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  • dlrconlicense
    21.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Like seriously, this man has been hot since I was four, where have y'all been? For real so any actors came out of the same children's programming in Hong Kong when I was little.

    #tony leung chiu wai #Tony Leung#shang chi
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  • incorrectavengersquotes
    21.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    Sam: The Avengers will be synonymous with clarity.

    Monica: Wait, so then what did that guy do to get captured by the Kree? I missed that part.

    Sam: Well, it's complicated.

    Yelena: Why did you let them hurt us with eels if you knew it wasn't a trial?

    Bucky: We have to honor the local customs of the alien government.

    Peter: Can you tell me who was on that secret team that infiltrated the neutral zone?

    Sam: Uh...I'm not at liberty to—

    Shang-Chi: And why couldn't you just ask the Nova Corp to borrow the Kree ship? And where did they get it? And why was that a job for the Avengers? Why couldn't it have been a job for the Guardians of the Galaxy or—

    Sam: Okay, you know what, it's classified. It's all classified. Dismissed.

    Monica: Hey everybody, look, we got Captain Clarity over here.

    Sam: I said dismissed!

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  • swan-of-sunrise
    21.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    Me trying my best to dodge all the Eternals spoilers:

    #why the hell does it feel like this movie's being spoiled a lot more than Shang-Chi or Black Widow were when they came out?? #ya'll are trying my patience with this one #tag your spoilers #the eternals#eternals#marvel#mcu
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  • xialing-tenrings
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    katy: *actually hits the big soul sucker’s throat*

    giant bo from heaven:

    #I thought they were cute #shang chi spoilers #shang chi #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #marvel#mcu#katy chen#scatlottr#shang-chi#marvel memes#mcu memes #shang chi memes #marvel meme#mcu meme #shang chi meme #katy #marvel studios katy
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  • marvelousmsmol
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    everyday I wake up furious that this album didn’t get any marketing from marvel so here


    #shang chi and legend of 10 rings #marvel#mcu#shang chi#Spotify
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  • xialing-gf
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    xialing: where are you going? katy: to get MYSELF a gift cause somebody didn't get me one! xialing: i told you i did! its coming here on friday! shang-chi, knowing full well that xialing got katy an engagement ring: *eating popcorn*

    #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #scatlottr#shang chi#xu xialing#katy chen#xialing/katy #xu xialing/katy chen #xialing x katy #katy/xialing#mcu#marvel#incorrect quotes #incorrect shang chi #shang chi incorrect quotes #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #xu shangqi #xu shang chi
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  • xialing-tenrings
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    katy after shaun beats up multiple people on a bus and says he has a sister:

    #shang chi spoilers #shang chi #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #katy chen#marvel#mcu#shang-chi#scatlottr#marvel memes#mcu memes #shang chi memes #marvel meme#mcu meme #shang chi meme #katy #marvel studios katy #xu shang chi #shangqi#xu shangqi
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  • nuggetsandhuggets
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I waited 11 years for a Black Widow movie. Y’all will be okay waiting a extra few months for Multiverse of Madness.

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  • amayatheowl
    21.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #mywriting#requests #shang chi x y/n #shang chi x reader #shang chi x you #shang chi one shot #shang chi fic #shang chi fanfiction #shang chi fanfic #xu shang chi x reader #xu shang chi x y/n #xu shang chi #xu shang chi fluff #xu shang chi oneshot #xu shangqi#shang chi#shangqi #shang chi and the ten rings #Marvel#marvel fic#marvel fanfic#mcu fic#mcu fanfic#simu liu
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  • lovelybarnes
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    pillow- shangqi

    pairings: xu shangqi x reader, mentions of platonic!katy warnings: a lot of fluff about: request: (PF18) person a making their pillow smell like person b when they’re away + (DF1) “you sleep cute.“ a/n: thank you so much for requesting!! i hope you like it!

    “i’ll miss you,” you pout, arms around shangqi’s neck. his grip tightens around your waist, eyes searching your features. “when will you be back again?” you ask.

    “wong says two days,” shangqi starts, and you begin to smile as one of his fingers tucks a stray tuft of hair behind your ear, “but apparently these sort of things can get a little crazy.”

    you hum disappointedly, nervously threading your fingers through the short hair at the nape of his neck. “well, i’ll wait for you here. just please come back okay? as soon as you can.”

    shangqi smiles, pecking your lips, “two days.” he nudges his nose against yours once he notices you don’t brighten, eyebrows still joined with nerves, “promise.”

    “you guys are cute and all, and you know i’m really, really, really happy you’re finally together after listening to you two pine for years, but this is getting gross, and we gotta go,” katy cuts in, effectively ruining the moment once she pops her head in through the doorway she’d been waiting in to give the both of you privacy. you can’t help but laugh, dropping your forehead to lean against his.

    “it’s my fault. just trying to soak him up so i don’t miss him too much,” you peck shangqi’s nose before pulling away, but still keep hold of his hand, squeezing once more before you embrace katie, wrapping her in a hug. “make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid,” you whisper in her ear, kissing her cheek as a goodbye after she nods, her grin present against your cheek.

    shangqi’s phone goes off, and he winces when he turns it on, “okay, we have to go. i’ll be back soon, lao po,” he tells you, pulling you closer so he can press his lips against your forehead for a moment longer than he needs to. you squeeze his hand and reassure yourself he’ll be fine.

    “okay. be safe! kick some… whatever-it-is-you’re-fighting-that-you-can’t-tell-me-about ass!” you cheer, watching them leave your apartment with nervous hands, fingers tugging at each other. “i love you!” you call to shangqi.

    “i love you too!” he screams back, his words melting into katie’s own confession of love, making you laugh when he tells her he meant you and she argues it was for the two of them. you gently shut the door, sighing softly when the sound echoes through your now-empty apartment, an instance not too common ever since you met katie and began going out with shangqi.

    it’s sad, you think, how lonely your apartment feels, and how lonely you feel even if your best friends were just here. you think it’s the knowledge of the dangers that come to your boyfriend and best friend when they’re avengers, so you allow yourself to sigh dramatically as you watch new girl and eat ramen alone.


    your brows furrow when it’s time to go to sleep, glaring down at the empty side of the bed that shangqi usually occupies. you realize how much of him is in your room when you look around, spotting his shirt draped over your chair and his cologne on your dresser. some of his other things are strewn around on counters.

    the absence of shangqi’s warm body next to you is too blatant when you’re trying to sleep, your arm absentmindedly feeling around on his side until you remember he’s gone. you squeeze your eyes shut in frustration, sure you won’t get any rest and you’ll be completely exhausted the next day at work.

    “fuck,” you huff, opening an eye that falls on shangqi’s shirt on your chair, and then his cologne again.

    looking down at the pillow next to you, you get an idea.


    you wake up surprisingly well rested, sighing happily, and snuggling your face deeper into the soft material that smells exactly like your boyfriend. you pry your eyes open after hearing your alarm go off, smacking at your phone to get it to shut off. tiredly climbing out of your bed, you leave to get ready.

    when you return, fully dressed and eating a bagel slathered with jelly, you turn to look back at the pillow you’d hugged the entire night, wrapped in the shirt shangqi had left at your room and sprayed with the cologne he’d forgotten. squinting at it, you shake your head at yourself, deciding to put it away when you get home and shove it deep inside your closet to learn how to sleep alone like you used to.

    it’s unbelievable how accustomed you got to sleeping next to shangqi. in the early beginnings of your relationship, you couldn’t stand how warm he was, and missed having your bed all to yourself, but now here you were, unable to sleep without said boyfriend lying next to you.


    you fell into your bed and onto the pillow the moment you’d gotten home from work, shutting your eyes and only opening them a few hours late to your stomach rumbling angrily at you. you groan at yourself for letting yourself fall asleep so easily with the modified pillow, grabbing it angrily and forcing it inside your closet, telling yourself you won’t use it again.

    without anyone to glare at you disapprovingly, or force you to cook anything else, you sit at your couch, turn on new girl and eat ramen for the second day in a row.

    after too many episodes of too many different shows, you force yourself to bed, shutting your eyes and pushing yourself to enjoy the solitude of your bed, stretching your arms and legs out like a starfish to appreciate the full space of the bed.

    then, you wrap yourself in your arms and turn to your side.

    then you push a blanket off and flip to your other side.

    then to the other, pulling all the blankets up again.

    then you do that again. and again. and again. until finally, you frustratedly shove away all your covers and stomp over to your closet, peeking at your clock to see two hours of you aimlessly twisting and turning in your bed had passed by. indignantly snatching the wretchedly amazing pillow out of your closet, you hug it close to your chest before jumping back into your nest of fluffy blankets.

    you take a deep inhale, immediately covered by the scent of shangqi, and you’re finally lulled into sleep within a few minutes.


    you wrinkle your nose at the feeling of something being repeatedly pressed against your cheek, nuzzling your face further into your pillow to avoid the light that is getting into your eyes. it’s luckily a saturday, meaning you can sleep in and not zombie around at your office like you’d likely do after a sleepless night like the one before.

    “hey,” you hear, muffled and far away. “lao po…” the voice singsongs, and you feel a prod at your ribs. you blearily blink your eyes open to meet the dark ones that you know so well. “you sleep cute,” he whispers, and it takes you a moment to realize that he’s finally back.

    you spring up in your bed, looping your arms around shangqi’s neck like you’d done when he left. “you’re back!” you squeal, pulling away to scan his face closely and run your hands over his arms for any indications that he’s hurt. your finger traces over a blued bruise on his jaw, frowning.

    “i’m fine, that’s the worst of it,” shangqi assures, “i would say you should see the other guy but it wasn’t a guy. or even human. i don’t think i should be telling you that-- i’m fine.”

    the frown stays stuck on your face, but you press a kiss to his nose, promising him that you would properly kiss him once you’d showered and brushed your teeth. he pouts and whines but just urges you to hurry up.

    when you come out, fully dressed and lips pouted at the ready to kiss him, your face drops when you notice him holding your pillow with a confused look on his face, pointing at it before looking back at you. “is that my shirt?” he questions, brows furrowed but signs of amusements clear on his features.

    #shangqi#xu shangqi#shang-chi#shang chi #xu shangqi x you #xu shangqi x reader #xu shang chi #xu shang-chi #shang chi x y/n #shang chi x reader #shang chi x you #shang-chi x reader #shang-chi x you #shang-chi x y/n #xu shang-chi x reader #xu shang chi x reader #xu shang-chi x you #xu shang-chi x y/n #shangqi x reader fluff #shangqi x reader #shangqi x y/n #shangqi x you #xu shangqi x y/n #fluffy shangqi #fluffy shangqi x reader #fluffy xu shangqi x reader #fluffy shang-chi x reader #shang-chi x reader fluff #shangqi imagine #shang chi oneshot
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  • presidentrhodes
    21.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    this idea lives rent free in my head: what if ying li and xu wenwu had their roles reversed? she lived a thousand years and wielded the ten rings + founded the ten rings (organisation). and xu wenwu was the guardian of the entrance to ta lo and they had that same fight where he initially defeated her, and they fell in love — and he gave up his powers, left ta lo to settle on earth and start a family with her. except because it's ying li, she'd make sure their family was protected, so, when the iron gang showed up, the ten rings soldiers were there to RIP them. and ying li got to spend many more afternoons playing ddr with her husband and kids 🥰

    #shang chi#xu wenwu#wenwu#ying li #wenwu x ying li #xu family #i love them your honour #shang chi spoilers #my posts
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  • buckybleu
    21.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    ❈ tango with the devil ❈

    pairing: Xu Shang-Chi x Reader

    summary: The Ten Rings have attacked the New York Sanctum and Shang-Chi needs to find out who exactly was in charge of it.

    a/n: Night 8 of Tricks & Treats! This is the last piece from an old blog, that I've edited and rewritten certain parts to fit better. It's kind of a mess, I don't know haha. I will probably go back and refine it a bit more :-) Hope you enjoy & happy reading! 💕

    warnings: Like a tiny mention of Shang-Chi having a boner. Some mild cursing too, that’s all!

    all mistakes and errors are mine!

    reblogs/likes/feedback are greatly appreciated! 🎃

    word count: 1.5k

    “I have the files downloaded. All signals and radio communications are intercepted” Shang-Chi confirms into his ear piece. He safely tucks the usb into his breast coat pocket, stealthy returning into the main ballroom.

    “Good. Don’t exit the building yet, we need you to linger a little longer. Wait for the signal” Wong’s voice in his ear instructs.

    Voluminous crystal chandeliers ornate and spiral down from the ballroom’s center. Light illuminates the arching bronze tiled ceiling, reflecting through the mirrored walls. Dark cherry wood tables with delights embroidered the polished floors, where guests mingle, dance, and drink the night away. Shang-Chi quickly accepts a glass of champagne brought by a carter, his eyes scanning for the signal.

    A few weeks ago, the New York Sanctum was under attack. Dr. Strange and Wong had fought off a group of masked men who adorned what it appeared to be the Ten Rings Symbol on their tactical suits.

    A portal appeared during Shang-Chi and Katy’s weekly karaoke night. A concerned Wong stepped through, “Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange and I need you immediately. The Ten Rings have attacked our sanctum. Your sister is the only person who could possibly be behind this.”

    Shang-Chi was surprised to hear this news, Xialing is currently shutting down the operations, not progressing it. And if she was, what did Xialing want from the New York Sanctum? Shang-Chi couldn’t reach his sister, suspicion now rising even more. Wong had caught wind of new information about the supposed Ten Rings; an IP address had located a network of communications, in Rome. Dr. Strange informs Shang-Chi the in’s and out’s of the building and what is expected. “Think of this as your ‘unofficial’ Avenger’s mission, an initiation even. Download those drives and we have our person.”

    The cardinal silk graces your figure while onyx heels adorn your feet. With a glass of wine in hand, a smile is painted on your face as you admire Shang-Chi from the back. “Looks like the wolf has done the dirty work for me” you laugh. You swallow the last bit of your wine and slip along the mirrored walls, stalking your prey.

    Tapping his foot, Shang-Chi heavily sighs, “Where are they?” The clock hands start to taunt Shang-Chi, with every blink, time appears to go by slower. Boisterous laughter breaks Shang-Chi’s gaze from the clock. The glass of champagne in front of him is meant to be sipped, but Shang-Chi gulps it, his Adam's apple bobbing violently.

    The slow crescendo of the string orchestra brings a cacophony of cheering, applause, and stampede of feet towards the dancefloor. Tango music soars through the room, creating an atmosphere of seduction and lust. Unable to sit still, Shang-Chi fidgets with the table cloth, checking the grand clock again. 5 minutes he thought. 5 minutes longer than it should be taking. Scanning the ballroom, he maps out his escape. Shang-Chi quickly eyes the door to staircases. Bingo.

    Your gaze follows Shang-Chi’s. The staircases. You quickly glide through the crowd like a slinking panther. As Shang-Chi rises from his seat, you grasp his calloused hands.

    “Let’s dance, handsome” you coyly smile.

    “Sorry, I can’t. I have somewhere to be. You should probably ask someone else.”

    Leaning into Shang-Chi’s ear, the smell of vanilla amber perfume fills his nostrils. You whisper, “It wasn’t a question, Shang-Chi.” With your gazes locked onto one another, Shang-Chi places his firm hand on the small of your back, your hand on his shoulder, and finally your free hands meet.

    “Don’t be scared love,” you pull your bodies closer, your breasts against his chest “I don’t bite...unless you want me to.”

    Shang-Chi’s hand on your back slips to your waist, thumb stroking the silky fabric. His breath quickens as blood rushes to his groin. You smirk feeling the tent in his pants rub against your thigh. Shang-Chi squeezes your hand tightly, earning a small chuckle from you. “How do you know my name?” he whispered harshly, “Who are you? Who sent y–.”

    With the allegro of the violins, you pull Shang-Chi toward the center of the floor, feet in perfect sync to not only the tempo, but also your heart . Your gaze remains on Shang-Chi, sensing the uneasiness in his darting eyes. Shang-Chi’s nerves take over his body, panic growing in his chest as the crowd’s eyes are drawn to the both of you.

    Suddenly, out of his element, Shang-Chi allows himself to do something he’d never let anyone do, take control. His body and heart allowed you to take him anywhere you pleased across the floor. You went right, he went right. You sped up, Shang-Chi sped up. He lost all sense of everything except your body.

    You relish in the attention the eyes of others and the power you hold over Shang-Chi. This is the guy Wenwu left the rings with? How pathetic. Pivoting your hips side to side, you twirl away from his warmth with sharp precision, revolving back with grace.

    With the decrescendo of music, you slowly drop down towards his groin. Steadily, you use his hands to pull yourself up, nose grazing his tight, restricted pants. The music continues to vibrate through Shang-Chi’s veins. All of his senses still overwhelmed by you.

    You come back in an embrace, one arm wrapped around Shang-Chi’s waist, the other on his chest, feeling his quickening heartbeat. Shang-Chi’s arms cloak your waist, his mind somewhere in a haze of desire and euphoria. He wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or your perfume that was intoxicating him more. Laying your head on his chest, your nose takes in his cedar cologne– intermingling with his natural musk. Your mind slowly starts to haze.

    You immediately shake your mind from the enchantment, not forgetting what you came for, though you did wish it was Shang-Chi. Slowly you palmed his chest, feeling the usb gradually move from his pocket into your slender fingers, knowing the ardent state Shang-Chi was in. Your aroma was like a drug to him, he wanted more.

    The orchestra’s slow hum brought Shang-Chi back to reality. He narrows his eyes at you and commands, “I’m not going to ask again. Who are you?” Now there was the powerful Ten Ring bearer, this is who Wenwu left it with.

    Seduction was your forte, you tilt your head to look into his honey eyes. Your smile was sweet, your gaze sinister. Shang-Chi was in trouble. Your eyes didn’t just look at him, but also at all of his weaknesses and desires.

    You lean in, foreheads touching. Crimson lips pressed against Shang-Chi’s warm ones, slowly and sensually. The taste of his champagne dances on your tongue, seeping down your throat. Shang-Chi’s hands rest below your ear, thumb caressing your cheek. You entangle your arms around his thick, strong neck and slowly pull away from his lips.

    Your eyes flickered towards the clock. Half past 10, perfect. Timing every step accurately, you knew a black SUV would be waiting for you outside.

    “Shang-Chi” you purr slowly, savoring each letter of his name. “Every man is surrounded by a neighborhood of voluntary spies. Some who know you very well.”

    The music came to a gradual stop and a sudden applause of the crowd erupts. Now, you thought. With one last kiss, you swiftly squeeze your way through the crowd, disappearing into the sea of people.

    The usb. Patting his pockets Shang-Chi’s nostrils flared, face crimson with fury. “Shit! She has it!”

    Shang-Chi skids across the floor, shoving his way through the crowd. He furiously rounds the corner thrusting through the door towards the stairs. In the lobby, drunk attendees loiter in the hall, some idly waiting for their cars, chatting. Shang-Chi quickly glances around the room, his eyes searching for you or any evidence of your departure.

    Shang-Chi cocks his head when the sound of heels urgently click towards the revolving doors...

    “You have something that belongs to me!” Shang-Chi’s voice booms, as he races towards you.

    Tossing your hair over your shoulder, you smirk. “Too bad it’s mine. Thanks for doing the dirty work Shang-Chi.”

    A black SUV suddenly pulls to the curb, door swing opening. You quickly jump in, shutting the door as the car speeds off, Shang-Chi’s hand barely reaching the handle. He’s too late.

    “Damn it! Fuck!” Shang-Chi screams, kicking anything and everything in sight. “Fucking devil!”

    Panting with anger, a female voice surges through Shang-Chi’s earpiece.

    “My, my Shang-Chi. How could you let your desires overpower you? It was just a kiss” you taunt.

    “I will find you and when I do, I’m going to fucking destroy you” Shang-Chi growls.

    “Promise?” you chuckle, “I’d love to know what your hands feel like around my neck.”

    “You fucking bitch, I’m going—”

    “Check your pocket. I’ll see you soon, baby. Oh by the way, your ass looked great tonight. ” The line cuts off.

    Shang-Chi rips out his ear piece, searching his breast pocket. He pulls out the neatly folded paper, haunted by the lingering memory of you that is personified by your perfume left on the paper.

    I go by many names, for that I’m not ashamed. Seductive as I may be, I’m more destructive than the devil. Your heart and thoughts now call for me. I’ll see you in Paris.

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  • shellbk
    20.10.2021 - 19 hours ago


    #mcu #mcu phase 4 #marvel#bruce banner #bruce banner appreciation #hulk#Shang Chi#natasha romanoff#steve rogers#iron man#tony stark#thor odinson#hawkeye#clint barton#SERIOUSLY #THE ENDLESS AUDACITY OF THESE BITCHES #GOODBYE #I AM LEAVING
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  • lumieretrain
    20.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Here’s my new review about Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which is an unexpectedly surprising movie to be also one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe’s movies.

    #Review#IMDB #Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings #Marvel Cinematic Universe #Unexpectedly surprising movie #Awkwafina#Tony Leung#Simu Liu#Michelle Yeoh
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  • wint3r-h3art
    20.10.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #shang chi fluff #dad!shangqi #shang chi & child!oc #shang chi x reader #shang chi x you #shang chi x y/n #shang chi#katy chen#domestic fluff #shang chi fanfiction #marvel fanfiction#mcu fanfiction
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  • xialing-tenrings
    20.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    if xialing wore a dark purple centric outfit with black/gray/white I guarantee I (and probably the rest of fandom) would die

    #ACE XIALING GIVES ME LIFE #xialing#xu xialing#ace#queer #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #shang chi#marvel#mcu#shang-chi#scatlottr
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  • endless-comix
    20.10.2021 - 23 hours ago
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  • mintyisdrawing
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Wenwu and Ying Li

    Favourite scene from the movie? Yes. It's so beautiful and well acted 🥺

    #shang chi #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #wenwu#ying li#tony leung #shang chi fanart #marvel fanart#mcu fanart#marvel movies #marvel cinematic universe #procreate#mintys arts#fala chen
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