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  • I really don’t understand why people feel like Anna and Elsa not living in the same place means that they will now be forever apart.

    Like you can clearly see that Elsa can go to Arendelle easily and Anna would find the time to take a moment to go visit her sister.

    They’ve spent years apart while living under the same roof than they finally got together again and it was obvious how dependent from each other they’ve become by the beginning of the movie. Anna can’t stand to be away from Elsa and Elsa tries to push down the voices bc she is scared to break the status quo after all they’ve been through.

    I really think that the ending means that they can finally start to focus more on what they need and who they are instead of trying to be what the other need.

    Siblings are destined to go separate ways but even if they live far from each other the bond they have still remains.

    I have a sister who is 3 years older than me and we love each other the way siblings do and we joke and we are each other’s allies when it comes to our parents but I know that soon we are not going to live in the same house probably not even in the same city but that doesn’t mean we are not sisters anymore and we will never see each other.

    Elsa and Anna found each other after years spent apart but to find their place in the world they needed to live for themselves. They will always love each other and they will still be there when needed. Years of forced solitude and separation only made their bond stronger. When you love someone space is not a obstacle that can stop you from loving them

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  • A Little Trouble (Elsa & Anna Childhood Fic)

    My friens and I had the same exact headcanon for Elsa and Anna’s relationship before the accident so I decided to write us a little fic. Special thanks to her for beta-ing this as well!! Canon-compliant, no spoilers for the new movie, just cute baby Elsa and Anna fluff! Plus good parents King Agnarr and Queen Iduna (they’re good parents and you can fight me on this) Xposted on AO3.

    “8… 9… 10!” Elsa said and opened her eyes. She quickly scanned her and Anna’s bedroom before yelling, “I’m coming Anna!”

    A giggle came from the hallway and Elsa turned her attention towards the ajar door. She began to laugh as well as she ran out of the bedroom. Her eyes caught a flash of green disappear into the library at the end of the hall. Elsa quickly chased after it.

    This was their 10th game of hide-and-seek today but the girls didn’t care. It was one of their favorite things to do, especially since Arendelle Castle had hundreds of hiding places. Anna’s favorite hiding spot, however, was the library.

    Elsa pushed open the doors and peered inside. It wasn’t the largest room in the castle but it was one of the more intricately furnished. The walls were lined with shelves full of books and a grand sofa sat in the middle of the room across the fireplace. Various portraits, busts, and vases decorated the room as well. Nothing seemed to be particularly out of place— or so Anna wanted her to think. She closed the door behind her, a mischievous grin appearing on her face.

    “Anna,” she called. “Come out Anna, I know you’re here!”

    A small noise came from underneath the couch in the center of the room, only to quickly be muffled. Elsa crouched down just enough to see the soles of two little brown boots. Her grin grew even wider.

    “Anna, if you don’t come out…” she said while lifting up a foot. “I’ll make you!” As soon as her foot touched the floor, it was covered in a sheet of ice. Anna slid out from beneath the couch, an expression of surprise on her face. “Found you!”

    “You have to catch me first!” Anna yelled and scrambled up. She began to slide away from her sister as fast as she could. Elsa just laughed and skated after her.

    “Come back here!”

    “Catch me!” Anna spun around across the ice. She soon forgot that her goal was to escape her sister— she began to laugh while trying to keep steady as she danced around. “Elsa look!” Her sister smiled, but her eyes widened when she saw where Anna was headed. She reached out towards the smaller girl.

    “Anna, wait! Be careful—”

    “I’m dancing, Elsa, I’m—” As Anna turned she collided straight into a pedestal. “Oof!”

    Several things happened all at once. Elsa quickly blasted out a mound of snow to cushion Anna’s fall. The younger girl landed into it with a small thud. She sat up and shook the snow off of her head. The older blonde let out a sigh of relief when she saw that Anna was unharmed.

    “Look! I’m okay!”

    Both of their gazes then turned towards the mess on the floor. While Anna was unscathed, the same couldn’t be said for the vase that was now in pieces. Elsa gasped into her hands.

    “That was Mama’s favorite!” she said. Tears began to well up in Anna’s eyes.

    “What do we do?”

    “Elsa? Anna?” The two children snapped their heads toward the library doors. Footsteps could be heard as their mother called out, “Is everything alright?”

    “Quick Anna, hide!” Anna stumbled her way towards the giant windows and hid behind the curtains. Elsa clenched her fists before blasting ice all over the pedestal. Just as she whirled around, the library doors opened and her parents stepped inside.

    “Elsa! What in the world—” her father gasped.

    “I’m sorry! I just wanted to have fun with Anna, but I made too much snow, and—” Elsa fumbled over her words in apology. “I broke Mama’s vase! I’m sorry!

    Agnarr let out a deep sigh. But before he could scold his eldest daughter, his wife placed a hand on his arm. He gave her a curious expression; Iduna motioned her head towards the window. Both parents looked at their youngest who was cowering behind the drapes. They shared a knowing glance before turning back to Elsa.

    “Elsa, what have we said about using your powers excessively?” Agnarr said with a stern voice. His eyes, however, were filled with mirth, yet neither girl could tell. Anna grasped the drapes with her small fists while she shook with anxiety. Elsa just bit her lip and frowned.

    “I’m sorry, Papa,” she said. She didn’t notice that her parents were struggling to keep straight faces. She began playing with her braid as she looked down at her feet. “I’m sorry, Mama.”

    “We’ll have to figure out a suitable punishment, dear,” her mother said. “Do you think we should ground her?”

    “No!” Everyone’s attention turned to Anna, who had emerged from her hiding spot. She ran up and clutched her father’s leg, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Papa it’s my fault! I broke it, not Elsa! I’m sorry! Please don’t punish Elsa!”

    Agnarr laughed and picked Anna up into his arms. He wiped her tears away with his thumb.

    “Did you, now?” he said.

    “I did! I broke it! I ran into it and it fell! I’m sorry!” Anna continued to cry. Agnarr just patted her back and rocked her in his arms.

    “Alright, alright. No one is getting grounded,” he said.

    “Really?” Elsa asked, her voice small. Watching her sister cry had made her tear up as well. Iduna opened her arms and the blonde ran into them. She buried her face into her mother’s shoulder. Iduna pressed a soft kiss on her crown.

    “No one is getting grounded,” she repeated her husband’s words. “But you both are still in trouble. You need to be more careful; you could’ve gotten hurt.”

    “We’ll be more careful, we promise,” Elsa said.

    “We promise!” Anna said.

    “Alright.” Agnarr looked around the library, now covered in ice. He sighed again. “We’ll have someone come clean this up.”

    “And you two need to get ready for bed,” Iduna said. The girls clutched onto their parents as they exited the library. “It’s getting late.”

    “Will you tell us a story?” Anna looked at her mother with pleading eyes. Iduna leaned over to kiss her cheek.

    “Only if you promise to be good.”

    “We promise!” the girls said in unison. Their parents chuckled. Agnarr ruffled Anna’s hair and patted Elsa’s cheek. Both girls crinkled their noses and giggled with smiles. They all disappeared into the girls’ bedroom, ready to turn in for the night.

    #elsa#anna#frozen#frozen 2#siblings#fluff#fanfic#young elsa#young anna #elsa and anna #elsanna#king agnarr#queen iduna#canon compliant #before the events of frozen #also before the accident #elsa and anna are best friends #they cute #this is just cute family fluff!!!! #enjoy#rile writes
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  • Sibling Picnic at Botanic Garden 

    A sequential to a series of Nathaniel, Victoria & Mikaela’s little photoshoot at the Singapore Botanic Garden. Spot the familiar 5 dollars tree from Singapore!

    12 August 2012    15cm x 21cm    Sketch Paper    Pencil + Photoshop
    Copyright © 2012 by Little Wood Trove All Rights Reserved.

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  • Me: Why does this man want me to do a self reflection for this class?

    Sis: It’s so you say what you did well on, what you didn’t do to well on, what you liked, what you didn’t. Ya know, what you learned.

    Me: *deadpan without missing a beat* Men can’t be trusted.

    Sis: Asdfghjvsh, maybe not worded like that.

    #college life#siblings #im very much done with this class #he made ny final exam a week early #i hate it
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  • the best thing about having a sibling is when the same song is stuck in both of your heads and one of you starts humming it and the other loses their shit

    #really makes you question some things #siblings#sister#brother#family#thanksgiving
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  • My little 7 year old sister just came up to me and told me, “Give me food, peasant.”

    If this isn’t sibling culture idk what is

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  • Alyona, an actual baby, daddy’s girl… With pro stalking spy skills, a sweet voice, a passion for playing basketball and 70’s music. 

    Also look at them all… Next to each other… The brute, the himbo and the tiktok user…

    #alyona petrovna zakharine #ange petrovna zakharine #arch petrovitch zakharine #original characters#digital art#digital painting#portraits #DO NOT TAG AS YOUR OC #THANKS #i will block you i don't care #artwork#zakharine family#siblings #also you can't see it very well?? but one of her eyes has two colors #its the one under her hair most of the time #they feel complete im dying #i can't wait to have ange jawdrops when she'll learn about her sister
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  • Sibling bonding is your sister and you snap chatting each other and you threaten her as a god would and she says she isn’t afraid of you but the moment you say you block her she claims she is terrified

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  • @ y’all little siblings

    Do y’all feel “the next right thing”? (I know it’s abt depression + codependency but she says a few things abt Elsa.) It feels like rly little siblingy. And I know I feel a lot of what Elsa does/says to Anna. So like do y’all feel what she’s saying?

    #frozen ii #the next right thing #anna#frozen#elsa#siblings #oliver talks to the wall
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  • 🚨NEW EPISODE!!!🚨

    LINK IN BIO👆👆👆
    #playmobil #legomovie #siblings
    #reelinrealpod #podcast #podcasters #atlanta #comedy #funny #movies #movie


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  • So basically, Wei Wuxian has two pairs of siblings

    Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng:

    Looks-like-a-cinnamon roll-can-actually-kill- you-but-is-actually-a-cinnamon roll sister


    Looks-like-he-could-kill-you-can-actually-kill-you brother


    Wen Qing and Wen Ning

    Looks-like-she-could-kill-you-can-actually-kill-you sister


    Looks-like-a- roll-can-actually-kill- you-but-is-actually-a-cinnamon roll brother

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  • You’re about to have a boneless hotdog


    Because I’m gonna way your bones

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  • When you accidentally hit your younger sibling too hard and they start crying and you gotta shut them up


    Originally posted by benevyglass

    #siblings #kae made a text post #this also applies to cousins too lmao #my cousins and i used to wrestle like we were in WWE 😂
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  • Alisaie; The blackmail sister.

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  • image

    Em lại mua bento uống bia một mình nè

    Hnay dắt Linh xem Anh trai yêu quái

    Phim Việt, k quá sâu nhưng hay, diễn viên đóng đạt

    Khóc quá nên k muốn về nhà

    Bộ hai người không thích chơi với em hả?

    #2019#me #anh trai yêu quái #siblings
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  • Being amused at your siblings emotional anguish.

    1.05. Hanging On. 07.11.2012

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