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  • coolkat122
    20.06.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Daily life~ 1 of ? (Sephiroth x Reader)


    Nothing of note was happening today, I was off with not much to do, except read Webnovels off of my phone, completely ignoring my shelf full of unread books.

    My lover was home sure, but, he was currently in the shower and probably was going to be busy later on in the day judging by his calendar.

    Lazily my hands dived into the bag on my tummy pulling out a spicy chip while scrolling onto the next part of this story.

    ‘Damn, this shit good’ I thought as the main character lost his best friend and (possible love interest) right before his eyes, powerless to save them as their hand that was once reaching out for the mc’s went limb.

    His body falling onto the ground with a harsh ringing thud, the Mc couldn’t hardline belief what he was seeing.

    “Eh,called it” I said nonchalantly on the outside while on the inside I was devastated, this poor baby has had nothing, but shit constantly thrown at him throughout his life, and when things were looking promising between him and MC.

    Some asshat ruined it!


    I shudder from the cold out of nowhere droplets of water hitting the exposed flesh of my right shoulder.

    My (e/c) orbs shot up to the source confused and expecting to see a leaky roof or something, but nope, it was my top class boyfriend.

    Leaning slightly over the couch, glancing down at me with his strange aquamarine mako eyes, piercing through me with an annoyed gaze.

    “…wut?” I asked curious as to whhhhy Sephiroth was standing behind the couch, supposedly in the nude (He might have a towel on, idk, the couch is blocking it) dripping wet, and from what my expert people reading skills are telling me.

    Annoyed… but by what?… did I use up all the hot water? Hmm no, he’s a deranged individual and enjoys ice cold showers, so then.

    Why was he here right now and not finishing his shower?…

    “Oh…. I get it” a thin sliver brow raised in question.

    “Oh?” I smirked as I confidently nodded my head.

    “Ya wanna fucck” Sephiroth crossed his arms glaring.

    “No, maybe later” okay now I am confused.

    “Then why are you standing there glaring at me?”

    “You used my shampoo”…that’s it? God, didn’t realize that I was dating a drama Queen.

    “That’s it? You are standing in the nude, letting your cold ass shower water slap my skin, because I “borrowed” your shampoo?” I removed the chip bag onto the coffee tables as I turned to face my apparently childish lover (you learn something new everyday).

    “I am now out because of you and have an important meeting later” Okay, whoa, hold up, I didn’t borrow that much.

    “How? I only used about this much” I gestured with my fingers, Sephiroth’s cold cat like eyes, spared it a small glance before turning those shiny orbs back to me.

    “ I need the whole bottle otherwise it doesn’t cover all of my hair” I glanced over his appearance and honestly wasn’t seeing the problem.

    “So? It’s not that big of a deal, just wash what you can, go to your meeting and restock” I shrugged, as I turned back to my phone.

    Only to be met with a rather cold crashing rock solid body coming down onto my contrastingly warm flesh and soft form.

    “Hey, ow, what’s your deal!” I turned my head to face my stupid boyfriend’s, bringing us face to face, his long sliver locks forming a curtain so to speak around us.

    “I think your indifference needs correcting, not to mention apparently you find no wrongs in taking what’s not yours” Sephiroth bought his face super close to mine, his lips a whisper away.

    “These traits just won’t do” And with that, his lips caught mines into a powerful trap, causing me to drop my phone.

    … I guess I will have to find out what happens next later

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  • thelordofshrimp
    20.06.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    In Your Defense

    In your defense, you had no idea what you were getting into. New houses are like that- full of a lot of questions that don’t really get answered, mysteries that don’t get solved. Any homeowner will tell you that you get used to it, that noises fade to the background, drafts become facts of life. That door always sticks in summer, you just have to shove it.

    You couldn’t have known about me. I’m not from here, not really. I came from the creek just past your property line, far enough that the realtor didn’t have to tell you about me. It gets lonely, though. The creek is small, and nobody who lived here when I did goes down to it any more. 

    So I come to visit, up the little hill covered in clovers. Your neighbors to the left have a baby, they don’t get enough sleep as is. I’m a lot noisier than I mean to be, and I don’t have much in common with them anyway.

    Your neighbor to the right is a woman, and I kept her company before you showed up. She couldn’t see or hear me, even when I opened and closed all of her cabinets and moved all her chairs around. She’s getting old, you see, almost too old to live all by herself, and she forgets sometimes. She doesn’t notice me, because she thinks she turned all the lights on and just forgot. I sat on her porch and ate cookies the day I went down to the creek. There’s a plate on her porch still. She forgets sometimes.

    In your defense, everyone goes exploring when they first move in. I think, deep down, we all want to find secret passageways, hidden doors, anything special that tells us the house isn’t what it seems. This house doesn’t have secret places. I know, I searched a thousand times growing up. I pulled at every book on the bookshelf, peeked under all the carpets, and knocked on all the walls. But there’s nothing special in this house, unless you count me.

    The basement and attic are always the most interesting places to look, aren’t they? Those are the spaces that are truly yours. Nobody else gets to see them. I like staying in the attic because of the big window. Not a lot of houses have windows in the attic, but I think this was a room once, before I moved in. 

    If you stand at the window and look down, you’ll see the bottom of the frame is chipped. Something heavy had to be moved when my family left, and whoever moved it went too fast. I wish my family didn’t have to leave so quickly. They left before I found out I could come all the way up the hill, when I was still down by the creek. 

    When I’m at the creek, the animals look at me like they see me, but once I’m up the hill, they don’t look at me at all. I think I’m more here when I’m closer to where it happened. I haven’t tried to go too far, because I don’t get to move things once I reach the road. I want to be here enough to move things, so I stay. I think it’s good that my family moved out, so I don’t have to watch them move on. 

    In your defense, the light in the attic is really nice for drawing. Your drawings are nice, but I know you don’t think so. Your wastebasket is always full. 

    I’m sorry I scared you when I picked up your pencil. I know you couldn’t see me, but I wanted to see if I can still write like this. I can, but only slowly. Thank you for being patient.

    Your family didn’t believe you when you showed them what I wrote. I tried to show them, write something else, but they were all the way in the front room, and all I could do that far from the creek was roll the pencil. They blamed the drafts. New houses always have strange drafts. I’m glad you still believe I’m here.

    I tried to talk to you, but the same thing happens every time I want to make noise. I open my mouth and then I feel like I’m back down by the creek. My head hurts. It’s hard to breathe. I’m so cold, and I think I got my paper airplane wet. 

    So I kept my mouth closed, and told you hello by rolling your ball across your room. You thought it was funny, not scary, and rolled it back. If I could pick it up, I would play catch.

    Your family thinks you are too old for imaginary friends, but they never come to your room in the back of the house, closest to the creek, to see me roll the ball. I don’t need them to know I’m here, though. You’re enough. You don’t leave the house much, so I guess you don’t have too many friends. We spend so many afternoons together, side by side even though you don’t know that. You loaned me an extra pencil, and I did my best to write while you drew, even though I’m still not very good like this. I told you my name, and learned yours.

    In your defense, anyone would follow their ball outside, especially if it looked like it rolled by itself. I tried to kick it, but my hands work better than my feet, maybe because they’re closer to my heart. I don’t know, so I just push the ball. You followed it all the way out of your room, and you even pretended to kick it when someone walked by, because by then you knew they would never believe it rolled on its own, or that I helped. I tried not to let the ball go too fast down the hill, so you wouldn’t have to run. 

    I ran when I chased my paper airplane. The hill was a lot muddier then. I want you to be more careful.

    You gasp when you reach the creek. I raise my hand to wave and hope you can see. You wave back. I don’t look exactly like I did, but you get the idea. We’re the same height, the same age too, if the birthday card on your shelf is new. I smile, something I haven’t done since I chased my paper plane down this hill, and you smile back. 

    You spend more and more time with me, down by this creek. I think you understand that you must walk down the hill slowly, and never go straight down the middle. The side with all the trees is the safest, because their roots make stairs you can step down. You’ve brought a picnic blanket, and you draw here now, I think because here you can see where I am. I still can’t talk to you, but you talk to me, so it’s okay. You tell me about your life before you moved in, before I saw the big truck pull into what used to be my driveway. You tell me you were lonely before, that you’re glad I’m here. I wish I could tell you I’m glad you’re here, too. 

    A year goes by. You get used to the drafts, the noises, that door that just needs a good shove. I get used to you, and used to being seen again. Some days you can’t visit me, but that’s okay. You left some books down by the creek, wrapped up so they don’t get wet, and I can read them. I am much better at writing like this now, and I can give you full sentences in a few minutes, ask for more books about different things. I am happy. You make me happy.

    In your defense, you never could have seen the car coming. The driver wasn’t paying attention, it doesn’t matter why, and you never noticed. You had my paper in your hands, reading the paragraph I wrote, but you weren’t even on the road. It wasn’t your fault.

    Sometimes I wish I could have done something, but the road is too far from the creek. You can’t see me, and I can’t move things.

    I’m sorry you had to see your family so upset. They loved you, and they miss you. I’m sorry you got upset when they left, just like mine, and you couldn’t go with them. I’m sorry I told you that you were better off staying. 

    But in my defense, it’s nice to finally have a friend, and when I open my mouth, I am heard for the first time in a long time.


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  • carlagarciadominguez
    20.06.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    every song on the Carla & Samuel short story absolutely slaps, and landed bullseye.

    Sleep On Needles by Sondre Lerche made me jump on my bed, and cheer Samuel on. i was pumping my fist in the air, and screaming 'Run, Samu, run!', i swear.

    De Mi Para Ti by Maria Blaya had me swooning. Carla, my girl, i knew you cared. GIRL GET YOUR MANS.

    Paraiso by MONOGEM was so domestic. i couldn't stop smiling. MY PARENTS, PLEASE ADOPT ME.

    Wash Over by Alice Wonder punched me in the face. i was crying, lets be real. i will never get over it.

    I Can’t Let You Go by Alex Nova, Stuart Winters, Hollie Buhagiar & The Paw was only in the trailer, but that would've been so hot if they put it with the sex scene. instead, we got that piano mix.

    #elite#elite netflix #samuel garcía domínguez #carmuel#samucarla #carla rosón caleruega #elite spoilers #elite short stories #elite short stories spoilers
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  • allnightsong2
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Home is a Long Way Away, Chuck and Ed (Pt 2)

    It was impossible to describe, all the tumbling, crashing emotions that filled him. He had no words that could tie his feelings to a concrete expression comprehensible to others because he had no idea how many others had ever been in this same position. Edward hadn't returned from the dead, he had been retrieved from oblivion. His mind wasn't prepared to accept this impossibility. His heart had been too devastated to be able to recover so quickly and receive this gift with gracious appreciation. His soul though, his soul sang out, it enveloped this new reality greedily and absorbed every instant like desert soil opened up to a sudden downpour. It was an awesome sensation, this blend of sorrow and ecstatic joy, this feeling of a tremendous hole within him suddenly filled. In his mind he was grateful that he had returned in this form. Their reunion was meant to be this way. As they had been they were now again and it felt ineffably right that he was in the form that had been an inherent part of all they had done together.

    And now. Their Allies. Whatever God played its bizarre games with life bless them, he was in their debt and the old way was no more for he could never call them Enemy again. His masters had been uncaring, they had deliberately left him in torment and shown not the slightest empathy, but these Allies had rewarded the meager consideration he and Edward had extended them by sacrificing lives and their own security to give back to him everything. Everything. They recognized love. They valued it. They had literally died to preserve it. How could anyone call that wrong? How could he ever bear malice towards the ones who had done such a thing?

    Edward's first full sentence to him was 'Babes you look like shit.' He no doubt did. Edward looked rather rough himself. Pale, haggard, his hair almost completely gray now, even thinner than normal and with ugly new scars that would be permanent reminders of what almost was. But Edward was still beautiful in his eyes. He had wept in the arms of his love, apologizing over and over for his selfish pride, his callous disregard, his abandonment. Edward let him express his guilt and then simply said 'It doesn't matter. At all. You came back. You're here. That's all that matters.'. Edward apologized in turn for losing faith but he would not accept that apology from his love. He would not allow Edward to own even a scrap of culpability. Edward had been left behind and had not been the one to be cruelly ignorant of the passage of time.

    And throughout their reunion their Allies kept watch and concealed them and kept them protected. In one day his entire universe had been reordered. A past stretching out nearly sixty millenia had been rendered obsolete in his mind. It didn't matter. What he had been, what he had been created to be. That was done. Whatever happened next, he was what he had been no longer.

    It was, pretty much, the straight out definition of seriously trippy shit. He remembered killing Thena, or monster!Thena. He had felt shit go really big but he hadn't bothered wondering why the fuck the world had gone got as loud as a Tourettes syndrome orgy. He was going on into permanent sundown so nothing else had seemed noteworthy. Then strange dreams that led to this.

    Number one priority after accepting that his reality/insanity was something worth being awake for was to give Chuck a bath. That doggo body was filthier than a 4chan douchebro sex fantasy thread. All sorts of sticky and smelly unidentifiable substances were matted into that lovely fur. He understood why that had happened. He'd been in the same place. Hell, he still looked like Crack Addict McStreetRat himself. He was clean now but the results of a year of determined self destruction didn't just get washed away in the shower.

    Their new pals took them to a safe house in Rotterdam, New York. That was a big brass balls move on their part. He and Chuck weren't the good guys. They were a danger to their hosts whether they went ungrateful fuckwad or not. Course the others could abandon the place pretty easily but still. On their way he had convinced the driver to swing through Taco Bell. At which point he realized he had new clothes on and no wallet. They had covered him though, which was a righteous move, and they had arrived at the safe house with a big bag of pseudo-Mexican and their lives as the only things in their inventory.

    He watched Chuck eat in a room occupied by the two of them, two human guardians for the others and Spider Baby. They must have noticed the quiet joy and sense of peace he got watching his partner eat because they kept as much distance as they could in a pretty small room and spoke amongst themselves.

    When Chuck was juicy burps full, he took him down to the bathroom. Ed felt very light, almost like he could just let go of gravity and float off. Chuck's mind kept pouring love into his, a sort of pure energy that made him feel intensely stoned. He got the water warm and then put Chuck in the tub. As he worked at cleaning months of road outta his love's fur Chuck filled him in on what had gone down while he'd been in nowhere.

    "Wait, Saracen did that?" He was soaping up Chuck's belly. "Fucking hell my brother. He called me a legend. That's legend shit what he did right there. Huge legend level badassery."

    "So many of the others died." Chuck said as he held very still. "It was remarkable to watch. They were relentless and fearless."

    "Not saying I don't appreciate it, but I'm not super comfortable with that." He ran warm water over Chuck's back. "I mean, that's not just dying. That's erased goodbye gone no see ya later perma-dead."

    "I know. It was very noble of them."

    "That's putting it mildly." Ed savored the feeling of fur and his love's too skinny body beneath his hands. He would never talk about the Year of Despair because it was gone and done. "I don't think we can ever repay 'em. Fuck, I know I can't! This one moment with you babes, this right now that we been given, it's flat out priceless."'

    "Edward. I can't lose you again. I can't!" a little sorrow slipped up from his furry mate so Ed sent more love. "But these, these things that came after you..."

    "Changes things a bit, yeah."

    "Our...Allies, they say, they've said that the destroyers are sent by...by the Directors."

    "Yup. They are."

    "You know this for certain?"

    "Yes. Thena told me before they attacked. Said sorry and all, but orders an shit." He said and then a weird pain gripped his chest at the return of that memory. That had been what he had figured was the beginning of his last moments. When he had let go and accepted the fall. He had a feeling that that nightmare would be staying with him for a good while. Oh well. He was still around to have those nightmares so he couldn't justifiably bitch about it. Much.



    "I think that part of me is clean."

    "Oops." He said and removed a soapy hand from Chuck's nethers. "Sorry. Lost in thought. Was it good for you too?"


    "Yer not sure?" Ed grinned and splashed warm water over his friend. "That doesn't say much for me. Guess you ain't much for foreplay."

    "For what?"

    "Tease. Anyhow. We got a lot of serious thinking and planning to do." Ed said as he lifted up Chuck's tail to rinse his soapy doggo ass. "But not tonight, okay?"

    "Not tonight."

    "Saracen has said you aren't sleeping." Ed said as he worked water into sudsy fur to get the soap out. "Could you maybe make an exception though?"

    "An exception?"

    "Yeah." Ed turned Chuck's head so he could look into deep green doggo eyes. "Maybe just tonight, would you sleep with me?"

    "If you promise to hold me all night, yes."

    "I promise."

    "In your arms I think yes I can finally sleep." Chuck said as warm thick waves of love, almost adoration, flowed into Ed's soul. "In your arms. What a wondrous thing, what a perfect place to be."

    "Said nobody never." Ed said and flinched as Chuck shook himself and covered Ed in spray. "Damn dude. Okay. Said nobody but you."

    "Does anyone else matter?"

    "Never have." Ed sighed as he let himself finally relax. "Never have, never will. Now let's get you properly rinsed love. I'm pretty particular about who I let in my bed."

    "As you should be."

    "Yeah well..." Ed leaned down until his head was right next to Chuck's, "when you got the best you don't need the rest."

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  • dark-moon-in-the-dark-sky
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ~I’m sorry to all the people I hurt whilst I was hurting.

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  • dark-moon-in-the-dark-sky
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ~Give me your mornings, give me your sun and when it sets, give me your dark nights too cause I’m ready for anything from you.

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  • dark-moon-in-the-dark-sky
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ~My 100 followers, who are very valuable, and all the people who have seen this send...

    I hope you go to the sleep with a smile on your face.I hope you realise how amazing you are.You deserve no tears,no stress,no pain.I just wanted to tell that you are beautiful.Always keep your head up.Don't let anyone or anything bring you down.Trust me,it's not worth it.I love you mwah:)


    ~Çok değerli olan 100 takipçime ve bu gönderiyi gören tüm insanlara...

    Umarım yüzünde bir gülümseme ile uyursun.Umarım ne kadar harika olduğunun farkındasındır.Ağlamak yok,stres yok,acı yok hak ediyorsun.Sadece güzel olduğunu söylemek istedim.Her zaman başınızı dik tutun.Hiçbir şeyin veya kimsenin sizi aşağı getirmek izin vermeyin.İnan bana, buna değmez.Seni seviyorum mwah:)

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    En nefret ettiğim şeyleri, en sevdiğim insanlardan gördüm

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  • maaneskin
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #if i have to see one more x reader with the reader being under 160 cm #like oh my god #i’ve been on qoutev lately n it’s everytime #it’s like oh this is a nice story i’ll keep reading :) #and then the authors like facts about y/n: #she is short like reallyyyyyy short like so short it should kill her lmao like she’s barely 1 meter lmfaooo #it’s so annoying FGSJSJFJD
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  • dark-moon-in-the-dark-sky
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ~So when you gonna tell her that we did that, too?

    She thinks it’s special, but it’s all reused.

    That was our place, I found it first.

    I made the jokes you tell to her when she’s with you.

    Do you get déjà vu when she’s with you?

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  • dark-moon-in-the-dark-sky
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ~You said You'd love me forever.Why did the end come so early?

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  • grapefruitwriting
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Dawnspire Beast

    Fenian had always thought the stars were most beautiful right before dawn. Night always seemed the darkest then, an oppressive blanket weighing upon him. The great darkness had scared him as a child, but now the light of the stars brought him comfort. Looking up past the tall pine trees surrounding him, he saw it. The night sky spread out before him, a thick tapestry of inky black cloth, embroidered with the pale light of distant stars. As he found the constellation of Eye, nestled between the Boar and the Maiden, he sent a small prayer to Fehyre and hoped that she would guide him through his task.

    As he stood up from the rock which he had been resting on, the cave's mouth stood before him a relatively narrow opening in the bare rock atop the mountain. Fenian had tracked the beast here, following its tracks and the patches of burnt earth left in its wake. He pressed his hand against the cold stone and when he pulled it away it was black. Soot covered his palm and the mouth of the cave, another sign he was in the right place. The monster he was hunting had burned large swathes of the countryside, flame leaving its mouth as easily as air left his. Much of the kingdom's crops had been destroyed, as well as a few small settlements closer to the mountains.
    As he entered the cave, he thought of his kinsfolk dying to this monster and his mouth went dry in disgust. To not only kill his people, but to do so when the queen, Lythienne, was missing. The gods were cruel indeed to curse them like this. So instead of relying on the gods that had left, his people had sent him. Fenian, wielder of Heartseeker, loyal queensguard, champion of Aelfdene, was tasked by the council of elders to slay the beast plaguing the lands, and finding their lost queen. But as he stepped deeper into the cavern, he realised that he had been wrong.
    Something moved deep in the shadows. The pale blue crystals that had begun to grow in the rock wall as he moved deeper into the cave now cast a dim glow throughout the space, outlining the beast. Fenian squinted and stared into the darkness, it was larger than a human, but bent on all fours. As he stood, staring, the thing moved closer, and for a moment it’s face was briefly illuminated. It was long, with a pointed muzzle and large teeth shining through its open, dripping maw.
    Fenian stepped back, and fought the urge to flee before the light caught the monster's eyes. They were a dazzling purple with a ring of blue around the iris, but round like an elf's.
    He knew those eyes.
    He had seen them half his life. Stood beside them as a loyal guard, smiled with them in victory, wept with them in sorrow. Looked into them as he wished and begged that something could have been different, him born higher, or her lower. Anything to be together.
    And yet.
    Here, in the cave on the top of the world, Fenian cast that all aside, for he knew his duty. His hand lowered to the hilt of his sword.
    In this light, he thought, she could almost be a beauty, and almost a monster. As he stared at her figure silhouetted in pale blue, he felt half a monster himself. He had agonized over which path to take, slay the monster atop the mountain or find his missing friend, but he had always viewed it as two separate options. He knew better now. The queen that was, that he had loved, and the monster that had been were one in the same.
    And from the shadows within the cavern, she emerged. Sinewy legs, like those of a dog, pulled forth a misshaped body, unnaturally hunched and elongated. Thin strips of fabric hung loosely from her form, remnants of an artfully crafted gown long since ruined. Fenian heard something dripping onto the hard stone floor, and the sound of her laboured breathing drew closer.
    He unsheathed Heartseeker. The etchings running along the blade caused it to glow with a soft orange light, cutting through the darkness. He could see Lythienne fully now, her skin and muscle stretched thin to accommodate her new form. Tears had formed around her joints, where the skin had been pulled taught, and Fenian saw thick strands of red muscle underneath.
    She was monstrous, her once beautiful form twisted into that similar to the Wyrm-like beasts in ancient Aeqor that scholars wrote about.
    Fenian swallowed dryly. He wished he could simply kill her, to end the threat against his people and kingdom, and end the suffering of his dear friend. He knew it was right. His duty. But as he raised Heartseeker and began to fall back into leaf-stance, he faltered. Looking down at her, despite her twisted form, all he could see was Lythienne.
    Her hair, now limp and ragged, was still the deep black that he remembered. And around her wrist, was the bracelet that Fenian had made her when they were both children. And her eyes. Gods, her eyes. Blazing, brilliant purple.
    His sword-hand loosened, and he stumbled back before falling to his knees. Heartseeker clattered loudly on the stone as Fenian, now eye level, looked at the thing that had been Lythienne.
    Gods above, he thought, I can’t do this. I have a duty to my people, to her. But I can’t. I can’t kill the woman I love.
    She deserves better than me, better than this. A cold death in a strange form.
    He closed his eyes. He didn’t want to die, but the alternative was unthinkable. His head hung limp as he waited, he could hear her approaching. Footsteps across the cave floor. He waited for the inevitable.
    A heavy weight rested upon his shoulder, and something wet dripped down into the front of his armour. Fenian involuntarily shuddered at the feeling, and then opened his eyes. A bright purple iris met his gaze. Lythienne had wrapped herself around him, in a mockery of an embrace, or the closest thing to one that she could manage in this form. She began to whine, a low resonant sound that Fenian felt in his chest, as she nuzzled her head into his shoulder.
    She… she can think, and she remembered! Fenian was ecstatic. Once again his perception had been completely flipped in a matter of minutes, but this time hope had bloomed in his chest. If Lythienne could reason, then she needn’t be slain. The mages of the court could find some cure, a way to remove whatever afflicted her, or at least find a way to contain her for now. He needed to know what had turned her into this, and why she had been attacking the kingdom, but that could wait. Now though, he just wanted to be here, with her.
    And so, atop the tallest peak in Aelfdene, moments before the first rays of dawn pierced the dark tapestry of night, two friends held each other and held the promise of a golden future.
    #the first part in an anthology featuring Fenian #mostly just responding to different fantasy prompts #writerslife#writeblr#writing#fantasy#fantasy writing#short story#anthology#elves#body horror#worldbuilding#my writing
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    #as of now it's been working on a have a bunch of sneak peeks and two short stories per month basis #answered
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    #elite#elite netflix #elite season 4 #netflix #elite short stories #lgbt #ander and patrick #ander x patrick #elite ander#elite Patrick#gay#gayhot#gays
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    The Only Me by Tatiana Diomi (Short story)

    #writing#writblr#short story #writers on tumblr
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  • soiled-dove
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    If I wasn't so scatterbrained I'd have such a cool world and characters

    #but i never write anything down #i could probably write a cool little short story if i put some effort in
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  • garcianunier
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
    Nadia and Guzman's short story/spin- off No.8 in Germany two days in a row (16/06/2021 and 17/06/2021)
    #elite#elite netflix #nadia x guzman #guznadia #otp: i remember how much you liked this pool #otp: i always dreamt about running away with you #guzman nunier#nadia shanaa #they were in the top 10 for 3 dqys in a row #♥️♥️ #elite short stories/spin offs #élite week to promote s4 #élite#élite netflix
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  • anarchist-academia
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hey, all writers out there, novelists, short story writers, essayists and everything in between, DM me and let’s be a friends. This world is crushing for people like us when going it alone so let us instead go together. I would say more but I’m going to be late for work, salut :)

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  • dahhraa
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago


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