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  • Direct from the head of Peacock!

    They will be paying attention to how Psych does on Peacock and are willing to make a 3rd movie.


    Reblog to spread the word!

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  • this one tiny moment always makes me so happy

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  • Burton Guster in every episode
    ↳ 1.02: “Spellingg Bee”

    #i finished hannibal....can't stop thinking about Them........ #psych#psychusa#burton guster#shawn spencer#dule hill#james roday#mine #gus in every episode #shawn is bi #shawn/gus#shawn&gus #shawn x gus #psychedit#tvedit#filmedit#filmtv#tvfilm#tvgifs#filmgifs#tvedits#filmedits
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  • okay hear me out

    i love shassie

    i’m currently rewatching a bunch of episodes solely because they have good shassie content

    BUT i cannot at all see them as a couple

    100% shawn has a thing for lassie i’ve seen that since i started the show all those years ago

    and lassie definitely also has a thing for shawn

    but my hc is that they both think the feelings are unreciprocated (stupidly in lassie’s case as anyone can see that shawn is flirting)

    OR i can also see them like hooking up between shawns canon relationships that also makes sense to me

    but i honestly just think it’s ooc for them to admit to the world their in a relationship

    i like the dynamic they have as ‘friends who are low key high key really attracted to each other but never officially do anything about it’

    #plus both these ways can exist within the realm of canon #and i like that #psych#shassie#carlton lassiter#shawn spencer#timothy omundson#james roday#lassie
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  • image

    Guess who’s rewatching Psych! Have some shitty doodles (sorry about the eraser smudges, you know how it is)


    Shawn: “I’m sensing… a negative presence”

    “Nevermind it was just Lassie” (Lassie labelled in background)

    Shawn, peering through a window: “Quiet, Gus, I’m trying to read their lips”

    (lip reading) “now salsa you mittens”

    Gus: “You can’t read lips”

    Shawn: “I can’t read lips”

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  • Incorrect Quotes: Psych Edition #2

    Shawn: Jules, you’re like an angel with no wings.

    Juliet: So, like a person.


    Originally posted by stannesfaction

    #Psych#Shawn Spencer#Juliet O’Hara #Shawn x Juliet #shules #source: parks and rec #Andy and April quote #otp: i have a room... a really nice room. paid for by a convicted criminal #it feels like something Shawn would say
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    • Gus: Hello?
    • Shawn: Hey, what's up?
    • Gus: I need your help, can you come here?
    • Shawn: I can't, I'm buying clothes.
    • Gus: Alright, well hurry up and get over here!
    • Shawn: Well, I can't find them.
    • Gus: What do you mean you can't find them?
    • Shawn: I can't find them, there's only soup.
    • Gus: What do you mean, "there's only soup"?
    • Shawn: I mean there's only soup!!!
    • Gus: well then, get out of the soup aisle!
    • Shawn: alright, you don't have to shout at me!
    • Shawn: there's more soup!!
    • Gus: what do you mean, there's more soup?
    • Shawn: there's just more soup!
    • Gus: go into the next aisle!
    • Shawn: there's still soup!
    • Gus: Where ARE you right now!?
    • Shawn: I'm at soup!!!
    • Gus: What do you mean, you're at soup!!?
    • Shawn: I'M AT SOUP!!!!
    • Gus: what STORE are you in!?!?
    • Shawn: I'm at the soup store!
    #psych#incorrect quotes #incorrect psych quotes #source: tik tok #shawn spencer#burton guster #brotp: my humidifier looks nothing like a coffeemaker! #s h i t p o s t
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  • Back with more shules fluff… post-movie :) Pregnancy fluff bc that’s whqat I’m known for

    I’ll Take Care of You

    Shawn is not embarrassed to say that as soon as Juliet gets home, he follows her like a sheepdog follows an errant member of his flock. “How are you feeling?”

    His pregnant wife pulls open the doors to the fridge. “Eh. Still a bit nauseous.”

    Shawn frowns. “But you’re… hungry?”

    “No,” says Juliet, shaking her head. “I thought we had lemonade in here… and maybe mint…”

    Shawn winces. “Uh… Gus and I finished the lemonade this afternoon.”

    Juliet gives him a strong look. “Shawn.”


    His wife sighs and pulls open the freezer, setting a condesating cardboard can on the island in front of him. “That plus however much water it tells you in the big pitcher, please… and don’t forget the mint.”

    Shawn nods quickly, hurrying to mix the lemonade. “Sorry about that… how was work?”

    Jules sighs, sitting on a kitchen barstool with her elbows on the island and her chin in her hands. “Just paperwork. I guess it’s good that I’m not overexerting myself, but it’s hard to focus and get things done when I’m feeling nauseous all day.”

    On his way to grab glasses from the cabinet, Shawn pauses and kisses her hair. “I’m sorry, baby. Are the meds from the doctor working?”

    She shrugs. “They work for most of the morning and then they wear off before I’m allowed to take them again. But things like mint and lemon and those ginger chews work. Oh, and that tea I bought.”

    “Well, that’s good,” Shawn sighs. “What week does it normally go away, again?”

    “After the first trimester,” Juliet answers, “but it can be worse with twins, and from what I’ve had so far…”

    Pawing through the veggies in the fridge, Shawn makes a sympathetic noise. “Aha! Mint.” He pours two glasses of lemonade, adding the fresh green leaves to Juliet’s. “Here you go, babe. How else can I help?”

    Juliet takes his hand and silently draws them out to the screened porch. Only once they’re settled on the porch swing does Shawn raise an eyebrow in question.

    One hand holding her lemonade, Jules snuggles into him, sitting fully on his lap with her hand in his hair and her face in his neck. “I love you.”

    Shawn is always down for cuddles. A wide smile curls over his face, and her rests his free hand on her gently rounded stomach. “Aw, Jules. I love you, too.”

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  • Confession time: I love detective shows!

    My favorite detective show is Monk. I’ve been watching it since I was a kid and had my Alvin and the Chipmunks phase. I was a little confused, but Adrian Monk is much more entertaining than any small rodent.

    Also as an Autistic person I felt a special connection to the show, especially as I grew older and realized that I share much in common with Mr Monk.

    Lately I’ve been hooked on another show called Psych. My mom doesn’t like it because the protagonist is a little bit of an a-hole, but that’s exactly why I like it. Shawn and Gus are hilarious.

    I’m also a fan of Columbo and Forensic Files. That FF narrator has such an amazing voice and Columbo is a nice change of pace from other detective shows.

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  • I’ve been having so many ideas for fic/writing, but have no motivation because toxic home environment. So I’m just gonna share my thoughts on the Psych/Leverage crossover I want to do so it feels like I’m sharing lmao.


    After leverage, season 6 of psych

    Ot3, shawn/jules before reveal

    Leverage crime: criminal has main residence in santa barbara (that beach lifeeee). Has a business selling homes on bodies of water, doesn’t offer insurance and uses shoddy building materials, so can sell them for ‘cheap’. Targets lower income people who want a waterfront property, still insists they keep paying him even as home falls apart around them. Also, made money on the collapse, black book, all that

    The con: get him to admit subpar materials and transfer a whole bunch of money; act like a new materials dealer that has wildly cheaper materials? Set up a sting/recording/live stream of him admitting things at meetup, stream it to his next big convention of potential buyers. Accuse him of a much worse crime (the murder), he says ‘nah fam I was just arguiung with him over this other bad thing I’m doing

    Psych: investigating criminal for something that seems unrelated; there was a murder and the criminal was seen arguing with victim. Turns out the victim had info on the nefarious building deals! Uh oh!

    Someone else did the murder, leverage crew has to convince psych to not accuse real guy until they got their guy, psych insists on helping, chaos ensues.

    Shawn cannot fight, but everytime something goes a little right he’s just like ELIOT :D :D :D

    Biphobia, queerphobia, etc do not exist. Ot3 is happy, everyone is chill. Shawn in bi (loves jules Obviously, but jokes are essential to the bi identity). Adhd shawn. Him and parker get on with that. Until she pushes him off a building.

    Shawn tries to act cool in front of eliot for .02 seconds but it Does Not Work and then he sees eliot being a dork with ot3 and is like WAIT A SECOND

    Yin gets talked about because Feelings

    They tell shawn to tell jules, grifting talk

    ‘Oh and you’re so much better than us? Psychic?’

    Parker has a small problem with him being a psychic, but he sees this and doesn’t ever involve her in a psychic reading because i will protect parker at all costs. More talk about grifting to help people, makes shawn Uncomfort

    #psych#leverage#shawn spencer#eliot spencer#parker#alec hardison#psych/leverage#leverage ot3#fic #i write sometimes #if you’d like #please talk to me about this #tune in next time to hear my #watcher are you scared story #based on shane’s joke
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  • I’ve just realised that Shawn Spencer from Psych and Stiles Stillinski from Teen wolf are the exact same person if the supernatural didn’t exist

    #psych#shawn Spencer#stiles stilinski#teen wolf #oh shit this means theyre also sherlock and watson #i only know stiles from fanfictions ive never watched teen wolf past episode 3 #everyone watch psych
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  • Rewatch Psych and thinking about how I didn’t even recognize how much of a shitty, abusive father Henry is to Shawn. We really all grew up with this normalized, didn’t we?

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  • Shawn Spencer: The Pineapple grenade is a great source of relaxation.

    *Shoots ‘accidentally’ at Gus*

    Gus: SHAWN!!!

    #incorrect Psych quotes #shawn spencer#burton guster#Psych #this isnt funny i know but i heard this somewhere and i knew Shawn would have done this
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  • Czasem kiedy mówię, że u mnie w porządku chciałabym żeby ktoś spojrzał mi w oczy, uściskał mnie mocno i powiedział wiem, że wcale tak nie jest.

    #incorrect quotes#life quotes#wallpaper#music#illustration #books & libraries #photography#quoteoftheday#travel#sketchbook#shawn spencer #shawn peter raul mendes #5 seconds of summer #smutny cytat#summer#obrzydzenie #cytat o życiu #cytaty o przyjaźni #artists on tumblr #home office decor #shawn x reader #shawn x camila #xd #geralt x jaskier #xbox #audio book download on android #obey me#ocs#ootd#ocean
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  • Jeśli kiedykolwiek za mną zatęsknisz, to pamiętaj, że nie uciekłam. To ty pozwoliłeś mi odejść.

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