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  • The Psychcic Metamorphic


    part 1:

    To be exceptional, is not to become exceptional at holding your temper when someone stimulates it, and saying, “I’m so proud of myself - when I was younger I would’ve harmed them.”

    That’s a nice thing to have learned, but is it healthy to stifle your energy? Is using willpower for restraint a courtesy we extend for our own reputation? To be seen as composed and unaffected? To hold a temper, we dishonor the self: what is really inside. To be authentic, one needs to step outside of anger and follow a trail leading to a psychic shift. You have not been given a curse when a person stimulates anger, you have been given access to a path and discipline called The Psychic Metamorphic. You have been given a gift.

    First, to find this gift, you must not resist the feeling. Anger will always win because of it’s purpose: The emotion that reminds us what is deeply important to us. 

    If that is true, then when someone stimulates anger, you must not hold anything back, and see how lovingkindness comes out because you’ve trained for that moment. You have learned anger is separate from action. We can process anger in any number of ways, and there is a magic in the tracing and transforming that energy. 

    The Metamorphic begins this way:

    First, I can’t understate how much practice it takes but you must master the art of one simple thing, to pause before you do anything else. If you can achieve this second, lean on a previous negation you had with yourself, and begin with thankfulness; that someone was able to give you an incredibly potent reminder of what is most important to you. To treat it like a note on your bathroom mirror containing a beloved mantra or reminder to your spirit, but now it has been ignited and you are no longer you. A metaphorm is dancing through all of your veins and racing through your heart. Uncomfortable as it may seem at first, this person has just transformed you into your value. You are now in metaform. You are no longer who you were moments before.  Generally this discomfort causes us to lose a good portion of our ability to control it. As soon as the Metamorph is aware you’re fighting, them you instantly defeated defeated. The art of Psychic Metamorphic is not to control but to guide. Not to hold back a closed fist, but provide better options for the expression. Options that make a closed fist seem like the toothpick beside a sword. 

    Don’t squander your metaform by reacting. Do not let it take over. You can pause and breathe in this form, but you must negotiate that with yourself in a space when you are not being gifted metaform. With some practice, you can enjoy your anger to concentrate on the energy flowing through your body. You can look around and see through these new eyes. 

    Now, let’s say this value is the belief that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.  Someone has stimulated anger in not observing this value. Now let’s modernize what we call that event and say:

    What has happened is not precisely that someone has made you angry, but that you have been presented with a gift to fully embody a value.  If you subscribe to this method as way of life, and wanted to develop it further, you might give it a name.  You might say to yourself, “I am now the metamorph called dignity. I am no longer me, I am the embodiment of treating people with dignity. I have been sent a messenger not as a punishment, but as a catalyst for igniting my soul, and seeing through the eyes of my value at the highest level I am capable of. I cannot think of a greater gift to be given.”

    That is the basic discipline of The Psychic Metamorphic, but it is only the beginning.

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  • My dream featured a little mouse that got turned into a cow, deer, and finally a human as part of his quest to be with his lady love.

    #dream i had #she loved him back #shape shifting#epic adventure
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  • I had a question - can shape-shifters cry?

    When the real question is - can we make them?

    #w.i.t.c.h. #w.i.t.c.h #miranda#cedric#shape shifting #We wanna see those tears boy....................
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  • Why are there not more YA novels about shapeshifting. Like. That has got to be one of the coolest powers out there.

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  • image
    #meme#dank meme#character creation #creating a character #shape shifting#shape shifter #probably gonna be a very edgy character #but can make for a good twist #character that is a known shape shifter but is afraid of water #not because they can't swim #but because if they try and aid themselves beyond basic human stuff they gotta go through a lot of pain #same with heights #maybe throw in some depression because they can't use their powers for good without a massive cost #or some anxiety at people finding out #conversely #you could also have people find out #and be very supportive of your character #and their arcs go from pressuring your character into doing more to turning into an instant mother hen #hey character if you can shapeshift can you go save a submarine thats about to drown? #uh no character will not be doing that if you wanted your submarine not to drown you should have done more to prevent something like that #come on character their inability to do anything is not your problem #we're not gonna make you go through all that pain to save some incompetent fools #back to the edgieness because i can't get enough right now #character agreeing to go save the sub and turning into a whale to do so #oh my god can you imagine the pain #gore can be involved too as you describe what their bodies do as they grow to be so much bigger than they're meant to be #meanwhile mother hen does animal research to see what animals have similar body structures to not cause as much pain #writing
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  • A scene from the Mage game I’m in, drew this a while back–Anansi fled from a pack of Pure werewolves, fleeing with a stolen artifact and leading the wolves away from her cabal. She crossed into territory belonging to a pack she’d previously worked with. 

    Needless to say, they weren’t too pleased she’d led enemies into their territory and agreed to let it pass if she was able to kill the other pack’s leader.

    So a fight ensued! Anansi took the form of a great cat and went toe-to-toe with the Alpha. It seemed she’d be overpowered, but within the next few moments she used a powerful spell to cause the werewolf’s arteries to rupture (aka, dealing straight aggravated damage) and this finished her off.

    Victory! …And a gnarly one at that.

    Second picture is Anansi in her cat form, casting spells (hence the extra eyes, which symbolically appear when she casts~)

    #mage: the awakening #werewolf: the forsaken #world of darkness #shape shifting#anansi #odd omens cabal #illustration
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  • image

    ‪Hunters and Guards. Magia Dragons that shape shift into different beings to blend in with the job to protect the Multiverse.‬

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  • Seeing the new episodes I’m starting to think it actually might not be corruption.

    Steven can’t shape shift like the other gem, he can only stretch.

    Because in cat fingers he created life with the cats, he lost control because they were physical/organic and not light like the other gems.

    So many birthdays and Steven’s birthdays shows Steven lose control of his shape shifting power because how he felt.

    So I guess Steven could become the monster, reflecting how he feels.

    #steven universe future #corruption theory#shape shifting
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    #shape shifting#superpower#shitpost #shit my best friend said #bff is red ofc #i love her
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  • Guys holy shit I just realized that frank could transform into a fox and find out what the fox says

    #rick riordan#frank#shape shifting#memes #percy jackson and the heros of olympus #dead
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  • #honestly i don't understand this ask really so i'm putting it as a #prompt#lomusceit#loceitmus#shape shifting#hemipenis#remus#duke#logan#logic#deceit #not safe for sanders #submission#sanderssidessmutprompts
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  • June 22, 2019


    The actor has been undergoing a physical transformation as he flits between sets of one film to the next.

    For his last outing at the movies, the Eid release Bharat, Salman Khan had to gain some weight to shoot his character’s older portions. After wrapping up the schedule in February, the 53-year-old actor moved on to Dabangg 3 which, incidentally, required him to maintain that physique for his seven-year comeback as Chulbul Pandey. The cop-drama is based in two eras—the present and flashbacks—that narrate the protagonists transformation from a local goon to Robinhood cop.

    Now, after wrapping up the present day portions, in which his character is closer to his real self in age, Salman is shedding all the extra weight to acquire a leaner look so that he can shoot for the flashback scenes that feature him in a younger avatar. “In the flashback portions, Chulbul is a man in his 20s, and Salman has been hitting the gym to get the required look,” revealed a source close to the development.

    Salman will be shooting for his younger portions in the film’s ongoing schedule in Mumbai, where he will also romance the second leading lady of the cop-drama, who is yet to be unveiled. “While it’s Rajjo in the current era, the flashback features another actress,” the source added. The shoot will wrap up by August after which, Salman begins shooting for Inshallah.

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  • What’s even the point of having siblings if you can’t stay up with them till two in the morning talking about the logistics of shape shifting?

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  • Came to a realization today that if I was a shape shifter that a tonne of furries would be after me… what has the world come to?

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  • Tonks is the only character I can think of that has the power to change their appearance that isn’t evil. Really like that. (Characters like Mystique (Marvel), T-1000 (Terminator), Envy (Fma), Clayface (dc comics) etc are all evil characters)

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  • Morphmagi are wizards and witches with inherited transfigurative ability. As we know, Tonks is a metamorphmagus, and this is a rare ability in itself. What if there are other related abilities in the field of shapeshifting that magic folk can inherit?

    Some morphic abilities are more extensive than others, but all are unlikely and impressive talents.

    Metamorphmagus- can manipulate their form in various ways, but must keep their human body plan. These ways include colouring, voice, the addition of non-human features, changes to the body. The more extensively nonhuman the change, the more temporary it is.

    Mega/Mircomorphmagus- an individual capable of increasing or decreasing the overall size of their body respectively.

    Androgynomorphmagus- can change their sex and features associated with each sex. Their ability to change features such as eye colour or bone structure is limited to the natural range between their male and female forms. As their genetics change between forms, it can be possible for them to have brown hair in sex A and blonde hair in sex B, allowing for a range of hair colours between these colours to be available. The features associated with the ‘male’ and ‘female’ forms can be intermixed to create variety.

    Animorphmagus- Similar to an animagus, the sole difference is that an animorphmagus is born with their ability. They can shift into the form of one animal at will. Typically an animorphmagus has better control over their animal mind and is less likely to become stuck in one form, either due to practice or because their magic is more naturally shaped to accommodate an animal’s mind, unlike the animagus who manipulates their magic via ritual.

    Polymorphmagus- incredibly rare, an individual of otherworldly transfigurative ability. They are capable of changing form to become multiple animals at will. Often the polymorphmagus exhibits a limited range of animal forms that are linked together somehow, such as by clade, colour or habitat, but with practice and experience, legendary polymorphmagi have been said to be able to become any creature they encounter. They may change their face as the metamorphmagus does, or their body as the androgynomorphmagus.

    These are just a few types of shapeshifting abilities I can think of off the top of my head. If anyone used these in a work of fiction I would be thrilled to read it! I’ve been mulling androgynomorphmagy over in my head for a while now and I love the idea. In regards to a character I would like to write as genderfluid, the magical ability to decide what they look like day to day to match their gender is pretty cool to play around with.

    #harry potter#headcanon#shape shifting#metamorphmagus#hp#worldbuilding#Tonks#magic headcanon #im sure there are other shapeshifting abilities i could talk about #but finding the root words to name them is something i'd rather do when i'm not tired #polymorphmagy is OP #and megamorphmagy is funny af and i came up with it on the spot #but i am gonna include it cos idc this is my blog #the toilet seat for my creative shits #dalashas
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