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  • Freezerburn Week 2020

    Day Five - Video Games

    Weiss didn’t know what she was reading anymore. It began with the founding of Vacuo, then it all just came crashing down in her mind. She’d been reading one word over and over again, yet she somehow didn’t comprehend anything. What jumble of letters was this, even?

    Though,’ she read. She repeated it out loud, but she couldn’t move past it.


    What did this even mean? Was this a word anymore? People still use this?

    She dug her fingernail into her fingertip; one of her little tics. Not being able to focus distracted her even more. And it was all because of these cursed, godforsaken noises.


    Yes! Whoo!

    Weiss smacked her head against the wall, a growl growing in her throat.

    “Yang. Xiao. Long.”

    Though it was slightly under her breath, Yang heard it. Now that the game was over, at least. Peppy, electronic music filled the air as the game switched back to the ‘Choose your Character’ screen. She turned over to her teammate, eyebrows raised.


    Weiss stiffly turned around in her chair, jabbing her finger at the screen.

    “Could you please stop playing that.. Thing?”

    Yang gave her a questioning look.

    “But why?”

    “Because I’m trying to study.”

    “Can’t you just.. Go to the library?”

    “The library isn’t a suitable focus space for me.”

    “And here is?”

    “Precisely. My silent dorm room is.”

    Our dorm,” Yang corrected. “Just because Ruby isn’t here, doesn’t make you the leader, you know.”

    Weiss huffed indignantly, crossing her arms.

    “What’s that supposed to mean? I honestly don’t see how that game of yours is in any way more important studies!”

    This piqued Yang’s interest. She cocked up an eyebrow, leaning back against the foot of her bed.

    “I can.. Show you.”


    Yang moved herself to the side, grabbing another controller from under her bed.

    “Come play with me.”

    Weiss glanced between Yang and the screen skeptically.

    “Come on, Ice Queen,” Yang grinned, trying to prompt her by using the dreaded nickname.

    “Excuse me?”

    Pleeeease? If you don’t play, I’m turning up the sound effects.”

    Weiss rolled her eyes, sighing. She pushed her back against the wall and went to sit in front of the TV.

    Yang instructed her through the prepping phase, like choosing a character, buttons, and basic playthrough. And Weiss had to admit, maybe it was just the hyped tone of Yang’s voice, but she was enjoying herself. Even if she did keep losing to Yang.

    While Weiss remained focused on the game, Yang couldn’t help but sneak glances at her.

    Since they became teammates, Yang had always loved noticing little things about Weiss. Especially her habitual pouting. It came out a lot when she studied. Thus, you could say she was in concentration mode. And now it popped up here as they played together.

    It was stupid, but Yang took pride in the fact that Weiss considered her game something worth focusing on.

    She noticed Weiss’s pale eyebrows knit together, and her glare stuck to the screen. The game reflected in her eyes; big and round like icy mirrors. Yang didn’t really think about just how blue they were.

    Well, until now that is.


    Yang dropped her controller, her eyes growing wide.


    Weiss jumped to her feet, waving her controller in the air. Her other hand pointed at Yang.

    But Yang couldn’t focus on her defeat though. She kept looking at her eyes. And she couldn’t help but smile.

    “Take that, Xiao Long!” Weiss exclaimed. “After 52 defeats, I’ve finally come out victorious!”

    Yang rolled her eyes, grinning.


    “Yang, I don’t like that look in your eye—”

    “I guess you could say video games are pretty.. Weiss, after all?”


    bc everyone knows ending a chapter with a yangtastic pun is the way to go

    thanks for reading, folks, i am so tired

    — ari

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    Damn Devsis really be giving Cocoa more wives huh

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    Staring (Stobotnik)

    Guess what movie I saw! Sonic was SO good! Carrey killed it as EggMan, and I ship Agent Stone and Robotnik like crazy. StoBotnik needs more love! Even Sonic agrees!😆

    Anyways, I hope you guys like this, and tell me what you think!🖤🌟

    Art is by me.

    Characters belong to Sega

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    I can’t.

    (btw, the song is “No puedo vivir sin ti” and I really like Bely Basarte’s cover, bye)

    Forgot to add the translation:

    “I should be tired of your hands,

    of your hair, of your rarities…

    But I want more, I want more… ”

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  • Shipping a tiny crackship that has like 3 other shippers in it:

    #shipping#fandom#hamilton #me and my martha/heather m canoe
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  • we’re going for a ride

    #hameron#hameron gifs#house#house md#house gifs #house md gifs #jennifer morrison #jennifer morrison gifs #hugh laurie #hugh laurie gifs #allison cameron#gregory house #house x cameron gifs #house x cameron #OTP#couple#shipping
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  • I made a reference for my starfish king and a bunch of metamy doods

    They would be incredible parents for a chao

    Also cream with lots of flowers

    #metamy #neo metal sonic #metal sonamy#Metal Sonic #cream the rabbit #Amy Rose#sonic #sonic the hedgehog #sth#shipping#ship art#chao
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    Remember you can ship whatever you want! Don’t let people on the internet stop you from expressing something you love and enjoy. (Feel free to add any more ships that get a lot of hate, I miss)

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  • I find it really weird when artists do commissions but they restrict themselves with arbitrary rules, such as “I only draw ships I support!” or “not drawing male x male stuff”. If you offer commissions and have rules like that, chances are that not only will I never commission you but I also wouldn’t even want to waste my time interacting with you or asking you if “ship XYZ” is okay.

    You are offering a service so you should do everything in your power to make your paying customers happy. By putting these rules into place you are burdening your potential customers because they have to ask for your “permission” first before they can commission you. I’m not saying that you should draw ships that can be considered illegal (e.g. underage character x adult character) but denying a commission simply because you don’t like a certain pairing is really childish.

    I acknowledge that the artist always has the last word and that they ultimately decide what they want to draw and what they don’t but don’t complain about not getting enough money from your drawings when you are picky about what to draw.

    A huge red flag for me is when the artist denies male x male ships but approves of female x female ships. That right there is even more homophobic than just flat-out denying same-sex ships altogether.

    All of this is like, my opinion, man! So please don’t be offended by this post and don’t leave me hate-mail. You are free to disagree with my opinion and that is great! Just don’t expect me to ever give you money though. I hope my post didn’t come off as passive-aggressive and I hope you are having a great day! I might elaborate further on this post when I get home from work, so consider this a rough draft.

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  • people rlly think they can do anything abt the content of the internet

    yes it is fucking cursed sometimes. no, don’t go after the creator, wtf. don’t intentionally access things that upset you unless ur hunting for cursed images to torment whichever poor soul left airdrop on with

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  • “Some prevalent views on closeness between friends is extremely gendered and unhealthy”: YAH

    “Stop calling boys gay for being friends because they see being gay as a bad thing”: NAH

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  • How I Know I Am Bad At Money:

    I have definitely read fanfics and looked for a button simply reading “Pay An Extra $15 To Get Additional [Insert Ship] Chapters Here”.

    I mean, I say that jokingly but I also know I would use it.

    #one piece#shipping#fanfiction #Yeah but if someone could fit #ZoLu#ZoLaw#Zohawk#Mizo #I don't know what Mihawk/Zoro is called but I require more of it #Plus jealousy #pinning and oblivious Zoro in one fic #That is definitely worth #Let's see... Six hours of my wages? #At least#problems #i have them
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  • Summary: “See you next summer!“ Well now it’s the next summer and instead of finding an old journal, Dipper finds an old friend, who knows a thing or two about Gravity Falls, ancient medical practices, and a certain triangle.



    Urtfirmt Rg Lfg

    Hephzie was biting her tongue and reading a book labeled How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs at the kitchen table. Everest had Waddles in between his paws as the two slept by her feet. The old alchemist turned a page and sipped her coffee. By some miracle, she had managed not to burn it; Hephzie somehow had the capability to burn anything she cooked, from chicken to cookies to even liquids like soup or coffee. It was one of the many mysteries that plagued Gravity Falls that would remain unsolved for all time.

    Keep reading

    #GF#gravity falls#ford pines#stan pines#mabel pines#dipper pines#hephzie cece#oc#life#fanfiction#shipping #have I got y'all convinced yet? #thanks again for all the love guys!
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  • Queer people will always have a different relationship to queer romance narratives than straight people invested in particular ships

    For straight people, the extent of it is always whether their ship will become canon. It’s only ever “ahh!! the angst!!” of your ship not becoming canon. 

    For queer people watching a queer couple suffer, and suffer, and suffer, fail at being together, die, be separated forever, and fail due to trauma and baggage, is going to be an inherently personal experience. It is going to be an amplification of a message, heard a thousand times, that queerness means suffering and there is no happiness for people like them. It is to see yourself in a narrative and see nothing but your own suffering. The “angst” is never the angst of your favorite ship not going canon; it is the heartwrenching angst of knowing people like you don’t get to be happy. 

    #queerness#shipping#i guess #yes this is about a certain show #but also like #in general #this also means straight creators and showrunners #will always have a different relationship to queer stories #than queer creators #for the former it will always be 'just a story' #no matter how compelling and important #it will carry no personal weight #for queer creators #it is a vision of their possibilities #an interrogation of what queer life looks like
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  • Last year, the Chief Scientific Officer of the Zhejiang Medicine Company, Choon Teo, said something brutal to U.S. government officials who were trying to figure out what tariffs to levy against Chinese products. Teo’s company is a large scale producer of, among other things, antibiotics, and he was discussing why his company should not be subject to tariffs:

    It is important that we be intellectually honest with each other. The products of which I speak are made in China because the United States made a choice, as a society, not to produce them domestically. The last plant in the United States closed decades ago because of the environmental and health regulations made it virtually impossible to manufacture these products…

    China has invested heavily in facilities and infrastructure to enable the manufacturing of these products. Coupling this with the focused training of human capital, China has created a mature environment to manufacture these products.

    Teo is correct. What happened in the last twenty five years, through a variety of legal changes, was the creation of a globalized Just-In-Time economic system with pockets of hidden risk everywhere. And largely it happened because American and European policymakers enabled it through consolidation and the creation of the World Trade Organization.

    This globalized system is coming apart; we have very little visibility into the production and distribution because in the West we’ve relied purely on financial markets for information. Now the stock market has noticed there are problems, so it’s a bit panick-y out there. …

    Here are some observations based on talking to some supply chain and logistics professionals. They are contradictory, because no one has a complete picture of what’s happening in China.

    In some sectors, production is simply not returning. For example, production of kitchenware, an industry that is located primarily in China, has collapsed. The government has pushed factories to reopen, but workers are not returning to work. In terms of logistics and shipping, I’ve heard different indications. One air freight specialist told me that though there are truly large backorders in the U.S. waiting to be flown to China, air freight operators are beginning to dig themselves out. Cathay Pacific, for instance, has cleared its backlog of inventory from Chicago, and that’s the major operator out of Hong Kong. Still, it’s really bad, steamship lines are losing $400 million a week and logistics companies with weak balance sheets are going to go bust. Moreover, because airplanes and shipping containers are used in global routes, from say Shanghai to Chicago to Frankfurt, cutting out the China leg ends up eliminating U.S.-European trade as well. It is, as I’m told, “disruption unlike anything we’ve experienced in our history.”

    Production levels are probably uneven. In some areas, like Wuhan, production is still shut down, while in others capacity might be at 50% or 70%. So depending on what you need and where it’s made, you might be able to get access. Of course, we don’t really have visibility into China, and their data isn’t particularly reliable. Experts I talk to seem to believe that their trend line of lower disease rates is real, but also warn that it could flare up again as people go back to work. It could be like experiencing a big wave crashing on you, only to see another big wave right behind the first. Or not.

    The long-term effects of the supply chain disruption aren’t obvious, but corporations are beginning to accelerate plans they had on the shelf to move away from dependency on China. For a few years, largely because of Trump and more coercive Chinese actions, Western corporations have been considering diversification of supply chains, and making plans to move production into other countries, most notably Vietnam. But they mostly haven’t pulled the trigger, because it’s expensive and difficult. I suspect that this event will induce them to do so.

    –Matt Stoller, 26 Feb 2020

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    Why do you ship fluttercord? Jeeee…I wonder why….hmmm

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