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  • “So Much for a Day Off”

    I messed up and forgot to do my job. Looks like I’m spending my day off fixing that! Also, join me for a little jaunt through the forest and see what it’s like following a transect.

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  • welcome to the first short of many! :)

    #barbedblossom#oc#ocs#my art#art#digital art#comic#shorts#greg#tulip #greg rly is a soft man #he can't deny his daughter anything #tulip is a soft baby girl #bringing him flowers #good baby #and yes she'll never really talk
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  • Donald’s Nephews, 1938

    This cartoon was the film debut for Huey, Dewey and Louie, who were first introduced in comic books.

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  • Drihp Campaign Photoshoot | May 2020

    BDG ‘Boyfriend Low-Rise Distressed Denim Short’ - no longer available

    Worn with: Drihp bra, Drihp bracelets, Audemars Piguet watch, Rolex watch

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  • “Despite the lack of everyday human contact, our zombie cities continue marching on.”

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    I noticed that your request fitted with the plot of this story. So decided to make this into the story for #fulllove. I hope you like it!! :)


    Originally posted by mxgif

    Pairing: Shownu x Reader


    Genre: none really, just a setup for the story, but angst & fluff on the way

    Word count: 955

    Warnings: none (yet)

    Prologue, part 1, part 2 (coming soon)

    A few days in, you got a phone call from the renovation company saying they had found signs of fungus and rotting. So, by result, it would take at least a month to get the place in order. You rented the apartment so barely had to pay a thing, but now you could see the price tag rising. You were out of a job, got set out of your apartment for renovations, living mostly off your aunt and just didn’t know what to do. To say you were desperate was an understatement.

    “Where are you going?” Your aunt asked after breakfast. You had dressed up more than usual and draped your bag around your shoulder.

    “Jobhunting.” You smiled before making your way out. You knew that not permanently living in the city wouldn’t be a help in finding a job, but you desperately needed one.

    “Would you be willing to work for us for over a year?” probably not.

    “Where would you see yourself in 10 years?” I have no idea.

    “Why do you want this job?” I need the money.

    These were not the answer you gave, obviously. But even the answers you gave didn’t seem to land you the job. They didn’t seem interested anyway.

    “I’m sorry, we’re not taking anyone right now.” The owner of a local coffee shop stated apologetically. You sighed.

    “You looking for a job?” A voice sounded as a hand reached for the freshly made coffee. You turned to see the man who had guided you home the week before. You timidly nodded in response. “They’re looking for an assistant where I work, could try your luck there.” He was far from the charismatic man you had met that night. He was rather quiet and seemed stoic even. Barely meeting your gaze.

    “You work at the law firm down the block, right?” He gave you a quick nod in confirmation. He was about to walk away until he spoke one last time. “Oh, and be honest, they have no need for suck ups.”

    You made your way to the firm and looked up at the tall building.

    ‘MX-corporation’ It said in large golden letters on the front. You let out a deep breath and pushed open the glass doors and walked right up to the main desk. But no one was there, in fact the whole building seemed vacant

    “Hello!?” You called.

    A man entered at your call from a door further down. You did not seem to be who he had expected. “Good evening.” He raised an eyebrow, and you only now realised how late it was. “Oh, uhm, Hyunwoo said there was a position open for an assistant. But I didn’t realise how late it was, I can come back tomorrow.” You all but stuttered, a little ashamed. He was probably on his way home when you bumped into him.

    “That’s alright.” The man smiled “That empty seat needs to be filled as soon as possible. It’s quite the problem as you may have noticed.” He walked up to you sluggishly, hands in his pockets.

    “Lee Minhyuk.” He introduced, holding out his hand for you to shake.

    “L/N Y/N.” You smiled, he motioned for you to follow him and led you to an office, where he had just come from.

    You decided to follow Hyunwoo’s advice and just tell the truth. It didn’t feel right, telling someone you didn’t actually care about the job you were applying for, just the money. But as Minhyuk clapped his hands together you were shown that honesty can work.

    “If you can start working tomorrow, then here is your contract.” He placed the contract on the desk in front of you along with a pen.

    You started reading, and he leaned back in his chair that tilted with his weight, his feet resting against the desk. “Good, always read contracts trough. Don’t forget the smaller lines.” He said pointedly.

    “Why am I sworn to secrecy?” You wondered with a frown. “I’m just a secretary.”

    “It’s in the word isn’t it?” He joked “No, but you never know what you might pick up while working in a law firm. And we need to be able to promise our clients full confidentiality.” His reasoning seemed fair, along with the rest of the contract, and so you signed. Above all the contract was monthly. So, every month it could be renewed, or you could just leave, as long as you swore secrecy.

    It was the perfect opportunity.

    So there you sat, every single day, from morning till evening. You honestly didn’t have much work. You were in charge of the planning, letting people in, showing them to where they needed to be, serving drinks and sometimes cleaning up the place.  You honestly got payed way too much for the work you were doing. Sometimes you’d let people in but wouldn’t see them again on their way out. But you knew there was a back entrance, so you didn’t think much of it.

    The men you worked with, or for, were quite delightful, and you didn’t mind seeing hyunwoo more often either. You’d almost say you had a crush on the tall stoic yet friendly man. Almost. You were an adult after all.

    “Y/N. You leaving too? Want to get a coffee together?” You were packing up your bag one late evening when Hyunwoo approached you. You honestly didn’t understand his need for coffee that late in the day, but would opt for a tea and accepted his offer.

    From there on, you’d often join him after work and he’d walk you home every evening. To make sure you safely returned to your doorstep. You felt safe in this large city with him around.

    ♥ Thanks for reading!  ♥


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    Summer heat

    #summer#bra#shorts #high waisted shorts #black and white #tattoos girls with tattoos #arm tattoos#thigh tattoo#rib tattoos#pale#mirror selfie
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    I shudder at remembering the unsettling sight of another soul being taken. Standing behind the familiar yellow lines that indicate only a few can pass, I gaze as the forensic scientists carefully clean and collects the details of the crime scene. Their light coloured gears stick like a sore thumb in the night under the white light.

    I gently massage my temple at the sudden headache that arises as I focus on problems after examining the crime scene before.

    Large gashes of wound indicating killed by another animal with a resisting victim. Broken neck, large scratches on the chest, and an almost completely broken skull.

    A warm hand is placed onto my shoulder that made me flinch in surprise, making these thoughts momentarily wither.

    “Usually people will leave you be as you began to ponder,” He gives a soft worrying smile. “But as a friend, it’s better if you settle this in your office.”

    Rosario and I entered the police force unexpectedly together — in which I have no recollection of — I didn’t plan on becoming a friend of him even when both of us were assigned to the same station in a small town together. Everything should be done professionally, efficiently, I don’t want a friend in a dangerous workplace. I won’t be able to keep them safe by then.

    Rosario, however, wanted none of the distance I’ve placed between us. His actions of approach were kind, he listened and understood where I came from unlike most who challenge my place as a new detective. I have to admit, the bastard has made me soft for him.

    I give a deep frown at his words. “Way to break my trance Marín.”

    He chuckles lightly at my growl. “Sorry, but your presence is rilling them up.” He jabs a thumb behind him were the commotion that I’ve tried hard to ignore only grows louder by the minute. “They won’t leave until you leave too.”

    He has a point at least. Also has a much nicer way telling me to get out.

    “Right,” I mutter.

    I gently massage my temple again from the throbbing headache that makes me grit my teeth. A migraine?

    The familiar look of concern immediately appears on his face as he notices my reaction, softening his sharp features. Always the mother hen of the group. “Do you need pills for that?”

    “I’m fine.” I snap before giving a deep sigh to compose myself. “It’s just…I’m fine okay? I’ll settle it eventually like I always do.” I give a dismissal wave.

    Rosario only gives a small smile. “I don’t doubt that at all.”

    I give him a friendly pat on the arm as a sign of appreciation, awkwardly so but Rosario doesn’t point it out. “But thank you. For worrying.” The words are harder to come out of my mouth than I thought, almost a mutter in the noise.

    His eyes soften at my gesture. “Of course, anything for a friend.”

    “Stop calling me friend, we’re not friends.” I jokingly added.

    He only laughs at my response.

    • • •

    The station is dark as expected. It’s two in the morning once what needs to be settled at the crime scene has been done and coming here using my car. I let my hand run down my scalp with a deep exhale, fingers in between short strands, obviously frustrated but unsurprised for working late night again.

    Aimlessly wandering towards my office within the darkness is easy enough after knowing the workings within.

    As I unlock the door, my whole body tenses to see a shadowy figure looming within the room and on my chair. The moon casting the shape of the humanely figure, expectedly waiting with an attentive gaze watching my every move on what I’ll do next.

    I switch on the light and glower when I get a clearer view of who it is.


    “Associate.” She quips.

    Then she tilts her head with a smirk forming on her mouth. “Maybe I should call you Detective instead? That’ll swell your pride no?”

    I try my best not to break a vein trying to deal with her. I close the door behind my back for some privacy, I don’t need another problem arising from this sudden visit.

    “Firstly, stop entering my office like it’s some damn love hotel.”

    She picks her nose and flicks the booger across the room, purposely irking me as I try my hardest to not strangle her neck.

    “Secondly, I don’t appreciate you or this work you’ve been assigned to when you came here.” I glare at the condition she’s in with arms crossed.

    From where I stood she merely wears my overcoat that I’ve left in the office with nothing underneath. Her dark hair unsightly, containing dark dried liquids that crisp her hair in place and a face covered in splatters of it.

    She places both feet on my desk, I grimace at the sight of the sole of her feet as the excess what was stuck on it fall onto the old wood.

    “Took you a while to get back here, I’m almost dried off.” She hums.

    My brows furrowed deep, only enhancing the lines between them. “Can’t you just tell me why the hell are you killing people in the town? Look, I get it’s the whole damn pact you’ve made with your doggy clan—”

    “Werewolf pack.” She corrects me with an eyebrow raised.

    I ignore the correction. “—But why in the hell is murder involved? I can’t keep you under wraps for too long!”

    There’s mischief glinting in her eyes at my question, as if expecting and glad I said it aloud. “Then why don’t you throw me behind bars? That’d be easy won’t it sister?”

    #giri/haji did this to me #mine#shorts
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