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  • shimblesham
    22.11.2020 - 8 monts ago

    also hi to all four ppl who might still be in the cats fandom and following this blog

    #i never rly was IN in the fandom like. groups or discord servers #i just observed from the outside #this blog has over a hundred followers but i think most left the fandom by now so. lmao #shimble talks #i rewatched cats 2019 today and cats 1998 will follow shortly and remembered how much i do care for these creatures #but also i doubt ill rly come back into the fandom more seriously #so yeah
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  • catboysnape
    30.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    Mirror!Cats AU

    This is an AU about the Jellicles being mirrored to be the opposite of what they usually are portrayed as.

    - The leader of the Jellicles, the one who makes the Jellicle choice, is a very old white molly cat called Victoria. she used to be opened by queen Victoria herself, or so the rumours say.

    - Her second in command and narrator for the Balls is Jemima, an older queen who is electric and confident, but humble.

    - Lurking in the shadows of the Jellicles tribe is the outcast; Tugger Tom. A forgotten play boy, now haunted by his past lovers and the poisonous cat who caused his exile.

    - that cat being Mysterious Mistoffelees. Hes knowing for attacking the cats with lightening and other magical mishap. His worst rival at the moment is a kitten called Macavity the Magician.

    - Macavity is one of the youngest cats but his magic was quickly known. Hes very powerful but skittish to use such forces, even for good. he's terrified he'll end up like Mistoffelees.

    - Macavitys closest friend in the Tribe is Grizabella, a glamour cat. Shes known for being drooled over by juvenile Tom's and her songs were to due for. Shes a flirty cat and her aesthetic is that of a 1950s-1960s glamour cat.

    - Mungo and Teazer are the mysterious cats, their owners being twin ginger wizards. The cats talk in rhymes and riddles, often confusing the older cats but entertaining the kittens. Their biggest fan is a small ginger tom called Shimble.

    - Corri & Tantom roam the streets. They're known for being brilliant thiefs, disappearing from sight whenever they want to. Very ambitious, aloof cats.

    - You'll often find a small group of kittens running around the Junkyard and annoying the shit out of Alonzo, one of the elders. The kittens are made of up Deuteronomy, a very protective kitten and their three friends; Asparagus a dramatic Tom and Jennyanydots whose as motherly as they come for a young cat.

    - The newest member of the Jellicles is called Ash, by his humans. He was abandoned by them in the junkyard. Soon, after some time around the other cats and learning what it means to be a Jellicle, he discovers his true cat name to be Munkustrap. Hes quite a clueless kitten and relies on Macavity a lot to help him understand their ways.

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