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    -Okay, this is awkward. *Jens said sitting next to Lucas*.

    It had been two weeks since Jens blatantly flirted with Lucas at work. On the other hand, today's art history class had ended earlier, his classmate "sander" caught up with him for inviting him to hang out, he told him he would meet his boyfriend and mentioned a skatepark, so it was easy to say yes.

    *Lucas needed a minute to understand why the universe hated him so much*

    -You know you didn't have to give me a fake number, right?

    - I'm really sorry, I'm not....

    - mmm, no Do you like boys? Okay, I could understand that.

    - No, I don't ... I mean ... Yes...Agggg...listen, if I like boys. But you really made me nervous and I didn't know what to do.

    -How do you know Sander?

    Lucas saw how Jens looked at Sander and Robbe laughing like two foolish lovers and he thought he saw a hint of jealousy in his eyes.

    *Lucas felt the need to distract him*

    - mmm Sander is my classmate. *Lucas said looking at Jens and gently touching his hand* -I'm really sorry about what happened.

    - You already said that. *Jens said returning his gaze to Lucas*

    -Now that I know you're not a crazy stranger flirting in a Coffee shop , could I say yes to that date?.

    Jens smiled, for the joke and especially for that the cute boy with the blue eyes was saying if he wanted to go out with him.

    Note: This short story is getting long lol, let me know if you like it in a comment. Ps: be nice🤭

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    A Tale in Few Words is out in paperback and on Kindle, grab your copy today and discover a world of space adventures, narcissistic elephants and John (oh what is wrong with John...?!): https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B091F5QH3V/

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    BNHA Coffee AU Collab

    『 ᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ᴄᴏɴsᴛʀᴜᴄᴛɪᴏɴ!! 』

    ❥ Master-list | ☁︎︎ Navigation

    Synopsis↬ You, the reader, work at a cafe, but some unexpected events happen. You may choose between six people, and follow through with their stories.

    ☘︎︎ Todoroki @imafatpug

    ↠ As you're working your daily shift, an unexpected visitor meets up with you. You're wanting to close the gap between the two of you; so what do you do?

    ☘︎︎ Shinso @imafatpug

    ↠ Shinso decides to work at a cat cafe near his college, but he doesn't expect his childhood best friend to work there. Would it be an awkward encounter or would it be something else?

    ☘︎︎ Bakugo @itzbunnicula-dead

    ↠ Katsuki has been staying up to study for classes and when he goes to the café he meets a special someone there.

    ☘︎︎ Iida @itzbunnicula-dead

    ↠ Tenya heard about a new café with good bakery items when he goes he gets to talk to his crush.

    ☘︎︎ Uraraka @obsessed-willow08

    ↠ You thought your day was going to be the same as usual. That is, when Uraraka, from the Sports Festival, shows up with other UA students to hang out.

    ☘︎︎ Momo @obsessed-willow08

    ↠ Momo and her friends are planning to study for exams in a local cafe. They all cane for a study session but Momo left with a certain person’s number.

    I want to thank @obsessed-willow08 and @itzbunnicula-dead for collabing with me! We might collab again sometime in the future. Also, if anyone else wants to collab, could you please dm me or the other two people. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading the stories!

    #my hero academia #x reader#todoroki shoto#mha todoroki#todoroki#shinso hitoshi#mha shinsou #shinsou x y/n #bakugou x reader #bakugo katsuki#bnha bakugou#iida tenya #iida x reader #urakara ochako#mha uraraka #ochaco x reader #momo yaoyozoru#yaomomo #yaoyorozu x reader #short story#cafe#cafe au #bnha x reader #bnha#bnha fluff #does anyone even read these tags #how ya doing #^ ^
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    Day 5.

    Today, my sister and I went to a fancy restaurant called “Krusty Krab”. The wooden tables were so delicious, and the chairs were the perfect size. Everything was going great.. that was until someone bursted through the glass doors.


    It was Man Ray, looking evil as ever. He had taken my friend a few months ago. I will never forgive him for the pain he has caused to the citizens of bikini bottom.

    “Shut up.” Some fish yelled, throwing their trash at him.

    “No, YOU shut up.”

    I stood up and ran over to him, punching him on the stomach. He groaned and folded, crossing his arms over the painful area.

    “Loser stupid idiot.” I spat at him, grabbing his ear thing and dragging him out of the restaurant.

    “Ow, hey, you’re hurting me!” He complained, trying to get out of my strong grip, but he failed horrendously.

    “No.” I simply said, pulling even hard than before.

    Before I could take him to my car, Mermaid man and Barnacle boy pulled up in their invisible boat mobile.

    “Get in.”

    We hopped in the car, and I grabbed rope from the trunk, wrapping it tightly around Man Ray. After he was secured in the seat, Mermaid man drove us to Man Ray’s evil lair cave.

    My palms grew sweaty, and I was a bit nervous. I prayed to Spongebob Squarepants that my friend would be safe and sound when we found her.

    “We are here.” Barnacle boy stated blandly, opening the car door for us.

    I picked Man Ray up with my muscular and manly arms, bringing him to the cave. I threw him in there and untied him.

    “Bring me to my friend. Or else.” I threatened, pulling my pocket knife from behind my ear.

    “Okay.” He agreed for some reason.. it concerned me.

    There must be something he was hiding.

    He led me to a small door, telling me to go first. I got on my knees and opened it, crawling through the tight space.

    I finally made it to the other side, looking around at the empty room. But it wasn’t so empty..

    I noticed my friend, tied up in the corner, tears running down her face.

    “Max!” I shouted, running up to her and quickly releasing her.

    She grinned and hugged me, but then seemed to remember something and pushed me away.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Max shook her head, curling up into a ball and trying to hide was the problem was.

    I gently grabbed her hand and moved it, revealing something truly horrific..

    Man Ray had done something so evil. So malicious. Something only a true villain would do.

    He had taken her pants.

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    Creepy the Clown

    Louis Barton was a party clown, but he was bad at it. The children would cry at his clumsy antics, and their parents would kick him out and threaten to sue him for their money back. Without fail, every event he attended would end in chaos and threats of bodily harm.

    Louis was not discouraged, however, because clowning was only a ruse. In these modern times, it was increasingly difficult to trick a human into inviting him into their home. It was an inconvenient law of nature, dating back to a time when Man was drawing on cave walls with berry juice. Louis had to ask for permission to enter a dwelling.

    Through the years, he had pretended to be a travelling doctor, a vacuum salesman, television repairman, carpet cleaner, an exorcist (the irony of that job was just too sweet), and for a few months he was an exotic dancer at bachelorette parties -- he looked pretty good for a 4,102 year old being.

    Louis had settled on being a party clown simply because, in four millennia, he hadn't tried it yet. It was an ingenious way to gain access to the purest blood source the species could offer, which was that of human children.

    Lately, there were reports of a nightprowler who climbed through kids' bedroom windows when they were sleeping and pierced their neck with a needle. The little victims were examined thoroughly by medical professionals who announced that the prowler had not injected the victims with a nefarious substance, but rather had exsanguinated the children to an alarming degree. The victims subsequently received a blood transfusion and were sent home, a little stunned from the experience but overall perfectly fine.

    Baffled by this information, the media had dubbed the mysterious suspect "The Creepy Crawler."

    The police had not yet made the connection between the inept party clown who had recently come to their town and the Crawler who had also recently come to town. Which gave Louis Barton plenty of time to hightail it to another hemisphere.

    After all, he had a theory that needed testing. If he became an architect and built the dwellings himself, would he even need to ask permission to enter...?

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    HE ALWAYS SEEMED TO SMELL OF CINNAMON when they met. he liked to sit beside her and sing by her ear. she fell for his voice almost instantly — it was low and lazy and rare and she adored it. she seemed to hang around him the most when her boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

    the titles of half the songs he sang, she had no idea. but she had the melodies memorised by heart.

    jimin came around occasionally, but if not, it was just her and the tattooed boy.

    THE GROWING FONDNESS FOR THE GIRL who smiled as if the world was hers and tucked daisies behind her ear. the girl who sang along shyly to him. the girl who smelled of the summer and the sparkling sea.

    he was starting to get afraid of how pretty she was, honestly. his heart didn’t know, nor like, the idea of having affections affections someone. not even just as a person. but she was not just a person because he was pretty sure she was a star. simple but elegant. never brighter than the moon but he seemed to only look at her.

    his star.

    —einn, "1997"

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    Todos tratamos cómo nos gustaría ser tratados.

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    "A Knock On The Door"


    "Dude, there are already lots of incidents!"

    "I know..."

    "They said if someone knock on your door, don't you ever open it for them."

    Lots and lots of incidents happened at our province, and that thought alone already scared me. It was already night time, me and both of my siblings shared the same bedroom. And the catch here is that, I sleep near the window. No glass or whatever, just the curtain alone trying to save us from evil.

    From what I saw and read on my social media accounts, my heart is pounding like it's gonna leave and break through my ribs. My anxious and paranoid mind began to overthink different scenarios.

    After praying at 11 PM, me and my sisters decided to sleep. And because of my anxious mind, I cannot sleep. And so, I decided to read e-books and log in to my facebook account. It was full of memes and kpop related post. And when I feel sleepy, I decided to just close my eyes.

    And alas, to no avail. I looked at the time in my phone and it shows 12 AM. Because of my anxious mind, different scenarios was once again fill in my thoughts. I want to cry, but my eyes doesn't cooperate. I hold onto my only source of protection, the rosary.

    I turned my back and was now facing the figure of my sibling, the back in front of me. I tried to close my eyes and the light that came out from the window was the only thing I was focusing. It was totally a nightmare.

    I squint my eyes and covering half of my face with my cover. And then, I heard a creek coming out from our veranda. Scared, I moved a little to my sibling, still closing my eyes. And then,

    I feel someone poking my bottom right ribs. I froze. I was palpitating, and that I even heard my heartbeat. And then, another poke.

    And another.

    And another.

    It was poking me up to my upper ribs.

    My breathing hitch.

    It stopped.


    This was based on my experience the other night. It's really scary. You see, I live in this province where a knock on a door ever night are killers or something. It is really bothering me that it ended me, not getting any sleep. It was a horrible experience. If you ever search about what truly happened, lots and lots of incidents will pop up.

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    The Tailor (The Grisha Trilogy #1.5)

    The Tailor (The Grisha Trilogy #1.5)

    Author: Leigh Bardugo Rating: 3/5 A scene of Shadow and Bone from Genya’s perspective. Spoilers ahead. (more…)

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    #book reviews#books #Genya&039;s POV! #Grisha#Leigh Bardugo#Ravka#short story #The Darking is literally so attractive
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    Bsşka bir evrende en güzel halinle....

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    Irreparable (Original Short Story)

    It fell down the well, and by this time, it had happened so often that I had to roll my eyes. He was nervous, probably expecting me to solve this or to gently guide him so we could both pick it out. Sure, it had been mostly my fault, what with me tossing it around like it was some sort of cheap, vibrantly coloured plastic toy found in a bin. But he was there too, and he had received my pass. Instead of putting it in his pocket, he passed it back to me and went on to ignore me once more. I admit it that my judgement was bad, my head full of voices and thoughts telling me to just do it already, do something, anything, to get his attention. He could have said something. Could have told me to cut it out, remind me were near the well, for I was too blind-sighted putting up a show for him, trying to figure out a way to engage him.

    Had it been a hundred times that I reassured him that he could say those things to me? It might have been more. Even now he remained inactive.

    "I'm not picking it up this time," I said.

    "But I'm not sure how—"

    "You've seen me do it at least twenty times. It's your turn."

    "It wasn't me who dropped it."

    "Not this time, you mean."

    I also pointed at the cast around my leg. As soft and jittery as he was, he would have to find a way, for I could not. I offered to hold the rope up for him, and he said that he'd keep it in mind, but he never took me up on the offer. Said he’d do it later. I squinted at him, not sure if I liked the way he was avoiding it. The water would ruin it, I said. Words I stressed because I knew very well how he was the type to put it off for weeks, if he could. He said he'd have done by next day, that now was a bad time, and that he just needed to rest and maybe throw up.

    Understandable. Please, go and puke your entrails out, and then get it done. My smile was a crude imitation of happier times.

    I waited for him to tell me he had done it by next day. He didn't speak to me once. He didn't speak to me for a whole week. I simply thought he had forgotten to tell me, since he was such a busy man. When he did, he had it in his hand, and it was ruined.

    "You said you'd do it nine days ago."

    "I just couldn't."

    I looked at it, held in its disastrous state by feeble hands, asking myself why I hadn't just jumped into the well and held it up above the water until someone took me out, with my leg broken beyond repair, but with our precious thing still in one piece.

    Its remains were about to make me cry, knowing that I was the main reason why it was ruined, and that the only time I had decided to just let him handle it, also happened to be the time where it became so it could never be repaired. He never knew how to act. I should have known better than to leave it up to him. It was ours, yes, shared responsibility.

    It was my time to want to throw up. Yes, shared responsibility, but why did it always have to be me? Even when it wasn’t because of me, it was always me who got out of the various places where we had lost it, covered in cuts and scratches, bruises and dirt, while he nervously waited for me to come back. Yet I had always come back with it safely. Every single time, I had saved it, to my own detriment.

    Was I wrong to do that?

    "You could have told me you couldn't do it, so I could... Or I could have been a little more prepared for… this."

    "I'm sorry."

    "Why didn't you tell me?"

    He took an exasperated breath. Something akin to guilt and hurt came tangled out with that carbon dioxide.

    "I was afraid of your reaction. You could have gone ahead and broken your other leg, or you could have broken mine instead."

    It was true. Yet I would have at least known he cared enough to have someone go in and pick it up, cast and all.This was just a confirmation that he had never cared to the same degree. He didn’t look as heartbroken as I had expected. Hadn’t this been his favourite thing? Had he lied to me when he said he never wanted to part from it? Did it have value only to me?

    “I still don’t get it. Why didn’t you go? You let over a week pass before—”

    “Things have been difficult recently. I didn’t have it in me. I’m really, really sorry...”

    “Your family?”

    He kept silent. I repeated my question, worried, and he eventually nodded, but didn’t elaborate.

    “Do you want to talk about it?”

    He shook his head.

    “It’s in the past.”

    Could I really blame him? Me, angry at him for the sorry state of our childhood treasure? Likely, but hardly the end of it all. When it came down to it, it was his inability to speak openly to me anymore that told me the trinket was doomed from day one. It would have happened later, if not now.

    I sighed, and opened the door, hoping my ability to care would leave with him.

    "Get out of my house. We have no reason to meet again."

    The trinket snapped in half easily. I kept one half, and gave him the other to do with it whatever he wanted. I had no idea what to do with mine. Maybe I would toss it down the well after all. It was broken, and I felt guilty at its pitiful state. We never figured out what it was, or what it did, but it never stopped me from getting attached to the memories shared through it. The rust on the metal extended into myself and clogged my senses with emotions I didn’t want. I closed the door as he left, and leaned against it, wanting to cry.

    But I couldn’t. And I knew I wouldn’t be able unless I had an actual say in all of this.

    I opened the door once more, and strode up to him as he turned around, kicking his knee, grabbing his head, and throwing him to the ground, where he stayed, the palms of his hands smeared in blood after scraping against the flagstone beneath us. The real satisfaction came from seeing him on the floor, unable to do anything in his confusion. From above his miserable visage, I stomped on his leg as hard as I knew and could. One week earlier, and we would have matched.

    He went home limping after I refused to treat him. Something to remember me by, to make sure he wouldn't come back. I didn’t want him back after all of this.

    I cradled my half of the trinket, finally too overwhelmed to hold back, and before I could begin to cry, I threw it against the wall. Only after making sure it was truly useless, was it that I could truly feel sorry for myself.


    Human relationships are ugly, sometimes.

    I did this as an exercise to step into the shoes of someone who had a very awful reaction to bad news in a situation that made impossible for me to side with anyone. Nobody did the right thing. Nobody was the bigger person. And I can’t blame either of them for not wanting to be.

    #original writing#short story #there might be mistakes in this but I'm not in the right mind to notice #my bad
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    The Proposal

    “There was no need of all this, Anjali Ji” She was saying, while stuffing another cashew in her mouth.

    “Nahi nahi! It’s our pleasure, Devika Ji. And Beta, why don’t you drink your tea, before it turns cold”? My mother turned to the guy, sitting between his mom and dad.

    He merely smiled at my mom, and picked up his tea cup.

    Apparently, there was enough space on the sofa to accommodate two more people, so I wondered why were they crushing their poor son to death, as he looked visibly uncomfortable.

    This was the boy I was going to marry, if everything went well, at this similar to an “interview” scenario.

    I was sitting opposite to him, along with my mother, silently counting the cashews his mother was consuming.

    “Or batao beta, are you graduated”? She turned towards me.

    I looked at my mother, and she smiled at me with assurance.

    “I am a PhD holder in organic chemistry, aunty” I replied with a smile.

    “Is that what took you so long to marry? 26 is a little late for women to get married, beta” She said with a wry smile.

    Then why the hell are you here, at a 26 year old woman’s house, with a marriage proposal aunty?

    I asked her that question mentally; partially because, I didn’t wanted to be rude, and partially because, she didn’t wait for my reply, but instead turned towards my mother and continued in her loud voice,

    “Adit has an elder sister, ji. She wanted to come too, but she’s expecting her second child, you see. We are glad that we got her married, as soon as she turned 21. What is the point in spending a lot of money on your girl’s education, when she’s going to get married eventually. A girl’s primary concern should be to take care of the family she’s been married to. My daughter’s in-laws got no complaints about her. She takes good care of the her husband and in-laws, just as I taught her. I am proud of what my daughter has become!”

    Oh yeah, housewife indeed. What a flex!

    She said that so dramatically, heaving a sigh of relief, which gave me an impression that, her daughter was a burden to her.

    Well of course, I couldn’t say that out loud. The fact that her daughter stays at home and takes care of her in-laws didn’t irk me, but how this woman reared her daughter just for that sole purpose, pissed me off. Two minutes into the conversation, I had already begun to feel disgusted. I wondered how her family put up with her.

    “So Meghna beta, what are your hobbies?” Her husband spoke to me for the first time.

    “I like to read, uncle, and sometimes I play guitar too” I replied.

    Adit looked at me, when he heard the word guitar.

    Maybe he had a thing for guitars too.

    “Acha beta, I think that’s pretty cool…” He was saying, when the obnoxious woman interrupted him,

    “What cool ji?” She asked her husband sharply.

    “Beta, take up some hobbies like cooking, I’ve never once in my life, seen a woman playing a guitar!” She said turning towards me.

    Well aunty, there’s a world beyond your vision. Also, thanks for letting me know that hobbies were gender based too.

    I looked at Adit, and yes, he had seen a lot of women, playing guitar, the look of embarrassment on his face said it all.

    Okay! This woman truly was repulsive. I couldn’t help but, feel happy for her “happily married” daughter, for having an escape from such a terrible mother.

    I wondered why my mother was so silent. Unlike this lady, my mother is a no-nonsense person. But, this time she was sitting silently, watching me getting humiliated.

    “Also beta Meghna….” the vile woman had no intention to stop, “…we don’t prefer woman, who wear short or revealing clothes, even at home. There will be men in the house, you see”.

    What? Did you just say “men” aunty? What type of men do you have at your house? And who are these men who can’t stand your daughter-in-law wearing whatever clothes she wants to, without losing their self-control? Your son? Your husband? Your relatives? What does that say about the “men” you have in your life aunty?! And how are the “men” at your house, any of my concern at all? And why are you teaching me morality, instead of teaching them self control?

    What concerned me now, was my mother’s silence. I couldn’t believe that my mom wouldn’t respond to this women’s gibberish.

    Only if I could get back the cashews I’ve wasted on this women, if not my time!

    I couldn’t put to words, how badly I wanted her out of my house. I couldn’t help but feel pity for her, to have formed such toxic opinions, to have lived her life around people who shaped her views into poison. I wondered if Adit, and his father and sister shared the same opinions too. It didn’t matter now. I was going to reject this proposal anyways, because unlike her unfortunate daughter, I always had the freedom to make decisions regarding my own life. And for a moment I wished, her daughter had that too.

    The silence might have bored her, so inspite of having loads of other demeaning comments to make, she decided to give her son a chance to speak, finally.

    “Beta Adit, don’t you have anything to ask her?…”

    Yeah, perhaps something about my virginity now.

    “… You haven’t talked to her yet, why so Beta?” She asked him.

    “Maybe, he’s waiting for you to finish shitting, so that he can clean up your mess, Devika Ji.”

    Out of nowhere, I heard my mother’s powerful voice!

    BOOM! And my mom was crowned as the most savage mother of the year, then and there.

    I couldn’t believe she actually said that. The three horrified faces which sat across us, was a sight I would never forget in my life! Within 10 seconds, they were on their feet, too mortified to utter even a single word. They left my house, closing the door behind them, while my mom simple sat there, her eyes following their movements, with a smirk on her face.

    I was too shocked to move. I was sitting there not sure whether to laugh or simply hug my mom, when I saw her getting up,

    “Where do you think you are going?” I asked her.

    “To grab some wine. Feel like celebrating, don’t we?” She said with a grin and before I could answer, she left.

    © Written by Bhavya Betty

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    The New Arrival

    Lord Bracket turned around in the main hallway, his arms spread wide.  Lucinda took in the grand bifurcated staircase, the drooping chandelier, the rows and rows of family portraits in gilded frames with their austere stares. “They won’t give you an ounce of trouble,” Lord Bracket laughed.  “So many ancestors; I can’t remember all of their names!  Come through to the salon; I hope you’ll find it…

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    Fujin x Reader Kpop Short Story 💕

    Hello 👋 this story was requested by @riya1789! Hopefully you like Blackpink :-) I sincerely apologize for the long wait, and I hope you enjoy this story ^^ This is also for any Kpop fans that happen to like this group, so please enjoy!

    🌸 S/O (You) will be pink

    🌼 Fujin will be orange

    Enjoy ^^

    ~1 day, 43 minutes, and 15 seconds until the BLACKPINK concert.... and I’ve got a ticket-! I have been waiting for this day since I was in the womb.... maybe I’m over-exaggerating a bit. >_< I even have one of the best seats there... and I get to see all four of their amazing faces for the first time in my life! I’m thrilled.~ 😁

    |At Your Friend's House|

    Your Friend: "Ah, you’re so lucky, (Y/N)! It’s so hard to get a good seat at their concerts, they usually sell out in like, an hour!" 🤭

    "Eeeeeee, I know!!!!! It's going to be the best feeling in the world!" I’m gonna hold my light stick up so high and it’s going to shine the brightest!" 🥺

    Your Friend: "I’m so happy for you, I just know it’ll be so special!"

    "Thanks, (your friend's name)! I promised to meet Fujin somewhere, so I gotta go." ☺️

    ~You smile and blush.~

    Your Friend: "Aaahhh, does Fujin know about your Kpop obsession?!"

    "Eheh, maybe.... 😉.... He’s super supportive, though. I’m so lucky to have him in my life."

    ~You arrive at the park, where Fujin is waiting for you.~

    ~Looks around.~

    "There’s a lot of people here, Fujin." 😟

    Fujin: "Yes, darling. 😊 did you want something more... secluded?"

    "Eh, hehe, no, this is fine!" ~You blush.~

    "As you know already, the concert I am attending is tomorrow, so hopefully Raiden can give you some company while I’m gone." ☺️

    Fujin: "Hehe, I suppose so... although he’s been busy as of late. I will probably just enjoy the day doing some casual activities." 😊

    "Awe, that sounds good." ~You lunge at Fujin, forgetting about the people that surrounded you.~

    "You have no idea how excited I am-"

    ~You paused your sentence as two mean-looking strangers approached you.~

    Stranger 1: "Don’t you think it’s a bit strange to do that sort of act in public??" 🤨

    "Um, like embracing my partner? No..?" 😕

    Stranger 2: "Kpop is so outdated and stupid... I’m surprised anyone even still listens to that. Talk about a bad taste in music. 🤣

    ~They both laughed.~

    You: 😞

    Fujin: ~Glares at them angrily.~ "Why should you bring down others just because they are fond of different things?"

    Stranger 1: "Listen, pretty boy. It’s a free country and we’re allowed to have any opinion that we want.

    Fujin: "You sound... insane. We do not want to argue or associate ourselves with you, so please leave us be.

    Stranger 2: "Shush." ~Looks at you.~ "How do you listen to that when you don’t really even know what they’re saying? They’re foreigners... and that makes you look like an idiot!" 😝

    ~ Being bullied wasn’t your first rodeo, and you are very sensitive to hate. You began to cry.~

    Fujin: ~Holds you tightly as if he’s protecting you.~

    "This is your last warning to leave." 😠

    Stranger 1: "Heh, what are you gonna do?" 🥱

    Fujin: "I am very much glad you asked. Allow me to demonstrate." ^^

    ~Forcefully, the wind god stood up above the mean scoundrels and lifted them with his winds, very high up in the air.~

    Stranger 1: "AHH, WHAT THE HELL?!?!"

    Stranger 2: "THIS MAN'S GOT SOME VOODOO-"

    "Woah..." 😦

    Fujin: "Now, what do you promise? It better be a good response too or-"



    Fujin: ~Puts them down.~ "Begone."

    ~They run like there’s no tomorrow.~

    ~Snifs~ "Thank you, Fujin..."

    Fujin: "Of course. I can’t stand it when others misjudge a person like that...."

    "Especially when they don’t even know me. I’m going to block out haters like them and still have a good time." ^^ ~Wipes away tears.~

    ~It was finally the day of the concert. You were so excited that you couldn’t even contain yourself in the line. After hours of waiting, Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo were finally on stage. Your heart was pounding through your chest, followed by your rushing-adrenaline. The screams of all of their fans including yours filled the air; you were star-struck. They sung their hearts out all night and tears were shed throughout the concert. One of the members even eyed you, and after that, you couldn’t even move! It was the best experience you’ve ever encountered. You thought about everything there; how lucky you are, all of their amazing songs, but most importantly; Fujin. Your biggest fan and supporter of all.

    🖤 • 🖤 • 🖤 • 🖤 • 🖤• 🖤• 🖤 • 🖤• 🖤 • 🖤 • 🖤

    Hehe, hopefully whoever is reading this enjoyed the story. I’ve never really been into Kpop personally, but I’m pretty sure it’s really cool for whoever is. Remember to be yourself and don’t judge others for what they like or believe in. Have a good night/day! 💜

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    Sitting at a coffee shop

    He walks up and says hello

    I’m shy

    But I offer him a warm smile and I say hello back

    He says his name and I say nice to meet you

    I don’t offer mine, because I don’t know if I’m ready to let a stranger into the crazy world I’ve been living in

    He asks if he can sit , and I nod

    I would love to get to know you he says,

    I look down and then back up , I bite my lip, out of habit, and then I say..

    That could take a very long time.

    I have more than enough time, he says

    I chuckle ..and I say hi I’m b, and then we both smile at each other and take a sip of the coffee we both know we didn’t come here for..

    #spilled ink #shortstory

    #excerpt from a book i'll never finish #poetry#art#spilled ink#short story
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