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  • rchlweisz
    22.01.2022 - 31 minutes ago
    “i just ask that you take care of me.”

    Succession - The Disturbance // St. Vincent - Happy Birthday, Johnny

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  • tommywambs
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
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  • canarysprout
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    Succession 3x09: They’re sad, but now they’re sad *together*
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  • canarysprout
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    They’re very sad, but now they’re sad *together*
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  • gr3gth33gg
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    btw i am ABSOLUTELY open to suggestions

    #succession #there’s so much taylor on here I- #tom wambsgans#shiv roy
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  • your-poetic-cousin-clover
    22.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    #Which like I've mentioned a bajillion times #Succession creates its own myth for those two which suit Tomgreg and have no historical bearing #so most of the times trying to correlate with the irl story won't really lead to any where #and the other stuff is usually a happy coincidence #succession#clover speaks#anon asks#shiv roy#death tw
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  • sallyrooneypilled
    22.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Succession (HBO) // A Burning Hill by Mitski

    #succession#shiv roy #could you still be an orphan if both of your parents are alive? #web weaving
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  • rustpuppy
    22.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    shiv is shiba inu coded. smart but stubborn. slow to trust strangers. independent and good looking. sometimes makes funny faces. will bite at the slightest push.

    #sorry kendall didnt get pics because his was JUST a joke #this is real shit #succession#shiv roy
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  • bisexualwolverines-main
    22.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    girlblogging about my girldivorce #girlboss

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  • taleofnine
    22.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    absolutely phenomenal

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  • slimeypuppy
    22.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    You're two years old. Your brothers both got new nannies this year and Roman's speaks another language. The two of them talk together in rapid syllables neither you nor Kendall understand but they seem happy. They're the only ones who talk to you. They call you Princessa in private but just Princess in front of everybody else. Kendall laughs or yells when they do. Your oldest brother visits on the weekends and he calls you Lovely and Honey and Pinkie when he sits you on his lap and reads you a picture book. They're the only picture books you ever see. Sometimes when the weather is nice you want to go outside but you could get mud on your clothes and it's better for everyone if you stay in your stroller while Roman picks the grass out of the ground. Sometimes Roman doesn't come to dinner and your dad never asks where he's gone. You cry a lot because no one notices you unless you scream.

    You're five years old. Kendall hates you and Connor doesn't come on the weekends anymore. You want to cut your hair short like the boys but when you ask Dad his face turns red and he yells for so long that he needs three glasses of water when you're done. Roman sinks so far in his seat you think he's trying to disappear. You don't ask again. You tell your nanny though, because you have your own now that Kendall needs so much help and Roman needs so much attention, when she's putting bows on your pigtails that match your dress. She says you'd look good with short hair and maybe when you're older you can cut it to your shoulders. That doesn't feel short enough. At the end of a loud summer you have new clothes in your closet and your nanny tells you that you're going to start school tomorrow. You talk to your dad. He tells you that at school, everyone will call you Siobhan. You ask him why because your name is Princess. He says it's not. You ask if your name is Siobhan. He says no. You ask him what your name is and he says you haven't earned it and that if Roman calls you Princess again he'll be mad. You remind Roman six times that night so he doesn't make Dad upset. Kendall calls you Siobhan now, but he says it like an insult. After your first day of school, Connor picks you up and takes you out for ice cream. He calls you Shiv. He buys you a new toy on the way home for being so brave at school.

    You're eight years old. The dress you're wearing is new and scratchy and came in a plastic bag on a hanger. Roman is graduating elementary school today. Kendall isn't there. Connor and Dad and Roman's nanny are. You haven't ever spoken to your mom. Everyone claps for Roman and your dad leans down to tell you how smart your brother is and that he's going to do great things. He asks you if you're as smart as him yet. When you go to the bathroom after the ceremony you want to break the mirror and scream for hours. Instead you cry for three minutes, timed on your pink watch, and then wipe the makeup off your cheeks that you never wanted to wear in the first place. Kendall is weird at dinner and you don't see Roman for the rest of the night. 

    You're nine years old. You won the school spelling bee. You did even better than the fifth graders. Even though you reminded your dad and your brothers, only Connor came and he hugs you afterward and tells you how proud he is. Your teacher asks if he's your dad and he says yes and you don't correct him. She tells him how proud of you he should be and says something about skipping a grade, but he tells her no. He checks you out of school early and helps you take out your braids in his car. If there's anything in the world you want, he says, tell him and it's yours as a prize for doing so well. You ask him to take you to get a haircut and he does. Your hair is cut to just above your shoulders and Connor tells you how grown up you look and your head feels so much lighter that you're dizzy with it. He drops you off at home and Dad takes one look at you before sending you to your room for the night. Roman brings you your dinner.

    You're ten years old. Your brothers are gone all the time because they're doing work for Dad, and you haven't spoken to Connor in a year because Connor doesn't like that they work. Roman has nightmares and won't look at you. He says that you shouldn't work in the family business. It's Christmas, though, and your dad's biggest present to you is telling you what that business is. He tells you about what Kendall did last week and rolls his eyes when you gag. He gives you your first glass of champagne at dinner and gives a toast to all the guests about how proud he is of you and Roman. You steal some of Kendall's drugs and try to smoke out the bathroom window but it makes you throw up and you cry until someone comes to find you. It's a friend of Dad's. He has round glasses and a kind face, and he takes you by the hand to your father's office. He talks about your brothers and reaches into the skirt of your dress you've never worn. When he leaves you're crying again and your dad yells at you for being weak and stupid when he finds you like that. You call Connor from Kendall's phone and no one answers. 

    You're eleven years old. Kendall hasn't been home in a month and you're getting worried. Some of your friends have had their first period and they're starting to look more like women than children but you haven't yet and you're terrified of failing at this too. Your teachers give you harder assignments and tell you you're smart enough to do great things, but you'll never be as smart as Roman. He speaks three languages and makes friends with everyone he talks to, even yours when you bring them home for sleepovers. They care more about him than you. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, Roman comes into your room and lays with you. You rest your head on his chest and he calls you Princess and tells you about the books he's been reading. You ask him where Kendall is and he doesn't know. He hasn't grown in a year. He smells like cigarette smoke too, beneath his offensive cologne, but you don't say that because it would hurt his feelings and the middle of the night is the only time you're nice to each other. You ask him why Dad won't tell you your name and he says that Dad didn't give you one when you were born. 

    You're fourteen years old. Your dad cares more about Kendall's friend Stewy than you. You still haven't had your first period. Roman graduated high school Iast year and he's gone a lot too, but not as much as Kendall. You just want your family to take you seriously. No one ever tells you anything, and they rarely talk to you. Sometimes you see Dad's friend at dinner parties where the boys talk after you're dismissed and he smiles at you in a way that makes you want to die. You don't look like other girls your age. They look older than you. They're intimidated by you anyways because you've found yourself getting mean because at least there, someone is lower on the totem pole than you, and you're smarter than all of them anyways. Your first ever homecoming, you go with a friend and her date because no one asked you. Your friends assure you that you're pretty but intimidating. It doesn't make you feel better. Your nanny helps you pick out your dress and when you finish your makeup, Roman is in the living room with a corsage. He gives it to you and tells you how you've grown up so much, but he also reminds you in a roundabout way how stupid and immature you still are. It stings. You still smile when Kendall takes your photo, even the ones where Roman puts his hand between your shoulder blades awkwardly and shoves his other in his pocket. Your friend arrives soon after with her date and the three of you get in a limo together. You feel unwanted and alone the whole time and leave early. When you get home, there's a bottle of champagne and a vase of flowers on your dresser from your brothers. You bring the champagne to the roof where they like to sit and share the bottle the same way they share Kendall's coke. There's dried blood from the corner of Roman's mouth but he won't tell you where it came from.

    You're fifteen years old. Finally, you get to sit at the table for the adult discussions because Dad thinks you're ready. You still haven't had your first period. Kendall brings Stewy and Connor flies in. Everyone knows more than you. Your dad offers your brothers to Stewy like cattle and makes him mad, so then it's just the five of you. Connor and Dad get in argument and Roman whispers that you should leave. You don't. You can't. The two of them scream at each other across the table. You learn a lot in this fight. When Kendall is gone, he's not just killing people, but torturing them, and he likes it. He doesn't read above an eight grade level. When Roman is gone, he does things that make your stomach turn. You should've just left. It takes so much effort not to cry because then you'd prove to your dad that you're not ready to hear this. Deep down, you know you're not. You have to anyway. After the fight is over, Connor hugs you and offers you a room in his house in New Mexico because it's not to late for you to get out, but you can't leave now. 

    You're sixteen years old. For a whole day, you worry you're pregnant, but then you remember you still haven't had your first period yet. You went on your first assignment and had a panic attack when someone pointed a gun at you. Even though Kendall was there and he kept you safe, you were still so scared and it means you're not good enough. He promises not to tell Dad. There's blood on your shirt when you get home and you just throw it away, intending to replace it, but when you try to buy a new one just like it your heart starts racing. You ask your dad what your name is. He laughs at you. Most nights, dinner is just the two of you and you talk about everything from strategy to money. It's always about work. He says that Roman didn't want to go to college so you have to, and tells you that he has connections on the Harvard admission board and you're going. You don't want to go. You agree to apply. 

    You're seventeen. It's your birthday. No one remembers except Connor, who has balloons delivered to you at school. When you go home, there's blood in your underwear and you panic because there's no more nannies and you never learned what to do. You look up on your phone what you're supposed to do about it and yell for a maid until one comes running. She gives you a tampon and promises to have someone buy you a box. The feeling of it makes you nauseous but it's the only thing you can do so you ignore it. You're officially grown up now. Sometimes Roman makes jokes about his job but you don't think they're jokes and you're terrified of having to do the things he does. You don't want that for him. You'd rather he suffer than you. You've been accepted on early application to Harvard for a law degree. 

    You're twenty. Your father tells you that you will never deserve a name. Kendall hates you and then asks you why you hate him. You didn't before that moment. Roman hasn't spoken to you in months. You rarely see or talk to Connor anymore, but he sends you postcards from the places he goes around the world, never with a return address. They're all saved in a box under your bed. Stewy invites you out to a business dinner. You put a condom in your purse and you go. Dad's friend is there. You feel sick to your stomach the whole time and reject whatever offer Stewy gives you without listening to it at all. Part of you wants to kill them. You're not brave enough. Sometimes you cry yourself to sleep at night but not that one, because crying makes you weak.

    You're twenty two. When you graduate from Harvard with honors, no one comes. You celebrate by yourself in a bar, where you meet a man a little older than you with soft hands and a softer voice. He knows your dad. His name is Tom. Tom stays with you all night even when you're too drunk to stand upright and takes you home. You wake up in his bed but he's on the couch with a throw blanket over him and none of your clothes are in disarray beyond wrinkles from sleep. You leave him your number and silently slip away. He calls you the next day and offers to buy you dinner. 

    You're twenty seven. You're getting married to Tom today. His whole family came but you just have Connor. Connor walks you down the aisle and you ask the officiant to call you Siobhan even though you don't have a real first name. The wedding makes you sad. You call Roman and he yells at you for bothering him. He's too busy for you. You ask if he's heard from Kendall and he tells you Kendall is dead and hangs up. It's a week before you find out Kendall is not actually dead. When you see him again, he asks you who was stupid enough to marry you because you're a bitch and you don't deserve good things.

    You're thirty. Tom still loves you but no one else does. Sometimes Roman calls you Princess but it's an insult now and he laughs every time your bottom lip wobbles over it. He shares a joint with you afterward on those nights, never apologizing, but no one in your family ever does. There are more scars on his hands than you remember, and there's a pink one on his face you never asked the origin of, certain he wouldn't tell you even if you tried to find out. He looks like a skeleton. You ask him if he's been eating and he says that he's fine and you're just mad that you're fatter than him. You shove his shoulder and he raises his hand like he's going to hit you in retaliation, but he doesn't follow through. The life seems to drain from his eyes. 

    You're thirty four. You're lonely. Even Tom hates you now and he's found solace in your weird cousin you didn't know you had until recently. Roman has something going on with your dad's favorite lawyer. Kendall holds Stewy's hand under the table. Connor stops by once every few months with a different hired girlfriend every time who tries to play sisters with you. You want to cut your hair short like her brothers again. Dad tells you that you need to get a first hand view of the underbelly of the world and makes you watch Kendall torture someone. You can't ever look at Kendall the same way again because knowing is different than seeing. You will always be the stupid, weak, unnamed baby of the family. 

    #siobhan roy#shiv roy #agent!au #succession#emwrite#csa tw #its mentioned but thats just in case
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  • clownhourz
    22.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    let ur dad die energy drink!

    a playlist for the roy kids

    super rich kids - frank ocean / iv. sweatpants - childish gambino / heaven knows i’m miserable now - the smiths / disappointing diamonds are the rarest of them all - father john misty / been a son - nirvana / i wanna be your dog - joan jett & the blackhearts / kiss with a fist - florence + the machine / gaslighter - the chicks / daddy lessons - beyoncé (ft. the chicks) / god’s gonna cut you down - johnny cash / born secular - jenny lewis & the watson twins / the chain - fleetwood mac / up the wolves - the mountain goats / little lion man - mumford & sons / cigarettes and chocolate milk - rufus wainwright / real men - mitski / the family jewels - marina and the diamonds / poor little rich boy - regina spektor / relay - fiona apple / castle - halsey / elastic heart - sia / oh no! - marina and the diamonds / bury a friend - billie eilish / dynasty - rina sawayama / working for the knife - mitski / under the table - fiona apple / guilty - marina and the diamonds / trainwreck - banks / fast as you can - fiona apple / savages - marina and the diamonds / the mother we share - CHVRCHES / career boy - dorian electra / kill v. maim - grimes / toxic - ashnikko / brutal - olivia rodrigo / jaded - green day / transparent soul - WILLOW (ft. travis barker) / happy house - siouxsie & the banshees / gutless - hole / unconditional love - against me! / devil in me - halsey / basket case - green day / don’t save me - WILLOW / seven devils - florence + the machine / everybody wants to rule the world - lorde / where is my mind? - pixies / sweet dreams (are made of this) - eurythmics / howl - florence + the machine / kyoto - phoebe bridgers / nda - billie eilish / enemy - angel olson / royal screw up - soccer mommy / fucked my way up to the top - lana del rey / crack baby - mitski / u (man like) - bon iver / st jude - florence + the machine / vessel - dry the river / ballad of the dying man - father john misty / the winner takes it all - ABBA / i saved the world today - eurythmics / please, please, please, let me get what i want - the smiths / sign of the times - harry styles / stay down - boygenius / i bet on losing dogs - mitski / a million pieces - CLAY / salt in the wound - boygenius / mirrorball - taylor swift / pillar of truth - lucy dacus / holy ground - hana bryanne / thursday girl - mitski / seven - taylor swift

    playlist title is from this piece by daniel lavery & cecilia corrigan

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  • lovetgr76
    22.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Hilarious Succession Spoof 😍🤣 Succession fans are the BEST!! ❤️

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  • thinkatoryprocess
    22.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    I wonder how many words I can write for Succession before the premiere.

    Absolute batshit thoughts I have in Target. It’s all fun and games until every bit of fanon you create gets destroyed by a single episode.

    There are a couple of things that need to get hit for speculative fic, though:

    - Tom is going to both be on the top of the world and completely destroy his fucking marriage. He’ll just have Logan and Greg and he can’t trust either of them. He’s gonna be having a capital-T Time.

    - In that last scene, Kendall just stood there. Took it. Blown away, obviously, but he’s been taking this increasingly terrible shit nonstop for months. He’ll lead the charge even if Shiv or Roman give up (I’m not convinced of a sibling teamup, as much as I’d like it). This deserves a fic that goes hard and gets absolutely demolished by the premiere. Bless.

    - Shiv is a lot weaker than she tries to pass herself off as, and has a “history” she’s ashamed of but still has internalized - this showed in the Shiv/Tom scene after their wedding (the infamous “open marriage pls?” scene). Tom’s betrayal is going to fuck her up pretty hard and I think she’ll either shut down or lose control/go wild.

    - Roman will pretty much believe he has nothing left and probably just go to Matsson as opposed to teaming up with the sibs. Many of us want sexy stuff, but it’ll probably just be something pathetic. I’d very much like it if he took even some power with Matsson’s help, though. This is definitely not shades of the vague plot I have in my head for my own things.

    - Greg is going to stab Tom in the back to get more out of Logan, gaining even more traction with Logan. Greg is going to fucking SUCK this season. More than usual. He’s been on a bad path and he’s even going further.

    - Connor is going to crash and burn monetarily, lose his campaign, and Willa will either stick VERY close or leave him completely. My money’s on the latter. He may wind up crashing with someone else after losing the ranch. I feel for the guy.

    - Pretty firmly in the camp of “Logan has prostate cancer” over here.

    Would love to chat with people about this though. This is just the fodder I see, personally, and I’m trying to puzzle it all out. I’m currently camped out in an AU from a specific episode in S3 that doesn’t allow me to play with the GoJo buy at all, but I’m looking forward to digging in at some later point.

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  • birdmans
    22.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    little girl looking downstairs at christmas party, norman rockwell / succession (2018–) cr. jesse armstrong

    #succession#norman rockwell#shiv roy #i could get further into this but i need to keep my sanity
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  • modernbaseball
    22.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    tag yourself😋😋😋😋

    #this might not be funny because I made it for myself #im silly one of course #succession#jellybeans #time to tag all 9 characters…I do this to myself . #roman roy#shiv roy#stewy hosseini#gerri kellman#greg hirsch#cousin Greg#willa ferreyra#kendall roy#connor roy#tom wambsgans #good god. fucking names
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