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  • vig8rist
    28.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    ㅤ ㅤ 𔘓 › sherliam — matching icons

    ㅤ anime: yuukoku no moriarty / moriarty the patriot

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  • holmesebooks
    28.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    By Mr. Percy Phelps, is it?

    You see, I am not a medical man.

    But I have heard that you have a remarkable

    analytical acumen, and I am sure that you should have no objection

    to your appointment with me.

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  • mystic--magic
    28.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Tell Tale Purple Gaze Pt. 4

    Coming from class that afternoon, I wasn’t expecting to see Auguste overlooking himself in a full length mirror. He was dressed in a tailor made black suit, with a black and blue stripped tie. Originally his sandy blonde hair was scruffy and untamed, but he had combed it back as best he could. The tangles of darkly hued ribbons of gold that once bounced in front of his face were drawn back, granting an unobstructed view to his icy, hazel-gray eyes. Unsure of what was going on, I decided to asked what the deal was.

    “I need you to take me back to the Range home.” he said. “I figured out who the killer is.”

    “But why go there, why not contact the police.” I could feel my brows wrinkle to express my confusion.

    “No evidence. Leaves only one option left, and that’s to confront.”

    “You’re joking right?” I chuckled, but Auguste face remained stoic. “You’re not joking?! What do you have a death wish? Assuming the killer is who you think it is, and you’re not horribly wrong, then what makes you think they won’t kill you to shut you up, or me for driving you there?”

    “It’s fine. We’ll just stay in, live life as usual while an innocent man lives the rest of his days in a cell. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.”

    “Ugh. Alright, we’ll go. But, if we get killed, I’m kicking your ass.”

    Time passed as the three of us waited for the fourth to arrive. Auguste and I were on pins and needles because she was our prime suspect in Victoria’s murder, and one false move could see her go free. Finally we heard the door open, and then Mrs. Range called out to Chloe to meet with us in the living room. As Chloe entered, her calm demeanor switched to cautious within an instant.

    “What’s up, Jane? Why is Auguste and his chauffeur back here?”

    “Well.” Mrs. Range began. “Apparently, young Dupin is under the impression that Ben is not the one the police should have arrested.”

    Addressing Auguste, Chloe replied, “So you do think you’re a detective. Good for you, but forgive me if I decide to trust the proper police over you.”

    Auguste stood up from the couch and crossed over to Chloe. “Understandable. And, if after you’ve heard me out you feel the same way, then by all means forget I ever said anything. Fine with you?”

    Chloe shrugged. “Whatever.” With that she took a seat opposite Mrs. Range from the glass coffee table.

    Continuing to stand, Auguste launched into his speech. “Relationships are funny things. Without a solid foundation the whole structure falls apart something spectacular. Chloe knows about it. Her relationship with Jordan did just that.”

    “He cheated on me, I left him. Nothing news worthy.” Chloe interrupted.

    “Except it was all anyone online was talking about for weeks. At least everyone who followed you and your circle of ‘friends’. What interest me most isn’t the breakup, more the time of this breakup. Three months ago. Around the same time Victoria was second guessing her relationship with Ben.”


    “So, you convinced her to leave Ben. It took you a month, but eventually you convinced Victoria that the single life was better than being with someone. Reason for doing so? Simple, you couldn’t be single while your sister was happily linked.”

    “Why would I care? Her life is her life.”

    “And that life was going better than yours. A sickly devoted boyfriend, more followers than you across the board, and then the worst slap to the face as event invites once mailed to you were now showing up for Victoria alone.”

    Chloe said though gritted teeth, “She was my sister. I was the one who featured her on my channel. Why would her success bother me?”

    “Since you brought up featuring Victoria, let’s look deeper at that. Yasmine Jones was a growing makeup channel. Nowhere close to over taking you, but who doesn’t need some sort of insurance, just in case? At school, and in general really, Victoria was always seen as a strange girl. Next to her you looked more of a goddess than ever, and you figured the same effect would occur on your channel. Next to you people would see her and it would elevate your beauty. Remind your followers why you’re the star.” Chloe held her lips closed tight. Auguste saw and continued to push. “How could you know just how well received Victoria would become? Constant request to see more of her in your videos. Views rising to new heights, likes on post the same. Then, Victoria had the nerve to create her own accounts. Building her own empire off your hard work, and the love of your once adoring fans. Did she not?!”

    “They loved her eyes. Those eerie purple eyes, and they ate it up. In my comments I would see repeated praise for how ‘heavenly’ how ‘wonderfully alien’ how ‘angelic’ her eyes were. Made me sick to my stomach.”

    “Wasn’t even supposed to be a player on the board, yet she became your greatest competition.”

    “And it was my fault. But it was alright, because I had made her which meant I could destroy her.”

    “How did you plan on going about that?” “Ruin her reputation. Drop her from ‘angelic’ to trashy. I called her out to Jordan’s team house, I had the codes memorized from when we were still dating. I was going to tell her I wanted revenge on him for cheating by thrashing one of his cars. When she met me I’d chloroform her, then leave her to be found in Nicky’s bed. Nicky’s this fat slob, meant to be the butt of jokes in team videos. To be found with him would crumble her to nothing.”

    “But something went wrong.”

    Chloe looked down, tears streaming down her cheeks. “Victoria saw me about to wrap the cloth around her mouth, and she fought back. I wasn’t going to let her stop me, so I fought to get the cloth over her nose. Took a second, but I got her down on her knees as I held the cloth over her nose and mouth. For some reason she refused to go to sleep. She just kept looking up at me with those eyes. Those ‘heavenly’ eyes. Those ‘wonderfully alien’ eyes! THOSE ‘ANGLIC’ EYES! They never closed. Never.”

    “Quick question, Chloe. Did you remember to coat the chloroform on the rag?”

    There was a beat of dead air, then she responded, “Now that you mention it…”

    Mrs. Range, who had been silently balling her eyes out during Chloe’s confession, leapt up from her seat and screamed a wail of agony at her stepdaughter.

    “My daughter! My blood! Her potential had yet to reach it’s full and you killed her!”

    Seeing Mrs. Range coming for her, Chloe jumped up and ran for the exit, but blocking the way was the stone faced security guard. A moment was all the time Chloe had been stopped for, but it was enough time for Mrs. Range to snatch her by the hair and whip her backward. Chloe stumbled over herself and crashed landed into the glass table, a hail storm of sharp shards flew up and rained down again on the murderer. Catching Mrs. Range before she could carry on her attack, Auguste held her in his arms to halt her warpath.

    “Jane, listen to me! You finish her and it’ll be you who goes to jail. Is that what you think your daughter would want? Or, would she rather see you free, but Chloe left to rot away in an unflattering orange jumpsuit?”

    “But, my baby girl.” Mrs. Range broke down in tears.

    Auguste cradled her head on his chest. “It’s alright. Justice will be done by her. I know because you have more than lawyers, but resources to end Chloe slow if she were to be foolish enough to recant her confession.”

    Chloe shook her head. “I won’t, I swear! Please don’t kill me, Jane!”

    Mrs. Range didn’t reply, but Auguste snapped his fingers at the guard and had him pick up Chloe and escort her to a room to he held until the police got there.

    A few days prior I had never thought of Auguste Dupin as anything more than another pompous rich boy with nothing to contribute to the world other than money, but afterward I was sold entirely. Auguste was a pompous rich boy, but with something unexpected to offer. And yes, he did become a rich boy again. When the dust settled on the case, Auguste had charmed his way into Mrs. Range’s bed and later into her life as her next husband. Turns out exams wasn’t what was troubling my old roommate, but instead the fact that after school was over he’d have no more money in his bank account. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but now he need not worry anymore. As for me, I decided cinema wasn’t for me, and I remained at school to study journalism.

    Five years had passed and I was on tough times. My new reporter position was on thin ice do to lay offs thanks to the world shutting down. Things were opening up again, but I was low on funds and had no new stories to report on. If I couldn’t think of something soon I was going to lose my LA apartment, and my job. At the coffee house to try and figure out my life, I heard the barista call out a name for a coffee order.


    “It’s Du-PAWN.” a muffled response came from behind a silver face mask.

    Above the mask was a pair of green tint sunglasses. A silk wave of dark gold hair combed back crowned the head of the glasses owner. His suit a royal blue set, under the jacket a checkerboard pattern dress shirt colored orange and white.

    I got his attention and called him over to sit with me to catch up. Having told him all about me, save a detail or two, he explained that he and Jane had gotten a divorce. There was an up and coming tech millionaire on her radar, and he understood. She left him two estates to do with as he wished, and as he wished was to sell one for a healthy sum, and live in the other trying to figure out what to do with his life.

    The way he talked about it, it seemed to me that he was lacking purpose. Had been since the day he got married. Money and excess did little to fill that hole and he couldn’t understand why. So, I suggested he try turning this detective experiment into a regular thing. Quick to pick up on my selfish desires, he made me admit that I wanted to use his exploits as material for my job. Surprisingly he agreed. Raising our drinks to our new partnership, Auguste said,

    “Here’s to the start of a toxic friendship.” he punctuated with a wicked smirk.

    Next Dupin Mystery Soon


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  • winter2112rose
    28.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Evening lovelies,

    Just a quick apology post to say sorry for being a bit ( TBH very) slack at reading / re-blogging stories. Today I shamefully realised I’ve got numerous stories saved that I’m either half way through and never commented on or finished and numerous one- shot stories that I saved weeks or in some cases months ago that I need to read. So a massive sorry if I usually read your stories or you on- going story and suddenly stopped replying. In some cases I generally thought I had but nope ! I hadn’t.

    I will do my best to catch up with everyone’s incredible work A.S.A.P. Believe me when I say your wonderful stories long and short help me greatly when I can sleep at night due to my chronic pain. They are a delightful distraction and inspire me to be brave enough to write and (hopefully) post more of my own soon.

    Thanks for your understanding and I as always love the welcome distraction of all the brave and talented writers in the fandom .

    Love and hugs


    #henry cavill#captain syverson#walter marshall#charles brandon#superman#the witcher#sherlock holmes #geralt of rivia #august walker #man of steel #clark kent#night hunter #henry cavill fanfiction #walter marshall fanfiction #august walker fanfiction #charles brandon fanfiction #captain syverson fanfiction
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  • benaddicted-linfanuel
    28.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Uhhhh…progress video of an art thing. Sadness.


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  • q-ello
    28.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    inspired with some old fic, john and sherlock

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  • vig8rist
    28.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    ㅤ 𔘓 › sherlock holmes — icons

    ㅤ anime: yuukoku no moriarty / moriarty the patriot

    ㅤ like or reblog if u save or use!!

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  • veridian55
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hi friends!

    Not much happened today just wanted to share these photos I have :)

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  • nicandragon
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Really been thinkin about the tgaa dads during classes 😭

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  • buffyfan145
    28.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Just saw about the “Enola Holmes 2” main cast and most are returning except Sam but I figured that was the case with him currently filming “Daisy Jones and the Six”. They’ve also cast David Thewlis and even though they haven’t revealed who the new cast are playing I’m pretty sure he’s going to be Dr. John Watson!!! :D He does play a part as the book series goes on and I can see David playing him, and there were already rumors John’s in it. Really excited!!! :D

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  • weatherwithyou
    28.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i sometimes wish i could participate in fandom culture on here bc it was soooo fun back when i was a 14 yr old but unfortunately i hate consuming media and the only tv show i actively care about is bbc torchwood (only the first 2 seasons tho)

    #i miss superwholock even tho sherlock was trash and i only watched like 4 episodes of supernatural #i forgot about glee i also care about her of course
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  • faenoon
    28.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    fine... i’ll be the one to say it

    i miss john and sherlock

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  • blue-shirt-on-a-hook
    28.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ive just gotta say to all the loki/mobius shippers out there: you are picking up on vibes that don't exist. you cannot group loki/mobius with johnlock and crowley/aziraphale. let me explain why.

    original johnlock has been shipped for centuries now. in the bbc show, there's even more reason for shipping. MANY characters imply that they're gay and dating and whatnot (irene adler(?), mrs hudson, that guy at the restaurant) and there's very intimate bonding moments and stuff. there are gay vibes there.

    aziraphale and crowley have the same thing. they've bonded over like what six thousand years? and characters assume they're gay (random guy on the street(?) that angel that i can't remember the name of, the nun). neil himself said that the show was about them falling in love (just not specifically romantically). there are gay vibes here.

    HOWEVER. loki and mobius are never assumed to be dating. also mobius looks hella old bro that's nasty. ALSO loki the show was just some weird kind of good show that wasn't a book first and was just kind of thrown together by disney. there aren't years of slow, private shipping built beneath loki. mobius and loki know each other for an ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM of a few months. there's not enough time for true intimate bonding. also they hug like once AND loki's whole plotline is about sylvie and falling in love with her.

    IM NOT SAYING YOU CANT SHIP THEM. i'm only saying it's not exactly a high craftsmanship show/ship. it's not on the same level as aziraphale/crowley and johnlock, which are both well crafted, slow cooked ships with high quality bonding and gay assumptions. thanks guys.

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  • notebookpapers
    28.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I don’t play or watch ace attorney but every time I see the name Herlock Sholmes come across my dash I am reminded that it is single-handedly some of the funniest shit I have ever seen someone do

    #oh looks like we can’t use the name Sherlock Holmes #boss I have a fantastic idea #what if we just swap the first two letters #genius my boy #ace attorney #the great ace attorney #herlock sholmes#sherlock holmes
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