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  • Pairing: Dreamwastaken x Georgenotfound

    Rating: Teen and Up


    A child wants his throne, the king should watch his back. It may look like a dream but trust me, boy, your mind will be a nightmare.

    Dream has quite the reputation in the Venor Guild, often regarded as the nightmare assassin. When he gets the task to kill King George he thought it would be an easy feat, too bad that he has a heart with feelings.


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  • Helluva Boss thumbnail animatic (WIP)

    #shipping#helluva moxxie #moxxie x millie
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  • i gotta be honest - the reason i am so intense about people respecting george and dream’s boundaries, and not pushing them and not constantly trying to push a gay agenda on them - is because i’ve been in fandoms before where it was done to people and i have seen the bestest, strongest friends become genuine strangers, some even enemies. 

    because they start to overthinking everything they do, they start to think ‘oh i can’t say that because people will think the wrong thing’, and that becomes exhausting and that drives people apart. 

    i am so happy that dream is so outspoken and so comfortable and i know he won’t allow that to happen to him and george, but it just frustrates me to hell and back that this is even a thing. 

    #dnf#dreamnotfound#georgenotfound#dreamwastaken#mcyt#shipping#lgbtq#basically #if anyone was ever in the 1d fandom from 2010 #you'll know what i'm talking about
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  • I’m still going to be in the Supernatural Fandom and a Destiel Shipper for the rest of my life. It will never be matched in the length and scope of Fandom in my life.

    But now that the show is over I’m feeling it different. I knew that was going to happen. I’ve seen and felt it many many times before.

    Active fandoms are way different than ones that have packed up the canons.

    Can anyone find me a new Rabid fandom to partake in? Please 🙏.

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  • ReiSana Modern Domestic AU MicroFic:

    Reimu works as mall security for a small local mall out in the vast suburban sprawls of South King County and helps to admin a rather large “paranormal investigator” Discord. Sanae works in the GameStop in the mall and posts on said Discord all the time at work. Reimu’s display name is “CrimsonFloater” and Sanae’s is “Green Meme Queen69”.

    Reimu had to ban Sanae repeatedly early on for spamming Ludicolo meme edits and for mic-spamming nightcore Carameldansen in VC. There were other shenanigans, including the one time Sanae tried to hack Reimu’s account to become an admin. Reimu wanted to perma-ban her, but the head admin(MadameViolette) said “she’s too cute to ban, don’t you dare perma her”.

    So things went for months, until Sanae decided to do a “daytime investigation” of the small cinéplex attached to the mall. This was fine, in theory, but she decided to “investigate” the movie theater durring Avengers Endgame’s opening week. To her credit; she brought a full supernatural investigation kit, but the cinéplex staff thought she was trying to bootleg the movie because of all the cameras she has with her.

    Reimu nearly flipped her shit when she found out her online nemesis worked at her mall(“I always knew you were a trouble-maker, but I didn’t know you’d cause an incident in my mall”), and was cute as hell. Also Reimu covered for Sanae, since she knew why Sanae was bringing cameras into the cinéplex in the first place, and she didn’t want Sanae to lose her job at GameSpot.

    Sanae began to follow Reimu around when business at GameSpot was slow. At first Reimu didn’t like it and made a point to bring in her dog to work, and claimed “she’s a savage beast, stay back”. This facade lasted a whole day, and then Sanae started feeding Aunn treats. Pretty soon Aunn was spending half her time hanging around the GameSpot and half of the time patrolling with Reimu.

    Sanae started crushing on Reimu super hard and would sometimes spend her shifts trying to write confessional notes to Reimu, only to throw them into the shallow wastebin meant for receipts. She wasn’t prepared for Aunn to steal the bin and fling the contents all over the floor, and she screamed when Reimu tried to help her clean up the mess of paper.

    “I-it’s dangerous to touch that paper, I wrote a series of evil curses on it, please don’t touch them!”

    “Well if I don’t pick them up, you’d pick them up and get cursed yourself, idiot”

    It didn’t help matters that Sanae had over 10 confessional notes in that small bin. She stood over her mess, redder than the bow on Reimu’s head, helpless to stop Reimu from reading her most private thoughts. Reimu, from her perspective was just dispassionately looking at each piece of paper, and her heart sank from her chest all the way to her shoes.

    Reimu was quiet for a long time, and then said “I mean, my apartment is small, but it gets pretty lonely. Do you wanna go on a date after my shift’s up?”

    Sanae couldn’t stop from keysmashing IRL, stuttered out “y-you too” and ran out of the mall. And then came back in after she realized she was still on the clock. She hid in shame behind her counter until Reimu came into the GameSpot. She quietly picked up a Switch, Sword and Shield, came up to Sanar and said “do I need to buy all of this just to play your weird dogfighting sim?”

    Sanae died, said she needed Sword since Sanae had Shield, and then Reimu took her to the Orange Julius and Sanae got her to download Pokémon Go.

    #ReiSana#reimu hakurei#sanae kochiya#modern au#shipping#lesbians #i wrote this to feed myself #i just love sanae and reimu so much
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  • Skull Daughter of Batman and Wonder Woman. 
    I actually pretty proud of myself 

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  • Me and my friend 1980do-re-mi-fa-so decided to ship our characters we made in Soul Calibur 6 together. The character in rainbow belongs to my friend and the one in purple belong to me. ^^

    #soul calibur 6 #soul calibur fanart #soul calibur oc #my art#shipping#yuri
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  • I once got into a show expecting there to be a lot more romantic tension between a guy and a girl because everyone kept shipping them. Then I watched it and it turned out to be honestly rather underwhelming. And the dynamics that are usually popular in fandoms tend to not be accurate to a lot of fandom portrayals, rather they end up slotting into roles people assigned in their heads.

    I also, because I do like yuri, sometimes go into fandom tags on the search for content. And I like plenty of it fine, but some of it ends up weirding me out because once again? They abandon a dynamic they had in-universe for roles they had in their head. And sometimes I do enter series expecting for some girls to interact more often with each other, but that ending up not being the case.

    What I’m saying is that maybe some things aren’t necessarily a “the straight shippers” or “the gay shippers” thing. But rather just a shipping goggles thing.

    #tabby says something #shipping #like I like yuri and I’m a bit more picky about my m/f but I like a decent amount of it #not a huge fujoshi but I do support m/m shippers #and my dudes #sometimes it’s just a shipping thing #chillax
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  • I swear, contrary to what my blog may look like lately, I haven’t traded one “sassy trickster paired with a blond sweetheart with a rough exterior” for another “sassy trickster paired with a blond sweetheart with a rough exterior”!  I still very much love AkiRyu, but their content is mostly on Twitter these days. There’s just a lot more DMCL on Tumblr.  

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  • Is it even your OTP if you don’t associate a Taylor Swift song to it?

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    Gay!Rock’n’Sock Connection (requested by anonymous)

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  • Friendly reminder that characters don’t need to kiss to show they’re in love

    #shipping#love #there's more to love than kissing and sex #forehead touching for example #and find looks #hand holding #sometimes it doesn't have to be physical #hell Charlie and Vaggie from Hazbin Hotel are girlfriends and they haven't kissed
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    Gay Asexual!Larry Zbyszko/Gay!Gary Hart/Gay!Al Perez (requested by anonymous)

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    I’ve been toying with the idea of making a FE3H fanfic about Elodie. I can’t decide if I want to ship anyone with Elodie though. However, I had the idea of making an Elodie x various characters story where there are different sections/chapters that you can read depending on who you ship Elodie with. That or should I just make a poll and see what character people what Elodie to end up with? I’d love to hear any second opinions!

    #fire emblem three houses #fe3h#fire emblem #fire emblem oc #fe3h oc #fire emblem three houses oc #writing#fanfic#fancfiction #elodie brigette durand #elodie oc#elodie#shipping #OC x fire emblem characters #story idea
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    A Jack and Sam edit I made. I’m watching Moebius part 2 tonight…it’s going to be good

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    I see your Perchance To Dream angst, and raise you that one BTAS comic where Jervis’s brain gets fried by his own tech, feat. Batman’s savior complex and complicated feelings of guilt.

    #I found that at work yesterday and holy crap that was rough #bathatter#jervis tetch#mad hatter#bruce wayne#batman#btas #batman the animated series #dc#sketches #things I drew at work today #angst#brain damage #black and white #shipping#dreamer draws
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  • every year over thanksgiving me & my friends rewatch lotr, so once again i’m thinking about Them…

    #lord of the rings #frodo baggins#samwise gamgee#samfro #?? i think #shipping #they went into the west together shut the FUCK up
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