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    24.11.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #obey me#lucifer#mammon #right?? #sheesh mammon #next time also take a fabergé egg while you're there #i just know the demon king would be mad about it if he wasn't taking a little power nap rn #anything to make deadbeat dads miserable #queuecifer
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  • xamassed
    27.09.2021 - 3 monts ago
    「 meme / @pluviacuratio​​ 」

    "ah, fuck it" (For Mammon. He was too sassy, she had to act :3c)

    He wouldn’t confess to it aloud, but Mammon liked that Bella could be a tease at times. Her threats to kiss him were the most effective when it came to riling him up, his cockiness and snark growing more brazen the longer they knew each other.

    “How many times have ya pull that one on me? How’s this one gonna be any different than the last one, huh?” He snorted and puffed his chest. “All ya ever do is end up kissin’ my cheek, anyway. I’m used to it now!”

    Mammon, once again, lied through his teeth. He would never get used to the feeling of her lips on his cheek, on his forehead, on his hands. He only claimed they weren’t as impactful so she would be tempted into giving him more. And she did — except he didn’t anticipate that she would become so forward and commandeering.

    Her hand met his chest first, a firm shove pinning his back to the arm of the sofa. The push wasn’t enough to knock the breath from his lungs, but he became breathless in spite of that. To see her looming over him, his torso firmly pressed under her hand and a look of determination in her eyes, elicited a familiar bout of sputtering that was abruptly cut off by her mouth pressing hard to his.

    It only took him a second to ease into it, his taunt shoulders and raised hackles lowering. But under her hand, she would feel the rapid beating of his heart as their lips were pressed flush to the point that their teeth nearly met. One of his unoccupied hands rested over hers, the other burying itself in her hair. She had started the kiss, but he wanted her to know without a doubt that he fully approved of her bravery.

    Sadly, even demons needed to breathe. Reluctantly, he pulled away with a playful tug of her lower lip, eyes soft yet sparkling with a hint of mischief.

    “How long ya been wantin’ t’do that for, precious?”

    #pluviacuratio #「 ( mammon ; ic ) 」 #「 v. ready to face THE mammon? ( mammon ; obey me ) 」 #「 r. we'll be the two hearts beating faster ( mammon ; bella ) 」 #( sometimes he's a sputtering mess ) #( other times he's just: it's about damn time! sheesh )
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  • demonsofdevildom
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Dealing with a sleepyhead.

    Belphie: *tips over when a soft squeaky toy noise sounded on making contact with the floor and starting softly snoring in the hallway*

    Beel: *busy munching on something from having a successful fridge raid while staring at his sleepy twin*

    Mammon: *raising a brow from messing with his phone* It's your turn Beel, last time I carried him I ended up bein' a stuffed demon toy for the sleepyhead.

    Beel: *shrugging when shoving the remainder of his snack in his mouth* But you make for a fun toy one though, at least since he thinks waking up to a snoring Mammy is cute.

    Mammon: *spluttering at this* The Great Mammon doesn't snore, ya hear me?! Sheesh...

    Belphie: *busy smiling in his sleep while oblivious to the world around him* Mmmnnn...

    #out of grimm and dp
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  • demonsofdevildom
    07.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Usual happening at the House.

    Beelzebub couldn’t help but cringe when hearing the screaming and yelling of their dear fool of a brother who was facing the anger of their eldest brother, huddling next to his younger sibling with that mix of wanting to laugh but also scared. Busy nibbling on candy out of habit that he had on him and feeling the soft touch of Belphi who was tired from the look of it. “Mammon did something again huh...?” yawning when hugging his pillow in his arm their when petting his older twin and sighing of the yelping heard in the next room, “The wifi be out for a good bit, until he gets down or one of us gets him down... mnn... here Beel...” taking out a chocolate bar that he had tucked away in his pillow mostly as a way to keep his brother happy when giving small snacks to him. Pouting while looking his nails and occasionally peering into the room while holding back a light snicker of his dear foolish brother swinging from a cable, “My my... he does look like a fool more now doesn’t he?” Asmodeus couldn’t help but try to observe the chaos unfolding from Mammon’s own foolishness. Satan couldn’t help in giving his dear brother a raised brow as if questioning that before rolling his eyes, “Really Asmo... you should know this by now, given how he is. I’m surprised Lucifer didn’t toss him out the window like last time for doing something stupid.” finding his brother’s suffering to be a little amusing since the Greedy moron was a bit of a fun one to see getting into trouble. “The scumbag deserved it though, plus he got caught doing something again too... sheesh...” giving that light quirk of his brow when putting his headphones on to ignore the noise and taking out his game, “You guys can pull him down after when our elder brother is done, I’m going back to my room to finish playing my game.” wandering back to his room while paying attention his game screen yet able to keep from bumping into anything well doing so.

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  • fizzarollipop
    24.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    —*☆ “ Sheesh, a fella ‘s doin noble work gettin’ people harder than Mammon after gettin’ a wad of cash an’ you all have character development wit’out me. I should’ve at least been considered fer an opening number! ”

    #☆*— the music starts | ic #☆* — tabloids | dash commentary #☆*— the one and only! | main verse #[ all i have are jokes i am sorry ]
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  • akaneluve
    30.10.2021 - 2 monts ago


    ꒰⚘݄꒱₊__ yza's notes! “ 💭 „ just a short writing yk- we need more academic rivals to lovers shiz ;) anyways im not knowledgeable enough about academic things so uh be warned ig

    ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶˗ˋ .*ೃ✧₊˚.❁ ↷

    Everyone knows that the final exams are coming at RAD. And everyone knows that two people are fighting to win the highest score, you and Satan.

    It was academic rivalry ever since you came into the Devildom. What human would dare challenge the avatar of wrath for the highest scores in RAD? You would. So here you are cooped up in your room, coffee cups littering the floor.

    Sheesh, exams aren't even that important! At least that's what Mammon says which resulted in punishment from Lucifer.

    Today was finally the day of exams, students stressing out, the sound of pens writing on the paper, and the two rivals were going head to head. Students from other classrooms watched as you and Satan answered the questions on the test paper.

    Time skip to when the scores were getting passed out. Disappointment flooded through your eyes, you got 4th place. Belphie and Lucifer managed to get higher than you, and Satan was sitting comfortably with a perfect score.

    You wanted to cry in all honesty, after all those days studying and not even getting to the top three, other people would be content with that, but sadly not you. You tried your best but it hurt seeing your rival being all smug about it. You felt jealousy for him.

    Satan decided to be boastful about it, wanting to show off his perfect scores to you. Would you congratulate him or would you just end up getting mad at him? Though his mind would like to disagree with the first option, his heart wanted to hear you compliment him.

    But when he heard the sobs coming through your room, he stopped. Of course, after seeing your ranks it was honestly saddening for a top student like you.

    Rivals be damned, it wouldn't hurt to comfort them for a while, right?

    ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶˗ˋ .*ೃ✧₊˚.❁ ↷

    #obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me fanfic #obey me x mc #obey me x reader #obey me satan #obey me satan x mc #obey me satan x reader #yzaluvbot
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  • beels-burger-babe
    26.06.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Obey Me Grad Studies AU - WIP

    Submitted by @frankpanioncube

    I needed to start writing for my Grad Studies AU. (The ultimate premise is that Diavolo is, instead of a hotel chain, intending on having a human world branch of RAD...by dint of taking over from the inside. There's a little language in this, but nothing worse than some swearing.) 

    “Why would Satan have… hemorrhoid creme?”

    MC jumped a mile in the air and looked up at their friend who was now peering over their shoulder.

    “Let me guess. Some kind of inside joke regarding the mysterious ‘student exchange’ you embarked upon last year, I am assuming from context may be in Australia. Satan is ‘a nickname’ for one of your ‘very attractive male housemates’ of whom I have yet to see any pictures.” 

    The reality had been Asmo texting to tell of what the entire group chat thought to be an incredibly amusing incident where Satan, upon getting some kind of mild flesh wound from a cat scratch, happened to grab hemorrhoid creme instead of antiseptic. 

    However, their friend having spent time summarizing their cagey behaviour since returning from the Devildom had allowed for them to formulate a different approach for deflection.

    “It’s one of those rhetorical questions that makes you stop and think of something a little bit distressing.”

    “Oh! Sort of like asking uh: ‘What’s really in SPAM?’”

    “In ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, what would Wonka have done if all the kids were shitty?’”

    “What was Professor Utonium doing making little girls in the first place?”

    “Ewwww. Thank you for profoundly ruining my childhood.” 

    “I aim to please. I still have to admit I don’t get your Satan thing though. It’d make more sense if it was a nickname for one of your ‘exchange student’ friends. Though if anyone deserves the title of ‘Satan’, it’d be Professor Robinson.” 

    Glad of the change of topic, MC frowned. “I thought you really liked her. You couldn’t stop raving about how lucky you were to have her as a thesis adviser.” 

    “Yeah well, speaking of ‘exchange programs’, she’s going on one for the next year herself.”

    “Professors can do that?”

    MC’s friend nodded. “Yeah, absolutely they can. Remember Professor Chau from the History Department? She was from some University in the United States.”

    “How do you know that?”

    “History department’s next door. We invited them to our holiday party.”

    “No,” MC poked their friend in the arm. “I mean, how do you know anything about that party apart from the first twenty minutes or so.”

    MC’s friend rolled her eyes. “Well, Professor Robinson is going to fuck off and leave me here with some jackass replacement. Just sprung it on me. No warning. I’d say it seems unlike her, that is if I wasn’t so damn pissed off.”

    “Ouch. I’m sorry!” 

    “Seriously? You KNOW how hard it is to find respected females in my discipline. I CAME here for Professor Robinson! You don’t strike gold twice in one sitting!”

    “Well, you never know. Maybe at the least they’ll be uh…LGBTQ? Can’t always assume pronouns, right?” MC suggested.

    “Oh PLEASE. You just know I’m going to get stuck with some ancient, white-haired, white male who goes on constantly about how great they are but really has an over aggrandized sense of self-importance. Wanna bet how right I’m gonna be? I’m on my way over right now to meet this douche.”

    MC shrugged. “Sure. I have a seminar. We can get drinks later or something and you can vent…or admit you were wrong.”

    “Deal. Well here we are now, I–”

    MC’s friend had dropped their jaw as had MC. The reasons for such were VASTLY different.

    MC backed slightly out of view of the door frame before he looked up. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be…

    “Heya, I’m Mammon and I’m yer new TA.”

    “My new teaching assistant?”

    “No! Thesis adviser! T - A. Sheesh hu--er, aren’t ya my PhD student?”

    Well. As far as their friend’s predictions went, four out of five wasn’t bad.

     (Grad Studies AU if anyone is interested: https://frankpanioncube.tumblr.com/post/618859687894482944/obey-me-graduate-studies-au-part-1) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I...I love this. I just want to know how in the world Mammon ended up as a TA. Either he's totally doing this just as a way to see MC again, or something is up. Either way, I am intrigued.

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  • mammonswhore
    12.06.2021 - 7 monts ago

    How the Dateables will react to MC being a Gen Z teen. (Platonic)

    Brothers react to MC being a Gen Z teen here


    He is thrilled. He knew that teens were very much connected with the actual world and they might be willing to help him to make things more fun for the youngest demons.

    Asks you about memes and words you might say. If the words "sis", "spill the tea" or "sheesh" are in your daily vocabulary,he will ask every single time).

    Very much like Mammon when it comes to overprotective and fun. He is literally that one uncle that buys you things and gets you out of trouble evey time you need to.

    If you call him "big brother" he will tear up a little. Being an only child he never knew what having a sibling was like so now he is excited to say the least.

    Sneaking out behind Lucifer's back is a must. He really enjoys to do that sort of stuff since both of you get scolded afterwards. You get scolded by Lucifer and he gets scolded by Barbatos every time.

    If by any chance he hears you or any of the brothers say that you want something he will get it for you even if it is the dumbest thing.

    He wants to know everything about tiktok, twitter,memes absolutely adores everything.

    Asks you,Levi and Asmo to create ideas for a new app besides Devilgram.

    Gifts you Grimm every time he sees you just for him to be sure that in case of any event you have money.


    This man is not surprised at all,he knew but decided to not say anything.

    Grows fond of you as much as Diavolo did. Teaches you a lot of life lessons that are very important like "don't trust Mammon with your money" "stop trying to fight with Lucifer" "Don't ask me about your future because it will change it" and his favorite is "Don't let Lucifer tell you that you bother us when you are at the Castle,we love you and we are thrilled to have you here every time."

    He is the ultimate dad figure. If for some reason you stay at the Castle you won't be able to sneak out with Diavolo or any of the brothers because he knows.

    Bakes things you like when you are not in the mood. Tries new recipes and writes them down for you to keep.

    Overprotective AF. This man knows how it's like to loose a loved one and he is not loosing you to anything. He is willing to do everything to keep you alive and with him (not in a yandere way,you dirty people).

    Sometimes he stops time just to hang with you,he enjoys his free time and getting to spend it with you is the best.

    This man loves to tease you,if you like someone he is going to tease you nonstop.

    Get ready to have weekends at the Castle learning to do so many dumb things with Uncle Diavolo and being scolded by Big Brother Barbatos. He is telling you to clean the mess but helps you out since it wasn't only your fault.

    When you call him "big brother" his pride can fight Lucifer's. He knows he is a father/brother figure and he is absolutely proud of himself for it.


    He is excited. He wants to know how to do things teenagers do.

    Practically a babysitter for you and Luke but beware because if you use your puppy eyes he will melt and let you do as you please.

    Such a protective man,he knows how dangerous Devildom is and he is very aware of how dangerous the Human world is too. Boy is worried.

    Likes to help you with everything you might need. It doesn't matter if it's school work or doing some chores,he will offer his help.

    Talks to you about his life in the Celestial Realm and explains to you how the democracy works there.

    He takes care of you as much as he takes care of Luke.

    He is the type of person who takes pictures of almost everything so be sure that all of the brothers (and probably every person he knows) have deleted all of the embarrassing pictures when you see them.

    He is always one step forward to every situation in his life so he knows how to help you balance your life so you can enjoy hobbies and family and friends without being irresponsible with your responsibilities.

    Simeon is an excellent caregiver and he knows it but still tries to act like he is not that good to be humble.

    He will put some timers in your DDD, computer and TV so he can make sure you don't spend too much time online.

    Don't worry tho just ask Lucifer or Levi to take it off.

    You and Luke are like siblings now so sleepovers at Purgatory Hall are a regular thing now.


    He is so happy honestly. He finally has someone to joke around with and he doesn't feel like the only kid around.

    When he rants about his admiration towards Michael please listen to him,even Simeon is kinda bored of hearing the same thing over and over again so please just sit and listen.

    Tries to act like he ua the oldest since he is indeed older than you but if you stop him and tell him to cut it off,he will.

    Help him get revenge on Lucifer for giving him that stupid nickname.

    Befriends you and treats you as good as he treats Simeon. He is very soft and open ups to you very easily.

    Sometimes he can just sit and ramble about things that he likes and he doesn't notice but he gets really excited when you lend your ear for him to talk.

    He is still kinda scared of the Devildom so he will like to hold your hand while you two walk around town.

    He makes sure things that you eat are safe for humans.

    "MC,put the ice cream down I don't know if it is safe for you to eat it."

    He is like that one cousin that used to be very annoying but he grow up and became very cool.

    This boy is just cool to be with and he is not afraid of talking about his fears and feelings with you.


    He will try to use you as a lab mouse.

    But when you found out that you have magic he is teaching you a lot of stuff.

    Most of them are either protective spells or spells you can use to prank the brothers since he is well aware of their soft spot for you.

    "We should make a prank in our last day at RAD... Don't look at me like that,MC you know it's a great idea."

    I think that at some point in his life he adopted someone as their sibling but for one reason or another they just got separated and he is kinda sad when you call him "big brother" for the first time but he will be just soothing himself for a while.

    When he gets used to it he is bragging about his sibling.

    "My sibling is as powerful as I am so don't go fucking around with them."

    So proud of you like he knows he has good teaching skills but seeing you grow up and having a lot of improvement in magic just amazes him.

    He takes notes of your questions if he can't answer them right away so he can make a litrle investigation later.

    Solomon likes to have sleepovers so if you want,maybe you two can have a weekly sleepover?

    When both of you go to the human world for a while,he offers you a room at his house. If you agree he is already buying things and setting up the room.

    He shares some of his secrets with you and will probably find a way to make you immortal because he is not taking risks with you again.

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    10.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Anniversaire Beel & Belphie 3-H à 3-I

    Belphie – Oh, les étoiles ! Génial ! C’est une vraie pluie d’étoile filante !! Tu la fais, MC ! Regarde toutes ses étoiles passer autour de nous ! MC - C’est magnifique ! / Tu est trop adorable, Belphie. Belphie – Magnifique n’est pas suffisant pour décrire ça… Il n’y aucun mot adéquate pour descrire ce sentiment… *soupire* … C’est vraiment génial…

    MC – Est ce qu’on peut s’embrasser ? / Joyeux anniversaire ! Belphie – Bien sûr… Ne bouge pas plus loin. J’en veux plus… Hehe. Je suis vraiment heureux.

    Belphie - … Merci beaucoup, MC. Tu à du travailler vraiment dur pour que tout fonctionne ensemble, non ? C’est définitivement la plus belle pluie d’étoile filante que j’ai jamais. Hey, MC. L’année prochaine, si ce n’est pas trop demander, est ce que tu- ??? - Okayyyyy, séparer vous, vous deux ! Belphie – Huh ?

    Mammon – Dégager les gars ! Y a rien d’plus à voir ici ! Aller gooo ! Belphie – Mammon ? Mammon – Belphie ? MC ? Vous comptez rester assis à vous regarder dans les yeux encore pendant combien de temps ? Lucifer - *soupire* … Je ne peux vraiment pas le supporter quand il devient comme ça, fait quelques choses Solomon s’il te plaît. Solo – Un tel gaspillage après avoir pu finalement invoquer une pluie d’étoiles filantes… Je suis désolé, vous deux. Il semblerait que le planétarium soit sur le point de fermer. Belphie – Aww… Déjà finis ?

    Mammon – Hop, on retourne à la fête, hop hop. Belphie – Sheesh… Je souhaite que tu lises un peu le mode, juste un peu.. Lucifer – La fête viens juste de commencer. Le reste d’entre nous souhaiteraient aussi célébré avec toi un peu plus. Satan – Vous revoilà, Belphie, MC. Belphie – Hm ? Ou est Beel ? Barb – Il prend son dessert dans une autre pièce. Celui-ci est pour toi, Belphegor.

    Belphie – C’est vraiment un adorable gâteau en forme d’étoile. Simeon - Pourquoi ne vous donnez-vous pas la première bouchée ? Comme lors d’un mariage. Mammon – Quoi ? C’est autorisé ? Simeon – Tenez, voilà une fourchette. MC – Fais " Ahhh " … / C’est un peu embarrassent, tu ne penses pas ? Belphie – A-Ahhh .. Asmo – Awww, tellement précieux ! Belphie est trop mignooooooooon ! Belphie – Jeez. Pourquoi vous êtes si bruyant tout le temps ? … Mais merci à tous.

    #obey me #obey me fr #obey me anniversary
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