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    I look shitty bc I was really nervous when I saw them but ME AND THE REAPERS!!! I was so happy I almost fainted

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  • Hisagi Suuhei from Bleach. Bankai.

    I drawned it with MediBang. There are 3 version (normal, geen reiatsu and blue reiatsu.)

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  • Síganme en Instagram @SaschaRedmoon


    I know it’s horrible, but I love Grell very much.

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  • “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, dear~ You are very much need it right now~.” Undertaker chuckled walking to the young doctor, putting the list back in the pocket of his coat.

    “What the he…” Genna almost screamed in fear, losing her balance. That was all, she was going to fall, the curious step into the void would now be real, and her life would end, she would fall slowly and without pause until hitting the pavement. Well done, Genna. She closed her eyes.

    “Heh, heh, heh ~ hold on there, not so fast dear doctor” Undertaker laughed, grabbing Genna’s arm firmly preventing the fatal fall. “Why don’t we walk away from the edge and talk for a while.” She locked her eyes with the man holding her tightly without being able to say anything. Those greenish eyes,

    they were strange, almost hypnotic, she had never seen eyes like this in anyone before, they did not seem real. She let herself be dragged to a safer place, the grip on her arm loosening a bit. Still, the man didn’t let go.

    Genna took a deep breath in and out a few times to calm her breathing and her heartbeat. It had all happened in a rush: she had gone up the rooftop, lit a cigarette, and flirted with death by getting dangerously close to emptiness. She didn’t know if she would jump or not, but for a moment the possibility had been real, and now a strange man with long silver hair, vibrant eyes, and a huge scar over his face, had saved her life.

    “You shouldn’t be so curious about death, pet~” Undertaker spoke softly letting Genna’s arm go. “You face it all the time~ You should know by now that is not that interesting.” A mocking tone in his voice. Genna came to her senses; she snapped herself from the hypnotic moment walking a few steps back away from the black-clad figure. This was surreal and dangerous.

    “What the bloody he… Who the fuc… I almost.. You… You…” Genna stuttered taking from her pocket the chinstrap “You really shouldn’t have touched me, you… you should wear a mask, stay away” Genna spoke, lifting her arms in front of her to prevent Undertaker’s advances. He burst out laughing. This girl was funny, unintentionally funny. He crossed his arms, waiting for the young doctor to regain her composure, once he saw her calmer, he smiled calmly before speaking.

    “A mask? Like this one?”

    Genna couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The stranger placed an old mask with pointed beaks on his face, like a terrible bird, even in the dark she knew, it was the ancient mask of the plague doctors.

    “You’re a psychopath, I have to get out of here” She tried to run to the door, but it was impossible. He burst out laughing again as he held her by the tail of her medical gown.

    “Let me go” She cried out.

    “Shush, my dear~ you really gave me a first-rate laugh here~ heh, heh, heh.” He stated releasing her robe and standing still. “Remove that devilish chinstrap from your pretty face, my dear doctor. We don’t need it right now” His eyes glowed in all his glory and Genna couldn’t do anything else but obey. There was something about this man, after the first shock, he seems to irradiate confidence, security, even peace. She breathed again, relaxing a bit.

    “Who are you?” She asked, looking at the man’s face. He was kind of unique, something in him told her he was not normal, his white skin, his long silver hair falling loose, his long legs covered in leather high heel boots. He had scars, she had seen scars before, but non like these: a big one running through the face, another one on the neck, even in his pinky finger. What had happened to him? He wasn’t a monster, on the contrary, he was quite handsome, And his eyes, oh those eyes, what was he?

    “My my…” He spoke once more folding his arms “If looks could kill I could drop dead right here and now… Or not.” He chuckled “Or better said if looks could undress…” He let the phrase got lost in the air, Genna blushed furiously.

    “You are a psycho.”

    “No, I am Undertaker” he answered knowingly.

    “Oh, I see…” Right, it was clear now. Of course, he was an undertaker; he must be working, maybe that explained the look. “So, what’s your name?” she asked, “I didn’t know that they were expecting you”. She wasn’t aware that the funerary were able to work this late and freely at the hospital.

    “Trust me, love, they know when I’m coming”, he said with a dark smile “Just call me Undertaker, Gwenhwyfar.”

    “Wait, how… How…” Genna started without words.

    “Easy now, I work here. At the morgue, I know the doctor staff” He answered dismissively taking a seat on the cold floor, stretching the legs forward and leaning against the wall.

    “The fog covers the moon, but dawn is near; come, have a seat.” the mortician invited her patting a space next to him.

    Genna accepted walking over to him and sat incredible close. This guy was magnetic “Just call me Genna, I thought the morgue was close at this time.” She said

    watching the horizon behind de London buildings.

    “Just working extra hours, helping old colleagues.” She puffed some air, he felt silence; hopefully, no other reaper could be around. “Come on, you can smoke, it’s not going to kill you right now, and I’m not judging”. He spoke frankly. His voice was different.

    “Right…” Genna nodded; still, she didn’t. Something held her back. “Listen… What you’ve seen… me, there, at the edge… I wasn’t going to…”

    “Jump?” Undertaker interrupted “No, but you got extremely curious about it. You could get much, much closer, look down, lost balance, loose the little remained strength you got, and just like that let go.” She was shocked. He had red her like an open book, just a moment ago maybe, she was looking for an excuse to finished all. “It would have been a suicide, no matter how many lame excuses you want to wield.” His words were harsh, but there was amusement in his tone.

    “If you put it that way…” She left the phrase hanging. He laughed again. He was always laughing. She kind of like it, but gave her the chills at the same time. She shooked her head.

    “Now, can you tell what got into you, tonight?” He asked.

    “I don’t know…” She started “I guess I feel tired, useless”. she said, releasing some tears.

    “Tired yes, useless…” Undertaker began smiling, whipping away the tears on Genna’s face with his thumb “I don’t think so.” She started to cry, desperately, letting go of all the frustration and tension of the last few months. She poured into each tear the fears, anguish, loneliness that the pandemic had left her, the remembrance of every deceased patient. She wasn’t able to run home and sleep with her mother as she used to when she was a child in a stormy night. She couldn’t see her family or friends. She didn’t have anyone to hold her back and yet here she was, crying her eyes out, hugging a stranger who could be the sweetest or the creepiest man in the world and it didn’t matter to her. She let herself be hugged until she calmed down, and he hugged her back. “Now now,” The Undertaker broke the silence, gently pulling Genna out of his arms to look at her face. “If there is something that you are not, is useless.” Genna looked into his eyes with a frown, and he laughed once more. “You work an almost inhuman amount of hours, save lives and try to accompany each of your patients in the best possible way. You care about them.”

    “I guess” Genna answered, calmer.

    “You must learn that you cannot always win every battle” he spoke with such wisdom. “You will surely win this war, but for now, you must hold on to what you have and trust yourself.”

    “It is difficult to do it in the middle of this reality.” Genna whispered stubbornly. He chuckled.

    “Look dear, I know you can’t see it now, but a new world is coming, and if you want to be part of it, you have to cope with it and leave your weaknesses to others. You chose this profession, you knew the risks.” No one had had time to talk to her the way the Undertaker was doing it. His words were soft and sweet, but she knew that deep down he wanted to tell her ‘fuck it all, take a deep breath and kick this virus in the ass’.

    “How do you know we will win?” Genna asked, looking for answers and hope in those bright eyes in which she seemed to lose herself hopelessly.

    “Oh, you will win … Eventually. After so much time, having seen so much, experienced so much… I just know ~ heh heh heh.”

    “So long? But how many …” She was surprised, the man next to her seemed barely a few years older than her, and yet he radiated the energy and wisdom of a thousand lives lived.

    “Heh Heh ~ I just know” the mortician answered looking at the horizon “Oh look, it’s dawn.”

    “Yes …” Genna replied sadly, she didn’t want the moment to end. “I think I have to go back.”

    “Me too … It was a pleasure avoiding your death.”

    “Ha, very funny” Genna snorted “Will we see each other again?”

    “I hope so” He answered smirking. Genna was already at the door, work does not wait, and now she had renewed strength.

    “And Genna, My dear doctor …” She turned to see him once more “This too shall pass”. She smiled confidently and walked into the hospital, while a laugh was lost in the air.


    So this is the end!!

    I enjoyed writing the story, I hope to read what you think and how you feel about it. I don´t know if I´m ready to let this too go, so maybe in the future, they would meet again.

    Again It was a pleasure! Now I want to read and listen to you.

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    Ryuk loves Nintendo games and I think he’d make a great pokémon trainer! (That is, given that he’ll manage to hold back from eating his own pokémon…)

    #death note#dn#ryuk#shinigami#my art#pokemon#applin #Pokémon trainer Ryuk wants to battle!
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    Gaaaaaah I wish I could get them all 😭

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  • William T Spears after weeks of lockdown just gave up on combing and has almost a mullet and bangs. To which he ties in a samaurai ponytail

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    Ryuk & me!

    Made with mechanical pencil only!

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  • Karai: I have an excellent gaydar, I can determine if a person is gay or not with just a glance.

    Mikey: Shinigami has been in love with you for years.

    Karai: SHE WHAT?!

    #incorrect tmnt quotes #source: tumblr#tmnt 2012#tmnt #teenage mutant ninja turtles #michelangelo#karai#shinigami#shinirai
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  • Illustration for fun.


    Beginning sketch.

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    Chapter II

    The nightshift was almost coming to an end. Gwenhwyfar looked at her watch, and still, there were at least three more hours to scape the hospital for a while. The shifts were no longer as they used to. Lately, since January, all the doctors available in London were working an incredible amount of extra hours to fulfil the medical needs in this war that they were battling against an invisible villain. The pandemic was at its peak, and there was nothing more than desolation, illness and death around. Even the smell in the air had changed in the last few months. It was the smell of despair, tiredness and loneliness.

    Gwenhwyfar was breaking down. In all the years that she had been an intensive care physician, she had never imagined that things would turn out this way—whole days of work without rest in the service of others. Of course, she loved her job, and if she had to choose it, she would do it over and over again without hesitation. Still, disappointment and anguish were ahead of her. Just a few hours ago, she had lost not one, but five patients and those had only been a few of those in her care. Her co-workers weren’t doing much better: they all had lost someone that night, and none had time even to mourn them, and that was simply heartbreaking. Genwheyfar, or Genna as she called herself, in all her years of study and practice, had learned that she did not have to get involved or grew fond of her patients. However, for her, that was a daunting task. She knew that many of her patients would die; it was inevitable. But, who was she to deny them the last goodbye, the final caress, or the last hug to the relatives? Even if it was dangerous to her emotional well-being, she couldn’t help it. She had chosen to save lives but also to accompany them in their last breath, it was not her role, but from the depths of her being, she knew that she had no choice. And this was precisely what ailed her the most. It was not the endless hours of work, nor the personal protective equipment that she had to wear to protect herself from the virus that plagued the world, that she had to change after each patient with meticulous care to not contaminate anything around her. No. Her greatest sorrow was not being able to touch her patients, being unable to comfort them, see them die alone and without even their closest relatives.

    The virus was relentless, and what began as just a flu that very little was known about it ended up being one of the toughest pandemics in history. Genna had read and studied others; she knew the symptoms, the consequences, and the causes, she never believed that in her time, she would witness such devastation. She looked at her watch again, there were still two hours left before her shift ended, she would be worth a short break since the staff was not enough. She knew she would have to return to the cold corridors of the hospital as soon as possible. She could barely catch her breath back lost in the twenty hours she had been working non-stop. Many of her colleagues had already been victims of the infamous COVID-19. Many were in intensive care, and many others had also lost their lives as loyal health soldiers on the battlefront.

    It was too much, Genna sighed while walking through the corridors, she had signed up one more patient among hundreds: male, 25 years old, pneumonia, infected with COVID just three days ago, the respirator was inevitable. She had heard that in other places, ventilators for patients were insufficient, that doctors had to choose who to attend and who not. She was glad that this was not the case: at least in St. Barts, for the moment the technical resources were not insufficient. Genna stood in front of the stretcher. The young man was breathing only thanks to the artificial respirator; her colleagues had done a good job there. The boy was only a little younger than her and yet there he was, lying on a bed, mechanically assisted and in a coma. What would that guy’s life be if all this wasn’t happening? So young and so helpless at the same time. She read the medical chart and was glad that at least the young man was healthy and had no pre-existing diseases; hopefully, he would have a chance. She watched him a moment longer and walked to another stretcher. In front of her, her colleague watched with resignation.

    “She is not gonna make it, right?” Genna asked almost whispering.

    “Genna, is that you?” An older woman asked.

    “Yeah, under all this equipment, at least” Genna responded, pointing at her medical suit.

    “No, she is not going to make it; it’s a matter of time.” The other doctor said tiredly.

    “Hmm,” Gwenheyfar nod, “Does she has anybody?” she finished.

    “It doesn’t make any difference”. The older stated.

    “It’s just too much” Genna spoke almost silently.

    “Suppress your tears pet. There is nothing we can do, we have just to go on”.

    “I guess… How do you do it anyway?” The young doctor asked.

    “Look Genna, you look awful, why don’t you take a break? The shift is almost over; nobody is going anywhere nor notice your short absence.” The older woman suggested while checking the low vitals of the lady on the bed. Genna nodded and slowly walked away from intensive care.

    After taking off all the protective equipment, Genna went up to the hospital terrace, the cold wind hit her cheeks briefly shooing her. Once she had made sure that nobody was there, she removed the chinstrap that she now wore almost 24 hours a day and absentmindedly stroked the marks that it had left on her face. She lit a cigarette and smiled wryly to herself: if any of her patients could saw her now. Curiously she walked to the edge of the terrace to stand on the railing that separated the roof from the total void. She took a drag on his cigarette and blew out the smoke slightly. It was too much, exhaustion and madness surrounded her, she looked down and closed her eyes for a moment. How easy it would be to jump.

    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, dear~ You very much need it right now~.” And a soft giggle got lost in the winter night.


    I would love to know what you think. This is also posted in others platforms, so in doubts don’t be shy and talk to me.

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