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  • Me: Hears Hallelujah anywhere, in any context

    Me: Ah yes, the song from shrek

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    If you never had Playdough - Doctor Drill n Fill Shrek Version I’m srry but you’re not part of the kool kidz and can’t sit with us at lunch. Go sit with the other nerdz

    #shrek #Shrek is love shrek is life #playdough #childhood?? #memes
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  • Hey hey . Listen.

    Draal as gingie from Shrek

    That is all

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    There are many aspects of Christmas to be explored. Family, friends, food, gift-giving, goodwill towards man, etc. When a film – be it Holiday special or otherwise – finds another angle to explore, it’s worth noting. This is why I’m bringing attention to the 30-minute Shrek the Halls.

    Set between Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After, Shrek (Mike Myers) is feeling pressured by Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) to put together a special holiday surprise. His plans go awry when Donkey (Eddie Murphy) brings the entire “family” to the swamp.

    What I like about this feature is that it’s very even-handed and has points to make about multiple Christmas things. Being an ogre, Shrek has never celebrated Christmas before. His vision of the holiday is drastically different from everyone else’s. The film has a nice message about finding a balance during the holidays. It’s about the people of the Shrek universe learning to accommodate the hosts, guests and meeting their own grandiose or meek expectations.

    Shrek the Halls brings back all of your favorite characters and the trademark humor that accompanies them. For a TV special (later released on DVD), it looks quite good. There are little details and gags in the background that will make you laugh when the tried-and-true antics of Shrek and Donkey don’t. If you’re a big fan of the series, you’ll even notice some neat in-jokes thrown here and there (check out Pinocchio’s stocking for example).

    I went in expecting a cash-grab and left pleasantly surprised. Shrek the Halls is a nice way to get a little bit more out of the franchise you and your loved ones have enjoyed together before. When you’re putting together the stack of favorite movies to curl up around while the big dinner is cooking in the oven and the gifts are piling up under the tree, throw this one in the mix too. (On DVD, December 17, 2016)

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  • Feel free to change pronouns or restructure sentences as needed.

    “You know, there’s only ___ days left till Christmas, so you better be good!”

    “I don’t care about Christmas.”

    “Now you need to get your butt in gear and go get your marshmallows, because everybody knows that without marshmallows, sweet potatoes are nothin’!”

    “Enough! I don’t care about any of this nonsense.”

    “Okay, okay. But don’t say I didn’t say I told you so.”

    “It’s finally here! Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve! You got everything ready?”

    “You mean you haven’t trimmed your stockings or hung your chestnuts or roasted the tree? Or figgified your puddin’?”

    “No one here gives a hoot about Christmas!”

    “A white Christmas! Aw, how perfect!”

    “Come on, let’s go make some cookies!”

    “Okay. You a dead man. You know that, right?”

    “I need your help.”

    “I have to make a Christmas, and I have no idea what it is or how to do it!”

    “The tree goes inside the house?”

    “I have created the perfect Christmas for my perfect family perfectly.”

    “I didn’t get the eggnog!”

    “Closed!? What do you mean?”

    “Have a super Christmas!”

    “What are you doing up so early?”

    “Well, this is our first Christmas together as a family, and, you know, I just want to make sure that it’s perfect.”

    “I think it’s beautiful.”

    “It’s horrible! You know, they usually just toilet paper and run away. But whoever did this means business!”

    “It’s Christmas Eve! And I’ve brought you a little somethin’.”

    “Don’t you worry. If there’s one thing I know, it’s Christmas.”

    “I got a lot to do now, so I better get movin’!”

    “Love and joy come to you and to me some waffles too!”

    “It’s Christmas Eve. How am I ever gonna get this done in time?”

    “This is going to be the best Christmas ever. And we’re going to do it together, so come on!”

    “Everything looks so good!”

    “We’re here to smother you with Christmas love!”

    “I am the joy-filled swine!”

    “Yay, for the season of love!”

    “How are we gonna roast chestnuts on this little bitty fire?”

    “Did you hurt yourself when you fell out of heaven?”

    “I don’t feel very good.”

    “That’s the best Christmas story ever! And I’m the best teller ever! I got it committed to memorization!”

    “Now, missin’ all this would be nothin’ but tragic, so just follow me and I’ll show you the magic.”

    “In my homeland, we tell a very different tale of the Santa Nicholas.”

    “If you leave now, you can beat the holiday traffic.”

    “Oh, phooey with all your sunshine and lollipops! Where I come from, Christmas is a nightmare!”

    “Cut it out! You’re really giving me the creeps!”

    “Oh, come on, I was just teasin’.”

    “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!”

    “If you think I’m gonna give you a present now, you are sadly mistaken!”

    “You go and have yourself a merry Christmas! Ebenezer [name]!”

    “And a “Bah, humbug” to you too!”

    “Well, that wasn’t Christmas! That was chaos!”

    “You call that a family? That was a natural disaster!”

    “And YOU, especially, were no Christmas angel!”

    “You know, I don’t remember askin’ YOU anything!”

    “I’m sorry you took getting kicked out of my house the wrong way.”

    “I know you’re just trying to help in your own irritating fashion.”

    “Some people can’t help being annoying.”

    “I shouldn’t have lost my temper back there.”

    “Apology accepted. Let’s go eat.”

    “I don’t even know what Christmas means. The thing is, this is my first Christmas too.”

    “You mean no chestnuts, no Santa, no presents, no stockings? No nut cakes!?”

    “Ogres don’t celebrate Christmas. Ogres don’t celebrate anything.”

    “Oh, man, now I’m all emotional. Come here, [Name], give me a hug!”

    “I’m sorry it ended up in a great big fight.”

    “Christmas is all about big fights! My mama used to always say, “Christmas ain’t Christmas ‘till somebody cries.” Usually that someone’s me…”

    “There is no right way to do Christmas. You just do it.”

    “Okay, I guess I deserved that.”

    “Alright. Don’t push your luck.”

    “Ah-ha-ha-ha! They got you good, [Name]!”

    “Sorry, but this is my spot.”

    “It’s time for lights out.”

    “We can’t go to sleep yet, we haven’t heard a bedtime story!”

    “The sight of the house would make any ogre droop. For ‘twas sickeningly sweet as unicorn poop.”

    “This place is worse than I thought.”

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  • if social media existed in its current form in 2007, would the hype over shrek’s babies from shrek 3 be on par with that for baby yoda?

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  • Shrek really was ahead of it’s time

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    Finally caved and bought one of these, now my Joy-Con drift doesn’t even matter


    I also felt inappropriate about the fact that I’m the self-proclaimed Ultimate Brogre™ and yet don’t actually own any of the Shrek movies, so I bought this at a fucking extortionate price for like a 9 year old boxset.

    #the haul#Shrek #6.12.19
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  • As a child I used to hate shrek and I feel like I was a large sinner for that

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  • ‪Someday, I’m going to compose an essay on how Shrek is a metaphor for being autistic and lgbt‬

    #harold they're lesbians #shrek#eve talks
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  • #his dark materials #shrek
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  • Shrek (2001) - Do You Know the Muffin Man? 

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    Jason Simon

    #Jason Simon#actor#broadway#shrek #the cowardly lion #wizard of oz #peter pan#repost#headshots #plus size style #plus size model #plus size fashion #suit and tie #dapper #the wizard of oz #JasonSimon#chubstr#bearmythology#daddybear#daddy#silverbear#hes perfect#bearmeat #man crush everyday #thicc#woof#celebrity crush#silver bear#daddy bear#man crush
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    #shrek meme#shrek#family guy #family guy meme #peter griffin #peter griffin meme #meme#sonic #sonic adventure 2 #city escape#sonic meme #sonic adventure 2 meme #city escape meme
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