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  • Catra comes home to Scorpia after a long time apart


    Catra leans back in the bed at the hotel she is at. At least these business trips don’t make you pay from a room. It isn’t a five star place but it’s not a one star place either. More like a three star which isn’t so bad. Tomorrow is her last day here before she has to go on a plane and head back home. Finally. It has been so long since she was back home. Not to mention, Scorpia will be there, waiting to crush her in a hug. 

    Speaking of her girlfriend, Catra grabs her laptop from the nightstand, opens and turns it on, and calls Scorpia on it. There is a chance that she won’t pick up, it is late after all, but it is worth a shot. After a few rings, Scorpia appears on screen. She looks tired but happy. 

    “Hiya, Wildcat. How are you?” Scorpia asks. 

    “Tired, which you look like as well. Tomorrow is going to be a long day and I plan on sleeping on the plane.”

    “Yeah I am sleepy. Had a long day at work. But I can’t wait to see you. Sorry that I cannot pick you up at the airport but I will be waiting for at the house.”

    Catra shrugs. “Stuff happens. Long as I don’t have to do jack when I get back. I need a break after all this running around.”

    “Don’t you worry. Get some rest. I’ll see you soon.” Scorpia blows her a kiss. Catra catches it and blows one back. Scorpia smiles and catches hers as well before turning off her screen share. 

    Catra shuts of her laptop and turns on the TV. She does not stay up late and after about an hour or so, she turns it off and goes to bed. The next day she packs up her things, checks out of her hotel, and attends to her last pieces of work business. By the time it is done, it is late in the afternoon. By the time she gets to the airport and boards the plane, night has fallen. She will not be back to the airport closest to her home until early morning. Catra puts some headphones on and shuts her eyes. 

    Time quickly passes as she sleeps and she wakes when the plane starts to land back down. Now the fun part of getting everything and leaving the airport. Home will come soon. It will be worth it. She takes a cab and it takes her back to her little house she shares with Scorpia. 

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  • Ugh, just saw a random screenshot of Double Trouble and remembered how gorgeous they are, send help

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  • catra’s high pitched cackle laugh <<<

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  • Ok fine here is my catradora playlist bc i am a simple fan

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  • image

    pre-battle kiss for good luck

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  • And then PLOT TWIST
    She Ra ends up being a massive prequel of Doctor Who were Adora is the Doctor (Messiah complex and food issues) and Catra is the Master (they both share the World Domination Project and à tendency to die out of pure spite)

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  • Shadow Weaver - She Ra

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  • image


    maybe I’ll color these if i feel like it?

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  • ok i know adoras not a fuckboy but can u really look me in the eye and say that you can’t imagine this woman going “no don’t kill yourself, you’re so sexy ahaha”

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  • So I watched season 1 of She-Ra way back when it first came out on Netflix but I didn’t quite keep up with the new seasons as they came out. I just watched season 2 this weekend and I forgot how good this show was like damn.

    Some stray thoughts:

    • They should have just called seasons 2 and 3 season 2 parts 1 and 2. They’re obviously part of the same story arc and it doesn’t make much sense to call them separate seasons.
    • I heard people shipped Entrapta and Hordak and wondered why. I get it now. Not sure if I ship it but I really like the dynamic they have.
    • Catra is still a great character and villain. She also works a lot better solo as a character than Adora (though both improve vastly when put together). Catra and Adora interacting more is one thing I miss from season 1, which I feel like had a lot more of it (possibly misremembering).
    • Catra is just Zuko’s fursona don’t @ me
    • I don’t remember liking Scorpia as much in season 1 but I absolutely love her now.
    • Bow’s dads are wonderful
    • Would love to see more Mermista. She’s probably my favorite of the other princesses.
    • I like Shadow Weaver’s arc. Am interested in where they take it.
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  • (wakes up in a cold sweat) spirit phone album… but she ra

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  • Hordak - She Ra

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  • Noelle got me good fam, it’s missing them hours again 🤧💛

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  • *shakes u* stan bow

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  • Catra, grabbing Adora: We’re a package deal. Everyone knows that.

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  • Sudden thought: Netossa doesn’t start being loudly competitive until after she’s injured, so it’s possible she’s exaggerating it in order to reassure her wife she’s okay.

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