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  • 221bunsolved
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Shang chi x Katy baby fic coming soon

    #shang chi x katy #shaunty#shangty
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  • cutterpillow92
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    CP92: FANDOM365 (1/365)

    Lean upon me. I'll lean upon you, we'll be ok. — #34, David Matthews Band
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  • tvfollowing
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Obsessed with Shangty? Listen to these songs in the Shang-chi Album.

    Every shangty fan should listen to Fire in the Sky and Every Summertime. It’s like these were written for this pair.

    I mean, come on! 

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  • myfunnylittlebrain
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    I can't help but think about how Shaun and Katy narrated to Soo's husband, John, on how they met. They're like a married couple who've told the story of their meeting hundreds of times, each of them has a part in telling the story and finishing each other's sentences. I'm not sure if other best friends do the same thing, but come to think of it, their meeting was very unconventional.

    Also, you could tell by the way they told the story that their meeting was the most significant thing that ever happened in their lives, which is very true.

    #shang chi #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #shang chi x katy #shaun x katy #katy chen#katy#Shaun Xu#shaunty#shangty
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  • sylkithecat
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    *me, uber stress with workload*

    *opens photoshop instead*

    *starts creating sylki and shangty gifs* //sigh, this is so relaxing 😍😍😍 //

    #personal#sylki#shangty#shaunty #shang chi x katy #lmao i still dont know the official shang chi / katy ship name #is it shaunty or shangty #ah never mind will tag all the ship names haha
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  • sylkithecat
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    #neverforget Awkwafina’s ig story 11.23.2021 (screenshot by  @binibiningnora)

    there’s a fanfic (Unhinged by Simus_Dinner_Plate_Pecs) based on this ig story written  and it’s so cute!!!! 

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  • sylkithecat
    22.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    I want a full version of Shaunty singing Aerosmith - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
    #stc: gifs#shaunty #shaun x katy #shang chi x katy #shang chi spoilers #shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #scatlottr #xu shang chi #katy chen#awkwafina#simu liu#shangty #stc: my shaunty post #shangchiedit#mcuchallenge
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  • lostchild1313
    25.10.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • lostchild1313
    25.10.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • lostchild1313
    25.10.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • lostchild1313
    25.10.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • girlsontelephone
    24.09.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • grunge-history
    03.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Religious Cults Changing History


    God-Worshipping society; 1836 Chinese man failed state examination; fell into religious fever, and met God, Mary, and Jesus; took on new identity as Jesus’ brother and formed God-Worshipping Society in troubled late Qing China

    Rebels rose up to replace Qing with Taiping Tianguo (Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace); seized parts of central and southern China and advanced progressive reforms (forbidding foot binding, promoting women in army and government, banning slavery and polygamy, redistribution of the land, strong moral laws and strict Sabbath

    Qing suppressed movement with a war that cost 20 million lives; Han Chinese rise in military ranks formerly reserved for Manchus (indigenous people of Manchuria, ruled Qing Dynasty (1636-1912)); also used foreign help; internal and external weakening of control eventually led to downfall of Qing

    Xhosa’s cattle-killing → 1856 Xhosa tribe under pressure from British settlers; young girl claimed she met a mysterious man who told her if the Xhosa cattle was killed, the dead cattle would rise from the earth and they’d have so much cattle and power the British would be forced out

    Some people killed cattle immediately, others disbelieved; fights between sceptics and believers, who would kill sceptic’s cattles

    Famine resulting killed 40.000 Xhosa; British governor took advantage with cruel labour recruitment policy; British settlers moved in, giving rise to ideas that it was all part of a plot

    Fifth Monarchy Men → idea that there were four great empires (Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman) to be followed by the Fifth Monarchy in which Christ would rule for 1000 years; beheading of Charles I seen as prelude to the End of Times; Oliver Cromwell as a second Moses (1648); Anglo-Dutch war outbreak as beginning to European war to bring down the pope

    However Cromwell collapsed and monarchy was restored, Fifth Monarchy died out in 1680s

    Donghak → in 1860 wandering intellectual in Joseon Korea had visions of Shangti (Jade Ruler of the Universe) who said a new age (Great Opening of the Later Heaven) would be coming in

    Bases of the Donghak (‘Eastern Learning Faith’) humanity would be united with Heaven and all people made equal; mixture of shamanistic and Taoist ideals standing in opposition to the repressive neo-Confucianism and foreign faiths (Seohak, Western Learning aka Catholicism)

    However man was executed but in 1894 a Donghak adherent led revolt which widened into rebellion against corruption and high taxes; Korea asked for military help of China and Japan

    Bad idea; tensions sprang up between the Chinese and Japanese troops, setting off events which would lead to First Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 and annexation of Korea by Japan in 1910.

    Yellow Turbans → Han Dynasty in a political mess; in 174 Taoist priest prophesied age of great peace where sky would become yellow (colour of new & semi-mythical Yellow Emperor)

    New sect Way of Great Peace → longevity through extreme versions of Taoist rituals, including fasting, specific sexual practices, and large public gatherings for praying and confessing

    Han rulers tried to suppress it but sect turned to rebels wearing yellow turbans; eventually rebellion put down after 20 years → destruction of landowner wealth and government infrastructure, while the Han government was riven with factionalism between eunuchs, aristocrats, Confucian scholars, and the military

    Fell apart few generations later through foreign invasion and rebellious army; no centralised rule for centuries

    Ikko-ikki (single-minded leagues) → sect of Pure Land Buddhism causing chaos in 15 cent Japan; salvation only through power of Amida (Japanese Buddha who vowed to save all sentient life); very popular by peasants who all chipped in and marched on Kyoto, believing death in battle would bring instant heavenly rewards and cowards would go to hell; burnt down Kyoto temples

    Eventually taken down by a samurai lord who was annoyed they distracted him from conquering all of Japan with their sieges

    Ikko-ikki thouht they were safe in their self-sustaining temple towns but the samurai just built wooden wall around those, set them on fire, and killed 20.000 people in one day

    Ten years later with the help of pirates the Ikko-ikki defeated through starvation

    Cathars → rejection of idea of Trinity, monotheistic God (instead one benevolent creator and one evil tyrant), priesthood, religious centres (just lay people and Elect, which maintained ascetic lifestyle), believe in reincarnation, equality of sexes, vegetarians, beat theologians in religious debates, made Catholic church look like a circus

    Cathars also alarmed secular authorities by refusing to swear oaths, which was big part of feudal system

    Two generation long war starting with Albigensian Crusade began in 1208; Catharian extermination + subjugation of tolerant Languedoc under French crown

    Ghost dance → native American Paiute man suffered from fever in 1889 and woke up to God and happy spirits of the dead, who taught him dances to hasten God’s arrival

    Man woke up and preached to tribe that they should be peaceful with white settlers because God would be sending a earthquake to wipe them out soon anyway

    Ghost Dance spooked local settlers, who didn't understand and feared the worst. Indian Agent wrongly believed the influential Sioux chieftain Sitting Bull was behind the movement, sent police to arrest him. Sitting Bull was shot in the scuffle, when a crowd gathered and confronted the police.

    Two weeks later, the military suppressed the Ghost Dance movement in the massacre at Wounded Knee

    Mahdiyya → 19th century Sudan under rule of Turko-Egyptian governors who orchistrated slave trade, and once Britain got invoolved stage was set for the 1881 rise of cult of a cleric who claimed to be the Mahdi (messianic fiure) and preached communism whole denouncing Ottoman Turks

    Mahdi’s cult soon took over country, he killed opponents, established Sharia government based on his absolute authority and plans for jihad but he died 6 months later, and disciples were later overtaken by bureaucrats from the old Turko-Egyptian regime.

    The Mahdi still considered father of Sudanese nationalism

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  • moonxsuncelestials
    14.09.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #verse: it is only with you that i finally feel at home #jinhai ic#thelazyeditor
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  • vacance21
    10.08.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Museo de bellas artes de carcassonne

    Me ha dado rabia que Tumblr no me ha dejado poner un par de fotos más de la visita al museo de bellas artes porque he alcanzado el limite de 10 imágenes por entrada.

    Ahora, sólo porque puedo, voy a poner 10 obras del museo de bellas artes de Carcassonne.

    Las lágrimas de Pedro de José de Ribera

    Un dedito de Cesar (el artista, no el emperador).

    Estudio de cabeza y torso de Ingres.

    Niki de Saint Phalle.

    La llamada al patíbulo de las últimas víctimas del terror de Charles Louis-Lucien Muller.

    Los emparedados de Carcassonne, de Laurens.

    Caín transportando el cuerpo de Abel, de Falguieres.

    Retrato de Mme. Astre de Lauge.

    El hortera pretencioso de Philippe Shangti con su exposición The Future is Now (subtitulado Hago fotos a pibones en pelotas porque soy moderno).

    Sí, has contado bien: sólo son 9. Para la décima me debatía entre las Tentaciones de la Magdalena o esta preciosidad de La Caza del Oso (el autor merece el olvido). Por favor, aprecia bien el realismo y la calidad de la pintura. Ahí te lo dejo para que lo disfrutes:

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  • moonxsuncelestials
    03.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    He was cleaning up the shop, having sent his precious little phoenix to bed when he heard a love song play on the radio. It was, sweet soothing but Jinhai found it rather empty. But perhaps it was because he was feeling rather cynical, he and Shangti could no longer be together thanks to the damned imperial courts. We knew though...we knew we would be doomed from the start of this. 

    Sighing, he found himself drifting back to his childhood singing the song he remembered from long ago. The song that all star dragons knew, not unlike how the others have one to unite them.

    “"♪♩♫ Oh ah oooh~

    Up in the lonely mountains,

    There’s tragic spells abound,

    Forbidden potions from the haunted realms.

    Can you see the stardust,

    Light years apart?

    Come and find the mysteries

    That lurks in our hearts~

    We faced them all and survived,

    To be right here as the dawn arrives,

    So that when it hears our voice and song,

    All will know that we belong~

    For we light the sky,


    Let all know that we'll never truly part,


    And we’ll always be together,

    For their is magic inside our

    Hearts forever.

    Forever. ♪♩♫" 

    “Hey that’s really good Jin Jin!” Jinhai looked to see his best friend clapping for him. “I never heard that one before!”

    “All us star dragons know that one, Shangti. It’s a reminder that we are the ones to light up the sky and bring the light to everyone! So I’ll shine bright for you okay?”

    “Awe Jin Jin.” Shangti said with a laugh.

    The memory faded as he paused and wiped away a tear. He did shine for Shangti, bringing his best friend a light that they both shared. 

    “♪♩♫ And we’ll always be together,

    For there is magic inside our

    Hearts forever.

    Forever. ♪♩♫” He sang softly as he smiled. 

    Yes, he’ll keep shining for his best friend and those who need him now. 

    #jinhai ic#drabble #just something cute
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  • moonxsuncelestials
    05.07.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Jinhai: NSFW Headcanons

    (y’all thank @akumanoken​ and @thelazyeditor​ for this! ^^)

    Out of his siblings, Jinhai is pretty much seen as the largest in his pelvic area specifically 8 1/3. Don’t worry, he always does aftercare because of how rough he can get sometimes especially when his rut starts.

    You’d think he was into a lot of kinky things, given his experience with Shangti but no, Jinhai is very chilled slightly vanilla; and lets his partner choose what they are comfortable with. If they are into roleplaying, he just asks for certain situations they avoid because of his own PTSD and OCD. He has done things in public or in public areas, given how horny he can get at times, though we can blame Shangti for some of this.

    Jinhai has been assaulted sadly in his past thus he tends to never want to visit the family home. He hates having to go back and would rather stay at an inn than stay over in his old bedroom.

    When in his rut, Jinhai can get a little aggressive as either the dom or sub. He tends to mark up his partner to show that they are his and he’ll not allow anyone else to steal them from him. Remember, dragons are rather possessive of their partners and/or mates. 

    If he gets too rough he pulls back and showers his partner with kisses, being extra gentle as a way of apologizing. He also massages and tends to his partner after a few rounds given how big he is.

    As a sub, Jinhai is not advert to being slightly playful and mischievous such as teasing his dom though he sets boundaries because of his past experience. He doesn’t mind being tied up, teased, or made to be a slight mess so long as he’s been warned beforehand. He likes to be pampered afterwards, mostly just a good soak in the tub with his partner and a nap if they’re both exhausted.

    He is not afraid to kill someone if that means his partner and family is safe. Jinhai is skilled in poisons just as he is in the healing arts. In fact, he warned his brother that if he ever so much as touched Chin Fa or their family, he’ll be the one to end his life in the most agonizing way.

    With his partner and/or mate, Jinhai will do anything to keep them safe so they need to remind him that everything is alright and that they are fine. This extends sadly from his past and he’s often in need that reminder.

    #from the mists came the elusive one #nsfpvish
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  • ancka
    05.04.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Arte reivindicativo... Philippe shangti

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  • moonxsuncelestials
    23.02.2021 - 9 monts ago

    M!A: Turn back the Hands of Time

    “This is has got to be a nightmare...” Jinhai hated how he sounded as he glared at his reflection. He didn’t have his butterfly tattoo, his clothes didn’t fit him right, his opium addiction was strongest at this point because of the issues going on when he was a teenager-his stays at opium dens were legendary to the point that Shangti had to lock him in his personal chambers, sometimes tying him to the bed to keep him safe. 

    But the main problem was that fear of frightening Fenghua and Li. Li was still just a baby in his eyes, the draman having gotten used to his looks and Fenghua never had seen their master when he was younger. “Pluck my scales...dammit.” 

    #open#open starter #m!a: turn back the hands of time #jinhai ic
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  • moonxsuncelestials
    21.02.2021 - 9 monts ago
    #dun dun dun #verse: dragons claws #the birth of a dragon guardian #feng ic#jinhai ic #miyuu you are in for a treat...or a nightmare #fckin-multi
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