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  • August 8th, 2020:

    Had anxiety about going to this tiny German village’s store to buy some essentials for lunch. Hate when my anxiety turns out to be a fucking prophecy for what my day will be like. Basically it was the most embarrassing shopping trip I’ve ever had in my life and the shopkeeper absolutely thought I was the biggest idiot in the world. Came home and let myself cry for two seconds before my grandma offered me a huge shot of Schnapps. Happily accepted. Now I’m drunk and crying. Great day so far.

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  • Going shopping with my family and a relative told me I always wear the same 4 pairs of shoes, and should have more variety. I told her “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And she gave me this look like she had just eaten a Warhead.

    #Shopping #She only cares if something looks pretty #I want to feel comfortable #This is why I hate shopping
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  • If no one is asking how you are feeling today, the Calm App will. Lately, I’ve been stressed like many people with endless bills and tasks. The Calm App has really helped me sleep a lot better at night. The app comes with a “Quick & Easy” section that allows you to express how your feeling through emojis, which then provides different types of sounds to comfort you while sleeping or working. The Calm App is currently $13 a month/ $70 annually. This is one of the best apps you could ever buy. The app includes meditation, music, sounds for kids (Yes to all the mommy’s out there!), and so much more. Since many people are working from home, I highly recommend purchasing this app to get you through it! Try the free trial for seven days. You won’t regret it.

    Looking for affordable new outfits for those zoom meetings? Gap right now is having their Friends & Family event with 40% off on everything! Just use the code FRIENDS and for an extra 10% off use the code FAMILY.  At this point, we need more tops than bottoms, I think. Please don’t wear sweats or PJ’s on those zoom meetings. Dress professional like your actually at the office!

    If you’re out and about wearing a mask and social distancing, stop at H&M. Seriously.  I bought a denim button jacket that can be tied around the waist for $13. I can dress it up and dress it down. It’s merely one of those perfect safe outfits. H&M is the place to go right now if you’re on a budget. You can find anything from pants to dresses, or tops starting at $8. You’ll probably never want to leave the store until it’s closed. I promise you.

    In case you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift just dropped her new surprise album Folklore on July 24th. If you’re a Swifty fan like myself, you just brought all the merchandise. I know. You can purchase the standard digital copy for $8.99 on Taylorswift.com.

    Disney Plus has become one of the cheapest streaming services, in my opinion. If you’re a 90’s baby, you are currently watching all the Zeon films, Smart House, That Darn Cat, The Thirteenth Year, Buddy, The Proud Family, etc. Watching Disney Plus has kept me sane during this quarantine.

    Quarantine has made us all lazy. Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor has been a lifesaver! If you hate shaving or want a fast, quick, and go, this is the product. This shaver comes with a refill blazer, and you can always order the refills on Amazon (refills are currently 26.57 with Prime) or go to the vendor site and get a nice 20% off.  

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    i went to this cute amish owned store the other day near my town. it is known as the black buggy.

    they have good deli meat and other bulk supplies :o im in love with their wholeee message.

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  • Because living rooms are one of the largest rooms in the house, they usually have multiple seating areas and require thoughtful lighting consideration with multiple sources. Read on to learn how to use lighting to bring out the best in your living room. #hunkerhome #livingroom livingroomlighting #lightingideas #lightingideas https://ift.tt/3a8YIfD

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