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  • Mickey Is-My-Wedding-And-I-Pronounce-Chiaviari-How-The-Fuck-I-Want Milkovich

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  • A moment of silence for Kevin “retiring” from basketball.

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  • @noel_fisher you delivered your lines flawlessly & brilliantly on #Shameless #S10Ep11 you left me with my tears flowing down my face proud to be Gay !


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  • All I want is for Ian and Mickey to be able to have the same in depth conversations about their relationship like Lip and Tami. I feel like I’m not asking for much.

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  • i’m confused…they handcuffed him to a chair, but a chair can be lifted and moved

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  • You know, until this episode, I never would have associated “Livin’ on a Prayer” with Mickey and Ian, but it really and truly is such a perfect song for them.

    #my mind always goes spn with classic rock #so it never crossed my mind #but it's just so perfect for them #i love this #livin' on a prayer #gallavich#mickey milkovich#ian gallagher#shameless#shameless spoilers#shameless s10#shameless 10x11 #otp: i want to be where you are
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  • mickey is holding frozen peas on his eye, and in italian “pea” means “pisello”, which is also like a slang word for penis

    when i told my friends they thought he was putting a dick in his eye lmaooo

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  • Maybe Lip will eventually move and then rent that house to Ian and Mickey. 🤔

    #Shameless#Gallavich #Ian and Mickey
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  • My thoughts on the newest episode

    Everything gallavich was 10/10 perfect I love it tysm

    But WHO in that house is watching Liam?? Nobody! Carl and Debbie were his age once and even though they had to grind and hustle for the squirrel fund, they still had a much better childhood because someone was taking care of them! Why is everyone neglecting Liam like he’s not just a 10 year old?? Kid doesnt even know how to make good koolaid for christ sake.

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  • i am Officially Caught Up with shameless now hell yeah

    #shameless #now ive got nothing to do with my life lol
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  • We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got

    It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not

    We’ve got each other and that’s a lot for love

    We’ll give it a shot


    Hey… you ever think back in the day this is where we’d be?

    #gallavich#shamelessedit#mickey milkovich#ian gallagher#shameless#mine* #ive stanned that song since i was fkin 12 man.
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  • so, what ended up happening to the money fiona left debbie? i know she bought a bunch of stuff that frank stole, but was that it? is it all gone? didnt debbie give some to the other siblings?

    #shameless #i only watch gallavich #so idk what happened
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  • People who ship Ian and Mickey from shameless while simultaneously saying that Adam and Eric are a toxic couple… let’s have a chat

    #sex education#shameless #not here for the hypocrisy fam
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  • Who the fuck are those 120 people invited to the wedding tho?? Ian and Mickey don’t even have one single friend lmaooo

    #gallavich#shameless #i'm dying this is so funny #ian x mickey
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  • im really disappointed with how the writers decided to write carl gallagher this season :( he used to be one of my favs and now i couldn’t care less about him

    i wish they’d stuck with the storyline of him going to military school and the whole thing with kelly bc she’s actually a good addition to the show and now it just all went down the drain

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  • I loved the IDEA of the confrontation between Terry and Mickey. I just wish the dialogue had been a little more intense, a little more believable. Like there, are a lot more things that Terry could have said besides “you faggy faggot” and like sure he’s probably not the smartest man in the world but Terry is a man with contacts and power over other people, as opposed to Mickey who mostly just fends for himself. So Terry is still kind of scary, and like I know this is a weird thing to say but I just really wish that whole scene had been more intense, more vitriolic and frightening on Terry’s end.

    Because that would contrast hugely with how (apparently) calm Mickey was. Which would then make his entire obsession over doing the wedding because of Terry make so much more sense. It’s Mickey’s kind of weird, transferred way of freaking out over his dad. While that freakout makes sense in the actual show I kind of wish the catalyst had been a little more intense. We know Mickey has a ton of trauma due to Terry, so a more mild confrontation about something as emotional as the wedding would be enough to nudge some sort of freakout BUT I don’t think the wedding is something Terry would be taking lightly. The other two times we saw Terry reacting to Mickey’s sexuality and/or relationship with Ian, he forced Mickey to be raped and then tried to kill him. I don’t think seeing Mickey and Ian again years later will cool that hate much. It might even bring it back worse than before.

    I just wish that Terry’s words could have been a little scarier, a little more threatening than just “faggy faggot” which a) sounds ridiculous and b) probably isn’t the worst thing to come out of Terry’s mouth. If his words were scarier or more threatening, that would have made his actions and also his threat as he left a little more foreboding. Which would have been a VERY good reason for Mickey to suddenly feel the need to do a Real Wedding as like the biggest possible Fuck You to his dad.

    Instead we get a confrontation that is frankly almost mild compared to 3x06 or the Alibi. So Mickey’s subsequent weirdness over the wedding seems OOC as opposed to a fairly understandable if oddly projected freak out from past trauma and current stress etc.

    Because imagine this: Mickey confronts his dad in front of the house. Terry says a bunch of bullshit. Maybe it starts mild like in the actual episode, but as Mickey continues to remain calm and not react, it gets worse. Terry says like actual scary hate-driven crazy shit. Terry maybe references Svetlana or the events of 3x06 or something, maybe how he wishes he’d killed Mickey at the Alibi, idk. Terry threatens Mickey’s life, then threatens Ian’s life. Mickey’s not going to care (as much) that Terry is threatening him again; it’s happened so many times he’s probably somewhat desensitized to it in a way, and anyway Mickey cares a lot more about threats to the people he loves than to himself. This threat on Ian’s life is the only thing that cracks Mickey’s facade, but only a little. He makes an aggressive comment back. Terry draws a gun, Mickey draws a gun. Insults and threats are thrown, Mickey stays calm while Terry freaks out. They’re at a standstill because Mickey is equally willing to pull the trigger on his dad as Terry is on him. Terry stands down but doesn’t even pretend to have simply given up; the expression on his face says he’s thinking of a worse way to get at Mickey and Ian and hurt them. Maybe there’s a line that’s even more threatening than “Don’t say I didn’t warn you”. He body checks Mickey as he walks away. Mickey shoots off the “Good talk, pops,” line, goes back inside. Milwaukee conversation happens. The only sign that Mickey’s in any sort of distress is how quickly he chugs his bottle of beer. Liam leaves, Lip leaves, Mickey finishes eating. He and Ian have some sort of mundane conversation, but Mickey seems tense, preoccupied and distracted and his responses are kinda aggressive or short. Ian asks or hints at asking if Mickey’s mad at him or something. Mickey pats him on the shoulder or squeezes his hand or some sort of physical contact (because check it out: almost all casual affectionate touch aside from actual hand-holding has been initiated by Mickey!) and reassures him that he’s not, but he still seems distracted. Next Gallavich scene = the one with the magazines. Mickey still only says the line about Terry threatening to murder him, doesn’t bring up the threat on Ian’s life because a) that means it’s Ian’s problem and Mickey doesn’t want Ian thinking about it and b) saying it out loud makes it Real (and we’ve already seen in every scene that involves Terry, that Mickey is far more willing to put himself in Terry’s path to protect Ian). The whole wedding planning storyline continues from there as it did in the actual show, because Mickey is transferring all of his stress and anxiety and fear re: Terry into this wedding and is also trying to get it to be a big Fuck You at the same time. If it went this way, the original catalyst and the stakes it sets up would be as high as the melodramatic reaction.

    I think that’s something this season has suffered from a lot in terms of the whole Gallavich storyline: the actions and reactions of the characters seem over the top and melodramatic because the catalysts for those actions/reactions are not as high stakes or intense as their results. They wouldn’t seem OOC if the original catalyst was as extreme as the reaction that comes after.

    #shameless#mickey milkovich#terry milkovich#gallavich#shameless meta #uhhh I had a lot more to say than I originally thought #gallavich meta #mickey milkovich meta #f slur tw #rape mention tw
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  • i swear if mickey milkovich isn’t the happiest motherfucker ever in s11 imma sue. if i see one (1) single teary eye i will do it. i swear it.

    #mickey milkovich#shameless #i mean same with ian too he deserves to be the happiest motherfucker too #but man seeing mickey come close to crying HURTS MAN
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  • #shamelessedit#shameless#debbie gallagher#sandy milkovich #im not too fond of either of them but. hottttt. #gay rights#mine*
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