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  • 0mo-ri
    27.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    𝗛𝗮𝗶𝗸𝘆𝘂𝘂 𝗯𝗼𝘆𝘀 𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗮𝗹 𝘁𝘆𝗽𝗲

    𝗔𝗼𝗯𝗮 𝗷𝗼𝗵𝘀𝗮𝗶

    Oikawa : : I believe he would like someone quiet. He wants to feel like he’s protecting you so maybe a submissive person but like you also stand up for yourself when needed. He would love a smart person. He would also want someone cuddly and affectionate, someone who isn’t afraid to show pda. He would love someone who is into the y2k aesthetic.Iwazumi : : just like oikawa he would love a quiet person. But someone who also had a loud mouth. For example if they comfortable enough with someone they are loud and bubbly, but with people the aren’t quite comfortable around they are quiet and don’t talk unless spoken to. He would love someone with a e- person(boy/girl) style or maybe even goth. He would love someone shorter than him and someone on the thicker side too

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  • aetherwingzz
    22.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    and just like that, I’ve forgotten how to breathe :’)))

    enjoy this late post to celebrate best boi oikawa’s birthday 🥳💖

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  • averysiriuschromie
    22.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    lol it finally clicked why haikyuu was trending yesterday. It was oikawa's birthday!!!!

    #king shit only #shittykawa is powerful like that #ily king#oikawa tooru #haikyuu!! #chrmz.txt #it didnt even trend when it was hinata's birthday lol this dude is more powerful than the protagonist
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  • twiddle-dee-twiddle-dumb
    21.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    A/N: I know I’m so late. I was so sick last night. 😞😞😞 I wasn’t able to write for Toru. Huhuhuhu. Belated Happy Birthday, Bae 🥲🥲🥲.


    - Toru’s birthday is coming up. And you had no idea what to give him. There’s also that pressure that your husband couldn’t and wouldn’t shut up about it. You internally screamed— frustrated because you still don’t know what to give him.

    - You asked Iwaizumi for gift ideas and he just said “baby”. Right as if that’s so easy to do. How will you make a baby in three days? THREE DAYS!!!!

    - You huffed in annoyance that no matter how much you rack your brain, no perfect gift would come out of it.

    - You kept on scrolling on tiktok until you stumble on an account making diy home decors.

    - You immediately ordered Luna Bean Casting Mold in Amazon and have it shipped ASAP.

    - Now, how to ask Toru to do this without suspecting it’s his birthday gift.

    - You resort to blindfolding him.

    - You both are in the living room sitting on the couch with a blindfold. He was fussing and whining why does he has to be blindfolded. You covered his mouth with you hands.

    - “Keep quiet Toru or else I’ll have to gag your mouth too.”

    - “Eww, so kinky darling-chan~” he retorted which earn him a soft kick on his legs, pouting as he calls you ‘meanie’.

    - You prepped the mixture. When it was ready, you dipped both your pinky finger held hands. Not removing it until the mixture turned white from being pink.

    - Thankfully the cast isn’t entirely messy. You finished up, filling the hollow spaces with the mold before setting it aside to cure.

    - Toru was getting impatient, asking whether is it done yet or not. You shushed him.

    - “Toru, quiet. We’re not done yet.”

    - “Oh you mean, you’re not done yet? Will that make me really happy on my birthday?”

    - You rolled your eyes even though he can’t see your exasperated look.

    - You removed the cast enclosing the cemented piece. You cleaned before going to the kitchen to hide it.

    - You removed all the traces of your project, Toru scanned the room.

    - “Where?!” He said, hands on his hips.

    - “Where what?” You asked back, as if nothing happened in past ten minutes. He let out an exasperated gasp.

    - “I sat there blindly, quietly for NOTHING?! I can’t even see it?” You rolled your eyes at him.

    - “Stop being dramatic, will you? You’ll see it soon enough.” You closed your eyes as a wave of nausea pass through you. You inwardly groan, trying to suppress the feeling of vomiting.

    - You thought that it was just the chemicals being mixed in the diy cast and mold brought the nausea but a day passed and you still felt like shit.

    - You don’t want to get up but have to. You vomited early in the morning. Your taste buds felt weird. It’s like the food changed it’s flavor.

    - It’s the morning of Toru’s birthday. He went out for a bit to meet his old team mates from highschool. You gather this chance to sneak to go to the doctors. You had a hunch, but you wanted to make sure with the physician’s recommendation.

    - Your meeting with the doctor was brief. You thanked her for her help and you’re on your way to buy your husband some cake before going home.

    - Toru was still out when you got home so you took it as an opportunity to set up the suprise. You placed the decor you made days ago, while putting the doctor’s scan above it. You started to cook dinner for five people because Iwaizumi, Matsukawa and Hanamaki are arriving together with Toru.

    - Not that long when you finished prepping the dinner, your phone chimed. It was Iwaizumi giving you a head’s up ontheir ETA so you could prepare the surprise. You heard the front door open, you ready your self with the cake.

    - You heard Toru muttering. “Iwa-chan, what is this?! Days ago, my darling wife-chan blindfolded me and now you too?!”

    - “Just shut up Crappykawa.” Iwaizumi retorted which made Mastukawa and Hanamaki laugh. You motioned Iwaizumi to lead him to the living room where your surprise awaits.

    - “Happy birthday to you…” you finished the song and he blew the candles off the cake.

    - You pointed out the white figurine hands with a piece of paper on it.

    - “Our pinky promises of forever and with our little one.” Toru read, eye misty as it dawned on him that you are expecting. He was speechless.

    - He pulled you for a kiss which made the other three gag at the public display of affection. Toru stick out his tongue at them while saying they’re just jealous that he’s got everything while they haven’t.

    - “Congratulations to you. I knew it wouldn’t be impossible to make a babe in three days.” Iwaizumi teased you. But before you could retort, Toru managed to get in between you and Iwaizumi.

    - “Stop flirting with my pregnant wife, Iwa-chan.”

    - You just laughed at their antics. Nothing much changed since Highschool. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

    #belated happy birthday oikawa #shittykawa#crappykawa #haikyuu!! #haikyuu time skip #haikyuu fluff#oikawa toru
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  • fansxdom
    20.07.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #iwa chaaaaan #iwaizumi to my oikawa #iwa chan to my oikawa #iwa chan to my shittykawa #happy birthday tooru #happy birthday oikawa #koko my love <3 #iwaoi #haikyuu!! #haikyu#haikyuu #haikyu!! #haikyū!!
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  • hanstriestoart
    19.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Happy birthday best boy Tooru. His story is one of best in haikyuu and no, I will not be taking any criticism

    We all love you especially that tiny Iwa behind you

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  • darlingbudsofrae
    19.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I Love Oikawa Tooru and You Should Too

    (basically an all over the place appreciation post cuz it’s his birthday yey)

    He’s my favorite setter out of all the setters in Haikyuu (yes, I read the manga) and there’s a perfect explanation for it-

    Oikawa is not a genius, but his passion combined with the efforts he pull just to put himself up there is honestly so admirable.

    Like he accepts this and he makes an effort to make up for it and that’s just so lovable.

    I mean, yeah, there’s something cool about a person not pulling an effort and still making it work but making an effort in itself is cooler. Nothing beats making an effort.

    “Talent is something you make bloom, instinct is something you polish.”

    Your favorite captain can be not OIkawa (I wouldn’t blame you) but you can’t deny that he’s a good captain- a great captain.

    Even if his team outright insults him (for fun), he knows how to make the team work. He can get the team together and make sure that they play their best game.

    Like he motivates them and he’s just such a good captain-


    Bitch, I freaking cried when Aoba Josai lost bruhh, I mean yeyy for Karasuno but that match was the first time I freaking cried over a sports anime.

    He’s very blunt and even if you hate the things he says, there are some truth to it.

    Have you seen him in glasses? 

    Look me in the eye and tell me you are not in love.

    He also looks good without glasses but glasses Oikawa has an entire fandom of its own and it is well-deserved.

    I honestly love his personality, shitty as some people may say it is.

    Yes, he makes Kags know that he doesn’t like him but really, Oikawa isn’t required to like Kags.

    As we are not really required to like people and go beyond efforts to hide that dislike.

    I mean, he respects him and acknowledges Kags’ talents but he doesn’t have to like him and that’s okay. (I like Kags enough anyway to make up for it LOL)

    Oikawa may not be a genius but his instincts during games are seriously amazing. Like, seriously- I always have this feeling that Oikawa is playing 3D chess during their matches.

    His nicknames has range- we can literally go from Grand King, Oikawa the Great, to Shittykawa and Trashykawa and they are all glorious.

    He takes his nephew to volleyball classes- that is adorable.

    His has sunset pics. 

    He likes milk bread. I love milk bread.

    We could go on a full-depth analysis of every episode he’s in and I can pinpoint every timeframe he’s on and tell you why he’s lovable but that’ll be too long.

    BOTTOMLINE: He’s Oikawa Tooru. You love him or you love him. There is no in between. 

    #haikyuu!! #hq#haikyuu#haikyu#oikawa tōru#oikawa#haikyuu oikawa #oikawa appreciation post #happy birthday oikawa #glasses oikawa has its own fandom #glasses oikawa supremacy #oikawa is an icon and he is amazing #you can never not love him #if you disagree i have knives #how can anyone not love oikawa tooru? #like imagine the horror #hq oikawa#trashykawa#dumbkawa#shittykawa#asskawa#loserkawa #i appreciate the team and especially iwa-chan for this nicknames #let us all appreciate oikawa tooru and his flat cakes #now if you'll excuse me #i have oikawa's serve compilations to watch #last post for the day #good night#lmao
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  • weebarmyanime
    12.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I am gonna keep this short.

    So if you think Oikawa is childish (even my friend told me she thinks that) please try to understand him more. You guys need to try to understand people, they are more than just what they show. Oikawa, you know, has so many simps for a reason.

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  • tina-98
    10.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    -bad idea!- (coming soon)

    pairings- y/n x [redacted], y/n x [redacted], y/n x [redacted]

    future warnings- MINORS DNI 18+ CONTENT, mentions of drugs and alcohol, un consensual situation, mental health issues, body issues, scars, miya atsumu

    over view: loosely based on bad idea by girl in red. Miya y/n is a second year when she realizes she’s falling in love. she never saw it coming, but she won’t see half of what’s to come in her life. [redacted] was her first love and she’ll never forget that. however he won’t be her ONLY love. after years of being apart, moving across the world, and even more to happen in y/n’s life, she’s back in her home town. following events that lead to a complete depressive episode, y/n calls [redacted] her first love up. bad idea! what will happen with them this time? will the other love(s) come back? who will she choose? and was it really a bad idea?

    mostly written- some texts

    more to come ;)

    (i own nothing but the plot :))
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  • haikyuuublog
    29.06.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Coach: Your task is to piss off an entire room of people. How do you do it?

    Oikawa: Show up, usually.

    #haikyuu#haikyuu funny#haikyuu memes#hq#hq funny#hq memes#incorrect quotes#incorrect haikyuu #incorrect haikyuu quotes #haikyuu incorrect quotes #haikyuu textposts #incorrect quotes haikyuu #incorrect quotes hq #incorrect quotes anime #aoba johsai#seijoh#oikawa#oikawa tooru#tooru oikawa#shittykawa#tooru
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  • iwaoikagegf
    14.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    oikawa is definitely the type of person to slightly hover his hand near someone and be like “but i’m not touching you !!” when they complain but he absolutely loses his shit if someone does it back to him

    #you already know iwa is the main person who used this against him #he’s such an asshole but in a fun way #oikawa tooru#oikawa#tooru oikawa#oikawa haikyuu#hq#haikyuu#seijoh hcs#seijoh#aoba johsai #aoba johsai headcanons #shittykawa#iwaoi#iwaizumi hajime#haikyuu hcs#haikyuu headcanons#oikawa hcs#oikawa headcanons
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  • haikyuuublog
    29.05.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Iwaizumi: Oikawa pissed me off today, so i told him that i can't wait to see what he has planned for our special day tomorrow.

    Iwaizumi: there's nothing special about tomorrow. but there is something special about watching the colour leave his face as panic takes over.

    #iwa i got the chills #iwaizumi#oikawa#shittykawa#iwaoi#hq#hq funny#hq memes #hq incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes anime #incorrect quotes haikyuu #haikyuu incorrect quotes #incorrect haikyuu quotes #haikyuu
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  • shittydeku
    29.05.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Okay so i have a few iwaoi uhh stuff?? Headcannons?? Idrk but here:

    (Uhh i swear a lot so tw for that:)

    Oikawa is in love with Iwa-chan and has been since they were six years old. And he's very vocal about his feelings like

    He'll tell iwa he loves him all the time, about how cute his butt is and he's just very obviously in love but

    He's the most anxious bitch on this planet and laughs it off like ALWAYS

    And he doesn't want to, obviously, but he just does ig??

    And iwa-chan who is also in love with trashykawa dismisses him bcs he thinks its how kawa is? Like just being funny or smth-

    But he means it.

    He means it and so much more.

    And after a while kawa realises smth that is 1000% false...

    He thinks Iwa isn't interested and stops. He breaks.

    Just stops. The ily's, the compliments, the nose kisses (yes they definitely do that idfc) he even ignores iwa at some point bcs he can't look him in the eyes without crying.

    And its very obvious. Even on court if they lock eyes, he looks away and sets to someone else idek. But yuh he looks away instantly.

    Iwa gets worried bcs he thinks he did smth wrong and kawa hates him now and oh no.

    Kawa hates him.

    And ofc iwa confronts him. Asks him wots wrong. In the locker room after practice.

    Oikawa just smiles. It's the fakest smile iwa has seen and its never directed at him. ever.

    Tells him he's fine .

    And then kawa runs in the opposite direction and subfbgfx angst+so much crying.

    Until iwa realises wots wrong.

    Cue random enlightenment at 3 am.

    Iwa and kawa are neighbours and yuh iwa just runs over.

    And guess what?? Oikawa is up bawling his fucking eyes out and when iwa enters his bedroom (via the window) and sees his bby crying he panics.

    Because he caused this.

    Oikawa is very confused as to what the unrequited love of his life is doing there at 3 am??

    They talk it out and kawa just snaps.


    And iwa goes deadass:

    "Darling child, you laughed everytime you told me you loved me- that does shit to a person's heart- you get my hopes up and then laugh it off like it wasnt everything I've ever hoped for-"

    And oikawa just kisses iwa. Like no regrets bitch.

    And they cuddle. And kiss. Like they're just making out at this point.

    Then its morning and oikawa wakes up to a warm iwa against his body and just goes red.

    Bcs he isn't cool. He wants to be. But he's a vanilla bby. Just a blushing mess at 8 am

    And then. He feels iwa kiss the back of his neck and his mind goes blank. bcs this is everything he has ever wanted.

    And its happening. Last night was not a dream.

    And he gets outta bed to get his iwa breakfast and looks into the mirror (he has several lying around his room bcs he's a beautiful bitch and he knows it). HE SEES HICKEYS

    Just all over his shoulders, collarbones, jaw, EVERYWHERE.

    And he's blushing again. Completely fookin red and iwa-chan is laughing bcs

    "This is what you get when ur mine"



    His mom is horrified but she is happy for her son (bcs lets be honest everyone but iwaoi knew they were in love)

    If anyone wants add on PLS DO. Also im gonna be more active now hehe so expect a post every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday:)

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  • idalsion
    23.05.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Ok so i really don't know what happened with my art style but it looks different every time I draw something new. WHY?

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  • byebyelmao
    16.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    hq and the colors of nails:

    kuroo & kenma & suna - black ,, i dont think i have to explain this

    bokuto & hinata - colOurful ,, agaashe i cant pick a color :<<<< ohh!! i know!! ill have them all!! and hinata ,, just being himself

    akaashi - purple ,, he wanted black but oh well not w bokuto by his side

    tendou & ushijima & semi - matching their hair colors ,, it was tendous idea, ushijima didnt mind, semi tried to stop him

    sugawara, kiyoko - red ,, hot girl stuff they painted it together

    daichi , hItOka , tsukiyama - pink ,, it was sugas doing , isnt it canon??? hitokas nails??? , tsukki still doesnt know y he agreed to this

    oikawa - baby blue ,, u cant tell me otherwise - its matching its subtle its perfection

    tanaka & noya - neon !!! af

    mattsun & makki & kindaichi - pastel palette , kindaichi liked theirs sm he wanted too

    atsumu - gOld , he is a star isnt he ,, bo saw that now is cryin to akaashi abt it why didnt we have gold agashe

    osamu - white , he wanted it to remind him of rice ,, u r so dumb u scrub , well im not the one that has gold ones aren’ i??

    lev & yaku - green , matching levs eyes , they painted it together no other way

    #iwachan lets paint our nails!! no shittykawa thats gay iwachan weve been together for literally 2 years now #tsukki has pink nails!!!! yamaguchi urusai #akaashi bought the gold one bokuto cried of happinnes #osasuna maybe matching maybe not #saeko has neon too she painted tanakas n noyas nails #okay now to hashtags of everyone here im sorry guys #akaashi#bokuto#bokuaka#oikawa#hinata#suna#osamu#atsumu#suga#tendou#hanamaki#mattsukawa#haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu#karasuno#nekoma#seijoh#inarizaki #haikyuu!!
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  • shadowgeist-stars
    08.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Kitagawa First: So Heavy the Crown

    It should've been like any other Monday. Toru and Iwaizumi should've gone about their day off from practice as they usually did. He'd brought his nephew home and the two had intended to get something to eat together.

    They should not have seen Tobio, of all people, standing in the cemetery.

    It was already unlike him to be away from practice with the other crows this early in the afternoon. Especially wearing an oversized jacket vaguely similar to what they wore back in middle school. The strange hoodie he wore was familiar, but somehow not quite right; it even looked a little big for him.

    “What in the world is he doing out here?” Iwaizumi wondered.

    “Let’s go check it out,” Toru suggested with a smile. This could be a perfect opportunity to learn something about their former junior.

    He was talking, they realized as they drew close. To himself, most likely, but Toru decided to take the stealthy route to hear exactly what Tobio was saying.

    “I didn’t make it to Shiratorizawa like you did… but I think I still found a good team… At least, I hope you’d like them. Shiratorizawa might be too different from when you were there anyway… I still think about what you told me, back then… how if I got really good at volleyball, someone even better would come find me. I thought I found that person in middle school where you used to coach… But I guess it didn’t work out how I hoped…”

    A small pang in Toru’s stomach told him that was probably about him. He was able to look at the name on the gravestone Tobio stood in front of, though, as well as the birth-to-death dates.

    Kazuyo Kageyama… 1936-2010… sounds like a grandparent. And a volleyball coach, as well? Hmm... Volleyball must simply run in the family.

    “But now, I think I found someone who is like what you were saying,” Tobio continued to the gravestone. “He may not look like much. He’s short, super annoying, and kind of a dumbass… but he’s the fastest and highest-jumping spiker I’ve ever seen… And sometimes, he’s the best friend someone like me could ask for.”

    His head eventually lowered, his body starting to curl in on itself like he was going to fall to his knees. The third years almost thought they were starting to hear him sniffle.

    “I just wish you could meet him, and everyone else… I think you’d like meeting them all. Sugawara and Asahi and Daichi… All the second years like Noya and Tanaka… maybe even Tadashi and Tsukishima and our managers and our coach and Mr. Takeda…” He crumbled to the ground with a sob. “I just… I miss you, Grandpa. More than Miwa or our parents. I have ever since…”

    That was when the name finally clicked. Kazuyo Kageyama was the old coach of the infamous local ladies volleyball team, the Kitagawa Birds, who was forced into retirement due to illness. If both Tobio and this Miwa were related to him and he taught both of them volleyball from a really young age, it would’ve made sense that Kageyama would be such a good player so early on. And since the date said he died during Tobio’s second year in middle school… that had to have hit him hard.

    Possibly… hard enough to make him into what Kunimi and Kindaichi called “the King of the Court.”

    Iwaizumi took a small step closer, flinching when he stepped on the grass in just the right way that would make noise. Enough noise for Tobio to flinch away from the source and twist backward to see them both standing there. And more importantly, for them to see the tears starting to dribble down his face.

    “Uh-um… what are you two doing here?” he asked, trying to clean his face with his sleeve (most likely to be his grandfather’s jacket).

    “We’d ask you the same thing, but we heard enough to answer for us,” Toru replied. “Please, don’t let us stop you.”

    Iwa slapped him on the back of the head. “Ignore him. We were just wondering what you were doing away from your team in a place like this.” His eyes scanned the gravestone once more, guiding Tobio into a position where the three could sit together. “You never really told any of us about your grandfather back in middle school, did you Kageyama?”

    The first year shook his head.

    “Didn’t think so… Well, if you’re feeling up for it with your old upperclassmen… care to share?”

    Tobio drummed his fingers on top of one another for about a minute, before nodding slowly.

    “Alright, let’s start small. Was your Grandpa the, uh… reason, why you got into volleyball?”

    Tobio looked to his grandfather’s grave. “Sort of. He and my sister, Miwa, would always tell me about how I managed to get my hands on her volleyball when I was… a baby… and how I didn’t wanna let go of it. That might’ve been where it all started, but since Grandpa is the only one I really remember raising us, we’d both usually be with him when he was coaching the Kitagawa Birds, playing with some of the ladies, helping them practice, or just passing a ball to each other in a corner of the gym or practicing ourselves with the wall.”

    The small story piqued Toru’s interest. Frankly, he found the mental image adorable, seeing a baby Tobio holding onto a volleyball and somehow keeping a grip on it with hands no bigger than the end of his thumb. His memory might be a little faded, but something similar could’ve happened with his nephew Takeru. And Tobio Kageyama, not actually being an only child… He couldn’t help wondering if that sister of his looked all that similar.

    Iwaizumi seemed to like how it was going so far. “Okay. We remember you wanted to go to Shiratorizawa even back in middle school. Did your Grandpa have something to do with that?”

    Tobio nodded. “He used to be a middle blocker for their team. Showed me his old yearbook and everything. Probably before the current coach showed up, though.”

    “So it really does run in the family,” Toru commented. “Guess I shouldn’t be surprised though.”

    The smaller boy shrugged. “Miwa wound up quitting volleyball after middle school. She was getting more into fashion and stuff anyways, and didn’t like how she was always being told to cut her hair. At least, I think that was the reason.”

    Wow. That, Toru could get behind, no questions asked. Sure, he wouldn’t give up volleyball for the world, but he’d definitely take offense if he was always being told to do something like change his looks or cut his lovely hair. That said, it was good to hear Tobio’s sister found her own calling, even if it wasn’t sports-related.

    “Kinda wish you were able to introduce your sister and grandfather to the team, Kageyama,” Iwaizumi remarked. “They sound like it’d be pretty interesting to meet them both. Wasn’t your grandfather still coaching in middle school?”

    The dark heaviness returned to the young setter. “No… Grandpa was already in and out of the hospital for a long time by then; more one than the other, though. He was able to keep on a brave face for me… but in second year, after you left, he… he…” his voice started quivering, the tears starting to return with new fury. “He left us behind… left me behind… I couldn’t even cry at his damn funeral because it never really hit me! And then after he left… Miwa had to get ready to move away for university… Our parents were distant enough even before he died, and… and then my own team left me!” He wrapped himself tight in his grandfather’s jacket, hands even moving to tangle into his hair. “I was all alone… I didn’t even know what I did wrong… Why all of a sudden I didn’t have anyone anymore!… Why?... Why, why, why?!”

    Iwaizumi was quick to hug Tobio from the side, glaring over at Toru until he mirrored the action. It had already been clear enough that Tobio had been holding this all in for a long time. How just losing one person -- closer to him than anyone else in the world -- made him go from a sweet and eager-to-please junior (who still reminded Toru of Ushijima in some ways) to the bad-tempered dictator whose team got so fed up with him that he was given the boot.

    No wonder, Toru thought to himself, sadness and guilt pooling in his stomach again. No wonder Tobio became so self-reliant. No wonder he underwent such a change in temperament. What kind of void did middle school leave behind while no one else was able to see?

    First, he lost the two of us.

    Then he lost his grandfather.

    Then he lost his sister.

    …Then he lost his team.

    He understood now, to some extent. Kazuyo Kageyama didn’t just introduce his grandson to volleyball; he was the reason why the boy loved it so much. But when he left, so did the better parts of Tobio. There was no family or friends to help him carry that weight; it was just him.

    Him, and the weight that threatened to crush him, that so many were so willing to call a crown. A tarnished, broken, absurdly heavy crown that they were only beginning to realize here and now.

    Until by some miracle, Karasuno and that little shrimp brought him back to some semblance of his old self. Before them, he was left with nothing and no one but himself to rely on. He carried all of that grief, guilt, and frustration on his head for the better part of two years, not knowing what to do with it or with himself.

    So they let him cry. They let him drop those long years of forcing down his grief over who he loved most, in loud, chest-ripping wails. Iwaizumi ensured they both kept him wrapped up in their arms, maintaining that small reminder that he should’ve never had to endure that alone. The spite Toru felt for Tobio all that time seemed to melt as well, filling in all the blanks for why he was such a good player and so eager to please and so not deserving of such hatred. Every assumption he made was dissolved by the knowledge about a single person.

    “Huh? Toby, what are you doing over there?” a new voice inquired after a time they didn’t give any thought to. “And who are your friends?”

    Toru looked through blurred vision at an approaching woman. She was probably around their age, with black, meticulously-styled hair and -- once he blinked away the mist -- deep blue eyes very similar to the first year he and Iwaizumi were hugging.

    “Mi -- Miwa…” Tobio managed to hiccup out. The woman held a hand out to him, something he looked at with an almost painful mix of confusion and disbelief before he took it and let her pull him up. And even then, he barely maintained his composure long enough to droop over her shoulder, gripping at her in a desperate hug.

    “Shh… I know, Toby, I know…” she soothed, rubbing circles into his back. “I miss him, too… I’m so sorry, Toby…”

    He stayed there a little longer before numbly stepping away, wiping his face with his sleeve again.

    The Seijoh players were shattered by the look in his eyes. The way they looked so… dead, and tired.

    How did no one realize he was becoming like this?

    Tobio almost swayed another direction before Iwaizumi stepped in and grabbed him. “Easy there, kiddo. Just lean on me -- there we go.” He looked over to the woman with a dip of his head. “I’m Hajime Iwaizumi, and this jerk over here is Toru Oikawa. We knew Kageyama back in middle school.”

    The woman seemed to scan the two of them, almost skeptical.

    “We’d be happy to help you out with Tobio,” Toru offered, all too happy to take on the diplomatic duty he was so used to. “He was telling us about his grandfather, you see, and it’s clear how much has been on his shoulders since his passing. We were doing what we could as his old upperclassmen.”

    “I see…” Miwa replied, turning on her heel. “Follow me. My car’s not far from here.”

    Iwaizumi had decided to sit in the backseat with Tobio, keeping him steady as he all but dozed on his shoulder. Toru rode shotgun while the Karasuno player’s sister drove them to the Kageyama household.

    “I can’t believe he’s held onto Grandpa’s old track hoodie this long,” Miwa commented. “Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.”

    “Because he and his grandfather were that close?” Toru inquired.

    The woman nodded. “Even closer than I was with either of ‘em. Grandpa was really all he had, ever since… well, there was always that one thing our parents didn’t like for some reason.”

    ...Secretly, Toru had a feeling he knew what exactly “that one thing” was. He had his suspicions of the way Tobio behaved, almost entirely fixated on volleyball. The way he subconsciously reminded him of Ushijima. Who knows? Perhaps even the famous Ushiwaka was introduced to volleyball that early on as well, and had the same sort of mind.

    “I suppose that’s simply an unfortunate truth with some people,” he replied offhandedly. “I’ll admit, I and some of our current teammates weren’t exactly fond of him in middle school. But then again, none of us had a clue about his personal life, and I’d wager Tobio didn’t even give himself time to grieve.”

    “I guess I can’t blame you there. Toby never consciously dwelled on things that he didn’t think he had to, for better or worse. He wanted to be just like Grandpa, but after graduating from middle school not being able to get into Shiratorizawa, he figured volleyball was the only thing he had left.”

    “And even then, he was all on his own,” Iwaizumi finished from the backseat when they stopped at the house. He even helped carry Kageyama inside. “We all knew how Oikawa gave the poor kid a hard time when he was still an eager-to-please prodigy in his first year, and even heard how his sudden change in attitude in his second year left him ostracized by the team. Though we never saw the other side of the story until now.”

    He didn't even need to say it was because they refused to hear it.

    After the Aoba Johsai players put the younger boy to bed, they both went to the bathroom to wash their faces of tears. On the way back down, they discovered the pictures that littered the house. A happy family that comprised of parents, a grandfather, and a little girl. But when a baby boy appeared, there was only one of all five before the parents all but disappeared. The only ones after were the two children and their grandfather.

    In all of them, the grandfather in question sported a wide, proud smile. Whether it be with a far younger Miwa trying to brush his hair, tossing a volleyball with the even younger Tobio, or all three of them together, he still had that smile. A sort of light that went missing when he passed away, leaving both of his grandchildren behind.

    “Your grandfather must’ve been quite a splendid role model for the both of you,” Toru said softly. “A light that even Tobio didn’t deserve to lose.”

    Miwa hummed thoughtfully, leaving some tea to steep in a pot. “I don’t think Toby even realized how badly he was hurting. Honestly, I kinda wish I didn’t have to leave him so soon. If I knew how badly he was affected by Grandpa’s death, I would’ve held off on school just to make sure he’d have at least someone to be there… Maybe I just put too much trust into his teammates supporting him.”

    Because Kindaichi and Kunimi thought he was nothing but a dictator at the sport. They didn’t think for a second that he might’ve just been lonely or in pain.

    …Then again, neither did we.

    “I don’t think you have to worry much about him now, though,” Iwaizumi pointed out. “We know we failed the poor kid, as his former teammates and as his upperclassmen, and we’re far from the only ones who did so. But I plan to make sure we fix that.”

    Toru smiled at the ace’s declaration, looking towards Tobio’s room. Even if the now-sleeping boy may never really trust Toru again, at least his beloved might be able to get through to the younger setter. If they find the chance, they might even get Kindaichi and Kunimi to understand as well, and enlist their help in making amends.

    “Besides, ever since joining Karasuno, we can tell he’s doing a lot better,” Toru added. “He’s… finally found a place where he fits in. And I for one doubt those crows will leave him the way we did, especially not his new little go-to spiker. Whether he finds it in him to tell them about this or not, I can at least be confident that they’ll stand with him.”

    Miwa smiled at them both, finally pouring the tea for all three of them. “I’m glad for that, you two. Toby needs a lot of friends to make up for not having anyone before. Whether they know about Grandpa or not, I just want him to find a family of his own, if only to make sure it’s not just the two of us looking out for each other.”

    The two young men could only stick around for about another hour, conversing with Miwa and looking after their former underclassman. They told her about each of the crows to the best of their ability, the woman occasionally throwing in her two cents about whoever Tobio actually told her about. When the sun said they had to head home, they gave Tobio one last check before they left with a final goodbye and thank-you to Miwa.

    As they left, though, Toru couldn't help but take a final look at the almost foreboding Kageyama household, holding onto his boyfriend's arm. "Iwa… do you think Tobio will tell his other teammates about his grandfather? Should he?"

    Iwaizumi sighed. "It would probably be a good idea, but I doubt it. He'll probably tell the little sunspot and Karasuno's other setter, if no one else, but only time will tell."

    …I guess that's true, Toru thought to himself dully. Only time will tell, and trust as well…

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