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  • hendyo-98
    19.09.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    I just remembered I never posted this to tumblr when I finished it. Rip Anyways I’ve not drawn Amaimon from Blue Exorcist in ages, so here have him!

    (Click for better resolution)

    #amaimon#blue exorcist #ao no exorcist #amaimon blue exorcist #amaimon ao no exorcist #demon king of earth #blue exorcist fanart #ao no exorcist fanart #amaimon fanart#fanart#digital art#procreate#rin okumura#yukio okumura#ryuji suguro#shima renzou#shiemi moriyama#shura kirigakure#mephisto pheles#shiro fujimoto#izumo kamiki#konekomaru miwa #arthur auguste angel #anime#manga #i have no idea how to use tags #hendyo 98
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    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #ur enthusiasm truly inspired me thank u again! #shance#lance mcclain#takashi shirogane#vld#voltron#shiro#lance#altean lance #sorry i couldnt resist the urge 2 draw yet another au as ALWAYS-- #irethsune#asks#game asks#soupery replies #gonna start tagging these maybe...? #shipping meme replies #??
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    19.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
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    19.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The homies 🥺

    @shirorabu @milks-shake-cafe

    #what if we were pirates and we were all fruity....... #but no i hope you guys like it!! #shiro's smug aura haunts me #my art#mutual tag#not shipping #si: ty westerly🌀
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    19.09.2021 - 9 hours ago
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  • sinjass
    19.09.2021 - 10 hours ago
    the obsidian seven eight
    #the fandom is pretty much non-existent but i thought i should share the names translated from the raws #anyways i'm so bi #orient#orient manga #the obsidian eight #shiro inukai#seiroku inukawa#nanao inusaka#mikito inumura#imari inuyama#aijiro inui#kazumasa inuzuka#shinobu ohtaka#manga#animanga
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  • scholarlybreadbun
    19.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Always With Me.


    #ffxiv#gpose#my screenshots#flower meeps #lord shiro elune #i borrowed a wild kuro to take screenshots as he was already there taking his own
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  • santeria
    19.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    “How considerate of you to deliver yourself to my table,”

    - Like Moth to Flame

    #losing my mind over ele’s vampire lord au which everyone needs to go read rn so we can all collectively lose our minds #sheith#shiro#keith#vld#santi's art#blood cw #vampire!shiro
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    19.09.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #howl no ugoku shiro
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  • littleviolets
    19.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    damn I just remembered—

    #don’t read unless u followed me since vo/ltron #lmaoooo last night I started making those two person picrew things #but I ended up putting shiro in it i got so mad embarrassed and #and literally thought about if I should rewatch the first three seasons again fjskkdisidosks #MENTAL ILLNESS BRAIN WORMS
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  • incorrectkumokoquotes
    19.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    10th Division: Hail the Goddess!

    Shiro, panicking: NO, I’m not a goddess!

    10th Division: Only a true Goddess would be so humble as to deny her divinity!

    Shiro: All right, then I am a Goddess!

    10th Division: She admits it!


    #source: life of brian #kumo desu ga nani ka #so i'm a spider so what #incorrect quotes#incorrect kumoko#10th division#shiro #kumo desu makes complete sense #upon realising #the cast are all simps
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  • shumaishiro
    19.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    It’s been a while since I uploaded to tumblr! So here’s another G.B Shiro with Saito this time, looking at a flower! Hey, I can draw other characters too! I’m just too busy being a try hard at school.

    (I made this a month ago but, didn’t post it because, I forgot to and it was just my wallpaper)

    #digital art #i still did it on a phone #it’s my oc’s #g.b shiro #Saito Kazuo
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  • shiroiitsune
    19.09.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #shiro!Aiden #un aweoneitor khg
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  • mydreamsarejanked
    19.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    for some reason i cannot get this headcanon to stop bugging me, but i am constantly considering the hc of nui harime and shiro iori being separated fraternal twins in some way, so i figured i would let tumblr do with that what you will.

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  • rihokoitoh
    19.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Pata Pata Bird


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  • problems-of-immortality
    18.09.2021 - 20 hours ago
    #v:white scales and hidden tails #shiro fujikara#yourgoldensin #thanks for sending all of these! I'm having a lot of fun
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  • demon-sushi
    18.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Stoneheart, Chapter 45

    First – Previously – AO3 Mirror

    Chapter 45: On Your Mark

    Flying with Keith is usually a fun, albeit terrifying, mode of transportation. Usually, you enjoy the breeze in your hair and knowing that he wouldn’t let you fall. Even now you can see his face is one of pure focus, concentrating on keeping the four of you in the air and out of the trees. But as much as you now trust Keith in his ability to keep everyone alive, Hunk and Pidge do not. The pair have at least stopped screaming loudly for the time being, which you’re thankful for.

    “Shit, shit, shit.” Pidge tightens their grip on Keith as he starts to descend. Hunk tucks his face into Keith’s neck with a groan.

    “Relax, it’s fine.” You try to convince them both.

    “It’s not!” Pidge glares at you. “Even I know we’re going too fast for a safe landing!”

    Keith at the very least doesn’t hit anything on his way down, but his legs do give out. He twists everyone around and slides against the forest floor on his back with a grunt and a hiss. When you all come to a stop, his arms unwind from everyone.

    “Are you okay?” You get up first, minding his wings beneath you.

    “Fine. Had worse tumbles.” Keith grimaces. You help Pidge up to their feet while Hunk rolls away from Keith.

    “I think I’m gonna…” He mumbles. Keith instantly pulls his wings in close to him, rocking upward as well.

    “Gonna?” You tilt your head as you look over to Hunk. You get your answer right after that as he pukes onto the damp earth beneath him.

    “Gross.” Keith scrunches up his nose. Pidge nods in agreement but steps over to him.

    “Oh Gods above.” He whines.

    “Come on, get away from the sick puddle.” They say. You help them get him up and further from the landing area.

    “Arms above your head.” You tell him, gently guiding them up. He nods his head with his eyes firmly shut.

    “Please distract me.” He begs you.

    “Okay uh…” You look around.

    “Tell us about what happened.” Pidge crosses their arms.

    “Right. So --”

    “Not yet.” Keith grunts.

    “Why not!?” They turn to him. You watch him draw a line in the air before bringing his claws toward the ground. Pidge’s eyes widen as they catch onto what he’s doing.

    “A circle?” You ask as he makes it large enough to surround the four of you.

    “Mmm.” He nods when he returns to his place. He curls his fingers around something you can’t see and pulls it up above your heads. Something about it is familiar. When Keith seals the opening with a few lines you gasp softly.

    “Honerva did something like this.” You murmur.

    “Doesn’t surprise me. It keeps your conversations from being overheard when a room is compromised.” Keith looks over to you. “Haggar taught it to us.”

    “The forest is compromised?” Hunk asks in between heaving breaths.

    “It is home to various fae and spirits. Might as well make sure this stays amongst us only.”

    “Magick,” Pidge whispers with an excited breath. Hunk lets his arms come down to his sides as he slowly opens his eyes up.

    “You okay?” You ask him.

    “Sorta.” He gives you a weak smile.

    “Now come on!” Pidge focuses back on you. “Tell us already! We’ve been worried sick about you!”

    “I…” You sigh. Keith shifts closer to you, his presence soothing before he even offers you his hand. You take it gratefully and trace his claws.

    “Take your time,” Keith tells you.

    “But don’t leave us hanging for too long.”

    “Pidge!” Hunk scolds them.

    “The night of the festival after midnight… I was kidnapped.” You start with.

    “What do you mean kidnapped?” Pidge asks.

    “Like you know, snatched. Grabbed. Held against my will.” Your voice rises. Keith squeezes your hand.

    “Hey, breathe. It wasn’t their fault.” He says softly.

    “I… I know. Sorry.” You cover your face with your hand as you breathe, centering yourself out of habit. Hunk and Pidge fall silent letting you gather your bearings, which you are grateful for.

    “It was the Blades.” You pull your hand away to look at them. “They probably took me through one of the secret tunnels leading out of the castle.” You pull out the map that you and Keith had made, offering it to the pair.

    “But why would they do that?” Pidge murmurs taking the map.

    “Because of me.” Keith glares at the ground.

    “Not just you,” You have to remind him. “But also for getting involved with Honerva. And for pulling innocent people into this.” You look at Hunk and Pidge. The duo gives you a confused look and you have to take a breath to settle your nerves again. This should be easier to do already, how many times have you recounted this story now?

    “The Blades took my magick from me. They… bound me. I can’t do anything now.”

    “Lance…” Tears start to well up in Hunk’s eyes.

    “All because they don’t understand what’s really going on! They’re stuck thinking that everything is evil and wrong. And even if I had admitted to anything they wouldn’t have listened to me!” You tighten your grip on Keith’s hand. “I have never felt so… Humiliated and shamed. Gods below they beat me up and left me in the gardens to make it look like I was mugged or something.”

    “Fuck…” Pidge glares at the map. “And this is the path they took?”

    “Probably. But that’s beside the point.” You say as Keith rubs soothing circles into your hand.

    “What is the point?” Hunk asks.

    “Honerva said that… that she could bring it back. Reawaken me and I’d be able to…” You trail off.

    “But wouldn’t that be… dangerous?” He shifts nervously on his feet.

    “If the binding isn’t removed before she awakens him, it could kill him,” Keith says.


    “Lance’s Quintessence is strong, very strong. Therefore the binding has to be of at least equal strength to keep it under control. It’d be like forcing a boulder through the smallest crack in a brick wall. One will give before the other.”

    “But!” You cut in. “Honerva has a plan. She said the main thing I needed to get for her was two people with a strong will that I trusted.”

    “And that’s where we come in, right?” Pidge asks.

    “Exactly.” You nod.

    “This map is for Hunk and I to sneak into the castle then? This map is huge.”

    “You have to follow it exactly as it says. Traveling through a different set of tunnels or pressing the wrong buttons will cause things to end poorly.” Keith tells them as he points out the path they need and the spaces where he had pressed hidden switches.

    “I’d bring a light.” You advise Hunk. He isn’t even looking at the map, too busy staring at you.

    “...Are you okay?” He asks. Pidge goes silent, quietly listening for your answer while Keith hovers over their shoulder.

    “The tunnels are creepy but it’d be better with a light is all.” You shrug.

    “No, I mean… Are you okay?”

    “I…” You cross your arms over yourself as you chew on your cheek. How are you supposed to answer that? A part of you wants to lie, to tell them that everything is daisies and roses, but you know you shouldn’t. You had promised them that you’d be honest and that you’d stop keeping secrets. More importantly, they’re going to be helping you do something suspicious with Honerva.

    “As long as we don’t talk about what physically happened to me, I’m okay. I just… don’t really want to talk about y’know,” You wave a hand vaguely. “The bottling process.” Hunk frowns but nods, accepting the answer.

    “If you need someone…” He trails off.

    “I have you guys.” You smile and nudge his shoulder with yours. He chuckles but you can tell he still has something on his mind. Pidge however beats him to the punch, voicing what’s bothering them first.

    “We really can’t be doing these team huddles all the time. There’s so much catching up that keeps happening that it cuts into planning.” They sigh.

    “I know but…” You trail off.

    “It’s unrealistic.”

    “It might be, but this is all we have.” Hunk frowns. “If we can’t figure out how to best maximize our time that we have together, then we aren’t doing something right.” Pidge toys with the edge of the map and Keith watches them silently.

    “It makes things harder but…” They take a deep breath. “But not impossible.” They look up at you with a steely resolve in their eyes.

    “There’s no such thing as impossible.” Hunk agrees.

    “Not for us.”

    “I don’t… I don’t think that’s how that works.” Keith murmurs.

    “So let’s talk a bit about strategy.” Pidge turns to Keith and he hums. Hunk joins them and the four of you try to plan out the next steps the best you can without knowing what High Priestess Honerva is doing. You remind them to bring a light for a third time, maybe a rag to cover their faces for the smell. Pidge pales a little when Keith mentions the mass grave they’ll have to travel through.

    “You okay?” You ask them.

    “I know I’m going to see a fucked up ghost.” They shake their head.

    “And I’m going to hear their screams! Their horrible screams!” Hunk whines.

    “You won’t,” Keith tells them.

    “What makes you so sure?” Pidge asks.

    “They only come out if blood has been spilt on the ground recently.”

    “That’s worse!” Hunk cries.

    “That does make them sound more malevolent.” Pidge agrees with him for once.

    “I mean, all things considered…” Keith rubs the back of his neck.

    “Would they ever know peace?” You ask him.

    “They haven’t for the past thousand years.” He shrugs in response.

    “None of this is comforting.” Pidge groans. Hunk rubs the back of his neck.

    “So… we get into the chapel and meet up with you and Honerva. What after that?” He asks.

    “She’s going to have the rest of the supplies for her plan. I honestly don’t know what to expect.” You tell them truthfully.

    “We’re gonna die.”

    “And it won’t even be in a different country,” Pidge complains.

    “You’re not going to die.” You tell them.

    “Are you sure?”

    “I… No.” You admit and look over to Keith.

    “It wouldn’t make sense for her to kill you two. Not really.” He backs you up. “Considering the spells that require that tend to be… quite vile.”

    “Vile…” Pidge sighs as they rub their face.

    “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.” Hunk rests a hand on their shoulder.

    “Yeah… wouldn’t want my folks to mourn another kid.”

    You know this must be rough for the two of them without knowing for sure if they’d be able to make it back home. Whether it be due to Honerva’s spell, the Blades finding out, or Shiro somehow calling this treason. You decide not to bring up the last point to them. Keith clears his throat awkwardly and you all look over at him.

    “It’s getting late. Lance needs to be back in the castle before patrol changes.”

    “Right.” Pidge nods as they step closer to him.

    “Do… do you think you’d land as hard back in the town with all of us again?” Hunk asks as he wrings his hands.

    “It’s a possibility.” Keith winces.

    “That was the fun part.” Pidge jokes though you can see the tension in their eyes at the thought.

    “How about you get Pidge home first and then you can come back for me and Lance?” Hunk offers. “Two might be a better load than three after all.” Keith considers it and nods.

    “Stay here and don’t wander off. I’ll be back in a bit.” He scoops Pidge up into his arms.

    “Be safe.” You step closer to them.

    “When aren’t I?” He huffs a soft laugh. He leans down to give you a quick kiss to seal his promise before he turns and takes off into the air.

    You can feel Hunk’s eyes on your back and you turn around to give him a questioning look. His gaze flicks from you to the sky above before he rubs the back of his neck.

    “What’s up?” You ask him.

    “I don’t want to pry…” He whines.


    “I take it a kiss doesn’t break the curse?”

    “Yeah. It uh… It definitely didn’t do that.” You sigh deeply and kick at the ground beneath you.

    “So how do we feel about that?”

    “I mean, it kind of sucks.” You shrug a shoulder, trying not to let it burn you too badly. “But now I can kiss him all I want. Maybe it isn’t the first kiss that breaks the curse, maybe it’s like kiss number three-hundred you know?” You want to believe in the words you’re saying, and maybe Hunk will too. You can’t let him know you’re running out of hope or ideas. He nods warily.

    “We can definitely look more into it while we wait for Honerva to do her thing with us.”

    “Especially since you guys can’t exactly get in the castle.”

    “Hey, at least the next team huddle could have important information on both sides then!” He smiles.

    “Thank you,” You murmur. “For everything.”

    “Don’t mention it.” He tells you. You nudge his shoulder with yours and turn back to face the sky. Hunk’s presence is soothing and stable.

    “This will all work out right?” You ask him softly.

    “It will.”

    “Even if we’re going in without all the puzzle pieces?”

    “Yeah, man. We’re not working on a puzzle, we’re baking from scratch.”

    You spot Keith in the night sky before Hunk does and carefully pull the big guy out of the way of Keith’s landing space.

    “How’d it go?” You ask him.

    “Safely delivered them back home,” Keith tells you.

    “Ready to go back?” You turn to Hunk.

    “Will it be as rough as the last one?” He asks anxiously.

    “Probably not.” Keith picks you up and balances you easily on his hip. You drape your arms around his shoulders. Hunk takes a few deep breaths before nodding.

    “Okay… Okay, let’s go before I psych myself out of it.”

    “It’d be quite messy if you wanted out midair.” Keith agrees as he picks Hunk up and balances him on his other hip.

    “Don’t even joke.” Hunk whines.

    “I won’t give you time to reconsider anyway.” Keith hums and starts running through the forest to get you three airborne.

    Hunk tucks his face into Keith’s shoulder and you can hear him mumbling something softly over and over again. Whatever it is has Keith laughing softly as he takes you above the trees. Keith flies over to where he had taken off from Pidge’s place, landing roughly on the streets without falling over this time.

    “Thanks for the ride!” Hunk says as he all but leaps out of Keith’s arms. He braces himself against the nearest building, measuring his breathing.

    “Are you gonna be okay?” You ask him. He nods his head and gives you a thumbs up.

    “Yeah… I think so.” He stands up when he feels brave enough and smiles at you.

    “See you soon?” You offer.

    “Of course,” He nods. “Get back safely. We don’t need more security during this whole, seal-breaking thing.” He waves you two off.

    “My thoughts exactly.” Keith adjusts his hold on you and gets you both into the sky once more.

    “Are you sure it’s safe to fly back to the castle?” You ask him.

    “Beats crawling through the tunnels doesn’t it?”

    “Well…” While you admit he’s got you there, you know the sun will be rising sooner rather than later. You tighten your arms around his neck and pray that you aren’t seen by anyone.

    He lands on the roof of the closest tower and his claws scrape against the slate tiles. He waits until he has himself balanced before he sets you down. You cling tightly to his arms, your heart thundering in your chest as you glance up at him curiously.

    “What are we doing up here?” You try very hard not to look over the edge of the roof.

    “Trying not to get us spotted.”

    “And being an obvious mass on the roof is going to prevent that?”

    “To be fair, I was going to have you get on my back.” Keith gently guides you towards his side.

    “I want you to know, I hate everything about this.” You whine softly as you wrap your arms around his neck and jump onto his back.

    “I’m aware.” Keith huffs a soft laugh. He leans forward and you yelp, locking your legs around his waist as he carefully crawls around.

    You absolutely hate being on Keith’s back like this. Your weight presses down on his wings making them hard, if not impossible, to move. He at least had the foresight to keep them spread wide when you got on. You bury your face into his neck when he flings himself from one roof to the next, gliding slowly to the lower level.

    He takes his time, pausing frequently and tapping his claws as he watches the guards move about. It’s another aspect that tells you he’s been doing this for quite some time now and it makes you wonder how often he’s had to hide from the guards. He curses softly and presses himself flat against the tile, an arm reaching back to keep you steady.

    “What?” You whisper. You think you can hear shouting but you’re too high up to make out the words below.

    “Hopefully nothing,” Keith murmurs.

    “Did someone see us?”

    “Shh.” He hushes you, tilting his head and brows furrowing in concentration. You stay still for much longer than you would have liked before Keith begins moving again.

    “They think it was a bat,” Keith tells you as he prepares to glide to the next rooftop. You swallow your question as he flings you both in the right direction. You are more than relieved to be right above your room. Keith twists and lands gently on your balcony, dawn settling in and the night sky shifting to wine. He moves so you can slide off his back. His mind is elsewhere from what you can see.

    “Keith?” You prompt.

    “Sorry.” He shakes his head. “I was making sure no one was…” He waves a hand vaguely toward the railing of your balcony. You nod, it’s not like you could check as well as you used to with your Quintessence bottled up. You lean against the railing after making sure the coast is clear, turning to face Keith.

    “Thank you again for helping me get to Hunk and Pidge,” You tell him. “I’m… really lucky to have friends like them.”

    “You are…” He agrees, another distant look in his eyes. “I thought I had something like that.”

    “What do you mean? Hunk and Pidge are your friends too.”

    “No, I mean… I thought I had that with Acxa. We were as thick as thieves and we did nearly anything for one another.”

    “And then she cursed you.”

    “And then she cursed me.” He nods. You run a hand through your hair and shake your head.

    “Hunk and Pidge aren’t Acxa though. They’re good people and they genuinely care about us, about me.”

    “I’m not saying they’re terrible people!”

    “But you’re implying that they could turn out like her. Which, by the way, is a major mood killer.”

    “I’m being realistic.” He crosses his arms.

    “Realistic about what?” You set a hand on your hip. “This doesn’t seem realistic about anything. It sounds more pessimistic than anything else.”

    “Hunk and Pidge aren’t going to curse you but --”

    “But what? You don’t trust them?” You ask. Keith growls softly as he paces.

    “I gave them a map. A map to break into the castle.”

    “Yeah you did, I thought you were okay with that?”

    “The full weight of it is hitting me now.” He runs a hand through his hair and tugs at the strands.

    “You know they aren’t going to hurt either of us, right?”

    “Just because they won’t doesn’t mean someone else will play by the same rules.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “I should have kept it and let them memorize it instead.”

    “You’re being paranoid for no reason Keith. No one is getting a copy from them and you know it.” You cross your arms.

    “You know, it’s kind of funny.”


    “Whenever you want or need something you get it in spades.” He glares at the sky.

    “What are you trying to say? Everything is falling into place.”

    “What I'm trying to say is that everything comes with a price.”

    “And maybe fate has already paid it forward.” You tell him.

    “I just don't want you to get your hopes up for no reason”

    “You're such a downer all of a sudden. I don't need this.”

    “Fine. Then I'm leaving.”

    “Don't be such a baby about it.”

    “The sun's coming up Lance. I have to go.” Keith flexes his jaw before he sighs.

    “...Okay.” You frown. He steps over to you and presses a soft kiss to your temple before he turns and pulls himself up to the roof of your room.

    “I love you.” You call out to his retreating form, but Keith says nothing back, not even a vague gesture to indicate he’d heard you.

    You rub a hand over your tired face and slip into your room. You make sure to drain the now cold bathwater and switch into clean clothes, tossing Pidge’s cloak over the foot of your bed. You grab the teacup that had been placed at the coffee table and toss it out too before returning it to where you had grabbed it. You nod to yourself glad to have cleared the room of the evidence of your adventure.

    “At least I have time to sleep.” You mutter under your breath. You start to lift your covers to get cozy underneath them when there’s a knock at your door. You let your head hang and throw quite the tantrum in your head about the whole thing.

    “Come in.” You answer as you adjust your sheets to look like you had just now gotten up rather than about to go to sleep. A maid pokes into the room and offers you a quick curtsey.

    “Sorry to wake you, Prince Lance. King Shirogane and Princess Allura are wondering if you will be joining them for breakfast this morning.” She keeps her gaze trained low.

    “Yeah, I will.” You tell her. She gives you another curtsey before giving you a curious look.

    “May I ask what it is you’re doing, Prince Lance?”

    “Making my bed.” You answer automatically, adjusting the sheets once more.

    “You do not need to do that.” She says.

    “Maybe not, but it’s soothing.” You answer. “Are you going to be informing the king and the princess?”

    “Oh! Right. My apologies.” She does another little curtsey before scurrying away. You groan softly to yourself. You feel exhausted beyond belief as you sit down heavily on the bed.

    “Should have asked when breakfast was being served.” You let yourself fall back against the mattress, closing your eyes for what feels like a few minutes before there’s another knock at your door.

    “I’m up!” You groan and push yourself to your feet and approach the door. You pull it open and greet the nervous-looking guard tasked with escorting you to breakfast. You follow behind them and try to rub the sleep out of your face.

    Shiro and the others in the dining hall rise when you walk in. You’re quick to wave a hand to let them know to sit back down.

    “How’d you sleep?” Shiro asks you.

    “Oh you know, the usual.” You smile and give a half-hearted shrug before taking your seat.

    The house staff set a plate in front of you. You notice the way Shiro settles his hand over Allura’s and the tender gaze the two share however brief of a glance it was. You’re glad that they’re in a better mood than the days before. Then your eyes drift down to the breakfast that had been placed in front of you.

    Vegetables have replaced the seasonal fruits for the most part, not that you mind it either way. You try to think of a kind way of asking about it without potentially insulting Shiro.

    “According to one of our gardeners, the frost took some of our plants,” Shiro says as if reading your mind. “We weren’t expecting it to get this cold so fast. Normally we have a bit more time to move them into the greenhouse.” He gives you an apologetic smile.

    “Oh, no worries! I had figured maybe the fruits stopped growing at this point.” You reassure him.

    “Are there ever any issues for crops in Kyo͞obə during the seasons?” Shiro asks you curiously.

    “The storms are what give us the most problems when it comes to crops. Nothing like a sudden torrential downpour to wipe out the citrus and cassava.” You sigh.

    “I think it’s interesting that winter could eliminate the crops out here, but it’s summer for you.” Allura hums as she picks at her breakfast.

    “To be fair though, my winters are never this cold.” You point out and Shiro hums.

    “I’d love to visit one day.” He murmurs. You nibble on one of the carrots on your plate as you think about that. It would be nice to pay him back for letting you stay here all these months. Perhaps it’d be a nicer way of establishing an alliance between your nations as well.

    “I’d definitely recommend coming during winter for you.” You tell him.

    “Not summer?” Shiro jokes lightly.

    “I don’t want to kill my cousin’s husband from heat exhaustion.”

    “How kind of you.” Allura chuckles behind her hand. Shiro flexes his jaw as he thinks something over in his head. You give him time to speak by plucking the leaves off a few strawberries before eating them slowly.

    “Listen…” Shiro starts. “I want us all to be on good terms. I want us to be excited for the wedding, and for you all to be safe.” He looks between you and Allura. The memory of his talk with Ulaz last night creeps back up to your mind.

    “I understand,” Allura tells him, her fingers lacing with his. He gives her a small smile before returning his gaze to you.

    “I want you to help me, help you.”

    “I – I know. I’m sorry, I was kind of being a dick.” You rub the back of your neck and hope it conveys the right amount of sincerity.

    “I will do my best to get you your justice and to help you with any sort of assistance you’d need as well.” You want to believe his words in full but with the Blades of Marmora tied to him, there’s little he could really do.

    “Thank you, Shiro.” You give him a small smile. You can hear the soft hush from the house staff as someone enters the dining hall. You glance over your shoulder and your heart seizes for a moment when you see Kolivan striding in.

    “Were you… able to remember more details about the person who attacked you?” Allura asks. You narrow your eyes as Kolivan steps up to Shiro’s side.

    “Nothing new.” You tell her, your glare not leaving the captain.

    Usually, the people who have caused you harm leave you with a lingering sense of fear and dread upon seeing them. Kolivan manages to surprise you with that. Fear doesn’t fill your gut when he looks you over; it’s sheer unbridled anger and rage. You tuck your hands under the table and clasp them together to keep them from reaching out and attacking him.

    “The eastern portion of the castle’s structure has been cleared, Your Majesty,” Kolivan reports.

    “That’s excellent news.” Shiro nods in approval. “That means the castle is secured.”


    “So then, what’re your next steps you’ll be doing to find the people responsible?” You ask him, keeping the question full of curiosity. Accusing him now would bring you no favors and would only have him retaliate unpredictably.

    “We will now move to interview the staff, those on duty that day and a week prior first, before moving onto the rest of them,” Kolivan tells you, voice calm and posture betraying nothing.

    “How interesting. Do you have any leads?” You ask him.

    “A few.” He nods. “We’re currently focusing on the guard as they would have been the most likely to have seen something.”

    “Makes sense.” You murmur.

    “Until the interviews have been concluded, I recommend keeping your distance with the staff.” He informs you.

    “You make it sound like I’m befriending everyone.” You scoff.

    “No, but you are a chatty person from what I gather. I don’t want the people responsible to have a heads-up and leave.”

    “Just doing an investigation is enough to alert someone.” You tell him picking up your fork and examining it, feigning boredom.

    “Perhaps,” Kolivan agrees, much to your chagrin. “It does help that I continue to recommend a lockdown of the castle and minimize incoming and outgoing persons from the grounds.” He turns his attention to Shiro.

    “By all means.” Shiro gives him the go-ahead for the action.

    “Also, if I may, Honerva is at the gate right now. I can send someone to pick up her… potions there.” You catch the slight grimace he makes at Honerva’s presence.

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” You pipe up.

    “And why is that, Your Highness?” Kolivan gives you a cold look.

    “What if she needs to give me instructions?”

    “I’m sure it can be remembered and told to you.”

    “I want to hear it from the source,” You insist. “See, things have a habit of getting changed when passed from person to person. I mean, take a look at folklore throughout the years.” You point out. Kolivan opens his mouth to tell you something when Shiro speaks over him.

    “Lance will meet her at the gate, albeit not alone. I’ll let you decide on a guard for him. After that, no one else will be allowed inside the castle walls.” Shiro orders.

    “What about Hunk and Pidge?” You look over to him.

    “Until Kolivan gives the all-clear, it’s safer this way.” He apologizes. You can’t exactly be upset by it; Shiro is doing it with your best interests at heart.

    “Thank you.” You give him a small bow and rise to your feet. At least you had planned around this with the tunnel system, though a part of you was hoping it wouldn’t be necessary.

    “Of course.” Shiro nods. You push your chair in and Allura pouts.

    “What about your breakfast?”

    “I don’t want to keep her waiting in the cold.” You say.

    “He’ll be fine.” Shiro rests his hand on Allura’s shoulder, reassuring her. You turn to Kolivan and tuck your hands into your pockets.

    “Might want to go get that guard for me.” You tell him.

    “I’ll be escorting you.” He says and gestures for you to start heading out.

    “Don’t trust anyone else?” You wave to Shiro and Allura.

    “Not yet.” He hums following behind you as you make your way through the halls. Other guards quickly step out of the way when they see Kolivan behind you and you don’t blame them. He is an imposing figure after all.

    “You know, you are allowed to walk at my side.” You tell him.

    “Perhaps. But it’s easier to keep an eye on you this way.”

    “Right.” You roll your eyes.

    “That almost sounds like sarcasm, Your Highness.” He says. You stop to face him and hate how collected he looks.

    “Who’s going to fall for your mistakes?” You hiss.

    “My mistakes? Why Your Highness, I have only very recently been reinstated in my role.” Gods above he even knows how to look distressed by your accusation, a hand pressing against his chest and his brows upturned.

    “Someone innocent is going to get hurt.”

    “I can assure you, everyone is going to be protected.”

    “You -- !” You throw your hands up and stomp your way through the snow outside. “You think this is some sort of joke!?”

    “Jokes are best reserved for a court jester.”

    “I see you’re a man of many hats then.”

    “I must say there is no need to be this hostile.”

    “I hate you.” You grumble under your breath. Kolivan clearly has a lot of practice in keeping himself cloaked in the shadows. Unfortunately for him, you’re not one to be easily fooled.

    You hold your head up high when you approach the front gate. There is a small cluster of guards surrounding the entryway and you roll your eyes. You go to push your way through them when Kolivan calls them all to attention. Instantly, they part and you can see a very annoyed Honerva.

    “High Priestess!” You smile as you approach her.

    “My Prince,” She bows her head. “How are you feeling?”

    “I’ve definitely been better.” You laugh softly. Her eyes glance over your shoulder and narrow.

    “Kolivan.” She greets.

    “Honerva.” He says.

    “They’re not wanting to let anyone in.” You tell her.

    “I had figured as much when I started being harassed.” She gestures to the guards still lingering around. You go to apologize but she holds a hand up to stop you. She reaches into a satchel she has draped over her thick cloak.

    “For you, My Prince, as promised.” She hands you a thick glass bottle with a clear blue liquid.

    “Thank you.”

    “Drink this after you eat at night and it should help you with your sore throat.” She instructs and then gives you a small tincture with a cloudy green liquid inside.

    “What’s this for?” You ask her curiously.

    “It shall bring you peace of mind.”

    “Peace of mind? Nothing like preparing for a battle right?” You laugh nervously. She shakes her head.

    “No. Simply to help reassure you in this stressful situation you find yourself in.”

    “Do I drink this one too?” You ask and she chuckles.

    “Pour it into your bath, My Prince.”

    “Alright.” You nod and murmur the instructions to yourself again.

    “King Shirogane knows how to get ahold of me, should you require anything else,” Honerva tells you. “Though I do find the trip to be… arduous for a simple delivery, I will be more than willing to provide what I can.”

    “Thank you again.” You step closer to her and pull her into a hug. She tenses up, probably startled by the action. It takes her a few moments before she starts gently patting your back.

    “Of course, My Prince.” You let her go and she gives you another slight bow before walking toward the gates.

    Kolivan clears his throat and the guards go back to their posts. You hold your gifts close to you as you turn around. He eyes them suspiciously before stepping aside for you.

    “Don’t even trust what she’s given me?” You ask.

    “Nothing of the sort, Your Highness.” He says as you head back inside.

    “Then why the look?”

    “They seem to be of good intentions and use.” He nearly sounds surprised by the fact.

    “She’s a kind, harmless, High Priestess,” You tell him. “Unless you have reason think otherwise?” You blink up at him with the most innocent look you can.

    “We have had a tenuous past before. I can only hope she is as you say her to be.”

    “Gee I wonder what could have caused that.” You scoff.

    “It is hard to trust someone who has brought harm to the crown once before,” Kolivan says.

    “If that’s the case how come she hasn’t been executed for her crimes?”

    “Politics, young prince.”

    “Of course, of course. Was it also politics when it came to my case?” You ask.

    “We’re not in court, Your Highness.” He says.

    “Well, I’d like a jury of my peers for the next session.” You cross your arms.

    “Your sentence was already signed.” He glares, his jaw tight.

    “We are only out to recess, Captain.” You lock eyes with him, not wavering in the slightest. You can tell he’s trying to figure you out and you turn on your heel before he can get ahead of himself. There’s no point in spoiling the surprise you’ll have for him once you get your magick, your Quintessence, back.

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