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  • janinereadsanimorphs
    09.05.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    You ever just think about Ouran Highschool Host Club and remember how much you hate Kyoya and how much you hate the fandom for liking him?

    #and how much you hate your friend who introduced you to the show #for telling you hes the best character and setting an expectation he could never meet? #i just haye kyoya from ohshc okay?
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  • sameenaf
    09.05.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    this is so funny 30k in months of it being out worldwide. I love seeing marvel people fail miserably yes I’m a hater

    #idc he’s probably rich enough and he got that falcon show he can take a FLOP
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  • sassassassins
    09.05.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    From planning to posting, share your process for making creative content!

    To continue supporting content makers, this tag game is meant to show the entire process of making creative content: this can be for any creation.

    RULES — When your work is tagged, show the process of its creation from planning to posting, then tag 5 people with a specific link to one of their creative works you’d like to see the process of. Use the tag #showyourprocess so we can find yours!

    I was tagged by @baoshan-sanren for this word of honor set (thank you!!!)

    I'll be tagging:

    @cescedes for this wangxian set with really interesting blue coloring

    @thatgothsamurai for this fanart of Wen Kexing that lives in my head rent free at all times

    @yvlan​ for this lovely lwj set

    @ostardust for this heartrending wangxian set (especially the last gif with the blue coloring in the trees)

    @absentia123 for this aesthetic edit of Wen Ning

    no pressure, especially if you’ve been tagged already or if you made the edit a while ago!!

    I was very excited about this set. I started thinking about it when I was writing a meta about Zhou Zishu that included the line "A ghost and an assassin, two entities who should never see the light of day, walk side by side in the human realm."

    I thought that could serve as a summary for the drama as a whole, so I tweaked the wording and turned it into a gifset.


    1. Choose moments -

    gif 1 was Zhou Zishu as an assassin, so it had to be ep 1

    gif 2 had to parallel gif 1 with a shot of Wen Kexing looking towards the camera, and I wanted a moment with the red robes, so ep 31

    gif 3 has the text "step into," so I chose the moment in 32 when Zishu steps towards Kexing for a visual pun

    gif 4 had to be episode 37 when they're diffused in light (I found 37 on tumblr, downloaded it, and cropped it to avoid the subtitles)

    That also meant the set started with Zhou Zishu's first appearance and ended with the final shot of the whole show, and it set up a nice color gradient of dark to light.

    2. Import video frames to layers in photoshop - I have the raw .mp4 files downloaded, dm me if you want to know where to get them. I use frame animation, so I then selected 63 frames for each gif and set the frame rate to 0.07. I really like all gifs in a set to be the same length, and I think 0.07 usually looks natural and smooth, so I try to have my number of frames as multiples of 7. Does that matter? Probably not, but it makes me feel better.

    3. Create smart object from layers

    4. Add base coloring - for Word of Honor, I borrow @zhouszishu 's coloring as a base, which they shared here. I do my own coloring for cql sets, but their WoH base coloring is gorgeous and I like saving time.

    5. Add text - I used Trajan Pro Bold, which is a basic font that comes with photoshop. I tried using a fancy font I downloaded from the internet first, but then I realized I didn’t know what I was doing and gave up. :)

    6. Sharpen gif - I follow this glossy sharpening tutorial

    And now for the fun part -- figuring out how to add effects!! I am a photoshop newbie in many ways, so I was looking at tutorials while doing this.

    The process was largely the same on each gif, so I'll break down the most complicated one:

    I had the base gif and the base coloring, and I wanted to make the background red.

    Following this tutorial, I used a giant soft brush (300-400 pixels, 0% hardness) and colored the background red, then set the blending mode to color. I did the same thing in black around the edges, but with blending mode soft light. There was still some blue showing through between the ribs of the fan, so I used hue/saturation to desaturate the blues to make it less obvious.

    Then I added the text and set the blending mode on the text to "difference" to get the effect of reversing whatever is behind it.

    I then added a gradient mask (solid to transparent), clipped the mask to the text layer, and played around with it until the gradient was visible, but you could still read the text.  And we end up with this!!

    I then repeated that with each gif, and made additional adjustments on each, including using a giant soft brush in black around the border of gif 1 to make the rooftop less visible and intensifying the greens in gif 3

    I had subtly different versions of gif 1 and gif 4 saved, because I wanted the text to dissolve into the background, but also to make sure you could still read it. I also made an alternate version of gif 3. I like to save multiple versions and usually an alternate gif or two to make sure I actually like the way things look when they're uploaded. So I made this:

    But I decided that final version was more satisfying even though the text placement is meh, because he actually completes the movement before the loop restarts.

    And that's it!! Nothing too complicated, and I am in awe of so many other creators on this site. But thanks for tagging me!

    #show your process #word of honor
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  • lynnesgalaxy
    09.05.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Interview time!!!

    You can read their interviews here!

    #tumblr probably wont show this in the tags but!!! it's done!!! i wanted to share it anyway!! #bugsnax#grumpus#grumpus oc#bugsnax oc#oc#original character#frankley#emilette#creetus #i tried to imitate the game's style but i wasnt too convinced so i just cleaned up the sketches and colored them #anywAY i've shared their interviews in some places before but never here!! and they're all finally done so yEAH #digital art #this is an art tag #also i made emilette's eyebags way more obvious here since i realized how subtle they are when i draw them #but she has them for as log as she stays in snaktooth #creetus too. but his are way less noticeable #or rather. he just has a resting angry face so others might assume he's just Like That with his eyebags
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  • safertravels
    09.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Every time I see a word of honor gif I am again flabbergasted at the apparent fact that it was a real actual tv show

    #they just nailed the formula SO hard #it’s just...do you want EVERY mood? EVERY genre?this show is for you #i don’t even care that the last few episodes spiral into increasing incomprehensibility #my lizard brain is here for every last second #i am on the slippery slope of about to rewatch #shl #...perhaps a few episodes as my reward for getting through ALL the hsk4 vocabulary drills
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  • falling-for-fallon
    09.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    driving to work like

    #jimmy fallon#being cute#on #tonight show with jimmy fallon
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  • funnywings
    09.05.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Based on posts I’ve been seeing recently, there is a contingent of people who are going to literally stop watching anything they see that has Dabb’s name in the credits, and tbh I think that’s right and good.

    #Listen i think dabb did want deancas #that does not change how the show actually ended #it is so far past stupid it’s ridiculous #they could have had a good ending and chose! Not to. #literally had time to come up with a new finale idea after their dumb roadhouse reunion hung didn’t work out #and didn’t! #Dabb has not said anything to indicate displeasure with how the show ended #Like I’m not gonna attack the guy he wrote something i think is bad he’s allowed #but i am not gonna invest in his future work #unless there are some pretty major (and tbh very unlikely) revelations about what went down the last two episodes
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  • lesbianshivroy
    09.05.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #ask#anonymous #i remember i made a meme post mentioning nepotism as a prevalent theme of the show #and someone had rb'd it and added 'that's the main takeaway you had???' #like..... yes??????? #nepotism is a byprouduct of capitalist greed and it's contributed to generational trauma in the roy family #anyway this was an interesting ask thank you!!!
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  • fromcruise-instoconcours
    09.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Mercedes-Benz 560SL

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  • myheartisforeign
    09.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #the bride of habaek #shin se kyung #yoon so ah #kdrama #love this show #photo#promo photos#2021#myheartisforeign
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  • capt-shirogane
    09.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    went from following someone to blacklisting their url on xkit in 3 posts

    some people should not do media analysis

    #sometimes a character being gay doesnt improve them #also sometimes an author wants to show that an ideology can be good but you can do bad things in its name #i hope i never see a take by this person again #kuro.txt #this is technically vaguing but thankfully im fundimentally Unknown on this website so can get away with it lmao
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  • thebutterflyprince
    09.05.2021 - 18 minutes ago


    #monamona.txt #this is ok to rb if you? wanted to for whatever reason #anyway no n*rum*tsu is not queerbaiting. sh*ake is not queerbaiting. im only censoring them so tumblr doesnt try to show them innthe tags
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  • capxfalcon
    09.05.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    tfatws as things i have said








    #sam wilson#bucky barnes#john walker#lemar hoskins#sharon carter#sarah wilson#joaquin torres#fatws#tfatws #the falcon and the winter soldier #DO NOT LET THIS FLOP #i have put too much time into this #it was an unbelievably hard task #finding texts that were completely in english #there are image IDs present #idk if tumblr will show them tho
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  • note-a-bear
    09.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Crichton's general level of emotional maturity/insight as compared to his type of character's usual mold is honestly surprising?

    I feel like when I was a kid I didn't really get how he's different than most space cowboy characters, but it's really apparent that he was written to undermine the aloof/emotionally vapid hero archetype

    #look the show is not perfect but it is interesting how prescient the character building was
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  • dionideatta
    09.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Pls the withdrawal has come to the point that I even miss han seok's deranged ass

    #im a han seo stan this is unacceptable #i blame taecyeon #he has too much charsima even as a villain #especially as a villain actually #im beginning to wish we had gotten more of his backstory (and han seo's) #like their dynamics with their specific mothers #we can infer that han seok was a mama's boy (and most likely so was han seo before he was sent to his father) #then again based om what we hear about their father maybe that's a given #also it would have been cool to get some actual context surrounding the whole han seok x cha young thing #they had a v fun dynamic when he was junwoo and it's sad that the buildup to that and the effects of their eventual fallout was glossed over #bc when he confessed to her in ep 19 i was just like ???? #we knew he liked her bc they told us but they didnt show us the reasons why enough for that confession to be impactful #but yea #i enjoyed both jang brothers' characters from the beginning #still think han seok is a bitchass but i appreciate his character's role in the story #and he's played by taecyeon so there's that definite plus #vincenzo#kdrama#2pm taecyeon
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  • panharmonium
    09.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago
    #i love experiencing something without having to constantly feel irritated by takes that i personally feel are... #well let's just say 'less than true to the text' #i LOVE that not only do i not have to see them; i don't even know what they ARE #i don't know what the Bad Takes are; i don't know what the Made-Up Ships are; i know Absolutely Nothing #it's fantastic #like i know some people have a great time with the Discourse but #i don't have fun arguing about bizarre edgy takes that aren't consistent with what the show is actually saying #it's cool if other people aren't on the same page as me; i will never bother somebody about their fandom opinions #but i'm not obligated to engage with anything that bugs me either XD #(we love a well-curated fandom experience!) #:D#naruto#replies #pan watches naruto
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  • portmantea
    09.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Absolutely hate endings where the former bad guy with a tragic past made a solid effort to redeem themselves and instead of seeing the reward for learning to be better, they just sacrificed trying to save the main character.

    #I’m STILL mad about kipo 😡 #hUGO PUT IN THE EFFORT #at the end he WANTED to be good and do the right things #and you mean to tell me that hard work was for nothing?? that #like I’m hyperbolic of here but basically these sorts of endings are just #why bother becoming good if you’re just gonna become a sacrifice for the mc >:/ #the show was good but the ending pissed me off #tHERE WAS NO REASON TO DO THAT AUGH #they EASILy could have done a fake out where you think he’s gonna die but miraculously survives #😡😡😡😡#I’m livid #i shouldn’t even be mad it’s just a cartoon #bean speaks#kipo spoilers
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  • goodgooner
    09.05.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    ‘We had to show real attitude, and we did that’

    Mikel Arteta reflects on our 3-1 victory against West Bromwich Albion at Emirates Stadium on Sunday

    #Arsenal FC News Feed #‘We had to show real attitude #and we did that’
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  • jostenneil
    09.05.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    so has anyone ever thought of projecting fakir from princess tutu onto jason. anyone at all 

    #jason todd#dc #fakir voice 'i could do it! if it came down to it i could even kill you!' #idk going out on a limb here tbh i searched jason todd with princess tutu on twt and came up with nothing #but perhaps there are early 00s shoujo anime visionaries lurking here #either way i WILL be rewatching the show over the summer and doing the above at any cost #mine:meta
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