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    24.07.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #Shin AoD #Angels of Death #Manga #Satsuriku no tenshi
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    24.07.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Park Byung Eun & Kim Shi Ah photographed by Kim Young Bae, Netflix Korea promotional shoot for Kingdom: Ashin of the North (2021)

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    24.07.2021 - 34 minutes ago
    SOMI ♡ New single ‘DUMB DUMB’ teaser photo
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    24.07.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    okay i’ve caught up with light on me and i definitely think tae kyung’s first love is going to be da on but he’s then going to fall for shin woo after and they’ll be endgame thank u

    #i love the progress between shin woo and tae kyung so much #it’s slow but we’re getting there #light on me #kdrama
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    24.07.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    crying, sobbing, whimpering

    #sobs pls don't look at me i'm a feral raccoon #i am looking with the utmost the UTMOST DISRESPECT SOFBOSBSOBS #☀️.thoughts #🌾.shin #haikyuu#kita shinsuke
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    3.05 | Blood, Sweat, & Tears

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    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • kittan-chan
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So like part of whatever is wrong with my head is that I barely remember anything ever. I recovered a few childhood memories over the years but that's still pretty blank,

    And it didn't stop with childhood, like,, to the point- I am back reading my own Tumblr posts and like.. learning about myself. Like I'm reading all this stuff that I supposedly wrote and like moments and things that happened to me and I just don't remember them,

    It's surreal and also uncomfy

    #sickitten#shin babbles #like idk man its wild reading stuff ive said and done its like a whole different person #and reading this stuff isnt jogging my memories? #wild lmao #mental health ment
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  • alex-macaulay
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “Who is my destiny?”


    #light on me the series #light on me #taekyung x shinwoo #woo taekyung#noh shinwoo #nam goong shi woon #shin da on
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  • digitaldyk3
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    There's This Guy (pt 4) a keiji shinogi x reader

    words: 1,933

    warnings: none!

    im probably gonna update the formatting of these soon! I just decided to make Keiji's dialogue all lower case bc it just feels...right bruh. plus the formatting on tumblr is so ass omfg, pls read this on the actual blog bc it looks atrocious on the lil preview screen lmfao

    Keiji and you grow closer. You enjoy some ice cream, courtesy of Shin.

    "is your sleep schedule as bad as mine?"

    Your face lit up with childlike joy as you listened to the gruff voice on the other end of the phone. You were elated your romantic risk paid off. More than paid off. Your dumb 2AM shitpost caught his attention and ushered a conversation, and then a call.

    "Not normally, to be honest."

    "when it is that bad, do you normally text your coworkers at this time?"

    "Wanna block me?"

    You prayed he didn't hear you rolling around your bed, surprising school girl like giggles.

    "no need to get defensive, i don't even know how to do that on this phone"

    "Not good with technology? I guess that's why you prefer calling."

    "you're exactly right, but you wanna know what I am good at?" Keiji went silent for a moment, and there seemed to be movement on the other end. "tips on how to get sleep." For a second, his monotonous tone made you think he was mocking you, but the sound of him clearing his throat convinced you otherwise.

    "I wouldn't mind some enlightenment." You had no intention of sleeping, or at least you hoped you could talk for longer. Just him talking to you about sleeping tips made you smile. After what sounded like page turning on the other end, he spoke.

    "okay, my personal favorite is the 4 7 8 breathing method. it's pretty simple. all you gotta do is breathe in for four seconds, hold it for seven, and breathe out fully for eight."

    "Hm, I might try that. Where did you learn that from?" There was a pause.

    "my...therapist." You could hear Keiji hesitate as he said the word. Keiji wasn't used to admitting he had problems, so it felt more than weird to admit he had a therapist. You didn't mind this at all of course, but you decided not to press it. "it's the only thing that kinda works for me."

    "Okay...hm." You shuffled in your bed, laying down and turning off the lights. You pulled your blanket up. As you did, you caught a glimpse of the gentle pink glow enveloping the far east. Clouds were thick and close together. Morning light. Tiredness had crept up on you without you even noticing. "Can you tell me if I'm doing this right?" Your head fell to your pillow and right next to your phone, just close enough for him to hear the gentle sound of your breathing. You began the exercise. Keiji was quiet for a moment, just to listen very closely.

    "yeah, i think you've got it. isn't it calming?"

    "Very." You wiggled a bit in bed. "Can you see the sun rising?"

    "the king and queen of all nighters." Keiji made a sound...resembling a yawn. Had it been that long since he yawned? "we gotta get up in an hour and a half. you should really sleep."

    "Actually, I'm off tomorrow. Though I am pretty exhausted now." You rubbed your eyes sleepily.

    "lucky you." Keiji chuckled. He couldn't help but notice the warm feeling persisting in his chest. The lovely feeling of bonding with someone. Even if it was something as small as a phone call...he was putting himself forward. "do you know about the ice cream shop a few blocks away from the work building?"

    "...The one with the giant upside down cone on it?"

    "yep. you know, shin works there. you should check it out since you got off and all." You tutted and hummed a yes, though you were pretty bewildered at the idea of shin working at an...ice cream shop. It didn't really seem like his thing at all.

    "Thank you, Keiji!"

    "don't mention it, sleep well cutie."


    Before you could even respond to his flirtatious comment, he was gone. The butterflies in your stomach had subdued, and were replaced with the heavy feeling of reverence. You thought about the proposal he made to you, and grinned. You had hoped that this would give you more excuses to see him at some point. With a happy sigh, you placed your phone down and drifted off into a peaceful sleep...

    Much to his surprise (and joy) Keiji was doing the same. His blonde hair was messy from lounging and his eyes burned from being awake so long. He adjusted himself to get comfortable in bed and stared at the still rising sun. The vibrant pink had transformed into a searing orange, just barely being dim enough for him to stand looking at. Keiji felt relaxed. The concerns and worries that usually filled his mind were no where to be found. With his mind so quiet, he was able to ruminate on the feelings you had left him with. Your face and pretty words were the last thing on his mind. Gently, he closed his eyes and let sleep take him.

    "Don't you have ANY non-dairy options?" A shrill voice rung through the small, yet charming ice cream shop. You had barely set foot into the place, and you were already witnessing Shin being bitched out by someone. You swept the shop with your eyes. It was quite packed, with only a few seats left available. An array of toppings and treats were visible in the front of the shop. Gummy bears, chocolates, hard candies, just about anything that went well with ice cream was there. Hell, things that meshed horribly with ice cream were there. Who puts licorice on soft serve? You looked at the side of the shop and found the source of the yelling. A woman was standing in front of the cash register, an indignant expression splashed on her face. "It's like, pretty common now for places to have them...how am I supposed to eat this without having stomach problems?" Shin's eyes darted towards you, and then straight back to the woman. You quickly took your place near the back of the shop, not wanting to overwhelm him whilst dealing with something so annoying.

    "No ma'am, I'm quite sorry about that." Shin's demeanor around you was always kind. Though there was always a biting, calculated undertone to his words. This was even more evident in his responses. Under his childlike smile, he was frustrated for sure. "We ran out just minutes ago, we get pretty popular on hot days." As he was speaking to her, you opened up your phone to check the temperature. Sheesh, it was pretty hot.

    "This is ridiculous. You should really have an option to check online, I drove all the way here for nothing!" Her rising tone broke you out of your scrolling. Ugh, she was giving you a headache. You could visibly see Shin's discomfort. With her hand balled and her face becoming more red, she spoke once more. "Can I see a manager?"

    Ooooooh boy.

    Shin's customer care act dampened a bit and you rolled your eyes. Quickly, you opened up the map app on your phone and stood up. You quickly punched in the keywords for 'ice cream shop'. You could hear Shin sigh and begin speaking.

    "Yes Ma'am. I'll-"

    "There's a shop three blocks from here. It's called Antonio's. It's more sorbet centered but if you want something cold without milk...There you go." You cut off Shin with no regret and shoved your phone in the woman's face. She was taken aback slightly, moving her eyes from the screen to you rapidly. After a second to consider, she opened her phone and found the address.

    "Thanks." And with that curt response, she was gone.

    The air in the shop became less heavy instantly. The people who stopped chattering to watch the altercation resumed eating and talking. "That looked stressful." You simply remarked to Shin. His face was scrunched up in a mix of appreciativeness and lingering anxiety.

    "I deal with people like that a lot here." He cleared his throat and began to wipe down the counter in front of him. "Did Keiji tell you about this place?"

    "You betcha." You glanced up at the menu again, contemplating what you'd get. "What do you like from here?" His expression twisted up again but this time, it was in thought. You wondered if you had bothered him by showing up.

    "I've only been working here for a week or two, and I don't really like ice cream..." His voice trailed off into silence.

    "You decided to work at an ice cream shop...and you hate ice cream?" You leaned forward to meet his gaze more directly, your tone being playful.

    "I'm kind of a 'job hopper'. I know, attractive title." You could see him cringe as the words left his mouth. You smiled at him.

    "I don't see anything wrong with that." He raised an eyebrow. "As long as you're working, it shows you're striving towards something. I think it's cool you don't let one place tie you down. Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised." Shin scoffed.

    "You sound exactly like him, you know." You could hear clear adoration in his voice if you looked through the feigned annoyance. It took you a minute to realize who he was talking about. The conversation you had shared with Keiji a few days ago ran through your mind.

    "i don't think it's weird to still get crushes, you know." Keiji put his hand on his chin, as if to remember something. "i had a few good crushes in my day. i actually think it's kinda cute you still get 'em."

    Huh. He couldn't have been rubbing off on you in just two days, could he? Or were you just more similar than you had realized?

    Shin's eyes tracked towards the sound of the door's bell being triggered. New customers. Two young people both in uniforms walked cheerily into the shop. With a giant smile, the (seemingly) oldest one made a beeline for the counter. "Shin!" She said, eyes beaming with happiness. "Kanna finished her computer science lab and got a good grade all thanks to you!"

    Shin's face seemed to glow. Was he her big brother? "That's really good, Kanna. I'm glad all our studying paid off." Shin looked at the other younger of the duo.

    "Heya, meow! She's been talking about seeing you all day, woof!" Kanna turned to Gin, with slight embarrassment on her face.

    "He helped Kanna study! Of course I had to thank him." You couldn't help but smile at the wholesome interaction, feeling yourself tempted to inch away to give them privacy.

    "Y/N, this is Kanna and Gin. It was a school night for them last time we all met so I don't think you've been introduced." You put your hand out to Gin's paw, and gave your other hand to Kanna.

    "It's nice to meet you both. Good job on your lab." You shook both of their hands almost goofily.

    "Why can't you always hang around cool people, Shin? Woof!" Damn. He'd be thinking about that one before bed tonight. Shin shook his head and moved towards the ice cream displays. With the finesse of an expert, he picked out two cones and began piling scoops of decedent soft serve on them.

    "One strawberry streusel." He held out the comically topped cone, and Kanna graciously grabbed it. "And one chunky monkey special with chocolate casing." He repeated the long name, clearly doing it against his will. He swore his boss named the ice cream just to spite him.

    "Thank you, Shin!" They both said in unison, quickly going to their chairs to continue their talks of school. Gin eagerly pulled out his school books as his legs were swinging, as did Kanna. You resisted the urge to call Shin's brother like relationship with them cute. Instead, you listened to your stomach.

    "One scoop of cake batter, please."

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    24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ice cream!!

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    24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    so i just finished watching season 1 of 86 (eighty-six... yes, that's the title of the anime, lol. i get it, it's not very search engine friendly 😅), and i'm kind of in love with it. from what i can tell, the fandom is still fairly small, so last night i poured all my fangirl energy into making these two wallpapers because, yes, i do already ship these two even though they have not, technically, even met. (as of the last episode of season 1. i have not read the novels-- please no spoilers!)

    ah, fangirls. 😂 we're funny, aren't we? in my defense, the characters ship them in-universe, too. 😝 (most of them, anyway.)

    the lyrics in both are from "avid" by sawano hiroyuki, aka the first ending theme for the show. choose your resolution below.







    "your name":






    #86#eighty six #86 eighty six #86 anime #cali loves photoshop #shinei nouzen#vladilena milizé#shinlena #shin and lena #hi there otp #why would you title your novel like that it's UNSEARCHABLE #but it's good so i guess we just have to learn to live with it lol
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    #your turn to die #kimi ga shine #yttd#kugie kizuchi#shin tsukimi#sou hiyori#ask
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    #ask meme#Shin Tsukimi#YTTD #Your Turn To Die #alright last one!!
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