and gold Shakespearean doublet and trousers, a cape trailing behind her as well as dazzling pink shoes upon her feet. Her brunette hair was swept back under a feather hat like Romeo would wear. She held a book in her left hand, a quill in her right. 

    “You will surrender to the Bard!” she yelled, flipping the pages in her book. 

    “No, I will not!” I roared back at her. “I will kill you!” I released the fire from my soul and catapulted it right at the Bard. She dodged out of the way, swiping her quill. 

    “You will surrender! I will write this battle to have a happy ending!” She scribbled on a page in her leather-bound book and the air had a strange feeling. “Your reign is over, Scarlet!” I felt myself grow weaker all of a sudden, the Bard’s powers taking effect on me. She had the power to change the events of time, as well as flight, and enchanting song. I stumbled forwards. 

    “You will not win! I will! I am the Queen of Darkness! Bow before me!” 

    “Never! I will never bow to you!” I grew weaker as I threw fire at her again. 

    “To be or not to be,” I laughed. “That is not a question! You will not be!” The Bard landed on the ground delicately. 

    “I will be! And how dare you use Shakespeare’s words like that!” She scribbled again and I collapsed. She knelt down next to me and lifted my chin up. “You didn’t have to do this, Scarlet. You could’ve accepted that you lost Go Fish and moved on with your life. I wish you did. You and I were best friends. Two theatre kids graduating high school together. You went to the dark side. Your reign is over. I win this war. I did what Hamlet never could do. I overthrew the evil monarch and ended the battle.” I gasped.

    “Adele?!” I cried. 

    “I had to save the world from you, Scarlet. I had to bring justice. I never wanted our friendship to end this way. Surrender.” Tears suddenly spilled from my eyes, hot and wet. I realized what I had done. 

    “I’m so sorry,” I choked out. “I lost control. I never meant-” I started sobbing, remembering who I used to be. I was once a girl who loved theatre and kind-hearted. I let anger corrupt my soul. 

    “Scarlet, take off the crown. You can redeem yourself. Just take off the crown.” I did. I threw the crown onto the street with the remaining strength I had. 

    “The Queen has fallen!” I yelled into the crowd. “I was a monster, but I can change! Forgive me!” 

    “The world may forgive, but they never forget,” Adele said. She was right. I would never be forgiven or my actions would never be forgotten. I had let something silly like a game of Go Fish destroy my life. If only I had just moved on, things would’ve been fine. There is a price to pay with anger, sometimes destroying everything. I am Scarlet Hewitt, the one who ruined her own life.         

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  • edge-poetry
    11.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

    poem: signs



    and star signs—

    we’re all looking for answers,

    we’ll take anything our hands can touch,

    we want to find ourselves,

    yet we don’t come close—

    it doesn’t matter where

    on the spectrum you lie,

    that’s not going help you find the light—

    we’re told “do this,

    it’s what you’re best at”

    and we are never given a chance

    at find anything else—

    aptitude tests

    do nothing for our society,

    yet we place emphasis on them

    because it takes off some weight—

    “tell me who to be”

    “give me the solutions i seek”

    it’s pointless,

    but eventually i’ll sit taking another test.

    -j.g. edge

    #academia#academic#aesthetic#da #dark acadamia aesthetic #dark academia#reading#shakespeare#writing #dead poets society #light acadamia aesthetic #light academia#poem#poetry#poet
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  • shasss
    11.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    DnD : How to DM like a pro

    - Either set the scene in a forest, Italy or Greece. UK will also do.

    - Make up words when you can't think of a suitable one.

    - Throw in a kind old man NPC that always gets killed first.

    - Name all your NPCs "XXXio", even better if you name them all "Antonio".

    - Make everyone crossdress to make things more complicated.

    - Add in a bear or two every now and then to pursuit the players.

    - Add unnecessary pirates. DO IT.

    - Speak in old English so no one has slightest idea what you're talking about.

    - Throw in some star-crossed lovers to make it all the more fun.

    - Either end with everyone dying or everyone getting married.

    - Make everything gayer than they already were.

    - Be William Shakespeare.

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  • wheretobuygoodurl
    11.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    The only valid modern romeo and juliet au is where everything is still referred to as fair verona

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  • algernon-eye
    11.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    y’know how a lot of shakespeare adaptations just shake up the genders of the actors for kicks? yeah I like those a lot except sometimes they switch the genders of both people in a relationship and then it stays straight and ew ew ew why would you do that

    #if presented with the opportunity to make wlw hamlet.... why not make wlw hamlet....... #asta nielsen hamlet my beloved <3 #shakespeare
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  • ariel-seagull-wings
    11.04.2021 - 13 hours ago


    I think that my favorite of Lear's daughters, in terms of complexity, is Regan, the middle daughter, specially after seeing Diana Rigg's portrayal of her character in the 1983 televised production.

    I like the fact that is ambiguous if she really was, like Goneril, lying all the time about caring for her father, or if in fact, at the beggining she genuinelly had some bit of care for him and really wanted to reconcile him and Goneril thinking it was for his good, but later lost her patience after the ofenses Lear trows at them.

    Its also interesting that unlike many villains, her relationship with her husband, Cornwall, is not one where they see each other as another target to hurt, but equal partners... in crime, but still.

    Until the end, when she is poisoned by Goneril, Regan gaved the impression of someone who mostly knew how act maleably in the enviroment of political game where she lived, sometimes showing cruelty, but most of the time dissimulating, showing a diplomatic face and tone of speech, that would likely guarantee her good publicity to become a popular queen (if for better or worse is anyone's guess).

    Any toughts?

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