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  • I hate shippers more than anything in a fandom. Y'all are annoying af and just all around bad energy

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  • Me: I don’t like bottom!character, I just read fics where they’re topping.

    Someone: Wow. Where do YOU get off deciding who should top and who should bottom and telling people they’ve got the ship dynamic wrong. I don’t know what your problem is, maybe English is your second language, but that’s just rude as fuck, you bitch. In this essay, I will-

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    Originally posted by pplutos

    One of the most widespread among romantic tropes is opposites attract, and with good reason. When a couple are opposites, they’re meant to be one of a few things to each other:
    1. An inverse reflection of each other.
    2. Compliment each other
    3. Cover each other’s shortcomings

    In a sense, a good Opposites Attract serves to turn two incomplete people into one solid force. If they’re a battle couple, they’ll tend to fight very well together, often balancing force and finesse, melee and ranged, or physical and magical abilities. If the show or book has a lot of time dedicated to foils and character moments, they are more likely to be the ones that each other lean on, since their opposing characters makes them interesting to react off one another. Their roles, story arcs, and backstories tend to run opposite or parallel to one another depending on the series. If one character’s arc is to mature and become more responsible, likely their partner’s arc might be to learn to loosen up and have fun, learn to trust people, or to face a trauma in their past that made them so mature at a young age.

    In terms of design, opposites attract partners tend to be inverse in color schemes. Light and dark hair or eyes, warm and cool color schemes, clashing or complimentary fashion styles, etc. The degree in opposition also varies. Some opposites attract look very similar with only a slight difference, indicating that something small is what set them on different paths in life but are otherwise very similar, almost as two sides of the same coin. Other couples are stark contrasts with virtually nothing in common to really emphasize their differences so that they can better make each other whole, as shown very literally through the character of Garnet in Steven Universe. 


    Originally posted by weonderland

    Femme and Butch

    While typically, you’re mostly going to see this in femmeslash/yuri pairings, this dynamic is actually fairly universal. This divide focuses on a pairing where each couple reflects the values of masculinity and femininity. Although mostly used as lesbian terms, a femme and butch pairing can also be gay or heterosexual. A fashion-loving twink who cries during romantic movies dating a jock who likes sports and drinks beer is still an example of Femme and Butch. Heterosexual is rather obvious, but can also be inversed, with a tough, assertive woman partnered with a sweet, sensitive man, such as Calhoun and Felix in Wreck-It Ralph. A Femme and Butch pairing doesn’t need to check off every box on this list of traits, but these traits tend to be common in these types of relationships.


    Originally posted by chittychittyyangyang

    Brains and Brawn

    Also known as Jock and Nerd, this romantic dynamic prioritizes the usefulness of both intelligence and brute strength. Another variation is Book Smarts vs Street Smarts. The Brains will be good at doing research, organizing, and will tend to fight more strategically while the Brawn is primarily going to be good at fighting and likely protecting the Brains from serious harm. Princess and Bodyguard is another possible example of this dynamic, albeit a little less directly.


    Originally posted by sapphirerose818

    Hot and Cold

    Hot or Warm characters tend to be friendly, outgoing, upbeat, loudmouthed, temperamental, boisterous, and battle-ready. Cold or Cool personalities tend to be shy, calm, quiet, logical, reserved, serious, and emotionally withdrawn. However, while these extreme opposites of hot-head and cold-shoulder balance each other out, it’s worth discussing same heat relationships. Kiribaku is an example of a Hot/Warm relationship, as Bakugou Katsuki is an angry little spitfire with an aggressive streak, while Kirishima Eijirou is a happy-go-lucky sweetheart with a good attitude. This is sort of the same concept, just that both boys are on the warm side of the spectrum, with Kirishima being the cooler counter to Bakugou’s temperamental hot-head. This also works inversely, as the ship Tododeku is a Cold/Cool relationship. Midoriya is a shy, but upbeat young man who tends not to draw too much attention to himself, while Todoroki is stoic, logical, and a bit dense socially. In this case, Midoriya is Cool while Todoriki is Cold, with Midoriya serving as the “Hot” aspect of their relationship as the more friendly and outgoing of the two.  


    Originally posted by tsuki-o-nomikomu

    Light and Shadow

    This archetype is often used as a “opposite sides of the same coin” format, where the characters serve as foils to one another. In Teen Titans, Raven’s powers are dark and demonic, while Starfire’s are bright and extraterrestrial. Both girls get their powers from their emotions, but where Starfire revels in her emotions to make her powerful, Raven must suppress her emotions to retain control of her powers. As the only two girls, they stick out as the obvious foils of the group. Many times, when this trope appears, it’s in the form of Classic Paragon Hero vs Cynical Anti-Hero. Superman and Batman are a great example. Superman is a boyscout token good guy, while Batman is a brooding loner. One is the hope for justice and goodness to always triumph while the other acknowledges that people are flawed, and maybe not everyone deserves to be saved. Naruto is interesting because he has two dark reflections. The first is Sasuke. While Naruto is the golden-haired idealist who befriends villains almost as often as Steven Universe, Sasuke is a dark counter consumed by a thirst for vengeance and the power to exact it. Naruto’s other dark counter however is Gaara. Both are Jinchuriki, but whereas Naruto eventually found friends and love in his fellow genin, Gaara was very much still alone when he met Naruto, reflecting what Naruto could have become without that love and support in this life.


    Originally posted by gintoukis

    Protagonist and Rival

    Another case of “two sides of the same coin”, most anime protagonists and their rival tend to either have very similar backstories, very similar motivations, or very similar personalities, if not some combination of the three. Both Naruto and Sasuke were abandoned in the world at a young age with the Hokage looking out for them from afar. Naruto started off having nobody, and was always reaching out hoping to connect with anyone. Meanwhile, Sasuke started with a family and lost it, and decided to keep everyone at arm’s length and isolate himself further. Rin Okumura and Ryuji Suguro are practically the same person. Both lost their families and homes due to Satan, both are strong-willed loudmouthed tough guys with a knack for leadership, and both share the goal of killing Satan. Natsu Dragneel is immature and battle-ready, but while Grey Fullbuster at least pretends to be above it, he’ll jump into a fight with Natsu practically unprompted. The main appeal of the anime protagonist and his rival is that they push each other to succeed, often coming from very similar roots, but where they end up is entirely up to the effort they put in and the path they choose to take. They both refuse to lose to each other, and that propells them to constantly want to out-do each other.


    Originally posted by beefmutual

    Sweet and Sour

    My best friend and I are polar opposites in this sense. When we met, she was far too trusting, submissive, and far too forgiving. Meanwhile, I was a lot more cynical, mean-spirited, and unfortunately, a little more closed-minded than I’d like to admit. After five years of friendship, my friend is far more assertive, has a lot more confidence in herself, is a lot better at handling criticism, and rather than just submitting in an argument, she now has the nerve to get in someone’s face and make her point heard. Because of her, I’ve become less stand-offish, more patient and polite, less of a control freak, more aware of valuing other people’s emotions, and more tolerant of a group I hadn’t realized I’d been intolerant toward. We saw the world in such distinctly different ways that we have managed to rub off on each other, and now we’re both such stronger and more complete people for having known each other.


    Originally posted by bbraeforevr

    Serious and Goofball

    A classic comedy duo, the comedian and the straight man. The Goofball character tends to be immature, a knucklehead, a jokester, and comes off as a bit inexperienced. Meanwhile, the Serious character tends to be mature, responsible, disciplined, but comes off as a bit aloof. The Goofball reminds the Serious character to have a little fun every once in a while, while the Serious character reins in the Goofball before they hurt themselves or somebody else.


    Originally posted by travelerfromthemultiverse

    Hero and Sidekick

    The hero has their act together and the sidekick is just doing their best. This happens a lot in Action movies where the handsome tough guy and the hapless damsel (who he kidnaps a little too often for my liking) is just kind of along for the ride. The two live in entirely different worlds. Sometimes this comes in the variant of Starlet and Manager where one in the relationship takes center stage while the other is content to help them run their life, promote their career, and help them. Another variation is Superstar and Random Extra, wherein one person leads a very visible life in the public eye being adored by millions of fans while their partner works 9-5 in an office dealing with insurance claims. Although they coe from very different worlds and lead very different lives, that doesn’t mean they still haven’t found love in an unlikely place. Often, the reason the hero or big shot loves this random nobody is because they fell in love with them before they ever became famous, or they didn’t know/care who the celebrity was and just liked them as a person without interest in using their celebrity to climb the social ladder.


    Originally posted by flipomatic

    Loud and Quiet

    She’s quirky, outgoing, bubbly, energetic, and talkative. Too talkative. She never shuts up. He’s quiet, simple, down-to-earth, and calm. Too Calm. He never gets excited. This pairing works to push and pull each other until they’ve harmonized. The Quiet one will be pulled out of their shell and learn to be more open and talkative, while the Loud one will learn to think before they act. This couple is divided along lines of Introversion and Extroversion, and together can navigate the anxiety-triggering unease of a social gathering, and finding joy and pleasure in just enjoying each other’s company without needing to fill the silence with pointless chatter.


    Originally posted by kamidanvers

    To be fair, many Opposites Attract couples will fit into more than one of these archetypes, and there’s probably more I didn’t list. But if you’re wanting to create a couple that balances each other out, I hope you find this helpful to you in your writing.

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  • Two characters in a work of fiction: *merely interacting with eachother*


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  • With Frozen 2 out all around the world now, I can’t wait for new people to join the fandom in the coming months! Especially new Kristanna shippers.


    Originally posted by britishchick09

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  • My nephew has taken to watching The Office with me. He’s slowly gotten into Jim and Pam’s relationship and is now eagerly anticpating them getting married. He came in and saw me watching an out of sequence episode and I told him it wasn’t pertinent to Jim and Pam and he told me he wasn’t interested. 


    Originally posted by alepeterslove

    He’s a true shipper.

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  • So here’s my latest analysis on Supergirl, but this time I’m tackling the misguided interpretations regarding Clark/Lex parallels.

    It bothers me when I see review sites and especially some male fans of the show so obsessive over the idea that Kara/Lena absolutely MUST parallel Clark and Lex. I’ve seen people saying it’s destiny for them to be enemies. That it’s built in. That it’s the path the show has to take and will take. But, I don’t think they’re actually watching the same show. Or they’re just so inherently programmed by toxic social traditions (and heteronormativity) that they need to see them fight and hate each other. They need to see it play out the same way it would between two men. But these are not two men. This is not a male-driven show. 

    Lex is a power-hungry sociopath with inadequacy issues. He’s a very small, cowardly man who can’t stand to know there are people out there that are ‘better’ than him. So he uses his wealth and an over-inflated semblance of power to try to target people like Clark, hiding behind the guise of “protecting humanity from aliens”. Lex is very much like an incel. He’s someone who finds a way to take his own shortcomings out on others. And Clark is his own personal “Chad” - an attractive, powerful, altruistic hero who knows how to use his gifts for good. Everything Lex has always felt towards Clark was rooted in jealousy and competition. The dynamic of Lex vs Clark has always been a display of toxic masculinity, but on a level where the stakes were the fate of the world. 

    Where then can we find that between Kara and Lena? We can’t. We won’t. We shouldn’t. First, because that’s not how most women inherently work. The only way Lena’s ever felt inadequate is in regards to how people see her as a pariah due to her name, despite her desire to do good. But she doesn’t blame Kara and the world for her shortcomings. She blames herself and her family. She only blames Kara and the world for not seeing past it

    While Lex’s greatest mission is ultimate power so he can step on anyone who dares to be better than him by any sadisitic means necessary, Lena’s greatest mission is to make the world a better place. They’re coming from two completely different perspectives, two completely different psychologies and two completely different intentions. Lena doesn’t look at Supergirl or Kara with jealousy, she looks at her as an inspiration and everything she wants to be. Lex desperately wanted to overthrow Clark. Lena desperately wants to be like Kara. And now, you can - arguably - add in the extra layer of her wanting to be with Kara. 

    So let’s go there next, shall we? Let’s discuss the non-heteronormative interpretation with all the ‘shipping’ stuff. At most if you take it to a homoerotic level, maybe Lex wanted at some point to hate-fuck Clark so he could dominate him finally, in some way, while also getting an up close glimpse of Clark’s power which is so seductive to him. Because he’s never wanted Clark, he’s only wanted his power in order to fuel his own darkness. Meanwhile for Lena, it’s like she wants Kara to make love to her and value her the way she’s so desperate to be valued and loved because she’s fallen so deeply for Kara and her goodness and light and just wants to bask in it. To put it graphically:

    Lex says to Clark “FUCK YOU.”

    …while Lena says to Kara “FUCK ME.”

    In a nutshell, Lex was saying to Clark, “I hate you. You’re everything I could never be and your existence threatens mine, so now I’m going to destroy you and the world you love.” while Lena is saying to Kara, “I love you. You’re everything I wish I could be and I needed you to see me and love me back, because you’re the only one who ever really did or could. But you hurt me in the worst way. So, goodbye. I’ll go save the world without you.” 

    In summary, to think that Kara/Lena are destined to be, or should be, a Clark/Lex parallel just demonstrates an inherent lack of understanding of the differences between men and women and the relationships between men vs the relationships between women. Lena Luthor is not Lex and if the show is smart, she never will be. While I do not condone her actions and was deeply disturbed by how she went about things in the most recent episode, to compare her to Lex is astoundingly short-sighted, and shockingly ignorant. 

    Kara and Lena are not Clark and Lex. If anything, they’re Clark and Lois. And that’s the fascinating twist, isn’t it? That’s what makes it such a beautiful love story. The only question is whether the show will be brave enough to go ahead and make it a romantic love story, since these two are so desperately, painfully in love to the point where it’s actually become hard to watch them literally ache for each other while claiming “friendship" at every chance.

    Kara and Lena are not Clark and Lex. 


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  • a rant/ tag yourself

    im multi-shipper/rare-pair shipper

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  • Let’s discuss how EZER can help you.

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  • Tis the season…are you ready?

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  • George Clooney and Barbara Mori

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