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  • harjiee
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    My Hero characters and their modern jobs!

    Info: Kinda just a spur of the moment thing (credit to my friends for picking out the fandom to do because I couldn’t decide AJAJAJ). I just want ya’ll to remember that this is MY opinion so please don’t be rude (especially with Momo and Deku’s) and tell me that “I’m not right” because....no. I’m right!!!! C:
    Characters: Deku, Bakugo, Mina, Sero, etc. I’m to lazy to find out but know it’s alot (obviously all humans in High School are aged up because they have jobs)
    Warning: Uh....if you squint like super duper hard slut shaming. Maybe some cursing?? I can’t remember. Aizawa being the FINE ass man that he is + hard core thirsting over him.  Reader isn’t mentioned in this one folks! :D
    Lemme know if I missed anything!
    M. List


    Deku: Ya’ll can’t tell me that Deku wouldn’t work in either a coffee shop or at a flower shop. I mean….his character….how he acts???? But let’s say he works at a flower shop right, he’s literally the “flower boy” that all the MILFs have a crush on. Argue all you want, but know you’ll be arguing with a rock wall. 

    Bakugo: Rock star. Rock star. Rock star. Rock star. Him and the rest of the Bakusquad are all super famous all across the world. Bakugo on those drums??? Mans 100% has the biggest fan base

    Mina: Her main hustle is an actress but her side hustle is a hair dresser. (for all those weirdos who say Mina isn’t black can stay mad because on my blog and in all my works that include her she’s 100% black) By day she’s rocking her life away and by night she’s gossiping with the black folks in her own salon. 

    Denki: If it wasn’t obvious he workers a charger store. Denki is a rocker with the rest of the Bakusquad of course. He does such a great job as the base that it could be considered illegal. Like damn go Denki!?!

    Sero: Sero is very much an actor. I mean he has the looks for it and the personality. If we’re getting into detail though I’d say that he’s one of those comedic reliefs that’s the main character’s best friend but he ends up getting his own movie/ T.V show you know? Idk it’s just Sero has that sort of vibe. 

    Shinso: He works at a cat cafe. Duh. But! He owns this cat cafe and business is booming for him. Maybe it’s because he’s so attractive and people just feel safe with him or maybe it’s because people just like cats in general, he’s not sure but he knows that it’s paying his rent and putting food on his table. (yes is he nice to his employees and gives them raises every once in awhile)

    Ochako: I am thoroughly convinced that she works at one of those aesthetically pleasing tea shop/ boba shop. I mean look at her?? She’s all smiles and giggles and she just has that naturally cute face to fit in with employees at tea shops! 

    Tsu: Yes this is cannon but she is a marine Biologist. More specifically she studies the coral reef and the different species. She’s always been fascinated with the water and pretty colors, so you put two and two together and she finds herself taking pictures of the varies of fish and swimming with turtles 

    Todoroki: Man’s is obviously a business man that’s for sure. I mean….he did inherit his fathers business and since then it has been better than literally ever. His face is always plastered on billboards he’s got millions of fans world-wide sending him food baskets and sometimes their underwear….yeah it’s going great! But outside of business I believe that he likes to volunteer at kid shelters or pet homes. He wants to make sure that as many children as he can reach are in a safe spot and that pets that are just found in the streets abandoned have a nice home with fresh food 

    Kirishima: I’m not going to even explain this one. A gym trainer. A Sports Trainer to be exact. You absolutely cannot tell me he didn’t study sports medicine in High school then in college. I mean he’s obviously fit and wants to help people feel comfortable and confident in their bodies!! Typical Kirishima.

    Jirou: Obviously a song artist. I mean duh. Her vocals are like no other and is featured in many songs too (including some of the Bakusquads songs). She’s not to famous but enough where fans try to constantly stalk her and men (even though she has a girlfriend) try to hook up with her 

    Momo: Now I’m not sure why but she gives off artist vibes??? That may just be me. Okay maybe not artist but probably a pianist. Again, not sure why but she knows how to play the piano and after a happy accident of Jirou recording her playing and “accidentally” posting it on her social media, she blew up. Before the girl knew it Jirou was hiring an agent and she was playing all over Japan. 

    Mt. Lady: A model. She probably models those big brands you know? Like Coach, Gucci, Vogue all that fun stuff. Also….a lingerie model with Midnight. Which really makes sense considering that both women have an ideal body *shrugs*.

    Midnight: Since we already started her might as well finish. Again she models Lingerie, her specialty. She would’ve modeled other brands but she likes being in….that kind of spotlight. No slut shaming or anything it’s just she feels confident in lingerie and likes representing to other women how it looks! 

    Aizawa: *inhales sharply* to start off I love this man with a PASSION okay. Aizawa is a model. That’s it. Send tweet. My life is complete. Have y'all seen this man?!?!? SO FINE! And other people think it as well. Like DAMN. SHAWTY makes the people that work with him feel all types of ways. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS and when he has to model swimsuits???? Feeding the fans right there. Feeding the fans.


    Ciao hope you enjoyed me and my Aizawa thirst brain!

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  • jujuud
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    best boy shinsou discord dump <3


    #hitoshi shinsou#Shinsou#bnha shinsou #bnha shinso hitoshi #mha#bnha #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #my hero academia fanart #mha shinso hitoshi
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  • aseies-art
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Day 21 of #Acetober2021 is Suit! I rushed this one a bit, but I think it came out okay anyway.


    Due to having a strong Ace!Shinsou headcanon, I’m going to be posting   one picture of Shinsou a day for the month of October using the list of   asexual-themed prompts under the cut! Thanks to Twitter User   MiuNightmare for the idea!

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  • bubble-bootie
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    rae's 100 follower event!

    request: hi hi ! congrats on reaching hundred ! ( hehe im new to your blog and i just fell in love with your art ^-^ ) for the event , if it's possible - can i request category 3, shinsou from bnha smiling and wearing cat ears and any casual clothing ( you can choose whatever you like ! ) please? thank you so much !

    ⤷ #001 - fanart! for @tojis-wisteria

    a/n: ahhhh thank you for the nice words!!! i'm just an amateur at art but i'm glad you like it <3 hope this is good! event masterlist

    #📝.bootie business #rae reaches 100! #shinso hitoshi#shinso mha#shinso fanart#mha fanart#mha #artists on tumblr
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  • childotkw
    21.10.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #anonymous #no one suspects the butterfly au #BNHA#tom riddle#hitoshi shinso #its a delicate balance between the two of them
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  • katsukisrightbuttcheek
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Denki: what does 'baka' mean again?

    Shinsou: Moron

    Monoma: Idiot

    Mina: Stupid

    Denki: ... what the fuck did i do?

    #what does baka mean #hitoshi shinso#denki kaminari#neito monoma#polyamory #shinso's blonde idiots #shinso x denki x monoma #platonic mina ashido x denki kaminari
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  • etoile-mauve
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Still posting the #bokunoherotober late here,,

    But at least the tags works I'm so happy 🥺🥺

    Prompt list by @/spidertams

    Designs by @/SEGAmastergirl, @/Burrferns, @/Dani-Boio and me

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  • enternamehere101
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lucidity ~ Shinso Fic

    A/n: Yall know lucid dreaming or reality shifting? (NOT THE SAME THING) I was scrolling through tiktok and saw this idea that every time you reality shift (for purpose of verbs, I’m going to call it this.) and then go back, the main person of your shift remembers you but no one else does until you return again. And who is my tired boy with a mind quirk that I just so happen to kin? Shinso! (Also his name is Japanese. It’s not going to always perfectly translate into English. So don’t be like “oh it has a u at the end.” it doesn’t really matter. I’m sure not all of you are going to be like that, but just in case... y’know?)

    TW: Slight fluff, cursing, angst, Light gaslighting techniques, reality shifting.

    As always! Gender-neutral reader, nothing labeled what their appearance is. We like to be inclusive to all different types of readers here!

    ⊱ ────── {.⋅ 🧠 ⋅.} ───── ⊰

    Maybe you didn’t expect it. Probably didn’t. Realities took pauses when you left them to return to your own. And it’s not as if the lavender haired boy said anything about it whenever you returned to him. 

    “Hito!” You chirped, running towards him. Athemyst eyes turned to regard you for a second before his eyebrows twitched with surprise and he looked away for a second. He didn’t make a move to run towards you, instead letting you expend the energy. Your arms enveloped him in a hug as you squeezed him. A soft grunt was all you got as a reaction. “Did you miss me?” You asked, taking a step back to look at him. His broad shoulders gave a soft shrug as he ran a hand through his hair. You noticed his fingernails were painted. When did that happen? You didn’t remember seeing him with painted nails in the anime or the manga. Not that you could mention that fact to him.

    “Yeah. Obviously.” He responded softly. You tilted your head before shrugging his slightly odd behavior away. 

    “Anyways, I missed you. I haven’t seen you for hours it feels like. It is still Tuesday, right?” You noticed his nose wrinkle slightly. 

    “Yeah... but you’ve been gone all week.” He said slowly, as if saying it any other way would cause the words to just go over your head. Shit. You forgot to fix your script. You hadn’t planned on shifting tonight, but some things were just unavoidable you supposed. 

    “Haha. Must’ve just been super busy I guess. Anyways, how are you?” You moved away from the topic quickly, Anything to distract the boy that stood in front of you. The boy’s eyes narrowed and your heartbeat picked up in pace as you waited for what he would choose to say next. After a few too long moments his expression smoothed out and he offered you a small lopsided smile.

    “I’ve been okay. A bit tired. Aizawa-sensei really doesn’t hold back on his training.” You grinned at him. You knew how it would end, and kind of wished you could tell him. But that would require a long explanation that would hurt his brain. So you would leave it be. 

    “I bet.” You responded as you started to walk, forcing him to walk next to you to continue your guys’ conversation. “The man doesn’t really seem like he goes easy on people.” You grinned over at the tired boy. Hitoshi hummed softly as he nodded and his hands went into his pockets. You watched as small little creases appeared in his forehead. He was thinking deeply about something. You would leave it be for now, then ask about it later. 

    You panted, your muscles feeling slightly sore. Hitoshi stood before you, sweat shining on his skin. You definitely didn’t regret having him be your sparring partner for extra training time. 

    “Is everything okay, Hito?” You asked gently as you straightened up and stretched your arms above your head. Hitoshi regarded you lazily and when your gaze went to him he looked confused. 

    “When...” He trailed off as if thinking more about it. You waited patiently for him to finish. “When do you want to eat dinner?” He asked. You blinked at him. When did you want to eat dinner? That was off topic. But you answered him anyways.

    You opened your eyes, a soft smile on your face. Shifting realities was your favorite passtime sometimes. Who wouldn’t like going to their favorite fantasy?

    Shinso opened his purple eyes and sat up. His bed was empty. You had left early from the cuddling session. You did that a lot. Sometimes he would wake up and you would still be there but would leave in a rush. He shrugged and stood up, quickly taking a shower and changing into his school uniform. 

    As Shinso sat down in his seat, his eyes scanned the view from the window to see if he would see you training with your class or something. But... nothing. Weird. He would see you out there usually. Were you sick? His purple gaze turned to look at one of his own classmates. 

    “Hey, do you know if Y/n is sick today?” He asked. The person turned to him with a confused expression. 


    “Y/n L/n...” he said softly, a sense of dread coming over him.

    “I’ve never heard of someone with that name before.” They shrugged and turned away. Shinso sighed and rested his head on his hand. Aizawa might know. 

    “Are you alright, Shinso? There’s no student with that name or matches that description.” Aizawa said, his dark eyes regarding Shinso. The boy in question frowned. 

    “They talked to you yesterday about training with me, Aizawa-sensei.” Aizawa shook his head, dark hair moving to rest more of his shoulders. 

    “That never happened, Shinso. You trained with me.” He stated. If it was anyone else, Shinso might guess that they were pulling a prank on him. But... he had a feeling that Aizawa genuinely believed this. But, he was wrong. Shinso could perfectly remember the conversation too. The high schooler just turned and walked away.

    The next day Shinso couldn’t find a trace of you. Anywhere. Even your room was gone. As if it had never existed in the first place. Your classmates said that there was no one in their class with that name. None of the teachers knew who you were either. No. This was wrong. He knew you were real. He knew it. Your punches and jokes were real enough.

    “Where did you go...” He murmured, holding his head as he sat on the ground. Why did no one know you? Had he really made it all up in his mind? Dreamt or imagined everything? Replaced his interaction with other people as interactions with you? Was it all fake?

    “Hey Hito. Why are you just sitting there?” Your voice asked. He lifted tear filled eyes to look at you.

    “Are you even real?”

    ⊱ ────── {.⋅ 🧠 ⋅.} ───── ⊰

    A/n: I know it’s a bit rushed, but I’m trying to clear out all my drafts. Hope you enjoyed. stay safe!

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  • menageriexfmxses
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #IC. Main Verse: Denki Kaminari #musegalaxy #musegalaxy: Shinso Hitoshi
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  • menageriexfmxses
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #IC. Main Verse: Shinso Hitoshi #musegalaxy #musegalaxy: Denki Kaminari
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  • sugawaraxo
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    three’s a party

    warnings: none really, mentions of suggestive content
    characters: hitoshi shinso, shouto todoroki, katsuki bakugou, izuku midoriya, eijiro kirishima, denki kaminari, hanta sero, minoru mineta

    summary: denki removes bakugo from the gc, but why? (denki’s pov)

    a/n: i really enjoyed writing this one! let me know if you guys want a part 2 with the actual threesome ;)
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  • aseies-art
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Day 20 of #Acetober2021 is Acceptance! I don’t think that Hitoshi would be expecting to be accepted by Ojirou right away, but I think they’d get there eventually.


    Due to having a strong Ace!Shinsou headcanon, I’m going to be posting   one picture of Shinsou a day for the month of October using the list of   asexual-themed prompts under the cut! Thanks to Twitter User   MiuNightmare for the idea!

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  • gxrdencfdelightsheadcanons
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Crossover headcanons: BNHA characters if they were monster species from the Monster Musume: everyday life with monster girls franchise

    Author’s note: Ah forgive the delay in posting something, those of you who actually see and sometimes interact with my content. Trying to get my mental health together, figure out what I wanna write AND dealing with emotional wounding from an anniversary of something personal not so long ago is not easy I tell you. Anywho, this had me laughing like a madman at the thought of it so I hope it can make you smile too.

    Hawks/Keigo Takami

    • I swear if harpies weren’t a monogendered species, I would say hawks would be one.

    • so i’ma say hawks is a tengu.

    • he has the wings, and he is a combination of the historical and current depiction of the tengu from what I know, personality and morals wise.

    • going off of my first statement, WERE harpies not a monogender species, I’d say hawks would be a raptor harpy, given that raptor harpies are depicted as being hawk-like and carnivorous hunters.

    All Might/Toshinori Yagi

    • This man right here is a Minotaur, YOU CAN’T CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE!

    • specifically a bullfighting type. Though maybe he’d have some of the other type in his blood given his personality in BNHA canon.

    • well if not a Minotaur, my second choice is a centaur, specifically the heavyweight subspecies.

    • heavyweight centaurs are always depicted as being noble warriors in the past, and knowing what’s happened with all might in canon, it’s probably just as fitting.

    Deku/Izuku Midoriya

    • this boy right here? He’d be a inumimi (lit. Translates to “dog ears”) I would say okamimimi (“wolf ears”) given that it actually has a confirmed appearance in the Monster musume franchise but it just doesn’t fit izuku’s personality.

    • izuku has WAY TOO many puppy-like traits to not be. He’s eager to please, he’s excitable etc.

    • that or he’d be a kobold, given that the only kobold I’ve seen in the everyday life with monster girls fandom helps the other monster girls stay in shape.

    • and izuku does spend a lot of time training so I guess kobold might be just as fitting.

    Hitoshi Shinsou

    • hoo boy, he was a tough one to work with, but he’d either be a backbeard (a subspecies of monoeye) or a siren (a merfolk subspecies)

    • for backbeard, it’s more personality based. He’s untrusting, and as he said “not here to make friends.” A bit like a backbeard, who run in the opposite direction when anyone shows them any form of kindness.

    • quirk could also play into the backbeard choice, I mean, it’s a strong quirk he has and backbeards are the only monoeye subspecies known to have strong powers within their eye.

    • as for the siren part, it’s more reliant on his quirk, as siren’s are typically depicted to lure sailors via their singing, and shinsou’s brainwashing quirk relies on his voice to use it.

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  • macademics
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #ask a character a question #denki kaminari#hitoshi shinso#anonymous#admin kari #i will pretend I didn’t read this anon #for both mine and your safety
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  • fandom-joiner
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    My Hero Academia as things I’ve heard/said in my home and school Part Forty Seven

    Eri: Idaho!

    Shinso, jokingly: Yes, you are

    Eri: I am a hoe!

    Shinso, now panicking: Wait, no! Don’t actually say that!

    #mha#bnha #incorrect bnha quotes #incorrect mha quotes #boku no hero #boku no hero academia #bnha incorrect quotes #mha incorrect quotes #incorrect bnha#mha eri#eri mha#bnha eri#eri bnha#eri#eri aizawa#hitoshi#mha hitoshi #bnha hitoshi shinso #shinso#mha shinsou#bnha shinsou#hitoshi shinso#shinso hitoshi
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  • yourlostairpods
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sequel to simple !

    tags: @midnightfury71

    You understand that you're complicated.

    Your emotional state fluctuates like the wind, one minute you're bawling your eyes out and the next you're giggling over something stupid you said while you were crying.

    People didn't understand you, and that was okay. You were used to weird looks and never truly having close friends.

    At least, until you met Shinsou.

    If you weren't looking for him, he's easy to miss. He goes out of his way to stay in the background, as if stepping into the spotlight will burn him alive.

    But you notice, you notice the look on his face when they have his favorite in the cafeteria, and his quiet chuckle when someone says something stupid. For some reason, you want to be the person to make him chuckle like that, or get a rare smile from him.

    It was such a simple conclusion that it made you stop.

    You're complicated, you don't come to these conclusions easy.

    So why was it simple with him?

    When Shinsou approaches you, mumbling something, you want to bounce off the walls and scream from the rooftops, and another part of you is drinking up whatever he's mumbling like a thirsty dog. You couldn't really hear him, your heart was pounding too loud, but you heard something about ‘sit’ and ‘you’ and that was all you needed to get the confidence to grab his hand and lead him to the table you and your friends sat at.

    Your friends gave you a knowing look as you told Shinsou to sit next to you, but you couldn't pay them any mind as you watched a thousand thoughts swim behind Shinsou’s eyes.

    It was a simple conclusion for such a complicated person.

    Why did he make this easy?

    You look to catch his eyes throughout class to see what he's thinking, and for some reason you want him to feel… whatever you're feeling. You couldn't explain it if you tried. But when you laughed, you wanted Shinsou to catch your eye so you could get one of his borderline infectious smiles. When you forget to study for quizzes he's the first person you look to silently mouth ‘review?’ to which he'd always reply with a nod. Such a simple answer but it still made you feel funny, how dare he! You were a complicated individual with emotions that fluctuated like a raging tide, it shouldn't feel like this. You don't know what it is but God you'd do anything to get this high over and over again.

    So when you get an anonymous love letter in your locker, asking you to go on a date with the location and time written in handwriting you don't recognize, your heart can't help but sink. You don't understand why you're disappointed, and when you ask Shinsou, all he gives you is a congratulations, and says anyone is lucky to have someone as amazing as you. He doesn't say much, and neither do you. The note doesn't give you the high Shinsou’s smile does, which was silly, you should've been over the moon for someone wanting you, but for some reason. You didn't want whoever this was to want you.


    When your “Secret admirer” didn't show up on time, you figured they were running late. So you stood patiently in your heels and brand new dress for a little longer.

    When ten minutes passed you figured their bus was running late.

    when twenty passed it was starting to set in.

    When thirty passed, tears were threatening to spill as you walked back to the dorms.

    Your feet carried you to a dorm that wasn't your own, but you knocked on the door anyway.

    And there he was, those eyes, a million emotions swimming behind them all at once and you crumble.

    You tell him about how it was a cruel joke, and you hated that you wore your new dress and did your hair for this. You hold him tightly, and he returns it just as strongly, you never want to let go and you just want to stay there, in his arms, foreve-


    It hits you all at once and you almost laugh at how stupid you've been for not realizing it sooner.

    You want Shinsou. You wanted him to hold you like this forever, you want to understand every thought that swims behind his indigo eyes and you want to be the one to make him smile, and laugh, because God knows you could listen to him laugh forever.

    You wanted to be there for every step of the way.

    Your grip loosens on his shirt and his grip loosens on your waist. You look up and give him a silent thank you, and he gives you a lopsided smile.

    You fall for him harder.

    You don't say anything though, because if you have to lose your best friend too you don't know what you'll do. You're almost sure he doesn't want someone so complicated in his life and he's content with being friends, and if he is, then so are you.

    It's a simple conclusion

    Maybe you aren't as complicated as you thought.

    And you're okay with it.

    #bnha#mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #x reader #bnha x reader #shinsou#shinsou hitoshi #shinsou x reader #shinso x reader #mha x reader #reader insert#bnha fic #bnha x y/n #mha shinso hitoshi #bnha shinsou#mha fic
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    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #🖤 #elle's event :: halloween special #hitoshi shinso
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  • sofiakistein
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    dekusquad + shinso as caring, sweet college boyfriends.

    ↳ 𝖕𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌: Iida, Deku, Todoroki, Shinso   x fem! reader
    ↳ ⚠️𝖙𝖜: non, this is completely SFW, just cute stuff bc I  love mha boys 
    ↳ 𝖆/𝖓: if you click on any of the boy´s name, it will open a Spotify link with a song I relate to them <3 also, as you can tell I was a lil bit excited w/ Iida´s lol
    ↳ 𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝖈𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖙: 0.5k
    caring, sweet, college boyfriend series

    𝕀𝕚𝕕𝕒:  THE SWEETEST BOYFRIEND ALIVE. There isn't a day where you two don't hang out. He always checks on you, reminds you of your homework, and helps you study

    .He has a perfectly balanced life, you know? He has good grades, an amazing girlfriend, and always has time to hang out with his friends. He loves to bring you to his study sessions with Todoroki and Izuku. At first, you were shy because you thought you weren't going to fit in, but Iida made sure that you were comfortable around them

    .Of course, he goes with you to the frat parties that Kaminari and Kirishima throw because someone has to be the responsible one, right? but, he has this funny side where he just dances to the music with you and maybe drinks one or two beers.

    Iida is the president of the class, of course, so he is under constant stress, and that's where you play your part. Comforting and reminding him that his role is so important, college would work without him.


    𝔻𝕖𝕜𝕦:  He's silly, shy but always grounded on earth.

     He likes when you call him in the morning to remind him of his first-period class, and then you go to his classroom to check on him. He spends lunch with you. You love to hear him talking about this new subject that is making his life impossible or the new project that he is working on. But also, he asks you questions about your day, making sure nothing ever is missing.

    He works hard on his grades, always concentrating on becoming better, but with you in mind, so if he's improving, he'll help you improve too. Izuku likes long campus walks and library afternoons.


    𝕋𝕠𝕕𝕠𝕣𝕠𝕜𝕚: He's cold, distant, but always has you on his mind.

    There isn't a day where this man doesn't think about you. He sends you texts in between classes to make sure that you are doing alright, and then, at the end of the day, he'll go to your dorm room just to sit on your floor while he listens to you carefully. He likes silence and peace, but the only noise that Todoroki enjoys is the sound of your voice. You'll tell him everything about your classes, and in between the talk, he'll ask small questions.

    You'll drag him to the Kaminari and Kirishima's parties to have a good time, and even if he doesn't know to dance properly he'll try just for you.


    𝕊𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕤𝕠:  Even if you two don't share classes, he'll do the impossible to see you every day.

    He's quiet, calm, and is always studying, but he likes it when you accompany him to the library, even when you are all done with your assignments. He likes just the two of you, but for some reason, Denki is always around so he ends up going to his parties.

    He stays in the corner with you sitting on his lap, and while the loud music plays in the back, you two would have a conversation about anything, just the two of you. Shinso doesn't like video calls, but if he didn't have the opportunity to see you during the day, he won't doubt and will hit the call button just to see your pretty face.

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  • aseies-art
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Day 19 of #Acetober2021 is Garlic Bread! Drawing this made me hungry...


    Due to having a strong Ace!Shinsou headcanon, I’m going to be posting   one picture of Shinsou a day for the month of October using the list of   asexual-themed prompts under the cut! Thanks to Twitter User   MiuNightmare for the idea!

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  • sunnyfunerals
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago
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