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         ––– » officer griffin never gave much thought to sleeping , especially after the war that destroyed his home . things were never the same after that . he had lost so much : the photos of him and his brothers and sisters as well as his parents , the necklace that his mother had given to him when his grandmother passed , the house that he had grown up in … everything . his heart panged with guilt at the thought of them being gone , and how he couldn’t be there to save them …
         thoughts are interrupted by a ping from his phone , and he pulls it out of his pocket , unlocking it to see a text from admiral shirogane . as he heads over to the meeting room , he sees that almost everyone is off doing their own things . why was he the only one who was pinged ?
         ❝ admiral , you wanted to see me ? and … only me ? what is it ? ❞ asked with a wariness in his tone of voice , much unlike the chirp of confidence that the mfe pilot usually greeted his admiral with . he wonders , in the back of his mind , if previous unknown actions or words may have gotten him into this situation .

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  •        It’s hard raising a young kit in a universe like this, especially alone. When time and time again you stand at the front lines putting your neck out to save the lives of other’s all while trying to make it back home. Yet, it was something she would do willingly without fail if it meant giving her son a chance for a better future. A life she never had the opportunity to have. One where he could grow up and choose what he wanted to be. A soldier, scholar, baker, scientist, or whatever he decided, it would be his choice to make. Not the preconceived notion that he had to play his part and fight for freedom to fix the mistakes of the ones who came before him. 

           To give her son the choice of freedom and rule over his own path. Just as she has found hers. 

           In order to give him that choice she would have to leave his side to the safety of another to fight for freedom where needed. Yet even that was sometimes an ISSUE in of itself. Finding somebody who could watch the kit and keep him safe while she was away. Which just so happened to be the issue she was having currently. The normal babysitter who looked after young ARVIK was currently away on their own mission. Leaving ACXA to struggle to find somebody she trusts enough to look after the young 3 deca-phoebe-year-old boy. 

            Well …perhaps there was one other person she could ask. 


                                                                   ❝ SHIRO? ❞

           Her voice called while walking into the room of the last known location he has been in. At least according to a few crew officers of the ATLAS she had spoken with. The young boy in her arms with his head resting against his mother’ shoulder a bit lazily. A stuffed toy of one of the lions of Voltron cradled between his arms. A duffle bag hanging from her left arm as well.

    @shiroganc Liked for a Mama Acxa starter

    #ic #;; closed starter #shiroganc #;; your life ain't gonna be nothing like my life | Single Parent AU #// listen I took commander babysitter seriously sooooo #// Have a smol tot Shiro
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  • @shirogancsoft fluffs


              a purr escapes, one so soft that it could almost be missed. a fondness for the captain remains ( though bond does not! ), one that she can not lose and never will. the lioness leans in, presses against the other’s side. for even she tires and with him ( and only him! ), there were no secrets even now. a hum. black can still tell, bond or not. 

                                                               ❝ still tense i see. ❞

    #shiroganc #( smoooooooches the jay )
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  • #shiroganc #( i wanted this to be longer ) #( but short and sweet is also nice ) #( ✦ space intermission : ic ask
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  • Unlike most nights, this wasn’t training to make him sleep. Hunk was actually on his scheduled rotation day for training- which meant he was around other people who were in and out, but it was, thankfully, not so common. They were often distracting as they watched him brawl in the modified cage fighting sim he’d made.

    Hunk was aware someone had entered the training room, but he had no chance to actually stop and look. The distraction of simply knowing had been enough for the bot to land a blow in on his shoulder. He didn’t go to his knees, but his shoulder joint ached and he could feel the flesh already darkening with broken blood vessels.

    His guest came in at the tail end of the cage match though- they didn’t get much more than a few more zaps before Hunk’s winded form took a fist in the chest and went down, and was thoroughly pinned for the time needed for the simulation to register the bot as having ‘won’.

    Hunk groaned, and rolled onto his back, puffing out a breath before hauling to his feet, his skin mottled in a fair few bruises from his match. It wasn’t anything a quick pod trip or some bruise cream couldn’t handle- the healing creams on the ship were phenomenal.

    He froze as he spotted his guest. Oh. Well that was embarrassing.


    “Ah jeeze. Well, I hope you at least got to see something good before I got my ass handed to me. Hi Shiro.” Hunk stretched his back, rolling his arms, before striding over to get one of the water pouches to hydrate himself. He fished out his tube of bruise cream, and set it on top of his gear so it could be used when he was done.


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  • shiroganc:

    “ No. ” squeezes both paws at once. “ Wouldn’t be my most painful experience with death. ”

     (\__/) ! !
    “You’ve only had one.”

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  • #how shiro got spaced: an opera in 3 parts #shiroganc
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               ❝    the choice is yours ; don’t be late.     ❞

    shiroganc / lyric starters (a).

    #shiroganc #★ » ❝ verse ; undetermined ❞ #( so sorry this is late ahhh! )
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  • @shiroganc continued from here.

        When Sendak arrived at the Garrison base, he had assumed he wouldn’t see much snow there at least not in the area it was in. He had been delightfully surprised when he had walked out of the base the day before and had been greeted by several feet of snow. It was barely comparable to the type of snow Sendak was used to back home but since the galra hadn’t seen snow in at least four years it was definitely enough to get him excited.

       Unfortunately the day before had been busy and he had been able to go outside and enjoy the weather. When Shiro had come to him with the offer of a tour, Sendak had jumped at the chance to get out and stretch his legs. The galra had been paying close attention at first but as they walked walked out into the open field covered in snow, his focus began to wander.

       He just couldn’t take it anymore. He kneeled down and scooped up a handful of snow, packing it very tight with both hands, before flinging it straight into the back of Shiro’s poor head. Sendak was not worried for a second that Shiro couldn’t handle the full strength of his throw, Shiro was strong. He would be fine.

       Sendak watched as Shiro carefully got back up from the ground, a big smirk on his face as Shiro gathered up some snow and swung it in his direction. He ducks just in time for it to miss him by less than an inch, gathering up some snow in his prosthetic hand to return fire. Sendak hadn’t done something like this since he was at least 200! It was great to feel like a kit again.

    #inside the mind of a soldier (ic.) #threads (don't reblog) #shiroganc #me: sendak is an absolutely horrible person and i hate him #also me: writes him like this
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    ───  he  hears  FOOTSTEPS  coming  across  the  hallway  to  his  hospital room  ,  and  ,  thinking  it’s  a  nurse  ,  he  rolls  over  slowly  to  act  like  he’s  asleep  ,  only  to  catch  a  glimpse  of  STARK  -  WHITE  hair  in  the  dimness  of  the  garrison  hall  lights  .  breathing  a  sigh  of  RELIEF  ,  he  smiles  and  sits  up  ,  flicking  on  a  small  light  by  his  bed  .  ❝  shiro  ,  ❞  he  chuckles  softly  ,  letting  a  smile  DRAPE  across  his  face  ❝  i  haven’t  seen  you  in  a  while  .  how’s  piloting  ATLAS  going  for  you  ?  i  miss  black   how’s  she  doin’  ?  how’s  the  rest  of  the  TEAM  ?  did  you  have  a  chance  to  visit  them  earlier  ?  have  you  seen  my  MOM  yet  ?  ❞  he’s  shooting  off  a  MILLION  questions  because  he’s  nervous  about  what  else  the  GALRA  could  be  planning  for  earth  .  after  all  ,  there  were  STILL  galra  who  were  vastly  loyal  to  zarkon  even  BEFORE  this  whole  earth  -  under  -  attack  fiasco  started  .

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    ❝   Woah !   Space   is   so   cool  !  !   ❞   She   tugs   on   Shiro’s   arm   as   she   looks   outside   the   windows   of   the   castle.   //   THIS   PLACE   IS     HUGE    !  !  !   Asuna   couldn’t   hide   her   excitement   as   she   let   out   the   first   real   laugh   she   had   since   before   her   planet   was   taken   over   by   the   galra.     ❝   You   get   to   see   this   every   day  ?   That’s   amazing  !   ❞  

    #shiroganc #hello dad i love and missed u wtf im so excite #pls love ur lil sis with ur whole heart
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