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  • just for this night, hold my hand until morning so that my hurts will get better

    #sick #dope #love #art #photography #instagood
    #music #awesome #amazing #hiphop #california
    #losangeles #hiking #cold #funny #brokenhome
    #newyork #cool #photographer #photooftheday
    #instagram #aesthetic #beautiful #picoftheday
    #style #fit #getwellsoon #insomnia #nyc #drakor (at Jakarta, Indonesia)

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  • 5th time vomiting, and im ready to cry :’)

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  • i am joking

    #men are deranged but im so deranged that i attract the SUPER fucked up ones #sick joke#SICK
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  • Was completely out of it because of food poisoning from expired dairy and agony from being severely lactose intolerant—

    So on my way to my bed I asked my cat if she wanted to come die with me, telling her not permanently die just pass out because– and I quote my dazed self– “Charlie would kill me if I perma died.”

    I was completely serious.

    #sick#food poisoning#lactose intolerant #dazed and confused #my unable to think properly ass thought about the possibility of death- #and that was my calm casual response #pfft
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  • sorry mom I can’t go to therapy my mental illness makes me popular on the internet

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  • Fandom: Stray Kids

    Sickie: Changbin

    Caregiver: mostly Aussie-line

    Changbin’s POV.:

    Today everyone had their individual schedules and now that it was afternoon, I had the studio to myself. I tried to come up with lyrics to a new track I was working on but something was blocking me. My mind kept turning up blanks and the harder I tried the less I got. After frustrating two hours and no results, my head was pounding from staring at the bright screen and thinking too hard. Rubbing my temples, I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes for a second. Or so I thought. That second turned out to be three hours long and my heart almost stopped when I glanced at the clock afterwards. Never in my life had I imagined that I’d ever fall asleep at work. I had no idea how that could happen and felt very lazy and guilty. I was supposed to put in an effort for this team, like any other member was doing right now. What was even worse was that my head was only aching more now so my chances of actually getting anything done were quite slim. Sighing I pick up my phone to find a text from Chan.

    Chan: Hey, Hyunjin just lost a bet and is now cooking dinner for all of us. You’ll be home by 7pm, right?

    Wondering what the bet must’ve been about, I type a short reply, letting Chan know that I’ll be there. With an hour left, I decided to shut everything down and walk back to the dorm. It’s not that close but I hoped the fresh air would help my head, besides I’ve been sitting all day. I slipped into my jacket and switched off the light before locking the door. Exiting the building, I pulled my hood up and put in my earphones. Given the season, it was already dark outside and the streetlights were on. It was a bit colder than I expected, especially with the wind that was picking up. I shoved my hands into my pockets to keep them warm and took a deep breath. It felt amazing, I was slowly waking up from my daze and I felt free.

    I was about halfway to the dorm when I was rejecting my decision to walk. My jacket wasn’t thick enough to block out the wind and my fingers had mostly gone numb. The wind made my nose run and eyes water, so I constantly had to rub my face on my sleeve. Trying to wrap my jacket tighter around my freezing form, I speed up my pace. The thought of being welcomed in our warm dorm with fresh cooked dinner waiting pushed only pushed me on more. It felt like an eternity but I finally made it. Kicking off me shoes in the hallway, I rubbed my hands against each other while the tingling sensation faded. When I entered the dorm, dinner was already served and they were only waiting for me. I quickly went to wash my hands before taking a seat. “Are you ok? You look really flushed”, Chan, who was sitting next to me, asked, furrowing his brows. “Aish hyung, you have no idea how cold it is. I walked back”, I laughed, pressing my cold fingers to my even colder cheeks and afterwards to his neck. He flinched ducking away before everyone erupted in laughter at his shocked expression. I sniffled a bit before picking up my chopsticks, my nose was still a little runny from the change in temperature.

    I had to admit, Hyunjin did quite alright with his cooking. Most cooking-skills in this group are awful but to my surprise it turned out not only edible but also quite tasty. Most importantly though, it was nice and hot, quickly warming me up from the inside out. If only my head had stopped pounding I’d also be able to follow the conversations around the dinner table. Chan kept glancing at me as I didn’t contribute to the jokes as usual, but I couldn’t focus enough to do so. While clearing the table, the maknae-line decided we’d have a movie-night and laughing along with it, Chan promised to make popcorn for everyone. I couldn’t remember what other plans they made since I was now cursing the warmth of the dorm that I had been yearning for so badly earlier. Suddenly feeling overheated, I started sweating like crazy and decided for myself to just follow along with my groups plans instead of contributing any ideas to it myself. My shirt already felt sticky and I felt a drop of sweat run down my neck. Did they turn the heating up? Or was it maybe the food? It might have been the contrast in temperature after walking outside that threw my sense for hot and cold off balance. Stumbling to the bathroom, I splashed some cold water on my face and pulled my sweater off. Only wearing a thin t-shirt underneath, I let the water run over my wrists before splashing some more on my face. Chan had followed me after watching me hit my shoulder on the doorframe as my balance was off somehow as well.

    “Hey, honestly Binnie, are you alright? You’ve already been back for a while and your face is still bright red”, Chan stated his observation. “I don’t know. It’s just soo hot so suddenly and everything’s sticky and sweaty” – “Yeah, that’s a fever”, he announced pressing a hand against my neck. “Have you been sick all day?”, he asked gently, allowing me to sit down on the closed toilet-lid as he noticed how weak I felt. “I don’t know, looking back, it would maybe make sense if I was sick”, my tone more questioning than anything. “I couldn’t focus and had no ideas at all. My head started hurting pretty bad and it still does. I don’t know how it could happen and please don’t be angry, but I fell asleep in front of the computer”, I was putting all the pieces together, more for myself than for anyone else. “Actually, saying it out loud, that would be the best explanation”, I figured, looking up at my leader. “Don’t worry, I’m not mad. It happens to the best of us and I know how hard you usually work. I doubt you could help it, being sick. It would also explain your runny nose”, he pointed out. “That only started on the way back and I thought it was the wind”, I mumbled weakly, my energy draining away more with each passing second. “How about you take a shower so you feel less sticky and if you feel up for it you could join us for a movie. I’ll go and find you some medicine to bring down your temperature and maybe ease that headache a bit”, Chan gave me a comforting smile and patted my arm. I nodded weakly before pulling myself up and peeling my sweat-soaked shirt off. After Chan disappeared, I took a quick shower, which turned out to be really quick as my limbs were feeling heavy and just standing there took unimaginable effort. Besides that, the water was giving me goosebumps and I soon felt freezing again. Shivering, I toweled off and put on my fluffiest sweatpants and an oversized hoodie to keep me warm before drying my hair properly. When I reunited with my group in the living room Chan gave me a strange look: “I thought you were too hot?” – “Binnie’s always hot”, Felix piped in from the sofa. “Not anymore, I’m cold now”, I replied while trying to keep my teeth from chattering. Chan frowned handing me a pill along with a glass of water and Felix got up, disappearing to his room. I took the medicine Chan had given me and let him guide me to an unoccupied space on the sofa. A few members were already sitting on the floor and I figured they had kept some room for me after Chan had told them about my condition. I was sitting next to Jisung and placed my head on his shoulder. How could I be so damn tired after not really doing anything and having a three-hour-nap?

    When Felix returned, he was dragging his favorite blanket with him. He handed me a pair of fluffy socks which I gladly put on while he climbed onto the sofa next to me. I was now comfortably sandwiched between the September-twins and my donsaeng pulled his blanket over the three of us before cuddling up to me tightly. “Thank you, Lixxie”, I whispered down at him, receiving a small smile and a side-hug. They offered me to choose the movie but admitting that I was too out of it to even follow the plot, I let someone else choose. I didn’t even know what they settled for. Seungmin was sitting on the floor in front of us and was closest to the coffee-table, he turned around and nudged my foot to catch my attention before placing a bowl of popcorn in my lap for Lixxie, Sungie and me to share. It was cute how all of them cared as soon as they knew I wasn’t doing too well. Lixxie didn’t leave my side at all, he was pretty much glued onto me, which I didn’t mind because he kept me from freezing. I was always fond of my favorite koala-baby but this moment really meant a lot to me. At no point through the movie was I actually asleep but I was in a dazed state for pretty much the entirety of it, soaking up the comfort provided by my members around me. Felix knew I was awake, because he kept feeding me bits of popcorn, knowing I liked it. That’s why he didn’t hesitate nudging me when the movie was over for fear of waking me, like the others would probably have. He helped me to my feet and walked me straight to my bed. I sleepily curled up under the covers, yawning. Instead of walking over to his own bed, Lixxie just climbed in next to me. He really is the cuddliest member but I can’t hear myself complaining as I slowly drift off in his arms.

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  • The Hunter - 2 - Sick

    this one is a bit more of a sick fic. nothing happens here that is absolutely vital to the story so if you don’t like sick fics skip this one. Also it ended up mostly dialogue, sorry.

    CW: fever, I really don’t think there’s anything else it’s mostly caretaking

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    When Darius woke up Thomas was still asleep. He cuddled up next to him. He was warm, too warm.

    “Tom wake up”

    “What is it”

    “You’re warm”

    “Everyone feels warm to you”

    “No I mean like warmer than normal” he explained “I’m going to go get a thermometer”

    “Darius it’s not that big of a deal.” He called after him.

    He was back in a minute, thermometer in hand.

    “Open up”

    He rolled his eyes before opening his mouth and allowing the thermometer to be placed under his tongue. The red fluid inside the glass tube rose slowly before coming to a stop.

    “Hey um… what’s normal body Temperature for a human ?”

    “Around 98.6”

    “Uh this says 101.5”

    “I’m fine”

    “No you’re not” Darius stated “I think we should wait to leave until you get better”

    “Do you realize how dangerous it is for us to wait?” Thomas questioned “We leave tonight”

    “Stand up”


    “If you can stand without getting dizzy we’ll go tonight”

    Thomas Sighed and sat up slowly, swung his legs Over the edge of the bed and stood up.

    “See I’m fine” he said swaying on his feet.

    “No you’re not, go back to bed”

    “Darius, I’ll be fine after I eat something.”

    “Bed, now” he demanded, crossing his arms in an attempt to seem imposing. “I’ll go make you some soup”

    “Do you even know how to cook”

    “Yes” he huffed “I’ll be back in a bit. You need to get some rest.”

    Darius went down stairs to the kitchen and started a pot on the stove. Cooking had always been calming to him and he enjoyed the science of it. He actually liked human food, it didn’t provide any nutritional value, but it tasted good. Once the soup was finished he brought it up to him.

    “Soup is ready.” He said cheerily. His demeanor faltered when he saw Tom “Darling?”

    He was shivering under the covers. His face was flushed. A layer of sweat shined on his skin.

    “Oh baby.”

    He set the bowl on the nightstand. He placed his hand against his forehead. A weak moan escaped his lips

    “You’re burning up.”

    “I, I’m fine.”

    “No you aren’t.” He sighed, caressing his cheek “Open up.”

    He turned his head away.

    “Open your mouth or I’ll go get the other thermometer.”

    He opened his mouth. The liquid rose to 105.

    “We need to get you cooled down.” He sighed smoothing his hair back.

    “I’ll be fine, we need to leave.”

    “No we need to get you well.” Darius argued “I’m going to run you a cold bath.”

    He stood up, immediately teetering on his feet.

    “We, we need to leave it isn’t safe to stay here.”

    He collapsed and Darius caught him under the arms.

    “But it isn’t safe for you to travel like this.”


    “No buts. The sooner that you are well the sooner we can leave.” Darius said, maybe a bit more harshly than he intended. “Do you feel well enough to eat? Be honest.”


    “Let’s get you in the bath then.”

    He helped him to the bathroom. He turned on the water. He sat him down on the edge of the bath as he helped him undress. He put a foot in the water before drawing back with a hiss.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “It’s freezing.”

    “Darling we need to get your temperature down.” Darius sighed “It isn’t as cold as you think”

    “You can’t feel temperature right.” Tom grumbled.

    He gave in, stepping one foot in then the other. He shivered. He helped him lower himself into the bath.

    “Do you want help.”

    He shook his head.

    “Call for me if you need anything”


    Darius went back to the kitchen and reheated the soup. He left it on low to keep it warm then went back to check on Tom.

    “How are you doing darling?”

    “Can I get out yet?”

    He put the back of his hand against his forehead.

    “I suppose, it seems like your fever has gone down a bit.”

    He helped him out of the bath. Then he helped him dry of with a soft fluffy towel, before walking him back to bed.

    “Do you feel like eating yet.”

    “I’ll try.”

    He smiled gently before going back downstairs to get him a bowl of soup.


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  • I decided I’m going to make occasional health tips in honor of Baymax.

    Today’s is “When you start to feel like you have a cold, taking elderberry can sometimes prevent the cold from progressing.”

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  • i don’t feel well [physically] today and i know i should eat something but i can’t tell if it’s going to make me feel worse 

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  • image

    Generic October Drawing Challenge Day 23: Gus Nurses Shelly Back To Health

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  • Hey people, my boyfriend @disgruntledseagull​ is still in the hospital, in isolation, and I think he would appreciate some memes and other entertaining stuff to pass the time if you feel like sending some his way!

    #personal#Ben#hospital#sick #get well soon #I miss you
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  • I have commissions open for art if anyone wants sick art!!!

    This is some of my work:


    All works like these are 15$ but full body would be 20$! Dm me for more info

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  • image

    Another sick human au loki!!!

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  • Some sick human au lokis…

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  • I’ve been sick all day 😔 but I’m a little better now 🥰


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