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  • despite-everything
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i'm in office hours for my osteology class and there's this drill for the police going on right now where they're playing yells and screams and having people run around and yell stuff - my guess is they're emulating a shooting, but jesus fucking christ. i have my big headphones on but can still hear the screams

    #its actually awful #mine#shooting mention #i guess? #its a drill but im not sure how to tag that
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  • only-wonder
    26.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Rereading HMC (or. Listening to it bc paragraphs are too difficult to read) & Desperately wanting a book accurate movie adaptation

    "I'm delirious, spots are crawling across my eyes" "those are spiders". The fucking onion ring in the skull's eye socket? Sophie and Michael thinking Howl was legit murdering his nephew by unplugging a gaming console?

    All of it is So Good

    #rice rambles #the book is so good and if youve never read it youre missing out #Michael snd Sophie see a shooting star commit suicide and they both are just 'well that was sad. im sad now. lets go home' #suicide mention #tbh im not all that far in my reread but i am desperate for art insp so i was looking at quotes
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  • populardemand
    25.07.2021 - 23 hours ago

    feel like someone is gonna try and find a problem with what im saying or twist my words but each time someone not from the U.S. makes a joke about gun violence and public mass shootings here i think they deserved 2 get they ass kicked. like as a teen whos grown up in a generation so hurt by mass school shootings it hurts too see that our deaths are jokes to yall. like maybe im being 2 sensitive and not 2 get personal but i was set to start a school a few years back and didnt know i was going to an entire different school until the day of. so a boy who went to the first school asked me out thinking i would be there. i said no cause i wasnt going 2 be there and was dating another boy already. the boy who asked me out thought that my boyfriend was going to that school. that boy who asked me out shot and killed 4 students the second week and was looking for my boyfriend at the time. 2 of those students were close friends. ive had to go to so much therapy to try and not think its my fault what happened to my friends and two other kind kids. so when i see ppl from other countries make jokes about a real problem because my country lacks gun control and has other problems causing this, i cant help but feel like they dont care about the victims dead or alive of these events. which is even sadder when u remember most of us not only were kids. but we still are.

    #sheycore. #ask 2 tag #shooting mention#irl death#death mention#mass shooting #ok 2 reblog
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  • plushchrome1212
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago


    How Millennials learned to navigate the world:

    How Zoomers learned to navigate the world:

    Again, THIS IS NOT A CRACK against either generation: I was born at the tail-end of the Millennial generation and two of my close siblings and many of my closest friends are Gen Z's. I'm not out here trying to say that one of these gifs is "worse" or "harder" than another. They are BOTH deeply terrible and unhealthy ways to have been taught to live. I'm just commenting on that difference.

    Millennials were largely neglected by the older generations, and left to teach ourselves. Literally, I was "homeschooled" and the first time my mom handed me the teacher handbook and told me to grade my own work, I was eight. There's a reason I didn't get my diploma-equivelant until I was 21, after I spent a year speed-running through entire grades that I'd missed after finding free courses on the internet. There's a reason I'm nearing thirty now and only broke out of low-wage customer service work and took the first step into my chosen career within the past year. And there's a reason I sometimes feel like I'm floundering within that field and don't truly know what I'm doing because I've never done anything like it before and it didn't come with an instruction manual. I had to teach myself everything I know; speaking both about education and about "street smarts" (since being "homeschooled" for my whole life left me socially isolated and disconnected from the outside world.) I was also largely responsible for raising my younger siblings: I was charged with grading their work as well as my own, and tasked with preparing their meals, and also took it upon myself to force them to obey the unspoken rules of the house because if they failed to do so we were all disciplined (and also unfortunately contributing to their own abusive environment myself, since I was following the example set by my parents, which just put me in the position of perpetuating a cycle before I had even grown old enough to escape it myself.) It wasn't until I got older and was exposed to the internet that I began to realize the harm being done to me and the harm I was passing on to others, and began working to change things.

    Meanwhile, the younger generation has had the internet from birth, but having a different set of struggles does NOT mean they had "easier" ones. The younger generation is being constantly, incessantly, unceasingly bombarded with EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING 24/7, 365. From the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep, it never ends. Videos, pictures, articles, tweets, posts, messages, a neverending stream of conflicting opinions and harassment from every angle by anyone whose opinions differ from their own; the worst of humanity on public display and the best of humanity twisted into a manipulative narrative in a transparent attempt to distract them from the worst stuff. There is no break. There is no rest. The closest thing they get to 'relaxation' is allowing themselves to give into consumerism for a few measly hours of a day while they fruitlessly attempt to ignore their guilty consciences at having to do so for their own mental health - only it doesn't work, and they just end up staying awake a few extra hours at night stewing in that guilt in a subconscious effort at self-punishment and atonement.

    One of the differences between Millennials and Zoomers is that Millennials were completely abandoned and neglected by the people who were supposed to raise us, thrown out into the world and expected to make sense of it on our own, and then our younger siblings were the victims of mass technological stimulation and an oversaturation of social media, teaching them in no uncertain terms that they cannot trust ANYTHING except what they see for themselves.

    That's why I get so angry when Millennials attack the Zoomers for the fact that Zoomers have (rightfully) criticized the Millennials for contributing to their suffering: we did. Even if it was all completely unintentional, even if we truly were just "following the only examples we had," we still contributed to the problems the younger generations are facing. Our own upbringing is not our fault, and it's okay to admit that we were completely fucked by the things that happened to us. But guys, we've gotta recognize that just because things were bad for us doesn't mean we can't break that cycle. Like who the fuck cares if the Zoomers take cracks at us for meaningless things like our prior attachments to Harry Potter or the way we style our hair? I once saw an entire twitter thread of Millennials collectively turn into their parents and start RAGING at Gen Z's because they saw a bunch of TikTok comments roasting Millennials, like the Millennials were really saying all kinds of nasty stuff, making fun of school shootings and downplaying the mass trauma they're all getting from the pandemic taking place during their formative years. Hell, many of them were falling back on mocking them by calling them the "tide pod" generation. The fuck is a Millennial doing by reducing an entire generation into a reference to something that a couple of them once put in their mouths, after we got incorrectly saddled with "Avocado toast??" By god, don't we fucking know better??? Can't we break the goddamn cycle?!

    Our parents fucked us up. Even those of us who had comparatively "good" parents or at the very least "better than most," still got fucked up in many many ways.

    DON'T PAY IT FORWARD. We owe it to our younger siblings to listen to them and help them and be the mentors for them that we never had, and to own up for our own complicity in helping to create the problems they face now today.

    The world is fucking ENDING right now and our parents aren't going to do ANYTHING about it, even though they refused to let us have the steering wheel. So for fuck's sake we need to take it by force and start driving this goddamn world instead of holding our hands up in surrender like "welp it's too late for me so I guess it's up to the kids in the back seat to figure out what to do at the end of the road." They're fucking TRYING because they've got google maps screaming at us to turn around and flashing warning signs showing them what's waiting at the final stop and videos of what's going on there right now and a million different reasons to avoid ever getting there, but the Boomers in the driver's seat are flying past the speed limit without their glasses on and ramming other cars as they race to be the first one to the "finish line" while lying about it being a finish line instead of a cliff and blaming us for the fact that their gas tank is almost empty.

    Millennials got a late fucking start because the Boomers didn't teach us shit, and we had to figure out life by ourselves. And Zoomers are being forced to consume hundreds of thousands of years of history and hundreds of thousands of hours of terrifying and horrific current events all in the span of two measly decades because they've got to get to work too early.

    We should be trying to help them, not attacking them for making cracks about the ways we ended up "adulting."

    Because they're right. Sure, it's largely our parents' faults that this is how we turned out, but this is how we turned out, so shrug it off and if you don't like what they're saying, change it.

    Goddamn we only have a few years left; this is not the time to bicker with the kids. They have a right to be mad and they know what they're talking about, so let's do something about it already.

    Just once more, I want to reiterate: this is not me trying to take cracks at either generation. I know that it largely turned into a Millennial call-out near the end, but that's because I'm a Millennial and therefore it's not my place to tell the younger generation how to react to our problems, but it is my responsibility to comment on those problems and do what I can to help bridge the gap from MY side.

    To any other Millennials who happen to read this blog from some rando online: help me take the wheel, I'm begging you, and stop pointing fingers into the rear-view mirror as if that'll fix anything. YES, we aren't the ones who drove us to where we are, but we sure as hell could hit the brakes and make an illegal U-turn if we all worked together to do it.

    And to any Zoomers: I'm sorry the world is so fucked up right now. I could try to say "we didn't know any better" or "we were just trying to survive the only way we knew how," but at the end of the day, that doesn't help because the world is still fucked up, and none of that is your fault. I'm trying now, so try not to lose what little hope you have left. No matter where this shitty road leads us, you don't have to ride it alone.

    #millennials#zoomers #fuck the boomers #social responsibility #don't blame it on the kids #and ffs let them be mad #they are RIGHT to be mad #just like we should be fucking mad #we're ALL being left behind and it's unacceptable #so let's fucking get to work to change things #before it's too late #tw: flashing lights #tw: school shooting mention
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  • insanelyadd
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    #utmv#unfresh#fresh sans#underfresh#drug mention #cool cat saves the kids #school shooting mention #i didn't click anything on the page those screenshots are from #so i legit could not tell you if some of that is real #or if someone vandalized the page #amswears #this is a wild ass scenario #ask to tag
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  • ofwomenandmen
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    @sccharin asked: ⁂ -- pick a pairing you want the angst for!

    It was a beautiful date, the two of them having a wonderful night out and enjoying the setting sun as they walked back to Daisy’s. They were in comfortable silence, arms looped together. “Thank you for such a wonderful night.” She pressed a kiss to Zane’s cheek as they continued on.

    The sudden sound of popping startled Daisy and she moved to push Zane down an alley, heart racing. “Are you okay?” Brows were furrowed, looking down and seeing blood on Zane’s clothes. But then she saw it soaking into her own shirt, gasping softly. “Oh.. That’s mine.” She looked back to Zane, knees giving out under her.

    #sccharin#c; daisy #v; flower tattoos #tw gun mention #tw shooting#tw blood
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  • aslitheryprinx
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • bqstqnbruin
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    The announcers mentioning Mackie Samoskevich being from Sandy Hook really just triggered that whole days events in my mind and then it registered with me that he would have been a fourth grader at that school when that happened

    #tw shooting mention
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  • m0bpsychic
    23.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #school shooting mention
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  • ocd-culture-is
    23.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #ocd culture is #ocd#actually ocd#actually neurodivergent#anon #aw *hugs* :( #tw fear of loved ones being harmed #tw mention of death #tw car crash #tw shooting
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  • anywherebuthere
    23.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    goodnight, not this man telling me he hates all liberals and would shoot them if he saw them RIGHT AFTER I SAID I DONT LIKE MY PROVINCE BECAUSE OF THE CONSERVATIVES

    "wHaTs wRoNg wiTh cOnSeRvAtiVeS" idk man maybe the part where you threatened to kill the people who dont agree with you politically

    #ALSO LIBERALS ARENT EVEN THAT LEFT LEANING #THEYRE CONSERVATIVES LITE PLS #they still lean right like lol what... #anyways #this is why im a leftist #centrism is lazy <3 #holy fuck old men scare me #caz.irl #tw shooting #tw killing mention
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  • mugglesthesedays
    22.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Can somebody come shoot me in the head please that would be greatly appreciated 

    #JOKE#JOKING #(not really though) #tw murder#tw suicide #i guess idk #tw shooting mention
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  • anatomymd
    21.07.2021 - 5 days ago
    meredith  grey  &  tragedies  (  trigger  warning  ) 2.16  &  2.17  :  it’s  the  end  of  the  world  as  we  know  it  (  b!mb  ) 3.16  :  drowning  on  dry  land  (  drowning  &  su!c!de  attempt  ) 5.24  :  now  or  never  (  george’s  death  ) 6.23  &  6.24  :  sanctuary  &  death  &  all  his  friends  (  shoot!ng  ,  miscarriage  ) 8.24  :  flight  (  plane  crash  ,  lexie’s  death  ) 11.21  :  how  to  save  a  life  (  derek’s  death  )
    #edit. #bomb cw#death cw#suicide cw #suicide mention cw #depression cw #death mention cw #plane crash cw #shooting cw
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  • theinkydepths
    21.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    I hate living in the south because I want to wear sick baggy camo pants with a bunch of pockets because it'll look cool but then everyone will think I shoot deer in my free time

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  • rat-all-the-stars
    20.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    aisbdndjfghd LOL YALL

    so I did the gremlin pose to my little brother, as one does, and he did it wrong so I was showing him how to do the pose right and I was like "become One with the square" AND THEN HE SAID "become One with the gun" AND THEN MAKES A FINGER GUN SHOOTS ME JABDJFFH

    #KIDS ARE SO FUNNY I LOVE THEM #tw shooting mention #tw gun mention #neptune rambles#tw caps
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  • cciarants
    19.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Fandom transphobes are just attention whores. I block and move on. Gay men are attracted to trans men literally every day. Because we're men 🤷‍♂️. There's nothing transphobes can say that will change that reality.

    #Discourse I guess #Fandom transphobia #If you want this person's name #So you can block them #Shoot me a DM #But I don't want to fuel his self-satisfied and obsessive mentions-checking #Gender critical people don't deserve your time #Let them self isolate into their sad little communities until they're lonely enough to start to self-examine
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  • theheadlessgroom
    19.07.2021 - 1 week ago



    “I am!” Randall grinned, glancing down at his feet shyly for a moment before looking back up to her, green eyes glittering with delight: He was having fun, being able to forget about everything that troubled him and just cut loose with her. He was even able to forget about his worries of being a lousy dancer-she didn’t think twice about it, just wanting him to have as a good time as she was, and that thought alone filled his heart with glee as they bounced around the floor together.

    “I-I guess I just always feel like I’m,” he continued with a nervous smile, looking down at his gangly legs, his knobby knees, which moved freely and without a care as he looked back up to her again, finishing, “L-Like I’ve just...g-got two left feet!”

    Maybe he wasn’t cut out for faster-paced dances like the Lindy Hop and the Charleston. Maybe slow dancing would be more his speed (so to speak), though he couldn’t say seeing as he’d never slow danced with anyone before. He wondered to himself if he would have a chance to find out with Emily; thinking back to the tracklist on the album, he had a feeling one of the songs on there was slower and gentler. Perhaps then he could resolve these feelings of left-footedness with her, as his heart fluttered at the thought of slow-dancing with her, holding one of her hands while the other lay on her waist, and they being so close that they could almost kiss as they danced...

    #((honestly just thinking about how volatile a temper nicholas has it would not surprise me if one of his many comeback attempts)) #((was foiled thanks to it! we all know he's got a temper even now and i don't see it changing in the following years)) #((when the studio has shut its doors and he's out of work-i especially don't see it changing as randall and emily's stars continue to climb) #((and everyone refuses to give nicholas the time of day! all of that begins to add up and i could see him bungling it)) #((by letting his temper get the better of him; like he's trying to rehabilitate his image; really clean it up through very topical means)) #((going no deeper than the surface when it comes to making himself look good...but then he loses his cool somewhere in there)) #((maybe someone offhandedly mentions emily or randall and nicholas just FLIES off the handle and shows his true ugly side)) #((like he really says something really horrible that speaks volumes about the kind of guy he really is)) #((and it just completely shoots his plan down before it can ever really get off the ground! all it does it give him more bad publicity!)) #((what do you think?)) #outofhatboxes#beatingheart-bride #V:Sweethearts of the Silver Screen
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  • cat-boos
    17.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    I- I just saw someone get shot on my block and ah now I have a therapy session shit

    #tw shooting #tw gore mention #tw gun mention #catgirl meows!
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