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  • literatureish
    29.01.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    i’m literally sat here crying over how much i love my girlfriend. this is why i shouldn’t scroll through old memories at 3:30am whilst my girlfriend is asleep

    #i’m so emotional lmao #i would like my gf to wake up now pls i want to shower them with love #i’m so clingy lmao #you would think that after three and a half years i would be over the whole crying because i love them but nope here i am #han struggles
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  • crewneck
    29.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    im so sick of my extended families obsession with being as indirect as possible. im NOT playing that game, tell me what you want and expect or im not acknowledging it.

    #this mf wanted this old family bracelet I have that’s not worth anything #but she decided to shower me with old crystal gifts my gma gave her in the 80s #and the ugliest clothing that didn’t fit me #and when I brought this up to my mom and said she’s giving me all of this by she wants the bracelet she was like yeah ofc #aaaand here we are 6mo later and she texted my mom like ask Sara if I can have the bracelet!!!! #and I think she should just go fuck off for multiple reasons that I will not get into here
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  • endershards
    29.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Its yearning for the og third life experience hours

    #i am in tears i miss it sm #i miss waiting for 3 am for the first upload and spending the next 3 to 5 hours watching each episode #as people would upload them #and just #theres nothing that could ever replicate the feeling #the emotions of doing it that way #preparing breakfast at 230 am to eat while watching everything unfold that happened that session #showering after the last episode its uploaded #going to course and buying a coffee and spending the day only thinking abt third life #rambling #last life didnt even come close to matching the same energy and vibes as third life
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  • dead-thorin
    28.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Wow I really do not realize I'm hitting my cervix until after when Im cramping like crazy huh?

    #thought a walk might help and a hot shower but no #I have a hot water bottle now #but i cant take ibuprofen bc of my stomach :( #really didnt think too much was inside but i guess!!!!
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  • thepavementsings
    28.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
    #its literally fully borne out of the way carlos is so intent on looking at lando and how he wants lando to see the way he sees him #and how much he didnt realize he likes the way he looks with lando. #he just wants to see all of it. every angle. carlos wants LANDO to watch Carlos see every part of them and still come back for more #sorry i did not get to the actual sex tape part lol i did not think that far in #and they dont even do it that night the first time bc Carlos knows Lando showing him the camera is a lot #and carlos wants to talk it through. what to do with the SD cards how to keep it all safe #but he does tell lando about how he thought about it when they were in the shower the other week. #when he told lando how pretty he looked on his knees for him. how he wanted to show him. #lando c*mes jerking into carlos' fist faster than he has in years #truly idk what this is sorry #this probably isnt what people were looking for on this but! #its what I was thinking about so #perhaps I will think more on the actual tape but for neow #carlando#asks
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  • ihatebnha
    28.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    #im not sure if i want it in the bathtub or the shower either #i think bath is sweeter but also... shower is more regular and creates more tension bc... n*dity #i read a fic YEARS ago about someone bathing someone else that was so emotional #so part of me wants to embody that but also thats a lot #dabi has pomegranate shampoo most definitely tho #which is the smell that inspired the idea #okay bYE#ask#anon#caitie chats
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  • catnipsock
    28.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    crying because aizawa might be loaded but i can’t decide whether he lets the bank do whatever they recommend or if it’s just sitting there in a low interest savings account like that guy in squid games.

    #like does the Guy from the bank just calls him up once in a while like hey aizawa my man!!!! now’ sa great time to buy some stocks and- #‘yea sure do whatever u want with it’ #or is it more like ‘no im fine.’ *hangs up* #or does he just leave MASSIVE tips at the cat cafe because it’s rational to tip underpaid workers and support animal refuges #and for the record aizawa DOES shower!! he may be using 34-in-1 soap shampoo conditioner etc but that man is not stinky #smelling like nothing at least #im still undecided on whether he still sleeps on the floor like in vigilantes tho like. #i’d like you think he’s in a better place now mentally but #it’ll be funny if he still sleeps in his sleeping bag. #ok that’s it sorry #aizawa
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  • papi-wambsgansofsuburbia
    28.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Oh God! Not again!

    Hello darkness my old friend

    #i need therapy #ugh#mental health #I want to fucking cry #it just hit now but I think it started like 2 days ago #because my room is a fucking mess and I haven’t showered in two days #i just 😩
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  • lil-gingerbread-queen
    28.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Oups, it seems like, even if I woke up at 7 a.m., I stayed 10 hours in bed and skipped my classes

    #it is depression? #yes it is #I hate myself for wasting a whole day doing nothing #I just stopped thinking for 10h and did nothing #I had a shower and breakfast and my brain was like BED #DO NOTHING#STOP EXISTING #And I did #my body hurts btw #ranting in the tags #probably need to talk about this to my therapist #at least I didn't cry
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  • gertrudepetronella-blog
    28.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Hogwarts Headcanon

    I just had sort of disturbing thought about Hogwarts. The castle was purpose built as a school, by the founders in the middle ages, right? But in the 1990's the school seems to be bigger than necessary. There are numerous empty classrooms and storage rooms, and at one point an entire corridor and set of rooms is out of bounds for the whole Philosopher's stone business, without effecting the running of the school at all.

    This seems to suggest that (unless the founders built it bigger on purpose for some reason) the number of pupils used to be significantly larger.

    So what happened?

    Has the population of wizards been gradually declining over the past 1000yrs, whilst the muggle population has grown?

    Have attendence levels dropped because more witches and wizards are being homeschooled or simply attending muggle schools?

    Has the wizard population had a sudden drop due to wars?

    Or perhaps the era of the witch trials had a much more significant impact than is suggested in their history lessons?

    Is magic dying out? Many pureblood lines seem to be declining; the Blacks have no heir, the Malfoys only one. Potters only one, Longbottoms one. Weasleys are doing ok lol.

    A decline in the wizarding population would certainly explain the rise in popularity of figures such as Grindlewald and Voldemort; playing on people's fears of magic dying out / being subsumed into muggle culture etc.

    Just some random thoughts 💀

    #i probably think about harry potter too much #shower thoughts #harry potter fandom #harry potter headcanon #hogwarts
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  • feigncourage
    28.01.2022 - 22 hours ago
    its basically confirmed that im moving out in the next few weeks and im. im so excited
    #i love my mum but living with her esp for the past year when my friends have also lived with us has been Hellish #ive never liked calling it abusive bc i. i dont think she intends to be bad and its never like physical or anything but theres. idk #like i dont think its enough to constitute abuse but i also am well aware that living with a parent shouldnt feel like this #idk what to call it but it’s Sucked plus uh. she refuses to use my new name even tho ive legally changed it so. thats fun #i havent even begun to explain gender shit to her i thought i’d ease her in w just changing the name bc i can but alas. apparently not #i also cant wait to move bc the build of this house makes it so that when someone’s in the shower the pipes in the walls around my room #make so much noise that i cant hear the tv three feet away from me #and thats also made it Hard to sleep bc my friends are the type to take 5am showers sometimes and as someone who is trying to go to sleep #at 5am that can. suck lmao but that ones mostly on me for my shitty sleep schedule #we havent seen the inside of the new place yet but the outsides cute. looks a little small but we can manage it i think #i just hope its not gonna disappoint my friends bc if they get passive aggressive ab the house were in its gonna feel Bad all over again #but anyway!!!! im excited #name is changed and im just waiting on the new birth cert to arrive. house is all but secured. we’re going good
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  • oldontheinside
    28.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    So I don't actually know if the post exists anymore, but a while back I saw a post about the correlation between large shoe size and big dicks, and big cars being correlated with small genitalia in the male population. And how people are rightly terrified of clowns.

    What my brain produced at the time:

    Small car, big shoes. His dick must be f'in huge.

    #I think it was from just-shower-thoughts #funny #i don't even fucking know #why are brains like this
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  • oreocookiezzz
    28.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Executioners are just government sanctioned hitmen

    Change my mind

    #discourse #but not really #jokes #change my mind #shower thinking
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  • boy-adjacent
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    helloz. i’ve got a furnace going in my gut. thanks mindless self indulgence. this is the Supreme Lust. i pray to aphrodite Once and i become consumed. i glow pink in the midday in english 4. fuck. me.

    #*j #i need a cold shower #im burning #like hey jonah pin me against a wall please ill let you think youre in control #lux.555
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  • perilspore
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    If you think about it

    All male dogs are sons of bitches

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  • smallcatsun
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Suicide by swimming into the ocean until you get eaten by a shark or drown or drown because one of your limbs was taken by a shark or your saved by a drunk angel on a boat who's recording you for TikTok and makes you climb aboard

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  • schlongfondler
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    The only time i feel like a woman

    is when i stand.

    In front of my oversized bathroom mirror,

    adorned in monochromatic underwear.

    Sheer tights pulled up to my ribs;

    Constricting these bones

    shaping an empty shell

    moulding into what they expect.


    yet never thin enough.

    conditionally female

    bearing a obscene desire to rip

    to tear

    to mutilate

    this godforsaken flesh-


    i remain uncleansed and unfulfilled.

    my ankles scarred

    shackled by boulders of unattainable beauty.

    sheer tights - poem by me
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  • macchiatioo
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Day 4/100 Days of Productivity

    To Do
    Study Japanese for 1 hour
    Read assigned readings
    Work on statistics homework
    Work on upcoming literature assignment

    yesterday was just a bit stressful, i did too much work/studying in one sitting. but, at least i got done what needed to be done. plus, i had a lot of uninterrupted free time afterwards, even though i had a massive headache by then. while i am going to be doing some other work, i think today is mostly going to be a “quiet reading in bed” day. i’m really enjoying the murder of roger ackroyd by agatha christie and i have a bunch of manga to read. if i do play tft today, i’m going to cut it short to about two rounds. 

    even though i only managed to cross off one thing (btw that “one thing” took about 3 hours) from my to do list, i’m proud of myself for not forgoing my other habits and actually keeping things together. last semester, whenever i had a large, time consuming assignment i would drop everything else just to complete it and be completely drained afterwards. but, yesterday, even though i was feeling bad, i turned in my assignment on time, still posted on tumblr, maintained my skincare and shower routine, ate all of my meals on time, and kept my apartment clean! and i only had two cups of coffee.

    i think that’s the important thing to remember with this challenge and studyblrs in general. it’s not actually about getting every single thing you can done in a day, but more about building routines and systems and mindsets that work for you. its more about consistency and quality than it is quantity. 100 days of productivity is meant to challenge you, but sometimes the challenge is just showing up at all and getting what’s most important done, and done well, while still taking care of yourself.


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  • asfdhgsdkjhgb
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    me: *has a less-than-a-minute gap where im not actively avoiding thinking about or questioning some aspect of my identity*

    brain: aw yeah. realization time.

    #/not neg more of a /what the fuck type of way bc like #i never really think abt myself and aspects of my identity just bc i dont have the time or energy to deal with that like i probably #SHOULD have an identity crisis but also i am. tired. yknow #to be fair this was less a realization and more a ''brain said something in response to something i had thought'' and i was like #wow yeah no shit that makes sense lol ok cool #but anyways i was literally just letting my internal monologue do its little wandering ramble in the shower earlier and i just #find this really funny the way it played out so i was originally thinkin about like smth to do with photography and something about #how i wanna get better at portraits right bc i dont really take pictures of people and then my internal monologue starts goin on a #little tangent and i think it was something like what if in the future i become popular for some sort of that-one-word-i-dont-remember #it-but-it-starts-with-a-B-i-think (the type of photography thats based around like... Artistically Sexc :tm: or whatever) like that type of #portraiture bc like currently i suck at portraits and i feel like that sort of thing would make me uncomfy so like haha funny whatever #and monologue said smth like doing that type of photography would be strange bc i feel like my anxiety brain would like need to make #sure the client for the pictures knew that there was no way i would be attracted to them in any way and then it was like to be fair #could i even guarantee that and then i was like well yeah i could guarantee that obviously i wouldnt be attracted to them i dont #even know them like theyre just a stranger so obviously not and theres just a pause... and i like zone fully back in and im just like #that was a very demisexual thought to have #shit wait so i AM demi then #like damn 6th grade me was right all along and i just never thought back to consider it after i originally changed labels in middle school #bc like that was the first queer identity i identified with and then i switched to bi and then bi/ace and then pan and then lesbian and #then back to bi most recently and ive been sticking with that but i totally just realized earlier that i never even considered thinking back #after i first realized i wasnt ace and changed labels but like BESTIE THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE HOW DID YOU NOT THINK ABT IT #legit i was thinking abt it more after my brain said that and like??? fr it does and has always confused me that people can wanna #fuck people they dont know like its straight up like the ''i thought it was a joke???'' type thing but like apparently thats a real thing??? #like im definitely not demiro im usually el hopaness romtic but like with the other stuff????? how did i not realize that i fit this label #like LOGICALLY i know that thats a legit thing but ig just because i am constantly avoiding thinking about myself i just didnt realize #just me rambling again #this is honestly so funny to me
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  • flippinfins
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I don’t even remember how we got back to this hotel room

    #i got pretty drunk at California grill at the contemporary #i think we took a Lyft back? #I’m about to take a shelter #shower
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