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  • Sieh dir das neueste Foto von MARACHOWSKAART auf Etsy an


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  • Hajime x Mikan’s

    new shipname is

    “Medical Miracle”

    i made the name so pls credit me if you use it thank you <33

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  • Série ‘Nous autres’  11/12

    Encre, peinture, crayon et feutre sur papier

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  • #tpn#emma#ayshe#ayshemma #ayshe x emma #emma x ayshe #tpn emma#tpn ayshe #emma being a ray of sunshine #the promised neverland #flower#flowercrown#flower crown #this ship is taking over my life #ayshe cant handle emma being cute #gay#ship#ship art#gay ship#rare pair
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  • As much as I love MadoSaya KyouMado is in a close tie for ultimate OTP

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  • image

    Hey guys! I have more Inuyasha artwork!

    So I have a fanfic called The Red Hood and I really wanted to draw some cool stuff for it!

    I thought I’d draw Sesshomaru taking Inuyasha’s hood, because why not. It’s funny and cute!

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  • This is a ship fic. DD:DNE

    Scardubs shippers come get your ‘fancy party after Scar won the mayoral race’ juice!

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  • Did no one else ship Lyra and Tony Costa for the first couple episodes and chapters? I mean we know they wouldn’t work out and Lyra and Will are endgame but wouldn’t it have been pretty?

    #his dark materials #lyra belacqua#tony costa#ship
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  • image

    “You’ve always had that quality, Kevin. You make everything fun. Which I know you probably think that’s a bad thing, sometimes people don’t take you seriously. Making people forget about their worries or what comes next… That’s the most important thing you can do for someone.”

    I mean, I DARE YOU to tell me that they are not similar and meant to be! They are soulmates and you can’t change my mind! Lol The writers are amazing, I’m sure they will do an amazing job with them… I can’t wait to see their love story for the ageeeees unfold.

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  • Before this escapes my mind for good, consider this:

    Mastermind Naehinahara, where they each planned out and held their own killing game (with Makoto and Hajime all getting away with their killing games somehow) and where they all get revealed at the very ending of Danganronpa (basically, at the end of V3), hand-in-hand and with mischievous grins on their faces

    Anyway, welcome to some of my many late night thoughts. Hm… I wonder how long I’ll stay up tonight?

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    • (Misaki woke up to half of his body on the floor, the other half was still tightly held on by Usagi, the sun was starting to come in through the windows).
    • Misaki: Shit, (Misaki dropped down on the floor the rest of the way, untangling himself from Usagi, he picked up his phone that was sitting on the coffee table to check the time, it was six-thirty. He sighed and walked into the kitchen to make breakfast for Usagi, he made his favorite tamagoyaki, rice, and brewed some coffee).
    • Usagi: (Starts to stir, the smell of coffee wakes him, he sits up rubbing his eyes and walks into the kitchen throwing his arms around Misaki to recharge).
    • Misaki: (Smiles) Good Morning.
    • Usagi: We slept through dinner.
    • Misaki: (Let's out a soft laugh through is nose, while plating breakfast). Yeah we did, we were tired.
    • Usagi: It felt nice to sleep at home in our- well on our couch, didn't make it to our room. I'm sorry, I was just so tired.
    • Misaki: (Turns to Usagi, Pushing messy bed head hair out of his eyes, he grins at him lovingly, staring into his blue-purple eyes). Usagi, you don't need to apologize, I'm just so happy you're home, and better. I hated seeing you in the hospital. I love you, I don't want you to be sick, I can't-
    • Usagi: I know what you're about to say, and that's never going to happen. (Usagi leans down and softly kisses Misaki who slips his tongue in Usagis mouth, their tongues dance together passnailty, Usagi's hands wander towards Misaki's Cock).
    • Misaki: (Pushes Usagi away, whispers gently) We can't.
    • Usagi: I can't even help you get off, you're hard. (Places forehead against Misaki's).
    • Misaki: (Blushes) No! Usagi, It's only two weeks, plus on thing will lead to another, I want to have sex as much as you do, but your doctor said no.
    • Usagi: The doctor said you could help give me a bath.
    • Misaki: (Picks up plates and starts walking to the table), Nice try, I was there, I remember what he told you.
    • Usagi: (Rushes up behind Misaki) "Help" Give me a bath is different than taking a bath with me, like you can just hang out in there to make sure I don't fall.
    • Misaki: (Sits plates on table, walks back to the kitchen to get coffee). we'll see.
    • Usagi: (Sits down), That wasn't a no.
    • Misaki: (Grins and rolls eyes sitting down). Is there anything you want to do today?
    • Usagi: (Chewing), You need to study.
    • Misaki: My test tomorrow is Psychology, I already told you, i'm good at that.
    • Usagi: Actually, Psychology comes naturally for you somehow.
    • Misaki: I know, i'm not a complete idiot.
    • Usagi: Yeah.
    • (They continue eating for a few minutes until the doorbell rings).
    • Misaki: (Gives Usagi a confused look). Its seven-thirty, who would be here this early?
    • Usagi: Takahiro?
    • Misaki: No, he went back to work today. (Doorbell continues to ring).
    • Usagi: Wanna get that?
    • Misaki: Sure. (stands up, walks over to intercom and presses the video button, Isaka's stands at the door, he's grinning suspiciously). What?
    • Isaka: Is that anyway to greet your boss?
    • Misaki: (Turns to Usagi who shrugs). What are you talking about?
    • Isaka: Let me in, I have to talk to You and Usagi, It's really important.
    • Misaki: (Sighs, unlocks the door). What do you think this is about?
    • Usagi: I have no idea, but It can't be good.
    • (Eri woke up to the smell of bacon wafting into the bedroom, she smiled rubbed her eyes and walked into the kitchen, Rose seemed to be making a full course meal at seven- thirty in the morning).
    • Eri: (Leaning against the hightop counter that looks into the kitchen), Do you always make a full course meal for breakfast?
    • Rose: (Smirks) No, Just for you.
    • Eri: (Blushes), You don't have to do that, when do you have to work?
    • Rose: Actually, I don't have to go in for a few days, since i've been working so much.
    • Eri: Oh, okay.
    • Rose: (Puts rice, bacon, eggs, tofu, mushrooms, strawberries, and toast). Do you want coffee or tea?
    • Eri: Oh, wow this looks amazing, and tea please.
    • Rose: Got it.
    • Eri: (Takes a seat in the chair she was standing beside) Thank you so much Rose, this looks amazing).
    • Rose: I've always loved to cook.
    • Eri: So why did you become a nurse?
    • Rose: (Hands Eri her cup of tea), Because I love helping people.
    • Eri: (Smiles), That's sweet.
    • Rose: (Nods) Dig it, i'm going to take a shower.
    • Eri: (Don't you want to eat?
    • Rose: (Walks around to where Eri is, wraps arms around her neck) Nah, I already did, i'm used to getting up early. (gently kisses her cheek) I'll be right back. (Walks into the bathroom with a huge grin).
    • Erin: (Smiles) Damn, this is good.
    • (Usagi and Misaki sat on the couch their hands were laced together, Isaka sat across from them, his hands formed a steeple against his mouth, he was in serious business mode).
    • Isaka: So, you're probably wondering why I'm here?
    • Usagi: That thought did cross our minds yeah.
    • Isaka: Well, good news we finally found a place for Chibi here.
    • Misaki: Wait, really?!
    • Isaka: Yeah, Akihiko's personal assistant.
    • Misaki, Usagi: WHAT?!
    • Misaki: Um, I don't think Usagi needs an assistant.
    • Usagi: I- Isn't that kinda what Aikawa is?
    • Isaka: No, she's your editor.
    • Usagi: So what would Misaki do?
    • Isaka: I'm glad you asked here's a list. (Passes list to them).
    • Mikaki: (Picks up list), Answer business calls, Decides where conferences are held.
    • Usagi: Wait, this says you'll go to meetings for me! Misaki, do it, I hate going to meetings!
    • Misaki: You still have to show your face at conferences babe.
    • Usagi: Okay, but you decide length and location, so can they be short and sweet?
    • Misaki: I haven't even decided if I wanted to do it.
    • Isaka: Misaki, after the incident with your favorite mangaka-
    • Misaki: Ex-favorite.
    • Isaka: You came to me and said you wanted to work with Usagi, do you remember that?
    • Misaki: Yeah, but I thought it would be like, helping him decide on covers or something, not a personal assistant!
    • Isaka: This is better, look at this rate Usagi will have more books out, and you guys will have more time off to be with each other, isn't that what you've always wanted?
    • (Usagi and Misaki look at each other, they give each other a half grin and blush).
    • Misaki: Well, yeah I guess. So what else would I be doing?
    • Isaka: (Grins), Well, Usagi is there anything else you want him to do, business related?
    • Usagi: No, how much would he be making?
    • Isaka: about four thousand yen an hour.
    • Usagi: I think he should be paid more.
    • Misaki: No, Four thousand is fine Usagi, I just feel like im kinda being paid to be your fiance.
    • Usagi: What? No this is not what your doing.
    • Misaki: Are you sure, are you okay with this?
    • Usagi: Yeah, Misaki you motivate me to work, plus I can knock at a book in four or five hours, plus you won't be started for a few months unless stated otherwise, right Isaka?
    • Isaka: Right, (Stands) We'll be in touch, thank you for having me.
    • Misaki: Yeah, we'll we didn't have a choice, but we'll see you later.
    • Isaka: Right, we'll I'll see you guys later. (See's himself out).
    • Misaki: (Looks at Usagi, and blushes)
    • Usagi: (Softly caresses Misaki's cheek) Why are you blushing?
    • Misaki: I- I don't know, are you really okay with this?
    • Usagi: Yeah, I just want to spend all the time with you that I can.
    • Misaki: Me too.
    • Usagi: So, what do you want to do today?
    • Misaki: I don't know, but you need to take a bath or something.
    • Usagi: Are you saying I smell?
    • Misaki: (Smirks) In the nicest way possible.
    • Usagi: Fine, but you have to help me. (Stands, pulls Misaki up).
    • Misaki: Usagiii.
    • Usagi: (Smirks, pulls him into the bathroom). Please?
    • Miksai: (Sighs), Fine but if you try something-
    • Usagi: (Puts hands up in surrender).
    • Misaki: Okay, just sit on down for a second while a draw the bath?
    • Usagi: Why would you want to draw the bath?, Just put water in it.
    • Misaki: (Sarcastic look), Funny.
    • Usagi: I thought so.
    • Misaki: Okay, step in the bath.
    • Usagi: I need help.
    • Misaki: You do not.
    • Usagi: I need help taking my clothes off.
    • Misaki: (Folds arms, leans against the wall). Usagi, you slept in your robe and boxers.
    • Usagi: I can't take it off by myself.
    • Misaki: Usagi, I love you but i swear to god if you don't take your clothes off and get into the bath right not, I will kill you!
    • Usagi: (Blushes) O-Okay, Sorry Misaki, I was just trying to have fun.
    • Miskai: I know you are, but I can't risk you getting hurt, we can't have sex, trust me, I want to so bad.
    • Usagi: This is really hard for me.
    • Misaki: Me too, now get in the tub, and wash your body.
    • Usagi: Will you wash my hair?
    • Misaki: That I will do.
    • Usagi: Okay.
    • (Usagi, Strips, and steps into tub, Misaki blushes, he can feel himself starting to get hard, Usagi also starts to get hard, but neither on of them mention it, Misaki sits in the ground beside Usagi and watches him clean his body).
    • Misaki: God, you're so sexy Usagi.
    • Usagi: (sets on ledge of tub, grinning at Misaki), and you're so fucking cute.
    • Misaki: (Chuckles), Thanks. Want me to wash your hair?
    • Usagi: Yes!
    • Misaki: (Laughs), Okay, (Misaki washes Usagi's hair taking his time, massaging his roots, running his hands through Usagi's soft hair, he carefully washes the soap out of his hair, careful not to get any soap in his eyes), Okay, all done.
    • Usagi: (Sits up dunks head under water). Okay, I'm done. I'm going to go to the bedroom and put on some clean clothes, Decide what you want to do the rest of the day.
    • Misaki: (Okay, stands up and kisses Usagi on the forehead). Maybe we can have a movie day?
    • Usagi: Sure, go pick some out.
    • Misaki: Okay, I Love you so much Usagi.
    • Usagi: I love you too.
    • Misaki: (Smiles and heads into the living room to search for movies).
    • Usagi: (walks into bedroom and changes into grey sweatpants and a black long sleeve shirt, walks into the living room to see Misaki Searching for movies on netflix).
    • Misaki: So why did you get the VPN?
    • Usagi: Duh, to watch american movies, we watched a lot of them, didn't they help you with your english?
    • Mikaki: Yeah, they did actually.
    • Usagi: Did you find anything?
    • Misaki: "Step brothers", "Baby Mama", "the other guys", and I heard "love simon was good"
    • Usagi: Okay, sounds good, I don't care what we watch, I Just want to be with you.
    • Misaki: Okay, want to me to make popcorn?
    • Usaggi: (Sits on couch): No, come here, (Pats spot beside him).
    • Misaki: (Walks over to Usagi, and sits in his lap).
    • Usagi: Let's just stay like this for a little while. (Lays down pulling Misaki with him, and the cover over them, he kisses the top of his head).
    • Misaki: (Starts a movie and smiles, cuddling closer to Usagi), Yeah okay.
    • (Rose steps out of the shower wrapped in a towel, shes drying her hair of as she walks into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee).
    • Eri: (Blushes) H-How was your shower
    • Rose: (Smirks), Wet.
    • Eri: Uh. (Clears throat), Oh, well that's good. So what do you want to do today?
    • Rose: (Glances at clock on stove). It's ten, we can go to the beach?
    • Eri: Which one
    • Rose: Odaiba Beach
    • Eri: Oh sure!
    • Rose: It's only 30 minutes from here, Oh but you need a change of clothes?
    • Eri: Uh, yeah. (Smirks).
    • Rose: Okay, come on. (Smiles and grabs Eri's hand pulling her off the chair and into the bedroom).
    • (Misaki, sat up rubbing his eyes, his phone vibrating off the coffee table woke him up, he picked up his phone and saw text messages from Aikawa).
    • Message Transcript:
    • MISAKI
    • MISAKI
    • Aikawa, what's wrong? Was the date that bad?
    • No! why would you say that?
    • Well why are you panicking this early? Wait my lovely pain in the ass fiance didn't forget to turn in anything did he? YOU said he was good for at least four months.
    • No, that's not it. It's just we are going to the beach and last night was amazing, but is it weird I'm still nervous?
    • No, Look I felt Nervous with Usagi for years, I mean I still get butterflies when i'm around him.
    • That's cute. He says the same thing about you.
    • Really? I mean, I already know that, look just relax, or try and have fun, I gotta go, Usagi and I have a huge day Planned.
    • Watching Movies all day?
    • Yep, have fun.
    • (Misaki sighs sliding his phone across the coffee table, it falls off, he doesn't care, he looks behind him, Usagi is sound asleep, Misaki grins, Usagi needs his rest, he stands, softly brushes Usagi's hair back and plants a soft, long kiss on his forehead then hands to the bathroom to take a bath. Misaki closed his eyes resting his head against the wall, he was happy, Usagi was back and things were normal, expect he missed Usagi's touch, and the warmth of his body, the feeling of him Usagi inside of him, but they couldn't do anything until Usagi was clearled, which lucky was the day of his graduation. Misaki smiled to himself, twisting the engagement ring on his finger, there was only one thing that was worrying him, Usagi telling the public that they were a couple, he didn't care about the "but we're both men" Mindset anymore, I mean that's not what this is, it's more what will his fans think? Misaki let out a deep exhale before dunking his head underwater, he needed to talk to Usagi).
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