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  • “Eternity Song”

    Visual novels are great fun!

    Shinigami Kareshi is amazing =) There are two games: “Un: birthday Song” and “Re: birthday Song” (“ai Wo Utau Shinigami” and “koi Wo Utau Shinigami”)

    Here is my sweety-fluffy Ame and Rikka! Oh, they are so delicate and refined characters. I love them!

    I also studied a lot of symbolism, in particular “Hanakotoba” - this is the Japanese language of flowers. In addition, Shinigami Kareshi has a lot of hidden visual symbols! So many butterflies and owls - it was there for a reason =D In my art, I also tried to play with some symbolism.

    Nothing complicated, but I can give hints below if someone fails to assemble the puzzle.

    In some traditions, the owl is revered as the patron saint of the night and the messenger of the underworld, designed to escort souls to the kingdom of the dea.d.

    In Japanese culture, a butterfly can represent a cycle of life and deat.h. Butterflies either carry the souls of the dea.d or represent them. Japanese poetry sometimes uses butterflies as a symbol of the soul of lovers who committed sui.cide together with each other.

    Well, a little about “Hanakotoba”!

    Eternity, according to the Japanese, was symbolized by a flower-star, maybe even fallen from the stars. This is aster.

    White camellia means “Waiting”

    “In falling,
    It spilled its water —
    The camellia flower.” 

    Forget-me-not besides the obvious meaning, in “Hanakotoba” mean “True love”.

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  • Grell: Hey Willy, why do people hate pirates?

    Will: Not this again. Please, Grell.

    Grell: They’re Arrrrseholes!

    Will: Oh for fucks sake.

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    ,, Kiedy wzeszło słońce, przybyłyśmy my.“ ~ Alistair and Sarusiewicz

    This is our first manga. 🥰 Although our invalid we are trying to make it succesful. ❤

    In Chapter 1:

    We leave our poor house and family (Shigaraki, Dabi, Toga, Twice, Spinner, Ryuk and second one shinigami). We killed our classmate and set fire to school. Death the kid collected us from burned school and we argued with him. In home the giant monkey attacked us and brutal fight have started.

    Enjoy it ~ 😘

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  • 2/19/2020 |  Book #05

    (I’m late again)

    So Death Note 2

    It’s still amazing and I love it so much

    I’m not even sure what happened in the 2nd one, because I immediately started reading the 3rd one, and by that I mean, it’s really amazing

    I’m not sure, but I think there were the cameras? Not sure. Yeah, but that was one of my fav Ryuk moments and Lights-inteligence moments, I guess?

    I usually don’t really like reading, but this is really good


    #reading#read#books#book#death note#l#light#light yagami#shinigami#ryuk#otaku#anime#manga #no one is actually gonna read this #some more useless hashtags lol
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  • Ryuk on his way to Minoru to tell him about the new rule

    #death note #thinkin bout the apples hes gonna lose #death note ryuk #ryuk #ryuk death note #shinigami #death note 2020 #death note 2019 #shitpost
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  • Some of us celebrate Grell’s unofficial birthday on February 17th. I was a little late this year, ma’am please forgive me 😔
    Anyway have a party lady, I love drawing her happy 😚

    Made with Medibang Paint on iPad 6. Pose reference from Shutterstock.

    Don’t repost or edit in any way.


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  • image

    Do you know that shinigami love apples?🍎

    Redbubble @ superfrumpkin

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  • Kid’s Nightmare

    (I’m obviously Soul Eater trash, especially for Kid. So have this little scene I created for him and my OCs, Adaya and LaNina Stein.) 

    Light cast down on the sleeping form that was curled on the floor. The form shifted a bit as the light hit its face. causing it to sit up as it groaned. A pale hand ran through raven locks of hair as a pair of amber eyes looked about the room. “Hm, that’s strange…,” Kid stated, his legs pushing him into a standing position, “I don’t remember falling asleep here. This doesn’t look like our hotel room at all.” His eyes noted the tile floor, replacing the carpet that he knew was there when he had fallen asleep. His eyebrow raised in suspicion. A single light glowed above his head, leaving the rest of the room engulfed in darkness. “Patty?” Kid called out, his echo bouncing back off the walls to answer his own call, “Is this one of your tricks?” He began walking forward; his black dress shoes clicking on the tiled floor. “Ok, Patty. That’s enough.” He called out again. His answer came in the form of his shoe stepping into a liquid. He lowered his gaze to look down at his feet and frowned. The light was still focused on him, making it easy to see the dark liquid that his shoe was resting in. “What the…” He mumbled, his body bending over to run his fingers in the liquid. He brought his hand closer to his eyes, his pale skin now kissed with crimson as it ran down his fingers. “Blood…?,” His eyes widened as he now frantically looked around, “Patty, what’s going on?!” The booming of his voice caused the rest of the lights to trigger on. He was now standing in a sea of blood, bodies of people he knew and cared about bobbing on the surface. All of their eyes were wide open, a milky film subduing the color of their iris. They were all there. Maka, Soul, Liz, Patty… all of them. Kid’s breath caught in his throat. Adaya Stein’s small form drifted in front of him, her chest open as Kid could see blood flowing back into the sea she was in. Her white eyes turned to him. 

    “Are you happy, Kiddo?” Her voice cracked as she spoke. Kid stumbled back away from her, his legs submerged in blood. 

    “Adaya, what do you mean? I don’t understand.” The Shinigami replied, swallowing the lump that was forming in his throat. 

    “Perfect balance… perfect order… You’ve gotten what you wanted.” 

    “What are you-” He was cut off as the small child in front of him began to scream. The rest of the bodies in the sea began to fall into resonance with her. The bodies then all started flowing towards him, and Kid covered his ears and shut his eyes. Until the noise had stopped. He hesitantly opened his amber orbs. The blood was gone. The bodies were gone. The only thing that remained was a mirror, identical to the one in his father’s Death Room, anchored into the ground. He swallowed once more, and he forced his legs to take him forward. He stopped as he looked to his reflection. His mouth was kissed by five black, vertical lines that disappeared beneath his chin. His shirt was solid black, accented by six white, horizontal lines, and a white cravat was wrapped around his neck. But Kid wasn’t focused on his attire. He was focused on his reflection’s smile. That couldn’t be him. He would never smile with such malicious intent coating his pink lips. Then Kid tore his eyes away from his mouth and focused on his eyes. They looked to him with… nothing. There was nothing in his eyes that he could read. They were empty, devoid, shallow. He and his reflection locked eyes on one another. 

    “What do you think?” His reflection asked, tilting his head. 

    “What kind of trick is this?,” Kid hissed as he narrowed his eyes at the person before him. 

    “Trick?,” His reflection threw its head back, a low, throaty laugh leaving his mouth, “There is no trick, young Death God. I am you, and you are me.” 

    “No,” Kid shook his head, “There is no way in hell that I would ever-” 

    “Kill all of your friends to find balance? You would.” His reflection shifted a bit, giving Kid a glance at the people that his reflection that had been hiding. “You did this, You wanted to achieve perfect balance, and you did. Congratulations. You won.” 

    “No. You did that.” Kid replied. Kid’s reflection smiled once more and lunged at him until his hands rested on Kid’s shoulders. Kid’s mouth opened in shock as he tried to pull away, but his reflection held him in place. 

    “Oh, you poor soul. You really think we aren’t the same?” His reflection began pulling on him. Kid dug his heels into the ground, but found it was useless as he was still being dragged towards the mirror, “I am you, and you are me. You cannot escape me. I will always be with you, and I with you.” With that, Kid’s reflection yanked into the mirror. 

    A gasp escaped his lips as his eyes snapped open in the darkness of the hotel room. He was sitting in the chair that he had fallen asleep in. He sighed and ran his hands over his face as his body began to slide down the chair until he was almost on the floor. “Kid…?” A tired, feminine voice called to him. He looked to the girl who was now sitting up in be. LaNina. 

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.” Kid replied, pushing himself back into a sitting position. 

    “Your wavelength is being all weird… Are you sure you’re ok…?” She asked, rubbing her brown eyes. “Why don’t you come lay with me instead…? That chair has to be uncomfortable…” 

    “I’m fine, really.” He insisted , but when she continued to look to him, her face illuminated by the moonlight that spilled into the room, Kid knew it was fruitless to argue with her. So he stood, slipping off his shoes and suit jacket as he did so before crawling into the bed next to her. They both laid their heads back onto the pillows, and she turned to lay on her side to face him. 

    “Goodnight, Kid.” She said softly as her eyes fluttered shut once again. Kid looked to her before looking back to the ceiling, 

    “Goodnight, LaNina.” He replied, His eyes began to grow heavy, and he drifted back into his slumber. This time, there was no mirror, or blood, or dead bodies. Just fields of the most symmetrical and beautiful flowers and the girl who was putting them there. 

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  • Commission for @charonib

    The world we live in is very complex. The animals in this world like to keep secrets. They try hard to preserve in something and face all kinds of conflict. But in the midst of that, everyone is living life to the fullest. For that, there is no right or wrong. But if someone were to have a certain conviction, they would surely shine like stars. Even if they happened to be rude or immature… that conviction would shine through.

    - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · - · -

    He is Number 4.

    You can check the “making of” post on Tumblr right here.

    I hope you guys enjoy the picture!

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  • image

    Whenever I see this pic I remember the episode it’s from and I just…omg that episode made me laugh til I had tears running down my face. 😂

    Kudos to the guy voicing her I mean, I wouldn’t be able to keep my composure at some of the double entendres. 😆

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  • so i recently got into deathnote fandom…

    but boy are they gay…

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  • #daily song#music discovery#music#spotify#spotify music#shinigami #u changed freestyle shinigami #u changed freestyle
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  • Artist: @almostsane-things 
    For: @justiceforged
    Prompt:  Ryuk trying to play Switch and struggling to use the Joycons with his huge hands, to Light’s amusement.
    Artist’s notes: First time working with Sai. Played with colors and got this really dreamy look that I like.

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  • I just think she is so pretty :’)

    Commissions are open, PM if interested. Do not reupload my art anywhere.

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