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  • honestly, multishippers and passionate but chill shippers superior

    passionate but chill shippers are the “YESSSS MY SHIP! WAIT YOU DON’T SHIP IT? WELL THAT’S FANTASTIC TOO, I RESPECT”

    multishippers just ship everyone with everyone with no hate whatsoever

    if you’re not either of these then yippity off my blog, thanks :)

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  • Had a dream last night that people commonly put stickers on their laptops that explicitly list their OTP’s and smut preferences. I was in a coffee shop with half of the Wolf Pack and got nosy and found out Jacob is into incest and ships Quil/Embry

    #thats why you dont eat right before bed #twilight#wolf pack#jacob black#shipping#fanfic
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  • I got a few emojis for the controversial shipping opinions ask from @beardy91.

    Ship that used to be my OTP: Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks (HP). It was my biggest, most intense, and longest-lived OTP before Scarlet Vision. I still like them and revisit old fics sometimes, but my interests have just moved on. 

    Ship that makes me sad: Scarlet Vision. It’s still my favorite, but I have cried many tears over what happened to them in canon. 

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  • What I respect: People who commit to a theme in mirrors, no matter the cost.

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  • anybody still there? is overwatch shipping still alive? where my discords at. please help me i just want to talk about cute overwatches

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  • God I feel bad for anyone who follows me, I’m such a hardcore shipper.

    (If my likes didn’t make that obvious 😅)

    So if you don’t like seeing anime boys holding hands then I recommend you see yourself out.


    Originally posted by globalanimepictures

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  • Multi, single, or fewship?:  

    multiship (every ship is in their own verse)

    What are you willing to RP when it comes to shipping?:  

    conflict, platonic shipping, romantic shipping, etc.

    How large does the age gap have to be to make it uncomfortable?:

      Okay so I think it goes without saying that underage smut is a no go. That being said, soul reapers age different in the soul society then humans in the world of the living. So giving a specific set of years wouldn’t work here.

    Are you selective when shipping?: 

    Yes. There has to be a chemistry between our characters. Just diving into a ship doesn’t work for me or for Rukia. I also would hesitate to do a romantic ship with duplicates of the same character. That’s doesn’t mean I won’t do it, but there has to be a unique chemistry for our ship. Each ship would be in its own universe.

    How far do steamy moments have to go before they’re considered NSFW?: 

    Uhh I guess when they start doing sexual stuff?

    Does one have to ask to ship with you?:  

    It would help lol if it happens naturally in our threads, that’s fine too but conversing with the other mun to make sure we are on the same page is always good.

    How often do you like to ship?:  

    I didn’t realize this has a frequency… whenever I see a cute ship or idea I guess? Lol

    What is your favorite ship in your current fandom?: 

    Gods, it’s a toss up between Ichiruki and Renruki. I absolutely love those ships.

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    tagging @wild-pineapple-butt @kenta-koma @nightbeat-cat @deivorous anyone that wants to do this lol

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  • what are y'all’s favorite unpopular atla ships? mine are Sokka x Azula (sokkla) and Toph x Suki (toki? suph?? tophuki???). and even though I wouldn’t actually want them together, I’m kind of interested in the idea of Zuko x Yue, aesthetically and conceptually.

    #atla #avatar the last airbender #ships#shipping#sokkla #sokka x azula #azula x sokka #toki#suph#tophuki #toph x suki #suki x toph #zuko x yue #yue x zuko
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  • Usually I am a VERY flexible person when it comes to ships like I could go with whatever tbh (except for ships that contain some of the no no’s of romance like incest etc).

    There are very few ships that I hate with a passion and though I hate the ship I would never hate the person for shipping it.

    I just have to bring up the fact that I cannot STAND Percy x Nico it just. It’s just kinda disgusting to me and I can’t pinpoint the exact reason.

    Also don’t come at me saying I hate the ship because I ship them with other people and while I am a HARDCORE solangelo fan (literally my two favorite characters) and Percabeth fan I will ship all the characters with someone else.

    I love Jason x Percy, I can tolerate Nico x Jason, Piper x Annabeth is also a good ship.

    But Percy x Nico…

    (Also I’m not using many ship names because I’m lazy ok)

    The ship just grinds my gears and idk why.

    Does anyone else agree with me????? Am I crazy?????

    EDIT: also please don’t start a shipping war. I beg of y’all those are dumb.

    #percy jackson and the olympians #trials of apollo #heroes of olympus #solangelo #nico di angelo #will solace#percy jackson#annabeth chase#shipping#percabeth#pernico#jercy
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  • Note: This can also be found on AO3 at ‘TheOneAndOnlyBird’.

    Triggers: Panic Attack, thunder.

    For as long as Denki could remember, he had a fear of thunderstorms. An Intense fear of thunderstorms. So intense he typically had panic attacks from the noise. You’d think that because of his quirk, he’d like storms, and you’d be right. He loved lightning storms and rain. Though, thunderstorms were a whole other thing. He despised thunderstorms due to his fear. He felt useless during them. 

    And that’s what landed him stranded under a tree, curled up with his hands over his ears and shaking as the thunder boomed above him. 

    Denki was soaked, due to having been playing out in the rain outside the dorms just a few minutes prior to this. He was cold and shivering as the harsh wind knocked him about, making him curl up more and whimper silently into the howling wind of the storm. He cursed his love for rain! This wasn’t supposed to turn into a thunderstorm! 

    He had just been out splashing around in the rain in a tank top and shorts since it was rather hot that day. It was supposed to be a quick shower, nothing more. Unfortunately and very obviously now, it seemed like that wasn’t the case. As soon as the thunder and harsher rain had started, he quickly dove under the tree he was under now, trying to find any kind of cover and comfort for what was about to come. 


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  • Moodboard:

    Gay!William Regal/Gay! Robbie Brookside (current era, requested by anonymous)

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  • Just a quick update to let you guys know that we’ve sent out all digital orders, with the exception of a couple people who had to send an alternate address, and a few emails which have been returned to us due to incorrect addresses, so please make sure to contact us if you haven’t received your order and if it’s not in your spam folder!

    As for physical orders, they started shipped out and people have been getting their tracking info (and some even got their parcels already!), but please don’t stress if you haven’t yet - keep in mind that these are over 900 orders to ship out, plus another hundred with contributors’ bundles, and with the current state of things parcels can only go out in batches.

    Thank you so much for all the patience and support! We’re so excited to have people finally receive their bundles!

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