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  • chaoticcuriosity
    19.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Listed a couple new things today and there is more on the way! Starry nights and the galaxies are always such an inspiration. As seen in this unique one of kind hair comb. Each star point is decorated with tiny flashy rhinestones. What do you think? You can find it now only through Somewear in Tyme https://etsy.me/3wHQg1A

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  • margosims
    19.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Living the dream life (working in a fast food restaurant for minimum wage and crying during my break) I love life 🙃

    #we are so understaffed that there are 6 people here during rush hours #and a shitload of customers since we're in a shopping mall #i absolutely love working 12h shifts during the weekend #it gives me so much time to think about how to kill myself #self rant#notsims#delete later #just to vent for a bit
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  • maivalkov
    19.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago
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  • creativewildsdesign
    19.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Piranha Plan USB-c charge cables are available on my Etsy! 


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  • pxppinmolly
    19.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago


    #OOC#TBD #got dad a fancy tower fan for fathers day cus he kept complaining bout the one he has #and was like i told u not to get me anything :( #and i was just well i was gonna buy it anyway #and hes like #you are so much more generous and compassionate than your brother and sister. #and i was just #YOU BET YOUR ASS I AM!! YEET!!!!!!!! #i love my brother i do but my mans can be a lil stingy when it comes to money -- KASDJF #and my sister well fuck my sister. #LOL. #anyway gonna try and write a draft or two and prob go back to shopping for mods for the sims OSDKJ
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  • invogueblooms
    19.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

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  • 137b31
    19.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    CAS THOMPSON:   YOU’RE AWAKE. ARE YOU HUNGRY?   — @hiddenknives​

         she wakes at the brush of something soft across her face. the touch is light enough not to jolt her awake and grasping at the nearest object that would do the most damage to the intruder, but consistent enough to disturb her. beth’s face twists into a scowl; the heaviness that dragged her out of her much needed rest, and that she’d pinned on the rough night she’d had, seems to be something other than her aching muscles. she feels like she’s being trampled on, and she is—by a creature that has no business being in her apartment, let alone using her as a human sidewalk.

        she groans, and watches the cat hop off of her when she makes a strained effort to sit up. beth rubs at the back of her neck, feels bone and tendons underneath the pads of her fingers. goddamn couch and goddamn her tendency to plop onto it instead of going straight to bed after a late shift. in her clothes, too. maybe she has to get a massage therapist on top of her psychotherapist. maybe then one of her therapists will actually be fucking useful.

        you’re awake, cas says. i wish i wasn’t, beth thinks. what the fuck are you doing here?

        are you hungry? cas asks. beth has to swallow a scoff. if there’s anything left, sure, why not?

        ‘that’s my breakfast, dipshit.’ lunch? what time is it even? she deflates quickly, far too cranky to engage in any sort of witty back and forth before she’s had her caffeine boost, but on the way to the kitchen she still calls out, ‘you’re breaking and entering.’

    #hiddenknives #ic. #effie this is two months old im so sorry................ #post series beth? post series beth. #her fridge isn't as stocked as it used to be when she was still with paul #because.... really ... .. lbr paul did the shopping #beth survives on caffeine and chinese leftovers #she doesnt have a lot of food as is and cas is eating it all
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  • feraljaskier
    19.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    So far everywhere I’ve applied to has turned me down or ghosted me and silently filled the position. A friend was like “my job is hiring and desperately needs people!” It’s a donut shop. If having two degrees and ending up working at a donut shop for minimum wage isn’t the Millennial American experience I don’t know what is. 

    (also just to clarify: no shade at the type of shop or people who do this work, but 100% shade at the poverty wages. You charge $17 for a half dozen donuts, fucking pay your people better jfc)

    #job frustrations #I'm either overqualified or underqualified and getting nowhere #but I need to be making money so like what choice do I really have? #catch me romanticizing donut shop aus to get through my day #lex rambles
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  • budgetbros
    19.06.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Daily Deal. See profile for link to this vacuum. Coupon code on image. Wow, this is a huge discount! Disclaimer: We do not own the brand’s trademarks, logos, pictures or products posted. We do not intend to infringe on copyright. All content is found on the internet. Contents are considered fair use. This content is provided on an AS-IS basis. Promo codes, discounts, availability and pricing is subject to change at any time without notice to anyone. #vacuum #self #deals #shopping #okp #robot #robotvacuum #amazon #amazondeals https://www.instagram.com/p/CQUKeEgB8-U/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • alt-nyx
    19.06.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    me rn

    #i dont shop guys #help
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  • silverfox-hunter
    19.06.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    A Saturday out playing hockey means this is a scheduled one, fingers crossed it works

    Series 3 Episode 9

    Monks writing history, we sell any monk, Victorian historical pet shop, Tudor money, Elizabeth I strange laws, Aztec Gardeners World, Tabellarii messenger service & Medieval Come Dine with Me

    #Ben Willbond#Horrible Histories #Horrible Histories Series 3 episode 9 #loads of Ben in this one #including Erik and Cecil - bonus #Cecil's face in this is brilliant #I do like the Victorian pet shop sketch #and I think that Tudor look works for him
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  • styletofit
    19.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    🚨LAST DAY🚨 Juneteenth ♥️🖤💚 Sale!!!!!! Shop the “JUNETEENTH SALE” and save 50% off the “Slip Dress”. Sale ends tonight, 6/19/2021 at 11:59PM. *NO CODE NEEDED Available in green, black, purple, caramel and champagne. Size: S-L Go to www.styletofit.shop or click the 🔗 in bio. Free standard shipping on all orders including to #Canada and the #UK. Quadpay accepted on all items, no minimum required‼️ #fashion #style #fyp #fashionstyle #shop #sale #shopsale #stylefashion #yp #stylish #styleinspo #june #juneteenth #50percentoff #onlineboutique #freeshipping #onlineshopping #boutiqueshopping #slipdress #sexyasf #collections #whiteplainsny #westchesterny #connecticut #atlanticcity #styletofit #styletofitshop #stylingbystyletofit https://www.instagram.com/p/CQUJ4kghVnb/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • hualianff
    19.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Thrift Shoppers

    BY and PX are out shopping at a thrift store. PX waits for BY to try clothes on to show him her outfits. He sees another man lounged on the only couch near the dressing rooms. The man’s long hair is tied back into a long braid, an eyepatch on his right eye.

    When BY comes out in her first several outfits, PX isn’t sure how to give an opinion. He’s not stylistic by any means and mostly wears what his mother recommends. (PX comes from a well-off household, only the luxury brands are acceptable.)

    As BY goes back into the dressing room with minimal comments from PX, the man with the eyepatch speaks up.

    “If you want to be invited to go shopping with your girlfriend in the future, you’re going to have to put in more effort than that,” he says.

    PX blanches.

    “S-she’s not my girlfriend,” he stutters. The unspoken “yet” hangs in the air.

    “But you want her to be,” the stranger says knowingly.

    PX deflates a bit.

    “Is it that obvious?” He asks. The man clicks his tongue, giving PX a side-eye.

    “To her, probably not. At most, you’re giving her three-syllable answers when she asks for your opinion—which she clearly values,” he informs idly.

    “I’m not the most knowledgeable with fashion,” PX admits.

    The other man now gives him a once-over. “Hmm, I wouldn’t say that. But let me help with the next one.”

    The sound of the dressing door opens, but it’s the door to the left of BY’s. Out steps another man in light-wash jeans and a pink knitted sweater.

    “San Lang, what do you think of this one?”

    “Gege, come a bit closer,” the eye-patched man responds. PX watches with interest as it seems the men had come shopping together. “Hmm, I really like the shade of the sweater. Is it comfortable?”

    “Very!” The other man answers, holding his arms out to the side and wiggling happily. PX notices how the collar scoops low enough to expose his collar bones.

    Was this considered the latest style?

    PX sneaks a glance at the eye-patched man and sees that though his shirt isn’t revealing, it’s incredibly tight. The sheer fabric stretches tightly upon a wide chest, leaving little to the imagination of what is underneath.

    PX shakes those certain thoughts out of his head. He tears his eyes away from both men who stand quite close to each other now. The eye-patched man, who PX now seems as “San Lang,” assesses his partner’s pants.

    “Can Gege turn around in a circle?”

    The other man complies, slow and practiced.

    “The pants look a bit tight, but Gege likes them like this, right?”

    “Hmm, yes. They’re fine back here-“ the man in the sweater gestures to his backside, which impressively fills out the pants. “-but if I squat down-“

    He bends his knees and squats down. Both men on the couch widen their eyes in concern as strong, thick quad muscles bulge the fabric of the pants—threatening to rip at the seams.

    “Okay, ahahahah, these are definitely too tight then,” the man says as he quickly stands up. “I’ll try on the next pair.”

    He shoots his partner a grateful smile before rushing back into the dressing room.

    PX blinks in realization.

    So this was the correct way to give one’s opinion about another’s style of clothes? Not that SL was overly critical with his words, but he served as a second pair of eyes that aided his partner to a decision about the clothes.

    “Don’t overthink it. Provide compliments, ask questions, and give feedback that you think will be helpful,” SL suggests, spreading his legs as he leans back into the couch.

    PX, sitting with a straight back and proper leg position, vaguely thinks he needs to relax a bit.

    Before PX can respond, BY’s dressing room door opens up. She steps out in a high-waisted plaid skirt reaching mid-thigh and a white crop-top that accentuates her build nicely.

    PX tries to swallow but ends up choking on his spit. Out of the corner of his eye, PX sees the other man duck his head into his hand.

    “Pull it together, man,” PX tells himself.

    “Pei-ge, how does this look?” BY prompts, doing a cute little twirl so the skirt flares out.

    “You look…beautiful,” PX honestly says. He couldn’t find any other words besides beautiful because that’s directly where PX’s mind goes when it comes to BY. He thinks she could even make a burlap sack look great.

    (Also, not @ how he complimented BY herself in the clothes instead of the clothes.)

    “Thank you! I wasn’t sure if the top would fit to cover enough, but I think it looks good,” BY says enthusiastically. She peers at herself in the full-body length mirrors, then turns back to PX. “I’ll definitely get the skirt. I’m going to try on a few more tops with it.”

    BY reaches for the dressing room door handle, but before she can open it, PX manages to sneak in one last comment.

    “The black shirt, you know, the one with the long sleeves, I think it would look really good with that skirt,” PX says tentatively.

    Except as soon as he says those words, he meekly shuts his mouth. What if BY thinks his suggestions are weird? Or he’s being too pushy?

    Don’t get him wrong, PX doesn’t care about his pushiness with anyone else other than BY. With BY, PX would like to be equals. He would never want her to force his opinions or make her feel like her own opinions and choices don’t matter.

    However, BY’s eyes light up as she takes in PX’s comment.

    “That sounds perfect. I’ll try on that one next.” She exclaims. “Thank you, Pei-ge!”

    As soon as the door closes, SL gives him an approving look.

    “That was better. Giving feedback shows that you’re engaged in your time together. It makes the shopping experience more enjoyable for both of you. Even if it’s not your thing,” SL says.

    “Right…” PX mutters.

    “And don’t worry, you’ll learn to function with that crush of yours,” SL continues. “I’ve been doing it for years.”

    Meanwhile, in the dressing rooms right by each other…

    “Hua Lao Shi? How was that?” BY whispers through the thin wall.

    “He definitely sounded winded…you probably took his breath away with your beauty,” XL whispers back, feeling like a proud father. “Keep it up.”

    BY is a sophomore at the college XL teaches at. She took XL’s beginning environmental science course in freshman year and is currently in his advanced sustainability elective. BY loves XL’s methods of teaching; she hopes to become XL’s TA next year.

    BY had run into XL on the way to the dressing rooms. After telling her professor about the guy she’s shopping with and hoping to date, XL suggests they get dressing rooms beside each other. That way, he can guide her in assessing whether PX is romantically interested in her.

    PX, who is in a completely different school, didn’t recognize XL or his partner. XL had texted HC about BY’s simulation beforehand. HC, content to coach this child in proper etiquette when shopping with anyone you care about, sneaks a glance at XL as he walks back after another mini-catwalk.

    XL and HC know these two will be just fine.


    (HC: “Gege, I may have…a crush on you.” 🥺

    XL: “San Lang, we’ve been together for eight years, married for five.”

    HC: 🥺

    XL: “I have a crush on you too.” 😇)

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  • so-you-melted-22
    19.06.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    i might just teach myself how to sew, just so i can sew my own damn star trek uniform!

    #like literally everything is either expensive as all hell (that would making it by myself be too but that come with a feeling of accomplish #-ment you cant get anywhere else) and all the shops that sell things at cheaper prices are dingy as all hell #and i dont want to give any more money to j*ff b***s #i used to own like a childrens sewingmachine when i was little and i never fucking learned how to use it #because even back then i already had this thing where if im not immediately awesome at something ill never do it again #wich is really only a thing that held me back from achieving things #what am i even rambeling about at this point #stuff#text#star trek #my absolute lack of diy abilities #btw i made a similair post to this a few months back about how i wanted to teach myself how to bind books so i could make physical copies #of the unholyverse series #something i never did #and actually kinda regret #i still think it would be cool to own physical copies of that series #god im really deep into that emo shit... #anyways also expect me to never follow up on this post #or only follow up on this in like ten years #when im 25 and like covid-29 is hitting #and im in another lockdown and have time to kill #tbh i probably wont do it in that hypothetical scenario either #i just like to imagine how i make cool stuff #making cool stuff taked effffffffffffort and im laaaaaaaaaaazy #as should be obvious #anyways dm me if you read up until here i guess #these tags are comically long
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  • ianpinkisart
    19.06.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    This entire month there is a 15% discount on my shop! https://www.etsy.com/es/shop/IanPinkis

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  • hercsblog
    19.06.2021 - 34 minutes ago

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    #supplement online shopping #nutrition online shopping
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