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    Eheh snake boyfriend 👀❤💛

    (I made this drawing a while ago, I hope you like it~~)


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  • Idk Creek ????

    Is my firrth draw here sorry

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    My mini wooden tug 1/16 scale .50cm length

    Launch ceremony#Fishing tawler board#Winch#Classic fishing boat model#modelfishingboat #modelboat #model #fishing boat#modeltugboat #wooden model boat#DIY model #wooden model boat#hobby#model hobby #mini tug#partolboatriver#scratch build model #modelboat

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  • Hi sweetpeas, I decided to open up drawing commishons!
    If you are interested, please DM me!
    I will also highly appreciate sharing this post!

    Prices, what I draw and what i don’t draw in link: 

    #taking commisions#art commisions#commisions open#art#ship#otp #I will draw what u want please i need money
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  • 286. No Coração do Mar (In the Heart of the Sea, 2015), dir. Ron Howard

    #cinema#ron howard#chris hemsworth#american movies#2010s movies#adventure#drama#biography #based on book by nathaniel philbrick #ship#whaling #disaster at sea #death#starvation#cannibalism#survival#whale attack #coming of age #haunted by the past #men vs nature #self sacrifice #based on true story #essex whaleship#19th century #herman melville character #moby dick#cinefilos
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  • One of the reasons why I will always exalt MakoHaru above RinHaru, IkuHaru and any other Haru ship is because I don’t think Makoto treats Haru as a hero.

    Both Rin and Ikuya admire Haru, want to swim like him, and want to defeat him. He is a swimming authority for them. In my opinion, adoration does not usually make a relationship healthy. A rivalry between two people also can be problematic.


    Originally posted by hitomikisugi

    But for Makoto Haru is Haru. Even when Nao sugessted Makoto was swimming because Haru was doing it, I didn’t even think for a moment that Makoto was blindly following Haru as if Nanase were his hero or something. Makoto just wants to be with Haru because he likes him for what he is.

    #free! #tachibana makoto #free! makoto #haruka nanase#rin matsuoka#ikuya kirishima#ship #anime / manga #anime#anime boy#high speed #free high speed #makoharu #dive to the future
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  • Usagi smiles when he has to for public and interviews, but then he has that one smile, the one special, specific smile he saves for Misaki. The smile he’s never used before until he met he’s soulmate, and we all know how what the smile looks like, sometimes it’s different and sometimes it’s bigger, but he only saves that smile for his true love. He’s been saving a smile like that until he was truly happy.

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  • Who is more affectionate?
    Travis. 100%. No argument. Travis will take any opportunity to say something sickening sweet or make Samantha flustered. She hates how much it makes her flush but doesn’t ask him to stop because it’s very sweet.
    Big spoon/Little spoon?
    Travis likes to hold onto something while cuddling or asleep and is mostly the big spoon 99% of the time. Also he’s freakishly tall and lanky. Samantha prefers to be held.
    Most common argument?
    Most of their fights are play ful ones. Like fighting whenever someone ate the others food or watched a movie or tv series without them.
    Favourite family friendly activity?
    Being lazy together. Their favourite time together would be them under the warm covers, their favourite snacks around them and a movie or tv show playing on the tv.
    Who is most likely to carry the other?
    Travis likes carrying Samantha. Samanth enjoys not having to walk some places but there was this one time Travis had Samantha on his back and was walking their next class - when Travis suddenly started sprinting. He was surprisingly fast, even with a teenage girl on his back and two bags. Samantha held onto dear life, begging him to slow down. Samantha didn’t let him carry her for a month.
    What is their favourite physical feature of their partners?
    Travis would say her eyes. He could get lost in them for hours. Most of his compliments are about her eyes.
    “You’re eyes are the sun and my heart a flower”
    “Our eyes look exactly the same, Travis”
    “Oh! The sun! It’s blinding!”
    Samantha would say his freckles. They aren’t noticeable unless your up close. She loves to poke them when ever she gets the chance. She’s not happy they dissapear when its winter but is excited when she sees them when its warmer.
    The first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for each other?
    Samantha became a bit more aggrivated and more flustered around him. Especially with Travis’ constant flirting. It wasn’t as bad as when they first met but it seemed to increase to atleast 10 compliments a day when he realised his feelings.
    Nicknames & if so, how did they originate?
    Travis calls her every nickname in the book. He randomly called her Banker one day but it didn’t stick. Samantha calls him dingus, dork and loser most of the time, just to tease him. There’d be a rare time where Samantha would call him something sweet. Travis thanks god everytime she does.
    Who worries the most?
    Their both pretty chill. There’s the occasional doubt but other then that everything is pretty chilled out.
    Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?
    Travis remembers. Samantha does not. She finds difficulty in trying to remember 1 steak, 1 schnitzel, a large gravy, curly fries covered in tomato sauce and chicken salt, 1 chicken burger and a full jug of coca cola.
    Who tops?
    Who initiates kisses?
    Who reaches for the others hand first?
    I feel like Travis would hold Samantha’s hand first - like on their first date. Samantha would be too nervous to just grab his hand. Travis noticed her problem and decided to just casually slip his hand into hers mid conversation. It took Samantha 10 minutes to realise.
    Who kisses the hardest?
    Travis. No further discussion.
    Who wakes up first?
    Samantha. She’s got to get her younger brothers to school and then get ready for school. Then she’d go to the bus stop to wait for Travis. Which is about 20 minutes. He’s very slow when it comes to waking up. He sometimes skips breakfast to get to the bus stop in time so Samantha doesn’t have to wait and miss the bus. Samantha found out about this and packs him a small breakfast in a container for him to eat on the bus.
    Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?
    Travis. Samantha has to try and sneak out of bed to try and get ready. Success is not common. Most of the time, Travis would roll over and pull her back down into his arms.
    Who says I love you first?
    Samantha did. She was being carried on his back at the time and suddenly whispered it to him. Which caused him to trip on his own two feet and faceplant into the grass.
    Who leaves little notes on their locks or desks?
    Travis would leave silly and goofy notes on Samantha’s locker whenever he had different classes and passed it on his way to class. Samantha leaves mostly reminders of homework on the notes she leaves, but there’d always be a small heart drawn.
    Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?
    Samantha told her family and friends first.
    What do their family/friends think about their relationship?
    Her parents were happy for their only daughter. Her brothers were happy for her too, Greg a little less then James and Alex. Travis’ family were happy for him. Ben and Sophie thought they were a very nice couple. Arvo thought Samantha made a nice addition to their friend group.
    Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?
    Travis would definitely drag Samantha to the floor to start dancing. Samantha hates it because Travis does stupid dance moves that make her think of her dad dancing.
    Who cooks more?
    Samantha sometimes cookers for her brothers.
    Who’s better at cooking?
    Samantha. Travis isn’t allowed in the kitchen.
    Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?
    You already know who would.
    Who whispers innapropriate things in the others ear during innapropriate times?
    What would be their theme song?
    True Love by P!nk ft.Lily Allen
    Who would sing their child back to sleep?
    They both would to be honest. 
    Ship Ranking?
    I made this ship up like most of my ships of TWDG. I would put them in my top 10, probably 8 or 9. Their super cute in my opinion even though I made it up. 

    #Twdg#twdg travis#twdg samantha#ship#otp meme #Travis and Samantha are highschool seniours
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  • Repair and retrofit of various bridges and control systems of marine automation systems is a necessary task. Ensure smooth and safe sail by precise automation and calibration services. 

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  • #ships#ship#personalized ships#personalized ship#tsukishima kei#tsukishima #tsukishima x reader #x reader#x you#you#reader #tsukishima kei x reader #kei tsukishima x reader #tsuki x reader #tsukki x reader #tsukki#tsuki#hq #hq!! #hq x reader #hq!! x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu!! x reader #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #anime #anime x reader
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  • This was for the kacchako week of the year. Day 2: Royalty

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  • vnc

    naruto // wish you were gay // r/LodedDiaper // legendary sns fic

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    Esperó que les guste UwU

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  • David A Hardy

    #David A Hardy #ship
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  • @devilsdecade


    Alissia opened her eyes, just to see someone by her side. She took a moment to adjust, and she noticed she was in a hospital room, and that the person by her was a man. Touching her ears, she realized her hearing aids weren’t there. “Where are my hearing aids? Everything is quiet.” Alissia mumbled and signed as she used sign language. 

    “Why am I in the hospital, and who are you?” She was confused and couldn’t remember much. Most of her wounds had healed as she had been in a coma for a month and a half after a hit and run accident. Alissia had been walking home one night from a tattoo parlor, and had been struck by a car. But she couldn’t recall anything, and was concerned as she looked at someone she felt was a stranger. 

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  • my dudes, there are so many fellow WinterIron stand on here! helllo! have a nice day! enjoy all the fics!

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