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    Finished up the concept designs for my preorder exclusive hammerhead stickers 😁 these aren’t the final colors, but they Will be holographic for sure

    The only way to get these stickers for free is to preorder my pins! ☺️ the post with a link to my preorder form is pinned to the top of this blog! Only a week and a half left to preorder so don’t miss out!

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  • i bet gawr gura’s skin is as smooth as shark skin

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  • Joe: “Well Shark, looks like we’ll be making another reaction”

    Shark: “It’s not another DVD Cover is it?”

    Joe: “No Shark, this is a film; a seven minute film to be precise”

    Shark: “What’s it called?”

    Joe: “This might entreat you, it’s called ‘The Shark and the Piano’

    Shark: ’Shark’ you say? I’m in! Uh boss, what’s a piano?”

    Joe: “It’s what humans use for hand-on entertainment. Now, no more questions; let’s get on with the film!” [Joe plays the video] 

    [Link to the whole video]

    [0:38 - 1:15] 

    • Joe: “Wow, what a scenery…”
    • Shark: “BOSS look! Is that a shark!?”
    • Joe: “Why do you think there’s the word ‘Shark’ in the title?”
    • Shark: “[gasp] It is a shark! Ooh, he’s looking for someone to EAT… Come on– uh… Boss, what’s his name?”
    • Joe: “I don’t know, I don’t think he has a name”
    • Shark: “I’ll call him Red! [to the video] Come on, just attack, don’t just look at them!”
    • Joe: “[chuckling] I think he’s one of those vegetarian sharks”

    [1:15 - 2:04]

    • Shark: [Bursts out laughing] Look at the way his nose sniffs!”
    • Joe: Well, sharks do have a remarkable sense of smell… [noticed the shark eating the wheel] Just as I foretold; he’s a vegetarian”
    • Shark: “Ouch! I hate to picture the spikes sticking out my gills”
    • Joe: “Shark, this is just a movie, that can’t happen in our dimension… oh look, he’s going to eat the anchor” [Both Joe and Shark laughing]
    • Shark: “He should’ve eaten lighter objects, eh boss?”
    • Joe: “I think that shark–”
    • Shark: “RED”
    • Joe: “[sighs] Red, is going to– yep, he ate the canon and balls, this should run through him swell” [Joe and Shark laughing at Red flinging]
    • Shark: “[While laughing] Oh no… they’re blowing up in him–[burst out laughing when Red leaped out of the water]

    [2:04 - 3:14]

    • Joe: “Ah… another sea creature, an octopus”
    • Shark: “That octopus is so small, compared to Red… Ah no! he got inked!”
    • Joe: “I believe he’s trying to make some friends”
    • Shark: “But he can’t, everybody is afraid of sharks; he just scared that little turtle”
    • Joe: [Noticed the family of fishes] [then he noticed a fish that looked a little like Fly] Hey! Why is that… oops… sorry, I thought he was someone else”
    • Shark: “AWW, look at the little baby! Aw, Red is trying to look like the sun. [sees the mother fish took the baby away] aww no, he won’t eat him… aw… Poor Red”
    • Joe: “Yes… this is what a life of a Shark is like… always being alone with no friends…”
    • Shark: “Boss stop it! You’re hurting Red’s feelings. [noticing Red is trying to hide his teeth] Oh Red, don’t hide your jaws…” [teared up a little bit]
    • Joe: “Shark, please… you’re going to make me cry too… [sees Red eating the mirror] AH… I can feel the broken glass in my throat” [gags a little bit]

    [3:15 - 5:15]

    • Joe: “White instead of black, I wonder–” [got startled by the fallen piano]
    • Shark: “Whoa! What’s that?”
    • Joe: “That there, Shark, is a piano”
    • Shark: “Aren’t those the same fishes that Red tried to befriended?”
    • Joe: “I assume so, due to my misunderstanding on the caparison between that fish to that annoying Californian Flyfish.”
    • Shark: “Here’s Red! I think he’s going to play it!”
    • Joe: “I think he just wants to eat it. [watching Red trying to eat the piano] For it to be underwater, it looked so handcrafted” [chuckles to the sight of Red trying to eat around the piano]
    • Shark: [both Shark and Joe gasped by the sound] “What a scary sound… But I think Red likes it though”
    • Joe: [listens to Red playing off key] AH… my poor ears, please stop!” [then heard the shark play a peaceful-like key]
    • Shark: [sees the baby fish] [gasp] “It’s that same baby fish! Hello little guy…”
    • Joe: “The little guy wanted Red to play some more… [Red plays a little tune] wow, he’s pretty good” [The little fish snuggling against the Sharks nose] 
    • Shark and Joe: “AWW…” [Joe started crying]
    • Shark: “There there, boss, it’s just a movie”
    • Joe: “Shut up! I’m not crying… it’s liquid feelings”
    • Shark: Now the rest of the fishes are listening to his playing without being afraid”
    • Joe: “I like how the little fish is dancing around the bubbles as Red plays, the animation was astounding” 

    [5:15 - 6:14]

    • Shark: “Oy! I wish I could live there, it’s so nice.”
    • Joe: “Shark, they live in the ocean, we live in the ocean, there’s only one ocean on this planet.”
    • Shark: “Yeah, but their world looked more friendly, our world is so… unfriendly… [noticed Red] There’s Red! He’s going to play for all of these fishes! He’s got friends now! [noticed the baby fish again] here’s the little cutie with his family, he’s the only one I would never eat…”
    • Joe: I think they just respect him for his playing, Shark. [Shark grows at Joe] [Joe chuckled nervously] No, I was wrong, I’m sorry; everybody loved Red for his personality, not just for his playing.” 
    • Shark:[Shark shushed Joe before the Shark plays his piano] [listens to the shark playing] Pretty…” [hums silently]
    • Joe: “That audio was a bit off there, but yes, I agree; he does play beautifully”

    [The End]

    Joe: “Well… that was a cute film… A bit off on the stereotypes about sharks being able to eat objects, but still; something that is worth watching again. What did you think of the film, Shark?”

    Shark: “I love it! It was funny to begin with… but it’s also very sad… the shark just wanted to make some friends, but every creature swims off in fright, I can’t imagine myself being in this situation… That movie has really spoken to me…”

    Joe: “Really, what’s it say?”

    Shark: “It’s saying that I’m late for finding my supper, I better get at it! Thanks for showing me the film" [swims off]

    Joe: [shocked and disappointed] “Darn, I could’ve sworn he was going to give up on eating other fishes…” >:(

    #reactions #Help! I'm a Fish #A Fish Tale #Joe the Pilotfish #Shark #the shark and the piano
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  • #Repost from my conservationist friend & excellent photographer & drone pilot! @trystan_an_zora @download.ins

    The morning Leopard Shark commute 🦈🦈🤙🤙

    Amazing drone footage of a beautiful shark species! Enjoy but Please Protect! @jim_abernethy
    @wildlifevoiceinc .
    #sharks #leopardsharks #leopardshark #elasmobranch #sandiego #california #lajolla #lajollashores #mysdphoto #visitsd #oceanskeepers #ocean #oceanlove #oceanminded #getoutside #shark #sharkweek #natgeo #natgeowild #natgeoyourshot #discoversharks #freediving #dji #djiglobal #nature #exploretocreate #scrippsinstitutionofoceanography (at San Diego, California)

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  • shark

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  • Shark

    #shark#animals#fish#doodles #was supposed to be a birthday present #don't think they will see this tho #why did so many people decided to be born this month?? #art
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    I’ve created a new baby boy uwu

    I’m still working on him, but idk, maybe I have created him just for fun pwp

    #my art#my oc#new oc#sasohan#Soren#Prince #he have a mermain form too #I got inspired a little bit for Siren from Castle Swimmer- #oc#Dolphin#Shark
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    Newest piece! 🍜🦈

    I really enjoyed working on this one, dirst time I’ve drawn Ramen or sharks. Working to get more designs in my Redbubble shop!

    Commissions are open. DM for details. :)

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  • first pixel ive finished in a LONG time and boy……. its fun but i forgot how hard it was lol

    + bonus animated version (-:

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  • Reposted from @thewildlife.ocean This guy hopped on the boat and got a free meal!😳🙌🌎
    Credit : @nautical.daily

    Follow us 👉 @thewildlife.ocean 👈 for amazing content.
    #oceanvibes #oceanlife #oceanlifestyle #ocean #shark #sharks #whiteshark #sharkattack #stopfinning #dolphin #dolphins #dolphinlove #sharklover #scuba #scubadiving #scubalife #scubalove #scubadive #seacreatures #deepsea #underwater #snowbeach #snowday #snowphotography
    Repost by @ejup2009 (en Malasaña)

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    some sketches ✨✨

    #o recently learned how to draw anatomy and i feel like a GOD #art#drawing#digital art#oc#ocs#digitalart #artists on tumblr #fantasy#snail#merman#shark#mermaid#my art
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  • Just some random doodles.

    #HIAF #Help im a fish #A Fish Tale #Help! Im A Fish #Joe #Joe The Pilot Fish #Pilot Fish#Pilot#Fish#Shark#Dog#Felidae#Felidae AU #HIAF Felidae Crossover AU #HIAF AU
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