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  • Historia deserves so much better than what she gets from this fandom.

    #I'm absolutely disgusted with most of the shippers in the snk fandom #y'all absolutely f***ing sick and twisted and need help #makes me sick to my stomach🤢🤮 #snk stuff#shippers
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    • Ship(s) that you have as an OTP: 🌹
    • Ship(s) that you’re indifferent to: 😑
    • Ship(s) that makes you sad: 💔
    • Ship(s) that you find disgusting: 💩
    • Ship(s) that you find cute but don’t ship: ✌
    • Ship(s) that you secretly like: 💚
    • Ship(s) that you used to have as an OTP: 💙
    • Ship(s) that you find most sexy: 👅
    • Ship(s) that you can never see happening: 👎
    • Ship(s) that is canon but you don’t ship: 💤
    • Ship(s) that is unpopular but you still like: 💘
    • Ship(s) that is taboo: 💦
    • Ship(s) that pisses you off: 💣
    • Ship(s) you’re curious about: 👀
    • Ship(s) that needs more love: 💖
    • Ship(s) that is most misunderstood: 💢
    • Ship(s) that you didn’t expect to ship but now do: 💓
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  • bruh hardcore shippers are so weird to me like dam y’all really love villianizing ships you don’t like just to validate and bring up your own ships

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  • Can someone please start watching Sea Patrol? I want to discuss Mike and Kate’s amazing ship with someone sooooooooo badly every time I rewatch this show, but there is literally nothing on Tumblr.

    #sea patrol #mike and kate #sea patrol mike and kate #ship#shippers
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  • im still gay for them #lawlu #lawxluffy #onepiece #anime #yaoi #ship #shippers #shipping #fujoshi

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  • We have our own ships but what characters of Dr. Stone think of other people as potential couples? I will show moments with characters shipping other characters. I won’t show characters flirting or anything like that. Just what characters think would be nice ship. Maybe because of personal preference you don’t see some of examples below as shipping moment but I’m sure at least some of them are actually shipping moment. I will just throw everything I could find as shipping moment.

    Senku actually has three favorite ships:


    Taiju x Yuzuriha (Senku at this point is so frustrated to see in canon haha)


    Chrome x Ruri (Ultimate bro divorced a woman to see her with his bro)


    Byakuya x Lillian (Senku actually looked happy seeing them together. He couldn’t see it but he knows they ended up canon and Lillian became his adoptive mother)

    Ginro has four favorite ships (omg he is a multishipper):


    Chrome x Ruri (Ginro was actually supporting it before dream of being a chief hit him. He was also all for love confession through phone. First he tried to motivate Chrome then Ruri. Both sadly failed)


    Senku x Homura (Also ladies in the back interested what is Senku’s type haha)


    Tsukasa x Senku    and    Matsukaze x Senku (Ginro thinks if Senku is into warrior types and Tsukasa isn’t responding then he should go for Matsukaze with Ginro’s blessing XD)

    Kohaku has two favorite ships:


    Chrome x Ruri (Ultimate sister supports cute ship)


    Senku x Gen (She really sees how Gen is turning soft around Senku)

    Amaryllis has one or kinda two known ships:


    Chrome x Ruri     and     Senku x Ruri x Chrome (she isn’t sure about triengle but she wonders if it’s true)

    Ruri has one OTP:


    Tsukasa x Minami (Hahaha Ruri really pulling moves to get them closer)

    Francois has one OTP:


    Ryusui x Senku (Francois wants RyuSen as ultimate duo and Ryusui actually approves this. Bi king desires best man)

    Chrome has one OTP or more like ship he would be fine with:


    Senku x Ruri (Chrome was desperate to protect Ruri from Magma and Ginro but he was actually fine with option about Ruri being Senku’s wife)

    Minami has one OTP:


    Kinro x Kirisame (She really tries to pair two serious warriors)

    Ukyo has one OTP:


    Senku x Gen (Ukyo really listens to all Gen gasping about Senku and also points out him gasping over Senku)

    Mantle has one OT3 (Yeah sorry but I put here everyone even if he annoys me):


    Magma x Kohaku x Ruri (Yeah… No comment)

    Kaseki has one OTP:


    Ryusui x Senku (since Kaseki sees Senku and Chrome as maker buddies, he went for RyuSen)

    Gen has one OTP:


    Senku x Kohaku (He is actually excited about this pair and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kohaku would go to Gen for advice)

    Yo has one OTP:


    Senku x Luna (This guy already creating some pictures in his head about Senku and Luna)

    Kirisame has one OTP:


    Senku x Kohaku (She was really holding onto idea of Senku and Kohaku being together and maybe she still is)

    That’s all moments I could think of.

    Don’t repost my edits or words on tumblr or other platforms without permission. Reblog is fine. Just don’t take my work like it’s yours. Thanks.

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  • Glass Marbles & Paper Fortunes

    The day is beautiful. A cool breeze, a few passing clouds and the happy chatter of kids on the playground. A boy of ten sits alone, playing in the grass with some pebbles and watching the other children play. Marching up to him in a dirt stained pink dress, a girl of similar age, plops down next to him.

    “Um, hello?” He says timidly.

    “Hi.” Her bottom lip is formed into a big pout. A purple, plastic My Little Pony backpack hangs off her shoulders. “What are you doing?”

    “Um, well, I’m playing marbles…”

    “But those aren’t marbles.”

    “I know-“ He begins but is cut off as the girl suddenly pulls off her backpack, digs in it and takes out a small glass jar of marbles. It rattles satisfyingly and catches the light.

    “THESE are marbles.”

    “Whoa… That’s a lot of marbles…”

    “Yeah. But, most of these were collected by my brother and he gave them to me. They’re ok.”

    “Ok? They are beyond ok. Look!” And the boy points at a green and blue swirled marble, “That one looks SO cool. Kinda like a trapped ocean.”

    “Huh. I never really thought about it like that…” The little girl lifts the jar, examining the marble.

    “Yeah! And that one, it looks like a galaxy!”

    Looking closer at the jar, the little girl’s frown has transformed into a look of wonder. “You’re right. I never looked at them like that.” Unscrewing the top, she dumps the marbles into the grass amongst his pebbles. “Look at this one!”

    “Ooo, yeah, that one is cool.” He plucks a different marble from the pile, “This one looks like a fire is trapped inside.”

    “Yeah! This one looks like it has toothpaste trapped inside it!” The two giggle and ogle at the collection of marbles. “I’m Casey. What’s your name?”

    “I’m Mark. Did you say that your brother gave you these marbles? That was really nice of him.” The little boy is smiling as he examines more of the colorful marbles. Casey makes a face and starts to put the marbles back into the jar. “Oh…” Mark watches her a moment before speaking up, “What’s wrong?”

    The little girl huffs. “Nothing.”

    “Then why are you putting the marbles away? I was looking at them.”

    “I don’t want to look at them anymore.”

    “Oh. I’m sorry. They’re really neat…”

    “No, they’re not.” She screws the lid back on the jar and shoves it back into her backpack, then pulls out a notebook and handful of colored pens. “Do you know what a fortune teller is?”

    “Um, no?” He watches, quizzically, as the young blonde pigtailed girl proceeds to rip a piece of paper from her notebook and begins to fold it, color and write on it. “What are you doing?”

    “Making a paper fortune teller. Well, Milk Face Melissa calls it a cootie catcher, but that sounds stupid.”

    “Why do you call her Milk Face Melissa?”

    Casey pauses and looks up at Mark, as if he said her hair was brown and not blonde, “Because, ages ago, during lunch, she was drinking her milk and laughed so hard it came out her nose and went everywhere on her face. So they started calling her Milk Face Melissa.”


    “Ask me a question Mark.” She holds out a strange folded square contraption on her fingers.


    “Come on.”

    “Um, will it rain?”

    “THAT’S what you want to ask the fortune teller?!”

    “I don’t know what to ask it!”

    Sighing and rolling her eyes, “How about, will we be friends? Pick a color.”


    “Ok, blue. B-L-U-….”


    “Yeah, I know…” Casey moves the folded paper box on her fingers at the mention of each letter. “Now, pick a number.”

    “Hmmm, 15.”

    She counts and moves the paper at each number until finally stopping and pulling open the flap of paper. Reading it aloud, “No doubt!” She looks up at Mark, beaming. He too is staring in wonder and grins.

    “Ooo! Ok, let me ask it a question!”

    The two children giggle and ask the paper fortune teller question after question amongst the grass and pebbles until the recess bell rings.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “Mark!” A young girl with ripped jeans and soccer jersey thumps down into the empty cafeteria chair next to a young boy reading a library book, almost spilling his drink.

    “Casey! Careful!” He moves his drink away from the overly excited girl.

    “I’m sorry, but check out this cool new fortune teller I made!” She shoves a colorful and glittery folded paper in front of him. “Ask a question!”

    “Hmmm,” He closes his book, “Will I make millions and millions of dollars?”

    “Really Mark?” Casey rolls her eyes, but smirks, “Alright, pick a color.”

    “Uh, the sparkly pink color.” Casey moves the folded paper, revealing four numbers of varying ranges. “3.” She moves the contraption again before reading the answer to his question. Clearing her throat dramatically,

    “The answer is clouded.”


    “What? The fortune teller has spoken! Here, let me try.” Holding the folded paper respectfully between them, “Oh Fortune Teller made of Paper!”

    “Casey,” Mark looks around the cafeteria, embarrassed as they get some glances, “Can’t you be normal?”

    She giggles, “No, you have to ask it your question dramatically and purposefully for it to come true.”

    He sighs, “You’re ridiculous.”

    Quieting down a little, she continues, “Tell me, should Mark Clayton give me— What did you bring for lunch today?”

    “Uh, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some carrots?”

    “What kind of jelly?”


    “Should Mark Clayton give me half of his sandwich?”


    “Shhhh, the fortune teller is working.” Her fingers move the paper quickly back and forth between positions before opening and revealing the answer. “Ah ha! It would be wise to do so! Pay up, Mark.”

    The boy sighs, pulling his lunch bag from his backpack, and Casey does the same. Unfolding neatly prepared sandwiches, Casey and Mark swap halves. “If you don’t like your dad’s tuna salad sandwiches, why don’t you tell him to make you PB&Js? I’d like to have a day where I get my sandwich all to myself.”

    “Do you not like my dad’s tuna salad sandwiches?”

    “No, they’re fine, but-”

    “Then I’m not going to tell him to stop. They’re fine.” Casey takes a bit out of her newly acquired sandwich. Mark watches her a moment, confused, but sighs; he knows better than to start a fight with Casey Davis.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The sun is setting in the sky after soccer practice. Most of the other girls are gone, but one remains, laying in the grass and staring up at the clouds. Her face is wet from a mixture of water, sweat and….


    She rubs the sleeve of her shirt against her face before sitting up. “Oh, hey Mark.”

    “You were supposed to meet me fifteen minutes ago at the McDonalds. What happened?”

    “Practice ran late. We just got done. Sorry.”

    The teenage boy sits down next to her, “How are you doing?”


    He sighs, frustrated, “I can’t ask you how you are? I’m your friend, aren’t I?” She stays quiet, not looking at him. Mark pulls his backpack off his shoulder and unzips it, taking out a paper fortune teller, “I made a new fortune teller.”

    “I’m not really in the mood, Mark.”

    “Oh, come on. All those times that you forced me to put up with YOUR fortune tellers? Humor me. One last time…”

    Casey sniffles, “Fine.”

    A moment passes. “You’ve gotta ask a question to find out your fortune, Case.”

    “Will we stay friends?” Neither of the teenagers look at one another, staring down at the fortune teller. It is frozen. “Well?” Casey asks softly, risking a glance up at the boy.

    “Well, pick a color…”


    Mark moves the paper folds, spelling out the color with each movement. “Which number?”

    “15.” The fwap fwap fwap sound of the paper hangs in the air as the toy moves. Casey pulls her knees to her chest, watching intensely as Mark pulls open the flap. “What does it say?”

    He sees the words, Don’t count on it. Looking up at his friend who is eagerly, but nervously waiting for their fortune, he smiles, “It’s your destiny.” Her shoulders relax and she tries to reflect his smile. “Don’t know why you’re so worried. You’re not moving to another state! We can still see each other.”

    “Yeah. We can…”

    “And I’m sure you’ll make the team and you’ll probably play my school, so I will see you when you play against us.”

    “Yeah.” Silence stretches. The two teens look everywhere else but each other. A Gremlin pulls into the parking lot, honking twice. “My dad’s here.” Casey gathers her equipment, duffle bag and backpack. Mark watches her quietly. Before leaving, “Oh! I can’t believe I almost forgot, I have something for you.” Casey reaches into her backpack, pulling out a small glass jar filled with marbles. “I want you to have this.”

    “What? Why?”

    “Ha, what do you mean why? You loved these marbles more than I did.”

    “I can’t take all of these, Casey.” He unscrews the jar, digging into the marbles until he finds the one he was rummaging for, “Here.” He hands her a simple clear glass marble with a few purple and blue swirls, “Keep this one. It was your favorite.” Forcing it into her hand, he screws the lid back on and stuffs it into his backpack.

    They both force a smile on their young faces.

    “Stay out of trouble Mark Clatyon…”

    “Kick some butt Casey Davis…”

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  • Shippers

    you will have 6 shippers (with reply codes) to choose from! you can see that we’ve got 3 styles and they all vary in size and length. 

    - for those who prefer to really dish out their characters through shippers, we’ve got a couple of longer ones (inside you can also style them however you want - aka: remove fields/questions, add others etc. 

    - then we’ve got some “one-page” shippers where you can concentrate on the relationships/plots you’d like. 

    - and then in the end, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to plot via shippers, we’ve got a little “redirect your plot to my discord” kinda shipper. you basically plug in your username, give a sentence or two about your character, and then say that you prefer to plot through discord (if you hover over the code, that title also shows up). however, please check your “discord shipper” anyways, since some people don’t have discord but they might still want to plot/thread with you!  🧡💛💚💙💜

    ps. there’s also nothing stopping you from copy&pasting information that’s already in your profile app ;)

    so that’s what we’ve got! any other kind of shippers/styles you’d like? i’d be happy to code them / tweak existing codes up for you!

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  • When was the moment that you started to ship Jisbon? To all Jisbon shippers out there. The moment something more was there.

    I think for me it was in the season 1 final. When Jane shot his only RJ lead to protect Lisbon.

    Now I’m not saying it was complete love or anything yet but more that maybe friendship feeling were on some level starting to bubble somewhere. Even if no one knew or wanted to acknowledge yet and not for a long time yet.

    Now I’m not really expecting anyone to respond to this but I’m just curious to see what other people think.


    Originally posted by onscreenkisses

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  • #anonymous#shippers #staying in your lane
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  • It always saddens me to see people hating on each others ships. Not the best impression when you discover a new show and you see so much disrespect in the fandom. Some people hate on a canon ship because they’re not getting their way and it shows (or any ships for that matter). Criticism is welcome, but it should be expressed somewhat more objectively…

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  • Eleven:Hyunwoo and Isol sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p…


    Eleven:Yeah, I don’t really know what happened there either.

    #black survival incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#black survival#eleven#hyejin #the manga duo #shippers
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  • When Entrapdak was still a crack!ship and few people started shipping it seriously


    When more fans joined the crew of Entrapdak ship


    When antis questioned us about the existence of the Entrapdak ship


    When antis questioned how “problematic” was Entrapdak ship


    When season 3 finale happened


    When season 4 dropped, and angst took over the Entrapdak ship


    When Antis started Hijacking Entrapdak posts


    When they insisted in attacking the Entrapdak ship


    When entrapdaks started writing fanfics to handle the pain


    When everyone was doubting the ship but WE SHIPPERS KEPT GOING


    Season 5 dropped, and Crew-Ra joined the Entrapdak ship




    And now we all can say

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  • image

    Shippers is already hilarious… I’m hooked guys

    …Great Men Academy has given me trust issues in my ability to accurately predict the couples but honestly I’m hoping P’Way gets with P’Kim and P’Pan and P’Khet get together as the main couples

    #Shippers#bl drama#funny#adorable#thai drama#drama#romance #way x kim #pan x khet #hilarious #when u mess with the god of death #she seeks vengence #love this so much #i ship pan x khet #no one can convince me this wont also turn out like great men academy
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  • Yknow I never really thought hard about shippers before.

    I realise I have NEVER shipped a non-canonical couple in a show or movie or anything. Like genuinely. Even ones I obsess over. Do people like genuinely watch a tv show and spend that time matching characters up or deciding their sexualities??? And I have ADHD, I get hyperfixations but I’ve never shipped characters, am I weird or?

    And like on TOP of that people have DISCOURSE about these??? Y- you get angry about people’s imaginary relationships because they’re not YOUR imaginary relationship????????? And call people pedophiles for shipping underaged characters????? What???????????

    I don’t want to piss off shippers but I really just don’t understand and I’ve always known it was there but never thought about it beyond just knowing what it is.

    I’m actually freaking out a little bit ahah

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  • #ships#shipping#shippers #fandom life confessions
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