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  • yeah i just drew this for fun

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  • messing around with style again and I decided to try going lineless? which is underratedly a LOT of fun

    #spop#spop fanart#she ra #she ra fanart #catradora#catradora fanart#shera#shera fanart #she ra and the princess of power #she ra and the princess of power fanart #hetzi art #the flowers are different in catra's hands thats becuase she stole them from perfuma's garden : )
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  • image
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  • can someone be the adora to my catra thanks love you

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  • image

    @loloudi-the-loser told me to draw smth from she-ra so here we are!

    (p.s. in the future please ask if my requests are open, and then ask me to draw something!)

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  • it’s hilarious how this fandom perceives glimmer as some anti-pda-catradora-ohmygodiwillkillbothofuforlaughinginmymeeting person bc she’s really such a huge catradora shipper n yeah if they never shut up when together she’ll pretend to be annoyed but really u can’t tell me she wouldn’t be amused n happy for her friends❤️

    #glimmer#catra#adora#catradora#she ra#spop #she ra spop #shera #n e way #its hilarious but just ooc for her imo
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  • https://archiveofourown.org/works/26565391/chapters/64763077

    I said I would post chapter one today, here’s the start of “Reflections”, my first Fan Fic. It’s a post-canon story set about 20 years after season 5 (so spoilers for the show, obviously).

    I also reference music a lot, it wasn’t intentional at first, but it evolved into me referencing the same band every chapter, multiple times more often than not.

    I would love feedback on it, but please don’t just say “it sucks”, please give actual constructive criticism!

    #she ra#she-ra#spop#catradora#glimbow #best friend squad #some... other characters 😏
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  • image

    A saga

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  • image

    “What are you”

    “An idiot sandwich”

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  • image

    Local dictator tired of his subordinates’ bullshit

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  • image

    Matching hoodies and cuddles ❤️

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  • One of the greatest shifts in my perception of Hordak happened once his cult origins were revealed and involved envisioning his nature upon his arrival on Etheria.

    Once upon a time, I imagined him being angry and distraught, freshly rejected by Prime, but still predatory. I still thought of him as a disgraced general.

    Once his true origins were revealed, he lost any and all predatory nature I had once assumed. In its place, he gained an aura of fear, of being lost and desperate and resorting to a sort of theatrical predation to survive.

    It’s probably the biggest shift in perception I had, after the initial realization that he was going to be a fully fleshed out character in season three.

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  • Just finished watching Season 3 again for these rankings…and I gotta be perfectly honest, this season is probably the one that interested me the least rewatching it? Maybe it’s because it’s so short and there is only really one storyline throughout most of the season, but there wasn’t much about the season that really blew me away. Still, it doesn’t make me cringe at any point or emotionally hurt me, so it still stays above Season 4 in terms of my personal preference. Now, on the actual rating, going from favorite to least favorite.

    1. The Portal
    2. Moment of Truth
    3. The Price of Power
    4. Once Upon a Time in the Waste
    5. Huntara
    6. Remember
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  • 💒Meet our next wedding planner!💒


    〘 She will be in charge of the writers and providing her amazing beta services! 〙

    You can find her here:

    Tumblr 》 @yoriiarts

    Twitter 》 yoriiarts

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  • Words: ~8,100

    Description: Adora has been captured and chipped by Horde Prime. Glimmer tried to free her from the clutches of Prime but fails, resulting in her becoming seriously injured and Adora fully allowing the chip to take over her mind. Separated and in the midst of Etheria about to be fully taken over, Glimmer remains determined to save Adora. Meanwhile, Adora is lost in her own perfect world. Though when she looks closer, somethings don’t seem right.

    There are things both girls want to say to each other during all this, apologizes and confessions, but now there might be too late to say any of it.

    A/N: okay so Imma going to switch to a sunday update cause I realized school is back(? idk what schools are doing atm) and like most people work on monday and sunday got most voted for. so yeeeeeaaaaahhhh. Not much else to say really, dunno when next chapter will be out if it’s a one week or two week cause it got LONG and i still then need to queue up the other and like writing has been a bit slowed down cause depression is a bitch

    tw in this chapter: panic attack/flashback/some negative thoughts. 



    She has to be close by now. Sure, she has had to make a couple stops to avoid being seen or to take a rest, such as now, but it has to be close. Glimmer left the campsite only a couple of hours before her encounter with Adora and it feels like she has been walking as long. Granted, that is a struggle at the moment. Right now, she sits behind a tree, keeping her ears and eyes peeled. She must take extra care for her sake and the sake of the unconscious body in her arms. 

    Adora has barely made any movements since breaking free of Horde Prime control. Only the occasional mutter or moan escapes her, telling the queen she is still alive. Glimmer watches her sleep as she takes her own moment’s rest. This still does not feel real, like she is dreaming and at any moment, someone will wake her and Adora will still be chipped. 

    Two weeks. Two weeks since she last saw her uncontrolled. Two weeks since they last had their quick embrace on the ship. Two weeks since they said once everything was said and done, they would try to fix things. Even more time has passed since they actually have spent time with each other that did not involve going for each other’s throats. Now she is back, albeit altered. Glimmer hates imagining what went on to change Adora’s look so much. The sooner she can get her back to the camp and examine and out of these clothing, the better. 

    Glimmer shifts Adora, pulling her into a limp sitting position. Most of the metal chip on the base of her neck is gone. Shattered from their fight and ripped off by the blonde herself. In its place is dry blood. The pieces that remain are small. A sliver of what used to be the ring around the chip, a couple of the bits that stuck out from the side, and a small quarter bit in the middle stay lodged in her body. The queen reaches out in an attempt to remove what looks like to be a loose piece. However, the second she gives the slightest tug, a sharp, painful cry escapes Adora. 

    “Sorry! Sorry!” Glimmer says. She cradles Adora again. The blonde still is unconscious but her face has twisted into that of agnoy. “Okay, no touching that. Maybe Entrapta can get it out without hurting you. Sorry again.”

    She has no idea if Adora can hear her right now. Probably not. But her face does loosen after a moment. Glimmer wishes she could rid Adora of the rest of the chip. She already has discarded some sort of small communication pad the blonde had in a pocket. No need to have a random call from Prime or him using that somehow to find them. Hopefully, he isn’t out looking for Adora now that she isn’t a pawn in his game. Glimmer still finds it hard to look at the blonde in the white robes with his symbol on her chest. 

    Glimmer checks her surroundings once more. Nothing looks like it is about to jump out at and attack her. With a deep breath, she rises to her feet. For a moment, she wobbles, nearly falling over with Adora. The queen quickly catches herself, preventing any injury from occurring. Damn. She really needs to get home. Even if Adora is a little easier to carry right now, that battle and most, if not all, her magic being drained is doing her little good. It takes her a moment to stable herself. When she feels like she won’t collide with the ground, the queen begins her trek once more. 

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  • Hi! I’m Xell – bisexual feminist from Russia.

    I’m new on Tumblr and would like to make friends and mutuals to create content for such fandoms as:

    ~ The Owl House

    ~ She-Ra and the Princess of Power

    ~ Kakegurui

    ~ Tangled

    ~ ATLA (Legend of Korra)

    I give priority to representation of woman and wlw.

    #make friends#fic writing #the owl house #tangled#she-ra#kakegurui #tangled the series #tangled the shitpost #she ra#compulsive gambler#безумный азарт#рапунцель#совиныйдом #she ra and the princesses of power #she ra analysis #she ra fandom #tangled fandom#owl house#toh fandom#kkg#fandom#fanfic#mutuals #looking for mutuals #avatar the last airbender #legend of korra #atla fandom#feminist#lgbtq#wlw love
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