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  • toxicisnotapineapple
    09.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    also i know we go buckwild for bihara (rightfully so, it’s truly the ceo of saihara sexuality hcs) but i think we should talk more about how epic poggers gay saihara is. just once or twice

    #saihara shuichi#shuichi saihara #just. just think about it #consider it#comprehend it #then u can go back to ur saimatsu fanfics
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  • thelemoncoffee
    09.05.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    I had a fun idea!

    I have no idea how many of you are aware of this, but I used to be a big fan is Eddsworld. ((Don't stop reading yet, this will eventually Circle back to Danganronpa))

    Back when I was really active in the fan base, I had made this AU involving one of my hobbies, that being making masquerade masks. The concept was that there was a cult of people who had cut themselves off from the rest of society and hid themself away under a forest, creating their own society which required everyone to wear masquerade masks. They called themselves The Masqueraders

    Masqueraders get their masks from their teachers at the age of 15, and whatever masks they got they got to decorate, but the specific type of mask reflected who they are as a person, basically a visual indicator of their behavior. Of course this is fundamentally flawed as people's personalities can change over time, but they can't change their masks once they get them, so they're permanently stuck with this mask that represents someone they might not be any more.

    I thought it would be really fun to bring this concept into Danganronpa, basically keep the exact same concept but use Danganronpa characters for it. In the original Au, I had Edd be a normal person, and the rest of the characters were Masqueraders, but this time I think I'm going to mainly stay focused on only Kokichi and Shuichi, making this a saioma au.

    So, Saiouma Masqueraders au!

    Kokichi is a Masquerader dawning a clown mask; like his maks indicates, back in school he was very much a comical people-pleaser, but the older he got the more he grew to hate his mask, people often not taking him seriously because of it and assuming he was stupid; this led to him deciding to rebelle. Although he was unable to change his mask without getting in such serious trouble he would likely end up horribly punished, that didn't stop him from doing petty crime, collecting a bunch of other Masqueraders who also felt as though their masks for morso burdens than helpful indicators to become his gang.

    Shuichi is a Detective from the standard society, he was assigned a case involving locals believing there might be a group of possibly dangerous cultist out in the forest next to their town. The rumors about this had been passed down from generation to to generation, but more recent sightings of supposed cult members finally pushed the mayor to hire somebody to go check it out. So, Shuichi set out to settle the townsfolks minds.

    During his search, Shuichi ends up getting lost in the forest and eventually stumbles across a pretty big clearing- but unfortunately despite the clear area he wasn't able to get any cell service. He figured it's a good idea to take a break there at least as it is a big clearing with plenty of warm sunlight as opposed to the cold and damp foliage he was just walking through. He leand against a tree, elbow bumping a low branch by mistake; like some sort of fantasy rpg he swore he's played before, the branch made a clicking sound and came down like a pulled level, causing the ground underneith Shuichi's feet to give out.

    When Shuichi woke up with a dull pain in his everything, he wasn't half burried in some sort of boobytrap sinkhole, but rather laying bandaged up in someone's bed; that said someone was looming over him, a clown mask covering their face. Well... he found the cult-....

    From there, the story is basically Kokichi trying to get Shuichi out of there without getting caught by the Masquerader law enforcement, hijinks and gay insues.

    This was the exact same plot that I had for the Eddsworld version- minus the gay, and looking back on it it feels slightly undertale inspired, which I don't think I realized I was doing at the time, but it isn't a bad plot. The only truely undertale-esque things in here is the falling down into an underground Society thing, and trying to get out alive; the rest is somewhat unique.

    Anywho, enjoy the repurposed au!

    I have another one from my time in the Eddsworld community, but I'm going to have to tweak it quite a bit to make it work for Danganronpa.

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  • pxxilbuds609
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago



    Here’s aNOTHER thing I just finished (started and finished) today

    I’m actually super happy with it!

    A shame I’m not handing this in for my lip syncing project for film studies

    ( just because it’s danganronpa)

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  • qbedience
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i remember when i'd do danganronpa roleplays on disc, i'd always have shuichi, sayaka and miu, and they were absolute besties

    i fondly remember having them in a texting group chat in rp called 'the girls'

    i also remember miu would bully shuichi for calling the gc the girls when he was a boy

    #q talks#danganronpa#danganronpa v3 #danganronpa trigger happy havoc #shuichi saihara#miu iruma#sayaka maizono#/ #i think miu and sayaka were also a couple at one point in one rp #cute ship. i love them a lot #it was really fun and honestly? their personalities go so well together #ive always been a fan of sairuma and even just their platonic dynamic if they set aside their differences #and sweet sweet sayaka is the cherry on top #they get along from their lack of abilities to gain a lover (saimatsu. sairuma (onesided on mius end). kiiruma and celesaya respectively) #It Was Very Good™️
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  • mod-fanatic
    09.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    They all stand next to each other during the class trials so I say it's canon

    #I can give you context if you want lol #saiiboruma#kiisairuma#saiibo#kiiruma#sairuma#miu iruma#shuichi saihara#k1 b0#drv3 miu#drv3 shuichi #drv3 k1 b0 #v3 miu#v3 shuichi#v3 kiibo#danganronpa miu#danganronpa shuichi #danganronpa k1 b0 #danganronpa memes #incorrect danganronpa quotes #damganronpa#danganronpa #danganronpa v3 killing harmony #danganronpa v3#killing harmony #drv3 killing harmony #v3 killing harmony #shitpost #💞|| fanatic ships it #🤪|| fanatic's memes
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  • sakura-ogamis-wife
    09.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Amasaimatsu hcs

    i love them so much


    i am going to start with the fact that i hc shuichi and kaede as trans, and rantaro as genderfluid

    imagine them in high school and kaede buying really masculine clothes and shuichi buying really feminine clothes but they SWAP their clothes

    like. shuichi and kaede go shopping for each other

    rantaro spends a lot of time looking after their sisters so shuichi and kaede go shopping for them - shuichi buying the feminine clothes and kaede buying the masculine clothes

    rantaro loves both of them for it

    rantaro is excellent at braiding and styling hair (due to their younger sisters) and braids kaede’s hair quite a lot

    sometimes they also give shuichi haircuts

    rantaro loves painting their nails. shuichi always requests black and kaede always has a different request

    shuichi loves doing rantaro’s eyeliner - occasionally kaede lets him do her eyeliner too

    rantaro teaches kaede how to do makeup ...shuichi too

    shuichi does all - or at least most - of the budgeting. he tries his darndest to make sure kaede and rantaro don’t impulsively buy things

    though, of course, kaede and rantaro make the most decisions - again, usually impulsively

    there are a lot of impulsive road trips. shuichi reads about a new place, rantaro comments on how they’ve already been there (or been close to there) and kaede gets excited and insists they go

    kaede gets so much excitement out of planning everything!! she makes sure that they have plenty of stops and do a heap of fun stuff

    rantaro always cooks dinner. kaede is better at cooking breakfast and snacks or desserts - and shuichi can hardly use a microwave. all he knows is sandwich

    and rantaro wears a “kiss the cook” apron

    though shuichi’s cooking skills are HORRIBLE, he’s much better at cleaning - he finds it gives him peace of mind

    rantaro is never in charge of cleaning - they start a lot of art type projects and can’t manage to clean up anything but the dishes

    when there’s a fight (there’s almost never a fight) kaede is first to apologise. then shuichi. rantaro usually forgets about it

    whenever someone else is sick, kaede and/or rantaro look after them - shuichi can hardly look after himself, let alone other people. if rantaro and kaede are sick? well... hell’s just about to be let loose

    kaede always orders the food on dates

    kaede and shuichi are both ticklish. rantaro is not. they think it’s funny to tickle their partners

    they all avoid trouble pretty well... just kidding. rantaro downs an energy drink within a minute of waking up

    rantaro is an energy drink addict, shuichi a coffee addict, kaede a tea addict

    rantaro thought it was a good idea to mix these three drinks. was it? yes. it tasted great (literally don’t ask how i know this)


    it’s red bull, just. black coffee (two sugars and a milk. two espresso shots), and green tea (again, milk and two sugars)


    anyway continuing

    shuichi is somehow always cold. kaede is somehow always warm. when cuddling, rantaro lays in a T shape and has kaede on one side, shuichi on the other. kinda gets a todoroki moment (that was a horrible reference i apologise)


    movie nights every saturday night - shuichi almost always falls asleep. saturday is the night where he gets more than three hours of sleep ok

    and kaede and rantaro always whisper argue over who’s gonna carry him to bed

    rantaro always ends up doing it... kaede bribes him with desserts

    kaede plays the piano while shuichi and rantaro dance... or rantaro plays the guitar while shuichi and kaede dance

    and shuichi plays the drums!!

    my friend, you know who you are, you’re gonna hate this, but- rantaro on the guitar, kaede on piano, shuichi on drums and vocals. wonderwall (by oasis)


    i just want what they have

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  • qsphyxias
    09.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    tagging system

    i didn't really feel like making a masterlist so i hope the tags work?

    [ ☁︎.shuichi saihara ] - fluff shuichi saihara related works.

    [ ☁︎.ouma kokichi ] - fluff ouma kokichi related works.

    ... the rest continues like that.

    i don't have much out at the moment, so here it is.

    #[ ☁︎.ouma kokichi ] #[ ☁︎.shuichi saihara ]
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  • qsphyxias
    09.05.2021 - 5 hours ago


    synopsis ; you took a reckless bullet for your ever so beloved detective/partner, and shuichi isn't too happy about it. understatement ; he was fucking devastated

    warnings ; hospitals, gun violence, getting shot, inaccurate depictions of police and police negotiations, cussing, major angst, male! reader uses he/him pronouns (females please dni!)

    note ; the first one-shot of this blog, everybody dance ( the imagine isn’t based on the song, but i just thought it had the same vibe ig )

    words ; 4k

    ⊱ ────── {⋅.𝐢𝐝𝐟𝐜 - 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐫.⋅} ────── ⊰

    ring, ring.


    ring, ring.

    what's that noise?

    ring, ring.

    why won't it stop?

    ring, rin-

    "hello?" gratuity washed over your body, the feeling causing you to relax as the obnoxious noise had been replaced by the gentle tone of the one you love. suddenly you didn't feel as bitter as you did before; when you had first awoken from your slumber. "ah... yes, this is... detective shuichi saihara."

    your head shifted towards the sound of shuichi's voice, eyes flickering to him and back to the small dot on the ceiling you had first caught sight of.

    shuichi darted his eyes over to your turned back, hands cupping the phone as he tried to muffle the authoritative tone your shared boss had been emitting. "... but he's still recovering. no, i don't think that that's-" the anxious detective's voice grew a little louder out of panic, causing him to immediately lower it back down to a whisper as his mind reminded him that you were still sleeping — or so he thought. "just... at least give him one more day. please. i'll take all his work for that day."

    you blinked, brain whirling as you tried to process the information that seemed to be dripping from shuichi's lips. who's he talking about? you groaned quietly, feeling as if an anvil and a hammer had been clanging obnoxiously at your head.

    shuichi whipped his head towards you, sad eyes widening as he had caught your groan, however soft it was. "s/o?" nearly dropping the phone, he tightened his grip and spoke into the receiver again, quickly wanting to end the call so he could go check on you. "oh- um, th- thank you so much, yes- okay, thank you again." without hearing his boss's reply, he abruptly ended the call and kept in mind he would have to hear the scolding later — however, it wasn't like he really cared at all in that moment.

    "sh-?" you paused, shuffling to sit up from your waxy, cotton hospital bedsheets as you finally decided to announce your consciousness. fuck, how did the rest of his name go? come on brain! he just said ti!

    shuichi had been repeating and reversing what he had wanted to say to you the moment he saw you shuffle up and groan, as well as what you needed to hear. his head was sure to detonate, each second that passed by brought him closer to his limit.

    despite shuichi's selfish desire to hear your lips say his name again, he held his greedy urges back ; he needed to talk to you first. "no, you ...you don't have to talk. actually i... need to talk to you first." that's right, shuichi. stay calm, don't scare him, he's still recovering.

    you furrowed your brows at him, feeling yourself slightly perspire at his serious tone ; he was usually a pretty calm, serious guy, so you weren't sure why you had been so nervous. this was quite common, however, talks like this happened a lot at his demand ; he believed communication was key — and since then you were always at his mercy with his sweet and honest sentiments.

    however cringe-worthy they may have seemed, he never failed to make you flush from his honesty ; though the embarrassment he caused you had been nothing but unintentional, or at least...you believed it to be.

    laughing nervously, you opened your mouth to say a stupid joke to lighten up the mood, but the throbbing feeling of your shoulder being detached, reattached, pulled, strained, and yanked stopped you from doing...well, practically anything. wincing, you gripped your wound instinctively.

    "s/o! i- i said not to talk...!" the sudden, yet revolting sound of his chair scraping against the floor hit your ears, but shuichi's hands cradling your face distracted you from the gross sound. "s- shuichi?" his touch acted as a brain restarted, as your pupils suddenly dilated ; memories of yesterday coming back to you and hitting you like that bullet you took for him.

    that bullet you took for him...

    "i- i did it out of love! just- just let me go! i can't go to jail! i just fucking can't!" with blurred and fuzzed vision, there stood the perp, a small pistol held improperly in his quivering hands as he spewed out excuses and nonsense.

    "listen, it's going to be okay...! just put down the gun, and i promise, we'll try and work this out ; i'll talk to the judge about your prison time, just...trust me, okay?" right...you remember now. you could remember so vividly of how beautiful he looked, even as he was practically sweating out of his fancy turtleneck, he still somehow was able to keep a calm attitude.

    he was...he was such a nice guy. well, that was understatement.

    despite his amazingly calm and reserved speech, the perp remained unconvinced, yet also unsure of what he was supposed to do. that much was obvious when he kept darting his eyes allover the room indecisively picking one spot to focus onto.

    as you held your gun firmly and pointed in your hands, you flickered your eyes back onto the perp, despite wanting to stare at the detective for hours ; you had a job to do.

    you sidestepped towards the detective that had kept his golden eyes glued onto the perp carefully, leaning your head into his side as you whispered something into his ear, "you know you can't actually do that, right?" you could see his adam's apple bob in response.

    "i'll... i'll figure something out." shuichi adjusted his grip on the gun he held, eyebrows furrowed in such a breathtaking way. you could feel your knees buckle.

    "what are you guys- what are you guys talking about, huh? talking about- how-how i'm such a pathetic piece of shit!? huh?!" you threw your head back to the shaking, wary man, gun tightening in your grip. "we weren't. just take his offer, it's the best thing you can do." your tone had been firmer than shuichi's, not as kind, but hey ; that was your whole dynamic.

    "we really weren't." shuichi agreed, sincerity was written all over his face. a small part of you felt envious of his stare.

    "stop-stop lying to me!" the perp's frantic switching of his gun point, seemed to halt to a stop as he directed it at shuichi ; causing an unwanted panic to rise up in the both of you, but mostly you.

    "hey, you seem pretty nervous there. say, when was the last time you had any contact with drugs or alcohol?" you questioned in a condescending tone, a smug smile adorning your face and irking the already unstable man. looking back at it now, you should've kept your mouth shut. even so, shuichi's life was in danger, and if you had to risk your life for his ; well, you'd take any chance to do that.

    the perp seemed to take the bait and aimed it back at your chest, lucky or unlucky for you two. "shut up!" an unreasonable relief washed over you as shuichi had been put out of danger.

    shuichi looked over at you, communicating with his eyes as if he was pleading for you to stop and let him handle it instead. however, there seemed to be an itty bitty miscommunication. your ego seemed to betray you, as you started spewing out things you probably shouldn't have been saying ; all so you could impress the very nervous and quite frankly, unhappy detective.

    "cocaine? heroin-?"

    shuichi glared at you, mistakenly taking his eyes off the perp for once. "s/o, what are you doing?! i have this under control...!" he suddenly barked at you, breaking his composure as he had gotten a tidbit angered that you had been interfering with the negotiation.

    "shut up! shut up, shut up, just shut the f-fuck up!" a gunshot rang out.

    "watch out!" without thinking, you had shoved the frozen detective away from you, even if the gun had already been pointed at you ; you had no business risking his life.

    jesus, you were probably the most idiotic man known to humankind.

    next thing you know, you've been knocked onto the floor, head throbbing and wheezing from blood loss as shuichi has to determine whether he should chase after the perp or stay with you.

    the decision had been more than easy ; he took barely one second to decide that your life was more important. dialing back-up in one hand, he crouched down to assist you with the other. taking in one shaky but deep inhale, shuichi nervously fiddled with his radio, shaky eyes glued to you. "officer down, i repeat officer down."

    "the hell are you doing, saihara...!? he's going to get away!"

    "i-i can't just leave! what if you- no, i-! just...just here," he handed to you a handkerchief he held in his shaky hands. "press it onto the wound, okay? please?" he wasn't going to take no for an answer, one more beat and he would've been doing it for you.

    grunting, "shuichi, i'm happy you're worried about me but you're being hella stupid right now-" you cut yourself off, grunting at feeling the strain of talking.

    "w- why did you do that? i had the situation under control...!" he sounded upset, that much was clear.

    "he...he aimed the gun at you and i guess i panicked, i don't- i don't know, look- just go, alright? back-up's coming for me, and you know you can't let him get away." you could feel the adrenaline from getting shot wearing off, and with it, the pain getting worse. sweat formed on your brow ; it felt like the more you breathed, the more the searing pain worsened.

    you knew deep down you didn't want him to go, that you were scared you could actually die within moments, yet you hated yourself for that feeling. it was extremely selfish. it wasn't fair. you could remember the way he looked at you.

    "i'm not going, that's final. we're going to... we're going to wait for back-up together, okay?" it was weird to hear him use his asserting tone when talking to you, it was weird to hear him so confident with you too ; yet you couldn't ignore the strange sense of pride you held.

    suddenly out of the blue, a wave of exhaustion hit you, causing your eyelids to flicker shut. you knew you weren't supposed to sleep ; especially not when you were bleeding out from your shoulder, but you told yourself, hey, one 10-minute nap couldn't hurt, right? back-up would come anyway.

    before shuichi could even stop you, you're already out like a light, and causing sudden arrhythmia to shuichi's chest. "s/o! w-wake up!" with his words echoing throughout your dream-like state, your smile only seemed to widen ; he may have been screaming at you to not leave him — but his voice still kept that same, soothing tone to it. it was like a lullaby, to a man seconds away from death.

    comparing his tone and reaction from the incident to now, it had certainly been different. you wondered what had changed... maybe he was mad? understatement of the year it seemed ; he was probably pissed the fuck off. you did ruin the negotiation after all, and for what?

    "you don't seem very sad that i got shot ; i knew you were a pretty stoic guy but i didn't peg you as cold-hearted." you teased, to which shuichi held a neutral face, eyebrows creasing as he stared you dead in the eye. for a second you worried if he could tell you were joking.

    "... i cried for days, s/o." his voice broke, and you could feel your heartbreak piece by piece as he frowned at you.

    blinking in response, you didn't seem to believe him ; why would he cry over you? your head was probably just fucking with you. promptly ignoring the blood bag hanging beside you wondered if it had been the blood loss. "you- you what?"

    it took you a few minutes to process what he had said, and for good reason. days? had you been asleep that long-? wait, he was crying? over you?

    sometimes you forget he has emotions from how calm he is ; you swear you've only ever seen three sides of him ; anxious shuichi, serious shuichi, and calm shuichi. along with the occasional happy shuichi when you make him laugh with your shitty jokes, but that's a secret you keep between the two of you. or more like for yourself.

    "i was- i mean, of course, i was devastated- you're sp- i mean- look, why did you- what made- that w- s/o, you- ah-" he stammered over his words frustratingly, hand rising to fiddle with his hair out of habit.

    you watched him sympathetically. "hey, where'd mister assertive go?" you grinned, tone playful as you essayed soothing his anxiety. "...listen, it's okay, just take your time ; i'd prefer it if you did anyway, you're probably just gonna scold me, right?"

    shuichi took strange comfort in your words, golden eyes staring straight at your hospital-gown covered chest as he tried calming himself down. "y-yeah...thanks." there was something unsettling about how you seemed to be smiling in a situation where you nearly got yourself killed — even so, it was refreshing to see it.

    he missed it. he missed you.

    you had been sleeping for two days, so it would make sense that you were refreshed and well-rested enough to be back to your regular self.

    whilst you had been peacefully sleeping and recovering in the nasty smelling hospital, shuichi had been in agony. those two whole days had been hell for him. crushing guilt and his anxiety attacked his head 24/7 ; even when he knew you probably weren't going to die in your sleep, 'probably' wasn't very assuring when you were shuichi saihara.

    he would fret for hours and cry in the shower about whether it was his fault or not ; despite it being so obviously your fault, he couldn't help but wonder what he could've done differently. he shouldn't have been so weak, he'd tell himself. this was a normal thing that happened as a police officer, getting shot in the line of duty, it was normal. but it... it was completely different when he knew it was you who had been taking the bullet.

    his eyes widened as he felt your hand clasp upon his. "don't look so guilty, shuichi. you're breaking my heart." you pouted, apologetic eyes staring at his kicked-puppy-like eyes. "sorry, i just- i know you said you...you said you panicked when the perp aimed the gun at me ; who, um, thankfully got captured by one of our back-up team." he could hear you sigh in relief, which frankly, irked him a little.

    you were still worried about that? he, himself was a workaholic but not to the point where he would sigh in relief as there was a large bullet wound inside his shoulder.

    "but uh, i don't...i don't think i understand why? i mean, he- he wasn't going to shoot, i had it under control—"

    "i know you did, and i trust you but...i just couldn't take any chances, you know? i'm...honestly i don't really regret much." you smiled sheepishly, hands gently fiddling with his cold hand that rested on the very end of your hospital bed.

    "i mean, i get to see you worried about me." you chuckled, "it's cute, i have to admit." you forgot all about your wound at this point.

    his guilty expression didn't change a bit ; eyebrows only furrowing deeper down as he eyed you questionably. "you think it's...cute? you almost got yourself killed, s/o. you know you can't be that reckless. to get yourself nearly killed just because you didn't want to take the chance of me in danger...s/o, i was terrified. when you fell asleep, i thought my heart was collapsing — you shouldn't have done that for me—" his worries spilled out of his mouth like fluid, the words coming to mind easier, and quicker at the cause of your hands being a good distraction.

    "saihara." you snapped him out of it, tugging his arm further towards you. "don't cry, okay? i'm okay. if it makes you feel better, i'll...try not to do that again. please, just..." you swiped your thumb at his face, flushing as he instinctually leaned into your hand.

    shuichi sniffed in response, hands coming up to wipe his own face as soon as he realized he was, indeed crying. "...i'm sorry."

    "i know i'm too reckless for my own good, but i just didn't want for you to get hurt. you're...you mean so much to me. more than you could ever know." you confessed, eyes averting as you tried to avoid his reaction.

    "um, i don't know what i'm saying — maybe it's the painkillers? they put in the right blood type for me, righ-?" you took your hand away from his and to the back of your cold neck.

    "i made sure they had the right one — but um, what did you mean by that? just earlier?" shuichi stared up at you, pouting as you only seemed to look away from his detecting stare.

    you knew one look in your eyes would show everything you felt for him ; and you weren't sure if he even wanted to see that emotion. so you settled for a temporary solution.

    "um, is- is that a bee outside? i like bees, though they are going instinct — haha, the human race is fucked-"

    "s/o, why are you avoiding the question?" he dealt with many guilty perps, thus knowing when someone was guilty ; and that right now, had been you.

    you grunted underneath his stare, sinking further down into your sheets as you sighed defeatedly. it's not like you could hide from a detective for long. "i- uh, i just meant like," your confidence seemed to deter ; and for a second shuichi almost felt bad. almost.

    his job as a detective meant he wouldn't stop until he got answers ; and that applied to his daily life as well, his daily life that included so much of you.

    damn him and his adorable crying. "i think i...since the gun thing, and i don't know if this will comfort you in anyway but this has been seriously e-eating at my brain and i finally know- i finally know what this feeling is. i feel kind of dumb for not knowing earlier ; i mean, was my career as a detective nothing?" you gazed at him from underneath the 'comfort' of your uncomfortable paper-thin sheets.

    "getting off-track, i just meant that i-i think that i really really like you." your voice had been slightly muffled by the sheets, but shuichi heard you clearly nonetheless. he made sure he did.

    "you- me? r- romantically?" he flushed bright red as you nodded in confirmation.

    you hoped he was as embarrassed as you were because you felt like you would dissolve into the sheets from the pure humiliation if he wasn't. "youdon'thavetosayanything,ijustthoughti'dletyoukno-"

    "n-no, that's not it! i- i like you too! i...haha, to be honest, i thought this would go differently." he chuckled, scratching his cheek awkwardly as he eyes your shoulder wound.

    jerking up, you briefly ignored the searing pain in your shoulder as you leaned way too close to him for comfort, a look of pure devastation and worry on your face. "you already knew?"

    he couldn't help but think your worried pout as nothing but adorable, unsuccessfully stifling a goofy smile. "no, i..." honestly he kind of did already know, but he never thought it was something possible ; thus clouding his judgment.

    "i planned to confess, actually...i was planning to-to talk to you about it during one of our-"

    you made an 'o' shape with your mouth, a thoughtful look in your eyes as you nodded understandingly. "-talks, of course."

    huffing quietly, he sent you a worried look. "what, are they bad? communication is key, you know-" his informative, but light-hearted scolding had been cut off as you reached to tussle with his hair, erupting a hiccup out of him.

    "they're not bad ; you're just...you're a real saint."

    "a-ah, i wouldn't say that..." you laughed at his nervous reaction, retracting your hand to his dismay.

    "that's what a saint would say." he pouted at your teasing tone, grabbing your arm gently with his hand as he kept in mind your disability.

    you cut him off as he opened his mouth, seemingly about to defend himself. "don't worry too much about it ; i actually sometimes like our talks...though i spend most of my time staring at you as you talk, it's still pretty fun." oops.

    "s-s/o..." he squeaked, looking at you pleadingly for a reason you hadn't been aware of yet.

    "what? i didn't say anything wrong, did i?" blinking at him, you tilted your head.

    "n-no, but- um." he wasn't sure how to tell you how much he wanted to kiss you right now. those talks proved to be nothing but useless as he couldn't find the words he desperately wanted to speak.

    it was only then had you noticed he had leaned half his body over you, nearly climbing into the hospital bed with you. the sudden realization caused you to widen your eyes, as you awkwardly hovered your hands in the air. it was like your body had been telling you to touch him, cradle his head but you didn't know how, or where.

    the awkwardness had caused a small, nervous chuckle to erupt from your throat ; prompting shuichi's worried glances. were you laughing at him?

    you felt him shrink away, and out of panic, you let your heart act before your brain could. your hands cupped his face, a quiet clapping noise echoing throughout the white hospital room walls and only seeming to make everything more strange than it had been.

    shuichi held a shocked expression on his face, as you had practically been melting from how much you were sweating. fuck, did i mess this up?

    no words had been exchanged, both of you, too bewildered and too nervous to say or do anything — the situation grew so bizarre that it literally left them speechless. with both pairs of eyes glued onto the others, neither of you moved — no matter how sore shuichi's arms had been getting from holding himself up not to crush you, and how with each agonizing second, you weren't sure whether or not to tighten your grip on his jaw.

    "a-are you going to kiss me? or just stand there?"

    "i-i can do that? really?" shuichi watched you closely for confirmation ; and you swore you felt him lean in closer to you — not that you were complaining. in any way. whatsoever.

    "um, y-yeah. i-i consent, ha— mmf-!" shuichi hadn't bothered to hide his eagerness, lips already pressing and moving against yours like it was instinct, like it was something he had been waiting for for years.

    your fingers ultimately tightened around his jaw, and you made the move to bring him further down onto you — to which wasn't a very good choice.

    "w-wah! s/o, w-wait a second!" he muffled through your lips, golden eyes revealing themselves as he lifted his eyelids in a panic as you started crpulling him down to you. he was unreasonably afraid of accidentally putting you in more pain ; but the electrifying feeling you had felt from his lips on yours had had the same cause and feeling as 10 million painkillers — you felt like you were in cloud 9 with a million tiny shuichi angels swimming and flying around you.

    you promptly ignored him, craving more as you used one of your arms to hug him close to you — the position probably looked like you were trying to strangle him, but your lips on his said otherwise.

    you two probably spent 30 minutes making out in your assigned hospital bed, but hey, it's not like anyone was waiting.

    ...i mean, just ignore the nurse awkwardly standing at the doorway and you're fine.

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    replaying V3 with a friend

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  • locke-barmecide
    09.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Kiyo being very worried because I do the exact same thing and I project too much. They’re just worried that they fucked up some how. Reagan my wonderful lady and werewolf Kiyo who was stuck in my mind yesterday. I love werewolf Kiyo as a concept so much.

    Oh yeah and reblogs are very appreciated haha I forgot to put it again omg.

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    more doodles cause i have no content pfft

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    I got back to work on the fangame!!! Look at this man!!!

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  • danganronpa-haven
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    #hajime hinata #hajime hinata transparents #chiaki nanami #chiaki nanami transparents #rantaro amami #rantaro amami transparents #kirumi tojo #kirumi tojo transparents #kaede akamatsu #kaede akamastu transparents #shuichi saihara #shuchi saihara transparents #mod miu#modmiuedits#danganronpa#danganronpa transparents
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    #🔎 shuichi saihara 🔍 #anon#tw: saiouma#tw: oumasai
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  • smiles-and-scars
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    #🔎 shuichi saihara 🔍 #tw: oumasai#tw: saiouma
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  • smiles-and-scars
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    #🔎 shuichi saihara 🔍 #tw: saiouma#tw: oumasai
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    #🔎 shuichi saihara 🔍 #tw: saiouma#tw: oumasai
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  • eriace
    09.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    F l i r t / / Kokichi Ouma

    Reader: Female Genre: Fluff Character: Kokichi Ouma // Danganronpa v3 Killing Harmony Requested: No

    ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ. . . Cloud 9 - Beach Bunny 0:37 ──●─────── 2:27

    " I may be a flirty bitch, but this bitch already belongs to you."

    . . .

    "Do you know my last name is pretty? but having your last name makes it prettier."

    "Your hands look lonely, do they want to meet mine?"

    "I can't see anything when I close my eyes, that's my life if you are gone"

    "Let's go to the church, we are getting married!!"

    "Do you know what's on the menu? me n u." (y/n) giggled as she said all of those pick up lines to Kokichi, while Kokichi there having a blank face but deep inside he is really embarrassed. "Aw, it didn't work again." (y/n) said loudly as she looked at the no reaction boy. (y/n) poked the boy cheek and said, "Come on just blush for me." That's (l/n) (y/n) the ultimate flirtatious, (y/n) made all the boys in the gym blush in their first meeting in the gym with her cheesy pick up lines except for one boy, well that one boy is Kokichi Ouma, the ultimate supreme leader well he looked like an innocent boy but he's a liar. (y/n) goal right now is to make Kokichi blush, she hated it if one person didn't became flustered in her cheesy pick up lines.

    "Come on, Kokichiiiiiii~" (y/n) said as she pinched the boy cheeks. (y/n) giggled at Kokichi's face and putted her hands at her back. "Eh? Your lines is too cheesy." Kokichi said with a cheeky smile " Nishishi~ Better luck next time." Kokichi informed as he turned around and run away to his dorm as he was far away to (y/n) he said to himself

    “That’s a lie.” while blushing a little. (y/n) pouted and turned her way to her dorm.

    . . .

    "Hey hey Shuichi-kun, detectives solve mysteries, right?" (y/n) questioned him but before he could answer (y/n) cutted him "Can you solve this unknown feeling I feel for you?" (y/n) questioned playfully, shuichi covered his face and smiled nervously to (y/n), (y/n) giggled at shuichi and sprinted towards kaito "Heya kaito, do you know the stars can't be counted? so do you know my love for you is like the stars?" (y/n) said innocently, "I- ah" kaito can't find the right words, you smiled a little and already found yourself approaching Rantaro, "Hellooooo!!! pretty boy, you're lips feels lonely, do they wanna meet mi-" before (y/n) could finish her line someone pulled her away to Rantaro as Rantaro nervously smile and waved a goodbye, (y/n) frowned and said "What the hell is your problem?" as she looked to the one who pulled her away. (y/n) looked at him questionably as she saw Kokichi, as they stopped walking, Kokichi looked at (y/n) "So ah, what are we doing here?" (y/n) questioned Kokichi as they were in the hallway. Out of a sudden (y/n) was trapped on the hallways wall by Kokichi, (y/n) blushed on the sudden action, (y/n) looked at Kokichi's eyes but a seconds ago (y/n) broke the eye contact, Kokichi was slowly approaching (y/n)'s face as (y/n)'s breath hitched because of how close he is, before something happen (y/n) softly pushed Kokichi's face. "What were you about to do?" (y/n) teased him as she pinched Kokichi's cheek, a tint of red blush was seen on Kokichi's face that made your eyes wide, "Aww, that's cute." (y/n) squeal and suddenly hugged him. (y/n) put her one hand in Kokichi's head and messed his hair. (y/n) giggled but that didn't last long as she was pulled by Kokichi. Their lips met, (y/n) eyes went wide but she soon melted in the kiss. As you both pulled away your face were something related to a tomato. "Look who's blushing now" Kokichi said as he smirked. (y/n) giggled. "I, Kokichi Ouma will be your boyfriend. And that’s not a lie." Kokichi said proudly. "Is this how you will confess your love to me?" (y/n) questioned him curiously and smiled. "I, (Y/n) Ouma is already your wife. That’s the truth" (y/n) said to him and winked. Kokichi laughed, and you joined him. You both ended up being together and started walking back to your dorms holding hands. Such a nice way to start a new beginning.


    #drv3 x reader #drv3 kokichi#drv3 ouma#drv3 shuichi#kokichi ouma#shuichi saihara#kaito momota#rantaro amami #ouma x reader #x reader#danganronpa#danganronpa oneshot #danganronpa x reader #drv3#ouma kokichi #kokichi ouma x reader #fluff#drv3 kaito#drv3 rantaro #danganronpa x you #danganronpa x y/n #kokichi x reader #danganronpa v3
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