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  • Elementary 1x03 is still one of the best episodes of the show. it gives us many core pieces of the show for the first time. Sherlock waking Watson with a sudden and loud noise. meeting Angus for the first time. Watson teaching Sherlock something. Sherlock admitting that Joan helped him and appreciating her help. several lines that have been giffed countless times. a rare moment of someone outsmarting Holmes.

    #it gave us more in one episode than bbc sherlock did in four seasons #but really it's great #elementary#rewatching elementary#sherlock holmes#joan watson#elementary 1x03
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  • #Sherlock Holmes (1984) #Sherlock Holmes #The Last Vampyre #S06E02#Granada Holmes
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  • If you’re looking for some Christmas gift ideas for yourself or others, there is nice Enola Holmes merch on Redbubble.com !

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  • i for one absolutely cherish the fact that sherlock holmes canonically wiggles when he’s happy in the acd novels

    #MY SON MY ND SON!!!!! ILY SO MUCH #not trek #jay says stuff #acd#acd canon#sherlock holmes
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  • yall hear people say sherlock holmes as sure lock olmes bc thats funny

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  • Can you freaking believe that? Yes that’s true, baby!

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  • The copy of the lease of the buck-boat glass workers dated 1578.

    These Hugenotes, are they any relations of yours?

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  • The art for my best friend’s birthday (published a week prior).

    Some facts about Keith:
    - she likes Tony Stark;
    - her spirit animal is raccoon;
    - she was born when the ecliptic crossed through the constellation of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder;
    - her birthday coincides with the “birthday” of Sherlock Holmes. It was on the first of December that the first novel about the greatest detective of all times - “A Study in Scarlet” - was published.

    That’s why I united all these things, significant for her.
    The quote says: “But there are always some lunatics about. It would be a dull world without them”.

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  • Watson: *makes an insightful observation because he ain’t no fool*

    Holmes (already taking his clothes off): Just get over here and kiss me already, John.

    #sherlock holmes#granada holmes#tplosh#acd #thoughts on this?? #holmes has rubbed off on watson obviously #and holmes is like !!!!! #that's my husband look at him go UwU
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  • An email my boyfriend received today

    #context: his phone was in his pocket and bought a 'sherlock holmes dickinson cape' off ebay #which he immediately cancelled the order of #but i guess ebay wanted his opinion anyway #sherlock#sherlock holmes#gay
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  • Holmes: Sherlock says touch your nose.

    Watson: *touches his nose*

    Holmes: Sherlock says pucker your lips.

    Watson: *puckers his lips*

    Holmes: Now Sherlock says kiss me on the mouth.

    Watson: wait what–

    Holmes: ShErLoCk SaYs KiSs Me On ThE mOuTh

    #sherlock holmes#granada holmes#tplosh#acd #they would SO do this #fight me #and watson would totally go for it and kiss holmes #holmes would be Extremely Pleased with himself too
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  • okay so. lately for me it’s only been animal crossing and dumb british people

    and if you don’t know what i mean by dumb british people, let me tell you:

    - learning about the pre-revolutionary war stuff. i find it kind of funny that the british didn’t expect the colonies to fight back after the dumb stupid taxes? like what else were you expecting?? you know they can fight, they literally just helped you win a war lol you idiots

    - enola holmes!! what’s better than a 14-year-old madlass who uses a corset as armor and hides daggers in her bust enhancer?? and who stabbed a boy in the arm? and who hides from her dingus brother sherlock on three occasions by hiding in his literal house??? it’s pretty wild so far B) the books are quite different than the netflix movie, give em a read if you have the time!! also watson’s here and i love watson so that’s good enough for me

    - bryant and may: two old geezers who are partners in detective work at london’s peculiar crimes unit. bryant is a cane-toting madman who believes in witches and other nonsense like that while screaming at half the people who try to talk to him. may is the only person who can tolerate him and tries way too hard to take him out to dinner. and, ever-so-conveniently for us gay shippers, both of their respective wives just so happen to be long dead! whoopee

    - sherlock holmes, of course. it’s been a hot minute since i’ve read any of the stories but boy is it gay. super gay. i’ve always shipped him with watson and no don’t go screaming about bbc sherlock i’m so sorry all of you poor souls got dreadfully queerbaited but seriously just read the books they’re gay enough for all of you. but yeah that’s basically all i’ve been thinking about in terms of sherlock lmao

    - those bertie & jeeves stories!! you know the ones, written by p. g. wodehouse. the epitome of dumb british people, you don’t go a minute without people breaking off engagements or dating people out of spite or sending passive-aggressive telegrams or rambling about newts or spiking orange juice or throwing police hats out of windows or hiding in potting-sheds or burning down cottages or saying ‘right ho’ or stealing your bed sheets to climb out your window to take your car and escape to london because they’ve been an idiot for one time too many and whoops now somebody wants to kill them and goodbye bertie i’m going to tie a brick to my foot and jump into the lake if you don’t mind

    - professor layton; particularly miracle mask because that’s the only one i’ve played (i need to play all of them eventually). my favorite video game ever (animal crossing is a close second), so i don’t want to spoil too much; you should really play it, it’s on the 3ds. all i’m going to say is that layton dreadfully needs a therapist. like this man, this dude, our homeboy hershel layton needs a therapist. also henry has very pretty eyelashes?? henry ledore more like henry ledorable amirite hahahaha this game is so depressing now i need a therapist (cue me screaming internally about randall)

    #melonposting#extreme melonposting #just wanted to update you folks on the junk i've been into lately B) #check some of it out if you have the time!! it's pretty cool #enola holmes #bryant and may #sherlock holmes #bertie and jeeves #professor layton
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  • so i started watching yuukoku no moriarty and



    #moriarty the patriot #yuukoku no moriarty #sherlock holmes #william james moriarty #louis james moriarty #sebastian moran#fred porlock #albert james moriarty #ALSO SEBASTIAN IS LITERALLY FANON KUROO #anime
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  • image

    so, in sherlock’s mind palace he thinks of himself as john’s daddy 👀✨

    #johnlock #the abominable bride #john doesn’t even deny it #my edit#sherlock#bbc sherlock#sherlockedit#sherlock holmes#john watson#johnlockedit#sherlock gifs #plz write sugar daddy sherlock fics for me
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  • Watson: And then he told me I was his ‘glass of tea’! What do you make of that?

    Mycroft (nodding wisely): Ah yes. Now, this is just a rough translation on my part, but I think what Sherlock is trying to say is: he wants sum f*ck.

    Watson (choking on his drink): he WHAT

    #sherlock holmes#granada holmes#tplosh#acd #I'M SO SORRY #KSFDKSFDFSF #this is based on that one crow meme from years ago
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  • Season 2 episode 3 of Sherlock. What. The. Fuck.

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  • Mycroft: Tell me, Dr. Watson, are you in love with my brother?

    Watson: What? No, that’s crazy, where would you get an idea like that, haha…

    *Remembers the time he imagined Holmes in his undergarments and thought, “Oh no, he’s hot!”*

    Watson (internally): wait oh f*ck–

    #sherlock holmes#granada holmes#tplosh#acd #yes this is referencing that one spongebob scene with squidward #i'm bored so i'm just concocting a bunch of random dialogue/scenes
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