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  • axysbbygurl
    23.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    so, i had voiced my opinion on the whole Tumblr+ thing a few hours ago...🥀

    [don't know if anyone read that post yet, cuz i deleted it for no reason LoL...]

    what my problem was: what does a website that hasn't had monetized content for years, suddenly wanna make money for? so i had come to the conclusion that Tumblr was doing this on purpose just to garner attention, cuz this is basically a dead website and they're probably just thirsty sluts who will do anything to get attention again...

    after thinking about it for a while though, the whole "dead website" concept was lingering on my mind, and it hit me...

    what if Tumblr is not tryna make money off of us? if Tumblr hasn't made money for years, Tumblr will never make money again...

    Post+ may not be Tumblr's money making project....

    Post+ is Tumblr's suicide mission.

    if they're gone, then they're gone. and this is how they'll bury this dead website once and for all.

    you think if we do a whole day protest, that they're gonna take action? that they're gonna try to save themselves? even if they wanted to, trust me y'all, they can't. they're not YouTube. they're not Google. they don't have the man power or the money to handle what we're about to do. they can't survive, and they know this, and that's why they're doing what they're doing. to end their suffering once and for all. something that's dead is dead, and cannot die again. they just decided to bury their ashes now.

    maybe they want us to protest.

    maybe they wanna just get it over with.

    the protest is not gonna save us. it's gonna kill Tumblr, and whether you know it, or like it, or not, if Tumblr gets killed - it's gonna kill our blogs in return.

    our content is gonna go. this community is gonna die. the system is gonna crash.

    they'll say they aren't making money and they'll wipe the website off the face of the internet like they always intended to.

    and i don't know if i wanna lose y'all or this community in the name of tryna keep a dev. team that doesn't care about us in line...

    i know it seems counterintuitive, to not do something about the whole Post+ thing, but it's gonna destroy this website. and they're taking us down with it.

    if that's the case, then this website has finally become uninhabitable.

    the only solution i can suggest then is that we should start searching for another platform for ourselves right away.

    we need to care about ourselves, and our content, and our fans, and our friendships that have lived here. not the platform we use.

    if they've done what they're doing right now, i don't wanna imagine what they might to do us in the future. if Tumblr is putting out Post+ for their own purposeful and dare i say it, much needed demise...

    i don't recommend a one day log off. i recommend a permanent log out.

    the internet is a vast place and i'm sure we're smart enough. i'm sure we'd find a way out of Tumblr's doom. cuz it's gonna be like fuckin' Titanic in here in this case, i suggest we leave even before we get hit.

    we needn't bring an anchor onto this sinking ship.

    for the sakes of our safety, our blog's safety, and for the livelihoods of our communities, let Tumblr lay themselves to rest in peace and probably hope to find another way to get our content out there, and find each other on the other side...

    cuz i don't think they're gonna budge their depressed asses to continue to let us post free content if this is their plan...

    it's just a theory, but i'm just tryna look at this from another set of lenses, what do y'all think?


    S. 💙🥀

    #lemme know what y'all think #i'd love to hear from you all! #sharon rants#sharon talks#tumblr+#post+#postplusprotest#tumblr
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  • axysbbygurl
    22.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    okay, wait a minute a'right, hear me out…

    what if Tumblr is doing this whole Post+ thing on purpose just to create a ruckus on the internet, to get some attention, considering that this website has already practically died 10 years ago...

    cuz, you know… sometimes people go to extreme measures for attention; and also considered that they don’t care about us anyway, they’d do anything for themselves at this point…

    just a thought, 🤷🏻‍♀️🥀.

    #please if I'm wrong about this then let me know cuz i think im a genius but im also extremely hormonal rn LoL like i said before... #y'all are the only ones thay can keep me in line here... #also feel free to add on #sharon talks#sharon rants#axysbbygurl#tumblr +#post +#post -#tumblr #srry i deleted this LoL it was an accidemt
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  • axysbbygurl
    13.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Happiness is when you've been deprived of caffeine for three fuckin' days straight because "it's not healthy for you", losing your mind completely due to the lack thereof, and waking up one morning to somehow miraculously getting a 750 ML bottle of Pepsi to start your day...🥀

    #i swear #nothing has felt better than this rn #i feel like the universe has given me the drink of everlasting life #sharon rants#sharon shitposts#axysbbygurl
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  • whitesuited
    07.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago



    ....... did they just acknowledge sharon losing her baby back in v5 for the first time since ...... v5!?!? 

    because i am both emotional that someone finally let her say it and also annoyed AF that it took this long.

    #holy sh*t they acknowledged sharon losing her baby #2008! #two. #thousand. #and eight. #it's been thirteen years since that arc #THIRTEEN YEARS#pregnancy tw#miscarriage tw #and this is not the place for me to rant about how they handled it #and how gross it was for two men to decide whether or not she should be told #after ANOTHER man wipes her memory of being pregnant in the first place #okay im done i promise #wednesday spoilers #wednesday spoilers /
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  • anxieteandbiscuits
    26.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    has anyone done this yet?

    #sami rambles #bucky shows up with pepsi says its better and proceeds to hide his smile as sam goes on a 45 min rant about how wrong he is #tfatws#sam wilson#bucky barnes#sharon carter
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  • pietro-quicksilver-maximoffanon
    11.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    My sister said I needed a haircut so I dyed it instead... @wandamaximoffnonnie Back to my natural, you like it?

    Photo creds to porumbelul meu, @sharoncarternonnie

    #pietro rants#new hair#new me#sharon ❤️ #my dove 🕊 #pietro and wanda #twins #my other half
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  • pietro-quicksilver-maximoffanon
    10.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Tell me how I ever got so lucky to call this one my girlfriend.. Porumbelul meu, I promise to always love and care for you, no matter what. I’ll always come runnin’ home to you, dragoste. 


    (( ooc// while yes Sharon and Pietro are dating officially now they are still both open to having fun ;) )) 

    #pietro rants#sharon ❤️ #my dove 🕊 #a speedster and his dove
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  • kailee-phoenix-holtzanon
    09.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Aren’t these two the cutest? 💙❤️

    @sharoncarternonnie @pietro-quicksilver-maximoffanon

    #phoenix rants #sharon x pietro #cuties
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  • pietro-quicksilver-maximoffanon
    08.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Good morning iubirile mele, how did you all sleep?

    I have a date tonight so excuse me if I’ll a little excited and all over the place today.

    (translation: my loves)

    #pietro rants#good morning #pietro is nervous #date night#sharon ❤️ #my dove 🕊
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  • pietro-quicksilver-maximoffanon
    08.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Good morning iubirile mele, how did you all sleep?

    I have a date tonight so excuse me if I’ll a little excited and all over the place today.

    #pietro rants#good morning #pietro is nervous #date night#sharon ❤️ #my dove 🕊
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  • pietro-quicksilver-maximoffanon
    07.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    So.. @sharoncarternonnie, porumbelul meu, would you like to go on a date with me??

    I know @kailee-phoenix-holtzanon already exposed my crush on you.. 

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  • axysbbygurl
    02.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    hey, thnx you to the sweet anon who sent in all those asks! I feel like I gotta put it out there, cause I hadn't done an ask meme in so long and it was actually making me sad LoL. but hey, against my better judgement, my inbox was blowing up so thank you so much, and to the others who sent in thier asks too. I had a lotta fun answering them, can't wait to do more with y'all, love ya!😚💙🥀

    [and here's the meme in question lol]

    #sharon rants#sharon talks #sharon's asks and replies #just wanted to thank yall cause you guys are way too sweet #axysbbygurl
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  • fenny2613
    28.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Sam patting Bucky on the back after sex and saying “good job buddy” leaving a very confused Bucky to question if their dating or not.

    They are. Sam expresses his affection through pats.

    #Sharon has to listen to Bucky rant about this and decides that yes being the bad guy is the right path for her #sambucky#bucky barnes#sam wilson#tfatws
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  • nocek
    19.05.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • mejacinta
    02.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Contradiction 1: have Sam reach Karli emotionally twice, and build a small understanding. Only to suddenly make the girl want to shoot Sam in the head!!!!

    Would've rather Karli tried to save Sam by trying to shoot Sharon (who she knew was the Power Broker), because that just makes more sense, given how she didn't see Sam as an enemy, right?🤷

    Then maybe Sharon would be faster with her gun, and shoot Karli instead. And Sam would've thought it was in self defense.

    Way more realistic than how they out of the blue made Karli turn the gun on Sam. 🤷 Or is it that she just had more rage towards Sam than Sharon?? Who knows???

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  • heckolve
    27.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    tagged by @homoeroticfever​ to share 4 songs i’ve been listening 2 ✌

    #i've been listening to a Normal amount of sharon van etten 🥴 #any of y'all can say i tagged you if you want to do this lol esp mutuals #tagged#rant
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  • luminousscarlct
    24.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    I don’t care what anyone says turning Sharon into a villain, because you wanted to shock an already fragile audience who don’t know how to view her as it is is both lazy writing, and pure sexism. And you could have done BETTER. 

    #tfatws spoilers #(I mean look at her tags) #(she already deals with enough heat as a character for purely EXISTING) #(you either like her or you hate her) #(and you either like this story or you hate it) #(people who hated her to begin with are probably banging their fists on the desk) #(and going 'we told you so') #(where as those who liked her are outraged) #(sure there might be some in-between bits but very rarely with someone like her) #(also I'm not gonna waste my time and breath ranting about Peggy's legacy) #(but I WILL remind people that Sharon is BETTER than this) #(nobody's expecting her to live up to Peggy in every way shape or form but she's a fucking CARTER) #(SHE WAS RAISED TO ALWAYS FIGHT FOR WHAT SHE BELIEVES IN WHAT IS RIGHT) #(NOT TURNED INTO A VILLAIN SO SHE'S SUDDENLY INTERESTING) #(THAT REALLY IS THE ONLY POINT O IT RIGHT??) #*OF #(LIKE WHATEVER THAT'S FINE IF YOU WANNA DO THAT) #(BUT DON'T TURN AROUND AND PIN HER VILLAIN-Y-NESS ON BUCKY OR SAM) #(THEY ARE NOT HER BAYSITTERS AND SHE IS NOT THEIR'S) #9THEY ARE ALL GROWN ASS ADULTS) #(and for the record Sharon KNEW what she was getting herself into when she helped Steve) #(don't get me wrong I'd be upset too) #(but I can't get on board with LAZY WRITING) #(bottom line by endgame Steve only cared about his dick and his dick's needs) #(and people like Sharon got stabbed in the back because of that) #(but shit like that shouldn't have reduced her to a villain IT'S CHEAP) #(it all could have been done so much better overall if that was your goal in the first place) #(and hell I would have been on board with that)
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  • redgillan
    23.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    ♫ Who's been messing up everything? It's been Sharon all along ♫ 

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  • team-cap-for-the-win
    23.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Let's talk about Sharon Carter since I can't do this anymore


    I'm so sick and tired of marvel treating women the way they do. It would be one thing to make Sharon an art hustler who had to learn how to blend in in Madripoor and became disillusioned with superheroes because of her bad experiences. I loved that for her in episode 3. I loved her anger and bitterness. But I also loved that despite it, she was willing to help.

    Life gave her a bad hand, and she made do with it, learnt how to survive in a harsh world where no hero is coming to save her. I get that, I really do, and I would have loved it if she was a sort of anti-hero throughout FATWS, and maybe Sam could show her the light again.

    But Marvel decided to make her a straight up villain. And not a fun one, or a morally ambiguous villain, no. No, she's the Power Broker, the top dog of Madripoor, a criminal mastermind who melts people's faces off, hires a hitman to kill her friend, murders a girl to keep her dirty secrets, and sells weapons to literal terrorists. This change happened all in the span of five years. All off screen. And we're just supposed to buy that? I don't.

    Look, I get it. A hero going to the dark side is an interesting story and it's in no way inherently bad. Gosh, Sharon has all the reasons to break bad. However, I refuse to believe a character who used to be kind, empathetic, righteous, and absolutely willing to do the right thing, would ever turn out so bad. Because the stuff she's doing right now is just despicable. She is doing the same thing Obadiah Stane was condemned for, people! This isn't girl boss power or whatever, this is doing a complete 180 on a character's personality, all off screen. New Sharon is ruthless. Manipulative. And she never shows any remorse. She seems smug, if anything! She isn't a good person. Not anymore.

    And why is this an issue, you ask? Three reasons.

    One; as everything in Marvel, fandom blames it on Steve Rogers. Not to make this about him but he didn't force Sharon to do anything. She helped out of her own volition and accepted the consequences of her actions, the same way she did in CA:TWS. The story that followed after is unclear. Steve was on the run too, as was Sam. They couldn't have helped her much if she split off, which is likely. And in Endgame, she is shown to be among the Dusted. My theory is she was just presumed dead, stuck laying low in Madripoor, with no one knowing she was alive. You know, kind of like in the comics. It would be interesting to see her come to terms with that and let go of her anger. If anyone could convince her the fight was worth it, it would be Sam.

    Two; all of her nuance is gone. Sharon was a minor character, and she didn't have a lot of character, but there is nothing of the old Sharon here. Nothing. She doesn't ever have doubts about what she's doing. She has no remorse. Far as I'm concerned, she is completely evil now. And considering that she can be summed up as "superhero's disgruntled ex" it is not a good look. It enforces the idea that women become vile upon rejection. Which isn't what happened in the movies, but gosh does it imply that. I do not like it. I do not want it. She deserves better than to be reduced into a one-dimensional evil villain. Because that's what she became now. I was looking forward to her arc, but there was no arc to speak of. Boom, she's evil now! She doesn't change throughout the show at all. Which is extremely jarring when compared to Sam and Bucky. Even Zemo had more character development SHOWN than her. I'm disappointed.

    And three; people are already unironically stanning her. You do you, everyone knows the Marvel fandom loves their murderers, but please consider that what Sharon is doing is not "good for her" or "what she deserves". She is actively hurting people. Acknowledge that what she's doing is WRONG and that she needs to be stopped. Because believe it or not, trauma doesn't give you the right to intentionally harm other people.

    There, I had to say it. God I hope this isn't considered a hot take. I am sick of Marvel degrading its female characters like this. Sharon had so much potential, but it was all thrown aside for a twist villain. She could have had such a nice story about finding her way again, about owning her past and building from it. Her being a villain isn't wrong per say, but the way they did it rubs me the wrong way. It's the way they erased her prior character and replaced it with being evil. It's the way she abandoned all her morals. It's the way she can't possibly believe what she's doing is right; she just wants the world to burn, I guess.

    Thanks Marvel, I hate it.

    Feel free to drop your own thoughts, I hope this wasn't too incomprehensible or too hateful. And I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way :/

    #sharon carter #i don't want to tag this as anti #because i really liked her up until this point #if i do any more posts like this i will tag them anti #rant#meta#discourse#fatws#tfatws#fatws spoilers#tfatws spoilers#long post
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