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  • vonmorjo
    11.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I’m sorry about the sudden Undertale spam ^^” My little sister recently started playing it and asked me to do dramatic voices and explain along the way and it’s been so much fun and I had completely forgotten how much I love this game and these characters!!

    #sheeda talks#Undertale#Ut #And she already loves the game so much! #She hasn't even finished it yet #but she's already talking about a second playthrough #and being annoyed enough with fights to talk gleefully about doing a genocide run #and i'm just laughing in the background #i can't wait to see her reaction when she realizes what that actually entails
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  • vonmorjo
    04.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ^Me every time I say something in a zoom class

    #sheeda talks#anxiety#oh god #my heart feels like it's trying to escape from my chest #and my hands are shaking #it's a tiny class that i am interested in #and nobody knows me there #I'm generally fine?? #why is it only when I contribute to the class discussion that i get like this???!!
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  • vonmorjo
    28.04.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I finally got admitted to a screen reader-esque program for my studies, and I feel like I’m entering a whole new word. My ADD brain has refused to let me read the last 3 semesters, but this is already allowing me to get through some of the chapters I need to read for this week and I might cry

    #sheeda talks #it's stupid but i'm so relieved
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  • vonmorjo
    08.04.2021 - 5 monts ago

    I woke up in the middle of the night tonight, and for some reason I had forgotten the word for hands?? Well, it didn’t matter because my mind proudly and excitedly presented me with the sentence: Meat shovels, like an overgrown puppy.

    #sheeda talks#shitpost#dreams#seriously tho #that was a really weird thought to wake up to #like what the fuck
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  • vonmorjo
    16.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    I really really hate, that I’ve gotten to a point now where I feel physically ill knowing that my classmates has to peer-review my essays and that I have to do the same for them. I know that my writing is shit, I have no illusions about that... But it’s different to have it pointed out by 3 other people all at once, while I can see how little critique they got on their own essays.

    #sheeda talks #my stomach hurts #and i just kinda want to disappear forever #If i could just stop existing that would be great actually #I don't want to talk with my group #i don't want to interact with my class #They are nice enough but group work scares the shit out of me #i mean i know it's fucking terrible #i understand that i don't write well #but i really don't need my entire group to point out how bad it is at the same time #especially when we all can see all the critique everyone has given #they can see that someone already pointed it out #fuck #gonna go escape from reality for a while #and ignore this until i have to discuss it with them verbally tomorrow #yay#vent #might delete later
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  • vonmorjo
    02.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    As much as i like Marvels Loki, it vexes me a lot that they decided to name him Loki and not Loke. Like... why?? For what purpose did you need to fuck up the medias interpretation of this nordic god so badly? Bad enough that they made Thor blonde and not a redhead, but come on...

    #sheeda talks#*grumbles*#idk #it just often still bothers me for some reason?? #Marvel#why#Loki #Loki is the female version of Loke #It always confuses me when i see it written out #I don't know why #but this is the hill i will die on apparently #My cat is named Loki and now i have to explain this bullshit every single time i tell people #and it is annoying as fuck #i mean sure it might have an old version more like Loki but still come on
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  • vonmorjo
    23.02.2021 - 7 monts ago

    My photoshop is lagging so much, dear god I just wanna draw for once please just let me have this

    #sheeda talks#photoshop#art #i just wanna do art #without wasting paper #plz
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  • vonmorjo
    23.02.2021 - 7 monts ago

    God I wish I could focus for one (1) second

    #sheeda talks#add #It's just a tiny essay #i don't even need to do anything new with it #bRAIN WHY
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  • vonmorjo
    22.02.2021 - 7 monts ago

    hmm.... I kinda wanna read the Percy Jackson books because I never got around to it when i was younger. But now that I finally have the time all the libraries are closed.

    #sheeda talks#i suffer#percy jackson #i don't really want to buy them because i don't have the space for physical copies #it's so frustrating #because i've heard that they should be really good #but the danish translations were terrible back in the days #so i wanted to read them in english and then never got around to it #and now when i finally have the time and energy i can't #hhhh
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  • vonmorjo
    05.02.2021 - 7 monts ago
    #i cannot recommend this podcast enough #it is so good #and so optimistic #and just overall amazing #and it doesn't get nearly enough credit for that #seriously i love this podcast #the cryptonaturalist#sheeda talks
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  • vonmorjo
    06.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    I want to stop existing so badly right now. Not necessarily to die, though i would not be opposed to it, but just to stop. To be no more. I'm just so tired.

    #sheeda talks#vent #will delete later
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  • dc-earth53
    06.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    #0010 - Zatanna (Zatanna Zatara)

    Age: 44

    Occupation: Stage magician, adventurer.

    Marital status: Single

    Known relatives: Giovanni Zatara (father, deceased), Sindella (mother, deceased), Luigi Zatara (great-grandfather, deceased), Zachary Zatara (cousin).

    Group affiliation: Justice League of America, Sentinels of Magic

    Base of operations: Shadowcrest, San Francisco, California

    Height: 5’7”

    Weight: 127 lbs.


    44 years ago: Zatanna is born to Sindella and Giovanni Zatara, at their family home in New York. Sindella passes away shortly after her birth.

    35 years ago: Zatanna meets Bruce Wayne at his ninth birthday party, less than a year after his parents’ passing.

    31 years ago: Zatanna begins to be trained in the arts of sleight-of-hand, and in real magic, by her father. 

    26 years ago: Giovanni Zatara mysteriously vanishes.

    23 years ago: Zatanna follows in her father’s footsteps, becoming a professional stage magician.

    22 years ago: Zatanna meets Dinah Lance while on an expedition to the Himalayas in search of her father.

    20 years ago: While travelling the world, Zatanna meets John Constantine, and the two begin a brief relationship. The two would irregularly rekindle their relationship in the following years.

    18 years ago: Zatanna meets Hawkman and Hawkwoman, and enlists their help alongside the Justice League in the search for her father, eventually locating him in the world of Kharma, where he was .

    17 years ago: Zatanna is inducted into the Justice League.

    15 years ago: The villain Doctor Light breaks into the Justice League satellite, learning the identities of several of the team’s members. With the consent of the present Leaguers, Zatanna wipes his memory.

    12 years ago: After the Justice League disbands, Zatanna joins the Martian Manhunter in his new, more informal League, based out of the Secret Sanctuary in Happy Harbor.

    11 years ago: 

    Zatanna participates in the battle against the Anti-Monitor.

    Constantine recruits Zatanna and her father, among other sorcerers, to fight the Great Darkness. Zatara perishes in the battle.

    10 years ago: Zatanna, along with the Spectre and several of the Earth’s other mystic protectors, form the Sentinels of Magic during the Dominator invasion of Earth.

    6 years ago: Zatanna re-joins the Justice League when its active membership travels to the past in search of the vanished Atlantis.

    5 years ago:

    Dr. Light remembers his past and allies with Eclipso to target the Justice League’s loved ones, with Zatanna in the crossfire as well.

    Zatanna joins the newest incarnation of the Seven Soldiers of Victory in their fight against the Sheeda.

    Zatanna is on the front lines against the Spectre when, without a host and seduced by Eclipso, he begins a crusade to destroy all magic in the universe, ushering in the tenth age of magic as a result. 

    4 years ago: Zatanna joins the restructured Justice League.

    3 years ago: Zatanna travels to Hell alongside the Shadowpact to take part in the war between Neron, Blaze, and Satanus. During the war, Giovanni Zatara’s spirit is destroyed.

    2 years ago: Madame Xanadu reunites the Sentinels of Magic, Zatanna included, to combat the rise of a vampire army.

    1 year ago: Zatanna is transported to Gemworld alongside the Justice League, allying herself with Amethyst in the fight against Dark Opal’s forces.

    Present day: Zatanna remains active with both the Justice League and the Sentinels of Magic, along with maintaining her professional career as a stage magician.


    Etirw na gnitseretni eliforp!

    Everyone (especially Paul Dini) loves Zatanna, the DCU’s resident magician for when something isn’t important enough to get Doctor Fate involved. She’s perky, fun, and flashy, and has been a staple member of the Justice League for a while - none of that is changed here. There’s not much to talk about with regards to her history, either - it’s fairly straightfoward, as she only has a few major storylines. Most of the Rebirth-era Justice League Dark stories are canon to some degree here, notably, although the group keeps the Sentinels of Magic name in this universe.

    Zatanna is a character who refuses to be pinned down to one relationship for too long. She’s got histories with both Batman and John Constantine, but neither of them became a long-term relationship, and it’s unlikely that she’ll end up dating again in the near future. Her road crew is the closest thing to a family she’s got, and she’s fairly close to all of them. She also has a special bond with Black Canary, the two of them having been friends since their youth.

    What’s in store for Zatanna’s future? Well, there are still many unexplored facets of the Tenth Age of Magic, and with the Rock of Eternity empty, Hell’s order upturned, and the Lords of Chaos and Order slaughtered, other magical beings will be seeking to fill that power vacuum and Zatanna will doubtless be on the front lines of fighting them.

    Zatanna’s stage magician outfit (her “work clothes,” as she calls them) is iconic, and no other costume she’s worn has ever stuck. Sure, it may be sexualized, but it fits her personality - she’s naturally showy and it doubles as her outfit as a Vegas performer. In that context, it makes perfect sense. And as for how she can operate in those heels? “It’s magic, I don’t have to explain it!”

    Next up: the Enchantress, and then Oracle!

    #dc#dc comics#earth 53#profile#zatanna#zatanna zatara #sentinels of magic #justice league of america #justice league dark
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  • roseprincesskristina
    18.08.2020 - 1 year ago

    Axl's First Exciting Mission

    ((Hey guys. Today, in going to create a new fan fic today that an idea has flown towards my face. It's about a teenage prototype named Axl, who's very thrilled about the new mission that awaits him, but doesn't really know yet due to the mysterious yet similar maverick hidden within the underground basement of Maverick Hunter HQ that X has warned him about. So again, this story contains yaoi and I understand that it made you uncomfortable. However, if you're a fan, then welcome aboard. Without further ado, please enjoy this fiction. 😊))

    Abel City. One of the most clearest town state of all, home of the inhabitants of Earth filled with humans and reploids altogether with meek, sided along of peace. No matter the differences, negligence or other, everyone who is new to the city are freshly more than welcome to live alongside all individuals. Before the roaring stampede of Mavericks would attempt to ruin tranquility, commanded by the gruesome but merciless overlord formerly known as the commander of the Maverick Hunters created by Dr. Cain, Sigma. During the reconnaissance given by his creator to locate the dangerous red maverick, the unstoppable Wily Virus have taken control or finds its way within his core, reestablish the morality. Forcing him to surrender to its power succumbing everything belonging to him, erased right quickly. The growling aura shouts, unleashing the new and improved villain to all who have feared more than their own weaknesses. Gathered up several more irregulars to make an army, destroying the town, killing a few humans, painting the whole planet with his dreams bursting into reality of rearranging a new world for only the strong and powerful reploids to rule. However, it was interrupted by the dynamic duo, X and Zero, shutting down the false fantasy by defeating 8 bosses including the crazed menace. Time and time again. No matter how he would return with more of his invincible forms due to his manipulation of other reploids such Dr. Doppler, Repliforce, Gate, and the rest, the irregular busting crime stoppers will always put an end to his wretched schemes for a new life. After his defeat, tranquility has regain its colors once more, the meaningless conflict between robots and humanity have been silenced. All thanks to the hopeful hunters that every civilization will always look up to.

    Not only if there were two that could battle against more threats other than the malicious maverick king, but another hero that arrives to the scene. One that possesses such a great ability like no other being. A compassionate soul so young, lacking maturity yet not the interest of helping those in need when it comes to danger. His name is Axl. Armor themed of the navy blue color striped of red lines, detailed with an X shaped scar across the face by an unknown accident, spiky upward hair and helmet design with a camera lens type inside the crystal. Left the group called Red Alert by his decision on his own to become a hunter due to the view of his friends and scythe wielding leader Red changing their desires of using the briefcase full of chips stolen from Sheeda and the boss for power. Chased by a large mechaniloid, met and teamed up with the crimson sword slasher by taking it down, mistakenly arrested, refused by the indigo pacifist of being or becoming a full pledged hunter, facing off his old colleagues and Red, dueling with the previous mastermind from the beginning and saved the earth again. Still refused, an emergency has been briefed by the blonde navigator, calling to the young gun shooter to race into action.

    A new generation built by a blue print, enhanced with the special kind of item known as the Copy Chip. With it, it access the DNA of all reploids even to resist various types of pestilence from every corner. Sadly, the least have chosen to become corrupted as a maverick, including the flesh hating ex commander, at will. None of them have ever experienced such a miracle bestowed upon them. But it doesn't mean that they're immortal. The generation have the same mortality as a few reploids and human alike, making them quite special within their own way possible. Posing them, including the youngster, as hopes of the future as well as protectors. For the land will relax in meekfulness while the heroes do the rest.

    Somewhere at Hunter Base, a secret government domain of skilled hunters, the autumn hair youngling rests around the table with legs crossed, seating into the chair slightly bored after the war has ended. Blowing a mist of a sigh. Sure there are no crimes of fire that would be happening right now, but nothing very exciting could ever seek for his attention. For he is lingering in his own boredom by daydreaming.

    "Man... This is so boring... Couldn't there be anything fun around here for me do so I wouldn't die in my own sleep?" Groaned the teenage prototype, tilting the side of his head against the hand. Slowly collapsing into a tired state until the Class A expert would arrive at his direction, folding his arms.

    "Listen, Axl. I know that you're furiously bored cause of no casualties or invading threats coming to screw up everyone's day, but you have to learn to be patient and let disaster come to us first when duty calls." He explained.

    "I know... But it's just no fun sitting around the base to do ABSOLUTELY nothing. Sigh... This is lame..." He griped silently.

    "We get it, kiddo. There isn't a speck of villainy around these parts, but It's not the end of the world that quickly, ya know."

    "Well.... I guess you're right, Zero. Don't know why I was whining about since we took care of that maverick jerkface. I mean, the three of us, taking the toll on him."

    "Heh. I know, and you even single handedly knocked out Sigma with your special copy ability to save our asses. "

    "Darn right! Heh. He didn't know what hit him! Thanks to you guys, the legendary Maverick Hunters!"

    "No, kid. Thank YOU. Without your help, we would've been dead right now. You're the real hero that the world needs."

    "You think so?"

    "I know so. But you still got a lot to learn when you're a hunter. Facing with tougher baddies, saving the innocents and all that."

    "You got it, boss! Thanks again." Grinned Axl.


    Both of them stare into their peers for just a moment until the reploid teen would lean closer, accidentally deepens the long haired senior with a longing kiss. Laying his hands onto his cheek when he blush with surprised.


    "Mmmm...  Mmmmm..." 


    "Mmmm... Hmm?! Oh shoot! Sorry Zero!" He pulled himself away. 

    "Axl! What the hell are you doing?! We're not supposed to be doing something inappropriate in public!" He angrily flustered.

    "Oops... He he... My bad... Didn't know what got over me."

    "Ugh... Look, just try to control yourself, OK? Cause it's getting too weird. And by the way, X told me about an unknown maverick yesterday."

    "Really? There's a new bad guy?"

    "Mhmm. He was incredibly dangerous. Not to mention as a vampiric version."

    "A vampire?"

    "Yes. The creature of the night that drinks the blood of mortals to survive, like in the movies. But this baddie is different. He possess as an incubus of some sort. Flirting with woman both reploid and human at once. Or perhaps secretly someone else... Acted very sultry as his personality, but enhanced with an elemental use. Like ice for starters."

    "Whoa... Is he really dangerous?"

    "Precisely. He had both vampire and incubus personas. But a calming expression. Also with sneaky eyes."

    "Wow.... "

    Furthermore, he continuously explains more of the mysterious figure's tricks and powerful elements aiding his claws, warning the rookie about what he could do anyone with the unavoidable "secret weapon" that he tells X and crew. Unlike the young gun slinger, everyone is quite aware of this deadly strategy.

    "Is that so?" He asked.

    "Yes. It's something that no other reploid would escape from. Once being controlled, there's no chance of resisting against it before the..." Unable to say the rest of the sentence it out loud, he finish it by speaking into the kid's earport. Then made him jump of shock.I

    "NO WAY! He seduces them?!"

    "Not so loud. But yes. He performs a sexual lip locking with females of all kinds. Endlessly."

    "Holy crap.... And I thought that a succubus would do the same thing to a guy."

    "Yeah. Plus, he would even get a taste of their bodies if necessary..."


    "But anyway, there's nothing to worry about it now. We've already sealed him underneath the containment basement built with preventable locks." He assured to the wild child, patting his shoulder. "So all is well."

    "Heh. Guess so. I was getting a little frantic there. Say, what if he would do the same to me?" He said curiously. But on the inside, quite scared.

    "Come on, Axl. There's no way that he would get to you. Or is there?* Smirked the golden headed saber wielder, teasing him.

    "Uh oh...."

    "Oh, I'm just yanking your chains. So long as you stay put, far away from that containment cell. I'm counting you to remain on your post. Understood?"

    "Yes sir! I'll try my best!" He saluted.

    "Good. I'll be in the meeting room. Do your best, Axl." Ordered Zero as he nodded.

    "You got it!"

    "One more thing... If anything happens when you're in danger, be sure to contact me or X by the earport."

    "Roger that!"

    "Oh. And one last thing..." He went up to the energetic teen boy, grabs him by the head to return the sinking kiss aggressively. 


    "Mmmmmmmmmwah. There. Now we're even."

    "Ack! *Cough cough* Geez, Zero! Guess that'll teach me a lesson!"

    "Just giving back the favor. Try to continue your duty, got that?" He chuckled teasingly, before leaving for a meeting.

    "Yes sir...." Spat the young begginer. 

    With the examination talk aside, he walked off to attend a meeting with other hunters and navigators. But, then stopped for a pondering solution just for the lad in dark blue due to the kiss. Stood there into the middle of the hall, he felt the affected warmth melting away the coldness by touching his lips. Even though he haven't experienced nor practice empathy towards anyone but to his friends that he deeply trusts before.

    "Huh... What is this weird tingling that I'm getting? Sure it was an accident, but... it feels so soft... And tense..." He imagined. "Hmm... Maybe the kiss wasn't such a bad accident after all. Actually, it's kinda hot too... Mmmm... Axl... He really is a good kid, even though his immaturity annoys the hell outta me a little." Smiling slowly from the straight stern written on his face, the idea has driven to his mind for a moment. Granting him the opportunity to pose as dangerous yet sexy winged maverick for his young friend to "fight off" with. He quickly walks into the room while no one is looking, morphing his original armor into an Absolute transformation to act as the unknown maverick. 

    "He he he... Perhaps I'll give the brave little hunter a special solo mission he'll never forget~ A chilling "battle", that is~" He plotted. Cycling his tongue around the pale lips, tasting the smooching marks led by the novice hunter from the former organization of assassins. For a surprise trick will never fail to get the jump on him. 

    Meanwhile, outside into the garden fields behind HQ during midnight, the emerald eyed gun blaster is relaxing his butt off from all the boring worriness dancing across his head all cheered up from the conversation he had with the die hard blonde, arms at the back of his head and boots crossed. Watching above the glittering stars of the night skies, so beautiful and sparkly to his pupils.

    "Ahhh... What a beautiful nightfall... No wars, criminals or intruding crooks around at bay... Just some all out peace at last...." Sighed the dual wielding lad, succumbed by the wonders of the brighten dots as well as the graceful moon. The decent opposite of daytime for every or less generations to witness, secondly to lay back and watch. Everything that the red violet ex maverick have said about peace is very true, no worries, miscreants or anything too risky for that matter. It is a cesspool of non violent freedom to swim about all the time without ever getting out. 

    "I really miss Red... He's like the true father I never had, before going bonkers from those stupid case loaded with corny chips that changed him... Sigh.... But, his DNA will always be carried within my mimic enhancement... And in my memories too..." Tears have descended from his eyes, remembering of his foster father that caused him to grieve. However, as the new recruited hunter, he wiped them off by fist to get his spirit together. 

    "*Sniff...* What am I sobbing for...? Big boys don't cry. They would stay valiant and kick the crap outta fear! Heck, I'm a brave man now, in fact, I'm a Maverick Hunter! Yeah! Those creeps are gonna be very sorry if they first took a gander of me!" Cheering himself up with self encouragement, he would practice his kicks into the middle of the garden, fantasizing of him shooting multiple enemies who are robbing banks, abusing civilians and more. Hearing the applause washing all over him, women admire his fearlessness by delicate smooches. It will be his wonderful dream come true. 

    "Yeah.... That's right, ladies... Plenty of me to go around... He he he..." He imagines of himself surrounded by women giving him kisses by gently stroking his body all over. Until suddenly, a ringing has disturbed his daydreaming sequence. Must be an emergency or some sort. Or worse, he might have done anything disrespectful by switching the report papers. He then respond by the ear port.

    "This is Axl."

    "He he he he.... Hello there, Maverick Hunter Axl...." Then, a sudden deep voice has reached to him with a comely yet seductive vibe. 

    "Who is this?! Where's Zero?!" Replied Axl, demanding for a certain answer. 

    "There's no need to be angry, boy... I'm sure that he's perfectly safe with me... For now... He he he..." He replied. 

    "You bastard!"

    "Mmm... Aren't we fueled with anger? I like that in a boy~ Truly that I would admire a woman, but never mind them... For I already found someone right in front of me~"

    "Found who!?"


    What the young pistol user didn't really know, despite of a mysterious call, is that a dangerous "maverick" was quietly behind him the entire time. He have felt his chilling presence speaking to his ears until he jumped back from the "enemy". 

    "What the?! Who are you?!"

    "He he he... Haven't your precious red friend ever warned you about me~?"

    "So you're that scary looking maverick jerk that he told me about!"

    "Precisely~ But enough of the meaningless introductions~ I've come here to have fun with you~" Approaching the incubus themed reploid, making his way to the youthful ward of the hunters. 

    "W...What are you doing?! Step off from me!" He quivered slightly, reversing himself from his opponent while trying to gulp his pride whole. "Y..You're suppose to seduce women, not men!"

    "You're correct, my young plaything~ But...." He teleported for moment. Seeing as kind of a magic trick, the former member of Red Alert was infuriated by that. But, giving him a chance to draw out his trusty Axl Bullets just in case the malicious "intruder" reveals himself again.

    "All right. This is it. Time to take out some maverick tr-" Then, something very impossible has happened to him. He was interrupted by the disappearing individual, now visible, by placing his clawed hand upon his innocent cheeks. Rubbing them for a quick second until the touch has intrigued his interests.

    "Ohh yes~ Your flawless face is so passionate, along with your delicious figure~ So hot~" He examined, circling his palms very slowly. 

    "H...Huh...?!" He frozed. 

    "Not only do I desire for females, but in secret, I love males as well~ That's why I found you, little boy~ Now, how about a little privacy to shield ourselves from this world~?

    "Are you insane?! Why would I wanna date a-" Stopped once more with a hungry kiss had made the adolescent reploid dropped his weapons. Defeated by something very consensual that he had never seen before.

    "Mmmmph! Mmmph!" 

    "Mmmmmm~ Just try to relax~ And let go of your unwanted fury you've kept for so long~" Repelled the goth colored vampire, staring at his leaf colored eyes to hypnotize him. 

    "Mmmmm...." At last, he was fully compelled to the deadly spell that Zero mentioned earlier. He tried to fight it off, but it too late.

    "Good boy~ Now, let's retreat into a secret place to have our little mission together~ Forever~" 

    "Yes, master..." 

    Teleporting both him, along with his mind controlled captive to a darker basement cell underneath the base to continue their "battle" in peace, they can finally have a much more privacy zone to make some love. Setting the youngling onto the bed gently while pinning him down softly, he began to sip his longing kiss once again into a seductive way. 

    "Mmm~ Mmmmm~ God, your lips are very tasty, but yet beautiful~ I love it when it shines brightly than a diamond~" He was fascinated by his pure and polished lips. 

    "Mmmm..." The future hunter would conduct the same while hugging around his master's neck, giving into the lip mashing. Connecting both of their armored bodies with approach to began the intensive grinding. Gripped tightly of their embrace to never release each other or to be separated. Finally alone together, into the dark underground area filled with nothing but lights which will be activated automatically by clapping. But it's probably best to have them off for a special night just for two. 

    Their anatomy would polish one another into a normal pace, meeting face to face. Or perhaps chest to chest. Jointed into a pleasurable condition as the demonic ice maverick tilted his head towards the thinly neck of the rambunctious prototype, running up and down of his snake like tongue to please him. 


    "He he he... You like that~? How about this~?" He downward his tongue a little further, all over his body, and mostly, his little private briefs. 

    "Unh... Unh....!" The flustered expression has appeared in his face. 

    "That's it, little man~ Let it all out~" 

    "Unh.... Unh... Unh.... Oh man.... It's so good... Unh..."

    He continued to taste more of the youthful newbie, onto the legs, even the chest and mouth. Then returns for a thirsty tongue on tongue action to juice up the peacefully mood. 

    "Mmmph...." Moaned the pea shooting individual.


    Their tongues were performing a tango during a kiss. Enjoying a perfectly evening at meek for a desirable dance. Dipping one of them after a dazzling twirl. Outside, the incubus would place his clawed hand upon the dual wielding lad's cute little buttocks for a casual spanking. 


    "Well, you have been a very naughty boy, Axl~" He said playfully, gripping it very hungrily.

    "Ahh...! Yes, I'm a very bad boy, master..." He moaned again, but with an enjoyable act. 

    "You know what happens to bad little boys~? They deserved a good spanking~" 

    He then gives him a very good slap to the ass, not too hard but lightly. Patting it like a beloved pet.

    "Mmm... More master..." Begged Axl. 

    "That's more like it~ Yes, you may have another~" He rapidly punishes the tiny little rump. Just to give him more. 

    This was his first special mission he had with the shadowed themed hunter unlike any kind. Thrilling and exciting for a boat load of duels awaiting for his call when it comes to danger. He asked for something dangerous, now it arrives to him and was purposely delivered. Endlessly lingering by his ice user's grasp, but an a lustful way. Flushing away his tired boredom along with the annoyed whining down the toilet for good. For the new memories of his new friends have replaced the previous one from his mind, straighteningly stored to inherit it forever. 

    And finally, the true feud shall finally commenced. 

    "Now then~ Are you ready~?" Questioned the winged hunter.

    "Ready when you are, master." He replied, lending his neck closely to him with his dipped head. 

    "Yeeeeeesssss~ I'm going to enjoy this more like I admire you~" He grinned, revealing his white diamond fangs for a scrumptious dinner. Axl was a little nervous, but not afraid to allow his mentor to seduce his sexy neck. Hissing very quietly with a purr, he gently bit it, inserting his fangs into the synthetic flesh. 



    Like any other vampire whose patiently desperate for blood in order to survive, he is interest into necks. One of his favorite sexual parts of the body that will never cease to amaze him by the slightest. It really inspired his needs even more than talon his enemies with one strike. Plus, he even dreams in his slumber. And now, he finally had a chance to permanently suck on the thin yet strongly part of the new gen teenager. 

    "Mmmmmmmm~ So sexy~" He moaned comely, wiggling the tongue to clean off the blood from the marks on his disciple's neck. 

    "Ahhh..." He moaned yet again, puffing out a warm steam from his mouth. Enjoying his solo mission to the fullest than just lounging around at his post. 

    "Mmm~ Your blood is so hyper and sweet~ I really appreciate it so much, Axl~" Licked the unknown maverick, who later showed his true identity by removing his helmet. The rookie gunner gasped, knowing it was...


    "Hey, kiddo~ Liking your new mission~?" Said the pale blonde upperclassmen. The plot twist has shocked the scarred youth. 

    "You're the unnamed maverick?!"

    "That's right~ Just giving you a new lesson when this is all over~"

    "No freaking way! I...I'm really sorry for kissing like that! It's not like me at all! I..." He was silenced by his friend's deep smooch as his forgiveness for the accident that occurred from the start. 

    "Heh. Don't worry about it, you cute little runt~ Accidents happen sometimes when you're new~ So there's no need to get all apologetic about it~" 

    "Well... You're right, Zero. Thanks for understanding." He cheered up.

    "So~ Ready to continue our little private mission together, partner?"

    "You know it, boss~"

    And so, two hunters have resume their reconnaissance by kissing into the lips once more, making out in peace with the saber wielding senior's wings folded across them for a more comfortable terms. 

    "Oh Zero~"




    "Zero~...." He whispered.

    "Axl~...." Same with the black crimson blond.

    Tranquillity has comfort the town of Abel City during the return, free from the dreaded master and his army of mavericks pillaging amok by trying to scare humanity from the face of existence, all dealt with by the fearless Maverick Hunters. And not to mention Axl as well, the third hero that the world will look up to and will always count on. He may have lack immaturity unlike X and Zero, but has the potential will for caring about his trustworthy friends and saving everyone from certain devastation invading the earth. But for now, all is peace once again. And their thinks belong to the true hero for his bravery to protect mankind at all cost and his pure of heart. Thank you, Maverick Hunter Axl, for your limitless generosity and protection of all humans and reploids living in equality, as well as in harmony. 

    The End

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    29.04.2019 - 2 years ago

    I am so sorry for the sudden Game of Thrones spam, this episode hit me hard XD

    I tagged all my posts with the following tags if you want to blacklist them: #Spoilers #GoT spoilers #Season 8 #s 8

    #Game of Thrones #GoT#sheeda talks
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    07.01.2019 - 2 years ago

    Is anyone else getting a notification that they have flagged posts, yet when you click the link to review there isn’t anything? I’m real confused...

    #sheeda talks#flagged posts #What am i even supposed to do with this?
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    26.12.2018 - 2 years ago

    I like the new update guys, really adds some charm to the website

    #tumblr wtf#sheeda talks #tumblr fucked up
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    09.12.2018 - 2 years ago

    tumblr is starting to recommend born pots who i’ve already blocked, in the middle of my dash... This is getting ridiculous

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    19.04.2018 - 3 years ago

    Rules: bold the statements that apply to you, italicize your aspirations, then tag nine people

    I was tagged by the lovely @youhavegalaxiesinyoureyes <3


    i have small hands / i love the night sky / i watch small animals and birds when i pass them by / i drink herbal tea / i wake to see dawn / the smell of dust is comforting / i’m valued for being wise / i prefer books to music / i meditate / i find joy in learning new truths from the world around me


    i don’t have straight hair / i like to wear ripped jeans and overalls / i play an organized sport / i fucking love dogs / i am not afraid of adventure / i love to talk to strangers / i always try new foods / i enjoy road trips / summer is my favorite season / my radio is always playing


    i wear bracelets on my wrists / i love the bustle of the city / i have more than one set of piercings / i read poetry / i love the sound of a thunderstorm / i want to travel the world / i sleep past midday most days / i love dimly lit diners and fluorescent signs / i rewatch kids’ shows out of nostalgia / i see emotions in colors not words


    i wear glasses/contacts / i enjoy doing the laundry / i am a vegetarian or vegan / i have an excellent sense of time / my humor is very cheerful / i am a valued advisor to my friends / i believe in true love / i love the chill of mountain air/ i’m always listening to music / i am highly trusted by the people in my life (idk?? maybe??)


    i go without makeup in my daily life / i make my own artwork / i keep on track of my tasks and time / i always know true north / i see beauty in everything / i can always smell flowers / i smile at everyone i pass by / i always fear history repeating itself / i have recovered from a mental disorder / i can love unconditionally

    I tag none, ‘cause i don’t really know anyone here ^^” Do this if you feel like it :D

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    22.08.2017 - 4 years ago

    tagged by @youhavegalaxiesinyoureyes​

    rules: answer the 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

    nicknames: Morj, Mork, Sparrow

    gender: Female

    star sign: Libra

    height: 1,64 cm

    time: 15:58

    birthday: 9th of October

    fav bands: No idea tbh

    fav solo artists: Florence and The Machine, Tina Dicow, hasley

    song stuck in my head: Jet Pack Blues

    last movie watched: Annabelle 2

    last show watched: Game of Thrones

    when did i create my blog: Oh boy... That gotta be a couple of years ago now. I have no idea about the precise date.

    what do i post: Mostly fandoms and things that catch my eyes

    last thing i googled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpylHsdk824

    do you have other blogs: Yes

    do you get asks: No

    why did you choose your url: It’s what i choose for most of the site’s i’m on. otherwise i wont be able to remember it ^^”

    following: 2,297

    followers: 358

    favorite colours: Blue and orange

    average hours of sleep: uuuuuh....................

    lucky number: 9

    instruments: I really like the violin

    what am i wearing: A blue T-shirt with jeans and socks

    how many blankets do i sleep with: 1 (rarely ever more)

    dream job: Concept artist for a game or movie

    dream trip: Going to Egypt and seeing all of the old temples, as well as Nepal and the mountains there.

    favourite food: I like pretty much everything, so i have no favorite food.

    nationality: Danish! :D

    favorite song right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX44CAz-JhU&list=PLb-hdxib3wpTorE17PQ23-vS14jFNCBQI&index=29

    I tag: @shemeiart and anyone else who wants to do it ^^

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