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  • ilmarinen-tells-stories
    24.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Grandfather once told me Part one: The Nameless Angel and the Child Goddess

    „Mastered by desire impulsive,

    By a mighty inward urging,

    I am ready now for singing,

    Ready to begin the chanting

    Of our nation’s ancient folk-song

    Handed down from by-gone ages.

    In my mouth the words are melting,

    From my lips the tones are gliding,

    From my tongue they wish to hasten;

    When my willing teeth are parted,

    When my ready mouth is opened,

    Songs of ancient wit and wisdom

    Hasten from me not unwilling.”

     The poem above is the first verse from Kalevala, the great epic of the Finnish. It has always been very close to my heart. I remember when my grandfather read it to me. 50 songs, each for a night before sleeping.

    But this is not a story about Kalevala. That story has been told countless times before. This is a story about my grandfather. He was an extraordinary man. He knew such great stories. About vast, ancient kingdoms, nameless heroes, and the fae folk. I decided to write them down, not particularly in order, just how they come to my mind. He always taught me to pass on what I have learned.

     I entered his room. It was huge, filled with secrets. And it smelled old. Old as time itself. Grandpa looked at me from his book and smiled.

    „What can I do for you, Little Shadow?” He gave me a lot of nicknames, more than I could count right now. I earned them all, and I was proud of them. I had a „real” name of course, but the ones he gave me felt more like me than anything else. I got the name „Little Shadow” after how quiet my footsteps are.

    „Tell me a story, Grandpa!” I asked.

    „Hmmm, and what kind of story do you want to hear, dear?” he asked, while pointing at the armchair next to him.

    „Anything you tell me.” I said, sitting down comfortably.

    „Very well then…” he nodded. „Have you ever heard the story of the Nameless Angel and the Child Goddess?” I nodded my head. He smiled and started the story.

     „Imagine a place where the shadows live. It’s in a never ending darkness. Now, when I say darkness, don’t imagine the scary, pitch black type. It’s more like… comforting in a sense. Deep and warm. Imagine huge forests, giant caverns, forgotten roads. Imagine the creatures of the night. Some are small, insignificant. Some burn with a blue flame. Some are ancient. Some whisper secrets to the wind, and if you are careful enough, you can hear stories told by them. Stories forgotten a long time ago.

    Now imagine the night sky. The Moon and the stars. Now, they’re not our stars, they’re theirs. They form constellations unfamiliar to us. But the Moon… it’s ours too, since there is only one Moon.

    Have you ever seen a shooting star? They say, your wish comes true, if you see one. But have you ever wondered what are shooting stars exactly? Well, our story begins with one, so just listen carefully.

    These stories usually start with „Once upon a time…” or „One day…”. This one won’t. This story will start with „Imagine…”

    Imagine a shooting star, flying right to the ground. The creatures seeing it wished for something nice. The star crashed into the middle of an ancient forest.

    Now, in our world, shooting stars crashing down are usually nothing more than rocks. Cold, sad, empty rocks. But in that world, shooting stars are angels. Imagine an angel, unconscious, lying on the ground. Imagine silver blood dripping from their injuries.

    The blood lured Beasts toward them. The leader Beast stepped out and smelled the angel. It licked their blood. But the blood burned the Beast’s tongue. It started screeching and ran away, with it’s pack.

    The angel lay there for a long time. Not days, since they can’t count days without a sun, but for surely, a very long time. They lay there untouched, since nobody knew they were there, except the Beasts, but a hole on the leader’s tongue was enough to scare them away. The angel was beautiful, even with blood dripping from their wings.

    After a long time, the angel finally woke up. They opened their eyes, but immediately closed them. They tried to fly away, back where they came from, but their wings were broken. They started crying. They cried so long that where their tears landed, flowers started growing. But they didn’t see them, since they closed their eyes, and refused to open them. Everything was so silent, yet so full with voices. Tiny creatures’ footsteps, the wind howling lightly, leaves whispering gently.

    „Why are you crying, friend?” heard the angel once.

    „Because… because there’s no light, and… and…” they couldn’t finish, just started sobbing again.

    „Open your eyes.”

    „No. There’s only darkness.” The stranger was silent for a while.

    „You’re an angel, right? I know your kind. You live up there, in the sky, seeing only light. It’s sad if you ask me.”

    „Why? Light is the most beautiful thing on this earth!”

    „There’s no light without darkness, angel. Open your eyes.” the angel finally did it.

    „There are so many things… what are these?” they pointed to the flowers.

    „You grew them with your tears.” said the voice, who now had a body as well. It was a child, with long, gleaming blonde hair. She was wearing flowers in it, and a simply, white dress. She was bare feet.

    „Who are you?” asked the angel.

    „People know me as the Child Goddess.” the child answered. „And who are you, angel?”

    „I…I don’t know. I have no name. And neither home. They casted me out.”


    „Because I started dreaming.” sighed the angel.

    „Is that a bad thing?”

    „Angels shouldn’t dream. Dreams are impure and dangerous.”

    „Well, angels are stupid then! Dreams are beautiful. Without dreams, there would be no reality. Without dreams, there wouldn’t be art. There wouldn’t be stories. We would all be…empty. Empty, like you, angels up there in the sky.”

    „Am I empty too,” asked the angel, worried what the child would answer.

    „No. Not anymore. Walk with me, so I can show you how to fill your heart, soul and mind with wonders.”

    Now, imagine a child leading an angel, by grabbing their hand. Imagine two silhouettes walking in the dark realm, looking for wonders.”

     Grandpa finished the story. He looked at me, almost as if he waited for my reaction.

    „This can’t be it!” I said. „Where’s the rest? What’s the moral of the story?”

    „Why do you think it needs a moral?” Grandpa asked.

    „Because stories have a moral.” I answered. Grandpa shook his head.

    „That’s a lie, Little Shadow.”

    „Then what’s the truth?”

    „The truth is that people always look for deeper meanings, but a lot of times, it’s not needed. Let stories be stories, Little Shadow.”

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  • shannons-speaking
    24.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    First Essay of the Year

    First Essay of the Year

    People think creative writing is easy until they try to write out a story. You have to make up a person, their personality, their background, their current setting, their friends, their enemies, and interests. And that’s just one character! This shit is hard! The reason I decided to take up creative writing this year at University is to hone my craft so I can one day sit down, read my own book,…

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  • locked-tomb-shenanigans
    24.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Very intrigued about that epilogue but can’t wait it’s still a year until the next book aaaaah


    #htn liveblog except it’s not technically live #htn spoilers#htn #harrow the ninth #kinda hope this isn’t Harrow in Gideon’s body #because as funny as a full body swap would be #there’s only so much gay amnesia a girl can take… #(I say as if I wouldn’t eat it right up bc I definitely would) #also I’m like 100% sure Gideon-in-Harrow is fine because she’s always been super bad at dying #on a different note #might​ do an actually live liveblog of AYU and the Sixth short story because I’ve only started those #will also do a live reread of both Gideon and Harrow probably #at some point anyway
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  • proudofmy
    24.10.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    vampire and moon

    Night of full moons, howling of the wolves on the mountains whitened by the first snow, a shadow hovering silently in the night

    . damt...

    Almost silent in the night

    . stupid cloak ... [making a noise to his father] ... you have to put it on, it's a symbol of the family, it will help you, gne gne gne at the moment it's just a stupid thing that flutters, so cool I admit but it gets caught in every hole ... [le words] cabbage branch rock or other ... and I'm hungry!

    . Greetings!

    Another Vampire had appeared in front of Baltazar ...

    . Slave!

    . hunting night?

    . yes, she too?

    . Yes.

    . excuse me but why aren't you in the shade?

    . but boy there is the moon can't you see?

    . in fact, it is full, it is convenient for you to stay in the shade!

    . but it is night and there is only the moonlight.

    . let me what year is she?

    . About 1600

    . now it all breaks down.

    . like?

    . sees the moon does not create light it is the light of the Sun that is reflected ...

    . it is not true!

    . I assure you yes!

    . Do you feel this burning smell too?

    . it's,...erm You... sir!

    . me?

    . Yes!

    . o damt...


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  • pin-ditty
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Quick Question:

    I've been writing for a good while now and while I'm not as skilled as a good chunk of the fandom, I'd like to try my hand at taking requests.

    Would any of y'all be interested?

    #twisted wonderland#twst#disney twst #I most probably would just do headcanons and really really short stories #but it would make for good practice
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  • spookystokes
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I’ve had this drawer in my bathroom open for a couple months and it’s never been a problem until this morning when I stumbled into the bathroom and almost tripped but I’m trying to correct so I could gracelessly just drop onto the toilet seat, and instead walked directly into the drawer and the corner REALLY showed me who was boss

    #long story short my shin hurts becuase the corner took a chunk out of my leg #bc I’m an idiot #but that’s okay
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  • jass-is-afk
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Bar

    Prompt: A local bartender regularly and willingly hosts monsters and demons in his bar. When terrorists kidnap his children, they learn the hard way how close he is to them.

    1856 Words

    “I’m Pete. Welcome to my bar. What’dya have?”

    The seasoned bartender looked like he had seen a few wars. Leathery and wrinkled skin covered the face that sat under graying and thinning hair that used to be black. His worn-down clothes were covered by a stained apron and he was drying his hands on a similarly stained towel. His newest patron sat slumped over on the mahogany bar that looked as old and worn down as its owner. Pete could tell he was a youngin, but it seemed like he had experienced far too much considering his age.

    “Beer.” the patron mumbled.

    “Kid, what are you doing here alone? You can’t be much more than a hundred.”

    The patron raised his head and stared at Pete. Steely blue eyes tried to read Pete’s dull brown ones while he sniffed the air. “You’re not a wolf.” He growled at the bartender.

    “100% human.” Pete answered, setting a mug of cold beer in front of the kid with a smile. “Pure-bred.”

    “Why aren’t you scared?”

    Pete just laughed. “Of you? Let me guess, kid. Young rogue recently kicked out of your pack for getting too big for your britches and challenging the Alpha.” Pete watched the young wolf down the beer and slam the glass down on the bar. “Why would I be scared of you?”

    “I could take you, old man.” The kid growled at Pete again.

    “Under normal circumstances, I’d say sure. You could. But these ain’t normal circumstances, are they?”

    “Why not?”

    “See those regulars over there?” Pete pointed at a group of four men and two women dressed all in black leather drinking at a corner booth across the bar. “They like me. Been coming here for years.”

    The kid looked over at the group and his eyes immediately flashed to a golden yellow.

    “Hey, hey.” Pete warned. “No wolfing out inside. It’s a rule.”

    “You serve vamps here?”

    “They know the rules. Anyone that can follow the rules gets to stay and drink.”

    “So already I’m outnumbered.” The young wolf growled to himself.

    “More than you know, kid.” Pete continued pointing out his customers. “The two lovelies at the end of the bar? Wood nymphs. The gentleman playing darts? Warlock. I’m taken care of, kid.”

    Pete noticed the wolf was starting to shift in his seat, visibly uncomfortable. Pete gave him another beer. “I don’t have enough money for this one.”

    “No worries, kid. I take payment in all kinds. Got a couple of chores you can do for me if you want something to eat.”

    “All these guys pay in favors?” the wolf asked.

    “Not always. I take money and gifts too. The same month my wife kicked me out I got paid with the deed to a castle in Europe.” Pete chuckled to himself. “That guy drank free for a year. The summer my kid graduated high school, I got paid with a full scholarship to USC. Mostly, though, I get old coins and trinkets that I can hawk for cash.”


    “Like I said, my regulars like me.” Pete stepped away for a minute to make one of the wood nymphs another gin and tonic and came back to the wolf who was now nursing the second beer. “Kid, you look like you’ve been wandering for a while. Why don’t you go back into the kitchen, fix yourself something to eat, clean the shit outta that stove and I’ll give you a bed to crash in tonight.”

    “Name’s Felan.” The wolf said sliding off the barstool and extending his hand to Pete.

    “Good to meet you, Felan.” Pete shook Felan’s hand. “Kitchen is through there.”

    Felan hadn’t been in the kitchen more than a few minutes when a lumbering giant entered the front door of the bar. He had to bend down to clear the door frame. He was an overly hairy lumberjack of a man dressed head to toe in hunting gear and carrying four rabbits in one hand and three jars of blood in the other. He set all of his belongings on the bar and perched himself on the stool farthest from the wood nymphs.

    “Been hankerin’ for some of yer stew, Pete.” The giant man boomed.

    “Yeren.” Pete picked up the rabbits. “Been a while. Let me warm it up for you.” Pete walked back to the kitchen and placed the rabbits on a shelf inside the small fridge in the corner of the room. “Felan, can you grab a pot labeled ‘Stew’ from the walk-in out back and warm it up? High for ten minutes. Bring out the whole pot when its ready.”

    Felan sat up from his position on the floor in front of the stove. “Sure.”

    Pete walked back out to the bar and took the jars of blood. “Still warm. You treat me so good, my friend.”

    “I know how they like it.” Yeren grumbled.

    “Stew is on the stove. Let me deliver this and I’ll get you a cold one.” Pete took the jars of blood over to the vamps at the table in the corner. “Fresh. Rabbit.”

    “Dessert!” the vamps took the blood and started pouring it into the glasses strewn about the table. “Cheers, Yeren!” they called out to the lumberjack man across the bar. Yeren responded with a nod of his enormous head.

    Ten minutes later when Felan brought out the stew, Yeren was almost done with his keg of beer. “Steaming hot, Pete. Where do you want it?”

    “It’s for Yeren there.” Pete nodded to Yeren at the end of the bar. Felan gingerly placed the pot in front of the enormous man, his eyes wide.

    “Jesus, you’re big.”

    “Yeren is a sasquatch. He keeps my fridges full of critters for the stew and the vamps’ bellies full of the critter’s blood.”

    “Hey!” the vamps cried out holding their glasses in the air. Yeren held up his pot of stew in response.

    “You get along with them, Bigfoot?” Felan asked.

    Yeren just grunted in between bites of stew, so Pete answered. “Maybe not out there, but in here, we’re all friends. It’s in the rules.”

    “I’m done with the stove, Pete.” Felan slowly backed away from the sasquatch that wasn’t paying a lick of attention to the trembling wolf. Felan was sure that Yeren had eaten things larger than himself in one sitting.

    “Go grab yourself something to eat and join us out here for lunch.” Pete instructed while wiping down the bar. Felan did as he was told. No sooner than Felan had sat down at the bar with a plate of food, three men in trench coats entered brandishing guns.

    “Welcome to my bar. I’m Pete.” Pete said. “I’ll ask that you holster those inside. Weapons allowed as long as they are not waving around in the air.”

    “We do what we want, old man.” the obvious leader of the group spat back. “And we want your cash box.”

    The tension in the bar instantly electrified. The hairs on the back of Felan’s neck stood up, Yeren stopped eating and slowly turned to face the intruders, the vamps in the corner stood up as a single unit, and the nymphs set their drinks down on the bar and froze in place. The warlock continued his dart game.

    “I don’t keep cash on hand.” Pete acted as if nothing was happening. “If you’re hard up, I got some chores need doing in exchange for a drink.”

    “We’re not hard up, asshole.” The leader swaggered towards the bar. “And we ain’t doing your chores. You’re gunna give us all the cash you got and maybe we’ll let you live.”

    “You got family or friends anywhere?” Pete asked the violent man in front of him.

    “What’s that got to do with anything?”

    “I just want to know how much the police are going to pester me when you die in my bar.”

    The trench coated villain laughed. Pete nodded to the vamps in the corner. They were instantly behind the two friends hanging back near the front door. Yeren’s giant hand wrapped around the neck of the ringleader. He stopped laughing.

    “Felan, help me out and take his weapon.” Pete said calmly. Felan did as instructed. “Now, kind sir,” the words were dripping with sarcasm. “Ifyou play nice with my regulars and if you pay for your drinks in full, I will likely forget about your stupidity and serve you.”

    “You won’t get away with this, old man.” The ringleader gasped.

    “I kinda feel like I will, though.” Pete smiled at the vamps and they sank their teeth into the necks of the two goons who didn’t even have time to scream. Yeren snapped the leader’s neck without any effort at all and dropped the body to the floor in order to continue his stew. Pete walked around the bar, picked up the guns of the three intruders, opened up a locked cabinet, and placed them on top of the pile of weapons already inside. “Sasha, Felan, mind taking these guys out the side door? Ladies, you’re up.”

    The warlock put down his darts and with a wave of his hand, the two goons by the door started levitating. Felan picked up the leader and carried him like a sack of potatoes out of the side door followed closely by the nymphs, Sasha the warlock, and two floating bodies. Outside, the group was greeted by the sweet smell of the breeze in the trees. The three bodies were dumped in a small clearing of the nymphs’ choosing and the two men stepped back to let the girls do their job.

    The two nymphs started dancing and chanting. Felan was staring at them in wonder, but Sasha only sighed and went back into the bar. “There are easier ways to do this.” He mumbled to himself.

    The three bodies were slowly swallowed by the ground and trees began to grow in their place. Felan watched as the small sprouts very quickly grew into tall and majestic pines that looked like they had been there for centuries while the girls continued to dance. After a few moments, he entered the bar leaving the girls to continue their worship.

    “That was crazy, Pete.” He motioned to the door he had just entered.

    “I like trees, besides, it’s my way of giving back to Mother Nature.” Pete smiled.

    “That bitch doesn’t need your help.” Sasha yelled from his dart corner.

    “Just because she broke your heart doesn’t mean she’s a snide bitch, Sasha.” One of the vamps laughed.

    “Go suck on your mother.” Sasha retorted.

    “Hey!” Pete hit the bar for emphasis. “Enough.” Everyone grew quiet.

    Felan sat back down at the bar to finish his lunch. Pete approached him.

    “Been hurting for help ever since my kid left for California.” He fixed Felan another beer. “Looking for a home?”

    “Yeah.” Felan smiled. “You’ll work as a new Alpha.”

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  • siluetjingga
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Huf. Mungkin ngga sih?

    Kalau aku yang naif?

    aku beranggapan, bahwa aku bagian dari kehidupan mu.

    Melakukan banyak hal tapi nggak di anggep rasanya gimana sih?? Ga enak banget kan?? Kaya sia sia aja gitu,

    .tapiii ga tau kenapa,!?

    giliran udah mau bodo amat,malah ga bisa,jatuhnya gimana gt,malah kepikiran dia-nya terus gt.

    Aghh ya ampun susah banget ga si?

    Aku tau kok kamu mau berusaha tegar,

    tapi aku juga tau ,kalau kamu juga lagi nggak baik baik aja,

    please lah, ngga usah munafik gt,
    ngga papa kali, kalo kamu lg ngga baik-baik aja.
    ngga papa juga kalo iya hatimu sedang lara.

    Jangan terlalu berusaha untuk baik baik saja yah? Jangan terlalu di paksakan.

    Tolong yha? Jika aku berusaha ada untuk mu, tolong anggap keberadaan ku. Aku hanya ingin membantumu.

    Jika memang kesalahanku yang dulu membuat mu membenci ku? Tapi tolong hargai usaha dan keberadaan ku.

    Hanya itu..


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  • kajaono
    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Apocalyptic moments just happened to me at the airport

    Shops that were closed over night and never opened again. The trash is not taken out, the heavy beer barrel is still standing around, ready to hand out fresh cold beer. Tea bags, and a coffee machine, filled with coffee beans. The menu is up the wall, invites you to taste the Hot Dog menu. No signs tell you to wear a mask and keep distance. Pay, the computer is still there, ready for your order, grab the ticket and sit down in a comfy chair in the back area. A few second hand books invite you for a nice read. Some sugar for your coffee, sir?

    And everything is covered with heavy dust, getting more every day. Forgotten in a small corner of the airport, like many other shops. Because no one dares to buy a small coffee shop these days….

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    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago



    Kids Stories: 1. The Diligent Girl And The Lazy Girl 2. The Goose Girl Here, we are presenting “The Lazy Girl Story | Kids Stories – Animated Stories For Kids | Tia And Tofu Storytelling” by KIDS HUT. ————————————- NEW UPLOADS COLLECTION ► https://bit.ly/1TTDl6r ————————————- ✿ Voice Credit: Tulsi Kumar ツ ————————————– ✿‿✿ HELLO KIDS you are enjoying “Rhymes” by Kids Hut. ————————————– ★ SUBSCRIBE…

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    #animated stories for kids #animated stories in english #bedtime stories #bedtime stories for kids #crypto india#kids hut#kids stories#kids story#moral stories #moral stories for kids #short stories for kids #song with lyrics #stories for children #Stories for kids #story for kids #T Series #the diligent girl and the lazy girl #the goose girl #tia & tofu #Wise advice money guru
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  • islo-idem
    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    what is it waiting in the dark. what is inevitable and what is us. 

    #deardiary #doctor who did it. right. imagine being 12 and watching the impossible planet. thats why i am why i am completely and totally. #like oh my god.  midnight and the impossible planet? ive been waiting to learn. ive been waiting in the diamonds and at the center of the #bitterest pill. i am the devil and i fall into myself. i just wanted to see it. i just wanted to see it. #mary kate wiles spore. that was also clunking around. just for a couple of those lines and imagery. #learning and consuming. control and fear. contamination and expedition. there is something in the vents. there is something that will happen #because it exists and so it will not be alone forever. it has been alone and it might be me. it is hungry. it is tired. it might be god. #it might just be whatever we invent in what we cant see past. im going crazy i forgot these episodes existed also that short and that story #this isnt anything revolutionary but i just love these kinds of stories!!! my favorite elements to read about!!
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  • psikozuu
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Yalnız olan herkes bir olsak ve grup açsak... Wp grubu kurmak istiyorum 14-20 yaş

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  • rensreadingrainbow
    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Bite size horror stories! A few of these will stick with me (like the woman camping alone!) but most are already forgotten. The writers simply weren’t given enough pages to sink their fangs into 🧛🏽 |Completed 2021.10.24

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  • worldcycle
    24.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    A fight with James

    A fight with James

    211024 May led James outside, into the street. She tied back her hair and stretched her shoulders. There was no crowd waiting. Apparently, James didn’t travel with an entourage, which surprised May a little. James took the sword from his belt and leaned it against the outside of the bakery. ‘Right,’ May said. ‘No weapons, which I guess you’ve heard.’ James nodded. ‘First one whose back hits…

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  • arcadyac
    24.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Wish on a Star...

    pairing: caius/gender-neutral vamp!reader

    Warnings: non. just pure fluff.

    "Did you see love? did you see the shooting star?"

    "Yes darling, I saw."It was the night Caius had to go hunting but I decided to come along even as though I already ate. I decided to take him stargazing after he ate.

    We lay on the ground, eyes up the sky.

    "oh another one! have you made your wish?" I turn to my mate.

    His eyes fixated on me. "No, I have not."

    "Why not?" Was he not interested?

    "I do not wish for things ." He says.

    "Oh." I say,turning back to face the dark sky once again, trying to ignore the silence.

    I see him from the corner of my eye, he grabs the face gently, and I turn to him.

    "I do not wish for things. As I already have all I need." he says as he caresses the side of my face.

    A questioning expression on my face peaks.

    He lets out a small laugh. "You."

    "Oh." If I had blood running through my veins, my cheeks would be visibly red. I thought.



    My face stretches out to his, making our lips touch.

    "I love you." He says as we kiss.

    "And I, you" I reply.

    And we stay there as though the outer world did not exist.

    Author's note: OK SO... this is so bad and so short but my first ff post and I'm writing this at 1 am so whatever~

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