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  • Been having some big feelings about these siblings. Needed to sketch em out. 

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  • despite how old they get, some things never change with emmie and ollie (except for maybe how often our amazon driver visits us now!)


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  • Cuphead OC: Siblings (Sweet Tea, Teabowl, Milk, Green Tea)


    My Cuphead OC Siblings is finished, my friends!

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  • It’s the adorable style for me! 🤩  
    Edit credit: @z3n7i on IG

    Don’t forget to send your best edits to MyGachaEdits@gmail.com for a chance to be featured!

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  • Dean: This was almost a great idea.
    Sam: You just described 90% of the things we do. 

    #sam winchester#dean winchester #sam and dean #winchesters#brothers#winchester bros#siblings#sibling goals #saving people hunting things #lol#accurate though #these two XD #i love them #spn #spn incorrect quotes
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  • Three To Do WIth Your Siblings In Later Life (2012)

    1. Admire each other’s grandchildren.
    2. Vacation.
    3. Enter the AARP Spelling Bee.
    Three sisters and a brother-
    Sibling rivalry, like no other.

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    #"Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times" #AARP Spelling Bee #Grandchildren#Later life #Mary Elizabeth Rumsey #Poetry#Politics#Rhyme#Sibling rivalry#Siblings#Spelling bee #Three sisters and a brother #Vacation
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  • my sister has been playing with ice so much recently that i’m pretty sure she has frost resistance. also this

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  • my sister and I just had an entire conversation in grunts and whines like a troll and I must say I am very proud

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  • Sesshōmaru tells Magatsuhi that he chose the wrong person to possess

    Episode 189: Naraku Trap of Darkness

    What does Sesshōmaru mean when he says this? Is it respect shown to his brother? Or is it the opposite?

    I felt that he was implying that InuYasha would not be an easy spirit to break because of his bloodline. But, it’s been argued that he was mocking Magatsuhi for choosing a weak host.


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  • Australia’s states are feuding like siblings. What else to do but laugh?

    Australia’s states are feuding like siblings. What else to do but laugh?

    Sydney – The viral ad begins with a man repainting a towering concrete barrier. “Today marks 10 years since our once united nation was divided by the Great State Walls,” a TV presenter announces.
    The year is 2031, and for reasons unnamed but assumed to be the coronavirus, Australia’s states and territories have gotten used to being cut off from each other. At one point, a young girl in New South…


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  • This is set after Zzyzx, but before Dragonwatch… Hope you enjoy!

    “Ha! I win!” Seth’s shout was loud enough to rival the drumming rain outside.

    “No way! You cheated! I saw you look at the cards when you were dealing!” Kendra retorted.

    “It’s not cheating if you can’t prove it.”

    “So you admit it!”

    “I didn’t say that!”

    Ever since they were little, Kendra and Seth had been having their infamous sibling-bonding games nights. They were infrequent, but everyone knew about them- the only requirements were that it had to be at night, and it had to be raining. Nobody else was ever allowed to join in, but the sibling rivalry meant that the entire preserve probably could have heard every word. The nights had become so well-known because the first time they’d held one at Fablehaven, they’d accidentally woken the entire household up in the middle of the night with their shouting. After everyone barged in, thinking that something was wrong, Seth and Kendra had united, driving everyone out of the attic, and set about pranking every member of the household, innocent or not. Eventually, Grandma and Grandpa made everyone swear not to interrupt the games nights after a particularly life-threatening retaliation involving a frying pan and an unhealthy amount of bubbles.

    Kendra and Seth were currently sitting on the floor in the attic, surrounded by mountains of games, Uno cards scattered all over the floor after Seth had thrown them in the air as a part of his victory-dance.

    “You totally cheated, Seth! You can’t look at the cards, dealing or not.”

    “We never said we couldn’t.”

    “AHA! So it went from flat-out denial, to ‘no evidence’ to ‘not in the rules.’ If you keep changing your defense, you won’t have one left!”

    “So I do have a defense, and therefore my defenses all had merit. You’re the one digging yourself deeper, Kendra.”

    “That didn’t make very much sense, Seth. Your defense’s defense has even more problems than the original defense!”

    “Now I’m just confused. How about we call it a draw, because I don’t think either of us understands what the other is saying right now, and I want to play truth or dare.” Seth grinned at his sister, leaning against his bed, as they both tried to figure out what they’d both said.

    “Fine,” Kendra relented. “But I get to go first- truth or dare?”

    “Is that even a question? Dear sister, do you even know me at all?”

    “Just answer the question, Seth!” Kendra rolled her eyes.

    “Dare.” His sister’s grin turned evil.

    “I dare you to sneak out to Warren’s cabin, put fluro pink dye in the showerhead, and remove every last mirror in his house.” Seth laughed.

    “Where are we getting the dye from?”

    “I may or may not have prepared for this earlier, and if you hadn’t for some unforeseeable reason asked to play truth or dare, I would have done it myself.” Seth’s eyes widened in understanding.

    “This is payback for when he called you cute, and practically dared you to something about it last week, isn’t it?”

    “I shall neither confirm nor deny, but if I were to say something, I would say that you are correct.” They both grinned at each other.

    “You’re on!” Seth suddenly shouted, and raced over to to Kendra’s bedside table, pulling out boxes of glitter and pink dye. “Do we have a large enough bag to carry all Warren’s mirrors? He has A LOT.” Kendra nodded. “That brings me to my next question. Won’t he see the pink when he takes a shower?”

    Kendra thought for a second. “You know how he has that shampoo he uses every day? I checked, and it’s pink, too. Hopefully he won’t notice until Dale kills him. Although we should probably put the dye in his shampoo bottle instead of the shower head.”

    “Sound’s foolproof- let’s go!” Seth raced over to the door, still shoving everything in his emergency kit as he ran. Kendra followed just as eagerly. Ever since Zzyzx, Kendra and Seth had felt a lot safer going out at night, and hardly ever even asked for permission to go into the preserve after Grandpa Sorenson had finally caved and shown them both a map of boundaries, where was safe and where wasn’t, and told them to be careful. The path to the cabin was always kept in good repair by Hugo.


    “You ready?” Kendra whispered to Seth, sneaking to the cabin’s front door, drenched due to the rain. After learning that it would be a games night, Vanessa, Dale, and Tanu had all made some form of excuse, and fled the main house to bunk with Warren for the night. While Vanessa and Tanu could sleep through anything, Warren and Dale were notoriously light sleepers.

    Seth fished the spare key to the cabin out from under the dead and currently drowning pot plant Warren had insisted on keeping, unlocked the door, and replaced the key. He was inside before Kendra could blink. After several tense minutes, Seth crept out out of the cabin, dragging a heavy sack behind him that must have been filled with Warren’s mirrors, and spread his hands to show that he wasn’t holding the dye any more. For someone who lived in a cabin in the woods, Warren seemed to care an awful lot about his reflection.

    “How’d it go?” Kendra whisper-shouted to Seth.

    “Fine. They were still holding their phones and pizza, out like Olloch.” Continuing to drag the mirrors off the front porch, the wet sack fell off the last step, making a tinkling, breaking-glass sound as it hit the ground. “Oops.” Seth winced, before freezing as the unmistakable sound of someone waking up followed. Warren’s voice could be heard waking the others up, and cursing as he apparently got whacked with one of Vanessa’s shoes.

    “RUN!” Kendra screeched, grabbing Seth’s hand, ditching the broken mirrors, as the people inside the cabin seemed to be running towards the door. Just as they were reaching the edge of the edge of the clearing near the path, Seth looked back, and saw a half-asleep Vanessa opening the door, missing a shoe, and waking up immediately as she saw the siblings escaping.

    “QUICK! TANU! WHERE ARE MY DARTS!? THEY’RE GETTING AWAY!” The sound of something heavy falling came from inside the cabin, and Kendra could hear Dale cursing and shouting something about ‘looking where you’re going, and not falling on top of people.’


    They were nearly back at the house when Kendra heard Warren following them, shouting encouragement to the others behind him- “Come on! Let’s get them! Hurry up! They broke my mirrors!”- and other similar phrases. Kendra tackled Seth into a nearby dripping bush, breaking off his complaints with a hand over his mouth as Warren barreled past their hiding place.

    Kendra and Seth let out twin sighs of relief.

    “I can’t wait to see his face when he finds out about the dye. It’s permanent, too.” Kendra giggled.

    “Thanks, sis.” Seth grinned at Kendra, thanking her for saving him from being steam-rolled by his distant cousin, and she returned the smile, water running down their faces.

    “No problem. What are siblings for?”

    They might not always get along, and might fight a lot, but they both knew the other would always have their back.

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  • Me and my brother just yelled “horny bastard” and “edgy baby” back and forth at each other in French accents(in the edgy baby, he’s the horny bastard) and for all the writers out there, that’s sibling dialogue

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  • “y/n?!”

    kind of a bad one ngl.. could’ve wrote it better but i’m half asleep and lazy:b

    johnny cade X reader

    sorry i love johnny.


    Originally posted by sunset-rumble

    Me and Johnny had been dating for a while, nearly 3 months, but obviously we kept it quiet. Well until today, i’m finally meeting the gang. I don’t know much about them.. only really about PonyBoy, we’ve met the odd time; accidentally bumping into eachother in the hallway, mostly ending up with me on my a$$, yeh that ones happened one too many times then i’d like to remember. Besides the point, i’m meeting them today!

    “Hey Johnnycakes” i walk up to him at the lot, and wrap my arms around his neck from the back “y/n? hey!” he spins around to face me and places his hands on my hips “you know i don’t like the name, Johnnycakes!” he says frowning, i smile “but it’s a nice name.. J-” “don’t you dare!” “Johnnycakes” he begins to kiss me, then pulls away “if you call me that again you get no more.” i sigh “okay.. fine, i love you” he smiles “i love you too, okay come on we’re gonna go to the Curtis house, the boys are already there” i nod and grab his hand.

    We get there and he walks straight in, “j.. are you not gonna knock?” he laughs “hey.. guys she’s here”he pulls me into what i guess to be the living room, “this is y/n” they all look at me, “hey glad to meet you, i’m Sodapop! oh Johnny, two-bit is late be here soon tho” Johnny nods, they all go round introducing themselves when i get to the tallest boy, he looks at me “Dallas, you hurt Johnny and you’ll not see another day again.” i swallow thickly and look at him with wide eyes “lay off Dal! she’s terrified” Darry said ,Johnny wraps his arm around my waist and whispers “he’s just overprotective, trust me it’s okay” i nod.

    We sit on the sofa when i hear the door open and close “aye two, come meet Johnny’s girl” the boy walks in.. he freezes, i freeze “you too know eachother?” Steve asks “they’ll be dating.” Dallas says “y/n?!” “Kieth!?”, Dallas laughs “yep they’re dating” the boys laugh, i look at him so does Kieth “thats my brother!” “thats my sister!” we both sat at the same time, Dallas kinda sucks himself into the chair.. “Johnny did you know they were siblings?” Pony asks “no… i- there’s loads of people with the last name ‘matthews’ bro idk!” the boys laugh “well.. your dating Johnny?” i look at him “no… ofc i’m dating Johnny.” Dallas blurs out a laugh but then Kieth shoots him a look, he coughs to cover it over.

    “We’re going home. NO. you’re going home” Keith says “why..” he looks at me with a scrunched up face “you didn’t tell me anything!” i stand up and walk over to him “because i didn’t even know you knew JOHNNY! forget it, bye boys” i barge past Keith and leave, i hear a shout “y/n.. Y/N please” i turn around and see Johnny, “he overreacts all the time! god.” Johnny walks over and hold my face “look at me.. if you want, we can go out to our usual spot and look at the stars” i sigh “no j” he looks at me with raised eyebrows “i know you want to” i smile “there’s my smile.. god your gorgeous” “come on you sap, we’re going to our spot” he smiles

    I sit down in between Johnny’s legs, his arms around my waist, talking about the stars. I slowly drift off and hear him say “i think you’re asleep, and if you are or you’re not i want you to know i love you more than anything” i smile to myself “i love you too Johnnycakes” he chuckles and we fall asleep together, happy.


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  • They’re judging you.

    #my art#Character Design#doodles#siblings #cw: eye strain #kinda on the edges
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  • “Heyyyyy….. sis”

    “I— what do you want?”

    “Awww how’d you know?”

    #writing prompts#writing #i find it funny #siblings #writers on tumblr
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